Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 36
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 36

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 36
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C-o--INDEPENDENT LVM KM*. C«UI. f l M l f . MM M. IHI | Now Appearing ictt/ac a LLTHJ C* "Arntrita't Forcmoif Muileol Duo" at (lit BRANDING IRON STEAK HOUSE 2141 5. Harbor Blvd. Anahcimf OM Itttt SMtft *f Ot"*t'»** ^ tometittt: JC 4-1020 H»it: Dick At*i»tffr3 II i* l-v H I It »·* CAFETERIA STRATFORD HOUSE Dwrkt LFNT ** **f ' iturmf · »»lM»i**» *f tf.*'tr*M lautft »n4 THE VEGAS ROOM S HAPPY TO PRESENT Del Nadeau A t Our Piano Bar N For Your Lis M 7-J30I VEGAS ROOM · 2100 LONG BEACH BLVD. t l\u\ws vm LAST 3 DAYS · VIKKI CARR « B PAUL DESMOND STARTS TUESDAY NIGHT KAY MARTIN And Her "Bodyguard*" "otf trni COCKTAILS · 3800 E. Pac. Coavt Long Beach -- GE \ A Delicious Chicken Pie Dinner '; INCLUDING . . . On fom»«t Ckitlcn Fi. with Whipped P.te- '. ton. Golden Chicktu Graiy, Col. Sla«. H.I liteiiiti o4 Inner, ' also leverage and Denert. 737 P I N E AVE., DOWNTOWN StJKI'KISI-:!)? Arnold Vnnn. manager of Welch's restaurant, wears slightly stunned expression while examining toy bartender, one of 35 gag gifts he received during surprise party held for him last weekend by 100 Welch's employes and friends. Party marked his -15th birthday and i restaurant's 15th anniversary. | ' Slrai^lilrniii^ Kivrr ! I TOKYO i/?i -- Red China ins counties in east China, is! _ !says t h e meandering 100- being straightened and wid- .» imile Puvang River, which ened to irrigate Tt.OftO acres flows across three rice-crow- of paddy fields. DELUXE 7-COURSE DINNER Fill F P A R K I N G «r« ·» it J » 4 f r -*·«·*»** lakr**-tf Ctn'tr Ml 44111 Letqt Y .I Jcr SPECIAL LUNCH 11 A M I* S P M t\^H. f w j S A T . MMOUS THC4SUDE TH4T fl4 " Wf CiiH , I rrrd 1 1 * 0 ferf *i ·%, :.?,'4 ·VR't'^tii? IH LONG BEACH 2131 C. tROlDWiT i/l HI. till il lull li'l l[ I lilt (ClOtlt HtlllT) I VOTE FOR LEILANI . . . 5236 E. 2nd St. JEST CANTONESE-AMERICAN FOOD - HE SS23 GAY 90's . . . 2508 Palm Drive TUN - FOOD - BUBLAP SISTERS - GA 7-3JI6 GEORGE DEUKMEJIAN . . . FOR ASSEMBLY T H E "little SMORGASBORD IN SEAL BEACH III H*l» STRUT ',, III. lr« III lull WE MAKE OUR OWN BREAD AND PIES' Merchant's Lunch 69c 90c from 11 - 4 P. M. I Week days only) Smorgasbord SI.50 We invite you io cat io your heart's desire and enjoy any or all of our 25 selections. We have 3 hoi meai entrees daily including, of course, our famous Swedish Meatballs. Finish your meal with a dish of our delicious rice pudding. t^ OPEN DAILY iilrlll^-a Now ·* YEARS in Long Beach Fifcfei Has Power, Delicate Phrasing ny TED TIIOMEY Like any cowardly columnist, I'm usually afraid to RO out on a limb. But after hearing Vikki Carr sine I'm filled with boldness and a prediction. 1 predict that within two years, possibly three, she'll be the nation's top feminine vocalist. That's saying quite a Int. but Vikki--currently starring in the Kast Indies Room at JavaLancs--is worth it. She's j;ot lots of voice, more than she'll ever need. She can belt a sung out with Rreat power, like Kay Starr. And she can also sine with phrasing to delicate it makes you want to cry. On lop of all that, she has beauty, charm and the unaffected sweetness of youth. Vikki is 21. brunette. 5 feet. 2 and has eyes of smouldering brown. She is particularly devastating on numbers like "Over the Rainbow," "Funny Valentine," "Danny Hoy." "Bill Bailey" and "How VIKKI High the Moon." She recently signed a contract with Liberty Records, whose executives are now scouring the country, hunting special song material for her. Bom in Kl Paso, Tex., Vikki is the eldest of seven children in her family. She has been a professional entertainer for nearly four years, appearing with shows in Palm Springs. Reno and Las Vegas. Her salary is currently four times what she made during her brief career as a hank bookkeeper, but her living expenses are necessarily high. She spends $1,000 a year for clothes. $.100 a year for dry cleaning and SIM) a year on cosmetics. She loves the life of an entertainer, although it forced her to break her engagement with a young man whom she loved deeply. "You can't have both," she explains sadly. "Career and marriage don't mix." Rilled with Vikki at JavaLanes is Paul Desmond, n bright young comedian with lots of fresh material which he writes himself. He has appeared on Frank Sinatra's TV show and does excellent imitations of Vaughn Monroe. Perry Como. Liberacc and others. (yn/nrlunnlcly "n's i" Vifcfci's l«sl wrrl: nf Jnvn- lj:r.c-,. Kut you ran l;ct ycur .-.(:;( f he'll he bnr,hc.d fnr a return engagement bcjnrc lung. * * * WHERE TO FIND THF.M: Mai Duncan, a very fine pianist, entertains at the Lafayette Hotel's Ivanhnc Room. Chuck "Tequila" Rio and his hoys play for the jam and twist session Sundays at 3 p.m. at the Squire's Inn, 4200 Lakrwnnd Blvd. Kx-Advin-rs Visil Willi lli« Mfday, Tutiday, WtJntidoy 1:00 'I.I I CO p.n. Spaghetti Meatballs COMPUTE DINHEK '1.10 1i*r(,^« CK- (# *·! l t C' J VW^b ; » SUNDAY SPECIAL IhJO 'til 100 pi. voi)tro EREAST OF CHICKEN H A W A I I A N COMPUTE D I N r U * S 1.87 K l»Mrr, Cf- t k . f .Vrrr Rt'stnnrnnt in Ton-it CHOPSTICK INN ··n.-ii s.\\r.\ n: · III, »..vwii "' r ' ll "i' %ri '' lri " » pi"" I '" jll IIP" "' unl..m«f I."'.! I f «l|M-n " Di» a Wwk. II:.W ».ni. lii ll:.1» p.m. · ^ co*yj^ j _ ^rTry?^^?^-? BUFFET STYLE Family Restaurant I IVOW! S3 in HOWXTOWX $1.50 OI'KN DAILY I'lmne I in 2-Wi: gnnoonoucoocieooo Anil- -.-:(· S»rJivh Frvv) K;-;.sr,«/«,i.\r OLD SWEDEN 501 Oilir A \ r . Long B«h /I Spec/a/ luvilettiou To our many friends and pafrons to bo with us on Sunday, April I, when we open the doors at our new location. T h e BROADWAY CAFETERIA is now located at 155 Long Beach Blvd. and has been designed with you in mind, and to serve the same quality ·food which has always been popular at The Broadway Cafeteria. OPEN II Io 7:30 DAIIY INCLUDING SUNDAY Flint; ol Frit Pirkint Neil Door Across thi Strut ! PAI.M DKSKKT (UPI) -'(ion. Dwight D. F.iscnrmwrr I v i M t r i l with Ihrm dislin- igtiiOird giirsK \Vrdnorl.iy .it ' h i s Klrlnr.idn ("fiuntiy ( ' I t i h v a - ; c n t i o n rotlnpr. . The former I'rriidrnl l.ilknl i I'lan .Skysrraprr TORONTO I/P)--A SlIO mil- linn. 'JO-floor skyscrnppcr cnvrrinc nearly a lilix-k will be built in downtown Toronto by British Property Investments Ltd. 2921 Palo Verde Ave. (Just So. of Spring, Long Beach) HA 1-1977 ; V* SMORGASBORD, ALL YOU SI FA CAN EAT I.OU CMIIDMN ·*·* II «1. "t LUNCHEON j-;\ LUNCHEON \?\ ,^Ur.90' ttN ^: ·t^^mRnqR^KianBR*m I 15005 South Atlinlie Bltii. NE V.jw'l"""" 'NEs'-TIij" ii A \ i; i fTSNCTSlNC AIMS WITH MITCH ITSSUJS ALDUS WfTH UWaE JOHN with Or. J.imp^ Killian, hi fnr- mer «i'ientific ndviser. nmv rh.iirmnn of the hoard nf the Ma«arhuett^ I n ^ t i t u t r n( Technology, and Maj. Hen. James Dcxilittle. arrnmnaninl by Ruben Meet of nr.iihy Palm Springs. Then, later in the day. hi- met with Paul Hoffman, chairman of the Ford Foundation, and another former adviser. ·SST THURSDAY ONLY Primo Ribs of Beef 1.95 COCKMIIS ·t rtviMiM* prlcft LUNCHCON DINNU '» u F-»U3;U; Colly /f»«i 11:30 Choice Steaks from 2.25 ciosfo ii/No/tr I960 Santa Fe Ave. 4-41SJ THE NOTE-A-BELLES ALL G»«L COMIO TUtSDAT IS LADItS' NIIE (Girli Com* and Sr« COCK 0' THE NORTH SI14 ATLANTIC AV[. CA S:4oS 7b£ PWita Cf THC££ KUOOUS RtWO^B AT UNCLE JOHN'S PANCAKE HOUSE 3902 E. PACIFIC COAST HIWAY, LONG BEACH Cill CE 9-052C for rtnritions lor oar prioli dininj room. Ritmi Uncli lohn's Dininj Room lor Bnillilt, lunch, Dinnir ind pirtin lor ciic jroupj, clubj, brid(t troupt, chlldrin't birthdiyi ind innittrsirici. T/ir f n MI it IK Mil' T ^ T ^ COAS Irnlnring USDA Choice Top Sirloini fi r. r\t tnr nf §utr Jien .Ml. V01! CAN FAT A'i'hrnii,- S»r,li^h ln-1 «:'li S^f.l^h A'iniphnf II v t ri lil! ') ; » p m ( Uf.t /;,.-. , ,., f .-.., «ry ^ f,. , lu.rh. i «iu. I ii .vnnnn · OUR DAN PICS · DUD CAN PIES · OUR OWN PICI · MONA LISA SMILID Ounrly bttoui. . . . S l « -01 alifq eui SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN . . . Walc- four o»» ipoji. qul-.t with rici**^r«t (!·· ia-» »a». Ray's Range Formerly Ra/i Hut CARSON of ORANGE · OU* OAN PICS · OU9 CAN PICS · OUR OAN PICS · you II be a Very Special Person at Ken's Pancake Parade OUTSTANDING ITALIAN CUISINE 3151 ATLANTIC CA 7-1111 COOKING EL UATADOK MEXICAN RESTAURANT Y«ur Fa*nit/ Ktttauro»t Op** front $ P.M. U 10 p.m. FOOD TO TAKE OUT t7jo r. s.c.-j si, LI. GE ] 9SI3 HOFBRAU CLUB Pc'*'3. G»'l c Tout ;/T l~"::t' ·V"-'' timiiititi tt mien u UltTII Till ll»l« COMMUNITY SINGING STEAKS AUSTRALIAN LOBSTER SPECIAL COCKTAILS LUNCHEON II «.". II I F.M. DINNER I f . K . - I H l l P . M . ClOIII tlltlll itui «»i llrt I. Hill Fir tmruliiii II Mill THIS IS NOT ATYPOS«APHICALI«IOi;"..irST«Ul CHAIIIOIL TOUI OWN -^ jm j*m* S.TEAK $125 M.'» ^v.-f 0-V US04 Cf« c* S'^d COCKTAILS AT RIGULAR fllCI! · . - B i r f k m r · ···· LUNCH lifSw^A.i «»«« l i l t I. WAIOIOW »r. OIANI · 6A 7-W4 _^__ IILEO'S |ITIE.Wirilew Nur Onn[i a JACK'S ORSICAN ) 5-ti() F.. :nJ St. . t IELVONT SHOUE (NAPLES) , ; | r MIME (II OF IEEP ·' Ckrc»l Irtilfd St»«l| ] FRANZ STEININGEIC AT THt STI i K A A Y CF KtM C»it« MwOT ki3i2£ft55fe SPENCER STEAK ...... ...S1.29 Snack Shack tn*mn tui VICITAIIH, '1711 r. IIOADWAT Mr t-im :

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