Independent from Long Beach, California on February 10, 1958 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1958
Page 18
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Pi,. M--INDEPENDENT '-· "-* ""· "--'··"· "" THE LYONS DEN Betty Hutton Can't Help It Betty Hutton, back in'show Once, after her first shattered business in Miami Beach after twice announcing her retirement, will be back in the di- .vorce courts, too. , . To Miss Hutton, a dedicated performer, inevitable. w E S T C O A S T " OPEN NOON -- CONTINUOUS "Better Than the Book" "Really Adult" "Oscar Contender" marriage, 'i heard her sob in her dressing room: "I've discovered' that-you can't have this"--she pointed to the dressing room and the costumes for ler role--"and that, too," and she pointed--to her family photo. "You can't have-both." Miss Hutton almost was married a third time: she was :ngaged to Norman Krasna, J h e playwright-screenwriter. The engagement'.-'lasted 'only, a Ltx IARKER - Ann BANCKU, "Qirl In Black Stockings" BOX OFFICE OPEN i P. M. SHOW TIMES: 7:10 it 9:55 E GYPTIAN i HE649-69 SST^ OfEN NOON-CONTINUOUS G 'Tlws -_; arnefe] A llhi of C1«»J« A«I»K-U« , (Dtncln «T -Dnll hi tin nWl"), CO.HIT-EmllZola'iClai»ic WON'T COMMENT ON SINATRA LaurenBacdllWantstoMarryAgaln BETTY HUTTON ' Dedicated few days. Robert E. Sherwood said of this.romance: "I'd have - ·····'··«-·-- surprised'-if "jCfasha M-G-M brings yon Ithe hilarious loved and, I laughed at! NEAR THE WATER la Color Slorrlnj MARTINI. CAROL CHARLtS BOYIR OPEN 6:15 HAYWARB '. IINATKA - NOVAK PAL JOEY (Color) PIUS -- CRAWFORD - 1RAIZI 'Th» Story o« Either Cojtello' or EN 12:45 STRAND . KDftRiPIKE · Phone HE 6-4733; ·THE"GREEN-EYED BLONDE" --PLUS-AH Slor Co») In "JAMBOREE" NEW STRAND POLICY -- ALL SEATS Mon. ft£·«Saturday' I'hru «^«' Sunday i-rl. VV Holidays CinemaScope and Metrocolor, STARTS WEDNESDAY had'.'; teamed'': up with : - Dame Edith Sitwell." 1 -.'· '. . " · : · - . ' . . ·'·' :* .-···'··*·"·.· ,;- - ·.-:-. 'THE 1 PIANSvFOIf r ce1ebr ; at;- ingVJack Benny's birthday Ijh'is week;.starte'd' 'him' reminiscing o£ His-father;-who. claimed . : to have .-'strong' willpower. -"Jack;" his .''father'.'suddenly tblfl him; 'after -40- years' of '-the'-habit; I've . given up smoking. I'll never touch a cigaret again" "I'll bet you $100 that you'll be-vsmoking again risxt week," Benny said . . ...Hi? father replied:. "I-won't--bet. At the same' lime -I gave up" smoking," r. gave up 'gambling too."' 1 ·',-' In "Don.- .Quixote," ,' Mike Todd hopes to .fpllpw,; his "Around -the-' World"'. patterr by : havirig' top. stars play brief scenes'. He's .negotiating, with Sophia Loren. Gina · "Lollo- brigida and Brigitte Bardot to play love scenes with Quixote. Elizabeth Jaylori · of /.course',- do^t'-.too '. . './John 1 Rin£- ling North has written his/first rock 'n', "Baby ,Be Mine"-.-.·. Ralph Bellamy''has agreed,' 1 , to do ; "Sunrise i at Campobellb" in London after he ends'his N:'Y. run-in'the h i t show.; . · . - ' · ' · " « . * - * · · * · . ' · . . REP. HILLINGS, Republican candidate for' attorney- general - in California, was asked about 'Sen. Knowland, who is leading' his party's ticket. "Sen, Knowland is fine, fine," 'said Hillings. "But 'he always talks to me as' if he we're · addressing 500 people." Frank. Lloyd Wright told the N. Y. Chamber of Commerce that all the buildings in N. Y.- C. are "dying of'arthri- tis at 'the joints." He .added: "The Guggenheim- Museum is the only permanent building in your city" . Post .will NEW YORK ttJ.P.)--Actress Lauren Bacall said; Sunday after a year of widowhood that .she wants to get. married again,, but she-would- not : say whether Frank Sinatra .would : . be. the man.- . ·' ·'.-". . . · Miss ' Bacall;' "whose .husband, Humphrey'^Bogart, died jn January, ' 1937, indicated she-was in no hurry to marry. She wants, plenty of time to think it over she wont make a mistake; she said, but ^he freely admitted : that life without a husband was not for h«r. . . . ; "If I thought I .was never going to get married again, ·I'd-' retire 'from - r the .human -.race.' right .now," otheisul try, . 33-year-old.' 'star : " told: "the United Press in. an. interview: . ' . - ' * * ''..* «'* .'· ". ' ' ipar- . been. goodj'iit's ·the' only way to live. I don't '.believe' in:; a . woman, living .alone'.l'.Tlia't. is .for : the birds. ·It is .no. fun to., have. at 'all .just the' way .you want .it. "' "As 'you-- look 'around and see some of the girls, espe- . dally in my business, they 'seem like a lonely group. · I made -'up my mind a -long- LAURENJBA.CALL. '. Wants Time to Think','. · i '·''·'*,..' time, .ago it wasn't', going.' to happen to me.... .,". ·· · ·-. : TVTIss Bacall, .who is -in- Jtoy- York for the, opening;of her new 20th Century Fox movie, "The Gift of Love-". · had plenty to say about the perils and pitfalls of being an-at- 'tractive young,'.widow being: . pursued by Hollywood bache- ' lors/'but on.the subject of: Sinatra, .she.maihtained a dis- · creet silence,., · ' ; , '-. "That's'the one I don't answer," .'she said with a. tight smile. "Friends we are."^ · · { , * * · ,, * · *' ' r ' ' MISS BACALL has been seen'in.-public several, times recently with Sinatra, an old friend; of both hers and ,Bor . .gart's. ,Both"she ! and Sinatra . have remained; silent about their .relationship'.'. · · "Privacy -is a wonderful thing .to have," Miss Bacall .said. '"It is one of the things you lose when you are in .the.-public -eye.- If-'.you just' go'' to-, '.dinner · with,-.s6rneone, ·,;right: away -it's: 'a '.big thing. . · It should · be possible to do · : it'without.making a stir. ,. .; "Hollywood is a;much more . moral .town than : anyone ..might think.';I'd ; ,be.happy to -.stack it: against ·- any of. the ,, country, .club' groups,; in any ...small town/, and. we'd .come ' out on- .top'. You''.'just.- read more abo'ut. what'goes oh in" ' Hollywood. ,But some people take marriage-lightly no matter, where .they: are.". W'-'-Miss Bacall .-made it clear our business: it is not a town for women alone,; for" one . thing," she said. "I've never been on the loose before,- not since I was 19 years old. .This is a whole new .way of life for me. . "Once" you've been married, and happily married, .then the routine 'of going out' on : dates becomes something just for.lo-year-olds. Those .fights .. in . taxicabs.- or ; cars . going home:' They are. too much for me." _. · ' · · . MisS'Bacall.saiiTthat there really are not yery many at- ' tractive, man in 'Hollywood ' --"perhaps two 1 or three." ·· ' ' Sings fa packed House Without Protests FRANK SINATRA . . He's Been Silent that when she stays at home with a go6d book in 1 , the" evening! it is strictly from choice. There has been rio shortage' of- eligible Hollywood males seeking ."-her:' .company, -she said, and that ha's'bsen one of the' most difficult things about being an' attractive- young widow in ^Mbvieland, * * * : * . . . . · "THE ONLY THING about southern'' ATTHB E O C E A N 6 1 . V U OAKLAND "(UE)--Controversial .Paul Robes'on made a sue Dial -IT £IU1 JAUWCO'-'Jl Ji-LtAt-t, " HW.SB j cessful" comeback on the .con-i Negro basso .in his first per- cert stage Sundayith no'.signs formance' before'a large gather- ' ' ' o£---protest',to".;-his- using!' the Oakland : Civic/Auditorium. ·There .were . no 'pickets on hand in. drizzling .weather- as a ..The Sat. Eve. do a 1 -series on Charles Chaplin:'. . . Lionel Hampton's. retinue for -his current world'.tour :,includes 'a movie cameraman who'll'photo- graph part of each concert in the 57 countries' to. be', visited. The finished reels will be, edited and released by Hampton as a film, "Around the World in 800' Gigs." capacity crowd of 2,000 ..persons! advertising "a speech-by Leroy jammed the hall to hear the Ivesto Star in: Stage Play by Texas Pair j · ,.-. _ . · _· DALLAS,UP--Burl-Ives has acquired the rights to star in a play called "Joshua' Beene and God;'" by Dallas playwrights Hal Lewis and Clifford \Sage, the playwrights announced in Dallas Sunday. . , Ives said he planned to open the play in New York or Chicago in early autumn. Prior to the major city opening, he plans to tour with the play for eight weeks'in the principal summer theaters in .'the east and, possibly the,midwest,'beginning in June or. July.-' : The Lewis-Sage play is based on a.novel of the game name by Jewel Gibson of .Fairbanks, Tex. formance 1 before'a large gathering nV'Severai'/years. 1 .'-; ·-.- · There.'had-'.^'beeh fears - that Robeson's unpopular ' political views might cause a .repetition of riots-that took place in Peekskill, N. Y., in 1949-' when the former all-America football player took'the stage ; after making- pro-Russian speeches. However." -th e r e: was only one'protest beforehand. In addition .to the . lines of people' getting tickets 'thfere were several, individuals hand- ing.out handbills, one of them Wplins, Chicago youth delegate to the 1957 Moscow youth-'festival, sponsored 'by the American Russian Institute. ;, Robeson gave a -program of Negro spirituals and folk -music, the' .bestrkn'own being "The Volga Boat Song" and "Sometimes I Feel: Like a Mother; less Child," arid sang a number from Dvorak's new world symphony. After the performance, the 59-year-old Robeson 'said that he considered the concert B success, but added that he die n o t . intend to continue giving concerts. David Lean Selected As 'Director of Year' HOLLYWOOD W) --British tion of a television film for director .David Lean .was named "The _ ; Lo'nely .Wizard Stein- It ; was published'in 1 1945. A GALA ENTERTAINMENT EVENT! LAST 2 DAYS . M-G-M's RAINTREE COUNTY in the gr«it tradition of Civil Wir romancil MONTGOMERY CLIFT ELIZABETH TAYLOR . EVA MARIE SAINT CONTINUOUS FROM NOON Lasr Complete Show Start! 0» 10:10 NOWALK. MIMLTA, DIWMT TO Mill "THE TARMltHID MIILI" "KIM THEM FOR HE" NORWUK, NKwlIk · TO 4-IJII "DEEP til" "UD ItCK" ' WILMINGTON 3 1 7 E O C f A N B l V D OPEHHOOH DAILY. HE. 7-1Z87. ROXY -rfE 5-3022 ' : OPEK ALL NIGHT * Daon Opio 10 A.M. 'Til b P.M. Eic. Sit. San. Hoi. HI PARKING Alt« « P. M. Doily All Day Saturday £ Sunday ClnimiScopi ·«* c ° lor , un ,. HobK TATLOI1--Stiwirt ORANOtR "THE LAST HUNT" JIM RUSSELL-Vidur MATURE "LAS VEGAS STORY 11 John FATNE--M,M FREEMAN "HOLD BACK THE NIQHT" PALACE 30 PINE AVI. -- PHOMI HI 4-449* "KISS OF FIRE". "GOD'S COUNTRY" \ "SAN ANTONE" 1RANADA, WHHlniton , - TE 4-1477 "THE LAST PARADISE" "THE CARELESS TEARS" DRIVE-IN THEATRES HARIOR, JJJ3Z I, Virnnit TE 4-IItl "LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON" "A HATFUL FO RAIN" U MIMDA. Alinlri lit UN 14111 "THE TARNISHED ANDELS" "MAN IN THE SHADOW" . LINCOLN, mm firk . Jl 7-JJII "SILK STDOKINat" "LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON" ROADIUN, 14111 Finn. ME I-««l "HUNCNIA6K OF NOTRE DAME" "PORTLAND EXFOtE" SUNDOWN. 1212' E. With. Whltllir "KIS1 THEM FOR ME" "THF HIRED MAN" TWI» VUE, Fldtroi il III DA 4-II2I "THE DEEP JIX" "THE UD IACK" the outstanding motion-picture director .of the year by the Screen Directors' Guild for his work on "The. Bridge on the River Kwai." Runners-up in the . competition 'were--.Mark Robson : .for "Peyton-Place," Sidney'-Lumet for "Twelve. Angry Men," Joshua Logan -for-"Sayonara"-and Billy Wilder-for "Witness for the Prosecution." Director George'Stevens accepted the award for Lfani who is in England. .Director Don Weis .won the Guild award for' the best direc- $10,000 savngs LAS VEGAS HACIENDA HOTEL'S CHAMPAONE TOUR "WHEN ismr know you -don't take them', seriously, , they .-are not very receptive after that," she said. "I'm kind of. a .freak out', there. I' 'stick with :my friends. I can't live, any 'other way.' 1 . Miss Bacall said that ; her two children, -Stephen .and Leslie, '. are, the most important things' in .her life, but . -added: · . "I don't think children are enough to keep a woman's . life together,, really., Most women have to make a.home 'for a husband'. That's"" the reason for .a home working." ·ENDS TONITE' STATI THIATM AND LOS ALTOS DP.IYMN , "GIRL MOST LiKELY" and "pAYOFTHEBADMAN 1 STARTS TOMORROW! STATE . ** HI 7-57J1 KIMltmCtVL lVI-IM rilS** HAJ-7411 DARBTTS RANGERS ITCHIU CHOMUU HUPf* nlttUCD ITCH1KA CHOU JAMES GARNER · JACKWAIDM PLUS 2ND FEATURI AT IOTH THEATRES R1VOLI and CIRCLE "CALIFORNIA" "DESERT. FURY" ENDS TONITE TOWNE : "QIRL MOST LIKELY"' "DAY OF THE BADMAN" Starts Tomorrow. BIVOH foWNB HI *- JJC7 * «**-'«' A motion picture to remember with glowing pleasure! --- ' I . » C U « « ! N T ANNUAI » » i t / Sivc more .ind c.irn more w i t h llu F . t s f when cnch snvinRi account isAnsurod to $10 000 by the S.ivmsi ,lnd Loan Insut.mcc Coipor.ition ,in instrumentality of the United St.itcs Covcrnm.nt. EVENINO TOUR INCLUDES . . . . * J5.00 TO SPIND AI YOU WISH ON FOOD, 1A« k CASINO it OOURMET lurirr DINNER ir lONLE OF CHAMPAGNE if DANCING DUSK 'TIL DAWN ··*- 4 CHANCES AT $3,000 HOLI-1N- ONI CONTEST. * ENTERTAINMENT if NIGHT LIOHTID OOLF 4.SWIMMINO A- LIMOUSIN!. SERVICE TO '* FROM AIRPORT IN lAJ VIOAI * DVIMITER J3B.BI (iHl. Oil. Ri» D'kl. OelO F R E TtAIN * IUI TrmuportatUn AvilldhU to Oiniat' ml lh« HACIENDA HOTEL DAILY niOHII .. OMHI Ii2", A. M.. Ililini 1 'A, M* ; ·dllllHil DllHtirtl Frl,-, til., IWi' GArfleld 4-8531 [ G R O v I · · ·" .·; . r ' Rllk HUDSON · Ointk)r MALONI "THE TARNISHED ANGELS" Pill--V. MATURE--I. DORIS ' "THE LONO HAUL" ACCOUNTS OPENEO by «S«10t»i«FANY MONTH (ARN »r.m tX. lit. (A R.I tV FEDERAL (1st) SAVINGS Until « P.M. Fridnyi 124 EAST FIRST ST ·rrWtlM PINI AND LOCUST P H O N E HBmto* Milt F R E E P A R K I N G 135 E. OCEAN AVE. At Our R««f InlrMM | lARHlHOS PAID 4 TIM1I A TIA1 \ llMtUlllinilllllllllllllllMMIIIMIIIIMIIIIIIlll ROADIUM TD S nrani. » C«*pt. Blvd., Panunl. III! LILLOIRlilU ll- M THE HUNCHUOK OF NOTRE DAME" plii--livtrt ll»»l "PORTLAND^ EXPOSE" iiiiiHiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimimMimiiiiti » Uvt tk* Life af Ril«Y «t Ik* HUHTIHQTOH HOTEL ·4 OP A BLOCK LONO 1210 E. OCEAN BLVDn LONG BEACH Thin hotel nini through from boulcvrd to the ocean. Two lobbies. All room« l)»ve private batfii; brand- new wall-to-wall carpeting, wrltlnjc d»m. ulephoni and daily · maid service. JUrxe dlntaK room face« the ocean. Room and m«aJ» · -924.50 waek each person. Cnolce tteaka. prime rlbl of beet, roait turkey. bAked VlridDla ham and ereiytnlnK icood to eat. No tutur food anywhere. FhODO HBH253. Our dta- IbE room alia eaten to tne outild* public. Club breakfast 85c; regular dlnnen 12.15. and FESS PARKER T«chnloolor ...0 FIATUHE AT AU 3 THEATRES AMBUSH AT CIMARRON PASS 1 : EBELL and CABART OPEN FBI, SAL, SUN. PLUS-GENE KELLY IN "THEliAfPY ROAD PLUS-JERRY LEWIS IN "SAD SACK 11 ADULTS lit · KIOI 20| P III! ' Jim RUSSELL--Kilnu. WTNN PINK NIBHTODWN!' Ihlwn III 7l44 · I0i* VIllK MATURE--Anil! EXIERI "FICK-UP ALLEY" - · thi*.Y it i lilt · III* Beginning 11 a.m. Monday Feb. 10th; ;, Ends Thursday Midnight Feb. 13th 3924 I BROADWAY I SOUTH ST. at LONG BEACH of BEUFLOWIR BOULEVARD ATLANTIC I BOULEVARD

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