Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 50
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 50

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 50
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fag* IV 110 -OLIVE Jbr. IMS; Weslmlnstcr 3 br.i 7 oi. 1150 lease. , Hodges HE 5-ita ;;. WESTMINSTER · f $£E*t*.%$Sr* t yxl I'ajff-- 1 "-"- /iPARAMOUNT-U40/ Bl.ltr. Nice * ;.tj Br cluplex. Barege. «1 water J. - '·!fS Ih , E!S- J kw » O.K- »»i Hvfhv Rental Ageneltt 113 '.'" OWNERS i,-' DOH'T TAKE SECOND BEST -·- No one has matched NebeKer ; Realty's prwrarn lor property Opp, 126 A FAMILY. OPPORI Richly rewarding future can be ypurv In your own family by*. unlled ef orl will bring out»rpw1h ""it can lead to mulll-stale whole- .!."*»· Y«Y, wry tml. Invest- flal V uTe V Skeen, mourn. rest. Mr. Para- CAFE (COFFEE SHOP] Only 13 stools · but buiy even' mlnule. Close -.:» p.m. 6 davi. Buw Dawucy Interseclon. On?. owner rellrlrvs. Approx $200 weekly Jmore ~ r " v 124 c? deal. wMh a PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT wlm a lO-polnt rent oroysm. · PRESTIGE REALTY MtO E. Pat. Cit.'Hwv. CE : _,/ '. -ScWenn Property Mgmt. * .. 150 'UP. Downlown Fainlllw -Our SoecFallv DONUT BAR Nets MOO weekly. Cutest soot In town. No nlles, days. (Easy fcr CPU Owner will teach. " ' miss M7S ^Asl Hwv.j Dcwn*y. HAMB. Stand (at car wash). All handout In tKiue car wash and across stree from Union hall. Just rlgtit for cut. 18 car prkngt. Sarne owner 12 years. Need rest. Take norne S300 wtekly. Priced lor ovlck sale. Flexible down payment. vellow Pagi OWNERS--Need rentals any area. SIGHT t SOUND ADV. CT-4V3? TiProfessionol and Business · OHicesfor Rent 114 BIXBY KNOLLS SUITE . . ON THE AVENUE - · Aorox. 1000 sq.. ft. An excec- ttonally alracllve Bldg., suitable . for pfofesjlonil or business. Will c ' rernodel If desired. Inq. 3*31 Al- · '' lanllc Ave. GA -49M, eves CA . 4-iCT.. AN- BEAUTY SHOP--5)2500 CASH. JEST BUY on Market! Blxby Knolls area. High society dames tor clients. Lo rent, 4 must QO some Myers ME 3-8232 BE YOUR OWN BOSS TAKE THE LIMITS OFF YOUR INCOME Becomt * suX4i»ful T er In · Browing area . Browlne Company. ^S{ Financial Assistance Available · CompleU Job Training with Pay ·j3 Eicsllenl Location! Available Texaco Inc. has a location available In the Paramount area. PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON TUESDAY THRU FRIDAY Inc. Prop, for Sofa 132 I DC. Prop, for S«t« 132, leh fef 5«i» 134 PART TIME BUSINESS NO SELLING !fo PRc Pleasant du NEAR HOME RE GENERAL FOODS ICKING (ODUCTS with ma or brand solt dairy prod- ixl drive In with full " - · ' · · · Low Invest, potential pj 9-im McConnel _. FICE SPACE, INCLUDING TSWERING SERVICE RE T I O N 1 S T . . S e c r e t , ' ' _ ..ECEP- iv'allable.' 'air ^cond.. carpets, lanltprtal service.utljillM . ,. , -=drao«i, fanltorlal service, uMMilei ., Irxl^td, S50 UP. NAPLES CEN"TER Btdg. 'rvear Marina. 58SS Naples Plata. Suite 1D1. X33-790J ., luxuriously furn., two prl- Mflces, rest room and laroe recepllon area, parking, resta-j- rant next door, ullilies Incl., air · conditioning paltf. Lease avail. - 5500 permo, Blxby Kno'.ls Towers "3/37 Atlantic Ave. . 476-aiH -,,,- Los Altos Area--E.L.B. p; 2750 Bellflower Blvd. lit-V bifc. 1o San DIeoo Frwv. Alr- ·"cond. suites fn new ofllce bid?. '- Call ll-9354 Men..Ffl. BIXBY KNOLLS -'Mod, oflke. 830 sa. ft. Ullls. 4. air cond." Only $125 mo. GA TRY SOFT SELL ddfrv -.-- fne of food. unliciMerf. ,-j · - · · - ,..^^^-.», GE'9-OW4 |66557) REX L HODSES Liquor Store-- . $12,000 Mo. Gross Two I.Br. aots. Rented al $40 WE HAVE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS SAVINGS INCOME RETIREMENT SECURITY TAX BENEFITS WHICH DO YOU NEED? PROPERTY No. I ... 12 marly new deto,e units on Eatt Third Street In the bell Belmont Heights location--all two bedrooms in this three-story building. Luxurious Indoor swimming pool for year 'round intoynenr, silent efficient passenger elevator «nd Indoor parking on Cir floor under th* bu]tdin9. This could be one of the smerteir «ddreises In the Heights end yet priced so very low t i'/j timll the ichduled gross Income. ASK MR. ROWLAND PROPERTY No. 2 * . . 6 unit motel plus owner or manager apartment ftlmoU 15 years old brings In over $800.0X1 per month. Just right for older, retired couple. Excellent location on Pine Ave. south of Pacific Coait Highway on a SOilSO lot to peved public alley. This Is Keautiful property and can be purchased for a modest investment, perhaps as modlst ai 10% down ... $42,500.00 FULL PRICE. ASK MR. ROWLAND Will consider eichange of equities, property or trust deeds on alt the above investments. Income and Invesimsnt Dept. WALKER LEE, INC. 853 Atlantic Av«. HEmloclc 7-6427 ATTENTION PROPERTY OWNERS Belorj or sell thai to I. illalj. II It Is Is e* no), wi wllh 465-1179 CHIDESTER'S HE COIN LNDRY $8000 FP ABOUT J3000 DOWN 11 madi's. 5 dryers. Real tt maker. Ownor leavkij area. Will teach new b-jyer. Must sell this week. Aol. 7075 E. Imperial Hwv., Downey. WA 36791. BARBER SHOP You own business for small dn. payment. 3 chair shop, HIM! GE M37I · MJnard 439414Q (W200) REX L HODGES ORANGE COUNTY COFFEE SHOP Includes property, extra store room + 2 aols. All ented. on corner lot. All for ery. jow .down. A Terrlllc Orange -- La Mlrada area. xclU!' - ·· -... nler. Inventory aoprox. 1- S3250 terms. TONY FAUST 1123 W. Lincoln, Anaheim KE 5-9839 KE 5-1612 TRUCKS WITH JOBS for auallfled"buv«r5'." PIIOHE--SPRUCE - ___ _ _ _ '·'.·- Commorcial Artist '^'' Excel, arranoement on attractive ;".; olllce: 37« E. 7lh St., L.B. PRIME locaflon-entlre Ind door, ·· N.W. comer Broadway i Lime. '· Will co · ·ALL mod., alr-cond., paneled office, " desk space, sml. store or barber _ shop. Reasonable. Ing. 23»S Atlantic _ _ i. Hcl. uflllfles. .akewood Blvd. ·". DESK space, Sii mo. - · Near Circle. VCK L ~f 5»7.OT1 · .".-DESK SPACE In ofllce al 3105 E. Anaheim · SI. Utilities furnished. .-.-",;" 530 per month. GE 3-; '·· LKWD. Medical Denial"," ground floor, ample parking. HA 5-4"' si L.8.-Lkwtf, .V.edlcal office. r ·· tt. Incl. ulll. t3M»21 or suite to stiai Oflkes w/AIr cond., w l . -. . bain. Reas. ME 3-ilOO or ME -178 ,-,4.KWD. at Pan. Am. Park. 1200 It. ;i,-..»i50 mo. HEi-isn or NE1-MM Coffee Shop-- 5 Day Wk Renl 1175-uxl. l-Br. ar(. Hn. S;» lo 3:30. Has beer. Solid "Mom PCD" nacr.iifon. Low _ HERE'S ONE Tcrrlftc relurn on JI5M Invest. mcnl. Colo Laundry -- 20 washers. i dryers. Moat llp-.oo cond. To- 1al-- set this-- only SSSOO. GANNON'S GA $W6; ME 3-47S3 WELDING IRON SHOP Will sell ill btnlnesi or lust the lend, good Bellflower Toe. E. T. IBBETSON ASSOC 5«7 Soutd SI., Sull. 7, Lakewood Markef-6-$7000 Mo Gross Comolele grccerv dell sundries. Operated I* yrs. Hrs. 7 to 7. Rent 1150. SIB.SCO total. CHIOESTER'S HE 7-07I Bus. Indust. Prop, 115 _- t . -.(FOR RENT) ' til STORAGE space In Ige. warehouse IHL to central Industrial area of L.D. -- .-Very high celling. Areas ol 10CO l '-'-sq. ft. lo 5000 3d. ft., seme ^·5r:w/heavY duty shelving. Alrj oul- 'M' -side space In fenced · paved .. ..'i yard. Avail, about June 1st. Mo. i-t/} rental or 12 mos. lease OK. Forklift wilh operator available. Com- · · plele repair shop facilities kl one ' · - ^ a r e a -of building also tor rent. V,. · HE 5-»33I. OFFICES ; · ; - TOWHE' THEATRE BLDG. ·-.-, -1ST FLOOR PARKING !-.· Suttafcle flnac. CO., benkrno, prof. TR 8-29 10 BEAUrr SALON 4 Owralor setup. Fully coot. Eoomt almost new. Gross S2.0004- per mo. Cvpress area. 415-1348 ~^COtN-O.P LAUNDRY" LAKEWOOD'S FIHESTI Grossing S1500 4 a monlh. V/HAT A WAY TO INCREASE YOUR INCOMEII CHIDE1TERJ HE 7-VJU Distributor Salesmen AU^ 5 ^ comm .7" protected" terriL_... ... erali « your own business, established accounts, ---·-·-·- '-- nlilwd. Some capital .. work!no inventor./ [approx. MM). Good future. IF you are looking for your OWN BUSINESS, this It Interviews dally 19 a.m. to 5 PJTI.) JUSTICE BROTHERS 9X1 W. Huntlnolon Dr. Monrovia " BE YOUR OWN BOSS! OLW la trennercfcus expansion program, opportunity exlsls for Pepperidge Farm FRANCHISE ROUTES In the Los Angeles Area. 1 r.d., Press-TeJecranj Box A 2455 Commercial-lndust'l (SITES-LOTS) 131 | "I ACRE ZONED M-l". wilh 10,000 sq. tt. oi warehwjie. SY1LI sell wtiole parcel or will build to suit on 122 It. x 180. SANDLER-ROSEN Rlty 171* Clark GE 3-7W Inc. Prep, far Salt 132 will make i jvrvev w!1h*ut oWI- MlrOn to Y«I, to di 1rmlnm ]| tl Is »t*tiibrt tor vow lo buiw or to sell. We tiwcfc vour kl sU«, ion- Ing, vacancy f«for rent *ched- ui«i In your .veaj we adriie u 10 what ti Mil lulled to the niloSbOi-hoodi wn*l we think be- kw-oi on vour wl and what it com lo bu'id, Wt thow you hew 11 CM be rtftarKed, v.ri»t vour in~ t« vrLlk be B«d ._- j Income Is voyrj tiui riMiif,, n ]l makti S cents i lo build, we can provide 100% financing (or itve tntln tvotKl, CALL TO 6-0792 Of write 9J1T £. Comolan Blvd.. Bellftower, lin.: Mr. Shmldi. II LOW DOWN R4 II Near l*ih cutrnr , . . wllh a good StWlin stucco ducx on It. J7x.X lo alley. Wome sitt nvo. Dr«f led owner mutt it 11 . . . Submit your ttrmjtl STOTLER Realty SERVICE Carson, day-rille. HAv-SMI H»m«s for 5«l* 13f 5 BR., 3 BATH, 2 STORY beauly. QuUt-ln r*Ao* i oven/ w-w, tfraotii CB fetxe. OiMv 3 min, Irom Freeways, Lonq Beath, V-/1II trade lor Btlnvnl Hoti. r«rr« to VKJXW or alUno only **' HAWAII BOUND Mutt gtll ^.-per sharp J Bdrm., 2 w^i Rotinwor home. AM eiec* Irk kMchen. .4*36 healed rimed poet. W-w, drapes other etiras. AsUne Nice K U4,t» but ? ? WANT HARDWOOD FLOORS? Want ] BOrrni . Irt bath? Want tauten r*ncf A oven? We nave 2 el Ihe best Cor vour LAsDecllon. Asking price ot «O.WO. CALL 596-4514 JOHN READ RLTY Inc. SEAL BEACH LOT Good location, priced to sell, Bull nest rnanT Mitchell/Dollar GE \-tW} GE 0-154?; *H-JU? (SB 136) REX L HODSES CHARM + INCOME INO LAUD, ALL SIZES, AREAS BILL BROOKS CO. CAt-iyi) Inc. Prop, for Sale 132 LOCATION ill bring ycu M3i . . Brfrm., 7 turn. Across slreet from school. CLOSE IN down will bring ycu mo. tnc. B -- 1 Brfrm., 7 Wft!l Witt OWNER must see cor. lol. Mod, w tfown. MAX LIVONI REALTY 1101 ATLANTIC HE 6-9701 . older hoiti llreolace. I bdrm. -t- basemenl with spare occupancy value ol older house. Mocest expenditures may Increas over-all lrome to WOO, 3 » land BUILDERS Cil] ut »boul Ihli dttinbl* 50 x 5W C4 tot ta oood Downtown 'MOLJLD Rity GE 0-7561 SPRING PARK SPECIAL OIXBY KNOLLS IS V \S V DREAMS . . . CAN COME TRUE1 by K. VM.CCO ro BR den or wiiNtvl Pool. Pi a DO'I now. . GA 6-5591 HOITHK ft* Sato LAKEWOOD AR , EA M O O R E Long Huge (J+«) «fn room dtccralid. In ent eacn'i Mweil subdlvlilo. rtir Hvcntj room, kvily l lttn lO.chen, UTM - balhi. fountflnfl well landiciplng. Below U5.* nveral wrnpar»b!ti to " ..... plk cirwlltro, bullttn lO.chen, i 7 pullrru Clndtr beclc wall ii 2 STORY CAPE COD OPEN SUN. 3tt MYRTLE 3 Ddrm. family rnri., 2 bilhs, trtrtc., lat. sun porch, Ige kitchen, bulll-lni, lac. room over dole, B.ll BUbv Knolls toc*- · · " , 'financing. BROWN OA 4-1730 VIKING Rat-Hy 426-6184 garage. Best flan. SHN CALL TEO I W A L K E R jTiEE Price Reduced. C ; 3 Cor. Broa4*ay PoKxtu. 4^x150. Faclra 3 clreets. 1000 , esents . . ,00 tfn, . No pofiMs. OWC. Won't last. NEIL FRANKLIN Rlty. 0 P. C. tW SrJ Bch. HERE'S A SLEEPER tor Ihe small Investor wno wants maximum Income with minimum Investment. S quality units you will be proud to own occupy. Xlnt. location near Wilson HI. Call LoVell Johns 433-1437 McGRATH SHANK CO. SE 9-312I 413-4437 Inc. Property (Motels, Trailer Paris 133 Beer Tavern Nels f 1600 Mo Game} alone net S700 mo. duke box owned by idler included In price) 2 pool tab!cs, shuffle board bowler always busy. 13 si Mil bar. Top $ rnaVer In every way. Idtal fcr cri. Hrlced 1o teif this week. Small dovrn payment to ref. Dartv. Aot. 9075 E. ln perfal Hwy., Dawnev. WA 3-o79 WANTED nan to oo Inta ...fives. Lease one of our service station*. Lo.iff trea. 30-day paid training school. Some llnan.. avail, wllh E. 2ND BELMONT HTS Beaulllul 9-unlt Ui oreillg* location. . . , cne of the llncst avail- WALTER G'REIENWOOD GE9-8*12 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 800 E. Ocean, Realtors, HE 2-K61 LOOK AT 1MH071 E. Carson St. · TODAY 1 Beaulllul-BIXBY KNOLLS Unit ADI. BldTs. Buy one or both -- SMALL DH OWNER Phone Sll-tHM malcr Beach . ome ( credit. . nan,. a v a , w aoproved credit. Call J. B. Soenc days. HE 6-5M1; aft. 6 pm. 925-6 nce 977 COCKTAIL LOUNGE COCKTAIL bar. Drlnklno man's soot. Decs S3.000 mo. pji/l 51100 on DOCl. Fully carpeted, waifs, etc. Owner will finance to rel. cc-I. Easy terms. Fcr details oil! Downey, WA 3-6791. Apt. Bus. Opp. Wanted 127 BEER $1500 DOWN Busy Hlway, nelohborhcod bar, newty remodeled, running 41 kegj, parkino. $9500 FP. SINGER 591-567I BUILD! KG Maintenance business. Will cross $15,000 In 1966. Full price 55,000, terms. Includes well established business, olflce ewlRS., truck, maint ecu IP 8. suopJIw I7UJ J22-534? or t26-lX78 CASH for voor bus. or mventorv move out lodav. '· Ph. 1-7J5-115I Real Estate Wanted 128 -". : ? HOT SPOT! · ·: 40x50-ft. corner store, exrwsure ..":.-' 2 mator sis. Next door to new ',-..- operating Super Market In new -.»;; Cenler. Lots ol parking. Bell- . · flower. Ideal all relal! bus. Ho -;·-*· liquor, beer, restaurants. Cal . . * · TO 7-2707 - - W E W modern slore space for lease. ·".''·· 20 J x44'. also 21'x69'. Corner ol ' · ' · · ' S a n t a Fe t, Carson St., ponllngue!. '·"*' · Store, Modern 16x80 -. ,- 1 toilets. 1 Ample narking. «7!3 L.B. ^·^··Blvd, I blk. N. of Artesla, nr. ' ·' ; frm- HE 2-M15 or NE 6-2214. BU1LOINS for lease, 4200 sq. ft., all ·"·"' or part. Cor. Weslmlnsler PK\- ·'·^ '- fie In the Kevslcne Square, Wesl-, : minster. 714--M-9718 after 6 p.m. nrv bldgs. 4.000 sq. ft. HANCOCK aervfce sintrCri for lease mTntrmrm Invcttmcnh required. Contact George Sherwood wfcerjj. GA 7-79 U »fcdav BARGAIN Cafe. Owner sick, seats 45, Booths, counter. Closed this wk. On Atlantfc. 52SOO. 1500 dn. Lease Silo- mo. 423-MS3. 1050 South SI.. H.L.B. · BY OWNER COCKTAIL BAR Phone HE 7-512*1 Ready to no. Make 5125 lo S150 per wk. Now Is the time. U95. buys all. WiJI Instruct. Jim. .3060 BroofehurAL GG, 7H S37-4700. V BEST MONTH . FEB.--84 SALES Over $3,921,567. SALES VOLUME OVER teJCO.OOO so far In '4 BEFORE YOU BUY OR SELL CHECK WITH V MOORE EAST OCEAN AVE. Wl.h ocean view: 5 units. 2 unlli can be put together to make nice home, leavrn? 3 unlli for income, fluv for Itw future. ~ y.JjEO. BROWN CA W7M OKGRealtv 47WIM EXCEL lociUon. R-4 ione M'X^SO 1 + oW 4 wit ID!. 3431 E. HI SI.. L.B. GE 44324 alt. 5:30 p.m. or 5 at. Sun. M srasir!^.. u ,.... O.K. for move-In. All ,. .._ terms, AHer t, p.m. 7U--TR 1-451 nl bonds. Si LOT--74? OblSM. 50x130 lo ... Alley. Perfect for In torn* unlli. ASSUME G.I, LOAN 4 becvm., two bath, elect, built- Ins. shake rool, anfwood ftoof. Exlillno loin !17A»-11JI mo. 3 bedrm.. bulll-lns. Like Nivl Only »400 wllh a wrk-llkt vardl LOW do«n paymenl. Laroe 1 bedrm. on K-4 lot lor the economy mttided al Slb.000. MOULD REALTY 596-8712 W WANTED IMMEDIATELY Successful doctor or attorney for IWs palatial S.JOO 10. ft. home. c5est)y des!or.ed for those Mke lo enlerla'n. Call [»f In mal Ion. MOORE GA f HARD TO RNDI CUTEI CUTE! C.UTEI SvMr nlci, J-8fdrm. btm«T Mar AUv Co. Exlr* clian fc AlfrKtlvt, HJI w-w cjrfriiinfl. tfr»p«« t cov'a p*tw, c«ncreit 6ri»». p«r9«, L proftiii*niTl/ co*ulfLKltd ^o T*hi ovw rial eooV SUM Ifran. to h*ft llftrlt W M " m - ' r S S -^ ELLIS-SCHRADER' Mil BELLf -If LOWER HS L/ BLVD. 2 BAT FAMILY KITCHfN Complete w«l electrtc bill)-tn mates this 3-bdrm. home,-a lov for all. Lois of txwoTesnike. fcrced heat, fireplace, can«ts fc cov, MHO. Just I4SOO lo a tow.fnlertsf FHA l«an. far "Value"'Dial Sparow Realty HA IVJ478 "A HEST FOR EVERY.iBIRD" E'N REALLY BIG D . ( , -. . irprc, JVi* tcjiv jv 41000 down. ^ BR, \V ba, led air. TiV'IfSO dn CALIFORNIA HEIGHTS 3425 Brayton--Open PM 3-BK. J ! BATH. SOK120 R.J. Paved alley. SUBMIT. laar Realty GA 6-S935 CARSON PARK - Netc bui. shooi *nd . Mould Realfy GA 3-644S IMMEDIATE POSSESSION You pot lh# moMv-- =AU.\ SPRINGS Inc. lol I3;«l» Zoned H units. tlOJM. HE i-JJ Horn*! for Suit 13T HUGE YARD $18,750 VERY nJce trailer pc. Nr. Hemet. Home + K sps. llTO-l- mo. Bkr. C3-2U?. Own-Your-Own Apf. BRAND NEW 1 Uk. W. of BrxW ParX en 1st OPEN AFTERNOONS I-Bdrm From $13,500 Efectrlc kllchcn; "decoralor-sclect- ed'L cj.r.Det .drapes;, lite, br'^ pleaiant 3 betjrocm homt, viall carpets a oVapei, Trenrtemiou] yard wim cVdir block fence fc palio slab, room for Iralter. Try Woo down lor cold war vets. Cat. HA 9-S914. 3010 WoooWt AVI. LAM. cV L b t j, churche or . ocean CO. OCEAN VIEW 4 UNITS NEAR SHORE Huce 2 br's C-3 tot-- Inc. S400 + G fs?72) RExTHODSES* WRIGLEY UNITS! 6 units Tn chclc* area, E-Z fl- nar.cIr.H, rtrVSt M sold nowf Trace? Gt= 1-1371 ^Mnard 439 OKO (T525| REX L HODGES !! 2 LOVELY O.Y.O's I! One 2-Beffmn ona 1-BR. Bolh vourself to -- _. STOTLER Realty SERVICE 4313 E. Cerson, day-nlle HA ?-5»01 WILL TRADE for house or lot these 7 unlls. All CDls., drps., tlllns, nr. trwy. OA7-H18 GoldUera 44-2141 (T505) REX L HODGES 1 MR. SELLER Call todav for your COD/ ol our Modern PTciOj-lai method of Selling Monies. No Obligation, of MQJJLD REALTY 4-PLEX Heart of Blxby Knolls, flxtr iro j oubl. your inccmel ^l^r (S195) REX L HOD'" DON'T MISS THIS less than 1.. on E. 2nd ' caroeled i RLTR. NEAR THE OCEAN! Bsr.iirc.r.^i Millie Coins Sanders Rltr iZM E. Broadway GE -M17 CHECK Own oarage. I bedrooms. Own vour Cheslnut, front wllh "4" BUY WISE "4" S BDRM., J BATH, 2 STORY 3- Yr. younp home. Close to Navy Hoiollal. Only si7^00. Xlnl loan. WOMAN DESIGNED KITCHEN Lee. 2 bdrm. Dutch Clean home. Xlras galo/e. Try sl.SOQ down. iuys.tills 2 bdrm. home. Frplc., ir. 50x100 lot, Mavlalr. 5 BEDROOMS $26,9501 Thai's rlohtl S extra laroi bedrooms, j luxurious bathi with marble puitmani, f»mi kllcheni with bulll-tni, " Ins, jJidlrvg ol ' urge rear var_ ., ... itumiro'js to nitfiUont Low down FHA or wn '" the sale ol yo-jr · narke_| .value JI you , - bulll-mi, 720 wlr- aji door to extra rd f* much mart too one I call -00-7iW. W A L K E R buy LEE "COPPER KETTLE 11 ll11nol TMt [forveoui home Kai evervTMngl 3 spacrous bedrooms, aroc family room, 2 luxurous baths, queen's kUehen wllh bulil* Ir.s, rloi wood panellno, quality hardwood (loon. anVltvtlMp ear- Milncr. flWjWe o»rao« larot ftneerf lat. Only n(»JM wllh i«nni (or alll Or w* will ouar- ankt KI iIt at vovr preient b e .hi;'«i;r r1i c.ii v Ji8Ss.y. " u V / A L K E R LEE PAINTBRUSH SPECIAL wiili Soring around the eormr, what teller lime fo palnl? ? TMi big 0-br. "P 1 mod 11 has riar iiv- Ing rnr. Also, t»llng space 1n kitchen. Dbl. aarigi on illev. PRICED AT OHLY 130,750, so be ihi first lo call at bargatnt are fiarj lo cenr.e by. Rnr. GE 4HM LOVELY 3 Bdrm. "D" Modtl, IS XI DOOl, I in* I, p|||a, ID. let. 4U1 B fill Jin. 4j|-«90i. SH-W2 w* rJc L1h ' CITY COLLEGE AREA j . dbl. del. w 3 bdrm. home-- S . rm. home-- S units L MOULD REALTY MORTGAGE CO, REPOSSESSION 3 bdrm., dble. caragt, 51?,W5, tow down wlm lerms lo suit, N*wrv r editor*! *d Inildfr Slate entrv, ha WHICH ONE FOR YOU? We can jocati you In any parl of IvWgVc^wrt nv.vjBir.j id MS, Open Sar.i Sun, Pool ', E. 1st St. Asking $56,000 , _____ SCrWEMN REALTY GE CMH15 GIGANTIC house for sale. 4,000 so. ft. . - that's L average. 5-Bwroom homi It's' oocn--ana If vou B bcHer cfeal, please trlL _,, if HE 2-1237 or TO 6-^10 445 CEDAR--OPEN 12-5 Nice 1-BR. vv/o Priced fo GE 9-CH4? v/or without oarage. -jtcic sale. n Rlfy. 4^5-6878 DON'T LOSE IT WE'LL BUY IT Richards Rlty. HA 5-1251 CA$H IN 24 HOURS BEER BAR EMERGENCY S1000 dn. Must be said tfXs week. Sleal at 510.505 P.p. Rent SIM mo. Singer, 777 EPC Hv. 591-5671 NEW MODERN n ...You; choice o,.2,« BEER BAR--"GO GO!" En'ermt the works. Gross I3MO mo. Good leas?. J5000 dn. CHIDESTER'S HE 7^764 Info on "He oentlv A P PARTAKE, · from new -all. 3 n. LOG., reitaurant row, ' E. Brcarfway. / Safewav. H£ KPME L.UI... reiiaui tain . , remodel. 643 _E._ Brcattwa/. ^ c roi| -' '2,000 SQ. FT. oldces «. Ige sloraae · ir · area. Good Soolh Gate loc. 05W .i.-.. S. Atlantic. 1160 mo. Available · : now. FR ^358. ·vrl.L.B. C-3 bldg. ovlr fCO so. tt., ... 5!1S Dairy. GA 3-J172 · · GOLD M60ALLION -- E - . - s l o r e unlls In ' ·· each. 530 E. Willow. ION -- Brand new cnlr. 15*45 GA 6-6983 . ;,VACANT -- Stores-VmsM-Olllccs Exp. salespeople needed. HARRY L'COWAH CO, HE 5-liW TOY PARTY SHOP 350,000 grs. Ideal for cpl. Trade home. Inc., TD McDanlel. J37-714S (VV21/I 437-1251 REX L HODGES GUARANTEED SALES List with us S, KNOW It's soldi LEVIN-SOMMER RLTY HA 1-8438 BUYING SELLING--Call HORWOOD REALTY SA 7-3484 FOR RESULTS list your proper! with GEO DUFF REALTY--211! Main St., Seal Beach. 4JQ.383Q. NEED 3-bdrm. nr. Dowlas. Cash to 4EED 3-bdrm. nr. Dowta owner. Bkr. HA 54416. RESTAURANT--Lunch- Dinner, good tirs., well equip., parking, well estab., good living, 12000 cash. Phone 830-9731 AJvl. BARBER SHOP Ren) U5 I Beach toe. Anfiques Bric-a-Brac QUICK casVlo owner Need Z or 3 br. nr. Douglas. Bkr. HA 1-1751 NEED EASTSIDE PROPERTIES BURKE REALTY 8 UNITS $48,500! Owner needs sale. No vacancies In tr.ese 4 1-br's 4 slngls. Call GA 6JW3 SCHWELM 415-133S (T512) REX L HODSES OWNER Slorv Downtown Corner 130.000 down. iVOULO REALTY u,-i lol. TO^ Net. GE 0-7561 OWNER'S DESPERATE TRADE 6 .Units MUST SELL 0 hi L.B., ooccf 10o for b;;r bar or ? TURK REALTY 411-1211 THREE 1-BR Excellent cood. friifde A out. Income S225 uer mo. No vacancv. Rltr. . e S225 uer mo. No $22,500 full rrke. . ., , excell. cona.f all renled. Nr. Cherry, n«w sloves, telrloi. OUers--Oonovan Rlty. 414-4VM BY OWNER 2 mod. stores + fum. 3 1-br. L.-2 gar., pallo. Inc. We. 2051 Al- lantk. V/kdys. CT1-1OT. LACONTESSA 373; E, mo ST. OPEN DAILY 12:» - :30 Almost it's 3 X Ihe home wllh ]. br. downstairs 4 up. Formal dlnlngrm, nuce living rm. vrllh flirplace. A sludy a large den to boot! You nave to see tt to believe II. Asking HI SCO. Bkr. V G.I.'S FHA 3 bdrm, w/w, drps., bath. N.UB. owner ' WAJJOO dn. Quick credit Cui1om""jf \ y le kit. I he* fir , FM 3 bdrm., nr.-rtw, w/w, drpf., nt«rco.-n In all rmt. N° to Vfrls, WOO pjus coti FHA-VA. MOULD RLTY HA 5-7496 3 BDRhH--FIREPLACE AMD ALL MODERN KITCHEN * Byill-lni 8. caVnels oflloft * Lara* ieo*r»le d'Jilno rm. * Bfg 53x10* yard wHIt Ireei * Ntal cltkn wxrn K, vara * wio« drtv« k rear g»rag« * Walk to Doiwn A Coirece. JOHN READ RLTf Inc. COUPLES, HERE IT IS! rlable 2-BR, newly d M.I^UVI. \V-W cpt) Br drape, Sorlnkttri 8\ xka large flarao* Lovely nelohbothood. Priced a ively Alhenoh i . . , g | i a ' W g B M VACANT LOW DOWN 5-txdrm., iu t-alh. Rear living rm. Sliding olass doors to* covered oallo. UOOO c!n. No loaft costs. Move tlo-Mln. Neil Mn. Hr. Palo Verne 1 Del Amo.' ' KING'S ROW REALTY 570 Flower II. Billllow.r ta-Nii _ mun eves, $20,950 Charmlna 11 balh FLOORS. ., Mllo, C.D. lencv, w-W. CP.S. "LEVIN-SOMMER R««I iJUVi Carson . 1 UMltV* room, h«,r*. HARDWOOD byllVIn ra^g* fc oven, «lrv i U4i| Gl . We have !· i. 1-DR. . Lakewood. Cfrmalon Lynwood. Tr-ete nomes have eood 01 wans. Small down wllti s^lvt 'Interest. CHECK WITH US1 - - t JOE HODGE, REAITOR GA J-79U H A t-iOM ' ' lal Palo Verdi^ ' RMr. |7K-7tl 2-STORY CHARMER TRY $19.950-1950 DOWN 3 betfrmi., 7 b»hs. Exlra laro* play yard + oil 1F\t nicer Ihi no*. W-w carp»!i, hdwd. Roori, Inter- tom. Gocd nalohbortiood. Ev«.i a. TONER REALTY Los Alamllos BI. GE 07557 HUGE. $17,900 LOT 3 bdrm., l^i baths/ dtn. rm., cov. palio. REPOSSESSED 3 br., Itt bat hi, hdwd., flreofecti. Aiujmi Gl to an, ovmli, 3,79 mo. P I. Wells, LUXURY 1 bdrm.. 1o«. r all cleclrtc, quality apis. P rivals oarden, patio off 11 vl n cr-d tnlntr. local toe. Garage. iU^OO Owner. *37-8125. HEAR Blxby Park. Garage. Elec- bullHnt. Owner Tn, rest home. 5acr1flc«. SMW. HE ?-0337, Chrlilophcf, Rllr. VACANT aat 17, 120 AJamltcs. 1-br., all eledrlc. w-w crpt.. bulll-lns, opni i to 3 p.m. dally 'III sold or calt U6\(A? for apo'l". IE. 1st. 1 br. rower, i., bulll-ln range, oven. CLOSE in. ... front. Rcfrlg.i DUIII-in rflnge, uvi w/w, drapes. HE 2-1030; HE 2-6 BY OWNER. Apt. 2 bdrm., 1 b»1h, new all elec. 1625 Apslelon, Act, 2-F Ph. 437-9383 or 436-0396. IMAGINE A BIG 2 BR. FURN. LOWER for Only $9000. '$2000 d.v? Hr. B1*by Pfc SHAPIRO HE 7-7^6? S6950-FURN. 1st frCDr douMe. Close In. Malnt, $23.17, Incl. all ulll. ' . , ., . Realtor, 4H E. B'wav. HE LEISURE WORLD, Clolc« 2-bdrm. 5.E. cortwr aat. Bin parking at door. Ph. 430-8318. BY OWNER WANTED Unlls homes, trade or pay cash,_Prlv. ply. (7141 6M-1075 NEED 2 or 3-Bedrm; house. Lkwd or Los Altos area. Bkr. HA 1-9-iO! Real Estate Exch. 129 cnlv owner, wriie box A-36?S c/o Ind., Prcss-TelEBrarn. $65 MO. 15x45 . E . BROADWAY H A 5-307? f- : .COMM. Shcp mills on Main Blvd. x ^m Aresira, w sq. ft. 2-10 ft. doers. SIM. ME 3-9514 alt. S p.m. rith 22x125 sleel .so _ ol^-rkled. bldg. 'Siidlnff "doo/V V7i ;12S GE 9-21M. 1351 orliaia »;:LITE INOUSTRIAL BLDO. for renL 25QJ SO. ft. Beaut., new store blog. ror frencMse bus. and others. ; ' Gard. Gr. (2131 t;i-313i; 539-3152 " N E W cor. cwcrete bids., store. · ···factory. 211M Alameda. VE 9-JOll V'STMLL Commerl caraoe w/2 BR. 1 hse. S1IS. References. 1604 .... E. 7TH ofllce »X60. Sl« EOEM ROC Really 431 ?3S7 STORE 2J-JT45'. HO MO. 3138 E. IDttl. HE 2-l?35, GA 7-639J .. -- Olllce or store. 114 Clark. TO 7-J2I2 STUDIO aot., Idial any oflke. ][v ^ - -- - - - - - UDIO aot., Idial any oflke. Sml Iv. q/lrs. Hr. Frwv. GA 7-e770i BEAUTY SALON 4 o(5ralor shop In Detlflower. UN 4-5784 e44-KN BODY SHOP-Fullv emi'iped, hesrl of fo-^n. cood paying business. 1631 " ' * Long OPERATING business. Slot car shoo. All equtpm. slock. Will finance. See or write to 1GW7 Orr Day Rrf., Santa Fe Springs RETIRE $4500 YR IN 6 YRS. on UOOO Investment as Him as S500. tla active participation. 432-3821; 4J4-3874 DRY CLEANING PLANT BY OWNER--S13JOO F.P. TERMS GE 3-4363 HA 9-853S eiffpr 'Small (Jn. Ready fo opejl. 137 tlo. Pacific. San Pedro. OWNER fountain 8 grill dwntwn. W 18 UNITS /WITH POOL GOOD Eastslde 1, 2-fcedrms. Inccme S2i/5CO. Loan ba'dnce at e%. Owner will carry, v/lll sell trade for E. 3RD BONITO 8 nice furn. units, ln=. WOO mo. Trade down. S17,000. BOB COLE REALTY 18; PARK AVE. 6E 4-9S4S Court 4--2 Br. ho-js«. Inc. S360. E side, close In. Clear. Principals only. ~ Ptl. 434-4829 9 U. GOLD MEDALLION Choice Bel. Hgls. area. GE 4-W35 MADEIRA REALTY Try $2500 Dn/Free Rent Lg 3 br., IVa ba., bll-ln kit. + 2 renlals. Lot 50x764. Tr Gagnon (H3361 REX L HODGES HE 7-1251 Long Beach Special Two 2 br., lyi ba. each. Studio. Try 117,500. La Dn. Gasncn (P237I REX L HODGES HE 7-1751 Large Naw Four-Flax All 2-Br. Studios, IVi baths, Gold Medallion, prlv. pallos, 5 gar. RODMAN REALTY HE 5-J415 STUDIO APTS. New 4 unit each 2-Bdrm., IV? baths. Gold Medallion, 5 garages. 2122 E. 6TH 439-2314 BARGAIII-loe. furn. sol. Nice kilch. dressing rm. Close In, ocean view. Owner. HE 5-M4 2-BDRM., 2 bath, ocean v orlce. Evelyn, GE 1-091S, Rlly. OCEAN BLUFF single, S7S Soundproof. «1 mo. Blir. HE t-1 WOW11 S-Bedrmi., WHn ranp« - oven. Olhw. Profess, landsc. Carpels like new. Beaut, aripes. Home Is In immacuUtt cond. S«lltr bdng tranif, CAPRI TRUST SALE 5313 Apclan Way, L.B. 2 bdrm. A den. Hi bath, brick fireplace, carpet drupes. Separate d-'nlng room, double garaqe, sundeck. Shown by appt. '" Asking S35.000. ·aoe, wily. 3655 CHARLEMAGNE, LB . h t;, 1 Professor offers his diarm. home st tlrnel W-w carpellnt;, cor- Mr . PH 1 E. nice shosv IX UP BARGAIN. Nr. schools t, shopolrx] center. ?-Barm., (Be. lol. 51,750 dn. U4I Radnor; bk t-UK DOWNTO\VN OWNER SAYS:. J495 Total Down Paymf BUYS socn lo be vacant COMPLETELY FURNISHED custom 2'BR. w/1oe. roomi. Slucoo, hdwd. R-4 lonlng. "No loin charges!" ·Assume existing loan. Call HOWI D.Von Liiion RHy 435-8341 ASSUME 51/4% LOAN 4 betfrm,. 1 balh, eled. bull I In fltfjj 596-8712 MOULD 893-0553 COLLEGE PARK Estates. Lovely 4 br., 1* . Ige.'lam. rm., blllns, vacant) HA 1-1233 Knudsen 5?i-t_ (4L4I) REX L HODSES 5-BEDROOMS Best 2-story buy In Garden Parl wllh 2 bams. Pulll-Tn range I f l £S H i. ( J h m5i!l E-Lt-lt-S.jrl'gi.Wr.' LENDER'S Repossessions (59) 3 1 4 BDRM.'HOMES REGAL REALTY OPEN SAT. SUN. 1-5 «33 SAN CARLOS (Counly strto, _. _ . . new w-w, 3 car aar. vy/xtr( storaoe. Low dn , P.P. »I7,9SO. 1414!!!; Eves. 634-5562. ALAMTTOS HEIGHTS Convalescent Hospital BulkDng site--en 10th SI. Corner WlxlSO, 2 alleys, nr. SI, Mary's Hoipllal. PE1TIS 432-SI77 24 HOURS REAL SHARPS REAL CLEA^; J 3-bdrm. Model "JO" wlm nice carpeting draoes. .-Jiin RICHARDS REALTY HAS-mi 1SH;M|,A|IK» 3 Bdrm. Family Room Beamed celling, ^corner Kjftjjlc-fk lence. Wallf lo shops. Try.»»,90r, Trade lor 2 or 3 baVrnf-toine. JOHN READ INC. II NEW LISTING;!! Really shaip 3-bedrm. Used brick front. Huce palto. Carpetjiw^snut- ten, curtains, rtw- patrfff new screens. Dorr I nvss ThrsTe-nel I STOTLERR.sltY SERVICE 4313 E.Carson Day-Hill ^A»-5M1 BELIEVE IT OR NOT-A """ DRIVE BY--MAKE OFFERI f5 Lime Ave., corner C-zone, 5CK1M, 2 sly., V, 2 ba. + 1-br. duplex fc ell lease. PETTIS 4K-5477 24 HOURS SELL lo Sell!) BDRM. 11 V« FP, 30 II. loa -- California, bfcr 433-«4 comm. M8 Callfo EAST SIDE BELMONT HEIGHTS DRIVE BY 315 PROSPECT DUPLEX OR 4 BDRM. HOME Fireplace, bullMr. kltctitn, 2 Or. ea., new carp., ocean view. Ask for Luella Hurley GE 4-1677 McORATH SHANK CO. GE 9-JUI GE 4-1657 HOME RENTAL . hoirit on iV«ll kept sired . ( D I B I ) R E X L HODGES LUSH 4 BR too ol HlloMs. New loll i i s - |B49) REX L HODSES 3-BR POOL Enlrv way ... rear J Mno rm., overlooxlr-o POOL. Unique Mien, Soaclous dining area with built- Ins, Unit heal. 2 1 A baths. Truly a r\ic» Kwne. Priced to *ell. Fred Rosa Rlty GE 4-0981 Cooperative ApH. 134A LUXURY apt w/all the »lras. 2 br. rfeii, dtn. rm., 2 ba, Rec. room, pocJ, etc Nr Park Eslates. «i,000. 434-74J4; Evenings Duplexes for Sale T35 EAST L.B. 4-BR., Sodcfous ·· air heat. ,.--^ .... Laxevfooct or L.B. Rose Rlty. home. HAVE tXIXXX) eaully In Diaul., lae. Rossmoor home. Want to t/ac!e as dfl. oaymtnl on nice apt. nouse. Sena particulars to P.O. BOX 2411, L.B. «4.»)1. DEEP WELL ESTATES, Palm Sorlnas. 2-BR.. den, 3 balta, pcol. Sell/trade for L.B. Equity $42X00. OA 3-554! BVr. 22 STUCCO unlls. Clos RM. OFFICE W/PARK1HG LOT S330 Allanllc 422-i»11 1 STORE for lease, good loc.. Wesl- mlnsler. 714-«3-041i 213-6KCOCT .'·": Hx2« STORE or office, eeino *':.'-' area. HA i-7374; 925^5343. . STORE -f- Aol., «95. Eailsrde. Also -- -- · i. Cerrftos. S35. 439-7010. . REHT-Lease. M-l, 5MO so. ft. »1J5 c ?ma. HE 2-2252 430 E. Weber, Coin ' Wonted to Renr 122 ··"·WANT to rent June 15 lo ! . 3-Bdrm. house on or neai «- -- fos Bay. Also boat t. ~ possible. 463-2377. 5 fo Sept. 15, F Alaml- sll» If ,,,'·' v/AHT 3-BR, lorn, house, Jefferson :;ro-Jr. Hi «,-Wilson HI area. Ccuoje - ~~*" 1 '"neaers. T« S135. Hg 5-8672 ' · » - ADULTS. 2-Br. furn., parlly furn. - - j«, !uBlex, ellfier. Bel. Shore, Is. Perm. 43^0405. ·'MEFER Los Alamltos unfurn. _ ...; lK t5rm. homi.'o »I25. 714^4-3027 :," illness Opp.' 126 CLEANING t, PRESSING ' ~ ~ Kic*. S1500. B« reai · 43t-7W4. - , = AUTO Rewlr-fulty edulp. Also -' stall suitable for steam clean t, · »-car wash. 42e-3l26. HOBBY SHOD, Illness forces sale. Sac. Gross SIKO mo. Low rent- BOOd lease. 5i»lll; 43^4773. CATERING truck wlin or vrHhout route. .Very.reas. '14 Chey. 1637 lie. Very le. Apt. RIVE-IN rtamourcer facts. Goo going bill Hawaiian Gardens. Lov oviw. Owner HA 1-3154; 430-4» Candy. $4^00. Sunvnerlar^J at Western, San Pefro. TE 3-7615 COMBINATIOH nwffler rac9alor LAUNDERETTE. ESTAB. 15 YR. GD. INC FOR CPLE. LOW DN. Villl Teach. CT47 E. B'way 433-9053 LAUNDROMAT S20M --fa)ce over lease. 36 wash' ers/ll dryers. Arlesla. K5-8MS A-1 SHOE Ret»r location. 4J.COO cars a day. 435 Afondra Blvd., comer of Clary. W5-506I e In. 5119.SCO. t small Irade. HE 2-4415 house. BROKER. · o n l - B : HE ?-S694 12 UNITS, 8 GAR. 6 YRS. Best Loc., Inco.-ne ILIHE PETERS Terms! HE 6-7278 17 Un. $79,500 $1000 Inc. Beil" foe. i oondliron. Trade? ILIHE PETERS HE 6-7773 5 UNITS--127,500 "iHMll" REX L IIO'CXSES BARGAIN--1522 Ynilowbrook, Como- ton.. Only S20CO for my ea-j!ty In 4-1 tKdrm. apis. No vacancy factor. Pyts. S141 mo. Oviner t65O379 4 NEW UNITS EXTRA nice custom bvXll 4 l-btf- RA ni s., 4 EXCLUSIVE ADULT COMMUNITY VI rg'rvTa Cw n1 rv Clob a r«a. Mlrvutei from Freeway Tax advantaoes -- S/S cluo'ex. All e1ec.« ? tKfrm.r rniAW baWi. Hev/, 4 rnodeTi, Irades con tide red. W?,5CO -- tW,500 -- 10% down. Ocen 10 fo 6. 424-7 W A L K E R L £ E · CUSTOM DUPLEX 2 vrs r.e*. 2-BR 3-BR. Built-in klkhtn, (oli. of lle . . ir.usl bt '"OWNER MUST SELL! Movlna to th* desert. Will Irad* for desert. Soatlous 2-BR. eacJi duDlex, Choice V/rlg'ey lac. CAL Rlty 421-9441 VA RESALE 3 or l Bdrm. Government o*rved. Low down. 5V»% loan, Mny lo cfiooie from. LEVIN-SOMMER Raalty «76IVi Carson HA 1-8438 ATTENTION: GI'S 4-Betfrexxn horn*. Enlrv vrav. Off' clous balM Frei 1 AM A FRIE Laroe 2-drm. Ing rm, bea brand new cond. RAPHAEL 643S E. Spring IENDLY HOUSE . . . ten formal din- aulllul kllchen, live TRY $3,000 ORI tiuoa cl ' ----- 380 ORIZABA. 3 Br.,. 1_ balll, quick 'safe. 1 ~Low"dewnTp CAL Rlty HA ' ERE'S ,«.,ilinlY ,'·"**'!£ "°g» In a relallvelv culet lotitlcn. Recently repainted \nsldf- fc out. Prkrt li»U,9SO. Haiieoarale dining rm. rear JukneTu Cem- pjelirv blocX fenced vanr.' Taxet 1777. SubmTi vour ferms. Bkr. SUBMIT DOWN On this ctiarrnlng 2-br. tor only »1S,OSO, Newty patnleA W(V|r' HA S-IJ07 Saxon 43a-4in (JISO) REX L HODSES HOME 4 OFFICE 7-ROOMS ON C-3 CORNER. Owner will fina ance. Drive by . 1101 E. BR nYERSfirf.HAZLE IMMERGENCY SALE! . Co^na Sanders, Rllr. GE X-J1/ COLORADO 0«n«r. 3-DR. horn* Income. Smait dn, EZ terrm. 409 E. Wn. 1500 LOMA-- Large modern 7 OR. Come see III Ckr. 4314634 EL DORADO PARK . , . .. 2 Nouses nr. Blxby J300 Inc., »!7,5». Owner- 5?M2pa. _ BY OWNER LARGE 2-BDRM. 41*3077 "SERVICE WITH INTEGRITY® MADEIRA REALTY CE ^0735 ..iiuicn «nii u s e Forced arr heat. d Rosa Rlty GE 4-0981 BIG FAMILY'S DREAM 2-slcrv, bll-ln range t- oven. 4-Br. ? ba., spotless. W-W drps. J30-5MI TONER REALTY 5401 E. Carson HA S74J7 $495 DOWN Lee. tie* 3 Bdrm. Family room. Balh V*. 2 car gar. B-jlll-lns, elc. 111! Mo., PM. 11I,«S (E. VV BEST BUY IN WRIGLEY 2-Bedrm each aol.- Lsrc« llvlnp rm i d'nlng rm, IXK ia. (1. i-acfi unit. 2»-v, in fcilcJien. Air cond., dbl. sarage with tltc. caraoe to bui · ^hooi.. HA 1-C4S1 ESTATE-SIZE LOT · 7 bdrm. 2 car par. Hdwd. floors. 1500 moves you ml Only 1115 mo. READY REALTY ME 4-M55 IMOI Lafcewood Blvd., Billflowir BELMONT PARK 2-BDRM. + small den. 1 block lo Bay. Fireplace, stove, relrfg. lnl. Open house Sat. Sun. 35} Claremr · Xt CLAREMOMT charm'ng Bel Pk. 1-br. Do not disturb occupant. Hhore BYBHES. RlTr., GE 8-5123. BELMONT SHORE 4 Units on Bayshore Avo. Near ocean. Consider trade. AHTIVTA REALTY 43JB45 GORGEOUS 2-STORY Price 131.500 for " '» r »* * B R 3 balhs, clus family rm. Cu ' drapes/ carpet, All elec fcll E. of El Dorado PX Es' ' Cholco Neighborhood ·, Vacanl, Imir.ed possession . . on Ihls 2'Bldrm home. Pre-war- aria near shopcHno tt but line. Prlctd tor quick sale. RADE your 2 ellner 4 Bdrm., 2 or 3-Bdrm, home for Yd, for Ptaia . home with flreola.. ulel slreel. SCARCE ITEM . ." 51/2%' tOAN VA Repoi.. 3 4 Bed.*. 1*1 baths, J?w1o.*l down, ·"' ; BRUNET RI»y42ft\S76 4 BDRM. IN LAKEWOOD Newly Illl-ri, Mulual are*/ 4, -t- enclesed pallo +· po«l.' X nice. ' 5 Oil Amo iVOOEL O ali own*. slale By 19. 1 BR. New ctrpellng, nlrYi ceramic Hie 'm ba. w, «tn Cenlrella' T LAKEWOOD COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES^ LAKEWOOD AREA BARGAIN PRICED U drm., 15x14 rumpus rrn, IVj s. Walk Jo May Co., »faj« P.P. Eves. 5Y6-5IKI GE 0-(il3 JOE WARREN REALTY · RITA WEIL', , Still 3 T ° * Br Eve?Hfcl-}! NEBEKER REA1TY WOULD YOU BELIEVE srs.950 lor 2.bedrm. stucco wllh TlrcpTace. Near Dutch Vlllape. SX500 to loan or low isn. 7r.d. Mould Realty GA 3-M48 162 COVINA OPEN 1-5 2 Bdrrns. eV den. Low down. CLYDE S. BROWH 432-7KB 2 BR $7500 Neal Spanish stucco oi Pacific k 2-257 U14» REX L HOMES un. -v, dbl. sarage with doors. IV? blks t 0?Sv »M,m P.P. - - rms., 4 gar. Plear bui, snopp r,g center. SOxlSQ lot. Submit offers. AL RUTZ REALTY 591-3366 BIXBY PK. » units. SI425 Inc. ISiJWO equity. Submit dn. or trade DO. Ellison Rlty. HE 2-4415 --2 -f fam. 60x135 1612-14-I6 W. I?TH SI, R-4 lot, F.P. 123,950. Will trade Inc. Ota. H. APEMA REALTY GA 2-1241 TRADE up, down or out of lovm. McDanlel 437-7146: HE 7 1151 REX L HODCES SEAL BEACH--1206 Ocean Ave. 5 units/ good Income. Leaving slate. Ovrntr. IKftVi Seatxav. BEST DUPLEX IN TOV/PH ?-? br,, ISO M. ft, Level.' wHos, i«o. wairt roomi/ (dtcD'fvg. HA I BUS Hawaii HA 1-160? (P235) REX L HODGES TO SETTLE tilalt, lo. 10, I Wxl35', 4 rentals, Ocei on 50 x IOC nl bt 171 ? R-4. Hear dntn. t or income, E. IQIHE^WIS HAMBURGER hand ovt I. soft ke crea.-n. Excel, roc., excel, profit. Call GA 6-4007; 431-4902. LEASE MEAT DEPT. IN SMALL BUSY MARKET. Xlnt. for Rellred Butcher. S91-O66 MEAT Mkt. New. sell or lease. BEAUTY SHOP, xlnt. Beaflower kx. t oor. »!030 -I- Invenlory. ME 4-1183 or 634-6139. -EER Fce-i. I!^y net mo. I7H " ' F.P. Sho/l hrs. S?M dn. Ml. NE ···"·/.HUB. - 'COIN Laundry--1111 Palo Verde., L.B. Call Ki-mi alt. 5 FM. Make offer. . 'SHOE SHINE STAND FOR RENT. ··-· -1244 LOMG BEACH BLVO. ' mimeograph. CAFE--By owner. Good Long Bead area. Terms, low rent. 434-1667, BEER BAR--BY OWNER ' 7-TO74 Pro Bporfy (tuiiNe for fCSS eV 1NPUST.1 130 "C-3 CORNER" Near Anaheim Xl/neno. Choice location for food to 00 operation. Loads of traffic. SANDLER-ROSEN Rlty 1714 Clark GE 3-7487 PRICEO to sell! Biz C-3. Clean duoSe*. ST7.9W. Inc. S169 mo. No fin. Submit. Owner. 423-79J9 7 UNITS on 110x130--10- alley. West Side, Inc. $387.50, sml. dn. -- Irade for ?. Owner TE 4-4763. LARGE M*. house m front with : duplex In rear. 43W37I eves. JCED. 46% spendable. 4 units (TBR.ia.709. inc. S330. t2S» m. feslna 423-7959. down. . A . R C t m . 3 . .Bdjj,^ --T-Mrn .M45 ITM 21 UNITS--$98,500 Pniion"r», Inyna^. GE 9-0419 ILLNESS force! Owner to Klf, 14 W 1 t??GL E |Y t """ "*"· '^MV^ 2 ON ! WORTH LOTS Cuifom blf. homes. Spacious 2 br. tore* 1 br, R«ap tlit Incom*. GE 9-6«« Sflucfe S91-W77 (P204) REX L HODSES NEAR Catrvollc school. REAI 5-room slucco. Big Ina rm. NOT much HOT high you'll Hke. Howard Buller, REAL NICE carceted llv- J 7m."ffOT'mucfi yard work high priced. See Ins'de 1 Rea.tor GA 3-{4?l $15,500 TAKES IT Okl«r home. Cor. lol t bdrrn. 4, 15111 B, CwofUtJo, Owner, GA 2 B R . SIUCCO, S. ol 2nd 174 Park Ave. Clean ope«i, S33.750. Qwnr (7141 Si. el vacanl, 4W.J5I6 NEW LISTING 3-BR.. W-W cols., drps., dbl. gar. Ev«s: 434-7MJ TONER REALTY 5HO LaVe-oood Blvd. TO 10746 LAKEWOOD. PLA'ZA CHECK THIS NOW! Huge lot surrounds mls'4-bedrm., - wlm " "' Jl POL arVa"Vor""comfort. mar-new car- wlm rear den biiulilul POOL. Com- tely decked wllh tree-shaded 2 bitti hwni . . mill over look to btiuliful P pl«[ " ' " " '" PAINT It SAVE $$$ SACRIFICE S2?,«0. ' flrfol,, eori 4B^i»- BIXBY AREA JUST $3500 DOWN For A Choice Address and a beautiful custom bull! home. Extremely large kitchen. 3 Bdrrr.s., 2 balhs of course, 2 car garage plus worhshoo, a covered patio restful lafloicaolna. For "vai.-e" mai Spsrow Realty HA 1-9478 more on n "F" rrxxhl ' ' , - In bill irta. HA5-U.2 MOVE RIGHT IN Clean i quick POJ,, 3 br., we'tv/i eabv, WMni. »eo. din, rm. Seel HA M207 inn* My7370 (9LI43) REX L HODGES BEST BUY 3-BR.. 2 be., ndwd. floors, ffrtpl. Lge. family rm. Ev«s: M7-olo6. TONER REALTY 5830 Lakewood Blvd. TO 6-07« JUST LISTED STucco T-bed/m. duo(«, cfcubie f ^aW F HE S-7..5 7«903. LOOK 3 brs , 18/79 rumevs rm. with flreol. UrtO POOL. Only 11U50. WILLIAMS Rlly 4!l-8»8; 421-8(77 GOVT. REPOSSESSIONS JMI "y?H,T'E Jr R'ErLTY L ' W ""' ME HIM Eves. HA Ml« GIs NO DOWN "A NEST FOR EVERY BIRO" UIISE-LIEVABLE 2-BDRM. SPECIAL OflLY J16.27S 457S dn. for mosl buyers. S200 dn. Cold War Vr Clean home A BIG varrf. Ooubfe garax. Very good school area. JOHN READ RLTY Inc. 4137 Norse Way HA5(41 LOWEST PRICE! S400 down for this 2 br. In best locallon. Immediate postesllonl IIAI-iliS: y/A5-IJ71; GA i-mt (K245) REX L HODGES J-8R. family rm., 1V» bartii. cov'd pa Mo. nvlon caro«tng. E^cel'thii MndMlon l.'iruout. Ta^M on\t 131V for Vtl«r*ni, 12X00 will k ELLIS-SCHPADER ME Hwwoul. Eac*tl«nt r , only mlnoui away from-W* 5«n Q!*0o Frt«fAV. Oulfll «i / ta. AiX- ma iM.fso wuh in.ioo FHA toan M"t8!i IIA1-9M4 ELLIS-SCHRADER U WALLS OF GLASS H In thij MMiim fB«d/nj/ ? baih, (friDi, forced *ir hea-JJ»'Kf!i home. Hai exlltlng 110X09 loan. Submit imalt te-*r\ «i owner will hetallnance. A L S O _ ; ( . . - ' te'a'S? iBH,? flr-eol!"?^!! 1 !: xr*d lloors/ beaulif-jf trounds. Lc-v down to new FHA. 0415 E. Sortn; L HA 9CTI7 NEAR SHOPPING CENTER! ' n o c . r e d . SHOPS, SCHOOL, BUS, CHURCH John Road Rlfy HA (,1751 JOS) VOLK OPEN DAILY 1 NO DOWN. Gl Vacant. Immed, Possess, t Bdrm. J Bams. Fljier umxr, lae. yard. Call Poly Biyj43U7l93 John Road Inc. HA itl 761 Lge selection 3 4 bdrm homes. MARIE KALE Rlly CO ME 4-1 »0 BY OV/NER S'cnal Hill: side by sid each, large lot, small SlS.500. Call fH-1'M WALK TO Stucco duplex. 1 br. din. rm. t»., gar. nice cor. Low dn. SU,5 SEATOH t. SELOVER HE 6-31 .«- Cerrllos. Inc. j build. Lol »1M. EZ »IS.O». 0-«ter. HE 7-3778 4--) BR. units. C-3--100x110 Huntlnstcfl · Beach. Unobstructed v'tfff of ocea/il--Ripe for devel. oornenl. JllOiCC--Can . . . BURDE Rlfy GE 3-0489 BUSINESS prowry In shopping center. No-* used for screen mfg. Living enwteri In rear. 4»1» E. Alondra, nr. LB. Freeway. 12500 137^00. CA 7-6*2 Owner, M70 Llixfen. 714; LE 9 7 I down. Owner 433 NEV/ DUPLEX BUILT ON Evelyn. GE 1-OT6. Chlgaras, Rllr. . Heighis 4 plex, 2 1 3 Mrms. finance. 8v owner. 477-5S42 6 U. NR. 8CH. BELM. HGTS. COR. Tco toe- cond. Owner, 5 UNITS. 4 gar./ kw rent. S730 mo. Inc., U^OO dn. or trade HA 5-*m BELMONT Hall. K Acts. Inc. »». No vac. Low dn. Owntr. GE 4-4140 1-BORM. Triplex. Immac. Aooro*. 18 vrs. s?4,P50. Submll low dovrn Ellison Rlty., I7WE.IOI. HE 2-4415 REDUCEDl SIUCCO 1-BR. CB.. on cor. lot. Walk lo town, near puses, mHs., schools. OWNER. KE Ilia. Lots for Sale 136 MUST SELL R-4 lot, fenced, alley, 1 br. Owner, --- ' fenced, pavtt ISIS Summit Slnta. Fe, nta Fe KiO-12a For No Dn! Rent To Scry Rlc Owen Mn Offce Eve HE MiO; REX L HODGES HE 7-IMI l-BR. deluxe t pool. Corr.e Mlrada i save. Only »i to one loan of $77^09, 5V. 660-3047; 714-S3Hit4. i to La down . Bkr. ior) Dlf. (· lake over payments. JBr., 1 bath, cpls. bullf-lns. fireplace. Vacanl, 1 ml. E. L.B. Bkr. JUST LISTED! 2-SR. f-u'l din. rm. loe service porch. V/ell kept home Blxby area. Priced lo sen. Owner anxious. JOE HODGE, REALTOR GA 3-7914; HE 5-IMI: OA 3-1331 TAL OO'ffH INCLUDING ·'/ILL BUY 2 BORM. VE. BKR. HA 5-1251 BEACH Area Prooerly C»Jl A-l REALTY SERVICE I E. 2nd SI. Realicn-t. r«Q3 LOW down, low Interest, REIIT OR SELL -- 2459 LEV/:S 180«167, M-l Morrlll. G* 4^76« Open Daily 4819 Matney 1 t, (Jen. huw HvUio rm. 3 brt*. E. cl OriAoe; 3 W^ f . So, of Del 10 REALTY Open Houso--Owner Br., lee. lot. Good loc. Obi*. *r., fetxed, redec. imice out, . rmi. GA t-73« CLEANER UPPER! J-BR, + den, 1,267 It. \H. space. Save «1 here. CALL TODAYM1 TKOMAi Rlty. 4?»-2ilti 59l-i)M 7 BDRM. BY · Country Clu _ _ carpels, draoes. flags'one QV/ME Eslale 'HER He-ar Country C-ub " . draws, fiaa. . . _ _ . .. drive, oallo, manv «*fraj. Evi " ves. HA 9 MSI - --- wtever.ds. SHHHHII . . . 4 Bedrmt.. 1^. bilth Horns on HxISJ n. R-3 Tot. For only (.7*00--O*r.*r vrill cav »'l iicrof charofi. Submil ofl do*»vn D»Vfr^*flf. ELLIS-SCHRADER ME *51M 3 BEDROOMS D(ui 15*11 dtfl, i wall cir«flrrg, dishiiraiMr. B60 detached cfti». oirl.«. 1900 do lo new PI-FA loa/i, Call 414-7' o-#n 'tit STOP FORECLOSUREI W It., Lovetv home, Ige lot, xlnt location. Fexlbre terms prke. No reasonable otrer refusedT MARY HOLLAND, Rltr I Rltr HA 1 «O 2-br. I lamlly BY OWMER-Clean . rm.. dlsoosal, dble. oaraoe, ww fncd. Close 10 HI Schl. 47» Cold hfOo. ME 44417. BIXBY KNOLLS 17450 F.P. 2-BR. en small lot. Elllton Kit/., mi E. 101. HEi-mS 3-BR^ 1V 4 ba. $ll,t50. Y/on'l last. HA 5-im. e-«s. Bkr. 431-21I3. J.BR lot on rear. lty. H, SIM EXECUTIVE HOfVic 3 br., Th ba., roman brick firepl. Jn f»m. rm.. pir.e parvillna, beim (G20I t REX L HODGES BEAUTIFUL oulef ' ' price IFUL 3 bdrms. 4 den, o street. Loads of xtras. o I lerms. See thfsll Realto 631-5111 t 473-1415 GLEHII CUSTINi LIST WITH JSTI -- This 2 Br, Won't Las) GIBSON REALTY 4136 Ptran'Ounl Blvd. HA S-74S4 ',VK£fE "0" V/HERE can you ge 3 BR'S, ne# palnl new ca pel ler HI.495. Owner 435-IB* V/ALK lo Oouglat. Two 2-BR.. ca pels, drapes, real sharp In I oy KoiMORO REALTy HA H2a OPEN WEEXEHOS. .Mew 3 Br ba., «f»c. home. IH.SJO. 1 CntcMeTt? Owner. __l/e FORECLOSURE SALE 3-bdrm., 7 b*Hi, Wt car- 9· rao«. BlRTY - V/ait It) St..J-ot«pM Ovnir will l»kt «nv r«iMon«tr* «f(»r. Or will tr*rfe foi* I'Sr Jbr., .Uktivood, MABRV Realty GE 0^0521 "3-BEDRM POOL" 2 baths, firrlftc area, Kr; schools shofrplna Lovely home only s!S6)do«n. . ' r SANDLER-ROSEN RHy 1714 Clarfc SB 3-T4? 'RANCHO WITH POOL" Lovely rj "*""* """"" """%; Hy 1714 ClarK Ot 3-741 SHAGGY DOC! Yard a mess, novse b'fafr. huge cov-d wllo, bullMri kltclu FA neat, flr.oUce. Trv UM SANDLER-ROSEN^: VEST POCKET CASTLE! CtlarnVrg J »drm. Coft4 lovely draoe , oes. pal'o, 8Sav« bnfy 10 ml«. to Dnuo^s. PRICED LOY/ TO^SELL FfVtl JOHN READ RLTY. HA 1-1751 3 BORM., 2 BATH Lovely net. LaneJ, ci'Mt, .dror, 1 Nk to Plan Shop-g. Only IB,90J John R«ad Inc. HA 5-eV,l6 2431 PETALUMA 3 br- IV be., crDls.,.*«eei, {trt- pl., cSsftwaSer, nM, US. Low dn. pymt. Open Sat.^un, O0-)75i

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