Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 28, 1930 · Page 6
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1930
Page 6
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E RAGGED PRINCESS A Great Mystery Story. By EDGAR WALLACE, Avth*» M " v th» Orten Ateher." "The Man from Morocco.' , CHAPTER X*5U. ItAtttlN fiLTON COMES HOMS. £>dra fclton heard her husband's key In tee look and braced herself for the "The Fret," Sli«ek 6* meeting. She was 'shivering, laOUgh Sbe still wore her fur coats and tirt temperature of the room was above Jh&derate. Tensely strung as she was, "I am going out for a quarter of an hour," she said.. "All right," came the muffled reply. She knew a terrace turning out of the Bdgware road. The terrace faced a ujagwme luovi. j.»iv- *.~».~— high wall behind which ran the Regent canal, and halfway along the thoroughfare was a flight of iron stairs to a bridge that spanned the water. A taxi nroucrtiic* * ciiucij £»»•» «•»& »» «.™ •• —, urluEe in HI. spitiiiicii me rru>v«— • -an sound Was amplified, and she heard droppe( i her at the foot of the stairs Mm put hla walking stick Into the hall ftnd was dismissed. From the center •UWkX.jiM,H<4 tu«t ..MetlA rtf Ills fpel Oil the -e i,-_ u~{,4n". el^A Hmnnfirl \\\t>* T*lstol p CWpboard, The rustle of his feel on the carp*t and waited. Once she had tead of a man (or was It a girl?) who 1»ad done the will of a hypnotist, obeying him blindly. And then, one day, the Victim felt a Joyous sense of free- torn and relief arid master was dead. knew that his And bacy Marshall was dead. Even « she had not stood on the margin of the crowd and heard the news passed back over the heads she would have known by that sudden thunderous Withdrawal of her obsession. She felt as a murderer feels on the morning of his execution. The meanness, the stupidity of the crime—the terrific and disproportionate punishment which must be inflicted Upon his dearest; the utter futility of , past hates The handle of the d or turned and Martin Elton came in. At the sight of him her hand went to her mouth to stifle a scream. His face and hands were grimy, his dress suit patched and stained with dust; a stripe of cloth hung from one trouser, showing his bruised knee beneath. His face was drawn and old-looking, the bloodless lips twitched convulsively. For a second he stood by the door, looking at her. Neither malice nor reproach was in his glance. "Hello!" he said, closed the door and came forward. "So the police came after all?" "The police?" "You sent them here to find some money. I saw Gavon; he seemed inclined to make a search. You haven't forgotten, have you?" She had. So much had happened since then. "I stopped them. Gavon thought I was hysterical." He spread his uncleanly hands to the fire. "I think you were." Looking down at the dilapidation of his garments, he smiled. "I'll take a bath, change my things and get rid of these clothes—it was rather a stiff climb." Suddenly she moved to him and dropped her hand into the pocket of his JackeU He made no protect, and when the hand came out holding the squat pistol the sight of it seemed to interest rather than distress him. With shaking hands and eyes that saw mistly through tears, she examined the pistol. The chamber was empty, the magazine that should have filled the butt was missing. Smelling at the .barrel, her face puckered into a grimace of pain. The pistol had been flred and recently. The stink of cordite still clung. "Yes, change, please," she said, and then: "Were you seen?" He pursed his lips thoughtfully. "I don't know—I may have been. What are you going to do? "I don't know—I may have been. What are you going to do?" "You had better change; if there is , anything you want will you call me?" When he had gone out of the room she examined the pistol again. There •was nothing to distinguish the weapon from a thousand others except the number that was stamped upon the barrel, and that would not help the police. Bunny had bought it In Belgium, where purchases are not so carefully registered. She slipped the gun into her pocket and went up to big room and knocked at the door. O.I1U v» 0.0 v>«*.'i»"«."-- —• — of the bridge she dropped the pistol and heard a "smack!" as It struck the thin ice. She came to the corresponding terrace on the other side of the canal and in five minutes had found another taxt. Martin -was In his dressing gown, sipping a steaming cup of coffee before the drawing-room flre -when she came in. He guessed where she had been. 'I'm afraid I made you look rather a fool about that money," he said, looking at her across the edge of the cup. "I thought better of It. When Stanford came I made him take the stuff away. Gavon came while we were out—Lucy told me. You didn't know that?" "She told me something," said Dora indifferently. "I heard, yet didn't hear. What have you done with your clothes?" "In the furnace," he said briefly. He had recently installed a. system of . She glowered at the com"My husband did not leave „,,„ lo admit ftofa. The hoile-w eyes and pallor told 6f A restless night. She glanced from Shannon to 6 "What has happened?" She asked In a low Voice. ^ „ . ^ . "Shannon tells me that Lucy Mar- shalt Is dead," said Martin calmly. •This Is news to me. Did you know? She nodded. "Yes, I knew. Why has Capt. Shannon come?" Martin smiled. "I rather fancy he suspects me. "You!" - ' ' '"• "" ~ mlsslbner. —., the house last night—'• Martin's low chuckle was one of pure amusement. "My dear, you are making Capt. Shannon suspicious. Of course I 'left the house. I've Just told him that I went to Vine street and was at that public institution at the moment the murder was committed. In some mysterious way my cigarette case spirited itself to the roof of the Malpas establishment." "I didn't say it was there," interrupted Dick sharply, and for a moment Martin Elton was nonplused. "I must have been telepathy—1 am psychometric. It was on a roof at any "I didn't even say that," said t>ick Shannon quietly. "Then I must have dreamt it." Elton was unpertubed by the series of faux pas, which would have landed any other man into a welter of em- bariassment and confusion. "I want you to be frank with me as far as is consistent with your safety, Elton," said Dick. "I can't Imagine that you would put up so stupid a bluff as this story of your being at Vine street at 8 o'clock unless there y only w*a Martin'* lt\&, But In t&« . W« J£ M *httft All « Mcr , timed with sorupufoti* *&• s the entry: >"M, BHoft visits were curacy, was >, called with reference to counterfeit charge," and against tttt«i "Eight o'clock." It was staggering: "Now," said Martin, enjoying chief's discomfiture, "perhaps you will ask the ( night Inspector how I was 1 the He had recently nstal ed » W-«mot "ere some Ubstantial grounds for heating in the house; the furnace was cigarette a large one. "I am going to bed," she said, and :ame to him to be kissed. Martin heard the door of her room close, and looked thoughtfully at his orn hands. "Women are queer," he said. He did not go to bed. His suit was spread in his room, ready for the hasty dressing that would follow the expected summons. Throughout the night ho sat before the flre, thinking, wonder- ng_but regretting nothing. The gray ight of morning found him there, his chin on his breast, sleeping before the cold ashes. At 7 o'clock a sleepy servant woke lim. "There's a gentleman downstairs to see you, sir—Capt. Shannon." /"' "Ask him up," he said, Dick Shannon came almost immediately into the room. " 'Morning, Elton. Is this yours?" He held in his hand a thin gold cigarette case. Martin looked. "Yes, that is mine," he said. Dick Shanson put the case in his pocket. "Will you explain how that came to be found last night near the place where Lacy arshalt was murdered?" lie asked. "Indeed?" said Elton with great politeness. "At what time was the murder committed?" he spoke deliberate- "At 8 o'clock. Martin nodded. "At 8 o'clock"- — _ r ly—"I was at Vine street police station, explaining to Inspector Gavon that my wife had moments aberration. Moreover, until you told me at this moment, I did not know that Lacy Marshall was dead." Dick stared at Martin. "You were at Vine street police station? That fact can easily be verified." "I should have thought it would have been verified before you came," and Martin gravely. Both men looked at the door as It your claim. How came this cigarette case on the roof of 551 Portman square?" 'I—I put it there." It was Dora. 'I borrowed it, Capt. Shannon, a few days ago. You know I was a friend of Lacy Marshall and that I—I some- ;imes visited him." Dick shook his head. "It was not on Lacy Marshall's house that it was found.. It was on the roof of the Malpas house." His inquiring eyes sought Elton's. "I left it there," .said Bunny Elton oalmly, "earlier in the evening. 1 intended breaking into Marshall's place and settling a small account with him. But Marshall's house is unscalable—il was fairly simple lo get to the roof next door. The difficulty began when I tried to find a way into Lacy's castle. It was much more difficult last night because I discovered there was a man —a detective, I imagine—stalloned on Ihe roof." "How did you gel down again? asked Dick. 'Thai was the astounding Ihing. Somebody had most providentially provided a rope, 'which was tied round the chimney stack and knotled al every fool—in fact, it was as easy to negotiate as a ladder." Shannon considered for a lew seconds and then: "Get dressed," he said. "We will go along to Vine streel and verify your story." He had no doubt in his mind that the whole stalemenl was unlrue, bul the first shock -of the day came when "You didn't seem to me to be dressed at all," said that officer. "In fact, I thought Vou'd come from a fancy dress ball. He was In rags when he arrived. Had you been In a rough house. Elton?" Martin smiled quietly. "On a rough house, would be more accurate," he said, and then, to DlcU: "Are you satisfied?" The alibi was unimpeachable. Dick looked in his perplexity at the station clock. "Is that time right?" "It is now," said the inspector. "What do you mean?" asked Dick, quickly. ; . t "The clock stopped last night; I think it must have been the cold, for it didn't want winding when we started it again. In fact, it stopped 'round about the time you were here, Elton. It was after .you left that the constable drew my attention to It.." "Too bad," murmured Bunny. He accompanied Dick Shannon back to the house and no work was spoken until they turned into Church street. "That fool clock will probably save your neck, my friend," said Shannon. "I've a warrant to search your house, which I'm now going to execute." "If you find anything that Is of the slightest value to you," retorted Martin, "I shall be the'first to offer my congratulations!" (To Be Continued) MAf dO WWWBtfT PAT . .ITSBUftoM, May 28,-ftearly $1,600,000 in salaries and bills due teachers and debtors olt the Pittsburgh board'Of education w'lll remain unpaid at the end of this month unless the mayor and city council name a city controller this weefc t6 succeed the lata fianlel Winters. , Warning of Impending delay In pay. ment of salaries and current £*P«J se ! was made last night by the board of education'* Committee on finance ana administration. Approximately $800,000 in salaries will be due 2,6* teachers of, Pittsburgh fdr.May work. Other bills total $123,006. All school salaries must be countersigned by the city controller, who automatically, according to law, becomes school controller at the time he assumes the city office. I The controller's office must be filled by Thursday to guarantee prompt ™J . • *»^.-. >1««IJ.« nMf4 t}H]S said Uy i IIUi owcfcj" w o"—— — *payment of May salaries and Attorney J. Rodgers Mcdreery .„-last night. After the position is filled, the board of education must meet to 'formally elect the new controller to that position in the schools. The board has been unable to make any payments since Controller Winters died May 9. It will hold its regular meeting today. A CHAMP FISH TRAPPER. ROY, Mont., May 28.—How to get fish is not T. L. Peterspn's problem, but h'ow to dispose of them is the puzzling question. The rancher has discovered the secret of trapping sturgeon. The other day he went fishing in the Missouri river—not with hook and line, but with traps. He returned a short time later lugging two sturgeon weighing 18 and 21 pounds respectively. CVCI-.E RUM RUNNERS. FALL, RIVER, Mass., May 28.— Something new In rum-running was revealed recently through the arrest Of Frank and Joseph Kupiec, brothers. It was alleged that at the time of their arrest, Frank was operating a motorcycle while Joseph,'riding on the rear seat, held a jug of liquor. In court, fines were Imposed. The per capita consumption of ice cream in the United States has tripled since 1905. Then it was 1.04 gallons. In 1928 it was nearly three gallons. Game Seh and Match- fhen Krimpef-5 7 for 5 C Freshness Guaranteed < ,4. ! CARMD FASNTS ENAMtLS o4 Per Hour Made in 10 bright, desirable color, which can ^e intermixed to produce any desired shade. Easily brushed or n>rayed, dries quickly with a gloss finish that u easily cleaned. K* quires no special thinner, has an agreeable odor, does not lift undercoats. For exterior or interior surfaces. Users are delighted with this remarkable enamel. You Can Buy It From H. N. Rines, 404 7th St., Altoona, Pa. Woodland Stores, Inc., H. N. Rines, 872 29th St., Altoona, Pa. Woodland Stores, Inc., F. L. Zimmerman, 305 Coleridge Ave., Altoona, Pa. Woodland Stores, Inc., Clearfield, Pa. Woodland Stores, v lnc., Monument, Pa. Woodland Stores, Inc., Powelton, Pa. YT uuuittiiu uiuic», »nv., »»x~«-. » — Eagle Supply Co., Claysburg, Pa. ^ Eagle Supply Co., Orviston, Pa. Eagle Supply Co., Sandy Ridge, Pa. Eagle Supply Co., Sproul, Pa. Eagle Supply Co., West Decatur, Pa. William Wood, Osceola Mills, Pa. NEW BARGAINS Every Day At Cut-Rate Shoe Store 1413 Eleventh Avenue O. S. MENCPEY DEPENDABLE PLUMBERS Is Your Plumber Giving You Dependable Plumbing? 857 17th St. Phone 2-8575 KVKBV UAY IS UUL.L.AU UAV iOLDEN tOWN lYlV ELEVENTH AVENUE HERMAN'S GLASSES BegUtered Optometrist 1311 Eleventh Ave. WIDE ANGLE LENSES Ortnogen or Tlllyer lenses give you lull Villon to the very edge. 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