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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Wednesday, January 28, 1920
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'"V Carbondale—"Athens of Egypt." \ VOLUME 17. CARBONDAijE, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, JAN. 28,1920, > • NUMBEK-92... FEAR CEMENT FAMINE HOLD UP HARD ROAD CONSTRUCTION IN ILL Only Two-thirds Material Desired Can be Supplied —Course of- State Unde• termined in Situation. SPRINGFIELD, 111., Jan.' 27.—Illinois has a 1920 program for the con. struction of more than 1,100 miles of permanent roads in addition to completing contracts awarded last year. > T.he inew surveys have been completed, the plans drawn,'ithe specifications prepared, and now comes the .stumbling block. The state is unable to 'get contracts for.'900,000 'barrels of cement. iKor the new work Director of .Pub 1 ;lic i-Works Bennett ' advertised" for 2,800,000 barrels, but the cement companies submitted bids "for only 1,100,"000. They have, been persuaded, after much begging,-to supply a., trifle over . 1,800,000.. There -they stopped. Future Course Puzzles State. Just what the state, will do has; not been determ/hed. The contracts have been- awarded and !they are going through 'the process 'now."of being formally completed. The highway department .can eliminate some of .the work it intends to do, ; or it can go into the open market and buy-—but at . -what price arid'tinder what conditions ; only the cement workers and the an: gels know. . . •;' .On work for which contracts were awarded last year .the .cement companies are obligated to deliver yet about 1,500,000 barrels But in making contracts for this year the companies, have stipulated that they will not'supply cement at the prices named unless the" work is -done in 1920. The amount promised^is said to be. suffi- eieijt. for about'. ,600.'.iniies''only-.-'• ;' : GoV^'tbSXWerTtcPAct?' ~ Gov.'.Lowden will confer with Director jof Public "Works Bennett and Superintendent of Highways S. B. Bradt this; we'ek. '••. Various sections of ithe .sta.;Ce .are anxious, to get roads this year, '-and if the i state decides ito curtail its .pro- gra^n; there will be a wild scramble /' among;icontestarj.ts for preference. A ?' few! years ago/;:Demerit, .companies were .conducting -excursions to Detroit in a'n ; . effort to get governmental agen- Elks Plan Big Valentine Affair An "interesting. Valentine entertain- 'ment and dance is being planned by the Elks. It is planned' for'.those attending to-be comicailyor artistically dressed in Harmony -with the occasion. Music, .dancing,, games with favors and prizes; are'the "features announced.: . • . - ••.-.' WOULD ROUT SMOKES TO THE SAME FATE JOHN RECKONED WITH Would Send Lady Nicotine .'to Join John Barleycorn : Now in Exile—Drinkless and Sra'okeless Nation Looming — Plan Launclt- ^ ed. City Outgrows Local * ^•' • — t '''"••'••-'- More Children, in Schools Here Than Present Buildings Can Take Care Of— Necessity For Additional Buildings Seen in Near Future—Also High School Problem. Indianapolis, Jim. ±S.—Plans for makinjr' the? Unitei! States siaolreless :as-.well ns flr!nhl"«« •.voru.ilisc.jissi'il at the state convunii'in of the No Tobacco I'eaeup. Gruosmnf pichi'i'i'S nf Tlio evii o.Tpt'-ts nf nictiliiu 1 \\-oi-e painlod 'for HIP 1'ilifiratfo!) "f tin- doloprntes by several spenKprs; n'i:r]« and I'l.'inale. It. was aHo^ef"!, auuini;- other things, tlint lise of the" tt-tH'il lias n -dwarfing effect on ll\f- zrmv'nii; Koiu'mtlon am 1 , the hopp \vn^ fxprossed that ore lor,^ the nation \vill sonil Lady Nicotine 10 join John Barleycorn in exile. The unquestionable necessity in the near future of building another public school building in Carbondale has brought to light the application of the new .community high school law for Carbondale. v The growth of Carbondale within| the last few years has flooded with .attendance every public school building in the city. The buildings are at present unreasonably'crowded. Insuf- cient room for the proper care of the increasing number of school children lias hampered .the workings of the schools here for the last two or three years. -All Buildings Overcrowded. All the buildings in the city are, ov- •ercrowded. Every foot of space and every facility is taxed to the -limit. Some time ago the state school author; ities warned the city additional school buildings must be provided here. At present less floor space than is per- LOCAL YOUTHS NAMED FOR NAVAL ACADEMY John Page Wham, son of Prof, and Mrs. G. D. Wham and Othel Eaton, sou of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Eaton, have received notice from Congressman Denison, granting them permission to take an examination at Cairo in Feb- ruary,.lppking_fp.rward to entering .'the United States-Naval Academy at,Annapolis. They 'have not stated definitely whether or not they will take the examination. - - mitted by law for each pupil has-been a difficulty;. The state requires that this condition .be met accordin^Jtol-iaw.-; The city .must; erect additional ' ings'if the requirements cannot be met in any .other- manner,' which is 'declared impossible. Planned Building ExpansionT The-j'-lo.eal school authorities •'• last summer' were contemplating plains ""f or the enlargement of the Lincoln school building, realizing the present cramped conditions and seeing the condition growing more serious. The plan did not take form the past year, but with the city ..showing such a marked growth, every indication points. to the .urgent necessity of meeDing .the school building problem next, school" year. Also High School Problem.' That Carbondale has no high school, in, connection with the grade school situation, has also presented, a prob- ^em, which, according to best advice, must be met within a' short time. True it is. pointed out that -Ca-rbondale has a high school at the Lincoln school but fi;-is limited by building facilities and .corps of teachers, also does not g'ranfa. certificate from an- accredited high .school. The work is accredited as far as it goes, however.' INQUEST FINDS NO FOUL PLAY Says Cause of Death Unknown, But From Natural Causes—Ed Hay Funeral a Private One at Huffman's.,Par.lors. BUYS IMPERIAL CAFE BUILDING Lauder and Nichols Estate Sells Build -ing to Marshall E. Batson—Did Not State Whether Barber Shop Would Occupy Room. Grace M. E. Revival Is Continuing Thg verdict of the coroner's jury in the death of Ed Hay, found dead at.his_j home south of t,he city Monday after-] between: -the Lauder and Nichols estate •' Marshall E. BatsonK become! owner of the building now '.Occupied J. ,T.' McCullough, Former ., Resident Dies at Herrin I; Word was 'received iwire' today of the death of ' J. T. ,M;cCullough of Herrin/ H^''wa'i f oVm'erly W'.this* cltyl being •empI6^yed ; as ; a's''witc'h'm'an for th'e railroad' ; c6mp'a'ny. De^ilsjof'His death- were lacking tofla^f ttri : the word indicated he died last night.- ,•_ • Meeting Saturday'App'oirrts • C'o teemeri'to Raise'Vu'nds In • Township,'Purchase .-the"'Fai(r . Grounds and 1 Bring Back' ; : "The Ponies.", .The : county organization for purchase o£ the Egyptian fair 'groun'ds for""county fair -purposes met at*'the city hall Saturday at 2 p. m: and appointed committe'emen' to solicit sale of shares ' in ' the' several town'- 'ships, says the' Independent. - " • Encouraging reports were heard and, with new life in the organization, it:is believed $20,000 will be subscribed' for the adjective at hand prior to the meeting of Egypt's ' Big Fair stockholders in February". As stated earlier, $14,000 will, go for •purchase, of grounds, and equipment among, it the. fastest speed-ring'in the state, and $60^000 will be reserved as a working fund. The meeting adjourne'd to Saturday, February 14: The : eommitteemeri 1 ap L pointed for Carbondale are Frank C.leYaents, G. R.' Huffman,, j. W. Bilderback, Solomon Crawshaw. Give Farewell Party For Their Superintendenl J.-F. Meister, local superintendent of the C. I.' P. S. Company, who leaves Sunday tor Christopher where he .was recently transferred as superintendent ' 6. Grand Larceny~and Other Criminal -Cases /— Judge I Butler Sitting at Circuit. i Court at Murphysb^o.:|; ^ ' iCases iEi 'the •au-tbmobile^'the'tt^stcIiiV^ dal in the circuit, court ..were set yea- - terday| i when Judge ' Butler set the criminal docket for tKis^teirm of circuit court. The .case of Thomas Jordan, receiv- ing'stolen'property:;! that of-$nos;'Jor-~ dan, and • -Robert:;...Shermaivf!sraine-- charge; a" second charge of the same nature'against*"them;'.'-and one in/ which Jordan r Sherman, Anick- an& Wagner ,are, the-^uio-^ mobile' : cases, r all were set"; for FeDN2Ss. ; i The 'ease of -Frank Blackwood, haiv- a motor Vehicle.with:.. defaced .motor number, was. set ^for trial Feb. 25, as .was one in. wJiich> Blackwood is charged -with receiving; .stolen property. _ i • ^ Other cases set arer .-..". ' O:' p.' Duckworth, grand laTcenylv Jan; 1 29. -'•••' •' -: •': ; ,' Theodore Watson, rape; Jan,29:- '•' Yerkie Owens, burglary and K !ar'f- eeny;'Ja'n. 30'. ' ' ''_'.,-'•'< • Walter 'Williams, rape;. 'Jan. 30. .'.'., ',...". '•; ••••/ Carlo Farraro and"Paul Ullo,- causing fire with intent to defraud' insurer-; Feb.'-.3: -'"'.-' -.'.'• Lee Sheppird; murder, Feb: 4. '•' 'John White,' burglary and .1 . Vincent Collura and Tony Saragusa^., Feb. 6. Claude Wheeler and Alvie Underwood, grand • larceny, Feb. 6. Claude Wheeler, "grand larceny, Feb_- The Grace M. B. church revival] meetihgb are finding unusual interest. I j cieSj-tcrbuy more cement, different. Now it is DANIELS 'SENJDS AWAB.DaLtST Sechetary of Navy Gives/Names of-114• ipfficers Decorated ^.VViithout,... j. • ;' Board ActioW." ' '' "\Vn,sjiingtoii. Jan. 2S.—A list of 114 C navjil ;v pfficers design:! ted by Swrxtnry Daniels to receive wiir ^lyiVico. jliK.'0ra~ ticns"' jj-itbout sipllnn bv' board. fKv:iy rrnrisniittcd ^ tnryj ;tfc tin; senate nijyu: atl'nirs .('oiii- ,• mittcefj invi-silwiriiiR iliy'jAviliVileT.'-sulj^ ject of|.in:ir:il si\vsirds. TheJ.Nt ofS<iflj- cers. .s!ii>\ve<I eij;ht tliPti1i^uishpf] N *erA*- ice jn'eil.-ils \yeru a\vnrde»l by Hie secre- tnr^oniihis own initiative. The recipi- oiits |)n'eluded • Roar Admiral Benson,, chief;! pf operations durjnjj^tliefvwar.i Reair ^Admiral Capps. a memh.CA of tbe vwnr industries h(«:rd. niici ; '3?h.b!naR''A'. Bdisonj.president of the naval consult* .ing bo:)xd. The other medals, with the excep'tipn of that awarded to Lieutenant-Commander J3hent, >ylip r .coraB}!Hj"d- • ed the-.'transport Autille^ when it" was srmk;-by a submarine October-;17, 1017-, •went to officers who directe^i the ,raine MQNDELL SOUNDS A WARNING House Leader Sees Political Death of Militaristic Party—Cost to Be Enormous. Washington. .Tan. 2S.—Political, oblivion for the lenders :;ii tin; party responsible for adoption .'uf universal military training was pr.^dicietl in rlu; house -by Representative Moncleli nf Wyoming, the. rtepuhlicnn'loailor. The initial C"'St of thu phin \vnulil lie $, lie sulil, requiring, an additional' bond issue-. . '• ."Men cannot be trained for. a mere pittance." he continued. ; "It costs- ?!.000 fo'r'_six months' training for every man in tbe regular system. This It was expected, to have . Rev. ,-G. A. ternoon. One of the sons of deceased Phelps continue ; in . conducting the Manning Hay,' ,ol. Little -Rock/ Ark., meetings, but has thus far been unable ' to -appear... Rev. W.. O. .NalL.of. Herrin.< noon, declared, while .thei-direct cause > b ^ th . evl . m . perial restau rant; : The con of hi*, death., was .unknown, nothing . si ' deration is - saia , to have ^ eei around except those of'natural -causes were J-'JPSOQ,',; When brought out at tbe inquestr ' ' The funeral was held at the Huff- lan Undertaking parlors yesterdays af- of that, ".acrict, was pleasantly surprised by the employees of the office and plant who gathered at 'bis home on South Normal avenue Monday.evening. The affair assumed, the nature ,of a not here. Mr. Hay was 70 years is assisting the local meeting, however. pastor in the | Elect Chairman and Appoint Commit - i U. S; TROOPS LEAVE SIBERIA asked whether or not the same> tenants would occupy the place, it was replied that, they would. The Imperial restaurant is on tK.e first floor and>''Mr. and Mrs-.- Ti'C.'-Ellis-o'ccupy the apartment on the second floor. In reply to ithe question of™ Batson's barber. 1 shop going into the place just bought;, it was explained npt for the present, with on- Evere-tte Betts, Manning Sc'ider, Frank Alfred. Bowarby, confidence game-. Fell. 6. ' Harry Hamilton, burning goods to- • defraud 'insurer, Feb. 13. Jim Hill and- others indicted or± Two .-.Transports Depart /f«r ^Manila ; With'41 Officers and 1-J700-... ;'• / Men. •'.... . ' . ' -Washington, Jan. 2SL—The.' -rn'ove- 1 -merit-: of ^tha ) American [ expeditionary, forces out of Siberia bjbgiui.'.on,. .Tujift ? vj received I farewell party and Mr. Meister 1 was I charge of shooting Al Grammer dur- presented a handsome silver fountain; ing silica mill strike last summer,', pen. • . . Feb. 23. Old fashioned . games ' furnished Percy Wightman, embezzlement, amusement throughout the evening., j Feb. 25. Those present-were:- Misses'Ida Bain and Fiona Edmundson; Fretl Stephensorr^Rby Gpwer'.'C. A. Cowel'l, .ly, a slight intimation that it would | some- time. -' V • /• i 1 -,/-., .^--T 7 - r V vRepublicans ' of' r .;Car.bon'dalS ,rp.w'ns>liip.. organized' £. yesterdjay ,.after- "n'6on > 'at' > th ; e"offlce"of' the township •?cferi, allas' QKisefib.'sImer.'.'.ThVme'etr , Dallas' ing was well attended by representa-,. tive members of the party in th'e'to'wn- pqrt Sheridan sailed •f or- 1 ManiW-Avfth casua' '.^UiJits^ni-^he Great tiompanie's'XT to H : ii nip. (temporary.; .otficers; _ele.cted,. , wjio "b i e'*<:;bnn'rm'e'd' as permanent' at" th " the pri-' mary to be b.e,ldjiii..'Maj 1 .ch:/..I ) roD S..E.. Harwoofl was chairman, of the organi- ^.zations.this,y,eaiy;bu,t[!it,.of ,i!lL "B(jaith'"has not been 'able to give it as'.<he l ;desir,ed. Judge .A. LV was-, chp.sen .cba.irman,. and £>• Maiseiilicim'eiv' 'secretary. '•_ Precinct tornmitteeiiienvwere named', including u r omen_ fop .the first time/ .',.-.. 'FcHowing'are' the committeemen for tbe township: Precinct 1—David Bntsminger and Mrs.. Stella Sisney. Precinct 2—J. J. Robertson and Mrs. Tom White-. Precinct S —John Rich and Mrs. John Erando.n... / . Precinct 4. —Sam Toler and Mrs. G. M. Browne. With the selection of the officers and committeemen for the township organization., it is -planned to at once have things perfected and working several I weeks before the party primary. .The war-'departmen •departure~on'r-th«t dat po^rt' Crept'Northern f officers an"d 1,700 m2n;!:.The-trans 7 ____ , ______ , . . . , Twenty-seventh infant -y! arid thfe .ma-,- •chinei gun, icompany of meat. "reporting the; irji'Manila'.'Avitb. AVO , days i later ' ' were clusiv.e;- pf <,th;e How to Select j ; "Clothing and jGood V' \ ; Home Furinishings : ^ ,TJBBANA, 111., J'an. 27. (Special.)— •^lissi'Mabel Wilkerson, of ItheSDepart- ment of Home Economics^.Un'iversity of.fllUinois, will deliver Jectures of particular interest to housewives of . •'- •••!-< ; v ; -'Jacksoii county when she'goes' to Car' ' . the jsamej regl; - - 4GE'HOLDS:'UP N. | j BUSINESS . ]' i : . i Worst -Storm Since Injured by FQlis. . 4Atfiliii of -ice . rails. -streets ?se\v York.;.;.Tnn. 28. .covered the. <;ity, ^l.tzi and .sidewalks, uioinovftliing '. on.-,all'. ele.ctyiq lines andi oausinir tens o'f llniu'siiifds' "to he late for work. Railway <pfn«inls said it wap the 1 -worst storm of the Idncl since if)02. 'Scorns of persons'.. wore in.1ur«d (by. .falls DII sllpjiery. siijmva'ks. rrrnsular servic-o prevailed upon all IransportafioM .lino.-' :iml in stances wt'.s siix lunirs. A sorh;s <> ed (in tin' oicvvaipil !!:;<.•« wlion I ho < - <iii : fact . irons nu-t llip ic-o on (lie tliiril I'ail.nnd .<--lin\vpi'c-iI sparks nn flio ca;-.-' and pUitfoiTiis. fcir fires 'rcsnit- ''bon'dalejon Feb. 19. . . . MissMWilkerson is a specialist on clothing"; and house furnishings and during h^er visit will tell something of '-the selection of clothing and home -furnishings. .'• .: Meister an,d Mr, and Mrs. J. F. Meister.' OFFICIALS TO HEAR MANY ATTEND MELBA PROCTOR'S BIRTHDAY PARTY" The home of Mr. and Mrs. L." W.?-. JProctor, in the Schwartz flat,' v.'as'th'e scene of a~ prettily arranged .miscellaneous shower yesterday ; . afternoon ; in' honor^of their daughter, -Melba. • The occasion wh'ich -was a surprise • to tbe guest .of honor, was planh'ea"'by a number of her 'classmate's i r-VILLAGE I'PAYSt, Anna .Johnson Awarded $1250 Damages .'For Personal Injuries Sustained in Fail Throughi'Rotten Sidewalk at Makanda^Village to Appeal. -' township• officer* to be selected are:' Assistant supervisor, assessor, town- amount': would bo exceeded fur meir j ship cleric, school trustee- and pound underpins their first training, because j master. nf additional clo<hiiisr.an_d.qther.-.equip-' > menf "costs. V, 7 e woul'd.;alsq. need 50, ; . 000 'additional oracers..'^.." Three hu.n'r dred.. million dolla sary;tofeut camps condi^op and 560,000,000 is required , •for fillip maintenance each year." .PLEASES ANNA AUDIENCE . Aceordffi^; i to"tnjihAnn'ai;papers, Miss Mary Matth-ewe. of this city pleased an audience Sunday at tie library when she sang at a social gathering. QENEEN APPEALS FOR FARMER V/ants Anti- Trust Laws Amended So as to Permit Dairymen to Co-Operate. Washington. ...Ta.n. is.— Amendment of nntirtrnsf laws to penult, farmers and-, dnirymeii. -to orsn'nizftr-for co-pp- erativef.seHins::Jv:asi fornter ,^., senate, judiciary subcommittee. Dairymen In northern Illinois "were at the mercy of Chicago milk distrib- uters," he .said. Miss Anna Johnson was awarded $1250 damages in the circuit court today at Murphysboro for personal injuries received when she fell through a rotten board sidewalk in the village of M-itlcanda. She suffered injuries on the, leg,and other -injuries. Makanda will likely appeal the case, which gave Miss Johnson a .verdict. No other verdicts were announced in the circuit court today. BIRTHS : :'iA.nnpuneem'ents of the a son •oX : :Jan; ; ..24, ttfijjtr. and MfeitiY. John : Batso^rpf.JMuraliysboro, "hajyjs fbeen received "byi-friends Sere. TJhfe jnew i Vival has been named,' Johjj t ean. Mr. and Mrs. Batson were fonoe r =Carbbn- d-ale residents. Mayor Krysher and "Commissioner At. tending Illinois Municipal League '•^^..Meetlng at Springfield THis Week.' . Mayor • F.. C. Krysher and Commissioner: J. W.-Crandall, wenfto Springfield today to attend the -annual convention -'of .the Illinois Municipal' League of Illinois. 'Problenis of cities a-nd municipalities will be fd'iscussed and.thrashed put at the meeting. Com-' missibners J A. Patterson aad. J, M. Anderson--hope .to go to the meeting tomorrow. . . . .• . • Officials from- cities and. 'towns throughout the' state are gathering in Springfield .this week-'to attend the sixth annual convention o£ ,the Illinois'.Municipal League and,th'e Home Rule Municipal League. The annual meeting will be held -at Springfield Thursday and Friday. The first session! of tbe convention will open at 2:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon. It will be held in tbe senate chamber at tile capitol building. The visiting officials will be welcomed to Springfield by Mayor Charles ,T. Bau- maun, of Springfield. \ RENDLEIWAN INFANT DIES THIS MORNING A-n infant son born to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rendleman, living- only a few hours, passed away aC 10:30 .this morning. Funeral services will, be conducted from the home on East Hester St., at 2 o'clock -tomorrow afterno-on fcy Rev. J. W. Merrill. Burial will be made at Snider' cemetery. .'..,' \vith her' tenth' b'irtbday' : ahniversat3':'. ' ' "- Various 'games and; coit'ests; ".. enjoyed 'duriag the afternoon, followed :• by delicious refreshments. Ten^caniHes^ adorned; tie large -birthday cake.-;i : , Tho;*e!p*asent .were: Hannah -Ijloydf.: Graeff,- Maryi G6odall,''Fratices Hilly: Aileen Neely, Jewel Ferrell, Marberry.Wailaa-TemplieTVrolet Jones. - Paulftife Plater,-: Glara '.Louise} PraWttfU; - n.ona Taylor, Sallie Ann Matthews and . Helen .Biggs. • • '•/•'•'• PLANETS SIGNAL EARTH iViareoni Tells of Mysterious^ Wireless Messages. Very Queer Sounds Have Been Hearcf- Both Day EI-.S Nijht and May Have. Come/ From Soinewhere O'jts de- '• Our Worid. yr.iii;ki;:.s of ivcre r.oii'sl i;-.'forc Miss Pearl Ebbs .has. returned to : li&; troit, Mich;.,'after.a .week's'viHit.',With her .sister,..,Mrs, "Short.y":'.Meyers. , - - ai-lli, s and Cn.-in s:i;<J soine'.vheru t very qr.i'iT' w!ii<:Ji nii^lit nins;.-!e (he. Marconi. "We h:iv«» cai-i, s:i; Jiad Wieni both in England and America. The Morse signal letters occur -. with much-greater frequency .than oth-- ers, but we have never picked up anything that could be translated into, a; definite message. .. ... . .. • "The? fact that the signals ,b.aye -,ocr, , curred , .'staniitaneously .at ..New. , Tortrf : and London with identical. -intensity;. seems, to. indicate that they ' tli.stiince.- -^

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