Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 53
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 53

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 53
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3IILADY WILL PIPE UP, NEVER DOWN Many Frightened Smokers Make Adjustments to Their Addiction « t V72»i**"5'»«*n»JSiVf^!nS lI ' nce Jokn Rolfe planted his chases of stamps based on more cigarette advertise KM%^^3 ·^Z-^K,first tobacco crop 350 years'money available fcr taxes after .finding readers *e MUr Wuan I Bv RICHARD H. HOEN1G J A? Sniiml H*w« WrB«r. 1AST MONTH a blue-rib- boa scientific panel Con- or ordered. NEW YORK ivened by the surgeon general nationwide reports. The de- . MV-Mixed of the United States branded mand for cigars, pipes and WK * advertising 'ex to evaluate advertising for them selves." ONE FACT was clear from t Another development has been a reduction of the work for an undetermined among hundreds of baskets cigarette smoking a hazard.smoking tobacco has sky- of wifinished tobacco pipes in to health, the main cause of rocketed. a Brooklyn factory are several dozen filled with bright red; yellow and green parts. When completed these col- lung cancer and a contributing factor to ether diseases. Remedial action was urged. Cigarette sales immediately -It's like Christmas in February. We've got so many Un« IIKX CUT. TkurL. r*. » *« INDEPENDENT-?^, [OUR -NEW NOW OPEN EVERY DAY Except Sundays) · RETAIL MEATS AT WHOLESALE PRICES number of the industry's nearly 100,000 factory workers. Three or four day work weeks were ordered for some two.* i. TII, *c fcvfc o*J *ii«iiii . . . . . ,. pipe orders we don'l knowP 13 ? 11 ** "* ol tte n*»« in An" **iA i r i »»rr\« makers. what to do," said L C. Legros.1 cred pipes win sport rhine- plunged across the country. 1 president of Shulick Taylor, stonf s embedded in polished. Some guesses on the size of Distributing Co. in Wheeling,! bowls. The pipes are five inches long, de- to attract women. the drop ran to 30 per cent W. Va. George Watnick. a partner However, sales apparently are rebouncing now. A na-of the Knickerbocker ^'newspaper ad urges tion-wide Associated Press, that resumed making wom- reaiers to try a "safety dgar-[ sun ' e y *f retailers, distrib- en's pipes after a six-year ettt'that looks like a cigarette, utors and wholesalers indi-lapse, agreed. *Tve iiev-er) ferii like a cigarette and sat-fates that sales clearly re- seen a surge of demand isfies like a cigarette--but main betas- the levels before .this and I've been in the busi- the report was released, but ness since 192-T" The major companies have contributed to a $10 million grant to the American Medical Association's long range fjjju study on the relationship between smoking and disease. In the month following the report, the stocks of five t o b a c c o the prevailing movement is Major cigar manufacturers »} rer »6* share. you never light up." The manufacturer of this clove- - . , - scented imitation of a cigar- upward in at least 12 of 17 confirmed the demand, etti' guarantees money back major cities ^surveyed. "O"r Jmmrv «v« if yt doesn't reduce with- [Stock exchange dechned an symptoms when you give; up the real item. "Our January sales rocketed. February is sky even of less than $1 a SCARE CROW ITrfREE-FOOT DIAMETER BALLOONS FLYING 100 FEET UP SCARE BSRDSAWW FROM CROPS... FRYERS 29k WHOLE BODY BREASTS 1 SWINGS OO LL LEGS THIGHS KTK mus luuici TO STOCK OK HAND -- HUtIT FOI THIS! THWINDOUS SAVINGS! RLCUTS BT- 69k I? 6.50 T-BONES 79k 1P6.90 25-LB. FAMILY PACK I »LM,T. CUTS , . . *OA . tr M Us. UUI lorttlj KK IJIQf* 14 95 PORTERHOUSE 851 ,1° 7.90 Spencer Filets 89', ,1° 8.50 ...BUT THE BIRDS GET US£O TO TH£M It/ Sirloin TipRoast BONELESS tb AMONG THE nation's ma- better. It's that way all over jor cigarette manufacturers the country," said E. Archie Cclo'rtd pipes for women, on] y »« has given any direct Mishkia. president of Bayuk btjisified antismoking cam- indication of recent sales. Cigar Co, Philadelphia. paigns and a flood of cigarette substitutes are among! R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co,' .the No. 1 cigarette maker,! MEANWHILE, the com- ^e~znInyVgn7cfwhat someVd U*t «»«» being placed panies that made most of the experts consider the most,*? wholesaler distributors|51! biHioa cigarettes puffed critfcal period for the $7 biH indicate * drop nationall y k by *» estimated 70 million 1UHVU. S tobacco industry r ^ »1«* °' «r products U. S smokers last year are ; jwhich is more than normal at sitting back and, as one to- 1 this time of year." hacco man put it, "Waiting to Another indicator of sales be told what they will be al- is cigarette tax receipts. A lowed to do and what they check of January figures for won't be permitted to do." Part of the answer may Special Sales Set lij Value Village iv-ticvik u* i/iitw^ij jr *i^u-i t» iu* Special sales win mark re-|i9 sla t e s showed 16 declines opening of the remodeled from January 1963. However, come after a March 16 Fed- Valae Village Friday and Sat- ia m ore than half the cases eral Trade Commission hear- urday. where state officials com-!ing on rules that would dras- The thrift store at 2420 1 mented, they said the "smok-[ticaUy restrict cigarette ad- Sania Fe Ave. is sponsored ing and health" report could vertising. The FTC proposals would require each cigarette the package and advertisement to by .Long Beach Exceptional not clearly be blamed. Children's Foundation a n d ! Factors that confused Coda Shepherd Home of the picture included purchases of j display prominently a warn- West. Store hours are 9 a-inJtax stamps a month or two t ing that cigarette smoking is to 9 pjn. |in advance and bulk pur- hazardous to health and may "' -'rant* cancer and other dis: J . eases. Two major companies have made advertising changes since the smoking report. But |a!I maintain they have not :cut total advertising outlays or altered basic policy. · . . . SLVCE the report, the Na tional Geographic, Saturday Review. Parents and Sunsd Magazines have d r o p p e d cigarette advertising. On the| other s i d e a nationwide' group of 35 local and regional! ! monthly magazines solicited] t Oft* Teniskt VI t pm. ^ANNIVERSARY FEBRUARY SPECIAL riciric COAST an. lose nica u: :i; QUICK ANSWERS TO EMERGENCY CALLS kave aa important message after business hours, your telephone calls trin be answered j round the clock by the business boasr, rrofcssional office or service organization that t mploji Te Vphone Answering Sctvicc. F O R E X A U P L E : Vocr doctor, employing a professional Telephone Answering Service, B ahriys able to be reached Tor emergency calls, any time of the day or Bight. Or perhaps, you wish to maVe or change aa appointment wii your lawyer, dentist or realtor but he has left bis office. Telephone Answering Service will tale your call, relay it to "", give hha your message or have hid call yaa back. It's a thooghtf si service many buunesi houses aad professional people give la their clients. HANOT IN THE KOUE.TOO.Tc!ephose Answering Serrke enables families to receive important messages qaicUy when to one is at home. You'll find Telephone Answering Serrke listed h the YeBow Pages of the Telephone Directory. . GENERAL TELEPHONE 00 Eve your hair luster and brilliance with the rich lanolin permanent. Shampoo, «*t and haircut included. · P.cs- J20 perm.--J10--EspcciaUr rood for hard-to-iuil hair.--Phone HE 7-6991. · For you with normal hair--a choice of $6^0. J75ft $150 permanent*. _ Open 8JO A. JL t9 5JO P. M. Including Sutm-dayj. N» Appointment Necessaiy. Ann's Permanent Wave Shop !OJ E. Broxdwijr, Eoom 5AS--1IG 7-6931, LOEJ IVich GROUND ROUND 10 25-LB. BUDGET PACK . I feL N.V. CUTS lotit for Ui. NO MONEY DOWN-6 HOS. TO PAY Sides of Beef. n Hindqaurters. BEEF LOIN · Fitrr MIGNON · romtHoust · MONE · TOP SIHOIN · SItlOIN tOAST · etouNO SIIIOIH ·· t*«T« fl |1 for tBttiit I · ^^H i.t.wt ^i ^U a."" T il COUNTY FAIR MEATS |6I78 LONG BEflCH BLVD., No, Long Beach GA 2-9751 IS a Fd stop squawking for 4.85^ and safety., too. And who wouldn't. *$% \ high annual rate of return on savings. Other things count, too. Daily earnings are compounded quarterly. Savings postmarked by the tenth of any month earn from the first. Funds in an account six months or more earn until withdrawn. Your account is automatically insured to $10,000 by a permanent agency of the Federal Government. So put safety first and earn 4.85%, too. savings loan association a member of/he Sears,Roebuckfamily Sort your account today METROPOLITAN SAVINGS 5901 Atlantic Avenue Lonj B»ch, Calif. 90S05 Mia Onxe: WHshirc Ktd. at Fijuercu, Los Anjtlo, Call. 90017 D Fiea« send iaforaatioaboellrti od fiaancial ttatemcat. D Flca« open as insured Hvuip account for $ Street Address OtTaadStiti

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