Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 28, 1930 · Page 5
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1930
Page 5
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Staff fcrt A IfrftiVfiit Ml^^-j. \ / Dy AHOOnS MlrrOr* J " b. f -the i Co., totalling fit*** 66flc1fefn ifl KfltfH Krf tfl* Anil seriate In opposing vigorous- ly;ith«;'dial system of telephonic con* section. — A. recent study ot the Bljfaation In New York, as reported to the depaftf- ment Of commerce, indicated that ,ln ten years the 1 growth of the use of the telephone Will be so great that there will not be enough operators to take care of the calls Under the old manual system, 'This* problem, it is alfelaretJ, Will be eliminated by the use »f tho'f automatic Wl'tchboard, w'hlcli has been utilized In'some of the central stations,of New York for eight , W nine! y«!ars. ., • Telephone engineers declare that in Bfteen;' y«*rs practically all connections will be made by dial. Although there will always be exceptions in tpeclal cases. There are now two systems In use. The panel system and the step-by- ttep dial system ate, utilized in vari- HUB cities. Th.ef size of the community arid the volume of telephone com- iriunlcation determine which shall be. used In most instances. There are now about 20,000,000 telephones in use in the United States. Nearly 8,000,Mit) are operated, on the dial plan. There were 867,127 telephones changed the manual to the automatic {in ot communication in 1929, with (•increase of 23,220 manual phones., his growth lias .been registered since J92, when the dial phones In Ajnerlca were first, installed oh vf large scale In Portland, Me., an^ Aubflrn, N. Y. The argument over the .availability of the dial • phones is especially pertinent -in view of the fact that the American Telephone ft Telegraph Co., has the largest number of shareholders of any corporation in the world at the present time. The larger stock dealers report that there has been a wide diffusion of the corporate own- irshlp of this company. Many big ilocka of margin-held common stocks n the last year have been broken up, iddlng materially to the number of itockholclers of record. TJie problem of the cost of telephone service Is being considered in practically every big center of Industry In the United States. In general It is following the line qf electrical rates. One of the largest public utility concerns of the cpuntry has just Issued a statement declaring that customers have been saved $2,500,000 through rate reductions put into effect by subsidiaries operating in states all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific. • ' . ( . The International Hydro-Electric system, a subsidiary of the International Paper 4 Power Co., showed an Increase of 13 per cent in April over the output represented by the plants of the spstem in April, 1929, and of 60 per cent as compared with April, 1928. Since this 1 power Is utilized in industrial communities, the increase carries with it a decidedly optimistic outlook on the factory production of the country. .The number of customers utilizing electric power In 1929 grew to 24,260,000, despite the decline in industrial production beginning in October. The use of electrical power has remained practically ,stable in late months. Electrical engineers declare the long- term future of electric power has become so important >• to''industry that Ateady expansion is assured. Pros- wjrtlve new custoniers, they declare, ratal ^33 1-3 per-cent of the entire population of the .United States. hut bttrt 1 <m tfws Romi« ROSE HILL MECCA AT PRESENT TIME Rose Hill' cemetery at the eastern edge. of the city is the mecca for thousands of Altoonans this week in preparation for Memorial day. . By automobile, bus, street car and foot, they are traveling to add their color to the marvelous work which nature and man have created in this hallowed spot. Situated at the terminal of the Third avenue car line, the gentle slopes of this burial plot display nature's best. New permanent roadways are a boon to the motorist and the beauty of the foliage of the maple-lined~'walks beggars description. Approximately six thousand former residents, are at rest in tills hallowed ground. Such a large number touches the living generations^ of .almost every family in Altoona while' many, others froni'~far and near return, at.this season to honor the memory of their departed. ! The reorganized management of Rose Hill Cemetery company hafe effected wonderful 'results in restoring the natural beauty of the cemetery. Thousands of dollars have been invested in building permanent roadways which have been of- invaluable help to those who motor there. Trees and shrubbery have been pruned and the walks am water courses have been repaired .to the great relief of the pedestrians. These and other improvements are Insured to those who bury in Rose Hll cemetery because the management has established a perpetual care func whereby an ever increasing amoun provides income for the upkeep of thi plot. SEEKS HEAVY DAMAGES. PITTSBURGH, 'May 28.—Suit for 176,000 \vaa on file -today against the Greyhound LlneSi , Inc., the action having been' brought by Anthony J. Wayne In: behalf of his wife, Virginia, who clalmo.d 'to have suffered permanent injuries when a bus in which she was a passenger left the road near Rochelle, 111., last Aug. 12. NOMINEE SPENT NOTHING. HARRISBURG, May 28.—J u d g e Henry G Niles of York, Democratic candidate for supreme court, spent nothing in the primary election campaign, his expense account which was filed with the state election bureau reveals. Judge Niles had no. opposition for the nomination he received. UQH tomato* th*t t1\* Will Wcomft-a t*«u- 1ft itia affif «*lW|H««f ttf, l£« Wsvetf Is the tftinjB iAH cofflDB vm •»». B b T -——ma.«n*l ft, Kltt* tJftrt#rte An! of Queen Mafgfherita, as well as the tofttb of Raphftei. (CofryfWM, iWO, by fftw Itt* Soft.) ••••••^•^^^^^^^^^^^g^jl - .!_ ' . L "-I- ----- !i.Jl^-U...J T-f= RICHMAN BROTHERS 1313 6LEVINTH AVENUE Open Thursday Evening until 9 o'clock Wfienyou plan your Trip for Decoration Day, why not take along an Ice Cream Pie? Packed in a dry ice carton you will hiave no salt and ke to worry about. We can pack your order to keep 24 hoiirs if you desire. You can also take Puddings, Individual Cups, Bulk or Brick in Dry Ice i Cartons. Phone 6172 Painters Know that a satisfactory flooi varnish must be 'tough and flexible enough to withstand the constant impact of heavy heels, the weight oi moving furniture and abuse of many kinds. Many o> out oldest cus toroers have :earned froif experience that Liquid Granite measure^ up tp every requirement It stands th» hardest wear Cull on us for anything you may need in the line of finishes and Painting Supplies. S. M. GRIFFITH CO. 905 Green Ave. WALL JAFKR AND PAINTS Women today know That — .. "It's Smart to be Thrijty" Every Frock in this collection is ' brand new — Dress up for Memorial Day! mo Tomorrow—Brett's Downstairs Store Offers a Special DRESS EVENT That Will Make You Long Remember The Day Before "Memorial Day" Just Unpacked —300 Brand New SUMMER FROCKS J ENSEMBLES For Altoona Women and Misses Who Really Want Style at a Saving! (brand new) FROCKS For Some of .the style / points. Smart full Capes! Jabot Collars I Cltfver Color Contrasts ! Jaunty Bows! High Ties! New Sleeve Effects! POLKA DOTS . . . WASH CREPES WHITES . . . PASTELS . . . GEORGETTES HANTUNGS . . . RAJAHS . . . CREPE SENOUSSl! Two Frock* for $19 SIZES: 14 to 20 38 to 48 \6 l / 2 to 26»/ 8 38V4 to SQ l /z You are certain to be agreeably surprised to liud Frocks oi' such quality at such an amazingly low price! 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