Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1976 · Page 4
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 4

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1976
Page 4
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t£ime3 Hughes Married Life Proved Disaster Editorial-Opinion Page Tie Public Jiiieresl Is Tlie First Concern Of This Newspaper Alden H. Spencer, Publisher and Genera! Manager Floyd Carl Jr., Managing Editor 4 · WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 1976 Sick Minds There is no law which says hecklers can not become active during a political year, and even before the party nominees for president of the United Slates are named, candidates for this high office are sharing barbs,from those who greet them across the country. Henry Jackson has been spit upon. Jimmy Carter has been the target for thrown peanuts. Others have been recipients of slurs and slanders from members of crowds in various places. But it took Wisconsin to outdo every other place when George Wallace called to press his candidacy. At Madison, home of the University of Wisconsin, a group wearing Arthur Bremer masks and pushing wheel Over Regulation There is growing concern here in Georgia and elsewhere in the nation over the tendency of all echelons of- government to over-regulate our lives. It appears that once an ordinary, mortal Is elected to office he believes he is auto' matically endowed with manifest wisdom with which to direct the lives and living conditions of those ordinary mortals who are not elected to office. . While we have not yet arrived at the ludicrous stale of affairs found in the Federal Republic of Germany, if we accept increasing .government interference in our lives we shall shortly find ourselves there. In West Germany there are laws to tell merchants when they can open, when they must close. They may open no earlier than 7 a.m. and close no later than '6:30 p.m., Monday through Frida'y. On Saturday the/ are required to close at 2 p.m. Art Buchwald chairs tried to disrupt a.Wallace, campaign appearance. Bremer was convicted and sentenced for shooting the Alabama governor during a campaign in the 1972 elections. The governor is, as a result ot the attempt on his life, paralyzed from the waist down and uses a wheel chair. Jackson commented aptly on the abominable effort by Ihe Wisconsin abusevs. "It was sick," he said -- and it was. Surely, whether people have respect or not for any man, to perpetrate this unkindness is completely beyond the pale of decency. It shouldn't have happened, and the fact "that it did does nothing to enhance man's image as a superior sort of animal. In Haan, West Germany, an enterprising grocer sought lo defy the law. He would sell lo anyone at any time. And for a while he got away with it. But his competitbrs sought government interference. He has been fined $2,000 and warned that he will be fined some $8,000 if he sells anything after 6:30 p.m. Free spirit that he is, the grocer noted that in today's competitive world the.only way to succeed is to "give.extra service and show a' little4 imagination:" But the Bonn government will not permit him to do this. He describes this' as "insane." And it seems insane to us. But this sort of government insanity will triumph unless those who believe in individual rights and freedom reject with.vigor and tendency of government to regulate our every more. --Atlanta (Ga.) Journal and Constitution Police Find They've No Time For Crime WASHINGTON -- Has it ever occurred to anybody that the . reason crime rates in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York are so high is that the police are so busy cooperating with television and movie companies making crime dramas that they don't Irave fight the real guys? I suggest this is what is probably going on in any of the three cities right now. "Chief, three people have been murdered at 1699 Maple St." "Well, why tell me? Send a couple oi squad cars over there." "We don't have any available. They're all being used for a big chase in Police Woman. You see, Angie Dickinson is caught in this fish cannery and this mad rapist is about to--" "I DON'T WANT to know the plot. Send over the Homicide Squad." "The Homicide Squad is tied up on Starsky and Hutch. A gang of .car thieves are plan- nign to wipe out a state witness and the Homicide Squad was booked for it a month ago!" "Why don't they use real actors instead of our people, dammit?'.' "They are using real actors. Our Homicide Squad is just standing by so - no one steals the movie equipment." "For crying out loud. How are we supposed to fight crime if all our people arc tied up making TV movies?" "Headquarters says we have to cooperate with the TV and film producers because it gives the poiice department a good image." "OKAY, AS SOON as they finish Police Woman tell them to get over to Maple St." - "I can't, the police cars are 'needed for a Baretta sequence. It seems Barettta is on to a dope ring and he infiltrated the gang. They discovered he was a cop and if the police cars don't arrive in time, they'll kill him and that will be the end of the series." "WlMt about Ihe sheriff's office? Ask them to fill in for us until we can get someone over there." "I called them but their people are all tied up with The FBI story. Efrem Zimbalist is chasing some guy in the foothills of Santa -Monica." "Why doesn't the FBI supply its own people for a n ' FBI story?" "They're using every FBI agent in the area, but for this particular sequence they need the sheriff's department as well." "AM, RIGHT, send over the Emergency .Squad." "They've been tied up all week at Universal Pictures. The Vice Squad is over at Twentieth Century-Fox doing a r e m a k e of 'Little Caesar' and every [pot patrolman we rrtive is working on a spinoff of Tlelter Skelter' at Sam Goldwyn Studios." "I imagine (he police Helicopter Squadron is also being used for a picture?" "Three. 'Police Story,' ' T h e T u r k i s h Connection' a n d 'Hawaii Five-O.' " "That's great. What do we do now?" ".lust wait it out I guess. Chief. E'Ven if we caught the guy who committed the homicide we couldn't book him." "Why not?" "Till; COLUMFiO people have rented the city jail for three days for a new show they're f i l m i n g for the f a l l . " "Beautiful." "By the way. Chief, you know (hat bank robbery trial 1 was supposed to testify at today?" "Yen." "Well, it's been postponed a By JACK A N D E R S O N 'With l.cs VYhillcn W A S H I N G T O N -- Sources close to the laic Howard Hughes agree on at least «ie thing: Jean Peters was Ihe only woman he ever toveri and probably the only woman who ever loved him. The brooding billionaire met 'her according to our sources, at a party in the late 1340s. As she burst into stardom. Hughes assigned a boriyguard- spy to stick close to Jier when her filmwork took her away from Hollywood. This constant companion reported back to Hughes how th« actress spent her time. Sometimes, she would step out with other stars such as Joseph Gotten and Marilyn Monroe. More olten. she would stay in her room and work on 'Crossword puzzles. Our sources say Jean Peters was annoyed over the Hughes watchdog and Ihe sla'c whispers he generated.. But the hillionaire insisted that the security man stay at her side. In the mid-19ol)5, a man named Stuard Cramer sat down next to her on an airliner. They became friends and were married. far off in Miami, holed up in the old Columbus Hotel, Hughes continued to keep watch on Hie attractive actress. Ones he dispatched a security man lo observe the Cramers on a fishing cruise. IT ' T U R N E D OUT to be a short, Hollywood marriage, lasting only about a month. About two years later, Jean The Washington Merry-Go-Round They'll Do It Every Time PWJtXWT/ASKED COUSIN MILOV/WO UfrOATgOCK /OXJLO MXJ t/Q/i\ I I PON TV/ANT all THE'rooR BIG TO CHARGE YA-PI ECE5 IN VOUB »JT WJ CAlt plVE TRUCK? I INSIST 1 MV HELPER ^ZOON PAYIN3-" -fZro OKAY? ..AMP A LOT OF STUf f FROM THE STORAGE ROOM, WO I'VE 0E6IDEPTOTAKE TH EOL0 PIANO D ONCE SHE 6ET6 HlrATO A6REE THEN LISTEN TO HEC-- ' A COUPLE OF TRIPS" Peters abandoned her acting caieer; became Mrs. Howard Hugue-s f l n c i disappeared i n t o his shadowy worldr pur sources caught Meeting glimpses ol t h e i r strange lile together. They leased a homg, for example, in Dei Air, Calil. . But before Hughes selected tlv: house, he ordered rollnd-the- cioek guards lo keep people put of six prospective mansions. They remained empty 'or three months until Hughes was satis- . lied that they uv?re germ-free. Then Mrs. Hughes moved into one of the mansions, followed a week later by the quirky Hughes. He arrived, wrapped in a blanket, slumped on the floor of liis limousine. H is typical of the Hughes story that "tile description of his unusual arrival was provided by an associate who now won't talk about it. He is Mike Conrad, a private investigator who worked for Hughes for 18 years. There is no question about the report he gave to .others. But he wouldn't discuss it with our associate. Hob Owens, w h o located him at his home in Thousand Oaks. Calif. "I have a deal with the Hughes people not lo t a l k . a b o u t him." he said bluntly. 'They own my house and I owe them money." BUT FIIOM other sources, we learned llial Hughes r a r e l y emerged from his bedroom. Over his door \vas a red light, a throwback to his Hollywood producing days, warning others - in 'the house" to stay out. The lit!ht remained on constantly. Once a nine-year old visitor, a relative of his wife, hurst in on Hughes in innocent disregard of the red light. The shocked billionaire, clad only in .1 sheet, called to an aide. "What is it?" asked Hughes in bewilderment. A f t e r a m o m e n t of silence, lie - demanded thai the aide "get it out of here, but don't hurt it." Aides also once heard Hughes arguing with his wife: over a window that she had opened in liis bedroom. She explained that he ought to have some fresh air/.but he gruffly ordered her to close it. · While Hughes closeted himself in his bedroom, Jean tried to behave like a normal housewife. One Sunday, she dispatched an aide lo buy a mop so she could tidy up behind the servants. But the billionaire's \ wife b a d 1 no money, the aide had to borrow $5 from a friend to buy it. - HECAUSE OF Hughes' redu- 1 siveness, Jean also became shut oft from the world. For awhile, her relatives would visit and invariably would want to meet "Uncle Howard." But Hughes would never see them. . In 1966, Hughes hired a train to take him on a mysterious trip to Boston, Our sources say he left his wife behind. She later came to Boston to. see him but was turned away. After four days of waiting, she returned lo California. She was so (urlous, according [o our sources, that she fouhoV a pistol and pi'tulautly began shooting holes through Ihe man-. sion's copper root at two in the ' morning. Thereafter, Hughes iiration-:-, ally blamed his chief of staff,:; Frank "Bill" Gay. f o r the-., breakup ol his marriage. In a, - Inuv. handwritten note to : _. another . aide, Robert Maheu v -Hughes charged! · -j . "Bill's total indifference and laxity lo my pleas lor help i n my ' domeslic area, voiced . urgently to him week by week throughout the 'past .1 to 8_ years, have resulted in a com-, plclc I am afraid, irrevocable loss of · m y wife.; I- am sorry,' but 1 blame Bill completely for this unnecessary .debacle." ANOTiiKII TIME, Hughes, wrote: "My bill ol complaints" against Bill's 1 conduct goes back a long way and cuts very- deep." · ' Jean Peters finally obtained a divorce f r o m Hughes in 1070 ' ! after 13 years of marriage. By.' remaining his .wife, .she could have claimed a large share of. his niultibillion-dollar fortune today. - "" But those who know the ac-,; 1 . tress say she wanted to liver-' her own life and was hapm · lo settle for a S150.000 horns and S50.00D a year alimony .for. life. She has now settled down, lo a quiet' life With her third ' husband. S t a n . Hough, in tin . Los Angeles environs. (C) United Feature Syndicate, Inc. '-. week. McMillan and Wife are using the courtroom. It seems this politician killed his campaign manager a n d -- " "I'm not interested" "Chief this just came in There's a sniper in the tower ' at UCLA and he's gone berserk and is shooting at everything in sight!" "(let the SWAT Squad over there right away!" "THEY DON'T answer, Chief. I got a recorded message." "What did it say?" "The SWAT Squad is now shooting a segment at Los Angeles airport concerning a hijacker. If this is an emergency, leave your number and we will get back to you in three weeks." (C) Los Angeles Times HOW TIME FLIES 10 YEARS AGO Former U.S. Hep. Brooks Hay.s announced today he will run fnr governor in Ite Democratic primaries. A steering commiUee organizer! recently to create a regional planning commission in Northwest A r k a n s a s yesEcrday took Ui/; first steps in that direction. Dr. Hardy A. Kemp ftas been appointed chief of staff at the Fayelteville Veteran's Administration Hospital, 50 YEARS AGO "City Park 1 ' was Ihe name retained torlay for the new playground park at Ihe meeting of- the park purchasing and name contest committee. Some 3Q,ri(Kt visitors are expected \vhcn th/5 Northwest A r k a n s a s Appfc Blossovn Festival opens in Rogers Thursday. Five box cars will he the temporary passenger station in Fayetlevilte while remodeling of the railroad station is going on. 100 YEARS AGO Our lawyers have all returned home from Bcnton court and arc prr-paring fnr the siege at this place. Th/? Pennywit Vvlill at Van Buren is advarlisinB they will pay $1 per bushel for wheat. Letters From The Readers 'Viewpoint Containment To The Editor: The "Containment Doctrine." o r i g i n a t e d by scholarly diplomat George , F. Kennan. distorted and misinterpreted hy the Cold Warriors of the early McCarthy-Nixon-Dullcs e r a . now is recognized as h a v i n g directly led to Korea. Vietnam, world re-armament, and nuclear proliferation, including now even Third World nations. A horrified Kennan tried lo explain, too late, that he 'had meant containment culturally, economically, commercially, ideologically, Ihe gaining of peaceful hegemonic leadership by superiority of peaceful. non : v i o l e n t , progress. N o w w e admit that .Kruschev's threat lo "bury" America m e a n t the eventual economic dominance of socialism over capitalism, not military defeat; but our hawks-militarists seized Hie excuse lo promote Industrial- Pentagon projects for 'National Security,-' t h r u guns, bombs, nukes, and investment related e n t e r p r i s e s , rather than promotion of pcaccful-pcople- concerns. But the genie w a s oul of the bottle; the "domino theory;" t h e "nuclear umbrella"; American v i r f u c confronting the e v i l Monster Communist Monolith; the uhiquily and omnipotence of the dollar: and the world-wide network of treaties and bases (o police t h e ' world, took over. T r u m a n Acheson, Kiscnhower .- Dulles, Kennedy - Johnson - Rusk, each a d m i n i s t r a l i o n contributed lo- ward t h e climax ol Nixon- Kissinger-r'ord - in [he basic concept of Pax Americana. The USA as Dominant. N u m b e r One. still lilt City On A Hill, inspired World Leader tlirnnch righteousness, virtue! Galahad armed with Umbrella of nukes saving the world! The rest of the world mostly was ignored in the struggle of the giants, "Detente," !iko "containment," means d i f f e r e n t things (o different people. In Ihf: N i x i s s i n g e r - F o r ( I philosophy, on ( h e one h a n d detente with Soviet. Russia. ;tnrl reconciliation .with Red China on the other, in the simplest terms meant, t a k i n g advantage of the opportunity to exploit the " deep, bitter, ideological, h a t r e d , and fear between the two Red super-powers, playing each off against the other, then playing power broker in between-despite the fiasco of Indo-Chi-. n a , the decline oof the dollar, the weakness of NATO, and the futility of the United Nations. Taking by clever double-talking- wheeler-dealing what seemed lost by conquest; staying on lop of the h e a p with power politics, deferring (forever?) [he day of reckoning. But Watergate intervened. Ni.von had to trade office and p o w e r for pardon. Ford stumbled in and on. while Kissinger carried on with Ihe a g i l i t y , cleverness, determination, rulhlessness,,and skill of the best of his idols of 10th Century wheeler - dealing power - balancing; while the financial - industrial · intelligence - military interlocking political complex pulled the Free W o r l d strings -- brib ing governments, spreading weapons s y s t e m s a n d t e c h - nologies, multi - nationals a n d spy networks; all around t h e World. George K e n n a n may not have .started detente as he did containment. but surely he must be equally horrified wilh the d e a d l y danger, distortion and Ihe stupidity ol the current deliberate play upon Ihe term tor political reasons by ruthless and ambitious m e n . See "Is Detente W o r t h Saving," b y George !·'. K e n n a n . the cover slory in Snliirday Review for March fi. 1076. Reuben Thomas Fayetteville Many Thanks To Ihe Kclilor: This letter is in recognilinn of IKe following persons ond groups ;md everyone else who helped m n k e Ihe Special Olympics, held April 3 at liazorback Stadium, a success: Sieve Richmond of Rogers. Marry V a n d e r g r i f f , · ,)immy W i 1 1 r; 11. loachcrs, student teachers, aides. Phi Dells, Chi Omega, c o m m e n t a t o r , Razorback Band. Volunteers, members of Razorback football . anil basketball learns and the Rev. H. D. McCarty.;,. , : I am sure there-were many more names but these are just a few that came to my mind. This event was tremendous this'ycar. It was heartwarming and brought tears ; to my eyes lo see "success" for our brothers in Christ, A. great big vote of (hanks to all concerned. God bless all of you for your efforts. Mother of a participant. Fayettcville Mrs. ,fo Ann Walch Stamp Dilemna To the Editor: The post office issues a colorful "Stamps by Mail" order f o r m for people unable to get to tlie oliice MO cent fee for handling). With Ihe recent increase in first-class rate, however, the only wMy lo buy ten 13 cent stamps is lo buy also one book o[ forty II) cent stamps. Thus you pay $5.71) for f e n unusuable stamps--but whal do you do with all those leftover tens? No 3 cent stamps are listed so that is no solution. Is there an answer lo this dilemma? C.' R. Wagner Fayettcville Registration To the Editor: If you are not a registered voter in Washington County, you may go to the following places lo register: fayctleville county clerk's oflicfi in Ihe court house. Springdale: cilv clerk's office al City Hall. Prairie Grove: Farm'?'- nnrl Merchants Bank. Ask for Wilford Thompson. Lincoln: Lincoln flank. Ask for Rnlpn Tliicssc or call for him al home. You have until the 4th of May to register for the May 25th primary election. H you have moved since,Ilia last, election and not made, an address change, call the county clerk's office at 521-8400 Exti 132. . .'.·:· A Ruth E. Roberts.. ' "·· County Clerk 1 Fayelteville , : Bible Verse "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my Face, and turn from their wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forcgive their sin, and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 Surely it is the will of God for the wealthiest people nn earth materially, lo also be' the healthiest spiritually., Here is the divine prescription signed by the Great Physician, "Confess your faults one lo another, and pray one · - for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer ol a righteous man avaifelh much." James 5:16 Our Heavenly Father Is so understanding and so all powerful, and He knows where you arc h u r l i n g . He loves you and He .cares. Because of (his, I nsk Him in Jesus' name fn tnuch you right now and make your \vhole. Amen. He iv.ati your heart's door -- let. Him " in. "I will lay thy cities wasle,' and thou shall be desolalo, a n r l ' thou shall know that T am the. T.ord. Because thou hast liaH" a perpetual haired, and hast' ' shed (he blood of Ihe chilclrcti; i of Israel by Ihe force of I h g ; : sword in Ihe time of Iheir; · calamity, in the time that their-, · iniquity had an end," Bxekiel' 35:4.5 " A l l mankind must remember , (hat God cannnl be pushed ton far. He who is capable nf grejir love is also capable o[ sure punishment. 1

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