The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 22, 1952 · Page 10
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 10

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1952
Page 10
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Ten THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, FRIDAY EVENING, AUGUST 22,1952. Radio Program KMBC—980 WEAF—6iO KCMO—810 WHB—710 FRIDAY 6:00—WHB—News KMBC—News: Sports KCMO—News; Sports WDAF—Date In Hollywood 6:15—WHB—Sports KCMO—Freddy Martin Show WDAF—Evening Varieties 6:30—WHB—Gabriel Heatter KCMO—Lone Ranger KMBC—Dick Haymes WDAF— Neves of The World 6:45—WHB—Les Brown Show KMBC—Mews WDAF—One Man's Family 7:00—WHB—Concerto Festival KCMO—Top Guy KMBC—Musicland U. S. A. WDAF—TEA 7:30—KMBC—Musicland U. S. A. KCMO—Your F. B. I. WHB—Peter Salem WDAF—Music of Manhattan 7:45—WDAF—Bob and Ray 8:00—KMBC—The Big Time WHB—News: Today's Hits WDAF—Mario Lanza Show KCMO—Newstand Theatre 8:15—WHB—Blues vs. Columbus 8:30—KMBC—Steve Allen KCMO—Summer Cruise WDAF—Music a:UO—KMBC—News WDAF—Hy Gardner Calling KCMO—Bing Crosby 9:15—WDAF—Words In The Night 9:30—KMBC—News; Sports KCMO—News; Sports WDAF—Robert Montgomery; Stern's Portraits 9:45—KMBC^-Curt Massey Time KCMO—Elmer Davis WDAF—Pro and Con 9:55—WHB—Scoreboard 10:110—KMBC—Organ Concert WDAF—News; Weather KCMO—Back To The Bible WHB—News Comments SATURDAY 6:00—KMBC—News: Sports WDAF—Symphony WHB—Larry Green KCMO—Sports 6:15—KMBC—Weather; Novelty Tunes WHB—Pentagon Report KCMO—Freddy Martin 6:30—KMBC—Gunsmoke WDAF—TEA KCMO—Dinner At Green Room WHB—Down .You Go 6:55—WHB—News 7:00—WDAF—Jane' Ace, Disc Jockey KCMO—Dancing Party KMBC—Gene Autry WHB—Twenty Questions 7:30—WDAF— Stars in Khaki 'n' Blue WHB—Charlie Fiske's Orch. KMBC—Tarzan 8:00—WDAF—Ohio River Jamboree KMBC—Gangbusters WHB—Tunes 'Til Game 8:15—WHB—Blues vs. Indianapolis 8:25—KMBC—News 8:30—WDAF—Grand Ole Opry KMBC—Brush Creek Follies 9:00—WDAF—Tin Pan Valley KCMO—Saturday At The Shamrock KiKmu—Brush Creek Follies 8:30—WDAF—Reuben. Reuben KMBC—News; Sports KCMO—News. Sports 9:45—. KMBC—Talent Contest KCMO—Band Concert sas—WHB—Scoreboard 10:00—WDAF—News; Weather KCMO—Here's To Vets WHB—Serenade SUNDAY 130—KMBC—String Serenade WHB—Blues vs. Indianapolis (Double header) WDAF—Symphonic Adventure KCMO—Lone Pine 2:00—WDAF—Elmo Hoper KCMO—Around The World KMBC—Galaxy of Hits 2:15—WDAF—Intermezzo 2:30—WDAF—Bob Considine KMBC—Music lor You KCMO—Singing American* 2:45—WDAF—TEA KCMO—Dale's Orchestra 3-.OQ— KMBC—Band of The Day KCMO—No School Today WDAF—The Falcon 3:30—WDAF—Martin Kane WHB—Tunes & Scores KMBC—Pick The Winner 3:45—WHB—Second Game 4:00—KMBC—Godfrey's Roundtable KCMO—News; Sports WDAF—Hollywood Playhouse 4:15—KCMO—Guest Star 4:30—KCMO—Backstage At Starlight WDAF—Whitehall 1212 KMBC—Bob Trout And News 4:55—KMBC—News 5:00—KCMO—George Sokolsky WDAF—Ronald Jordan KMBC—Golf Tournament 4:15—KCMO—Monday Morning Headlines WDAF—News: Sports KMBC—Music i:30—KMBC—Weather; Sports • WDAF—First Nighter KCMO—Time Capsule 5:45—KMBC—News. Sports 5:55—WHB—Scoreboard 6:00—KMBC—December Bride WDAF—Concert KCMO—Stop The Music WHB—Peter Salem 6:50—KMBC—Doris Day Show WHB—The Shadow I 6:45—WHB—Band of Weeks I 7:00—KMBC—Frank Fontaine Show KCMO—Marching Music WHB—True Detective WDAF—Meredith Wilson Show 7:3P—WDAF—Best Plays KCMO—Hour of Ciarm WHB—Proudiy We Hail KMBC—Playhouse T :55—WHB—News Comments 8:00—KMBC—Meet Millie WHB—Theatre KCMO—Drew Pearson 8:30—KMBC—Inner Sanctum WDAF—TEA WHB—Scores H:-)5—KCMO—Tips on Beauty 9:00—WDAF—Mec*. The Press WHB—Bands for Bonds KMBC—Bond Program. Music KCMO—Paul Harvcv 9:15—KCMO—Gloria Parker d:30—WDAF—American Forum WHB—Chicago Theatre KCMO—News: Sports 9:-!5—KCMO—Masters Orchestra readers j TAXES TOO HIGH To The Times: jlittle lower for each year. This assumpfjon was based on the principle that the larger the assessments, the lower should be your rate, and due to the endeavors of your deputy assessors who found many people each year who were not on our tax rolls and assessed them, so the total "amount of these assessments were many millions more, thus leading us to believe that the rate of taxation should be lower. Apparently our assump- jtion was not. correct, as our rate j for t'.c year 1952 is starting to (climb and the end is not yet in {sight as Leavemvor(h City and A large number of people who j County have not as yet completed ; wish to invest money in buying KMBC—News; Sports • KCMO—Billy Graham WDAF-TV Tonight 6:00—Curtain Call 6:30—TEA 7:00—Doorway To Danger 730—Playhouse 8:00—Sports Reel 8:30—Greatest Fights of Century 8:45—Nature of Things 9:00—BiJl Vaughn Show fl:15—TEA 9:30—Town & Country Quiz 9:45—Nfwsrecl 9:50—Community Forum 10:00—Boston Blackie 10:30—News; Weather; Sports 11:00—Easy Chair Theatre SATURDAY 6:00—All Star Revue 7:00—Dance Band 8:30—Assignment Manhunt 9:00—Cavalcade of Stars 10:00—Wrestling from Hollywood 11:00—Beat The Clock SUNDAY 12:00—Telenews Weekly 12:15—This is the S-cry 12:30—Sunday Serenade 1:00—Wild Bill Hickok 1:30—TEA 2:00—Lone Hanger 2:30—TEA 3:00—Zoo Parade 3:30—TEA 4:00—Cisco Kid 4:30—Fearless Fosdick 5:00—Pulpit Portraits 5.05—News. Weather. Sports 5:30—Your Lucky Clue 6:00—Toast of The Town w buildings or remodeling old I buildings are coming to the assessor's office for an appraisal on these buildings and are asking for an estimate from your county assessor as to the amount of taxes which will be assessed against this propety. These people always want to know if we expect the rate to go up or down in the next few years. The estimate we furnish these people may be the deciding factor in POLES IN SIDEWALK To The Times: Hey, kids—don't take your roller skates to. school with you at the new Anthony School. The telephone poles are in the middle of the sidewalk. Something new, eh? Never can tell what's new in Leavenworth. D. Moore Aug. 22, 1952. 305 Maple Ave. Leavenworth, Kas. Boyle Continued from Page 4. (heir budgets. If Leavenworth City could tell I prospective business and factories, that they are in favor of fair, equal and just taxes for every one, it would be a fine argument in favor of commercial firms or factories who might be considering locating in Leavenworth. We were surprised when we took over the work in the assessor's office to find that Leavenworth City had one of the highest rates of whether the interested . .. ... . . , ,, ., , . , , .,, taxation jn the state of Kansas, party can afford lo buy or build a home. If the taxes are too high the answer is no, and this not only applies to private individuals also to large corporations who! wish to invest their money in the} city of Leavenworth. \ It is sincerely hoped that it will not be necessary to increase t o this high rate- again in order to the requests as asked for various budgets. Jack Gaskill As to the question of whether tax assessments will be higher or lower, we have informed those people, that we expected the tax rate to be about the same or ai Aug. 20, 1952 County Assessor aching head under the cooling toi rent. "Now what are you doing, silly?' asked Trellis Mae. "Trying to dry my hair," h aching head under the cooling tor rent. "Now what are you doing, silly?' asked Trellis Mae. v 'Trying to dry my hair," hi said. "You don't make sense," Trellis Mae said. "Neither do you," said Wilbur "but I doubt if I'll ever be able to explain why." Dutchmen in the days 'of Herirj Hudson and other mariners hunt ed Spitsbergen's whales, fur seals Arctic foxes, walruses and othei animals almost to extinction. 7:00—Information Please 7:30—My Little Margie 8:00—Summer Theatre 8:30—Playhouse 8:30—Woild Reporter 'J :45—News 10:00—TEA 10:30—This is Kansas City 13:00—Plainclothesman SAVE $30 TO $68 ON COMPLETE BEDROOM AND DINETTE OUTFITS! 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