Independent from Long Beach, California on January 17, 1975 · Page 37
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 37

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1975
Page 37
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C.^-INDEFENDENT (AM) _ jj)j SS-TEUGRAM (PM) By TEDD THOMEY stuffed chicken , $2.45; young lender rabbit in eaccia- torc sauce, $2.-15, and steak with scampi (shrimp). $3.95. All come with appetizer, green salad, pasta, bread and sherbet. Puccini's restaurants are at 4205 Atlantic and 17720 S. Pioneer Blvd., Artesia. They are owned by Nick Nicolette, a chef with worldwide experience and gourmet recipes. His regular menus offerdin- ners at higher prices for those who who wish more imaginative fare. Do the Osenbrunners know steaks? You better believe it. There are four Osenbrunners -- Mama and her daughters Inge, Anita and Fritzie. They all have charming smiles and they own Inge's Dinner House, 17847 Lakewood Blvd., a house of hospitality a few blocks south of Artesia Boulevard. Their nightly special steak dinner is a Delmonico steak prepared expertly by chef George Lee. It's $4.25 and delicious, served with your choice of two of these: fruit cocktail, tomato juice, soup, salad. You also receive potatoes and hot bread. Inge's also has beautiful tender prime rib au jus, $4.95; halibut steak, thick and savory. $4.25, and German specialities. The nightly entertainer is everybody's good friend, Alex Shey, who's been there for years and is host at the fuii bar, playing organ, piano, singing and leading the singalongs. George Panos and his wife Ethel are receiving many compliments these days for the beauty of the new front dining room at their restaurant, Ye Olde Black Skillet, 1600 W. Ninth St. near Santa F'e Avenue and not far from the Long Beacli Freeway. The new room is a plush design using beautiful woods, brick and red accents. Open for luncheon and dinner (closed Sundays') Ye Olde Black Skillet has a cocktail lounge and banquet facilities. Every night George and Ethel feature a fine special dinner for S3.95 including entree, appetizer, fresh clam chowder or soup of the day, salad, potatoes or rice. Monday through Wednesday nights the specials are beef shishkebab, roast beef au jus, shrimp Creole, filel of sole and roast turkey. Thursday through Saturday nights the specials are of sole chicken croquettes, halibut filet. The specials are also featured for luncheon at lower prices. For a classic margarita, $1, made with the best tequila, visit Lechuga's Mexican Restaurant, Carson Street just east of Norwalk Boulevard. It's an authentic Latin establishment-, owned for many years by Charles Lochuga. His prices are reasonable because he buys his supplies in quantity and passes the saving on to his patrons. Lechuga's. open for luncheon and dinner, has many dinners for §2.40 and $2.45, including soup or a chilled green salad with bleu cheese; fried beans with cheese and Spanish rice. The entrees on'those dinners can be taco, tamale and enchilada or taco with chili relleno or chili relleno and enchilada. Lechuga's also has fine steaks.' Friday through Sunday nights, the large cocktail lounge has dancing to Alba Azul, topnotch quintet, featuring a variety of instruments and five vocalists. For the best smorgasbord dinner you've ever last ed, try the Seal Beach Smorgasbord, ,117 Main St., owned by two cheerful Swedes who serve the most flavorful, rich foods, prepared with imagination. Thor and Inga Gaaf have created a pleasant restaurant designed like a home in Sweden. Their dinner is $3.25, but worth more. Included are many fresh colorful salads and appetizers, a variety of meat, sea food and chicken dishes, hot vegetables and many fancy desserts. You may have extra desserts if you wish. My favorite is Swedish' applecakc with ice cream. Seal Beach Smorgasbord is closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Dinner starts at 4 nightly and at noon Sundays. OUR FRIEND LOVIE REALLY WORKED HARD ON . THIS ONE There was an old lady of Rye Who was baked by mistake in a pic. To the household's disgust She emerged through the crust And exclaimed with a yawn, "Where am I?" Eliminates Odors! LYSOL · Kills Household germs f Prevents mold · Over 360 uses 14-OUNCE 99 C FACIAL TISSUE 1 00 COUNT (Lokewood Cerritos a FRIDAY - SATURDAY - SUNDA (Lakewood Oriental Cerritos only!) Style! J SAIMN 1 NOODLES I _ p a (c a: F ffi. iif a. High-protein corn flour created By T. LEE HUGHES PEORIA, 111. (AP) Researchers here say they have created a new corn flour with nearly as much p r o t e i n as hamburger. They say the product will soon be on the market. It will be the first use of corn, the nation's largest grain crop, as a protein fortifier, said Dr. George E. Inglett, a chemist with the U.S. Agricultural Research Service. Lauhoff Grain Co., of Danville, 111., the nation's largest dry corn miller, says it hopes to begin selling the flour within a year. The flour is made from corn germ and could provide up to five-sixths the protein of cooked hamburger, said Charles W. Blessin, a research service chemist. Blessin said he thinks the flour generally could sell for a fraction of the cost of hamburger, but a Lauhoff executive said the firm has not settled on a price. "We want to see what the acceptance is ... in the marketplace," said Donald Smith, vice president of production for Lauhoff. Smith said the flour will be sold to o t h e r ' f o o d manufacturers for use in their products but probably not directly to consumers. The flour can be used as a meat extender and protein fortifier in baked goods, s n a c k s and cereals, Blessin s a i d . He said it will provide a flavor alternative to soybeans, now widely used as a protein source. "What's being discussed throughout the world now is that there is apparently a shortage of protein," said Blessin. "And it does not look like there's going to be enough to go around." The flour was developed by Inglett, Blessin and two other colleagues at t h e f e d e r a l a g e n c y ' s N o r t h e r n R e g i o n a l Research Laboratory here. It is made by grinding 'up the portion of the corn germ that remains after corn oil has been extracted. In the past, this residue has been used largely as animal food. Extra-crisp bacon may be dangerous ST. PAUL, Minn. (UPI) -- That extra-crisp breakfast bacon some people enjoy may be dangerous. Dr. C. Eugene Allen, p r o f e s s o r of a n i m a l science and food science and nutrition, said Tuesday there is a cooking bacon to "extreme doneness" at high temperatures. The d a n - ger, he said, comes from compounds called nitrosa- mines, "some of which have been linked to cancer." He said no one knows yet w h a t constitutes a Fodder for human consumption BAKERSFIELD (AP) A firm that will make fodder suitable for human consumption is now in operation in Kern County, the local boarc, of trade says. Elan Enterprises will complete an initial $250,000 investment in equipment irrigation and plant roots at a Mojave Desert location at California City, the trade board has announced. A $1.5 million packaging and processing plant is scheduled to be completed by next July and initially will employ 100 people. The trade board said Elan Enterprises W i l l grow, process and package a product known as Marvel Comfrey, which can be fresh cut or quick- f r o z e n and cooked as greens for h u m a n consumption. Officials said the product also can be used as livestock or poultry feed. d a n g e r o u s nitrosamine level in human beings! Nor is there any study definitely connecting any nitrosamine with a specific type of human cancer. "But a number of ni- trosamines are known to be carcinogenic (or cancer-producing) in experimental animals," he said. Bacon, like other cured meats, contains nitrites needed as i n s u r a n c e against botulism, to develop a cured flavor and color, retard rancidity and inhibit development of "warmed-over" flavor, Allen said. Under certain conditions, not yet fully understood, he said, the natural products of broken down proteins called amines combine with nitrites to form nitrosamines. "Bacon, when fried to a crisp, is one cured product in which nitrosamines h a v e been found," he ·said. 3 BIG DAYS FRIDAY · SATURDAY · SUNDAY TODAY THRU JANUARY 19th Limit Rights Reserves · Ho Sales'to Dealers BARS CANDY KODAK MUSKETEERS PRINT FILM Wrapped 25 Value, Clin HIGHWAY SAFETY FLARES 15-Minote TYPE Crystal Clear . .. ENVOY VODKA or GIN Your Choice FIFTH Coniitlently good for ovsr . Itrt and CoH«. 16506 LAKEWOOD BLVD., BELLFLOWER spCharlee Pong's t- LotTtoDe; i ' W I I'jdfii'Coast Hijirnui / Torr.HKi:. CiliL · Phone "S-S.sti.,.-''.'( --N(M APPEARING HAWAII'S UPBtCHMJN MENEHUNE AND THE WAIKIKI TWINS E N T E R T A I N M E N T . DINING . COCKTAILS SUNDAYS: F 4 V I L Y DINNER i SHOW 7 P,V,« CLOSED MONDAYS STRI-DEX Medicated Pads FAMILY RESTAURANT FAMOUS STEAK DINNERS iND COCKTAILS Eoitcrn Choice TOP SIRLOIN $4.45 Choice PORTERHOUSE $5.45 FILET MIGNON ^ Wi'h nuihfoo-n topi .?*»."3 Delicious PRIME RIB WET ONES Moist Towelettes PAY LESS Brand SHAMPOO In handy Pop-up dispenser Choice of assorted formulas For treatment of acne LOBSTER TAIL STEAK and IOBSTER -- WON., TUEi. WED.--· SPECIALS Bring brightness into your garden. 2-Year Californian Grown 4" PRIMROSE Woodruff at Hosecrans Bellflower. 925-M22 Springdale at Bolsa Huntington Beach (714) 837-0055 Packaged Bare root ROSES PLANTS Nursery fresh, first quality TREAT YOURSELF No. 1 Grade Patented How's the time to plant. Choice of assorted colors. Not available Northridge Cerritos and Bakersfield BIG BOY ^ RESTAURANTS Not available Northridge Cerritos and Bakersfield TO GREAT FOOD DINE OUT t Chicken pie dinner « Fried chicken dinner · Chicken noodle dinner · Chicken giblel dinner · Giblet noodle dinner · Swin (teak dinner t Baked ham dinner Dinuwi locludt Whlpp«i Potato«i. Chlck- o Grary. Fxtl. Coll Slaw. Ho! Butlfnallk ti. Butt«t mii Honty. Cbolo ol D«I. SUN-UKNfO 1BISHMAN £JftmA (/""* The Finest in French Cuisine in in tlcgini Atmosphere "UNI Wlfill. COCKTAILS t714)»J7.»Oll 11119 OAKDIN MOVI »IVD L. OAftMN MOVI 1 HOST EDMOND CMtFPieUM · aotio WONMT - Tom I Htlir. ! Cr.k.i 250 E. Fourth Street , long Beoch · HE 2-9522 U*.jt ft.-il! n/wt Dnmfinifo't Special Sondwichoi · ChicVen Cacciolore Roviod Dinners Your HoJtess Btveriy Spano HAWAIIAN GARDENS 21608$ NorwolL BU 860-SS4) fc ·;*' ,-i.v»Mfr»: i..!(j;;'tvi''«"'!· GIN* ivil I IIIA IIHLMtW r A Mil V ·' ' iREsfAUKANT lllfl SEAL BEACH BLVD. ROSSMOORCtNf6K«ii-iV, LUNONEOX SPECIAL-TUES.-FRI. ALL THE SOUP . ·· * YOU CAN CAT I .»J5 CANTALONI 3.25 SI! OU« HANOINO CHUISTMAS TMt JOIN THC SPI9IT Ml Yt* SHOP AT THE PAY IESS ittHrttJt 1 W« All PAY IESS SUPER DRUG STORES OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK . ANAHEIM 16M W. Kottllo AM. Mon.-Fr. 9:30 to 1M Sol. 1 lo a, Sun. 10 18 7 IAKEWOOD Moo.-Fri. 9:30 lo 9:00 301. 7 10 0 Win. IU tl) / RIVERSIDE Mon.-Fri, 9:30 t» 9:00 Sol. 9 lo 8, Sun. 10 lo 7 MONIEBULO J52S W. Via Compo Hi Mon.-fri. 9:30 lo 9:00 Sol. 9 If 1, Sun. 10 lo 7 CANOGA PARK Iflllt U -- -TM-- CI.A.I Mon.-fd 9:30 to 9:00 JUI. 1 tit «, JVt.. »v ·« . MIRA MESA r : a..:, · Li:.- Uo*n «-·( . Mon.-Fri. 9:30 lo 9:00 Sol. 9 lo 1, Sun. 10 lo 7 SANTA BARBARA 1S9 So. Tumpiki Rood Mon,-Fri. 9:30 to 9:00 Sol. 9 to 1, Sun. 10 lo 7 DIAMOND BAR inn t. ni n m..j «», nl.j Mon.-fri. 9:30 to 9:00 El CAJON 37M1 FWlfh*r Pnrhwov Mon.-Fri. 9:30 lo 9:00 Sol. 9 to 1, Sun. 10 lo 7 ClAIREMONT 48J? (loltcmonl Dr., San Ditgo Mon.-Fri. 9:30 to 9:00 Sol. 9 to 1, Sun. 10 lo 7 10$ CERRITOS 1:: C:".1". C;r.;j; ««n.-Fii 9:30 lo 9:00 NORTHRIDGE fcihtM Ctnitr ntsr Scsr. Mon.-Frl 9:30 It 9:00 Sot. 9:30 to 6:30, Sun. 10 lo t 8AK58SFIEIB ' !761 Mmj An. Vollty f| olg Mtn. · Fri. 9:30 lo °;00 ' Sol. 9:30 lot, Sun. 10 to' t

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