Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 14
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 14

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 14
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A-I4-INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELESRAM (PM) Long EMCh. Calll., Monday, Feb. J4, 1W1^ MARTM ILL DETROIT (ff -- Actress Mary Martin was strickon with food poisoning and the Saturday night performance of the musical "1 Do! I Do!" at the Fisher Theater was canceled. A theater spokesman said Miss Martin would return to the stag? tonight. Alpert's Music Transforms Old Clwplin Studios DOUGLAS WEST COAST "THE 33LOcHn sw./ BROTHERHOOD 1 HE 6-4209 / Bl!£j,a Piling / PLUS 1 ---' "STRANGE AFFAIR" BOTH IN COLOR OPEN 6:15 1 Woll Disney's "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" "CHARLIE, THE LONES9ME COUGAR" ~a-« ONLY OPEN 6:15 Woll Disney's "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" OPtNNOON FRANK SINATRA "tADYIN CEMENT" plus "PRETTY POISON" BOTH IN COtOR OPEN 4:15 IEIMOSI SHORE BELMONT 491! E. Second SI. GE8 1001 1 8:30 ONLY STEVE MCQUEEN "THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR" «:30 ONLY OPEN 4:30 DAVID NIVEN "IMPOSSIBLE YEARS" PLUS "PAPER UON" BOTH IN COLOR . HOLLYWOOD (UP!) -! The Los Angeles Cultural i Heritage Board has made i the ancient Charlie Chaplin Studios an historic-cultural monument in honor of the man who made the little tramp a cinematic immortal 50 years ago. The city fathers may find it necessary to declare the studio a double historic-cultural monument in another 50 years, thanks to the brilliance of its present occupant -musician Herb Alpert. Alpert is as musically ingenious as was Chaplin comedically. The youthful trumpeter has converted the musty sound stages into what may be the most modern, sophisticated recording studios in history. Young men in their 20s and 30s sit behind consoles filled with dials, b u t t o n s , switches and tape equip- By VERNON SCOTT ment making new sounds. BARBERSHOP QUARTET SHOW FRIDAYS SATURDAY MARCH 14 15 L.B. MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM FOR TICKETS CALL 432-8047 NEiaHIOBHOOD BELLFLOWER HOLIDAY (Smoklnu Lose) TO 7-7721 "THE WRECKING CREW" "WAIT UNTIL DARK" DOWNEY NORWALK MERALTA, Downey TO 1-2281 «:30-"THE BROTHERHOOD" "STRANGE AFFAIR" NEW AVENUE, Downey WA 3-fi7Bl 6:30--"CAMELOT" 'WITH t YOU GET EGGROLL" 658-677] NORWALK, Norwalk 4 P.M.--'SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON' "LOST CONTINENT" SAN PEDRO THE RESULT at AM Records is revolutionizing eight-track siereo recording. The end product of an Alpcrt recording is better than a front row seat at a concert. Alpert's contributions to music would be enough were they limited to sound techniques. But his Tijuana Brass and its soaring popularity is as significant as his studio innovations. Maybe more so. Herb and the Brass have cut 11 albums. All were Gold Records before they went on sale based on advance orders by distributors. In his comfortable, tastefully decorated offices in Chaplin's old studio, Alpert is the antithesis of his music. * * * * WHERE it is bold, challenging and revolutionary, Herb is quiet, introverted and sensitive. He is unable to talk about himself comfortably. He appears equally ill at ease on camera. Asked why he was considerably less bold personally than .his music, Albert groped for words. "My horn is an extension of my 'being," he said haltingly. "I want to sing through the trumpet rather than play a brass instrument. There's a difference. It's my way of expressing myself. "About being free and easy on camera, I'm just a musician who made EARL WILSON'S BROADWAY The ONLY Way to Be Picketed STRAND, 1035 So. Pacific TE "LADY IN CEMENT" "PRETTY POISON- WARNER 832-7227 7 and 10:35- "THE BROTHERHOOD" 8:45 --"STRANGE AFFAIR" TORR4NCE UNITED ARTISTS 325-4232 "THE BROTHERHOOD" "STRANGE AFFAIR" Rolling Hills, PCH-Crenshaw 325-26M 7 P.M.--'They came to Rob Las Vegas' "ASSIGNMENT TO KILL" WILMINGTON GRANADA 834-3477 "CULANDO TU NO ESTAS" "BONITAS LOS TAPATIAS" La Mirada, Alondra, Firestone W1-26M "HELLFIGHTERS" "WITH 6 YOU GET EGGROLL" PARAMOUNT, 14711 Paramt. «33-«4J "PLANET OF THE APES" "Magnificent Men in Flyino Machines" ,1121,7 LOUGBUCtl II? EOCIAN OPEN 12:30 NOW SHO¥/!NG ELIZABETH TAYLOR MIA FARROW morc haunteci than "' Roscmar ^ s Baby h A JOHN HEYMAN FROOUCTCTJ/ JOSEPH LDStYS "SECRET CEREMONY" ROBERT MITCHUM PLUS--CLINT EASTWOOD IN "COOGAN'S BLUFF" tm FRANCISCO JEWEli SERIES 11-11. TICKETS ON SALE NOW 1969 PACIFIC INDOOR FEB. 28, MAR. 1-2 PRICES: $2 thru $4. Jrs. 16 and under Vi piico Sat. Mat. and both Sun. porfs. Tickets at ail Wallichs Music City stores Mutual Ticket agencies and at Computicket Outlets, FOR INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS Ull LONG BEACH ARENA, 437-2255 'A A ROOIO COW»Oti' ASSOCIATION tVINT HERB ALPERT Sweet Sounds some recordings. I'm not an entertainer. I'm not particularly nervous on camera. I'm only being myself." * * * * ALPERT doesn't know a key light from a flashlight. Neither is he aware of his "good side" or up- singing. Rut when he puts that trumpet to his lips he creates a new world of sound. He is the first instrumentalist to reach the apex of his craft and simultaneously become a major star with the public. You may speak of Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, the Dorseys, Glenn Miller and all the other players of instruments, save a few pianists and guitar strummers. But none has shone as brightly as Alpert. He is to instrumentalists what Sinatra and the Beatles are to vocalists. Yet lie says: "My music reflects what I've lived. I play to suit my own taste because, as you know, there is no common denominator." NEW YORK -- 'What's so bad about being picketed? I like it. Twelve b e a u t i f u l blondes carrying picket signs wiggled t h e i r miniskirts up and down in front of my B'way office because 1 wrote a column saying "Brunettes are in charge of the world . . . Whatever happened to blondes? What bottle of peroxide did they disappear behind?" The dazzling darlings, who admitted that Clairol sent them, carried signs with thing slike, "Lucrezia Borgia was a brunette." I tried to get them to occupy my office and live here, like the pickets did at Columbia, but they were too smart. They stayed on the sidewalk. ^ * * * HAS E.W. heard there's a blonde in the White House?" one sign said. They also listed such blondes as Brigitte Bardot, Angela Lansbury, Joey Heatherton, Joanne Woodward, Catherine Deneuve, Jane Fonda, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Nancy Sinatra, Jane Morgan, Dina Merrill, Tuesday Weld, Mamie Van Doren, Marlene Dietrich, Twiggy, Carol Charming -- and Phillis Diller. "Which of those are really blondes?" I asked. They shrugged. But one of the 12 pickets swore she's a real blonde. One out of 12, that's a pretty good average, I guess. I wasn't so stupid say- BRIGnTE ANGELA ing brunettes rule the world. My Beautiful Wife is a brunette. Oh, I don't mean now, necessarily. Originally! I have a wonderful memory. The reason we don't hear about blondes is that blondes are naturally quiet, shy and retiring. * * * * "EVERYBODY tells me 'stay busy,'" Jane Russell said -- so she returned to work at the Flagship, Union, N.J., three months after the death of her husband Roger Barrett whom she'd married less than three months before. Jane's singing and dancing with long-time partner Beryl Davis. She goes to Toronto from New Jersey. Jane's bridegroom died of a massive heart attack Nov. 18. "He was only 47 and strong as an ox. He used to carry me across the stage and I'm a big girl. That was in Chicago where we met last summer. The play was 'Here Today.' "And to think," Jane added, "we used to laugh at that title." * * * * WE GOT a flash that Dustin Hoffman was running around Central Park in the snow in his shorts. He was, too -- tennis shorts -- for a tennis scene on a snow-cleared court for his "John and Mary" film with Mia Farrow. He and Mia are working together so smoothly that everything is -- as the young set says -- "just whammo." Glenda Farrell, suffering a viral infection, went into a hospital. Violet Dunn took over her role in "Forty Carats" . . . Natalie Wood's in Kitzbuchel, Austria, with her fiance, Richard Gregson, producer of Paramoum's "Downhill." T O D A Y ' S BEST LAUGH: Pat Hemingway heard a H'wood producer sigh, "If only 1 could bor- rciw 5100,000, I'd be out of debt." WISH I'D SAID THAT: 1 A fellow e x p l a i n e d about TV violence: "It oc- curs at my house every time I want to change channels." EARL'S PEARLS: William Needles, featured in the B'way hit, "Hadrian VII," cherishes a review from early in his career. It says, "Mr. Needles gave a sew-sew performance." Van Harris tells at the Copa of the man who kept urging his delinquent son to open up a store, "and one night he did." . . . That's earl, brother. PACIFIC WALK-IN THEATRES! ART J h 1 Chernr *· GE 8-S05 J "A MAN AND A WOMAN" PLUS 2ND COLOR HIT! "INTERLUDE" OPEN 6:45 S * P.M. ·* ********** BOX OFFICE OPENS 6:30 P.M. PLAZA; GRADUATE" "(SOT MILLIONS" PKEULJO, HA 5 - M 3 0 i»i i- »«» EXCLUSIVE SHOWING HELD OVER--REG. PRICE Positively Last 2 Days HURRY! ENDS TOMORROW SHOWN 8 P.M. ONLY * Winner ol W Academy Awards ,.flMDQSFUIiaji LAKEWOOD CENTER,, OPEN t P.M., STARTS 6:1S Suggested for Mature Audiences! KIRK DOUGLAS · Color "THE BROTHERHOOD" "HALF-A-SIXPENCE" ALL COLOR LONG BEACH TOWNE Atlantic ind Sin Anton* CA 2-1221 OPEN 4 P.M., STARTS 4:30 Suggested for Mature Audiences! Gary Lockwood · Elke Sommer "THEY CAME TO ROB LAS VEGAS" All Color "ASSIGNMENT TO KILL" OPEN NOON Suggested for Mature Audiences!! Gary Lockwood · Elkc Sommer "THEY CAME TO ROB LAS VEGAS"--All Color "ASSIGKMENT TO KILL" "GONEWITHI ;Lo N6BEA cH THEWIND"|:M'voLi Presented on Wide Screen Technicolor Stereophonic Sound! THE LONG BEACH JAYCEES PRESENT BUSINESS SAMPLER nuco $onn IN CDEC * Entertainment · Services U V Ell UU IN I IILL ·Merchandise · Foods NOTHING MORE TO PAY- YOU MAY BE CALLED TODAY! $12.95 COVERS THE COST OF PRINTING AND DELIVERY TO YOUR DOOR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! IF NOT AS ADVERTISED! YOUR BUSINESS SAMPLER Contains 61 Gift Certificates, each good for something absolutely FREE! Redeemable at 33 businesses right in your area. This Is a Special Advertising Get-Acquainted Offer! f OR |NFOWAtf |ON 1 OR TO ORDER CALL | A LIMITED NUMBER OF FAMILIES Throughout the Long Beach area will be called by telephone to receive this Get-Acquainted Advertising offer! If one of our operators calls you she will arrange delivery to your home if desire! you so NO DISCOUNT TICKETS- NO 2 FOR ONES NO GIMMICKS iEACH VOUCHER GOOD FOR SOMETHING ABSOLUTELY FREE! 1 FREE: These Items Listed Below- $ 8 Worth of Dry Cleaning · Four Shampoos Sets · 4 Free Dinners Front End Alignment · 2 Pr. of Nylons · 8x10 Portrait · Oil Change · TWO Facials Front Wheels Balanced «Car Wash · One Room of Carpet Cleaned · 2 Haircuts Brake Adjustment»6 Lines of Bowling*Pizza 'Minor Motor Tune-up»TV Service Call PLUS 28 OTHER FABULOUS FREE OFFERS 490 ILL SEATS I MISHWfl MY TIDE! \ Long Beach Blvd. at 6th St. · 436-3207 OPEN f P.M.. STARTS «:30 Suggested for Mature Audiences! MIA FARROW · COLOR "ROSEMARY'S BABY" "WAIT UNTIL DARK" DR5WF.-BW THEATRES SHOW STARTS AT 6:30 CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE LONG BEACH CIRCLE DRIVE-IN 101 Hiwdy and i Llktwood Bivi 439-9513 ' Suggested for Mature Audlencesi KIRK DOUGLAS · All Color "THE BROTHERHOOD" 'THE STRANGE AFFAIR" San'Diego fnrf 1 I Bellllowir Bl. I HA 3-7422 1 suggested for Mature Audiences! Gary Lockwood · Elkft Sommer "THEY CAME TO ROB US VEGAS"--All Color "ASSIGNMENT TO KILL" LONG BEACH. LAKEWOOD " DRIVE-IN ' ALL WALT DISNEY SHOW! "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" Color "HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE" Suggesfed for Mature Aodiencesl KIRK DOUGLAS · All Color "THE BROTHERHOOD" 'THE STRANGE AFFAIR" Suooeiled for Mature Audienceil Gary Lockwood · Elke Sommer "THEY CAME TO ROB LAS VEGAS"--All Color "ASSIGKMENT TO KILL" '-PARAMOUNT mmm ' DRIVEjIN ALL WALT DISMEY SHOW! "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" Color "HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE" .' CABDENA VERMONT " DRlVE-TN ALL WALT DISNEY SHOW! "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" Color "HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE" "THE BROTHERHOOD" "THE RIOT" Color Suggested lor Mature Audiences! Gary Lockwood · Elke Sommer "THET CAME TO ROB LAS VEGAS"--All Color "ASSIGNMENT TO KILL" Suggested tor Mature Aurtlcnccil Eliinbclh TAYLOR · Mia FARROW "SECRET CEREMONY" "COOGAN'S BLUFF" Suggested lor Malurn Audlencesl Girr Lockwood · Elkl Sommtr "THET CAME TO ROB LAS VEQAV'-All Color { "ASJIOKMENT TO KILL" «

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