The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 8, 1906 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 8, 1906
Page 1
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XICOTHE CONSTITUT VOL. XVII NO. 208 [1T5 FUN TO BE L DRESSED «?•>-. (', B.E THAT WHEN You CHlLDRcfS To SCHGOL.GOOD CLOTHES ARE AS ESSENTIAL A5 GOOD JcHooL SooKS, Y«J KNOW THAT A WELL DRESSED CHILD TflKESfltfGH MORE INTERETTlrt fit 57UDIE5. AfVD 'THE Di^RTeflCHER SHOULD BEGItf THE TERM WITH NEW CLOTHES. GO WHERE YOU (JET THE BEST UE.TtfATC /WTH/vmc. BUSTER BROWN. iLH>. \ $r& Bu;HM*»* IRMUVlV PMflTStD TTGES LSSSon MISS MAE ISABELL BECOMES MRS. ROBISON laremony Performed at Fairfield, Iowa, Saturday Morning— Will Beside in Eldon Miss Mae Isabell, daughter of Landlord and Mra. Isabell of the Henrietta hotel, was married Saturday morning at nine o'clock at Fairfield, Iowa, to J. W. Robinson of Eldon, Iowa. Miss Isabell had been visiting in Iowa for the past week and the first news her parents received in regard to her approaching marriage was Friday evening in a letter. Saturday morning they re- CHILUCOTIIK, Mo., SATUUUAY, SEPTEMBER 8 , 1906 '— BREAKS ALL RECORDS Best Bank Statement in History of Livingston county As may be seen from the statement of the financial condition of September 4th which appears in today's issue of the CONSTITUTION, the Citizens National banK shows gross assets of §746,069.49. This excels the previous record also held by this bank and is the best statement ever made by a financial institution in the history of Livingston county. With its capital of §150,000, surplus and undivided profits of §23,373.12, and deposits amounting in the aggregate to §421,491.37, it is plain that Chillicotbe has a finan- DAILY EDITION PKICE FIVE CENTS MRS. MARY TOOTLE JAMES DELIVERS ADDRESS . ceived a telegram announcing the (• marriage. Mr. Robison is a conductor on cial concern which is clearly of the most important among interior cities of the state. one the LESSONS YOUR CHILDREN CAN LEARN? HOW MUCH MORE INTEREST THEY WILL TAKE IN THEIR 4IV/ __ _,,.-iT^T-iT>t>-<.rixM^x.rTM/: to rvC. mi LIVU..J s. IJIL.J „ 1<JU - - 'I this city with her parents from BOOKS IF THEY ARE NOT BOTHERED BY KNOWING | E iaon. She is a pretty and at- " *"^ _ _ . -. , r* t-l -1-1 T> ft T\ lfi»ijlfrlV MATES HAVE ON BETTER CLOTHES THAN THEY HAVE. BESIDES IN AFTER LIFE THEY WILL GET ALONG BETTER IF THEY KNOW HOW TO APPEAR WELL. WHOM Do YoU PATRONIZE, THE SHABBY OR THE WELL CLAD? WE WISH TO ENCOURAGE EDUCATION, THEREFORE WE SELL OUR WEARABLES FOR LITTLE^ STUDENT MEN FOR VERY REASoNABLEPRoFITS. <500D SUITS FROM $2.00 TO $5.0O. WE CARRY EVERYTHING LITTLE MEN WEAR. S5PPLE CLOTHING CO. I tractive young lady and has made many friends among the younger society set since she has lived hore, who will be surprised to learn oi her marriage. Shortly after the ceremony the couple left for Eidon where thov will make their future home. On being interviewed, President W. W. Edgerton and Cashier R. F. McNally stated that they are now aiming after the million dollar mark.and with the known reputation for stability and courteous treatment of customers which this bank bears, and with the prospects for future commercial greatness which Chillicothe and the fertile country tributary to it hold it looks as though oven the million dollar mark should be but starter. ^ TO TEACiTMANiS SCHOOL MOVED TO CHILLICOTHE Grant Potter moved his family to Chillicothe this week from his COWBOYS RETURN HOME The Wild West show which gave exhibitions at the fair week during the Fair Sized Audience Greeted President of Missouri Federated Women's Club. The Interstate Good Roads convention closed with the addresses delivered at the Luella theatre Friday evening by Mrs. Mary Tootle James of St. Joseph and A. B. Hulburt of Washington. Mrs. James, who is president of he Missouri Federation of Women's clubs, made the first address and took for her subject, "What a Woman can do for Good Roads." During the course of her address she talked on the benefit of the club women of today "The women of today" she said, •are doing more than women ever did toward the betterment of the farm, ; garden, house and good roads. Good roads and well kept farms are the factors in uplifting a community. The club women of today are responsible in one sense of the word for the keeping of the streets and alleys clean. All eyes of the nation have been turn- » * Uo grounds tftis _ farm in Jackson to.vnsmp. He,^ convention, returned mo ved into the S. P. Strean house: ^^.^ WyQ _ Friday night . on SouthLocust street. j p ro m there tho company will go Mr and Mrs/Motley of Liberty t o the ranch near that f place. The arrived Saturday and are the , ahO w gave perfect satisfaction guests of their daughter, Mrs. J.C.; during Us engagement here and i the patroas were well pleased. CONSTITUTION Special. futney, England, Sept Cambridge won the great international boat race this morning defeating Harvard by two lengths. Time 19 minutes and 48 seconds. ^ - -i—— CHURCH CLEARED $100 The ladies of St. Joseph's church, who served meals in the Adams express building during the Good Road's convention, cleared about §100. Profoesor A. E. employed to teach tho Manning school east oi Chula. Professor Hart happened to be out of employment at this time of the year by a peculiar circumstance. The directors of the school he taught last year sent a contract for him to sign for the coming year and by an oversight he returned it without having signed it. The directors supposed by this that he would not accept the terms of tho contract and employed another teacher. Professor Hart did not know of this until he went to take charge of the school, when he found another teacher employed. Being a teacher of ability and experience ho had no trouble in finding another school. nmu OUHUUL »~ ~- g . nco Gov> Folk Hart was Friday Bdto ™ ,, np , hn state . has been cloanicm tho state. "The club women stand strong and firm for their rights. Wo WOMEN SUFFER NEEDLESS MISERY. T T V71 T A*-*-*. 1 ^ MRS. LIZZIE SIIARPE MISS MARY MAYGEiS. HIS NIECE DEAD Dr. L. E. Tracy received a paper Saturday morning announcing tho sudclca death of his.niese.Miss home of her at Brighton, Ellen Israel, at the sister, Mrs. Terry, Iowa, last week. Miss Israel is known here having visited at Dr. Tracy's home several times. She was visiting at Brighton and was taken ill suddenly and passed away within thirty minutes. Tho cause of ill bll * * "J »-«••«"» — her death is not known. She had have a right to ask for a voice m tho good roads petition. Most of tho women in tho asylums today are farmer's wivea, who have been shut up by themselves at their homos with tho lack of companionship. The country women are entitled to clubs the same as the city women. The women who live in tho towns and cities have theatres, concerts and other enjoyments where the country women have none. If the country women would organize clubs they would make bettor wives, mothers and housekeepers and would help to build bcttei roads. "Public opinion goes along way towards getting good roads. Go to the members of the legislature and talk to them, convince them of the necessity of good roads. All over tho state the womon'd clubs are forcing Iho compulsory school law to the front and why can t they force tho good roads law to tho front?" Mrs Jamea was given the closest attention of her audience and her address waa well received. The next speaker introduced was A. B. Hulburt of Washington, of the j work together for the betterment J of the roads throughout the state." If we were asked to define what was the most often expressed sentiment during the Good Roads convention he would have to re- reply, "The demand for a new constitution for Missouri." Speakers were generally of the opinion that before the right kind of roads could be built for Missouri there must be new methods of taxation and laws for new officers, and that it was not best to patch up the old one. The CONSTITUTION previously quoted Walter Williams, John Howatt and Judge Dempsey and has published the CONSTITUTION'S resolutions on the subject. Dr. R. H. Jesse and Senator Stone were of the same opinion Dr. Jesse said, speaking of the ridiculously small amount of revenue collected by Missouri, less than §4,000,000 annually: "The yearly revenue of this state should amount to 9 million dollars and that too without adding a cent in taxeu to tho present levy on the farm or real property anywhere. There are dozens of sources in Missouri from which revenue should come but which under our present constitution are untaxed, We don't know how to levy taxes." Senator Stone, during the course of his address, made this remark: "We have undoubtedly reached a point in the development of Missouri where radical changes in the constitution ought to be made, but let me warn you to be careful in what you do when you sel about the work of revision. Send only your best, your most conser vative, your wisest men to Jefferson City to make your new constitutions. Be careful that tho revised document, while providing for increased revenues and permitting greater.latitude in disburs ing them, puts a curb upon ex travagance and recklessness. Do not trust your legislatures to dis tribute the people's wealth accord ing to their whim. I would no trust any public body with un limited power to tax the peopl and disburse the revenue of the state." AHEAD OF CONSTITUTION CONTEST CANDIDATES Voting Will Stop Next Saturday and Leaders ara Almost Tied for Position—Today's Count Next week promises to be an active one for the young ladies who stand at the head of the list in the CONSTITUTION gift contest. Promptly at 3 o'clock next Saturday, September 15, the voting in this contest will close and the final count begin which shall determine who shall receive the fine $303 piano, the §100 talking machine and the gold watch. The candidates are so close together that those who win will haye to • do it by the liveliest hustling. A big vote was cast Saturday, but no change was made in the standing of the contestants. Ruth Francis, Chilli 33,560 Vernie Grouse, Chillico.... 32,050 nez Cox, Grand R 23,8oO Louise Joslin, Chilli 23,630 RuthThompson.CreamR.. 16,550 Euterpe Club 10,730 Sadie Bradford, Chilli.... 9060 mo Coberly, Chilli -4340 Nola Thompson, Chilli 4590 Ona C. Lowey, Chilli Eva Flenniken.Mooresy.. tfary Grace Seay, Chilli.. 3acnett Thompson,Sou. p. kaura Bird, Wheeling... Pearl Venard, Fairview... Lucile Venable, Jackson . May Brookshier, Chilli... Cora Carey, Blue M Joseph Iberg, Medicine... Loyal Knights, Chilli 880 Hazel Estep, Chilli 820 Eva Toner, Monroe 800 Ethel Gann, Sampsel 800 Banna Kerr, Green 740 "(Continued on 4th page) 2740 2730 2060 1940 1800 1760 1730 1320 1100 1100 Deaf homo and i of thousands of women in America suffering from In treating this class of ailments. been a teacher in tho Dumb college at her lOlatho, Kas. ' A 60-POUND WATERMELON George Monroe, south of city, took first prize at the Livingston county agricultural and horticultural show attho Good Roads convention for tho biggest watermelon, his entry weighing oU pounds. Tho prize was a .years subecription to tho weekly CONSTITUTION, and tho monster melon was turned over to this office Friday afternoon. It was just as good as it looked. Mr. Monroe is famous for tho size and quality ot his watermelons. •N view of the great multitude of Entire System Affected. I i.'S V1OY V- «*•*' o women suffering from some form of female disease and yet unable to find any cure, Dr. Harlman, the renowned gynccologist.has announced his willingness to direct the treatment of as many cases as may make application to him during the summer months, without charge. Miss MaryMayger, 200 Delhi street, Philadelphia, Fa., writes: "Before taking your medicine I was completely run down. Headache and Backache. "My back and head ached all the time and I was so nervous that it was impossible for me to attempt any work. "After using two bottles of Peruna there was a wonderful change and 1 am now a well woman. Qratitude, "I cannot express my gratitude sufficiently and 1 am recommending it to all my friends." j) r . Hartman's treatment will be conducted by correspondence. The medicines prescribed can be obtained at all drug stores. Complete Treatment. Tlie Doctor will prescribe all inedi cines, applications, hygienic fiod diet- wy regulations sectary to eS?Pt osm- alete relief, Mrs. James Golloher, Norwood, Ontario, Can., writes : "I was suffering from systemic catarrh for about two years. "In damp weather I was unable to do my work, as my back aud sides would ache, and I thought if I did not soon find a cure I could not live long. "1 saw where Peruna had cured hundreds who had suffered as I was suffering. I decided to try it. 'After taking the first bottle, I felt a big change. Completely Cured. '1 have taken five bottles and I am completely cured. "I thank Dr. Hartmsn for his kind advice to me." Dr. Hartman's offer will hold good during the entire summer months. Any woman can become a regnlai patient by sending a written statemenl of her age. condition of life, symptoms of her derangements, and previous treatment. Dr. Hartman's Advice. Mrs. Lizzie Sharpo, 203 Friendship street, Providence, R, I., writes: "Some time ago I wrote yon, asking advice in regard to my health, describing wy s '" jrasv tdvlse &BQ sew msfUoioe fa? only fjw t- $$ yjjaim&w i w » w» ws* "I had suffered for a number of years with constipation, indigestion and female troubles of the worst form. I was unable to do my housework without help. Satisfactory Results. "After taking Peruna I have expel lenccd the most satisfactory results. I am like a new woman. "I do all my own housework for seven rooms, thanks to Peruna. Recommends Peruna. "I want to recommend Peruna to all who are similarly afflicted." The principal remedy which Dr. Hartinan relies upon in curing catarrhal diseases of women is JTeruna. Hundreds of women sufferers find Peruna a household remedy. Many of these women have written letters of thanks for the benefit they have obtained. Dr. Hactman's Experience. As is well known, Dr. Hartman is the the Hartman Sanitarium, has a department . TO SET ASIDE WILL JosQph Hiningcr and others ai- ei suit in circuit court late Friday afternoon to set aside tho will ot the late Milton McDanield. The case will come up at the September term of circuit court. J. M- Da vis and Sons represent the plaintiffs, an engineer in the employ office of public roads in the United States department of agriculture. Mr Hulourt started his address by going back to tho time the Indian trails ran through the country and comparing them to the present roads. Ho said: "There are so many good reasons for good roads wo cannot ignore them. A good road law should be passed and it is now time for the state of Missouri to nass a law which will settle the highway question forever. I am heartily in favor of a highway commissioner. Tho road tax should b« P »id in cash instead of being worked out by tho tax pay- ors The roads where tho taxes are worked out in most places are a failure. Where tho cash is paid it has been a success "Each county should employ a highway engineer, a man who un demands road building and let this man have complete charge over the building of roads. Each county should be divided into districts and one man have junsdi'.- on over each district. In January of each year two-thirds of the oad taxes collected should u TO WED ILLINOIS GIRL James Cameron, who travels for Marshall Field company of Chicago, and who makes his head- Barters in Chillicothe, has gone o Chicago from which olaae he vill go to Sandwich, 111., where he will wod a young lady of that ,ity. After the wedding the bride and bridegroom will return to Ihillicotho whore they will make heir future home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nicholson -cturned Friday night from Kansas City, where they have been spending their honeynoon. The couple were married here Wednesday. MMM Ghi-Namel Demonstration You are cordially invited to attend and witness a demonstration and tests of Chi-Namel, the best interior wood finish, at our store this week, Sept. 3, -1, 5 and 6. Chi-Namcl is a varnish made to walk upon, it will withstand boiling water, thumping, pound- in" or scraping without marring its" beautiful jrloss. No other will. Don't fail to see the tests of the greatest varnish of the age. Clark's Pharmacy Henrietta BuHding.. CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI. PERFORMED OPERATION , road taxe8 C011WWM —— Dr. A. J. Simpson performed an working tho roads and one- operation on R. A Stevensori^ plac?d ^ _„ ome^ency^d Saturday morning at St. Mary The operation was pro successful L and tient is getting along a coald be expected the pa- as MISSALUTTO HOSPITAL. Mrs. Emma Slack of Eudora, to be used at any time needed •e are hardly twenty-five per of the roads worth macadamizing The traffic over tho road is not sufficient to pay for the cost of the road. Good roads are of value than the products over them. Good roads the value of the crops He is thus brough t to of suclv cases every year, the most «bo»' return to their horn** to complete their treatment by - -* LJK* «*•*••*** : bo St. Mary's hospital. 2 ood roads work. This ^ .!•__. AV1.3 C _ copyright 1906 a-. The House of Kuppenhelmef "Yes" or "No?" "Today men's judgments are based largely upon the introductory first glance"-says a well-known writer. Whether your answer be favorable or unfavorable depends a great deal on your personal appearance and nothing can help you more in this respect than Clothes made by the house of Kuppenheimer, and sold by us. Kuppenheimer Clothes have style, snap and a certain elegance in material and fit which any man will find an advantage and a help both in a business way and socially. They will enable you to dress perfectly at a reasonable outlay. Prices $15.00 to $30.00. W. F. STARREY

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