Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 1, 1973 · Page 23
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 23

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1973
Page 23
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THURSDAY,-,FEBRUARY I, 1973 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 23 1 Musici plays masterpiece concert S By DONNA BOCKIUS JJ; -= Citizen SJalf Writ«r SS-Vivaldi painted landscapes gof nature in sound, and The ^Musicians --12 gifted Italians 5,rlL added the final strokes, of ^perfection last night. £"·' "The Four Seasons", is Vi- «yaldi's" exquisite caper through a'tonal landscape. I ^Jtfusici (archaic name for "the ^musicians") recreated its charged and delicate beauty in a masterpiece of musical " artistry at the University of /Arizona. fcfr r f i t The violin solos by Ttobert S Michelucci were hra'.thtaking. * He played as if he sat on a * lush green "hillock above the « orphanage where Vivaldi com* posed, reading 'the musical ;' passages straight from the * mind of the musicmaster. He ; is himself a master of music. "i 'Shimmering sound from five 1 other violins, two violas, two * cellos and one : doublebass I seemed to drift from behind = rolling clouds as the faintly I perceptible pulse of 'a clavi- '. chord rose from some shadow ! in the hollow below. In the ro- "jMist passages, they exploded 'with uniform vigor and precision. « These twelve instrument-' t'aflsts believed in restoring ;;the rniisic and style of. a | time "when people delighted- 1 tf in makjng music," the BaV (··roque';Era. . ' , * I -They met in Rome 2(1 years s .ago to play for their own plea- I;Sure, tlien shared their musi- ; cal'excitement with the world. The world responded by.buy- ing;four million copies of their recording of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons." Last night's program was all Vivaldi; played with all the A review happy exuberance and vitalily ·associated with this Thoreau "of-music. I Musici plays Vivaldi as it was meant to be played -with the spirit of a young girl Tunning with the wind. t The deep earth tones of the cello (played by Francesco Strano and Vito Vallini) pro- vided.rich musical contrast to the fluttering bird trills of the violin in the Andante molto of the Concerto in A Major. j BONDER WHO SPfUjMiztS nFiwouIogS?!! i TOWN, TH«' crnr VAX STOIEAW; THE CAREFUL MOVER! Fresh from Lake Super/or White Fish AND Smelts Luncheons Daily NORTHWOODS RISTAURANT 2702 N. Mirack Mil* COCKTAILS PH. 622-361 1 Opon to Public The quiet rolling clavichord passage or "The Four Sea- .sons"; -.was beautifully per- fonned by Maria Teresa Garatti, with the faint accompaniment of muted strings. Only in this passage did the chords of the instrument ring clearly. During the rest of the concert, the clavichord did not carry over the strength of the! ensemble. . Violinists were Anna Maria Cotogni, Arnaldo' Apostoli, Walter Gallozzi, Luciano Vican and Italo Colandrea. Violists were Paolo Centurioni and Vito Vallini. ' I Musici entices with its brilliant artistry, offering a full season of music in a single evening." , ' ALUMS OM, SATURDAYS TRAVEL FEATURES IN iQLE! .FRENCH CUISINE; Featuring Such Delicacies for Dinner As Goeur d'Artichaut Vinaigrette ... , (Artichoke Hearts) . Cuisse d'Agneau,Provencate ·(Roast Leg of Lamb, with Natural Spices) Langouste Grille St Laurant (Grilled Lobster Tail, Spicos and Butter) The recipes for all of our succulent dishes from fourteen different provinces of France have been chosen by French Chef Gervais Henric. (Open Daily for Lunch) Dorado^Country Club · y 3 Mile East of Wiimot on Speedway For Reservations Call 885-6751 Closed Sunday Evenings FINE Dining Pleasure Celebrating our ut e Anniversary /nfroc/i/c/ng A Fabulous New Luncheon And Dinner Menu with Lower Prices -Better Than Ever Food! The Most Outstanding Salad Relish Bar in Town! ALL The Wine You Can Drink With Lunch Dinner This is our way of introducing out New Menus for your patronage during and 1 the laying Thank You past year. ' Live Entertainment Six Nights A Week In Th« Sheraton- Pu«blo Inn 350 S. Fretway, Ir.tersfcfe 1 0 at Congress Ph. 622-4701 Holiday 1 1141 N. ALVERNON N. OF SPEEDWAY FRIDAY SPECIAL Baked Elbow Macaroni and Cheest. .Stewed Tomatoes, Roll or Muffin Coffee or Tea Broiled Australian · JOTS · Lobiterfail .".. L ' Best Food In The Southwest , featuring LARRY NAUGHTON Guitar fc Vocal Tue. thru Sot. 9 to 1 LUNCHES 11:30 tt 2 JO l Chtf'« Special Dotty* 1 0 DANCING NIGHTLY 4400 E. MOADWAY PHONE 327^224 Iso. ARIZ. FINANCIAL CENTER! NOON BUFFET 3 DIFFERENT MEAT ENTREES g'dOHTH SM-lfl 6 to 8 DIFFERENT SALADS Home Made Broad $ SOUTH *J J . Won. Thrw Fri. Including 11 A.M. To 1 P.M. ONLY Deiitrt New York Cut. COUNTRY WESTERN MUSIC FRI. I SAT. NITES »*'LIO* TONY; .*..*:.: PICKWICK INN RESTAURANT 310 E. Benson Highway Catering -Service, Parti**, Weddings, Groups (Our Specialty. Call 623-*977 NOW OPEN " "Tucson's On/y JAPANESE RESTAURANT "SAkURA--YA" Authentic Japanese Cuisine' LUNCHES FROM 11:00 AM DINNERS UNTIL 10:00 PM Reservations Suggested* 886-2321 CLOSED TUESDAY 8455 EAST SPEEDWAY JUIE GAITER :'· * CMKTER FAMILY * IT Ann TENNESSEE THREE Wednesday, Feb. 7 -8:00 P.M. Tucson COMMUNITY CENTER ARENA Tickets on sale at all Center Box Offices $6.50-$5.50-$4,50 Artist Consultants Production THE PORTOFINO -- FRIDAY -SEAFOOD BUFFET (5:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.) MENU SEAFOOD NEWBURG FRIED OYSTERS FILET OF TURBOT DEEP FRIED SHRIMP STEAMED CLAMS ASSORTED COLD APPETIZERS 095 PHONE 327-6823 PLAZA INTERNATIONAL HOTEL 1900 E. SPEED WAY BEAUTIFUL BANQUET FACILITIES AllO SATURDAY NIGHT CHUCK WAfiOR IUFFET 4 WEEKLY SUNDAY IUFFET 326-9567. 7829 E. LIMBERLOST AT CAMPBELL A VE. M PLAZA ANTIGUA WJOYTHE UNIQUE MUSIC OF JUANPADIAL " ' :'-·'-'' TRAVIS EDMONDSON FINE DINNERS FROM 5 PM | ,· SPAHISH SPECIALTIES · AMERICAN FAVORITES : · COCKTAILS TILL 1 AM Closed Mondays NATIONAL GENERAL THEATRES: 22ndSt.Drivt-ln 1*01 So RftVtDr.Rt I N EWORLD, E N E M A S 291-3331 JM VWHT - (MT lETMUt "DELIVEtANCt" (*) nut WMHR u«m - MLIE emitTiE DC CAIE MRS. MILLER (R) TWIUTE HI. 11.11 IMS-MS "BRIMMS FAIRY TALES FOR ADULTS" (X) I PLUS "THE SEDUCTION I OF INCA" (X) NO ONE UNDER 17 ADMITTED TWIL1TEHRJUO 8:15-1:45 MICHAEL SACKS "SLAU6HTERHOUSE FIVE" (R) PLUS "MINNIE t MOSKOWITZ" (PC) TWIUK ML SU* IMS-MS ·T: . - . - · . - - - !taru$o's 4 3 4 N 4 t h A V t 6 2 2 - 9 6 5 7 ARIZONA PREMIERE THE BEST FOREIGN FILM OF THE YEAR! NOGALES BUS SERVICE leave TUCSON for NOGALES 7flO, fill, "ill *·*»· · '*'·· '"' a,**, *w, 4J», Mi.' '·*££·' leave LOCALES f«r TUCSON 7,00, MS, 10 1 **,.1MiA.M.»1 1 15, 3,00, ACTION THRILLER OERALDINE CHAPLIN , "INNOCENT IYSTANDER" (PC) ' PLUS . JEFF MIDGES "BAD COMPANY" I TWIUTt KI J1.MI:45-:.-IS JOYCE HAKt U A. tflWT LEV/IS C WUMer Matthait Cantf Burnett » UNIVERSAL PICTUflE , TECHNICOLOR- · PAN*VISION' I .Tucson's Exciliup New Concept in Friendliness FIESTA SINGLE CLUB Trips! Parlirt! ' Dancing! New Friendsl Fan! A Whole New World for MitMre (0m JO)Sin e li Mtn'ind Womtn Phone for full details. Between noon and 10 p.m. 882-9434 (Only 1973 mion Appeinnct) St: Ike ittw.ltH.li« Ihiltrt MKttts in 21 cm- Wn 'Mm SIMUlin f»t* at mn u k MH M Ktif.lWII HtiMlID ilttill. February 3, 8:00 p.m. On* P»rformanee Only TUCSON COMMUNITY CENTER Music Hall . . .-.people not notions or ideology or* what molfer. Thof's on idco wotlh celebrating and Up With People does it with c/iorm, love, ana uncornplkofeajoyr rftttr ·flirbtronci, nfoWf, and ^wlrfjr." tMMM DM COMMUNITY CENTER MUSIC HALL VICTOR BORGE Monday, Feb. 5-8 P.M PRICES: $ 5.75, $ 4.75 / $ 3.75 DIAU-Ticket 882-8626 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT LEVY'S, EL CON COMMUNITY CENTER ' ' , ' / ~ : '"W-. ' I\L. « i - H I 1HE GUESS WHO wm^ r ,p!aAjasisiAK JOHNNY RIMERS /\NJI JTiOXXJ^S HEBQB/VEGHANB4ND Thurida^lWx1;8:OOPM Tucson Community Center -Arena ULSi;KVLiisi:.\r,'ni'Kicrs: v«.so. w.sii. sj.su. AVAILABLE A T I in-: insoNimiMr.Miy tT.NItlt IICKI-T WH(T. EL CON SIIOI'I'INC UiMllt. DVVIS-MOSrllAN .Mil I OWL' IUSE.' Foil MAIL OIlllEKS.'MAKL CIIUIKS I'WAIIHi TO WSON (liMMI'MIT'C't.MI-U AMI-MAIL Tl) .550 S. (IIUIU'll. HXilON. AKI/IINA SSTOA. lOirlNMmMAIIOX-l'IIONi; ;«|liib; ' . . . . . . . - ' . · 1-ELEIIIinVI'RBEMAMONS.INC. - '' - . ' . ' . . - OLD TUCSON' FAMOUS MOVUltOIION' · AND STUDIO | . RIDE OUR ANTIQUE , MERRY GO ROUND SHQU1CASE CINEMA1 | TONIGHT I 7:1549:25 I. CICELY TYSON I «_4(p.»(lnli« /MATTEL PrtKiuctlon* '"SOUNDER" I A RotMrt B. R«dli,lu/M«rlln tllllFllm roX FILMS SHOWCASE CINEMA? TONIGHTI 7:35 * 9)55 1 FELLINIS ROMA United flptntij 2 (UflfUli 41 ONE IOC MION 3233 ESPeeOWAY-SSB 7425 CINE PLAZA 318 E. CONGRESS PHONE $82-8882 FOR SHOW TIMES "LOS ASESINOS" ' · - , . · - :·:. " . . C O N . ; . : - " - ; · NICK ADAMS Y RIOINA TTOHNI A COLORIS EL DEMONIO AZUL OUNflGHTS live limes a dny - ALAMO MUSEUM I WESTERN EMPORIUM I - Thrilling flide? · Uelinous o o d » * Mi'.toncal Museums * [ V E R T D A Y BLUE DEMON Y JAIME FERNANDEZ A COLORIS THEATRES OF ARIZONA TONIGHT 8:OO PM "Enormously entertaining I" -BERNARD OW-W. Ganncll News Seme* ROBERT SHAW at lord Randolph Churchill ANNE BANCROFT 01 lady Jtnn!« -SIMON WARD. YOUNG WINSTON the most painful and joyo moment in ADULTS ONLY ALL-COLOR ALL-SOUND ADULT MOVIES 10 I.M. TO XIDRIU DMLt SHO- MOR ADULT THEATRE 3 8 3 0 E. Speedway 7 9 5 - 6 8 8 6 ADULTS ONLY "ONE OF THE TEAR'S TENIEST.' IMWMIU with MGM 1ST Mlr.cl«^TM»- STANLEY »AK!R IN "INNOCENT IYSTANDERS" ALSO "IAD COMPANY" M ADULT MOVIES Full Features IN COLON S NO MWORS ALLOWED! OPEN 12 TO MIDNITE DAILY ADULT 3 8 3 2 E. Speedway PH: 325-1072 T''H t A T CORPORATION 0 I V I S I ON 3 FEATURES - IN COLOR JOHN WAYNE - "DC JAKE" (PG) RICHARD CRENNA - "RED SKY AT MORNING" (PG) WOODY ALLEN "PLAY IT AGAIN SAM" (PG) MICHAEL J. POLLARD "DIRTY LITTLE IILLY" (R) DYAN CANNON "THE BURGLARS" IN COLOR (PG) 1ST TUCSON SHOWING JACK LEMMON - "AVANTI" (R) PLUS - MICHAEL CAINE AND MICKEY RODNEY IN "PULP" (PG) CAMPBEU AT PRINCE 326 OMI 1ST DRIVE-IN SHOWING JON VOIGHT-BURT REYNOLDS "DELIVERANCE" (R) WARREN BEATTY-JULIE CHRISTIE "MCCABE AND MRS. MILLER" (R) fcOTH IN COLOR S101 NOGALES HWY 794-353? GEORGE C. SCOTT - STACY KEACH "THE NEW CENTURIONS- (R) IETER SELLERS ~ GOLOIE HAWN "THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP" (R) BOTH IN COLOR EROTIQUE 2738 N CAMPBELL MAGAZINES BOOKS. NOVflTIES 9 :;v( ?.UPEfi STAG FHwS MANY ITFMS 50 f v OFF OPFN 10 10 W f f K DAYS I 6 SUNDAY PHONE 326-0406 ADULT MOVIES COLOR-SOUND 1 5 3 5 - « Ladies Free with Escort OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 10 AM to Midnight rcjr Varhty of adult bookt, magt, nov»lti«t. color mm fta film on «ol» in »h« lobby NEW Feature Every Fri. PANDORAS BOX ADULT 326-5173 i, MIDNITI SHOW SAT. 7 OATS A WIEK [*»**·**··«***··« AduSt Movies NIKS K FLIKS CHIKS ;Admission- $ 2.50 ; Ladies' Free New feature -- peep machines Program Changes Every Sun. Separated Seating for ladies Couples Magazines Novelties Live Entertainment Hours 10 to Midnight -Fri. Sert- Midnight Show Terrific Film So!«-Trwd« Mod*!* f 8ccty Pointing and k ^(WPw 'wB* ^WW l W« ·i^^^P^W'W j

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