Independent from Long Beach, California on February 10, 1958 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1958
Page 17
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MISS PEACH ALWAYS BE s u r e to add THAT'5 BECAUSE NINE-TENTHS OP IT 15 HIPPEN, UNPEJ? '-you MEAN'. . . NINE-T£MTM5 OF.H - NO.' :-SHE.MEANS' NINE-TENTHS and never cold, when thejwater in the bottom' THERE'S MORE 70 -MAYBE .THAT5 THE WAV '·T'lS' WITH . POOR.. ARTHUR... SEE. -LOTS OP THIN6S INL4PE ARE LIKE THAT... of the double boiler boils away. If.this is.done^ the temperature THAN MEETS THE EY£. c o o k i n g will lon'ger.'.- ' .;' ' ame" bodybuilding protein, atamins' and minerals as home- repared meats. · .* * lot.soapy water, ine steel wool if needed. Rinse vith hot water;, dry, .and polish with a soft cloth; HANDY HINTS ; guests stay on for -supper, here is a delicious dish that will please the most discriminating tastes. Butter slices-'of toast from' "which; the .crusts -have been; trimmed.- Cover eachj'piece with/B slice "of cold boiled hani. Over-, this, iplace a/ mixture of creamed crab fneatarid.sauteed MEATS IN cans supply the'mushrooms: For added ; piquancy Touch Up 1 Deodorant Using a deodorant would seem to be both a simple and automatic beauty habit. But many women find that they do not get maximum protection from a deodorant b e c a u s ' e they're not quite sure how to use it properly. Many women, for instance, use deodorant in too small an area .for it to afford real protection. Or they use too much, at one time and wind up with a sticky skin surface. A once- over-lightly- application with' a rotating ball applicator each day is enough. And it's 'best to use it directly after bath or shower when the skin surface in clean and smooth. * » * # WOMEN WHO perspire freely can prevent embarrassment by carrying their favorite deodorant along in a handbag. It can be used for'quick touch- ups whenever they step into a powder room for make-up repairs. A .drip-proof deodorant with screwtop cap will be as safe in your handbag as perfume container or lipstick. To prevent leakage, evaporation or caking, keep the top of the deodorant screwed tightly, just as you do with perfume. By ABIGAIL VAN BCKEN DEAR ABBY:. What can : do about my .husband? wears his trousers' ow his stomach and it ooks terrible. He has a big stomach on him and everybody l a u g h s when they see him. The kids laugh, the neighbors laugh, but I don't augh because it 'isn't funny. Thank you. IDEL DEARIDEL: You can't tell a grown man where to wear his trousers. Keep the potatoes and desserts away from him and there will be less to laugh about. * * * * DEAR".ABBY: I am a young man of 21 and have been wprk- ng for my father since I was 14. All t h e s e years he has not-paid me a penny in^vages, just an -allowance of f i v e dollars a .week! I am very much in love with my and want to get married Eight Chapters Join in Meet ' Eight chapters from the Long Beach area joined in the annual spring meeting of Pi Delta Epsilon National Sorority in Lakewood Gardens Clubhouse. Mrs. Farrell Walker, recently- elected president of the national chapter, was guest of honor. Plans were made for a spring fashion show to be given March 22 at the'Hawaiian Restaurant from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Members of the various chapters will model apparel furnished by local merchants. Proceeds will be used for charity. The public is invited and tickets may be purchased at the door. ford it. Should I take my father to court and ;et my money for all these years or what should I do? ALL MIXED UP DEAR MIXED: Before you take your father to court, you'd better get,your figures ready. Start from . the day you were born and add your food, c l o t h i n g , education, medical expenses and -entertainment (not to mention the high cost of worry, grief and heartache every parent endures.) Do you think "helping ,your father" for five · dollars » week leaves HIM owing YOU? Think It over, Son. . * · » * * DEAR ABBY: My mother Meet Tonight Xi Delta Xi Chapter o£ Beta Sigma Phil will meet tonight in the home of Mrs. William Frushour, 6469 Denmead St Lakewood. Mrs. Clyde Carter program chairman, will present as guest speaker a member ol the Lakewood Civil DefenseOf- fice s.taff. Miss Neva Erickson president, will conduct the business meeting. St. Anthony 'Moms' St. Anthony's High School Mothers Club will meet, at 1:30 p. m. Thursday in Catholic Center. Mrs. Arthur Piantadosi will speak on "Reading for L o v e and Knowledge." Navy Wives Club Long Beach Navy Wives Club 1 will meet at 8 p. m. Tuesday at Savannah Gardens Clubhouse with Mrs. Harold Koch presiding and Mrs. John D o n d e r o as 'hostess. It's Upon Us! VALENTINE'S DAY, That Is Be a Sweetheart with one of BEE'S famous '. . -· 1-Price PERMANENTS Machine Machmeless Cold Wave Crtmt Shampoo and W«t. Inc|y4*i crtn* 595 i $ 2 No Appointment Ntetisary BEE'S BEAUTY SHOP 2337 AMERICAN AVE. GArfield 4-1016 ' N« Appointment Ntctispry . Air CoinftlMMd, »··! I have been talking about this for seven months .now-and I still think, I Brother had a wedding and after the ceremony, the bride didn't: go over and kiss her new mother-in- law.. I said my mother should iiave gone :over and kissed the bride. Who is right? am right. My s m a l l house C. C. DEAR C. C.': After a wed-. ding' ceremony, the mother- in-law should'have gone over and kissed the bride. F. S. But the really smart daughter-ln- law would have met .her halfway. * *- *- * DEAR ABBY: I am 21 and no baby, but every time a date brings me home, the minute the car door slams every light in our house goes on. .We don't even get a chance to reach the porch before-the front door'flys open and my parents are standing there in their night clothes: This is very embarrassing for mel I have told them many times to please either stay in bed and wait until I get in the house, or else to be dressed if they insist on acting as a welcoming committee. What can I do? . HELPLESS DEAR HELPLESS: I don't get It? Are your Parents Just making sure that you are being brought home by the same fellow who took you out, or are they afraid you might Invite the boy In the house? Clue me In. By the way, you don't have to wrack your brain about what to buy your parents for next Christmas. T h e y obviously each could.use a bathrobe. 1 . · . * * * * C O N F I D E N T I A L TO SARAH: Eight years is long enough. Ask Segal to make it legal. · · » » _ » * If yon have a problem, write to Abigail Van Buren in care of this paper. She'will'be glad to answer your letter. For-a personal 'reply,, please : endose a stamped-, self-addressed · envelope. · ' Granddaughters · 'Granddaughters C l u b of E m i l y R..,'Jewell Tent 15, Daughters, of Union Veterans of the Civil War, will -'meet Friday at the home'of : Mrs. Laura Collins, 1746 Gundry Ave. Luncheon will be served at .noon. Valentine Dance St. Anthony's ' G r a m m a r School Mother's Club will sponsor its first annual St. Valentine's Day' Dance -Friday a' Morgan Hall,from 9-p.m. to : a.m.- The Anthony May band will play and door prizes will be awarded. Tickets are available from club members or may be purchased at the .door. 'and.i color. contrast, sprinkle : Parmesan cheese over all. THIS for artichoke cooking artichokes they should' be soaked, heads for .30/minutes in two quarts · of'cold, water, to which two teaspoons of salt have been Calif., *·«,,, r«k. 10, in» INDEPENDENT--Page g-3,? Wanderlust Club Mrs. John A. Harris, 320 W. Bixby Rd., entertained Wanderlust Club 1 at.'luncheon,: then members saw- a colorful film, ·Tlbrida," featuring-the .Eve'r- giadeSj Cypress; Gardens and flamingo, in their, natural environment. . . . . _ . , . ,'. Mrs. W. F; Franks'.'and, Miss Elizabeth McNeil were co-hostesses. The latter's sister, Miss Ruby McNeal, was ,a special guest ·' ' ··' Triple Links . ; j/i Three Luik C i r c l e , 'Del/ Mar- R e b e ' k a h Lodge, wiH' sponsor a Valentine luncheon" 1 -:' .at noon Wednesday in Ma*.*?- chinists. Hall with.Ivy Brad?v shaw as chairman.' "· '-:.'.' ·'·' GAR Meeting ;·£,_, M e e t i n g Wednesday ; at' 12:30 p.m.. in Veterans Memo-, · c., rial Bldg. will -be Abraham,. (i Lincoln Circle No, 44, Ladies-.:-'' of' the GAR. ' Mrs. Clararr- Lownsbury will charge.""" Dale Carnegie Course Public Speaking -- Mtmory Training -- Human Relations DtvtUp Couraii--Ptlit--ConfMlDM--Liarn to Speak In Public/. Fr«» Di«i§n»tr«tlon Mtrtlni-- Morgan Hill tmplri Room *· · m loeist AYimn-rTliiirihy, Fib. 13th, 8 P.M^Miirtid by trie Sutlim DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE WEEK END TO SERVE YOUR FAMILY DELICIOUS RIBS . . v GREET THEM WITH THE AROMA OF THESE GORGEOUS ;SPARERIBS. WHAT A HAPPY FAMILY YOU WILL HAVE ... SO EASY.TO BARBECUE, BAKE OR BRAISE . . . CUT FROM CORN-FED EASTERN-PORK .:.. SELECTED MEDIUM SIZE FOR THIS FIRST-OF-THE-WEEK FEATURE ' ' Elderbloom Party Valentines will be brought by each member of the El- derbloom Club to a meeting Tuesday noon in the YWCA. After a luncheon Ruth Chatfield will be in charge of the program and party. Myrtle Thompson will preside. ' HEARING AID BATTERIES 20% OFF! Ftr ill ·ritls ill MikM.- Iliniliid Frtik I Fill P«.«r. -- Tip Imlliy link -.' Kill Or'tn AiMtlri ASSOCIATED HE1RINI AID CUTER "tirtliii Hlir!i[ M DlllH-" III Mil Lilt link 14 HI 1-DMI LEAN BONELESS BEEF STEW MEAT 69i P ? cJLarae ^3izt There's a new way to make , them smaller. It'* Rel»x-A-cIior. Inches vanish almost like magic. You use it at BOMB . . . only minutes a day... in. momenta you steal for a snooze. It's not diet or veight-IoM. but real beautifying exerciu. And, with not a whit of effort. You REST ... ·or read..: or watch a TV show. Use it daily while you dillydally... and suddenly you're slimmer. Y««, It's tested... proved by more than. 200,000 users. Praised by Vogue, Harper'i Bazaar, Coronet, Mademoiselle. - . - - , . F**ls food. So quick, so easy to UM. Sav« time. Sav* mon«y... no trip*to expensive salons. Forget diet. Relax- A-cizor tighten* in INCHES AND INCHES from your hips, waist, tummy... almost all over. A wonderful new kind of facial too, 'that exercises and tightens muscles under eyes and chin. Husbands love It, too... and how they do appreciate a prettier bride-type wife. Mall coupon for full FREE illustrated information on "How to Reduce at HOME .with Relax-A-ciior"... and beauty advice from famous magazines. Local flojun comultant available.- WOMEN SAY: *'4f rtmovtcf from aadomtn M»J 3" from hipi."-- M.F t Avocados Buttery Rich . . . S-o-o-o Delicious! 10' ·actf FANCY-WASHINGTON STARKING DELICIOUS APPLES 2--19 STA-CRISP ... TASTE-TEMPTING -- 1-LB. BOX CRACKERS 15 * "Be My VALENTINE! MAZE MINE 4 RANGHO MANNING'S!" TOMATO SOUP . . -. i ill* was 16, now J2."-C,BA You may, of count, /0* /*BI-- or mart). RdaxAwr 419 East 6th Strtet Long Btach 12, California _ . _ _ _ . FREE-Mail Coupon Today I . . . . m ««lax-A-c!i.r, D«|M. 1-U ' 41* latt *th Itrmtt ' · ·: : ' Lwi| Moth 12, C«llf«ila CMC* OM or Doth: *| . - ' ' D I would Ilki FREE HOME TREATMENT by ymir.lMy coniultinL . I undtriUnd thlt thirl Is no cost-no obllption. - . ' ·D MtiM «nO FREE picture booldrt thitt-tilli how to «EBUCE SIZE OF HIPS, itc. No coil. No .oblliitlon. Stilt In PLAIN ' mlopt. MRS. D NAME ADDRESS- · CITY STATE i. . MISS D- _ r MR.D- _ZONE- lOi-OZ. CANS Creom it with Preom, 4-oi., 31e HUNT'S STEWED No. 300 Can TOMATOES 15 LOMA LINDA 10-oz. Box LUMA LIINUA IU-OZ. BOX fi± ^ RUSKETS FLAKES ZO PRICES EPFECTIVI MOB., Int., Wtd.--F»b. 10-11-12 DIVISION or Limit nghh r«ierv«d--.- Sa!« tax added to taxable it -PHONE- H I «m «v«r 21. -IN LONG BEACH- - \ '2056 Pacific at Willard . . . . 4100 Orange at Carson . . ... 2214 Atlantic at Hill Other Stores in Torrance - Lomita - Inglewood - Redondo - Bell - Westchester.

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