Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1988 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1988
Page 20
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Page 20 Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Wednesday, March 16, IVB8 National Report Reagan Set to Veto Civil Rights Bill WASHINGTON (AP) — President Reagan was poised today to veto a major piece of civil rights legislation and call for an alternative giving corporations and religious schools more exemptions from anti-discrimination laws. A top civil rights leader said the veto would leave "a terrible and lasting stain on the Reagan presidency" and Democratic leaders predicted that Congress would quickly override the president's action, Today was the deadline for action on the sweeping measure, designed to overcome the effects of a 1984 Supreme Court decision that has allowed institutions to receive federal aid even when some of their departments discriminate illegally. The bill would require all parts of any institution receiving federal aid to obey anti-discrimination laws. "We have said all along we would veto," White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater said Tuesday. Fitzwater said the president believes the Supreme Court's decision, which involved Grove City College in Pennsylvania, was a mistake but that the corrective legislation goes too far in seeking to correct the problem. Students Venture Where the IRS Fears to Tread WASHINGTON (AP) —If your idea of a good tax form is one with short sentences and short words, take heart. A group of students, venturing where government has been less than successful, vows to come up with a series of tax forms that are understandable even to the high school dropout. And the students say they will finish the job within less than six months. "I don't say it's a simple task, but we're going to try," Professor Nicholas J. Creme, director of the Center for Taxation Studies in the Akron University School of Law, said in an interview Tuesday. He said he wants the students to work with the Internal Revenue Service on the project, although the IRS has not yet embraced the idea. Demos, Administration Agree On Tax Breaks WASHINGTON (AP) — The Reagan administration and Democrats led by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy agree that tax breaks must be provided to encourage parents to save early for college tuition costs that continue to skyrocket. The Massachusetts Democrat has drafted a plan that would encourage tuition savings by making interest on U.S. Savings Bonds tax free if the bonds are used for college tuition. Families earning under $75,000 a year would receive the full benefit of the legislation. The tax break would be reduced for families earning more, decreasing until it is completely phased out at the$150,000 income level. Assistant Treasury Secretary 0. Donaldson Chapoton said the Reagan administration's College Savings Bond proposal is similar to the Kennedy bill, providing tax exemptions on interest for parents who save for college. 11-Ton Satellite To Be Retrieved By Shuttle WASHINGTON (AP) — An 11-ton satellite in orbit three years longer than planned will be rescued by a space shuttle crew next year, just months before it would fall back to Earth in pieces. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration on Tuesday included the retrieval of the satellite — the Long Duration Exposure Facility — in a new schedule of flights and cargoes. The rescue was added to a mission beginning July 13. The orbit of the satellite, which gauged the effects of space's hostile environment on metal coatings and on 13 million seeds, is decaying and officials fear it will crash through the atmosphere and break up if it is not recaptured by mid-1990. The new schedule makes no change in the date of the much-delayed first post-Challenger flight, now set for Aug. 4. There have been no American manned missions in space since the Challenger — the 25th shuttle mission — exploded on liftoff Jan. 28,1986 and killed its seven-member crew. NASA Panel Says Ozone Shield Thinning WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Aeronautics and Space Administration says the ozone shield is in fact thinning measurably due to chlorofluorocarbon compounds. A NASA panel said the shield thinned out by about 2.3 percent over a 17-year period ending in 1986 in the temperate zones of the Northern Hemisphere. The panel said the shield thinned by 0.5 percent to 1.8 percent over nine years ending in 1987 in the tropics and part of the temperate zones of both hemispheres. This means increased skin cancer around the world, largely unknown effects on fish and wildlife and increased pressure from environmentalists to go beyond the treaty approved by the Senate to cut emissions of ozone-destroying chemicals. Chlorofluorocarbons are used as refrigeration fluids, cleaning solvents and plastic foam blowing agents. Senate Approves Covert Action Bill WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate approval of a bill requiring the White House to tell Congress about all covert actions within 48 hours after the operations start marks a major step toward avoiding another Iran-Contra affair, say the measure's sponsors. "This will help immeasurably toward preventing the kind of mistakes that were made" in the Iran-Contra affair, Sen. David Boren, D-Okla., chairman of the Intelligence Committee, said late Tuesday after the Senate voted 71-19 in favor of the bill. The measure now goes to the House, where "overwhelming approval" is likely, according to both Boren and Sen. William Cohen, R-Maine, vice chairman of the Intelligence Committee. President Reagan has threatened to veto the legislation as an unconstitutional restriction on his ability to conduct foreign policy. Greenspan Had All the Answers — Except One WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan easily fielded one complicated economic question after another from a congressional committee, but then one request stopped him cold. Who was on the Fed committee that charts national monetary policy when it held its most recent meeting last month? That question, posed on Tuesday by Sen. John Melcher, D-Mont., a member of the House-Senate Joint Economic Committee, stumped Greenspan and the six aides seated behind him, at least temporarily, At issue was a Feb. 9-10 meeting of the 12-member Federal Open Market Committee,"or FOMC. It is made up of the seven members of the Federal Reserve Board and five regional Fed bank presidents. Senate OKs Legal Immigration Cap WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate sponsors of a bill to change the nation's legal immigration system say they'll begin negotiations with key House members, and push for final passage this year. Despite the Senate's 88-4 vote Tuesday for the legislation, there is no indication that the House is ready to tackle the bil 16 months after Congress enacted a landmark law to curb illegal immigration. The current immigration control bill took six years to pass Congress, as large numbers of special interest groups prevented a consensus until the fall of 1986. The bill deals with those who apply through normal government channels to come here — not with illegal immigrants. Reagan Calls For Regional Peace Talks WASHINGTON <AP) - President Reagan assured Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir before their meeting today that the United States will not try to dictate a Mideast peace settlement, but he said regional negotiations are essential. The president underscored the U.S. view that Arab-Israeli negotiations would help both sides and are urgently needed. "When it comes to Israel, the United States is not a bargainer or a broker," Reagan said in a speech Tuesday to a United Jewish Appeal group. "The United States is a friend and an ally." The White House meeting carne on the third day of Shamir's four-day visit, marked so far by bis opposition to the U.S. plan for negotiations. It began with another call on Secretary of State George P. ShuJtz at the State Department by the Israeli prime minister. His spokesman, Avi Pazner, sum'ming up three hours of talks Shamir held Tuesday with Shultz, said "he did not give an answer. He did not say yes, he did not say no." Informant Murdered NEW YORK (AP) - An organized crime informant who rejected an offer to enter the federal witness protection program has been found murdered in a California parking lot, authorities said. The body of George Peter Yudzevich, 46, was found near a business-industrial center ,in Irvine, Calif. He had been shot at least three times in the head, police said. Irvine police said they did not know the motive for his murder, which was discovered Saturday. Yudzevich turned down an offer for federal protection before testifying last fall at the racketeering trial of Joseph N. Gallo, 76, the reputed former consigliere of the Gambino crime family; Joseph Armone, 70, the reputed Gambino un- derboss, and two other Gambino associates, according to Edward McDonald, head of the Brooklyn-based Organized Crime Strike Force. Yudzevich admitted to being an FBI informant from 1980 to 1985, McDonald said. He refused to speculate about the motive behind the slaying. But Pazner said Shultz's proposal to hold an international peace conference next month was "a sticking point that has to be resolved if we are going to go ahead." The Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip have been plagued by protests in which 96 Palestinians have been killed in clashes with Israeli forces in a little more than three months. The peace conference would set the stage for negotiations starting May 1 between Israel and a mixed delegation of Jordanians and Palestinians to set up Palestinian self-rule in the territories for three years. In the second stage of Shultz's plan, negotiations on an overall settlement of the 40-year Arab-Israeli conflict would begin by December. There the United States would call on Israel to relinquish at least some of • the territories in exchange for Arab recognition. Shultz acknowledged Tuesday he was unable to bridge differences with Shamir, But he said "we feel encouraged to continue our efforts to work with IN MEMORY OF Mildred L. Lumbirt Sadly Missed, but Never Forgotten. Jim& Family CARD OF THANKS The Francis W. Spencer Family Would like to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to the many family menbers and friends for the kindness, flowers, food, cards and all other support given to us during our great loss, of Husband and Father Our special thanks to all first responders including the Fire De partment, Police, Cival Defense and C.C.A.S., Dr. Zumwalt, Paramedic R. Houser, EMT S. Grant, Nurses T, Shroek.C. Grandstaff, the entire C.C.A.S. and Emergency Room Staff. We also want to thank Brother Ballard of The Riverview Church of God. The V F W , M a r c y Frey,Rayrnond Wilma Craig, Bob Carol Middieton, Joe Pat Arone, Jim Micheal and the entire Arone Hardware Crew, The Day Care Center on Grove Street, Onward Community, Friends and Church, The Beamer Methodist Church of Kokomo, Tom Gundrum and Staff and the many, many others that stood with us and supported us so much in so many ways. God Bless Each and Every One of You Wilma Spencer Wanda Smith and Family Debra Boyles and Family Karen Watson and Family Arlene Tyre and Family Patricia Mize and Family NOTICE LOGANSPORT CEMETERIES SPRING CLEAN-UP MARCH 14 thru MARCH 18 (Includes Mt. Hope, St. Vincent, Mt. Calvary) Anyone wishing to save any of their winter flower arrangements on or off headstones, please do so by March 14, 1988. Any I questions call 753-7082. Office hours: 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Thank you, Tom Morehead Cemetery SextonJ Seafood ONE DAY ONLY 11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Thursday march 17th A at Logan Car QueSt-U.S. 24 West (across from Keslings) Headless Shrimp ib $ 2" Peeled & Deveined Shrimp ib. $ 4 50 Alaskan Crab ib. $ 5 98 LobserTails(LARGE) ea. $ 7 95 Cod Filets 2ib. Bag s 5 95 Ribeye Steak ea. s 1 50 FiletMignon ea. $ 2 75 Also Available: JUMBO SHRIMP (FRESH FROZEN) PEELED I DEVEINED SHRIMP ROCK SHRIMP/SCAMPI BREADED SHRIMP SCALLOPS (BREADED OR FRESH) LARGE LOBSTER TAILS ALASKAN CRAB LEGS OYSTERS (FRESH FROZEN) BREADED OYSTERS CATFISH FILETS Wi ttrvt thi loMnknd ana rigutarly •4 »«ir Srtliftttkn li JUMBO FROG LEGS BOSTON SCROD FILETS FLOUNDER FILETS RED SNAPPER FILETS GROUPER FILETS STUFFED FIOUNDER STUFFED SHRIMP STUFFED CRAB SOLE FILETS LANGOSTINOS Israel and others in the Middle East." Shamir said that in Israel's view, the Middle East peace conference could not play "any positive role." P a ?, n e r , the Israeli spokesman, claimed that King Hussein of Jordan wants the conference to let Israel's enemies "put pressure on Israel, to try to bring Israel to agree to solutions it would not agree to in free negotiations." Shamir offered last October to hold Israeli-Jordanian negotiations in Washington with U.S. and Soviet "blessing." Pazner said Shamir stands by the offer even though it was rejected by the; king. Reagan told the Jewish group "we will not leave Israel alone to stand alone." "Nor," the president said, "will we acquiesce in any effort THANK YOU To our Vendors for their donations for our First Anniversary. You are Greatly- appreciated. Coca-Cola Pepsi Cola Michiana Merchandising Keisling Produce Buttice Produce Chellino Cheese Prairie Farms Little Debbie Seyferts Mike-Sells Frito I/ay Holsum Bakery Nickles Bakery Hostess Kgg Palace Ossian Packing Also Thank-You to our valued customers for their patronage. Thanks Coke for all the FjXtras. Thanks Again Joe & Pal Gaumer Gaumer's Grocery Catering to gang up on Israel. Peace will not be imposed by us or by- anyone else. Jf will and must come from the genuine give- and-take of negotiations. That's what we're working to set in motion now." Shultz had set this week as a "deadline" for a reply from Israel and Jordan. In Amman, a senior Jordanian official told The Associated Press thai. Jordan is still consulting with its Arab neighbors on the proposal, On Capitol Hill, Assistant Secretary of State Flichanl VV. Murphy sought to reassure supporters of Israel that an international conference would nut dictate solutions to any side. Pressed by several con gressmen on why Shullx bad softened his opposition !o Soviet participation, Murphy said no Arab state would enter peace talks without a Soviet presence. US FOR ALL YOUR FENCING NEEDS 722-4999 CASS FARM & HOME IMPROVEMENTS Hwy 17N FREE j logonsport ESTIMATES COLLINS 1 MEATS Carrier Heating/Air Conditioning WILKINSON Minting Company '53-2208 2101 trie Ave. 753-8704 Emer. Lojansport MYER ROOFING Deer Creek •Vinyl Siding * Roof ing 859-3200 •859-4121 SMOKED PICNICS WHOLE CATFISH...., OCEAN PERCH FILLETS. 10 Ib. or more GROUND BEEF Mixed PORK CHOPS . 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