The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 29, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1957
Page 1
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ftt tt* BWttUW -^ «sr th* fttidtet m* list si m» Jiiff% <«t ptftrtnt fiw tftt Cl6£$ tu paruy cioi little eftang* » tern 4h«>*Ua4At rttauUUfiiihi^t inrougn inurauay t MJV Bignt aWWfci tt aftd Thursday netf 88. PRICE 6 i. Beauty Named Utdt It, fir 4ttR« i 14ft« MM ,*t* A* eMcewK tcvertl different *A»Ws. 8h« tt cet-ftwn«- of th* rfi«hf*i4d ..Vllian Mutfe in tfotiMon and ptay* tt miV 0f ft« most popular spot* ift RouttdA^nd the fttilf Cttlft fi**, Mie has «6m* t» ertwtfjWJft for Mifty dfff««Bt" event* and number* ,n*f JWend* Md f«M M 'flw t!«Us«d«. She ha* ^f 1 ^ «xttn«v«fy Jft SutoH* with several different tail**,, Ifid \t al*«yi -top* ft tttettSmmem " ,- ' Anethir «t the judget i* ftof. JdHn ft. Buckner, Head* i|u*Hets e»Af, Rthdolpfi Air f«frc* 6i*?ln Stn AntOAio ' - ------- ........... •"• New Sewer PI coundlrnen, at eir,-fllth meetlnf thii month, dUeuaied con- new water and •uwnrfi Tue«d ctruetii la* night l«\ ot a aewer <li»po**l plant; the policy regarding holiday:pay for cits'*employee*; and a present Mwerage plant. The petition requetted tha removal « th* plant to\another locatiftfc f J. B. ^annenbatim, teniof member -*f the firm, employed .._, „ 7 com- by, th* cUjr to prepare prel M regarding the "city po-Unary pbfa* for the plant, lie* handling ot a ,weekend i the couriHl that a'bond el«c- traffie accident, >' Ulon to flay for ft* '««««? Ia.lina,-wlth Die w-opotal of, could ba, called aft«J hi* firm * new tewerage plant, coun-iot Dann*nbaum»WelBh' had ellmen .were presented with a I prepared:' pr«li yetttyon; aifned by Mm* 150[and ppsanted a WT. R. EvantKm Of Dov^s'S»rf/« y A pipefitter in DivUon recently , •xdutive TurUe Dofe/sSef For Legion Barbecue ta tht tx)Ucy% hoUday pay for . work* ing on a noltdir.wia «c*i»a timt wad * half, *fad eet taking tha HkoHIM enwifn »bout"b«»tity tMIt h* (Harried in ifir** tint Ittwafdtts wfi* hid «rM m*«y beauty content's ' w U t htgUi p«nt Weft Point grtduaf*. nuffler«u« deMr»ttdB* d&tfntf Vofld Waf At flew *>-*?'* over <l«maay t and th» Korean *fy*ft h« wan flying jet*, ift between ttse two itmfs, Ba tiught wfeftlirtg, b«ih«, feBcttf and otirtr s^ortt it Wett Poirtt and «ftww» rettirh ffam itofetu*. ht *as flight c5mmand*f at Pewin Atr Bas* in fn^imMI. flfa 1* t native of Cl*m)fBe, text*, and was traflHiffid to ftaddolpK ift l«i. *MWk KaniMum, one of t»l* rirtewdent m«i* As*oclai«d Pr*« — and incidentally Me of the* most htfldism* — from the Aurtin fiuteau will be mother 6f (««M itching poinu for "tttai S\mf e«t "Frank, might be found in lathpasa* covering a flash flood -i. ifi Mexico frovertog a misting of the international cotiifeil of Good KeitHbw* — or he might b« in Airdpe OA tome otner a.<gigrtment for Associated Pres*. Jt« originally han« from San Angelo, but- globe hopping '^ef AP if5&t present ftddfesi). Matter of fact, Be'* 1 1fe fews^ gffflering the news from the four corner* **rth that Itoe hasn't found time to marry yet, w« B« really ,H»OW* beauty when he sees it. Dftn feather, news editor for Radio JCTfttt in ftAust6n» *fto 1* sotignt as a judge for almost every beauty contest > tiM *istt- Itsepted the invitation to t>« ift Bmdgwstttf Sunl'est Sayfc Andy JflJlhotise, an All American fro* f 6xii A & it Ift 1950, ,<^i* hag been the star attraction itt mafty ft* football gfchea both in the U. S. and in Canada, i* tn» fifth judge — and the stand-by, just in cae* there are t*» many beatities — will be Herman Hale St., prbmraeftt . rancher ind lumberman of Houston. '•.*•.•'* The eutiir group may be seen at the final judging 8T the beauties at 5 p.m. Sunday afternoon oft Surfsidtf Beach ift Brazosport. Don Bates, of KPHC-TV and -flfet cording tSfnt,. has tentatively accepted as emcee for the beauty contest to wrap up one of the best shows eve* presented during a Sunl'est celebration, sponsors bellev*. -LATE BULLETINS. > .-«. IlfMli , JSftAfL — A Und mine laid fc/ Infiltrator* in th* flala Strip dutfidt (ht night kffled a tractor driver aod iniufad a farmer uily today. i Sttor Oit«d . An- »»ft«»rjr tt fh* Kavf, lik fuecMMc 4 ««<- rtiajy or the Tftawrr"6«4»ri« Humphrty, «H« rt«i««d .today. • •; '• • BlMt OAJ1M Off ^LAA V«OAS — A1C fdantitti e»ll«* off in t ad-rivrt A-WK MriM teeatuw «t-w*atti«r. BfMM 0MB DALLAS — F6r«c««t«M waned, today of fldodini on ft* BtAtotf Riy«r »«cw th« Pon^im ton|do«B dim M th« niit ItXr &y» frtm heavy rain* earlier thia week, flood- X&tfe ate ttta dam *«• opened to let out «t*« water. » . A cHUen; 'appejtred? bafort , . Iji^I'iJS-SSlSJSfi: ***«<» Spffla went in ' o»er the: -*- Orw ... . KOPITtttt* Tax. — Ttood wat*rt iplllini outer Hit Brdot Aiv*r abrrounded thia cortrnunity Uttj r but iomieRat* thrwit « Sweeny Up lam B**i Iti, attonwy tor of a petition- prt- te tha 3ra«iria School Board Monday, *aM that« w*» the board prealdent, not bim- aelf, who w«« msked to explain of read th* petition. Alao, net Mid, he wa* not retained by; Morri* Bediagfitld Realtors. Ba wa* retained by th* peti- fidaert, with MOrria Bedinc- fl«td being the fln tha petition. County TB Meeting Set Monday night'* raise t» for hold; of the school atMon-i a oacnwor* and matter', day night's special meeting' gree, respectlvely.- which lasted until 1:20 a.m. j based on the degree*, J& ^J^S^^^^^* June 6. the regular monthly j * 5 ' 700 ' Md * 6>00 ° for , meeting for June 4, another '• personnel. Hie next regular meeting of i meeting for furniture purchase i Salary increment ' Oantital OpftfiA TH* Bob Hammonds Show* — „— „ „, _ r open today on Surttid* Btaeh'th* Brazoria Count*- Tubercu-!set this week, and working dil-1 adopted by the board last aa part of 8unT**t Day* oate-ilaais Association will be heldjigently with the administration r br.tkxi in Bnuotport and will;on Tuesday evening, June 4.!" 11 an effort to come up remain i»p*n through Sunday at T:30 p.m. in " •vtaia*. The carnival i* act up to th* right Bridge, SurtMd* Room of the Courthouse. •turday. ajfat. aa tha dift ^•t annual American Legion B«r- bacue, according to Freddie OcdMn, publicity chairman ft* th* MatUon-BlnggoW Port «f Wott Columnta, 4 Thta d«t* w»» a*t during • Monday meatta* of tkf U, gionWraa whro they, hwi In Mr,. tiio Legion Hall with, familtea tor a, familv night laj^.TtoUWta.ftWa thta attraction* to «T ft* avaniflg. c«r will be given aa „ . wrtie, with tveryon* purchwing a ticket to th* bar- tiacuo alao bfpqdtlof eigibla tha. Legion h»» long baaa 'one of tt>» major event* of th* Ml in th* Oulf Cowrt, The proceed* of the .ffalr will b* apoliad by th* Legloo to the Indebtadnai* on th* . 9 m . -** ective June 1 hat him fatal Kvana hard hat welgWngiJ working on that ha* to t» doftto" Th* ttaw ordini^ta to ago in Out*. Last year council reacted** tha pnvioua on* hy subatttuti«a ot anothar, pjpa wn MiO( tha vilva ptact • - r - M»&*va « dot •*• public but Svaa»,w«i-»«)* - ' - Council Tacklts ,a person to head 'the coaching :pr>°r to district eraploymeiif,, < I staff, the board felt it imper-t*7S per year to A maXimunV.fti _j, _. . iattve that Monday's meeting : *300 for those With bach«Mr<*> •™ WB> J? ut *i should last until the \vork on degrees, and S50 per year ife -. , - . ^IS *« budget N»as completed. i those with master's degree* }C HJ^£±",|1S^'± > ;«^ * The P<°P° se < 1 bud « et pre-"""1 Deeded $500. ' : ,^ be PNMM at uiat-uma 10 »M fente< | by jM'administration to' Increments tor service witKA the board, *t N the onset ot the in the system is recognized ' study, Wi« |tt4,947.SO for the $130 per year to «4500-ahdf " eehool for the ; therafter tor bachelor'* de ' —„„ that'^W«««>*^ deletmz items re-i*9<100. worfc,«iuested by various depart-1 .Th«,j«opo*ed J .h» «.** *!?, r * t * 8 * . However, thlt saving was '*«"•.„&WKf Ifra, Lucille Lytle. exetu-'jajerificed, and an ev*n higher. year «budg«t. and win ttv- enairraan of the tounty'-ttgure added to the over-all tale . ?" approximat* 10 stated that she,buttget for the teacher*' pay : 5, u again wishes to remind the raise, Th« proposed figure that automatically h»- - i fhig year'* anticipated a aatoiber of tha TB; The administrative, instruc-Jpj,. cent incrM , e on - th^ Aaaodattao. iUoliaj and professional staff ; £ te wein he bued on n& Althou** t h e regular i of the school were granted a AUon figure „, 40 nilllkjn, - T, for th» Goat, Rrt Only Police Activity meeting mentfimedi four per cent of a directora' meattng.;'" «* lllr y- depken , w* ara h«n>y to have mem- ! "jgw ««'| ' h « «n i ban attaad Hid participate in , h ,'« he1st ral " :n ', hl L ™ * °X ?^i «itTn«e.'S f 8hd i vall ^ tlonf " a "*" ed by fj* 1 fou j P e r ce " 1 i" 6 " 8 ^' ,* nd ! district,,*re itill very low. the cafeteria staff t and four ; r&mjnfk, » homo valu** bus drivers were given raise* ! , 200 itfrease , whHe - t g e sctu|U r4te - oT ?? w ,r h iper »100 or the anticipated 1»- V!ll i a l tl . e "ease to $1.97 par 1100 vah* «"<"* is ver J' hl « h - North Treeport reported in th* araa. t Unttv in Traapoirt, l^wca iJ*<*aon and Clute had no tc- I»: J-_»- »_ .-—-.J h..I<la tl»i« report thair of ll« South Avenue B. goat had b«en « pat in Clark family tor the part four year*. *™';tho»e 'on hourly wage basU tMei ,-^ - ,- lMtd >ccor<Bl j|B^j ^orwere granted a five cent peri f r i^y reason* for t»*' * >us sharp increa,s# over laat ; _-.,., - per ' operating budget is du* ' The)month increase, .,eral factors. 1 > A The salary increase does not ; creM i, in b(Hld l«g. 8e»*tod*y sau The 8r*Mrt» ttter CtunidJ No. 1 rt«U»ar to th* ehloriaaVw m*t I4ojkda,y nlgh^~ ut*tw*d > b *4) tixeady Invtyiied at woll Not. 3> i tha regularly achadulod Tu*»<-l Report* *A th*-pro«T*a* of; nighv du* to conflirtteg work osvth* naw 4*flfi* around 1 .-a. , ,tho nropertjr «walUlo, I WM A rapreaentatrv* of Deflft*"-:, H v **- kum tad Walth, cofl*ji\U«l ! rollowtof the couiMdl •nginaen, mat w|th th* eoun- ing, many of thV ail to djarua* ajwwafi-1* «th*im*v*d to th* *eh» ,, «*wer lift problam* (h*t have hoping to dt hi On the h**n pUluint th*'«mB«tl. 'board meeting but'they A naw- h»*M<irti»»*«r i* thojr wtuW o*Wn atawdfeclj» baing ln*ttll*d«i W<t«f w«M room In the corridor* only. '*<* — t! Vlolatio* i* « mi*4>m*«ni>r caA'raault baum and «W2 *€ Sf FuSlL** t vt-d*y« to th* dogl"'*"- r which Uma! ~~ Tfdeamed. After sflirl dog* will b*i The minor graaa flre wai r«- — t J:fl2 PJH. at nth »nd -..„, 5 hi North fr**(>«rtjB6ilOOI effect bu. drivers who would! be entitled 10 an increase <>" their base, pay for other em- ±.« t ^ ( ,Y'± e L,7 1 5^'^;i Thor. wtll be a g««rri clin- little less than wa. given* last j'«"-« but " et0 and of course, - - * •-' «.« putting out BHS Comndencement Is r. ViHfam CarringtonIdmt of •fn Vnivarrtty at aeoj$»town,' ^ weight wa* *ix pounds andnina r «r«M me * cvncivi vun- , JV*M« *»n» «» »»•«--. .. — . — ,.. ._ Vacation Bible School much as the recently granted *i Worker* at fir* t Baptist: increase by '.egislativa action. i Church, Lak* Jackson, on June: However, teachers in the Swee' T jny system have been receiving Worker. Wfll aaaarabl* in the salary increases annually tor auditorium at » aon. and the several years, and base pay ~ "Better Vacation-Bible figured some $1000 above the tke deTahteViSchoola," by SibUy C. Burnelt, Gilmer-Aiken whedule R I. sSSitt^wiW b* t.ught by Victor Pecor- to th* increase. P.5wa's "S5 MW. MtoUter of U««c .nd Ed- Base pay. < • , JW JffWf HW Ad, »V*»r« Ana Hou^on Handei-ttw, Orlaan; Ronald N»«han {ward Hawlint Collarain, Xaith Whit*, Coimaliu*. Sybla J*an ..'. Unda Jaan Janice Cvalyn Cunningham, r Won* Malik Richard t*o Dahlb*r| >,r., Pat- Spenee, C'tarla* ricia Lao P»n*by, Billy Lea Mid Bobhi* DaveniMrt, William «u«ajia ' Davenport, Jo Ann P*y, FW' en th* liat ol lycne Dell Dickey, B«rt*ll! , Donovan, Sdgar Cecil Dunning | -Jr.. Judith Una Egmon. Jarry DOB «**lin»*f, Lee, Thpma* Al» <lan «van», Iri* Marie Baehwr,] ,., Donna M«la flanung, Jaaai* aarn* Elixabath rorcke, Kyi* "-*-, frank*, Martha Sue iDori* Jean Oamer, Hit Gaach, Joy Ann R »» f n h lgh .chol pl.n teacher* in the system before V*** *Wfliw. 9* flWMBE TH«B.A80»PQBT -^-.t^^/VJ .. t. * ,i

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