Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 54
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 54

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 54
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-! P«g« E-Z-INDEPENDENT ^Hundreds Crowd Church to Hear lacoboni Eulogized By EARL GRISWOLD : . Angtio M. (Jack) laco- borJ. L a k e w o o d ' s first nuyor. wii eulogized as "a good man. devoted to . / his church, devoted to his ·c family, and devoted to hii - · c o m m u n i t y " at funeral services Wednesday. . The eulogy was given by Rev. Donald Ruddy, assistant pastor of SL Pan. i cratios Catholic Church, in a solemn high mass for lacoboru. 45, who died Saturday after s u f f e r i n g a ,, heart seizure while playing , .,. tennis. ; Hundreds of lacobonfs · friends and a s s o c i a t e s - crowded into the church for the funeral rites. "Some people who get busy in c i v i c or e v e n church activities some times . forget their families, but ' not Angelo," said Fatter ' Raddy. "When he assisted ~ at mass, it was with his family. He was always at the communion rail with his children. He gave his family a very good example, and he was tremendous example for the community." "He worked hard to help make a good government for his new city of Lakewood, His dedication and unselfishness are s o m e thing that all civic leaders can imitate." o · o · P A L L B E A R E R S were Harry Shaf er. Norman Cordon. Joe Manno. Jizn Arcuri. Joseph Boland and Wallace Bruce. Sen-ing as h o n o r a r y pallbearers were Supervisor Frank G. Bonelli, Sheriff Peter J. Pitches s. County Fire Chief Keith E. Klinger, Superior Court Judge Frank C Charvjt, Lakewood Sons of Italy President Joseph M a r z n l l o . Lakewood Mayor Robert W. Baker and Lakewood Councilmen W i l l i a m J. Burns. Gene Nebeker and George Nye Jr. Mourners also Included Mayor Edwin Wade of Long Beach and other officials of county and nearby city governments. At graveside services in All Souls Cemetery. Navy riflemen fired three volleys b f i n a l military honors, and the Lakewood Ambassadors T e e n - a g e d Drum Corps furnished the color guard and a buglar to sound Taps. l a c o b o n i would have completed 10 years of service in April. lacoboni. who lived at ·414S Country dub Drive. is survived by his wife. Gloria; three sons. Michael. Anthony and Stephen; a daughter, Nina. He was a partner in the Lakewood law run of lacoboni and Gordon. Funeral service win be Friday at 130 p-ra. ia First 2mrch of t h e Brethren. Comptoa, for the R«Y. Arthur j r g a SSS*r* lr - -* -" rv D. Cashmaa. ' " A Brethren minister for -41 Death Notices '.t TAYLOR -r- Mrs. Margaret I Wednesday. Surviving is son, 1 Elizabeth, 87, of 1501 Walnut E^*- Service Friday, 1 pjn, «r j:-j T-..--a... «.___·-· JDildav Family Funeral Direc- , Way, died Tuesday. Surviving are sister, Mrs. Alice Gaa; sons, Robert, George, Jennings. Service Friday, 1 pjn, ' Church of Our Fathers. est Lawn. Cypress, tors. For- QUAIVTAXCE --Miss Ber- .«tha B, S3, of 447 Cherry Ave, Holder; daughters, Mrs. Lynee · ^ died Tuesday. Friends may call until noon Friday, Patterson Snively Mortuary. Private sen-ice scheduled. THOMPSON (Compton) -Mrs. Marjorie Ume THOMPSON--Mrs. M. Es Rite Friday for Retired Qergyman LAUISCHCIl-w. a anra. o rTT Fn unsa Atf... f!rC fee. S. UDIi--Mr. 1 am. James l_ ««» Al-.Lake.ool to,, f«. Vital Statistics Hirlhs ST. MA..Y-S SUU.T-*r. a On. Eroen. C- JOT I .. 1 "~ " F«. a. If* *t t* ·. I OUICK^ C»arrt Or. Legal Kotlc* CERTIFICATE or lUtlNCSS. riCTITIOUS MAKE .tteeesstal ladder aad'ta'cosductlnx a baalnei certify I aa at P.O. the CUy has keca .aerated, tte* \co, Loaa- Eeack. Caaforal Ta« City Xanater reserre. th* under th. fietltus firm ume cf n»M. at any .tax. of the*, t'f] KGB ENTERPRISES I CO. eeedirsa. t. reject an bid. and I»;aa4 that tail Cna U eompoaed of rrtura an depotita accoiapaayiar th. f atloa-icr persoa. Those aame ' ild T»Mi ta full and E*[ac. of resldear. li as Dated at Lcn« Beach. California. - F ' Wbruary SO. rn. JOIIX R. MA2CSTXI, ret, ax i»«4 · H»- N O M - R I S P O N S I I I L I T Y N O T I C E rears, the R«*- Mr. Cashman, 4, died Tuesday in bis borne, 24S E. ArtesU Blvd- He had been retired for the ast several years, with bis nost recent pastorates in Glendale and Compton. Surviving ar e -wife, Ivi; son, the Rev. Edwin E. Cashman, pastor · of Campion's Firsl 3turch of the Brethren; sister. Mrs. Grace Stultz. Friends may can until 9 »?'£*!£l?»?-Ma. l f*."£ j pjn. today, B. W. Coon Fu- cSFSSf.^ii^S: $?%*.*,*] neral Home. -«*ATM^*T. a JM^CI.TMTM jJ id Floyd W. Eaat Ctta St, raia. that after ·bruary J*. " by tb« * ' M. a Bri'sard. 1M1 Loma At-..i r ' b Long Beach. Califerala Dated rebruary a. 1H4. Signature) K. Q. BRASS A ED Stat. of California. , Lo. Anffele* County: s Oa rebrur* a, 1M4. before ate. £· abor. aad fcregolnc ta b« a trae. correct aad eorrrplei. *«** .· Ordlaanr. K*. ;17 .dopl.d «jr tl. City Council of th. City at Lake, wood oa th* lltk day *7 r.broary. UH, aa th* aam. .ppeara .a fj; aai cf record la my office. JO EEXXITT. City Clerk, Ctty of Lakei-eed i. SO. l»- - · Notary Public Sa aad lor aaid SlaU. personally appeared 1C. G. Brassard knoTa to as. t. fe* tbe persoa TboM same la aabscribed t» th* vttbla initrnmeu aad ackacvlered h* executed th. lama, xtrra c. PARTS Kotary Public Feb. I. IX 31. K. 1KI ««--LB-L Mn. James L.! NON-RESPC-NSIBIUTV NOTICE _. _ "oVliaa." A~ve~ tmrTFexa? I Notlc. U aereby JiTea y th. JOHXION-W. A Mra. Jem l_ ·MJ.Tadersliaed Thomaa Harold Bea- Jiawne* 96., WeilmlnsTer. key, Jan. AJaett. resldizf at _ -. -- . 's^SJ^^JFr* »' OT !i£^^£leSSbif aw A Mn- Orvi*. M, Jr,]debta._ Uabmxies. L or cUlfatlona ^ta- IXM! ClRTiriCATE CF BUSINESS. riCTITIOUS NAME lif.iia A COURT OF tut ITATl CF CALIFORNIA. - TOU TMI COUNTY OF LOS ANStLES · Ma. 4.13JO NOTICt OF SALE CF REAL P R O P t R T Y AND PERSONAL PROPERTY AT PRIVATE tAL« At A UNIT , IN THE MATTER Or IHli ES. TATC OF 1LAJUOKIE E, AVEltT. Deeeaaed. Good caua. esistin.; therefor, and tt beinj; (or th. but tntereaU of ,*ald estat.. the ttaderslened, IBALDO x. atsisrovicH. pubiX ·Administrator, ai administrator «f th. estate of JJarJori. S. Aubrey. a Harold Bea- Th. aadera^ned doe* certify heldeeeued. Till tea at print, aale. 131 Eoutk Eaat 1* eoniartlar a tustneu at I9U At-it» th* highest and best bidder. *ub- CanfomU. that,lantlc Are, Lena; Beach. California. I Ject to the eoaannaikia of- sail 'uader "th«~fictitious firm aama of ifeuperlor Court oa or after rebruary Eirnr» HCTnjc AVD I* 1 - **»«. " kU «f*l«. 231 K. SrO.1- Net tie Nolan Funeral Rite 4 p.m. Today Funeral service for Mrs. Nettie Nolan. 78, sweetheart of the Long Beach "press club," win be today at 4 pjn. at Holton Son Mortuary. She died last Wednesday in her home. 115 E. Seventh St Mrs. Nolan, known to many as *Bo," ran a roaming house JtaT'AiiSni A"«» "ilriTeaTj. SIMS-- Mr. I Mn. Oermii JTS. "ft!- ff. F «°- '- WHiTES-Mr. A Mn. Coyel C, F.utr Ave.. bov. Feb. I. WOLLUM-Jttr. I M.-X Carr G- W= Ashworm A*... take«wct bov. Feb. a DOYLE--Mr. A Mn. DevM l_ m E it %1- bor. Fee. A MONTEL--Mr. A Un Vvm. E. 2S« Ctra Ax, bev. FA. a. SAMOCVAL--Mr. A t2Sn Man. ~ CAKR~Ur w.n St, ArSaSi: «-, e'rt. Fea. a teUe, of 3528 California Avt, and had befriended many died Tuesday. Surviving are newspaper employes. She was son. Robert; daughters, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Frank. Mrs. a native of Denver, Colo. Surviving are a niece, Mrs. S, 70,, Capt Richard P. Nichol- died Tues- son. Rosary tonight. 8 JO. Barbara Jean Clarke; broth- William A n d r e s ; nephew. · ^^%^*72 i ji nc ·?*-* ui^v* * uca i av*fc- .^U^AAJT bu^^i^iik. o~»\i, day. Surviving are husband,iMottelTs Mortuary. Requiem'dine Dare. Nathan; sons. Nathan Jr, Jo-JMass Friday, 8 am., St seph; sister, Mrs. Neelia George Blay, and grandsons, Kenneth Bodine and John Bo- Athanasius Church, Fair, Mrs. Faye Allen, Ruth' Tuck, Mrs. Edith Hughes. 1 Mrs. Thrfma Jones.. Service Friday, 10 ua. First Southern Baptist Church, Comp-j CALHOUN--Mrs. Eva, 80. ton, Christensen-Pino Redon-j of 2713 Pacific Ave, died do A v e n u e Mortuary »Wednesday. Sun-i\-ing are charge. sons. Don, Lee, George, broth- · er. Ed Campbell. Service Fri- WAGER (Westminster) -- ViHiam Hytand, 86, of 9360 Pyle Circle, died Wednesday. Surviving are sons, William L, Yemen L, Everett H, W a l t e r A, Raymond J,-| LBSC to Hear Talk hy Brother of Dalai Lama WALUS--Mr. _n.m it, X4 Pated rebruary It. IMC slined) THOXAJ HAROLD EEXXETT Pub. Feb. U. M. XL OU lt--LEL NON-RESPONSI*1LTY N O T I C E i I Notic. la hereby rivea tr the W Wr m4er»lea*4 Albert Wrirtt ' and that Slid Qna Is , th. foUovlar peraca. -%-hOM came fun and plac. of residenc. la as a3 the . ,.aid deceased t!U» ana 1 at th« jj. (title aad interest that th*" t«tat« B0 oT aail *Je«a»eti n« by Dated rebnary II. 1K4. ' _ . CCASE CAXX rv* Stlte of CaLfarria. . -----------H- sau 'Eonla. reaidixr at 1441 HeOmax. Loi Aue!e Conzty: . ___ I 1 -""* Beach. _CaBforBla._ that anerl Oa rebroary W. 1M4. befor. ma. 1K4. he a Xotary futile Sa and for aald for aty State. renosaUr ao^arel Duaoe Ltlonj ta ._ ____ _ _ ___ of Uv er ethervlM . er La addition. U tttt el said d«ceuei at th« ttm* of dfitX u as! to *3 ef that e«rUl» rtil tui pcrtonal property described u fol- by any p^raona other thaa . . i Dated February II. IKt. ' (alrned) AIXEBT W. J. BOXES Puk reb. 11. i». ax mi n--LBLI , I N O r v - R E S P O N S I K C L I T Y NOTICt | Not** ij hereby rirea ty tie ittsder*irsfr(l Tony p^Maria^ ·'··iafiw** ·' it 13433 Go eiss. Finm y qi forlv. Uiat after tc datt *f rcbmarr IS. IK*, lie wd aut be rtspoanMc for any tfebta. tUbtli- Mrv UVtrn* t_ E^.tifi. er cWication* tacwred t7 any perrona other than Limaelt. Dated ribruary IT. C. ' ~ " · » »1-- AJTU . _ . , . _. PAOE--Mr. % inn, ArCt, r04 «. . -»\ Frt. t. Gana Laova to tt« ta b« th* r«r»oa rbo»* aam« Ij *reb»cri»«d to U« -itA-a iaatrometit and acki df*d t* executed th* aam*. RCTH C. PARKS. SXJLL KoUry Public Tetx 30. 27. Mir. J. IX 1964 (it) LEI _ ' $30371 C*Ii- CERTIFICATE OF CORPORATION " " TOW TRANSACTION OF BUYINCSt UNOCK FICTITIOUS Th* tut S3 ftft tt lot» t 4. I ud » ta block 131 cf th* Tavtutt* of t£jt B«*cb. ia th* city c£ Lttt B^ach. county of Lot Antelfa. ·tat* of California, u p«r may r«car4«d ta took XI ptfci II to fi IccIUjriT* cf laliaceUaaeoct Recordf. ta th« ofllc* cf ta eouaty recorder «f caid emsty. · T ,. _ __ at K2 V«t - first Street. Lcnr £eaca. CaUfarala. Subject to aa cU leaa* kaowa "Continental f ~--·*··"-- ** OU Community tount«rpart« onatnlty SI, and _ ._ __ . , , S3- A. tUted December t. U44. exc THI t^TOERSICXTD OOEPOHA- *=t«* by Sylrla KathMlee d maa, «n4rr EylTla - TIOS «ue» hereby certify that Jt!« marked Tomaa. aad Peter i. eoadnttlnr a blitoesa fccated at; ! ' lt « c ' i e. -- ·-· ^ - -- -- - ^_n f^rtlBf^rTl . Downev A^e. MOSriTAL a. Mn. «. Pwamount. r | NON-ftCSPOINSISILITV NOTICE Ititlou."firm aam. ' I Notice la hereby (iTea fcy theitriea and that ai mptoa BcmleTard. EeQ- ornia. Mjer tbe Tic. _ _ _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ortrad. Eo2ia. re-lpi»ed Bf tbe iiui- C C^ SCS'arter tt.. cat. of reni Vlnkler Ave.. ArteS'Su flirt. Jan. 27. FLOCK-Mr. A Mn. {- t. Mtf Iva- nar« Ace. ta Mirada. bay. Jan. 27. VAK JOMIRIN--«r. A Mrs. D. *_ Co) Compton aivd^ Beltnower. bov. '^b»S£»--Kr. . 111 Weal Broadvay. Etach. Calitorcla, tbat ia ai to rrll roarrl calble :M4. . . . act t« rupocalble for any IL JJA-VCyACnTEIXa CORPORA- -- . Ajmdr. Blvd. debta. Ziahinties er educations Incurred cy any persona cither thaa hersell. Dated rebrnary_17._lS_Sl rua. rS'ii . . «r. Mn. H D.^^ NCN RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE ZCotic. ia hereby rirea By the · ' ' Edward St. Kenney. i o x » i . . im S*~Arwa,^S. Jan. 5» readier at 1J7O racolty Are.. E»U- OE " 4ft L c, too flower. California, tbat after the princip ollo'r.: aald Cina la eoa- o«iiij rcrporattoa. ipal Tlar. or buslaesa SAME Or CORTO1CATTON: O. g. . E. ifitache, under counterpart S3-A, aa leesora. and by Continental Scrcthera Corporalloa. a corporation. aa lessee, for the tenca of 30 yrara , front dat. thereof, acd TION. PLACI Cr ETSI: *02S East Comptoa Eoule- Tard. Benriover. Calilomia." WIIMES Its hand thia Slat cay of January. Dti. XAXE Or CORPORATION: O. -_ E. IL JIAXTTACTCErxa CORPO- ?!' »«!· RATIOS - - - - , thereafter aa c-U. faa cr*»thrr bydrocarboa aubstancea ar. produced therefrom apoa th. terms. condition, and cOTenania. aa there- ia proTidtl. recorded April IS. 1»4J Stanbrletg* Ave^ BelLflower. fill. STEWART--Mr. A Mrs. P. Ann. sr^ Downer. B'T% Jan. 30. * Mrs. S. XS . -- rcbrcary IS. 194. h. t. responsible for an cr »'-" any persona other thaa i«t»4 rehruary IS. 1S««. ·· EDWARD M. KEXSET day, 10 ajn.. Hunter Mortu- 'ary. LEONARD -- Howard M, 78, of 13200 D r i v e , Seal CUXG--August J, SO, of S11 Dawson Ave, died Monday. Surviving is brother, Fred. Service Friday, 11 a.m., Christensen-Pino R e d o n d o in daughters. Mrs. B e a t r i c e ; IViveous, Mrs. Lucy D. Kim- 'mins, Mrs. Mrs. Christina Adams. Serv-l MotteH's' College next Wednesday. Nortu fled his country af- CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, · ^.K I*. · m f c f ^ ~*r w i . i r . F I C T I T I O U S KA M E |tfor« A^e^ *ir1. Jan. 30. *A^ Th. andersia^ed doe. certify he -rli^^Jr'lintooi'boS'J«. IX \1* conducting a business at IJSJppratloa'elecuted u . .^.^ , JOBOWAT-JUU-. A Hn. J. S.. «75» Campa Wa'J^ L«rf Eeaci, Call-i m WITXESS WHEREOr. I hare - -- - Bei.iflewer, bo»._Jan. 38. faraia. _ander th. fictiiioua firm tereunt. set a:y haad an' -- nd sa-om. ... appeared Crr*! E. Bensl.y -- t» ai* ta he th. fraddeat «f ta .". married ,, , ,,- leea TauiBa. formerly Erlrla rata- if *WOW Zadua- ^eea Xltache. alao hnov-a as Eati. Innr; . ia took K031 pare . OCbdil Kecorda, aa to eousterpart IX a^d recorded JaaKary ij. 1JO !a bc*k Official Record., ai t* counterpart S3-A. bat By OrrB E. Hentfey. j?re3ldent A» rtthL tit!, and Interest. If anf. IE Or CALtrOK-NlA »' ta« estst. ft said deceaaed fa .Ef yZP*i£i£ {£?·: '5°* """ AW laknraot'ia. J»!:"X. Mortuary. ' Wednesday. Surviving are w-ife, Mineta; daughter. Mrs. J-jnice Smith. Service Friday, St AndrewlAvenue Mortuary. Beach, died' Funeral Home. STEIN (Los Alamitos) -Leo, 79. cf 3161 DruM Lane. MURRAY --George Hamil- S9, cf 625 E. BroadTay, died Sunday. Surviving is daughter, Mrs. Carolyn Loop. Private service was held at Mot- teH's Mortuary. LOWER--Robert C, «. of 3729 Gaviota Ave, died Mon- McCI,EARY -- Charles H, day. Surviving are wife. Lor. 87, of 177 Covina Ave, died etta; son, Lawrence; brother, ALVTV -- Oscar O.. 88. of 14S3 Rose Ave, died Wednesday. Surviving is wife. Mary. 1 p.m.. Peek Family Colonial' Sen-ice Friday. 3 pnL. Mottell's Mortuary in charge. died Tuesday. Surviving is Tuesday. Surviving are wife,' daughter, Mr. Betty S. Apple. Cora; sons, J. E, C. A.; sister, -Service today. 9 am, Hope Chapel, press. Forest Lawn, Cy- ELDER--Robert F, 74, of 2505 E. 14th St, died Tues; day. Surviving are son, John; daughter, Mrs. Jme Rorier. Miss Elsie McCIeary. Service Friday, 1 p.m, Christensen- Pino Redondo Avenue Chapel JONES-- Henry L., formerly cf 411S Fairman St, Lakewood, died Tuesday in Hemet. Surviving are wife, Cerettie; George; sister, Mrs. Mady Da vidson. Rosary tonight, 7, I is now working in s ,» vtSia. tcy" Feu. T ,,· 7 S etan " fu£ets -, .:.,^ D K SO . I »V ; E In his address at noon In! SECAI--**. t »w. A. i ... · _i *, ., ,, ». . ... wonti Ave, Hopva'k. Boy. Fett. t. Lecture Hall 131, Norbu w3I ..MuiBtur j».-Mr. A Mrt c. aaaie ft PACIFIC CX3AST DRAFERT DECORATORS ·id. Jan TL \ JaJjb^.i-'jrukJL WAA L r. lilAlCTl'aJid that said firm la eompoei-d ef my official aeal the day aad yeai la thia eertificat. Crat aboTa vrit- tea. ------ . . . . . . . _ (SEAM DOELTSE K. Kor I - Jlo * tI 'I per»B. vbon aaine Not ary Pablii ta and for laid Coua- . a ma and r'ac. of reaidenc. la aa explain Tibetan customs and describe the pillage of his country. His appearance is sponsored by the college' lectures and forums committee. Andover Sr_ Corona, ttrl rr t !rftk-~Mr. A Mn. -- ~ "·lower, boi Union Hails Plan on Hraceros' Halt SACRAMENTO (AP)--The California Labor Federation. ItOCEDS-- Mr. t Mn. W. J, Mn, G _ ton Av« , Holly lair tcv. Feb. 4. - *. t- follovs Wiltoa Hauler. S535H Campo Waia. Loci; Beach. CaHfomia Dated January U. 19«i. Eltnature WILTON HACSEa ---- -.,.. State of California, f* · 16 "iLo« Anreles County: r J. r» Lest *^a January 2X 19**. tjefor. me. .». ft*, a a Notary Public ia and for said - · ' "·· -- - lonaiy arpeared WEton iova to xat to b. the is. nam. la aubacribed to Vithia instrument and ackaovl- ' n. executed the same. Seal UAJULTN J. FEICE Kotary Public 3/y Commissloa, Ezpirea NOT. IS. flats. Vy commlsaioa cz* res Sept. 14, 1561. OALTON and CARBON Attorneys at Lav* 0035 E. FUmer Street letlflowar, California 'eb. (. IX 20. ZT. UCt «t--L.E.L Hut- WB- tS«S - . . - . - Bcllota Av«,, PvBirtount. itrt. frt. JL SPEEKST.i'X-Mr. L M^. K^ 18517 Elaine Av», A^t«J», bov, Feb. 7. ^^ HENKEDY-- Wr. A «rv C H., t3S!J ftehrvm PARM -- . ., Avt^ WorwiX OV. Ffb. 7. ^ . . . MA-- Mr, ... iWx A. J- Kd Grtcrv Rd., bov, Fctx I. Hifji Mass Friday, 9-30 »Jn, ( AFL-CIO, Wednesday praisedij^'SSbftSeltr both in St Matthew's Church.'the Council of California " Sheelar*s, Mortuary ia charge. Growers for what it called a ("sensible and forthright* de- COLDBERG--Harry, 82, of cisioa not to seek an exten- 19 Gaviota Ave, died Mon-jsion of the Mexican bracero day. Service today, II JO program. rfetva 1567. Jan. 30. Teb. «. U. SO. UG (f.) LEI MEM NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE I J M D E R D E E D OF TRUST TF t0447 LOAN *M-2(1 "herebr riven that SD TRUST .Lrl. Fi -- 1 «r»- Fen. t. Dilday Family Funeral « . « M ^ . k b « , .Til*. «^11^ c-hUUCi. ^ 3 U i « l t l l i Z A t C I*UC, · L T I C H ' ^ . J ^ '" I^ILU Rosary tonight, 7. B. W. Coon sisteri, Mrs, Helen. McCue, Directors. Funenl Home. Requiem Miss|Mrs. Mae Martin, Mn. Ruth Friday. 10ajn. f St. Anthony's f Smith. Service Friday. 10. BROWN -- Mrs. Anna Sjers to the State Board "Church. " - - Thomas P i t t s , secretary- treasurer of the organization. said a statement by the grow- of N O T I C E I N V I T I N G B I D S FOR THZ IMFEOVTMEXT OF LONG EtACH MARINA EE- TWZ22.T J. H. DAVIIS EPJtX;.?: AND KJLHJXA DEJTE ET THE IXSTJiUlTIOX OF SPRIX- KLER STSTEMJ AM LXXD- SCAP1XG CS THE CTTT OF LON-S EZACH. ClUrORXt*. 13 ·uccessor ». |tmst*e. *r »ab«itatt tnutcf purl_ 4314 Etffl,suutt to the 4eed of trust eiecutej ifcy JOSEPH K. SPEOC »s4 ZLEA- LNTINc; X02 La, SFIXK. bnianc} to4 TlTe. *r,i rcccrifd 3£trcb 7. 155X la book TZ162 pt;p H5 cf Official RecordJ ia the cfflct or the County Recorder cf LOJ Atyetci Couzlj. CfU- foTti*, *xnl jrQr»atnt to ti* Notici of Dcfftalt and jdectloa. ta Sen ttitrcuaier recorded Oct. 1C 1953, m took VI3SC part 129 off »*LA OCficiU P^corfij, Till seQ «a Mtrci I. !»««. \t 11:00 a-Ej., at ti* ~ frcct «ttr»nc» ta t2tt CRD1NAMCEST7 _ AS oEznsAxci or THI OTT COCSCH. OF THE CCTT OT LAXIWOOD AMEXDIXG THE 1CCS1CTPAI. CODE ET AEDIXO TO THE ECTLErxO CODE STAXDAED3 TOR KES- ml to wl-J commrmltr oil leu* tnchid:sr aH rlcht. till* «nd in- tertrt. ti acr. of t£t« cstat* of tail decease A arlr^r vider anl by tlr- tut of uU«l leaj« 1* afii t» Laadj ot co-lessor* vader laid k*** and ta tit royalties, oil. ffaj anl ether " nbstancei prodncti tier«- furfiltart and fur- if ta tht dectdtct located ca th* prenlaea. bject ta 1K3-SI taxes, eondt- r covenatv. reatrlcttoa^ ret- erratiaj. eaKmeta. rtjtt* and rijrttj ct way cf remrd. The term* and cotditioni of ta!» arc cAih la iavful znoner * r t h « uCLlted Ftatei vpoa tb* ccnfinE*- tion of vale. Certificat* of T.t!« and 1/3 r*crcv 'e« at eipeas* of »H*r. Escrow mmrt *· opccrd vEtti a Sank, tltlt company cr jiTtsy* *nl toaa company. Bids or otter* must I* la ·mrlt- r *nd vitt tt recciTfl at tb« aforesaid ofAct cf tht ' uary 2S. O it. THE CTTT COtTJraL OP TTIt cm or LAXEWOOD cots OP-DAW A3 FOLLOWS: SECTION L SecUoallSl tt 3apter 1 cf Artie!. YTU of the LAkevood lionlcipal Code, adlinl C2iapter 71 entitled ·*idea-aika. Curt, and Gutters" ta th. Calf arm Dated: Janua . . EALDO it. KRISTOTICH. public AdminiatraUr aa Admla!atrator of tha estal. of aaid Deceased. 1IA S-3CI1 Ext. (US2 Pub. Feb. ». IX SX Hit (B) L B L ia Ccrpora- Bulldlns; Cod^ 1. hereby amended PIRIE. Deceased. J9«0« S U P I R I O R COURT OF THE · STATE Of C A L I F O R N I A TOR T H E COUNTY CF LOS ANGELES No. SOP U2i transferred from LA. KOTICE OF SALE OF REAL P R O P E R T Y AT PRIVATE SALE d THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF HAKKT JAREIXE THOMPSON-- Mrs. Ela B.. ' urL, HiUside Church,"Rose[79, of 134 Sixth St, S e al I Agriculture Monday indicated t£t?^^ *fi^ v^ ^*^ *·*?*- Hills Memorial Park. Dilday ( Beach. died Monday, Service.they ·'recognize the fcy «ddmi t» uid CLapt«r 71 S«c-l Good caost «xl»tliir therefor, and tloa 7105 ta "id u loUovt: [it belaj for tht bert tnte««ti of 'Section 7105. CAnstructlan Stand- § · i ft ntate. th* uidcrftriifd. · rds. AH iide»aIVm rvjriired t KALDO K. KKISTOT1CH. Pnblie b* eonjtructei IIT tht Wnnicipml Adoinistritor a aimiziijTtr»tor of Codt aj veil o 07 tht Edldinx tht e«tat* of Barry Jardint Piri* Code, nnlew Tarianrt froni the deceased, -rill meX at irriTate «!· terms and prorUlonj of t**t Chap- to tht Mrhert and beet bWIdPr. ter tu been chanted, ihaa fce nAJect to th* eonfinutica of laid constructed of concrttt and la *e- Superior Court ea cr after Jbm- eordanet Tlti city .nandardj and "try 2S, IMt, at Lis office 230 X. tTpedfLcatlons and cf four feet miBroadvay. Gty cf Leu Arr-^s. ia vldta placed vttiln tir fach« of,the 00111117 of Lot Aneelei State ·*·- -- ··-- -- ' -- -- · · *y_^ title and at tht Urn* 60, cf 3881 Gundry Ave, died' charge. ana Family Funeral Krectors in.Friday, 3 p.m, Chnstensen-jof the state's unemployment the city n»n « . I __ * ' . _ . 1 __ . · * I D^.^V f-.l;r.\m4 IPino Redondo Avenue ChapeL'problem.'* IT 1 F-*"* nd Tm«t Company buUdixtf .,-,. « ,,,. nlllr » Jfi'« : » tt * ·* 1U WUabia fcmleTari i? i. i«TM sS Ji!la the cay cl Eererlj- PiTls. eoratr, 5 VtJf «5«?^f^.M °* Loa Aiteks. rUti tf Canioraia. 1 .f tte WtT cr LOB* ., -.,KTlV%Tt^tlrt« «« t« fcl^**^ i C3t7 - 1:00 WALL STREKTS CORNER Famous Address Again Occupied NEW YORK W1 -- Three.agement is due to move short-jtransfer, signature record and ployes returning for a look retired bankers in their 70s ( ly. Then headquarters of departments before retir-twere Leonard A. Keyes, 77, and a fourth now 80 will be the four-story ing in 1919. He's 79. as spry Maplewood, NJ, whe retired c!d returned to WaD Street building fint opened ia 1914 and talkative as a 50-year-old as a vice president in 1951; rlca Driie by the teataHatloa of, Sprinkler S e r n s i an ' t(jT lunch tHs week. . Whit they MW kft them|and Co. faping. · - . . - -.jthe City Eartaeer of salj Clt7 r t»i »s the home of 3. P. Morgan|»nd remembers most of the i Erne$t Tuppen, 80, BeUport,|5 blc ·"* ^ Un *- «p"=?"=»"°a*i Th. City Councnirirtta of -ray - ----- --- -- . -*, property tee, except: lot Cm^fgndft. an th« (i) Eldewtlka coitnictti ta ean-S^temt of wdd decF t«tlon ^Iti occspncr rroroi of tin 4eath, aftd aa th« rlffM.' titl* A trggfh H. exctttdlnx real- ·=* tcterest th*t tht extatl «f said ^r deceasetl tax fej eperutloB ci lav be or etierris* acrjuirtd ether tttan. rea'V ^ addition to» that of laid de- betveea the curb ani ·tx,«** l! '4 *t t2t* tlma ot death. *n and inchei of the property V,vt ta an of that etrtaia real property vith tin exception that the deacrlb«i ai foltova. to-«tt: H. exctttdlnx real- · eaej trrrt tnc^cl zootela and Lotela. r v *l tnstaJled is th* retire area'V Official may deiir- aatt epta artu for (t) A dL-feren. loestloa bo authorized »y th. £131. rasi. tt Impractical or 4Lfa- £.TMa m j£L72 a " entioned prorlaloa. Ii33 * n4 . of Tract Xa. . th* city cf Lent frach. California*, oa CI. Ia th. The occasion marked the Imminent reopening cf 23 THE FOUR veterans are among six known living em- Wan St, known as "The Cor- ployes of the bank who were of the knows address in the worWi'i9j|_ most famous financial dis-' trict By rext week Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. of New York, the nation's sixth larg- that Together the names from his working 'Long Island, N.Y, head of the day i. [cable department whea he re-We just moved in one,tired in 1948, and Edward T. morning and sat d o w n to,Sanders, 72, of New York former and then in the statistical section until P re work.-.e said, recalling thatlCity, secretary to in'day 50 years »go when the »ad cf the bank i a day 50 years ago four,build:ng was first opened. .oom J mar t. obtained a offUr. of the C5tf Eaclaeer. _ . . idi Otr Han. aj»a deposit c.f SZS.OO rer s*t- Panroaat t» Fart 1. Artirl. VII at alaalctpal CM. ef ti. Otr of _ _ _ aote. refcmirr «. «M- AmtAXSON EAXK AXD TECST COJfPAST a* sali Troste* Lon» Eeacb, »._^w __ -^^^ - Ctty Couneil. * worked a total of 160 years i J. Pierpoint Morgan, found-; he retired ia 1956. there. er of the firm, specified the The four veterans spent "My God, what they've design of the building, but much of ranch talking about 'biKA *A kt* " * '**"'' f^Frir* i* vi* fe*trr\rd*i+A l t K « Tn^rt?***^^*!* T17*T1 C»«^A« . r.b. u aa. u. UM (tt LB.I. * A It ." .* 1*« tainly isn't the same," ex- headquarters. · . . e SINCE l»5», when J. P. Morgan and Co. merged with 'Morgan Guaranty Trust Co., headquarters of the combined bank has been at 1(0 Broadway. "The Corner" is where Broad Street meets WalL Across Broad from the original h o m e of the Morgan as he stepped into an elevator. He started with J. P. His sort. J P Jr - . preraUinf rate of per diem wares and overtixn. a-aa;ea for each craft er tjr» of laborer, vorkmaa or tneckaaic reoolred Sa tie per- fonnane. of pufclle work. Copies of laid Resolutloa ar* ca file ia th. »mc. ef the Clt7 Ena^arer.l Ej- - - - - eUastflcaOoa aad reaeral oa NOTICE OF MARSHAL'S SALE FUlatlZf va. T. Defesoaat of said ordiaaaea coataa Ttptioa rzfficiest \» fir. notice of th« purpose of aaid e-rdlaafirc. Ti. Cttr CotmcH farther direct* Ue CUT Clerk, tjwa tht iatrodscUn. of be posted ta three public placi »lthia t!x CUT Tita th. tor. aai plac* of pablie Leari£( eadorci oral nd ed the cornerstone on Dec. 30,]wluch killed more than persons gan employes. Morgan in 1909. worked in THE OTHER former en- "My wife found glass in ray -- clothes when I got home that 30,and .Tertian TSJT* ar. . __ *«-^ ie* rat'd tier'la or referene. thereto Stat. of CaUforxJa. «po» a iadc- two Mor- »na lilt. fore, and effect as If'mesl eatered ta fa«r of i. A- ezpresalr »-t torts tereia. Aar 3LAVGHTEK. 1. W. PAEKJ eoatract Avard'4 fcereaader sfcall GEORGZ W. ELDER, part proTld. that th. Coctractor aroxt an^er the firm aap. aad ttr! complr «1U th. general preTailiac THE DOCTOF-S ECSIXES3 of aa ezecotJoa UraeJ thereca, cr caaa. u t. posted te T. JL ·T th. Xaj-tare* puklla place* arltlia th« CUT.) T«. . , .» /adltlal a aotic. ct Us. tana aad »Ia« of HOWARD T. PAUtATEER. tarorpo-r^trict.. Cooaty .ct Ijn J^ttle^ sail public leiriij. s^Ccr forti'KC CT3CTIOSr~l. TI. CSty Oit'pal Shan certify t» tS«_ adaptkn cf thlj biatricf. sali public fcearlxc;, aettSBr forta'^CTH PAZJMlATEES. ZeTedact* tie camber aad t-ts of this ordi-| Er Ttrtc. of aa .xecatloa iaiuei ·- ·-*· ' ^ Jaaaarf SO. ' ** -- CosrL ' Golf-Ball Liability Disavowed by County REAC of ZocUiera CaSforaia. OtT L F T in AHM« Ivaa. _ From now on, a motorist was improperly aliened banking interests Is the New on C a r t o n Street whose' "They put plywood in the windows that night and we continued right on working the next day.TM . . · . *I DOVT recognize the iiSora.snj atj ji.ii p!ace anymore, but I guess »^ ,, that's where'JJ. used to lit." J»«w« t« r-»i4 C-»n^.*r« «st-^*^* I^wl t**/s'- ^ i...* COB41- rewr- r!Kl« · and ,, __ d* ' term* and eoaditloc* cf M'« l*Tf=l zxuury of tht ;e» Bpoa tht cocflmsa- j.CTfty"j*fiart' that~tL« prorialonji! Certifkatt of Titl« and 1/X cacrev cf thii ordmanc* art BeTeTablc, and/** ·* «P«»« »* tfUcr, if. fcr any rtaaon. any jeatence. E»cro«- mart te «pen»»i -wttH · laratraph. «r lertJoa of thia ordi-! ll *=.a, tit:« company or MTte{i and -- . _^TM ^laa act affect tt« Ta-j El ** cr ft*^«^ «na*t bt la vrttlo.! Udlty cf th* rettalnJnr part* ·*,"£ *J5 bt rreetred a t t h t ^or*- thi* ordinance »*?^ offset cf th« waderrl.pied ti- STCTIOX t Ttt City Coonefl D S? 1 * t3 ? t0 *-. . ,,,. hertby_findt »4 **cU«, that tt* V^tfggfiL iwtfffbnCB. Public Administrator aa Adminlvtrator of tht ntatt of vald DeceajKd- StA .V-3C11 £zt, 1432 ^V Feb. U. 30. 27. 1X4 3t L.g.1. SK93 t NOTICE Or MARSHAL'S «ALC N*. nr ecs ^~-- Plaintiff . ty fh. Kunlrt- . Lona; Eeaca Jadicial County el Lo. Aorrs. rate of p*r 4i«a wa*ft and OT**T- ^ __ _ * · - a« *tpectfi*l Sa raid hidctnn.t eriditora, and [i--*^-- _ . .-- ,__. . _ -^ . . "·":'.;~T. jpAjjitAtrta^ and !w, r^trrn"* ej paymectt o( th* or*, rbovinx a art ~*balaA£t of laffrtoy CndJ tLat uiere art's* ac«s-!debtors i!»«trc a net balaoc* of of Lone laca ia .v-rordar* $1,13.1 $8 acteaTTy to* e* cald jadx-Jpaper* of tmeral cimdatbm puVI$1,171.i actaalir 6a« oa'.ratd prDTiHlon* of JTIaaa 4 mtot ca Cm 4att of th« txroacee Bshrd Ttthia th* City, Tk« Citybadcxent o* tin d*t« of th* l*-*w- ,-^u.. » k » No. B.-C31. ;cf *ald fTfctitloa, I tar* lerV-d.OsnacH, *owerer, farther tHrrct* asc* of aali execntioa, I ' hart AH Md* and tid bead* cl-.aTl V.BT»« aa th* rirM. titl* and taterrtt that, for the pcrpo** cf tlTiitf jerted vpca all th* rirtt, t« and itmltt^d vpov farms t» 1* **-|of ial4 judrm^at d^tton ta theladdM arrtSea of th*. ad^ptfcra of til* Jct^rert of laid todrment dtfctarf rurrd it the nffhre *f th* City property ia th* Ccmary of Lo* Aa-fordinawre. th* lam*; ahaH t« MW'ta th* prutx-Jtr n tit County r.f - ~ "· ~ ih.' telVt. Ct4£t of Calaforata, 4«-|t*hed at It-art one* vliiia fineea'txt Anrele*. Etat* of Cai^oraU, [acribed as foRov.r . j, » i" ** u ·** r ** 1 »·»»·«· *» theldeiriiVd'aT'fi.artirf:" arcotnpanVd Vy] Lotjl, Kk. E. Trl F^M Park fl.ILcrr F«*arh Udeprndeat. a onr»-| Lot IX Tract 709. Iocr Ee»ck. , uonty of .tea Aatelea, .ftaf.) of ,Cajifomla. · * commonly kaovs a* or Ufc draft. 51*7 Book ». fac* 19, aj recorded p«.xr of teaeral drruUtJoa ta Lcf Coocty · Auditor of tb*;ia Oil oflV* cf tit Let Ac*ele* Aaretes Coanty, rtltara, tkovererJcaiiforal L, and drava 01 Cooaty Recorder. ta ·» pabUsk MM erdinaac* «h»Ilj Korc -- » · - · --"-------i v »* M M * f ·u^svi *4^«^i * jajj*^ Luvtc;, ikiic; j TI .^4 ·; LV/IU, IAJC;I t j --^ -- -- · * for three years Morgan longer are pajinz off on sucb'is * 40-foot-hftb fence aloe* ^"R^ 0 "« P* 0 *'*"! office, aiatertaia. appliances. -- .,_, . _ --.-, ,, ,,. -...,. .. w. --- --^, ^.rap.MrK.. k*«, ri-yrTM.^.»,i.lL. *^ J * »",,.,, e-V.'" .-i^lLl , » i -n.:. .. ...n_ .--_:.t. r^H'", arldol.f t»« wort called Staler aU Ut.rlAt. Mle .aad ta- CITT OT LAEEWOOD 10th tee last the county now has taken "an The 90-by-136-foot room withlfc^d ta aa amount «t a»c s* tta= xmaarai cacna. $20 miUJon when completed.'Oct. 4 broke hfs windsbield. ' r * « i o n » b l e neastires* to|28-foot ceiling is dominatedjp^'.'S til p.^eit'rfVa'ia'bS ej*wft l TuSr?7inte« · Vanous departments of the] In the past, superrisors^cuard aganist inch accidents by a £o!d and class chande-i*^ material eiaim*. THEODORE* G. LIE baak have beea moving in hare paid stich claims, ad-'ind future claims should be'lier with more than 1,900.«^Ma tea to IST from t*.^at. us r A w ·*«?''"" n ° r " 1 since late last year. To? manumitting that the Ifch hole'denied. Jerystal pieces. ^.n"eTn,^t, f u." i^n^ r,"'^'j? ...r 0 .; 1 ^^^ (,o ·i * « ·JKh, Codtj- cf »« AtrelfS. State 1 Caiiora a. I ana df at pab.1 --»tloa t* th. Uznest bidder, for e^J^lei,.: «i UrtdT^SeVot tiV CalfedICOCXtl CrXos A-VGEIja .A s'tlSei? .at?. J rli» f t! *taS*«ad 1 te- :aned Static. aU U* rlrtt. Mle aad Ja-CTTT Or LAEEWOOD j tereat « ntd Jwffieat clwn Ja ·;oM tfrest of .aid Jndrnent debtor* taf^I. It E«nattL fytj m Oerfc cr tte ta. abor. deacrtbed procertr* * r It* iiraca tereof aa mar t« »ece»- .nrr ta satlafr and ezecatloav anta CttT'accraed tetereat aad eoata. . ' ' Dated at Lent Eeaca. Caaferela, rebmarr 7. IMi. t LC£LTE K. KEATS. Xarsna! lane'ste"tT^U. CltT OermTVad tiit Lrs Aare* Cottntr · __.._ .. to. taint TU adopted .7 tt* foBov- Br W. E. Caaer. tlenteaaat tea; rolUcaa Tot.: j tt . Coaia3nia Eiie,^ Eartt atolCMT f. I JT«je»rr aad Xr. jflaintirr. Artarn.y KAT: rourteUiriaa Xacoboal 119 Jrr«*« Bulldtnf AES13T: Sone lefij BeK* Si Cahf«mis ) LBIl JO BEN M I I 1 . C«7 Orl Tib. II. ». Z7. Mar. S, IK I (« LEt Tf t . Aaxe. County IT Warre* E. Baker, LJcstenact

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