Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1969 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 15, 1969
Page 8
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I · AnwniM rAVITTCVIUJt, AftttAtttAS A|NH Second Tie In History Of Oscar Results In Awards To 2 Actresses By GENE HANDSAKER HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- The second tip in the 41-year history or the Aradomy Awards gives Oscars to both Barbra Streisand of "Kunny Girl" and Katharine Hepburn of "The Lion in Winter"--and makes Miss Hepburn (lie first three-time winner. Cliff Robertson in the role of the mentally retarded man whnm doctor?, turn temporarily i n t o a genius in "Charly" was named best actor of 1968 at ;.Monday night's presentations. "Oliver!." a musical spccta- ·rle based on Charles Dickens' -"'Oliver Twist." was voted the year's best picture. H won in · f i v e categories, including best- 'fhi-ector laurels for Sir Carol irieed w i t h this, his first musi- V a l . 1 Fur supporting performances, :iin honors went to Jack Albert- -·on ns t h e blustering father in : 'The Subject Was Roses" and 'li'.ilh Gordon as the meddling ·'lii-ichhnr and part-time witch in '"Kns-emary's Baby." RACKS CLOSE : Rare* in all the top categories 'were elnRp. but the selection of ·'Oliver!" as best picture over ;"Thc T.ion in Winter" was a surprise tn some observers. "The ·iicademy voters apparently 'wanted entertainment this ·year." one veteran Oscar- "\vaichrr commented. ' I n p r i d Bergman, presenting :thc best-actress Oscar, looked rstunned and unbelieving as she ripened the envelope containing Ihe winners' names and e\ylnimed: "It's a tie!" A tic happened only once hc- -fniT. in 1!R2. when best-actor ·awards went to both Fredric :March for "Dr. .lekyll and Mr 3lyde" and \Vallace Beery for ."'the Champ." Mi?.s Hepburn, 5!). this year Jhccamo the record holder for ·O'car nominations with 11. Her ·.previous awards as best actress ·wore for work in "Morning Glo "TV." 1333. and "Guess Who's fouling to Dinner." last year ·She is the first triple winner in :the lead actor category, either .male or female. Miss Hepburn 'also is the second star to win Iwice in succession. Luise Rai mer accomplished this in the ·19.10s. · Walter Brcnnan. has won 'three Oscars but they were for Awards Show Is Still Unwieldy For Television By CYNTHIA LOWRY NEW YORK CAP) - Til difference between Monda; night's Oscar Awards cerenio nips on ABC and the ones tha preceded it on television wa that they finally presenter awards as a show instead o! · news cvT-nt. But even if the new produc tion (cam was able to injec some f o r m and shape to the mo tion picture industry's a n n u a hie blast, its very nature am purpose still makes it umvicld; in TV terms. This time out there were 1 top f i l m stars etonomicall: opening the envelopes withou Hie u s u a l palaver and endles entrances and exits of celcbri lies. H e a r t f e l t speeches c t h n n k s were kept to a blcssc m i n i m u m , although a few rccip irnts still insisted on mentionin everyone but their hookies an d e n t i s t s . EXTERTAINIXf; There were also rehearse ;:iid c n l e r l a i n i n K bits hetwer ihr- presentation ccromonic? Thr costume design award, fo i n s ' ; i n f - c . was preceded by srrics nf brief dance numbers i v.hich performers inodcle clothes that won nominations. Thr-rc were some comer manlier?., too. including one which f i v e very important won rn s t a r s lined up and rueful complained about the shortag of parts for mature actresses anrl then handed the Oscar Sir Tarnl Reed for riired.ii "Oliver." which won the Lion s h a r e nf statuettes including t nn/.n for best f i l m . DENNIS THE MENACE pporting roles. Miss Hepburn, who won as the ueenly Eleanor of Aquitaine in The Lion in Winter," didn't at- nd the ceremonies--just as e didn't the other two times e won. She was reported to be New York. Robertson, on location in the hilippincs, was. another absen- FIRST MOVIE Miss Streisand, the Brooklyn rl who won with a rollicking irtrayal of Fanny Brice in ·"imny Girl." her first movie, id from the podium: "I'm iry honored to be in such mag- ficent company as Katharine cpburn. The first script of Funny Girl" was written when vas 11 years old. Thank God it ok so long to get it right. 'It's like when somebody ked if I'm happy. 1 said. 'Are u kidding? If I was happy I'd miserable.' I'd like to thank 1 the member?, of the academy r making me miserable." Asked about her comments ickstage, she said: "Maybe me people are basically hap- v when they're miserable." She said the award was "real- unexpected. I never gave it uch thought. I enjoy the work, nd to get the award for it is ist whipped cream on the ake." NO EXPLANATION There was no explanation of in tie balloting among the 3.030 oting members of the Acade- ; y of Motion Picture Arts and cicnccs. Vote totals arc never nnounced. For best song the Oscar went the intricate melody. "The Vindmills of Your Mind," sung y Noel Harrison in "The Thorn s Crown Affair." The French omposer, Michel Legrand. was i Paris, working on another 1m score. The husband-wife vricists. Marilyn and Alan Jergman. accepted their Os- ars. The Soviet Union's G'.i-hour pcctacular. "War and Peace." ollected the award for best for ign language film. It was pre- ented to the picture's beautiful, lark-haired star, Ludmilla Sav- lyeva. Writing winners were James loldman for adaptation of hi lay. "The Lion in Winter" anc omedian-scenarist Mel Brooks or his original screenplay ol 'The Producers.' CAPS LONG CAREER The award to the gray haired lalding Albertson capped a long :arcer ranging from burlesque comedy to vaudeville, theater and supporting movie roles. "My eternal gratitude wil always be reserved for the mai vho made this moment possi lie. Frank Gilroy. who wroti The Subject Was Roses.' " Al bertson said. There were tear n his eyes as he addressed th ;rowd of 3,000 in the Music Cen er Pavilion and a nationwide elevision audience. Backstage, Albertson re narked that he won Broadway Tony award in the play and tha author Gilroy "insisted I d' loth the play and the movie.' The 72-year-old Miss Gordoi drew loud laughter by admittini she made her film debut in 191 ind: "I can't tell you how cr couraging a thing like this is." To newsmen backstage sh confided. "My husband said if ·lidn't win this time he wasn going to bring me again." She was nominated as a sup porting actress in "Inside Dais Clover." a 1965 film. She is als a writer like her husband. Gar ·son Kanin, and with him wa mniinated for screenplays 'A Double Life" in 1917 'Adam's Rib." 1950. and "Pa and Mike." 1952. Rob Hope, who has been mas tcr of ceremonies of 14 Osca presentations, was replaced thi year by 10 alternating actor and actresses serving as hosts hostesses and award presenter? But Hope made an appearance giving Martha Rave the Jea Ilcrsholt award "for great hu m a n i t a r i a n service.' HELEN BOTTEL Helen Help Us Knowing When To Say W Said One Hark Of Success This column is for y o u n g eople, their problems a n d leasures, their troubles and un. As with the rest of Helen !elp Us!, it welcomes laughs ut won't dodge a serious ques- :on with a brush-off. Send your tecnag questions 0 YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, are of Helen Help US! North- vest Arkansas TIMES. Dear Helen: I'm 12 years old and am Dear Helen: I was writing to a guy in the ervice and lost his address, since he was going to be trans- erred soon, he probably was oo busy to write a letter won- lering why I didn't write, anc ".'m miserable. Is there any way you car ind out a Serviceman's location y writing to the Army or some hing? --Lost Him Dear L. H.: G e t t i n g a Serviceman's address from official sources is as hard as getting an unlistec the telephone this fellow's ionic town (and it's small) you night locate him w i t h a 'please f o r w a r d" lettci addressed to the local post of ice. Or perhaps a m u t u a Wend might help. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait and hope for a letter Meanwhile you might get an other overseas pen pal througl VIETNAM MAIL CALL. B o 1104 A. Columbus, Georgia Send your letter to a Service man inside an envelop dressed as above, and enclos six cents for mailing charges. --H. afraid my parents don't l o v e ne. My friends tell me about he things they do wrong, and low they get spankings f o r hem. But I have never had a .panking in my life. The kids say I'm lucky to get away with stuff and not get spanked, but I feel --Deprived )car Deprived: Wise parents don't need to spank--they manage their discipline and training in more civilized ways. If you are a basicly g o o d id. stop worrying about your "lacks." (And you must be, or you wouldn't worry about them in the first place). -- H. lumber from company. If you know Dear Helen: What do you think about i father who would turn in hi own son for smoking mari juana? My dad says this is th only thing to do. and he give as an example the millionair parents of a Pennsylvania teen ager. This girl received som pot from her boy friend, an her parents had her arrested She got 18 months probatio and a $300.00 fine which she ha to work out herself. Doesn't this action seem like| Christianity. ee a great deal less drug use mong young people. --H. By HAL BOYLE 1 NEW YORK (AP) - Staying mit of trouble is one of the marks of success. Getting into rouble is one of the marks of ailure. But how can one stay out of rouble? One of the best ways is mowing when to say no. Here, for example, are a few nvitations which, if accepted, are likely to lead only to disas- If I tell you what really happened to me, will you lend me ;he money to bail myself out?" 'You fellows look like you're really getting kick out of that poker game. Would you mind if a siranger sat in for a few hands? Here's my business card." Wouldn't you rather buy the gin for your Martinis by the case instead of the bottle, sir? Over the years you'd save quite a sum." 'I don't know why you think wives can't judge racehorses George. If I win more than you do at the track today, will you double the amount?" "Perhaps the baby has an upset stomach. Why dont you let me hold him in my lap while you go to the medicine cabinet and get something to soothe him?" WAY WITH DOGS "So what if he is growling? That doesn't bother me. I've al ways had a way with dogs. Le' me show you. Here. Tighe' lere, Boy!" 'Sure I've pot a chip on m\ shoulder. And if you think ·ou're man enough to knock i off. why don't you try--starting ome of our leftover picnic craps?" 'If I let you make all the ong-distance phone calls you ant, Gladys, will you give me our word of honor that you'll et a passing grade in your math course this semester?" "Why don't we try to make it ill the way without wasting ime stopping at a filling sta- ion, Dad? Jimmy told me when e finally got home with the car ast night that he left the tank ilmost full of gas." 'Why don't we brace the boss ogether. If we tell him we'll xlh resign unless he follows mr suggestion, he's bound to back down." 'If you think that guy nex door is so much nicer a husbani han I am, Edna, why don't yoi iust draw all the money out o our joint account and run away 'rom home with him?" right now?" 'The only way I can figure for you to get back a tax refund s to put down $450 for charita lie contributions. Don't worry --you've got such a kind-lookini race they'd never think of ques Honing the amount." "Gee. Jane, see the cute littli black-and-white striped puss; cat over there by the edge of th woods? It looks hungry. Wh don't we go over and feed i For your copy of the govern mentese quiz and key. send a stamped self-addressed enve lope to Helen Bottel. care of Northwest Arkansas TIMES. This column is dedicated to family living, so if you're hav ing kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU She will also welcome y o u r own amusing experience. Ad dress Helen Bottel in care of Northwest Arkansas TIMES. OMOUGMMCtl DECATUR. IU. (AP) - Sfcn* I f««t hi«h and I feet wide wen riaced on all ro*dt leading into fccatur Sunday by the Jaycee*. They read: "The Jayceei welcome you to Decatur, home of M.N* friendly people and one old grouch." The old grouch was not identi- SJ? mibjrrt to chance wilhout notirf. KVOO, Tulio, Channel 2 ipringfield, Chann«. - KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel S KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Pirrsburg, Channel 7 KTUL, Tplsa, Channel 8 IChMMl 4 M C»W» In W*rS"" KODE, Joplin, ChanneMjZ ' (ClwiNtl it m cifei* in FlyTMTM"TM' KUHI, Joplin^ChonneM^ · w, .-'ayetreYille, Channel 36 (Ch.nn.1 1 m «»U in r.y««t»illt) Open 6:30 Start* 7:00 Tonite thru Thursday! 2 SMASH HITS! · njEsnAT ITEMING- j *I:N- Ncw« 2 . 3 . 5 , 6 , 7 . 1 . 12, 16 *!:»- Jerry Lewis *, 5. J. 3J Lancer 5, 6, 16 [od Squad :·· 8. 12 ulia "~ 2, 3, 7, 36 ted Skelton 5. «. 16 t Takes A Thief ». 12 * 8:0* Movie 2, 3, 7, 36 * 8:30- Doris Day 5 . 6 Movie G N.Y.P.D «. 12 *9:H- DeMoss Will Be Guest Speaker Ted DeMoss of Chattanooga. Tcnn., chairman of the Christian Business M e n ' s committee will be guest speaker at a dinner meeting of the loca chapter Saturday at 6:30 p.n' at the Chicken Shack on Nort College. The local chapter, organize Nov. 1, 19G8. meets each Frida; morning for breakfast a n Bible study. There are 665 chap tcrs worldwide and the purpos of the non-denominational or ganization is to win people t Lawsuits Hied To Ban DDT tn California LOS ANGELES (AP) - - Law suits to ban use of DDT in California were filed Monday in Los Angeles and Sacramento by a group wbich lias tried for years to organize migrant farm work's. The suits ask confiscation of all crops in California that liave been sprayed with DDT. A spokesman for Cesar Chavez' United Farm Workers said DDT has been shown to have long-lasting detrimental effects on the health of animals and on humans when sprayed on crops designed for human consumption. The suits were filed in U.S. District Court, in Los Angele? and state Superior Court in Sacramento on behalf of Vincente Ponce. 34. of a migrant farm vorker in the Coachclla Valley. The defendants were listed as erry Fielder, director nf the :alifornia Department of Agri:ulture: Robert M. Howie, asri :ultural commissioner for Riv- *rside County, and seven grape growers and sellers in Riverside bounty. Hitlerian days when children in formed on relatives? I t h i n k parents could handle the matter less publicly, without humiliating the child and giving him a police record. Families should hang together, don't yon think? And what do your readers think about this? --M.A.M. Dear M: Families should hang together, right. But if parents believe a legal lesson is the only one which will take, t h e n perhaps they should consult the authorities. In next week's column I'll tell you about a better way- a visit to the drug ward at a State Hospital. If all beginning "dopers" could talk to those who "have been" and are trying to make a comeback, we'd DeMoss. a w e l l know peaker. pilots his own plan nd devotes much time to com littce work. The Friday morning sessioi re led by Dr. Ed Wheat pringdale. Other members ar ack Ruble, president: T o n a v e n d e r, secretary; Jo 5aiiey. treasurer; Dr. P li i )eal, Dr. Ed Whiteside. Jin Hunt, Carl Wheat, Carl Drake nd Keith Carton. FREE!!! Everyone Invited PANCAKE SUPPER 7 P.M. April 18th At the American Legion Hut Fayetteville Sponsored by Razorback Riding Club J Termites? Rodenk?. Don't battle these monsters atom Mil BRUCE TffiMINIX MKJCE-TERMINIXCO. 442-2292 »*i*uil fart ***** S«*». DO YOU SEEK REAL MEANING IN LIFE? CHRIST IS THE ANSWER! CRUSADE of the AMERICAS Hear Outstanding Speakers and Musicians Proclaim the Reality of Jesus Christ At The Following Churches April 6-13. FAYETTEVILLE AREA First Baptist of Farmington · First Baptist of West Fork First Baptist of Prairie Grove · Providence Baptist, H. 16 W Bethel Heights Baptist · Rolling Hills Baptist SPRINGDALE AREA · Berry Street Baptist » · Brash Creek Baptist · Elmdale Baptist Oak Grove Baptist Records MARIETTA. Ga. (API -- The ockhecd Georgia Co. say?, its "5 Galaxy military transport plane has set new records for it- »elf in speed and altitude. A company spokesman says lie world's largest airplane Hew it 35.MIO feet Monday at. a true sir speed of 520 miles-an-hour. UIKE ',-·-,,,:«~K:n.: NOTE! Wednesday Thurt. "Cool Hand Luke" Will Be Shown First · Man With A Mike i ' e ' i s As The World Turns 5, 6, 16 Weather * 1:W- Days of Our Lives . Love Is A Many Splcndored Thing Newly-wed Came .. * 1:31- Doctors Guiding Light Dating Game * M l - Anothcr World General Hospital ... Secret Storm * 2:31 You Don't Say 2, 3, 7, 3S ... 5, 6, in . . . . . . 8, 12 2. .1, 7. 3« . 5, 6, 16 8, 12 .. 5, 6, II , 2, 3, 7, M How About Pool Side TV? We (an Put Extra Outlets ANYWHERE Call TRANS-VIDEO 442-7111 t. 12 Startime CBS News Special .. That's Life 9:30 -To Be Announced 6 * 1(:H~ News . . . . 2, 3, 5. «, 7, 8, 12, 16, 36 10:30 Johnny Carson 2, S._5,_7 rtovie foey Bishop Paul Harvey .. * 10:35 Movie 12:W - Vcws WEDNESDAY «:25 - 16, 36 I, 12 .... 6 MOKNING- One Lite To Liv« .... Edge of Night *::M- Tombstone Territory Match Game Linkletter Dark Shadows * * J:J»- Flintstones Hazel Lucille Ball Bewitched «*.* Mike Douglas ...«.«. ( Ministers *··« Hidden Faces ...···» Dark Shadow* *i *4:N- Ranger Dan .....,..., Movie ·...«, FJintstonel . . . . *, 1 . , «, II ,. 1, 3, 7 *. 6. W ..... 8,11 ::: I 12 2 . 3 : 1 See 1969 Model 0ZARK "THEATRE A NOW Open 2:15 Features 2:30-5:25-8:20 2ND BIG WEEK Richard Burton MaryUre Where Eagles Dare V £NITH Color TVs E N T E R P R I S E 442-8575 Service on all Makes STARTS THURSDAY HELP STAMP OUT STMNGERS NOM ir* quite so alone as th« sfrangtr In town, or the ncweomm IB tht neighborhood. Remember your last move you felt M the moving van pulled away... how you more than hall wMied you'd never cofne? Spare your M* neighbors feelings such as these. Let the Welcome Wagon Hostess bring greetings and gifts to make them feel at home. Help stamp out stranger*. Ml Welcome Wagon today at Today's Almanac * l:Sf- Lifht of I.ifl .... * 7:N All Star Theater 12 Today (color) project * 7:» News Moment of Meditation arty Line S:N - apUin Kanfaroo 8:31 ay Cards t:H- idgct elty Boyd ike Douglas Takes Two Sun. Matinee 2 p.m. -- Nile 7:45 PHONE HI 3-5431 «r 3-3157 WU.COMI NIWCOMIMl Us* IMS eaecwi U M · knew **·*· Here. Name "··Sii *»«rTM"jS ·aYa^SSi: ^^ TIMB* f!5,iT Ark. Raymond St. Jaques Dana Wynter Arthur O'Connell Kevin McCarthy One Feature Nightly Cartoon 7:30 -- Feature 7:45 No One Under Hi Admitted Unless Accompanied by A I'arcnl STARTS TOMORROW Nominated For 4 Academy Awards if BEST PICTURE if BEST DIRECTOR if BEST COSTUME DESIGN if BEST COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI Fnferltalitf ROMEO ^JULIET . 2. I, I, 7 «, 6, 16 Mr. Zing and Tuffy Batman Children Hour Bewitched Fun Club *4:M- Rawhide Flintetoncs Perry Mason Mike Douglas George of the Jungle Three Stooges * S:M- Lost In Space 30 News 8 Rifleman 12 ... 2 .... 3 ... S .... 7 ... If .... S 2, 7 * t:3t News I Love Lucy ·TEDNESnAY ETEFONG- I, 3. 6, 7, M, M f Ken's IS OFFERING 10% OFF ON ANY PIZZA AND DRINK FOR ANY PARTY HELD EITHER AT KEN'S PIZZA PARLOR OR DELIVERIES TO HOME PARTIES. Minimum Order for This Offer -10 PIZZAS. '· '· 5. 6, ucille Ball omp«r Room ...... * »:» - oncentrjition ovie evcrly Hillbillies . ack LaLannc · J * 10:00 - ersonality 2. 3. 7. 36 uspense Theater - · · Jy Griffith S. 6. J6 * 11:31 Hollywood Squares .... 2. 3, 7, 38 Mck Van Dyke 5, 6. 16 eopardy 2, 3, 7. 36 ovc of Life 5, e, 16 icwitchcd * 11:* - * I:M- Ncws * C : M - Glcn Campbell Hero Conic thr Brides .. 2, 3, «, 7. It ... 6, IB . . . . 8 , 1 2 38 2. 3, 5, 7 GilliRan's Island Virginian . ·k 7:00 Monroes S* * 7:30 Good Guys 6, Id Kins Family 8, 12 * 8:00 Music Hall 2, 3, 7, 3« Movie 5, », 12 Beverly HUlbffiie* C. 16 * 8:31 Green Acre* «, U * * : M TV REPAIRS 2 Trucks ) Same Day Service ENTERPRISE 2333 N. College 442-1575 r«rmer'» D«u«Mer *imny You Should Axk itch (or Tomorrow ircn wr lumurivw w, «; t» Gum (color) . . . . . . ». I, I. T WEDNESHAT AITUtNOON- * 1I:N - tl«h Noon 3t Dreum HOUM I ftwl 2, 3, «, 13, 1« loon on rive X lelody MMInc* 7 .||llBnn M«nd .16 llddtn r*cm : Ufa MJika A Denl 1,11 Outrider 2, .1, 7, m SuJinenje Theater A lUnull Flve-O ] * H.M- Newt, Weather, Sportu . . 2, 3, 5, ( 1 , 1 . 1 , 1 2 , 1», ,t * ll:M- Pnul Harvey « Movie W, M Johnny Curioii 2, I, 5, 7 Joey Btahop i 12 1I:U Movie t * KM - Newi I

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