Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 5, 1929 · Page 5
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1929
Page 5
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THE AITOONA MIRROR—TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1929 BP TO Cornell's Organization of Central Pennsylvania Obnf e'r- ence, Methodist Church, to Gather Here This Week. OUR BOARDING HOUSE •i*** Moul UlAJ-f A By AHERN sled, I see,^-f R v > /,( L r-Tb some WAV S6 -tWAY OF YOlAL BE The Woman's Home Missionary so-1 clety of the Central Pennsylvania con- ] fererico of the Methodist church will , hold Its annual convention In the First church of this city, Rev. Dr.' J. Edgar Skillington, pastor, on Nov. 6, 7 and 8, • Conference officers are!. President, Mrs. J. K. Turner! vice presidents, Mrs. Willie Law, Mrs. George J. Koons, Mrs. E. P. Maine's and Mrs. A. L. Miller; corresponding secretary, Mrs. E, R. Heckmin; recording secretary, Mrs. J. W. Mtiton; treasurer, Miss Sarah J. RicHarison. v Mrs. J. M, 'McK. Reiley of 801 Lex- fngtort avenue, Wife of the district superintendent, is chairman of the en- t6rtalnmen<- 'committee. The preliminaries to the 1 opening of the forma! program will be a luncheon at noon Wednesday, an executive board meet-1 Ing at 1 o'clock in the afternoon and ', the registration of delegates starting' at 2, o'clock. The keynote for the Wednesday sessions will be '.'Looking Backward" while that for Thursday will be "Thinking, Forward." Following Is the program for the .three days. Wednesday, Nov. 6. 3 p. m.—Devotions. Rev. James Edgar Skillington. Organization of convention, Mrs. J. W. Flnton. Communion service, Rev. J. M. Reiley, D'. D. District superintendent assisted by Methodist pastors of Altoona and vicinity. Introduction of national secretary of . student work, Miss Margaret • Palmer. • Greetings from ex-president central Pennsylvania. ' ' Conference Woman's Home Misslon- •' \ ary society. Mfs. James Edgar Skillington,' Nov. 1912—1917.. Mrsi "WJlliam Lee Woodcoclc, Nov. .1917—1926. '- : Introduction of Honorary vice presl- ; dents and guests. My People, Rev. Ugo Crevelll. 4 p. m.—Our Deaconess Work (Chairman and Workers, 6 minutes each). • Altoona—Mrs. E. P. Halnes, Miss Sadie Sheffer. • . . Harrisburg—Rev. J. H. Price, Miss Mary E. Hill, Miss Julia Lakey. Kulpmont—Mrs. J. G. Johnson, Miss Rena B. Keiser. , Mount Carmel—Mrs.. Edith Williams, Miss Mary Darling.. 4.45 p. m.—Carrie Barge house party, Mrs. J. Howard Ake. , Message from annual meeting, Mrs. . Clara M. Yocum. ''Announcements. : Appointment of committees. ; Offering. Benediction. .6 p. \m.— Birthday dinner, Altoona District Executive Board in charge. Toastmistress, Mrs. B. H. Hart. Wednesday Evening, 7.80 O'clock. "FAITH" Devotions Mrs. Willie Law Address of welcome Mrs. L., F. P. Hinman, ' Response..: Mrs. David Bryan President's Message ..Mrs, J. E. Turner Music The First Church Choir , Perpetual members '.Mrs. Edson Hockenbury T -Address Miss Margaret Palmer V ;• Hymn No. 421. , ' /''"Offering. * ' ,'iif , JL Benediction. . , ' ' Thursday Morning, Nov. 7. "FACTS." ' , 8.30 a. m. —Sectional conferences. For presidents, Mrs, Turner and Mrs. "A. L. Miller in charge, assisted by district presidents. , , FOIL, treasurers, Miss Richardson, In • charge, assisted by district treasurers. 9 a. m.—Sectional conferences. For corresponding secretaries, Mrs. Heckman in chargqe, assisted by district secretaries. For young people's secretaries, Mrs. Ake in charge, assisted by district secretaries. For junior secretaries, Mrs. Bucke in charge, assisted by district secretaries. ' (Each delegate make choice of a section.) 9.30 a. m.—Sectional conferences^? For each department. Department secretaries in charge, as- sisted'by district secretaries. Each delegate must choose which department she will visit to secure needed information- for home • work.) 10 a. m.—Devotions. .Mrs. E. P. Halnes Report of treasurer i Miss Sarah J. Richardson Report of corresponding secretary Mrs. E. R. Heckman Election of officers Mrs. George J. Koons, presiding Wesleyar, Service guild Misa Helen L. MpFarland Evangelism Mrs. C. M. Riley 11.45 a. m.—Memorial service, in charge of deaconess and missionaries. 12 nopn—Adjournment. Thursday Afternoon. "FOLKS." 2 p. m.—Devotions, Stewardship—Mrs. W. Emerson Kama. , National work within conference. Blodgett community house, Hazleton, ' Misa Glenna B, Ford, superintendent. 'Unity mission, Berwick ....Miss Edith Orris, superintendent. TVlAki As A Or kiOlfe, 1 VJlLL TK3L1R& A -fa or SRAv/rtV AMD CORNERS /UP UPf IY \\\6\\ efvlaU(3(4 SO rr'L.U CLEAT* BAV UJl^POUl IK* "FROM -lH"' SCfceE^ T>OT?CH HAP HALF QTr oiki 'IhP OF tH TRAINING SCHOOL READY FOR START > • Sick President Lands In U. S. Aviation and medicine have combined In an effort to restore the health of General Horaclo Vnsquez, president of the Dominican republic and noted Iiatln-Amerlcan statesman. He is pictured above »t Miami. Flu., us lie was helped to alight from the plane which brought him from his native country to the United States to receive urgent medical treatment. He may undergo a surgical operation In Baltimore. Mission supplies Mrs. T. F. Ripple • Mite box Mrs. J. M. Reiley Conference* historian Miss Louise Hunt Offering. Special music Mrs. T. F. Ripple Messages from annual. 4 p. m.—The junior hour. Hymn.. ...Shepherd of Tender Youth 'Pioneers of good will ' . First church juniors Conference secretary of junior work Bells and Blue Birds. Presentation of Awards. Demonstration.' Italian Mission Junior and Jewel Life members, 5.30 p. m,—Adjournment. 6 p. m.—Young people's banquet. ' Thursday Evening., Young People's Program. Mrs. J. Howurd Ake, presiding. 7.30 p. m.—Processional. Devotion, Young people's district secretaries. , ' Music by Choir. Offering—(Taken by Queen Esthers) "Building the Wall, Mrs. J. Howard Ake. Awarding of pennants. Address Miss Mnrgaret Palmer Pageant Altoona young people Benediction .Rev, T. F. Ripple Friday Morning, Nov. 8. "FUTURE," 8.45 a. m.—Devotions, Mrs. Sarah Bradley and Mrs. J. C. McArthur. Conference members, Mrs. S. S. Car- ALTOONA RADIO & ELEC. CO. 1318 mh Ave. Dial 0318 WOLF RADIO NEWS From our experience arid .what we liave learned—TONE is the most important Issue. Victor Radio is the outstanding Radio to give you tone—plus sweet music. Wolf's Are Headquarters In Altoona For Victor Radios and Victor Talking Machines Model R-32 Less Hudlotrons Model RE-45 Electrola $275.00 Less Kadlotrouu "Why Shop Around" When you can get the be* at Wolf's. Victor—Philco—R. C. A. V1CTOU MODEL R-3't, $155.00 Legs liudiotruna Wolf Furniture Company 1501-03 llth Ave., Altoom, Pa"AI/TOONA'S LAKGKST i (JKMXUUK 3XOBE" nell. Bequest and devise, Mrs. W. P. Kemble. Deaconess Mrs. E. B. Davidson Thank offering and Lenten offer- Ing Mrs. J. W. Lowther Symposium Miss Palmer Temperance, prohibition and Christian citizenship, Mrs. S. W. McLarren. Missionary education, Mrs. R. 8. Tompkins. Life service Mrs. T. M, B. Hicks Report of committees. Unfinished business. ; Consecration un4 installation service Miss Palmer., 12 noon—Closing prayer and adjourn' ' ment, Mrs. J. B. Turner. Of every 100 persona In the Indian Empire sixty-eight are Hindus, twenty-two are Mohammedans, three Buddhists, three follow the religion of their tribes, one is Christian, and one is Sikh, on the average. The belief ot the remaining two Is varied. The Mexican jumping bean does so because of a little worm inside which coils itself, and .ids Itself go like a, catapult, carrying its house along with it. The worm lives In the bean all the time, and ,if .a. hole, is made in the shell, it tills it up again. Check dandruff! You, too, can say goodbye to hair- worries, if you'll learn this simple method of .caring for. the hair. 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The community standard leadership raining school t° De presented In Tyone the week of /Nov. 11-15, under he auspices of the officers of the first (strict of the Blair County Sunday chool association, will open officially iitnday' afternoon, Nov. 10, In the aa- embly room of the First Methodist unday school building at 2.30 o'clock. The first session Is for tho purpose of ecomlng acquainted with each other \n<l will take on the form of a gen- ral rally. The sessions of the school will he icld -each evening during the weelc, eglnnlng promptly at 7 o'clock nnd vlil constitute two fifty minute periods tnd a twenty minute devotional period. The officers of the school are: Dean, Rev. John R. Snyder, D. D.; regl.s- rar, Mrs. I. E. Mann. Dr. O. R. Myers of Junlata college, iuntlngdon, will teach a course in 'How to Teach Religion." Miss Ruth -Iimt of Altoona will teach a course n elementary methods; Rev. E. C. Myers, of Altoona will teach "The Message and Program of the Christian iellgion;" Rev. Clifford. t,. Stanley of Tyrone will teach "Bible." The school will be held In- tho mod- irnly equipped Sunday school butltl- ng of the First Methodist'church on Twelfth street and all Sunday school vorkers from tho entire' district are irgcd to enroll in this course of train- ng. The officers of' the school are losirous that all.persona avail them- iclves of this opportunity to attend he school, whether In a position to prepare themselves for the final tests or not. There will bo a large group of workers who will be anxious to secure additional seals and credits for heir training- course diplomas, so that all persons will be accommodated to suit their own convenience. The following committees havo been ppolnted: Official committee—Rev. H. Willis Hartsock, general chairman; John McKlveen, Mrs. I. E. Mann; faculty committee—Rev. H. Willis Hartsock, Rev. John R. Snyder and Rev. John • R. Watson; curriculum committee—Rev. Joseph Speer, ,Rev. Edward M. Morgan, Prof. W. W. Bls- enhart, Rev. Gaynell Ardell', Mrs. Gilbert Owens; publicity committee— Jesse L. Bloom, chairman; T. S. Mo- Feat ers, Harry Welkert, Mrs. Hugh Tohin, Reynolds McDonald, Rev. C. L-. Stanley, Rev. John'R. Snyder, Rev. George -A. Duvall, Mrs. Jean Howes, I Mrs. Daniels and Rev. A. C. Thompson. Over 100 different languages are spoken in India. Feenamint Aproven laxative lit its most efficient form It works best because you chew it /rttisfon flic Genuine Witt SEEK INVESTIGATION. WILKES-BARRE,',, Nov. 5.—A petition will be presented to the Interstate commerce commission at Washington requesting the Institution o'f an Investigation of railroad rates on anthracite to western points} by representatives of the /Anthracite Cooperative association, , it was learned here. D. S. 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