The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 27, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1920
Page 3
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• X THE DAILY FREE PRESS LOCAL NEWS Mrs. Ed-ward V. Miles; Jr., "spent yesterday afternoon in Murphysborp. Chas. Staudt has returned to Herrin after spending a few days here with his father, Pete Staudt. Doyd Carr has returned from a vis it in St. liouis. Dr. and Mrs. Earl C. Kimbro of Anna spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Rex Cook. Important Sunday School Meeting Here Thursday An important Sunday school iiisti-: tute will be held in the parlors of .the Christian \church Thursday. ' Mr. Burriie, .-state ^ecretary, Mr. Wing, of the State'-Sunday School'Associa- tion, will he h-ere. Every Sunday •worker should avail himself' of this opportunity to receive' help and inspiration Ircijn these splgndid • v/orkers. Come. It will do you good. Committee. 'Mrs. H. C. Rude w.ent to Chicago yesterday to buy stock for ithe -Bridges Miss Eva Moake returned'yesterday morning from Johnston City where she spent the week end with" fsiends. She 'was accompanied by her guest, Miss 'Esther.Friedman. Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Moss returned this morning from a business trip to Chicago. Missjiela flowerton, a recorder for the Central.Union telephones office, of Cairo, is spending the week here visiting. She will also visit Miss Mabel McNeil in Carterville before her return to Cairo. Jerry H. Kolly Has returned to his home in Illmo, Mo., having .been here because of the illness of his mother, Mrs. Mary Holly, who is" suffering from an attack of pneumonia. Mrs. Holly has been removed to her home on South Illinois avenue from Holden Hospital, being improved. E. B. Terpinitz is spending a few ' days on business in Herrin and Johnston City. PHONOGRAPHS Cabinet models Victor and Columbia phonographs ?2.25 a week. Small models as low as $1.00 a week. / Weiler Music Co. Blaiue. JSJliott "spent- yesterday in Harrishurg on business. , Parker Chastaine of the I. C." offices in Chicago, spent Sunday with Mrs. Chastaine. . Smith 'N. -Fowler was a St. Louis visitor today.. C. L. Campbell of St. Louis, representative of. the Barrett Manufacturing Co., spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. A. J. Campbell. SAYS miss ABLE TOFIGH^WORLB Soviet Ambassador' Telis Senate General Revolution Is Not Now Needed. 'BARONESS DE CARTIER RED TREASURY OVERFLOWING Mrs. Laura Hill o£ the Je-hnson-Van- cil-Taylor Co., is spending a few days in St. Louis on business. I Martens Declares His Government _Has $500,000,000 in Gold" It Desires to Spend in. Foreign Countries on Necessaries. • London, Jiyi, 27.—"We have occupied Elizabethgnui: an dcontinue to advance In a westerly direction'," says a- communication from bolshevik heiid- aui'.i'tt-rs at Moscow received here: Washington, Jan. 27. — Russian soviet - organizations have become '•slTon;: enough to fight the world.' i Lurtwis; C. A. K. Ma'nens, soviet agent to ;ln> United Stales, .told a senate in- vesfig;irmg committee. Kuc-Huse of this, he said, the Soviets li:u;o cwased to urge international rcyo ; I Hamilton Wilkes ' Miss Ruth Reno, cashier at the Johnson-Vancil-Taylor Co., is away from her duties on account of illness. Mrs. Sam Friedman of Johnston City spent a few hours yesterday with Mrs. Bessie Moake, enroute to New York City ,on a semi-annual buying I -Baroness de Cartier de Slarehienne Is the wife of,the Belgian minister to the United States. Baroness de Cartier was before her marriage Mrs. Gary. Her wedding- several months ago attracted international interest. This is I. ! e first photograph of her made sinLe the marriage. trip for a firm in Johnston City. 0. B. Phillips and Louis Renfro have returned from a business trip to St. Louis. Sam Hill was a business visitor in Murphyshoro yesterday. support thorn. Til'.; llifssian Soviets have'"between $i50.i 100,000. am.1 $"100,000,000 in tlie public treasury, Martens said, which it is now desired to spend in foreign countries on the purchase of necessaries. There is now no gold in the bunds of private banks or individuals in Russia, lie uddud. Refuses to Present Code. Examination of Martens before the senate subcommittee investigating radical propaganda was resumed and his statement as to the policy of the Russian soviet^.followed the request of the ' Charged With Shooting Four ex-Sol- I. W. W. CASE STARTED Centfalia (Wash.) Parade Slaying Trial Called; 11 Defendants. Advertisement. PIANO SI 0,00 A MONTH One Aintsell upright pia'no, good condition, $10.00 down, ?10.00 a month. Weiler Music Co. Advertisement. A ST 9 • C* • 7 * ' M A root Specialist Now at this Store f ~ . • He is here to show you how to be rid forever of those foot discomforts that now bother you. He is a member of the staff of Dr. Wm. M. Scholl, the, noted foot authority, and His Expert Advice is Free Come in anytime while he is still here and let him exarnine-your feet. He-can;tell!the,cause of the ; trouble; in a minute and will show you how you can gain immediate relief and rapid correction. . Tfwuisa D£ Scholl iance No matter whether tke trouble is corns, callouses, bunions, weak arches, flat foot, cramping toes, "rheumatic" foot and' leg pains, weak ankles or something else, he knows just what should be done and will tell you. Here Only Until Wednesday Jan. 2gth Be sure to see him before he goes. We v:ant everybody with bothersome feet to take full ad vantage of tMs chance. Don't let it pass but get ' started on the road .to foot comfort. now. I. W. DILL,. CO. Outfitters for Men and Boys committee that the'originals of his instructions he presented. Previously, former Senator Hardwick,' Martens' counsel, had explained'that Martens had refused to present the code used for communicating with his^ government before the Lusk legislative committee in New York. "I'd like to have a little time to see what instructions I have,'' Martens said. "I'd like to furnish the committee everything it requests." The code was the only thing the soviet ag"ent wanted to protect, Hardwick declared. Follows Government's Orders. diers -Special Venire of 300 Called. Montesuno, Wash., Jan. 27.—The 11 alleged Industrial Workers of the World charged with murder in connection with the shooting to death of four former soldiers at Centralia, Wash., last November- during on armistice day parade went on trial -here. Affidavits that sentiment in Grays i Harbor county against the defeudants x would deprive them of a fair trial were served upon counsel for the prosecution. . N Ten of the defendants are specifical- YALE TONIGHT Elaine Hammerstein "Greater Than JTame" What is Greater Than Fame? Is it love? Is it .health? It is the stpry of a girl who has found fame and happiness in a Way .of herbwn. An .excellent offering.' Also LLOYD COMEDY 6:30-8:15 11 and 22 —Wednesday-"FLAMES OF FLESH" i . "These instructions from my govern- 1} . c i larged wltu the murder of Lieut, ment have at all times guided my pol- Warren O. Grimm. Elmer Smith, an icy and conduct," lie said, reading from! attorney 'of Centralia, the eleventh a prepared statement. "In all my ac-| nmnj fs c i )arge a with being an acces- tivlties I have scrupulously refrained I sory before the fact in tnat he is al . from any interference or participation ] pged to llave •••p ] - ocure d | aided, as- in the domestic affairs of the United s[ste(Ji counseled, incited, commanded States. . i und abetted" the others in the alleged "My government specilically in-1 conspiracy to shoot the former service structed me that the funds at my dis- ra en. The .others are: Britt Smith, posal should not be used for any pur- Q. Q Bland, Bert Faulkner, Ray poses involving interference in the in-| Beckei - r Jnmes Mctuerney, Locen Rob- ternal affairs of the United States." ertSi Eugene Bflrnett,. JVIike Sheehun,. _ Senatoif Borah (Rep.) of Idaho de-J . To |, n Lamb, and Bert Bland. John clnrnil that .lie committee would wnnt Doe Dilvis and Ole Hanson also are to have the original instructions from the soviet government to him; "That's his inference only from the instructions," remarked Senator Brnn- degee (Rep.) of Connecticut. Hardwick Defends Stand. •"It is u very'grave question as to how far we enn go in disclosing the correspondence in code between Mr. :overuraent," Hard- Martens and his wick said. iSEave you ever carried on -propa-j ganda in this country with a view to getting a soviet gdvernment established in this country?" Senator Borah asked. "Never," Martens answered. "I have carried on a propaganda in this-country to get the soviet government recognized, that is all." FIRE ON BOMBAY STRIKERS Disquieting News Com'es From' Mill Area, Where 200000 Cotton ' Workers Walk Out. Bombay, .Tnn. 2.'.—Disquieting news from the mill siren in the Bombay presidency, where '200,OM> cotton workers went on strike usirly Mils month, reports the firing l.y the military on a crowd of strikers, ciiuslnj; a number of .casualties, including one killed. During the moniing. the advices state, the crowds in tin 1 'district began holding up street cars anil other vehicles and compelling the passengers tu alight. Later the strikers ln-raine morejriot- ous and tile mililai-y, after giving warning, it is Uefi'ared. were ^wi-yelled. to tire. KENT AND LUNCHEON •Given, by the Carpenters of Local No. 841- at H. TV. A. Hall, Friday, Jan. 30, 1C.-20, at 8 o'clock p. TO. Everything 'free and everybody J.nvited. Committee. Advertisement. named in the information, but have not 'been apprehended. . Montesano, a lumber town of about 2,300 population, was selected for the scene of the trial when attorneys for the defendants made claims that a fnir trial wasv ir iipossible in Lewis. Bounty, in which th'e' shooting occurred. It is the county seat of Grays Harbor county, about 12 miles from Aberdeen. Besides a regular venire of 80, a special venire of 300, all from Grays Harbor county, has been called. It hns been estimated that the trial will consume as much as ten weeks, the prosecution having approximately 300 witnesses to call while the defense Is said to/ plan the introduction of testimony by at-least 100 persons. NEW YORK PORT BAN LIFTED Foreign Vessels Allowed to Serve Liquors Inside the Three-Mile 'Limit. New York, Jan. 27.—Pop went the corks of liquor bottles aboard foreign vessels her^e when Customs Collector Myron B. Newton announced that,, pending an opinion by the federal, .at- ;torney general, .the ban herteof ore -existing upon the use of liquors on all vessels within the three-mile limit had been lifted. Skippers of some foreign ships declared- they could not get a real dtiy's work out of their crews with the lid clamped down, and representations to the treasury department resulted in the lifting of the lid in every port of the country, so far as foreign "vessels are concerned. RED ARMY REACHES CHINA FOOD SALE '.The Catholic ladies will.give a food sale at Weile'r's" Jewelry Stores Wednesday morning.—Advertisement Bolsheviki Have Arrived in <he Vicinity of Kobdo on Western Border of Mongolia. London, Jan. 27.—An official statement issued by the soviet government at Moscow says that the bolshevist peasants.' corps has reached the Chinese frontier in the vicinity of Kobfla on the western border of Mongolia. Copenhagen, Jan.. 2~. : —The Polish cabinet has signed a mobilization order, trays a .Warsaw report published by the PolitiUen. The measure was taken, according to. the advices, because of .the bolshevist advance. .Float Stearrior China. i. San Francisco, "Jan. 27.—The steam| er China, -which, went ashore five .•.'miles from . Nagasaki,--.Ta.pan, .last .•'week, has been floated.' TROOPS ATTACK' ITALIAN"MQ3 Anarchists at Florence Attempt to Overcome ^Soldiers and «Are Shot Down. Florence, Italy, .1:111. 2-7.—During n meeting here at which-file anarchisi Enrico Malntpsth, recently elected to the chamber,of d'epuijes. urged a revolution, a mob." tried to overcome a party of carabineers. The latter. <le- fending themselves, fired jit the demonstrators, wounding a score of them. . THE KITCHEN CABINET THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN Cash in,Advance. ' T)ue month, per word t( One week, .per "word " ° "os One insertion, per word ..'. ".01 Three insertions, per word .'..'.'.'.'.QZ WANTED. "WANTED—Rooms for light 'house keeping with private family. "A,! 1 care of Free Press. FOB RENT. ' f.' . FOB. KENT—Two iront rooms or«r Style Shop, for office or sleeping room*, i Apply Mies Rieth, Normal and Monro« i St. '. The mountain of success is steep and ' high. Who ea-ins the summit climbs a /weary way; And" though brave fe£t grow stronger with rebgff The rocky path a coward's steps may stay. WAYS WITH LIVER. The' usual method of serving livor with bacon Is about the extent.«1'. liivi. ., dishes in Hie average family. There are van- ons \*-ays of serving liver. a fen'of which are givcii below : Livar Patties.—Scald a pound of liver and grim! ii \i-lth n fum-rli u a pound of -bnoon nm: one onion through tht iiieat chopper:' Season well, I'ocm 'iuii small cakes and conk <• In n little • lioi bacon fat,browning both sides. x Boiled Liver.—Cut liver In half-inrfh slices, cover wj.rli boiling ivaujr. lei stand five minutes, then drain and wipe dry. Sprinkle with seasonings and broil on a well-grensed broiler fur five minutes. Serve dotted wlih l>ifs of butter. Liver Hot Pot.—Cut liver Into slices ii half-inch thick, soak in cold'water for n few minutes; rhen dry them ihor-. ouglily; lay them In n sanri-jian'Mini dredge with seasoned flour. Cover with fhin slices of bacon anil sprinkle with chopped'onion imil.n lablespoon'- ful of chopped parsley. Cook at the Himmering .point well coverc'd for one inil one-half hours." Serve garnished with rolls of fried bncon. Live.-' Dumplings.—Chop half n pound of o'nlf's liver, add a chopped nn ion. on> tablespoonfnl of chopped parsley, salt, peppor and n dash-of nutmeg'." 'M]x. \vlrh, two! welj-liearen- eggp and one 'tablespoonfnl of-'butter,. Add enough fine bread crumbs 10 form Into balls and boil In soup ctock. Serve In the soup. ; Stuffed Liver.—Slice liver and par- boll It In boiling water to cover. Soak six slices of bread In hot water 20 minutes; then squeeze dry.. Mix the soaked .bread with half a teaspoonfu) of salt, two teaspoonfuls of sage, two teaspoonfuls of bacon fat arid a few dashes of cayenne. Place a spoonful of the stuffing on each slice, roll and fasten with toothpicks for skewers. Place the rolls in a buttered baking dish, add a cupful of hot water and a spoonful of bacon fat; baste occasiotr- ally and bake 45 minutes. Pneumonia often follows Neglected Cold KILL THE COLD! , HILL'S remedy for 20 years form— safe, surd no ireaks up a cold in 24 •relieves grip in 3 days. ' .back if it fails. The ine , box has a Red ' .) w.i t h Mr. Hill's picture. At All Drag Start* FOR RENT—Storage lor household goods, In the one story brick building, cement floors, on alley back of mew Earth, Theatre. Apply Mlsa Rtetn. FOR RENT-^-Rooms. Telephone 399 L. ' FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms. 206 West College St. Phone 447 L. FOR SALE. FOR SALE—Lot on southeast' corner of Eoplar and Pecan. Call 388 K. 'FOR SALE—=5 room cottage, barn and cither out buildings'; on pavement one block from square. • A bargain if sold at once..., See owner, 205 East- Oak St. . FOR SALE—Bicycle in good condition. Call Opera^ House Drug Store. FOR SALE—Three burner "gas plate, with portable oven. Phone 372. LOST . . LOST—Small Swiss wrist .watch, between Tale and Brooks •: garage. Finder call Metropolitan 1 oiHce. Reward. " •' ''" LOST—Lady's gold wrisf watch. Return to Free Press and receiVe reward. : \ LOST—Pocket book, between creamery and I. C. Batson's store. Return to Free Press. - •' •' ' i»:«^^ LIVE STOCK NOTES | <*T«^^^ ' Fences is pigs; pigs Is- more pigs; more pigs is more money. \it >' * • * - '•>' '(id, 1 Have the sows In good gSfalag condition, but not fat, at ; breeHtag time. • • /, •:.-.,: ,-: , The sheep- Industry ' i»" : t*«eivlag- iriore attention than ever; and Is one thiA pays large dividends.:-. • .*•«'.' If pigs pile up it is a pretty good sign that they are not quite. comfortable: Make the quarters wsrr»e"- WHEN RHEUMATIC PAINSiiff HARD Have Sloan's Liniment ready for those sudden rheumatic twinges D ON'T let that rheumatic pair or ache find you -without Sloan't Liniment ugain. Keen it hani-y . in t'.ia niua-iciii-j rahinet for^mmedi.-ie action' \v!icn nccdi-d. If you EH> oin of • it now, get another bottle today, so you: won't suffer any longer than necessary when a pain or ache attacks you. Apply jf u-Uliout rubKni — Sor it penetrates — giving, prompt relief of sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia, lameness, soreness, sprains, strains, bruises Be preoared — keep it handy. All druggists — 35c., 70c., $1.40. f+* ^ . •". •"• .•.'-, « Sloaite

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