Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 5, 1929 · Page 4
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1929
Page 4
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t " THE ALTOONA MIRROR-TUESDAY. NOVEMBER .5, NEW YORK CITY GOES TO POLLS By SANDOU S. KI.KtN. Staff Correspondent. NEW YORK, Nov. 5.—The quadrennial task of selecting a mayor faced New York voters today. Choice of four major candidate* was presented. Two ot them, James J. Walker, Democrat ineumnenf, ami Fiorella .La Ouardlu, Repuhlicnn- Fuaion, have already tasted pollticnl victory. The other two, Norman Thomas, Socialist, and Rlchnrd E. Enright," Square Deal, are hopeful of making this election their initial success. Holding office is no new utilisation to Mayor Walker. He served several terms in the state assembly and senate beCore he was chosen to head tho city administration. La Guardla la a congressman. He also served as president of the board of alderman when that position was left vacant by the election of Alfred B. Smith as governor. Thomas lias had considerable political experience, having been a candidate for many important, elective. o£- flces, Including the presidency of the United States, but. has never been successful. . Bnrlght is rtinniiiR for office for tho first time, although he has been a figure In civic politics. He served many years us police commissioner. There was littlu doubt, us the voting machines clicked off more than a million Votes that the morrow would find either Mayor Walker or La Guordla the winner, and tho betting heavily favored Walker. Little chance was conceded by even the most hopeful for either Thomas or Enrlghf. Tho Democrats, backed ol course, by tho highly-geared Tammany machine, were not In tho least backward about predicting victory for tlicir candidates. Conservatively, the Democrats say Walker will retain otTluo by more than 500,000 votes. He gained the office four years ago by a plurality of more than 400,000. The estimated that La Guardla would bo elected by at least 150,000 plurality. Neither Thomas nor Enrlght made any predictions, but both candidates made a desperate bid for votes right up to the deadline. Of the two, nonpartisan observers and even members of the t*o major parties, believe Thomas will poll the heavier yoto. The Walker forces claim victory on the mayors record. They cite his defense of tho 0-cent fare, tho urux of many political battles of the past. The chief planks in tho Democratic platform aro further extension of the city's transit system; decrease of tho basic tax rate, and construction ot new highways and Inlerbor- ough bridges and tunnels. La Ouardia has waged a vituperative campaign. Ho charged tho present administration with being corrupt from tho mayor down to the City hall doorman. Ho alleged that the Walker regime was affiliated in various ways with Arnold Kothstein, murdered gambler, and henco hindered the Investigation Into his slaying. The major planks' In La Guardla's plat- .forrn are the abolition of graft; reorganization of the city government on a more economical basis; adoption of a now housing program and unification of the transit lines. Thomas frankly admitted he could think of no "snappy slogan" for his campaign. Ho said there was no paramount issue except to make New York, city "a decent and beautiful place to live in," Hla campaign was comparatively free of what both Walker and La Guardia called "mud- sllnglng." The Spuare Deal candidate was even more pointed than La Guardla in his charges of 1 corruption against the Walker administration. Bnrlght charged Walker with borrowing money from Sidney J. Solomon, lessee of the Judge and Widowed Daughter Fifty-eight years Ago Akron, O., Was selected as the Site for the first rubber factory went of the Allegheny mountains, and it now has the largest rubber industries in the world. uBC H. H. Hamilton of Amnrlllo. Texas, now on trial at Weatherford, Tex., for HID killing o« hl» non-ln-lnw, Tom Walton, ID pictured above with Theresa Hnmlllon, left, youthful bride of the slain man, and Mary Onll Hamilton, another daughter. Judge Hamilton declares he killed Walton after tho youth had threatened his life. Walton married Mliis Hamilton secretly while both were students at Texas university. Got a cold? use nto.u.s.pAT.orr. latest scientific discovery Casino In Central park, for a night club. The former police commissioner alleged, among other things, that Tammany had aided racketeers in their illegal liquor operations. A close light was predicted for the office of district attorney. Judge Thomas C. T. Grain is the Democratic choice, while Frederic R. Coudert, jr., of a social register family, Is the Republican-Fusion selection. Both have largo fallowings. Candidates for other of/Ices are; for comptroller—Charles W. Berry, D.; Harold G. Aron, R.; for president of tho board of aldermen—Joseph V. McKee, D.; Bird K. Color, R.; sheriff- Thomas M. Farley, D.; Israel L. Feinberg, R. Herbster's back was sprained. The Herbster family lives at Burham. A machine driven by David Penrose of Curwensvlllo followed Herbster's. Penrose tried to pass Herbster Just as a car driven by C. T>. Preston of Wllllamsport came into view from the opposite direction. Penrose dropped back into line behind Herbster, but Preston, fearing a' collision, drove off tho highway. His machine skidded and crashed into the other cars. MADE give yourself a Mistol treatment and by tomorrow you'll feel much better. A little Mistol opens up passages, e»se« stu ft lness» soothe* a lore throat. Carry Mistol with you and atop all colds. Doctors use It. Your druggist has it. BV THE MAKERS OF NUJOL New Fhe 1810 SCKEEN OIUD RADIO J. E. Spence Electric Store Authorlced Dealers 12th Avc. NEWS FROM CENTRE AND CLEARFIELD COUNTIES PHIL1PSBURG—The Ashcroft floral aliop here won exceptional honors at the floral show held at Clearlleld last week by tho Wholesale and Retail Florists' association of tho northern Pennsylvania region. Mrs. Hai'ry Ashcroft, owner of the shop, exhibited three special baskets of cut flowers.' The judges found them so good that they gave her first, second and third prizes. The awards were made over scores of other entries. CLEARFIELD.—When tho car in which they were riding left the highway and dropped into a deep ditch between Woodland and Blgler, three girls, Helen Skusa, 18, o£ Munson; i.iinniu jeintos, 18, of Morrlsdale, and Mary Hurtak, 25, of Hawk Run, were severely injured. They were brought to the hospital here. The accident happened lata Sunday night. The driver o£ tho machine, Joe Medzla Morrlsdale, was uninjured. ' OSCEOLA MILLS.—A. M. Herbater and hl« wife were painfully injurec and their three children received scratches and bruises in a motoring collision near Sandy Ridge on Sunday The injured were given attention a tho office of Dr. G. A. Ricketts here Mr. Herbster, thrown from tho car, BUS taincd a bad cut on tho shoulder and dislocation of the shoulder bone. Mrs Headquarters for Eveready Layerbilt Batteries GEO. MEYERS HAUDWAKK & IIA BIO CO. 1B07 4th St. Ihirttc. EXCLUSIVE FOOTWEAR Mf HOSIERY Hundred Eleventh Avenue PA klevan bros. suburban day news! French heel chiffon hosiery 1.15 In 12 Smart, Colors Mules and D'Orsay Boudoir Slippers 3.50 $5 and $6 Grades. A Special Suburban Day Event Women s Smart Footwear 5 .00 A collection of small groups—broken lots—odd pairs from our regular stock —because of the uncertain size range we suggest early rnorning shopping. All Sales Are Final. No Charges. No C. O. Vs. No Mail Orders. 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