Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 37
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 37

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 37
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«««. c.«. r.««. »*. u. INDEPENDENT-- P*g» C-7 Mewers? No, They're Yewers j.. TIIOMEY By TED THOMEY ' Cats. cats. cats. cats. cats. Everybody In Long seach teems to be troubled these spring nights by the agonized cries of lovesick cats. Picture if you can the plight of Bert G. Fisher, an 50-year-old cal-hatcr who lives at 1622 Obispo Ave. He writes that at the moment he's just one jump ahead of going barefooted "because I have thrown my ncxt-to-my-Iast pair of shoes at the cats." Fisher's troubles are caused by a neighbor's fertile mama cats who have produced scads of little K itl and little boy cats who insist on howling it up every night. In tribute to them. Fisher (who formerly ran a Pike flea circus) sent me a poem called "The Schocnbcrgcr Cats." It ,, was too lengthy to be reproduced (that's ,,-a pun, Bert) in full here, but I do have room for the · fourth verse, which is quite clever: "When Ihcy'rc cjtpccling. they're quilc systematic. *. "They don't have their young home, fhcy go up in ". . our allic. "When I say 'Neighbor Ixitiy. come get your mewers.' "She rays 'Won't be silly. Ihcy'rc not mine they're yours'." -A- -A- * A VISIT TO THE THREE CROWNS--As I've mentioned before. Swedish smorgasbord restaurants arc all the rage now in this area, providing lots of good food cafeteria-style at low prices. Mrs. T., our 3%-ycar-oId daughter and I this week visited a new one In Compton--the Three Crowns Restaurant at 15009 S. Atlantic, just north of Compton Boulevard. Owned by two former Stockholm couples, Ivan and Margaret Wahlstcdt and Ruth and Karl Wester, the Three Crowns is a large place tastefully decorated in yellows and blues. We first served ourselves a do/en cold items chilled on beds of chipped ice. These included pickled herring and a raft of fresh salads and appetizers. Then we FISHER enjoyed six hot dishes, including delicious Swedish meatballs, pork chops, mashed jKjtatocs, string beans, spaghetti and baked beans. Desert was rice pudding with cherry sauce. The price for everything (except beverages) was $1.50 for ths adults and 70 cents for Miss T. Waitress Marian Wendy's sen-ice was excellent. Footnote: 'Three Crowns" is n popular business name in Stockholm. It hail its beginning in the early J!JOO« wl;cn wimchndy nailed throe kroner nlon Slncfe- holm'.t rify half. Kronnr (also called crowns) nrr Su-rd- hli coins, worth 20 cents rac/i i'i Amrriccin money. TEMPTATIONS OF A COOK'S TOUR -- Excellent , luncheons and dinners are served all week at the huge. ,,· modem Clifton's Cafeteria, 5006 Pcppcrwood. Lakewood |1 Center, but nn Sundays Manager Jim Hammond really jj gives the folks a reward. His deluxe Sunday dinner for !i. $1.77 Includes seven courses . . . Al Hcndlin, owner of '.} tho beauteous Coral Room, -1130 Paramount Blvd., near h E. Carson Street, receives high compliments for the ; ·. quality of his $3.50 New York cut steak dinner. Al's en- ) tcrtainer. wizardry Joe Cctani, is undoubtedly the only pianist In the whole world who can play the rapid "Sabre Dance" while standing on his head. As a result of such labor, Joe has a two-inch callus on his scalp . . . ; Ship-and-shore fashion shows are held Tuesdays at ! 7 p.m. at the Intriguing Sea Winds view deck restaurant located on the waterfront at the foot of Magnolia and ' Golden Avenues. Definitely one of Long Beach's most novel and luxurious dining spots, the Sea Winds fc.iturcs a giant Spanish prawn dinner for $3.75. * * * U'HY-DRIVERS-CANT-UTN-DEPT. -- Is there anything more frustrating than this: You pick your driving route carefully, ease over into the left lane and switch your left-turn signal on. Then, while you're waiting for the traffic light to turn green, n cop appears out of nowhere and places a NO LEFT TURN sign sm.ick d.ib in the middle of the intersection! SEEN r.Y A ROVING I: Tlie \cry finest in btcf and "perfect service are among the features at the glamorous Tenderloin restaurant, 4363 Atlantic. The large steak dinners are priced from $3.50 ... By phoning in advance you can reserve a private tatami room at the Kyoto Sukiyaki Japanese restaurant. 15122 S. Western Ave., G.irdcna. In the tatamis, guests remove their shoes and fit on the floor r.t low tables . . . Another fine $1.60 Swedish smorgasbord, including a score of salads and appetizers and half a dozen hot dishes, is featured at Curt timing's and B. Birkmark's House of Sweden. 30o Avenue "G" at Pacific Coast Highway. Redondo Beach . . Owner Irv Chcrnyk. a careful buyer, serves broiled steak dinners of excellent quality at his Hofbrau Club 22 Hart Place, across from the West Coast Theater. At 9 o'clock, when the community singing starts, the price goes from $1.75 to $1.93 . . . People still find it hard to believe that Mary Lou's Cafe, 5705 Atlantic, can serve a huge soup-salad-cntrcc-bcveragc-dcsscrt dinner for only $1 . The fashion shows at Frank X. O'Ncll's Rig restaurant.' 2951 Cherry Ave., have been switched to Fridays, from 8 to 9 p.m. GO, GO, GO, GO, GO--I received a spoofing letter from Jack Edmond. 603 St. Louis Ave.. a former cook who declared that my report on Jake Jacobs' chicken- pie-making skill was a truth-stretcher, full of blarney "and chicken feathers." Wrote Edmond: "If he made 2'/ 2 million pics in 12 years, that means he would produce lli P' cs a minute. S hours daily, 6 days a week without stopping for a coffee break, smoking or a visit to the men's room." I rcchcckcd my statistics with Jake, who works at the Chicken Pie Shop, 737 Pine Ave., and he replied modestly: "Heck, when I'm going good I make two complete pies a minute, sometimes more. And when I work with a couple of assistants, I make 10 pics a minute!" How about that. Mr. Edmond? Prime Itih-Oifokeii 2V*r Only Place of Its Kind on the Coast Ph. HE 7-5124 733 E. BROADWAY I D A N C I N G jnd D I N I N G In the tpetUculir Y R O O M Comt ei'iy. or com« late. come elor.e of come with · i«te. tht Sky Room Bar. dance floor ard dmirg room riff r i variety of pVaiuf e» and a!l lurroundtd by tt-.e tNJOY JMZ IN THE CELEBRATED CELLAR CLUB · tool cJ»uil Kent-- comt «l you «rel No covtr. no minimum. HOIll Wilton ELEGANT SURROUNDINGS FOR YOUR LEISURE DINING FOR OVER A QUARTER OF A CENJW STE*« PRIME fill U3ISUR CHICK£N SEAFOOD I.B.Q.SrARERIIS STEAK DINNER For II r/iunfjr nl j l i i n r Innillfi ilenrrrr* the tinrxt . . Dm« in th» warm Iriendly otmoiphrr* cl lh« incomparable Hreily't Rrltautanl in BMmenl Shetd ... A delight r r r n ID th» racil wid«ly tra'el'd Epicurean 4911 E. SECOND ST. tELMOKT SHORE GEnera 8-4965 HE ;.m* I7J5 W. PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY UNIUUPMICD CONIINt NTAL AND AMIRICAN CUI1INI BANQUETS 25 to 40 MANHATTAN not i«t ik HI 4-OUO»«i ·** 01»«r Kciinilor In Visit U.S. in July WASHINGTON (,V-- Prcsi- S. Korea .Jimla .Issues Blacklist , , ,. .... 1 T ,dcnt Carlo* Aroscmcna of .. SEOUL. Korea. Friday W » E d wjl , cnme ,,, , hc : -South Korea's military gov ; J u | on a rfrnmcnt Thursday publishcdl^^ visU Vlist of former politicians, p^j^, K c n n c d y an- .jrul g o v e r n m e n t off cials, ^ ThurH , t h a t Arn .| ; bancd from political a c t m t , , d tr(1 ,, is in ., Jnr six years unless fPTMl; v , trlIion ,,, visit t h i s c n u n l r y .i ·clearance is granted. . "* Former President; · · and cx-Prcmicr John M. ISamcd In Koani SACRAMENTO (UPI) - Unsurpassed PRIME RIB STEAKS- endeiloin 4U1 AtiMtie **» GJUfitX *»»J Buffet Luncheons ITke ledici ifw wtlttnul Lounge, Piano Bar Banquet Facilities HAVE YOU EVER? Vijited with on Kalian family for dinner. If you hove, vou'lf remember the warn friendly hoipifality with a full and genttoui table let with many Imdi of picVltd vegetable! and ontipaitoi. Wrier* the food il rich and well lemoned, lervfd with great bowli of loupi, laladi, delicate loueei and rich paila'i. Where each mral it a feait from beginning to end. With many decanten of qood led wine at you go along, and 01 course. the rich Italian poitriei or the trodi- tionol bo~l of freih fruit ot meol't end. AH YES, THIS IS LIVING br»l -Ilk n. !· wlf nit pin ft lif e'twi "" ""liePALMfl'S ITALIAH VILLAGE RESTAURANT Alie «l «t Co-»e* iu leU Elili I-. If^pl. ttO C. Will... Sig«l Hill nx lorn ««l)aiirant lettltj In Hilir!« t»-«uol ejtrd. Cerene. »»i if* H.». 71 te.ofd roMfinT. DINNTRS item : Filhi^n iho« Uikhrrni firrr *J. * Th«l \ D I S H E S \,u luuJ I LUNCHEON DINNER sESEaES^-** 1 ^ AND v \ [pi«ffi Hoomj ^- 9 M 1^ ""·" / HOUSE of FONS · Cocktail vt-vt ! 1 . Loungo · frtt Ftrll«» 3400 CHERRY il WtRDLOW RD. 2.M4 Gov. Brown Thursday named '..Chang head the roster. ·*" The list contains _...~ _ - ,, _ . "names and the junta is schcd-lSan Francisco attorney Alvm ·tiled to publish 1,271 morc'J. Rockwell to the Commis-, 'Saturday l s i o n of Uniform State Laws. Food Prepared to Tempting Perfection to Suit the Entire Family Air ConditieneJ for Your Comfoff When You Dine Out You Have No Recourse BUT TO DINE AT JONES' No liquor Served -Tl fiS' A -- m.M.v; itooM IlilM-ii I'., lilill M cinitn uiu»o«r IOR KF«FRVATIONS | CArf.-lJ Frank X.O'Ncil's... NOW ... FASHION SHOW ·Ttry lit (TtnirQ 1-9.30 et Where the Klilfi Meet to KM L Sleak · PibnalUb · Lebsler 2951 Cherry Ave. 4Z7-380B S World Famous S tiffir*^ SEA FOOD ^MT « *y"~\j*^- * « )'£,* vtifc/U r^V?lfc ^, '^·rifAfr 1 '··"··· ,-Y^"j|Bt^ ···;···. Your Hos's: Ni:l. £; . , 16278 Pacific Coast Highway tcrit ·! frt. »^t«^ Cr »M1J Vmt O.r 6'X tM« » f 1»» WUIM -- Surflide SUNDAY FROM 4 P.M. MONDAY NIGHT SPECIAL SUCCULENT Served PRIME RIB "'"wr" n P., 'gptn 41)0 fAIAUOUNr HA J-tlJ4 ¥01; R E S T A U R A N T NEW HOURS . . . 4 f. M. fo 2:10 M. «^ - · f i t e. · ' C « C M J » ' * » · * · » * ' * * * '"^4 *" CWA ' SO * tlONl ico w. HOAOWAY OfIN eAUT FIOM 4 P.M. Cltud M.«rr Where food Is Quality . Hospitality a Must! ^A/lOJMLO-'A JE.. VVI PIZZA- DEB 5607 E. SOUTH ST. TO 6-?.913, TO 6-9192 IUFFIT STTU IISTAUIANT LUNCH 11:30 to 4 P.M. DINNER (3 3 P.M. ·: ·«?/ 'A i^ *^l fttmt H.'f H.I .· 5100 E. SECOND SPELT. BELMOr4T SHORE l l l O i l D M C S O i t l

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