Independent from Long Beach, California on January 17, 1975 · Page 34
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 34

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1975
Page 34
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'INDEPENDENT(AM)_ Tahiti hut over tahle at Tahiti Hut Waitress Carol Yagle adjusts lamp which resembles tropical hut at Tahiti Hut restaurant on Seventh Street. Lamps above tables in dining room are designed in different island styles. -- Staff Photo By TEDD THOMEY ,!THE ETERNAL FIGHT BETWEEN MAN AND WOMAN, SERVED BENEATH YOUR COCKTAIL GLASS -- From time to time, this dept. tries to keep. its readers up to 'date on the latest cartoons on'.paper cocktail napkins. This kind of reading is so popular that 'people occasionally phone, complaining: "Why don't the bars changes their cartoons more often? We get : lired of reading the same old napkins over and over." . . . Those complainers have a good point. The restaurants and taverns ought to follow the policy of the I,P-T which offers new comics every day. We'd be run out of town if we published the same B.C. and Animal Crackers cartoons every day for a week. Naturally, the restaurants can't change their cartoons every day. But those that put out the same napkin every day for a yeat ought to consider finding new material. During this dept.'s visit the other evening to the Tahiti Hut, we were amuse'd by a napkin titled BACHELORS . OLD MAIDS. The cartoon quality is excellent. The bachelors are portrayed as fat bald-headed slobs..The old maids are real -bags with squinty eyes, straggly hair, big behinds and no bosoms to speak of. The napkin's theme is anti-marriage all the way. One of its cartoons shows a sad, THOMEY beat-down married guy drying dishes while wearing a big iron ball and chain on his leg. The caption says: "All men are bom free and equal. If they get married later, that's their own fault!" Another drawing, shows a neatly-dressed bachelor who is being hugged by two beautiful sexy girls while he pours himself a shot. He says happily: "Sure I've made mistakes -- but NEVER in front of a PREACHER!" ' . The caption above two ugly broads -- one old, one young -- says: "It takes,two to make a marriage -- a girl and an anxious mother." Nearby is this bit of philosophy, the definition of a bachelor: "A rolling stone who gathers no boss." The happiest figure of all is an old maid in a rocking chair. She is unforgivably ugly. Her hair resembles a stack of needles, she has a receding chin and she is wearing oversized fuzzy slippers on her big duck-like feet. But she loves being an old maid, saying with a huge grin: "I've got a parrot who swears, a cat that stays out all night and a fireplace that smokes'. Who-needs a husband?" TONIGHT'S SPECIALS WILL BE SERVED AT THE TAHITI HUT AT A DEPRESSION PRICE -When my redheaded spouse and I visited the Tahiti Hut the 'other evening, we were served .that napkin with large margaritas for $1 each. The Hut, Seventh at Cherry, is owned by. two good Joes -- Joe McElroy and Joe Murelli -- who have a darned good policy. They serve excellent food and cocktails at prices lower than i McElroy Murelli Martha elsewhere. Their fun bar, featuring the talents of entertainer Herb McKim, is one of the most popular in town. You'll also find a lot of people in the tropical decor dining -room, enjoying the new nightly specials featured by the two Joes. On the night Mrs.'.T and I were in, the special was roast prime rib of beef au jus for $3.25. You won't find that .quality prime rib anywhere else at that price, because most Long.Beach restaurants have been raising their tabs. McElroy and Murelli decided to go in the'other direction. Their special dinners are a rollback to the recession or depression prices of another era. ''· Tonight's specials at the Tahiti Hut will be $2.50 each -- tender filet of red snapper, a fine white fish, or country-fried .chicken. They will be served with fresh soup or a.large salad with croutons and dressing, hot "arlfc toast, baked potato or rice and beverage. Here's the rest of the schedule: Saturday, roast sirloin of beef with mushroom sauce, $2.95; Sunday, veal parmigiana with spaghetti,-$2.95; Monday, beef kebab with nee and mushroom sauce, $2.95; Tuesday, beef Stroganoff with rice Pilaf, $2.50; Wednesday, prime rib, $3.25; Thursday, braised shortribs of beef, $2.50. Those specials will be continued every week,,indefinitely. During our visit, we also tried an entree from the Tahiti Hut's regular menu - the ground sirloin steak sandwich for $1.95. That's easily one of the best dining values in town, consisting of a big serving of the choicest ground beef topped with rich mushroom sauce served with soup or salad, baked potato or rice. It's so generous it's equivalent to a dinner. Also featured arc generous hot prime rib and top sirloin sandwiches with the same items,, $3.75 each. Other entrees on the recu'ai 1 menu, served with soup and salad,'include prime rib au jus, $-1.95; top sirloin, $4.95; pepper steak with special si''-"*. S5.95; and a variety of sea foods, $3.5o to $3.95. . Also featured every night arc the 15-ouncc porter- house steak, $4.75, and the 12-ounce club T-bone steak,'. $3.75. Both are with soup and salad. Those specials and all the others were worked out by Martha Schuff, who's been on the Tahiti Hut's staff for five years. She calls 'herself "Jill of all trades," but she's really the day chef and manager. She also makes sure that the ; waitresses stay on their toes and give good, courteous service. On the night we were in we Had four-star attention from Carol Yagle and Doris Porterfield. Verdict: Quality food at pleasant· prices. Such values are hard to find these days. Let's hear four big cheers for the Tahiti Hut! . . ENTREES THAT MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY THEY CAME: Don't you believe those rumors that Earl Slack wore a pearl in his navel during the New Year's Eve festivities at Sileo's restaurant, Wardlow Road near Orange Avenue. As readers of this column know very well, Earl doesn't have a belly button because his surgeon removed it. Earl, also known as The Pearl, has been the owner of Sileo's for umpteen years. He has built a fine reputation for serving the finest quality, thick juicy steaks, sea foods and other items. His No. 1 chef, Truman Benton, make's splendid soups and Sileo's dinner salad is a thing of beauty. A generous slice of prime rib is $5.50. The choice top sirloin is $5.95 and the 11-ounce New York steak is $5.50.- Earl's masterpiece is the 16-ounce N.Y. steak, $6.95. Whenever a chef owns a. restaurant, it usually serves -fine food. That's why El Matador Mexican . Restaurant, 5734 E. Second St., Naples,-has been a winner for so many years. The owner is Jose Rp- driquez who loves to cook and who spends long hours in his kitchen, creating the specialities which bring people back to his restaurant repeatedly. Jose's dinners, $2.95, include soup or green salad, dessert of Mexican flan (similar to heavy custard), coffee and tortilla. The entrees are combinations of enchiladas, tacos, Chili rellenos, tamales, tostadas, eggs or chili con came, accompanied by beans and rice. Also featured are 11 different combination platters, $2.45, wine margaritas, beer and takeout orders. Congratulations, Ron Hust! .Ron is the muscular teenaged son of Hubert Hust, owner of Hubert's Cafeterias, 218 E. Broadway and 643 Pine Ave. He's a member of Lakewood High's wrestling team .which recently won the Lakewood Varsity Tournament, competing against four other high .schools. Ron, who wrestles in the 129-pound class, was one of the tournament champions. He has worked at Hubert's cafeterias for many years. His speciality is the preparation of a delicious entree known as "Ron's halibut." Hubert's Cafeterias also specialize in fine roast beef on generous dinners, $2.60. Antipasto. . .ravioli, chicken cacciatore. . . pizza varieties. . .hot Italian sandwiches. . .lasagne and stuffed brasciole beef. . .Those are some of the outstanding Italian creations at Domenico's, Norwalk Boulevard just north of Carson Street. But did you know that owner Beverly Spano also features gourmet pastries, such as baba ram cake filled with custard and . Black Forest chocolate cake? Beverly is one of the most talented restaurant owners in the business, serving fresh, tempting foods at sensible prices. Her chicken eacciatore dinner, for two persons is $4, including chicken in a white wine mushroom sauce, rotelli pasta and hot garlic bread. The chicken cacciatore dinner for four is $7.90. Domenico's has beer, wine and soft drinks by the pitcher. You ought to hear how people rave about the fresh cream nut and fruit pies at Polly's Pies, 3490 Atlantic near Wardlow Road. They also have the highest praise for the five different, varieties of coffee that Polly's offers. Those pies and those unusual coffes are unbeatable flavor combinations. Every night starling at 5, Polly's has a dinner special for $1.65 which is a remarkable value. It includes a big Ppllyburger hamburger sandwich or a tuna sandwich; a slice of scrumptious pie from'Polly's own bakery Pepsi, tea or one of those five fabulous coffees. Wow! A DEFINITION OF FRYING PAN FROM AMBROSE BIERCE'S DEVILISH DICTIONARY: One part of the penal apparatus employed in that punitive institution, a woman's kitchen. TREAT YOURSEL^ TO GREAT FOOD ® DINE OUT food jl Dine Out Superb Continental Dining at Modest Prices \UNCHEONS · DINNERS · COCKTAILS ·t it ilti f It IB Served wit PRIME RIB ^^ (C french Kii/iem 2688 SOUTH ST. (at Paramount) LONG BEACH - 531-1367 The Turtle San Diego Fwy. 426-0391 . DINNER ttnti 0»l( i P.m. · 9 t.m. . ClOSEtnUSSDAYS SPECIAL B4NOUET DINNER for your Special occasions. jto FOOD TO 60 ·SOW. WlllOW, l.B. at Golden Aw. 427-2727 ON BALBOA BAY, NEWPORT BEACH .· I 3241 WEST COAST HIGHWAY UNOIR NIW OWNIRSHIP MIKADO SUKIYAKI HOUSE featuring 5ifwv MPANIU CVI mimijiMicnrMil . B»NCINONMHTirTOTW "FINISHING TOUCH" iHturlng GfNI DC V»UI Restrvoliofis (1-714) 644-5057 Sunday Btvnch · Luncheon » Closed Man. DiMf (o A Rare Treat PRIME RIB DINNER AT THE TENDERLOIN MIDWEEK SPECIALS Thurs. Niles * DovbllCet Prim.Ub luilntilHUn'f LunchMitfrom.. Includes: Choice; 1 of Soup or Salad, Baked Potato; with Sour.Cream, Crieese Sauce or Butter, with Chives. Hot garlic Cheese Bread and our-famous String Beans . · for only 3«/ 3 6.25 1.75 COCKTAILS · ENTERTAINMENT | THE TWO OF US.' ;.'.-· Phone GA 6-5533 Open Tues. thru Sun. the Iffenderloin 4363 ATLANTIC AVE. DINING,,. Superb Has been a tradition with Francois' Manhattan for Over 30 years. The finest Continental or American Cuisine with elegant service insure your complere dining pleasure. . · · Luncheon Dinner Cocktails Banquets Closed Mondays JrancoU I909 Eail Fourth SI. at Cherry. Long Beach HE 6-06M MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED '. . RESTAURANTS 17511 SUSANA ROAD K (ARTESlA-and'SUSANA'KOAD) , NORTH LONG BEftCH 639-0234 FRIDAY,SATURDAY SUNDAY JANUARY 17th, 18th, Wti. BEEF TENDERLOIN en BROCHETTE Tender cubes of lilet with mushrooms, peppers and onions, soup and salad, potato, roll 8. b u t t e r , homemade dessert, and beverage. CALL 639-0234 for Reservations ^ B E S U I ) R « N I ? AUTHENTIC 7-COURSE GOURMET BUCKINGHAM PALACE DINNER for tw. · Soup d? jour . devir Salad or NAolded Spinach Salad or Crab Mornay with cheese shrimp. · British Seafood plate ala Alfred, 1 Halibut, British Sauce, vegetables stuffed ·lomato. .Chicken Coq Au Vin gourmet style. « 'Sherbet in a glass ala Alfred. » Filet Mignon with mushrooms . Baked Alaska, flamed at your table. . DemitassL 1 or coffee or tea. $15.00 Per Person. Because The Palace dinner sin't on the regular ·Menu, Reservations should be made a day qr so in advance. , RESERVATIONS 423-6438 ATLANTIC AVE. AT 45TH STREET LONG BEACH King Arthura ^ STEAK HOUSE "the Elegant World of Prime Rib" STEAKS · PRIME RIB · LOBSTER Breakfast to Remember Served Sunday 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. Presenting the One and Only TONY FOX at the Organ Bar HA 5-9113 SPRING AT BELLFLOWERfl UHNOUNCINC 'l-.;: ·..·,,···*?,·.*·,·.· ' · · ··-.-?,'.? '·'?*"· I ijffce opening COFFEE SHOP SKCIM.S XIIC "SIZE" DINNERS SIX (6) COURSES lad leliifa AND Soup AND SclaJ Khfl Spedolt apply only to Corf« Shop Iron 5 p.m. lil 10 p.m. Choice of Soup or Salod MONDAY GOLDEN VEAL ClfTlIT Light- . _ _ ly breodad !· griU, MoiM | IK Pototfwf, Country gravy I iVv TUESDAY CHEFS SPECIAL CMNNEI Sur. . _ priK Enn Toll a Chrn», Ail 1 Kb Your WojtrMi I iWI WEDNESDAY FINMI UCK'N CHICUH . __ 1/1 DhiioMxl Chidm, Fronckjl ER Fnet, Hot Ron 'n Homy 'I WV THURSDAY COUOTtT ITTIE Oim -N GRAVY Breorjed Pork Chop, lr»y« kid AND Potatoes AND Hot Jr«xi AND otvtr oge AND Dnurtll! . .ENTtEEI. looit Prim. Rib «f (Mf au |ul Kfng'l Rock Sort Roaitnd Klna'i of SnoUn Ike. Tomaton. Mutlroorrri Drill.d C.nt.r Cut ned and Grilled Brown .......... . Captaln't Stafood Bbdteyed Peal, Golden Hominy or Maihed Potatoel, BaVerJ $ · f Plott.r Strrlmp-Stollorn- X Q * . w «* ASK ABOUT OUI BANQUET *ND CATIEINO FACIUTIti King's VICTORIA 6075 Ufig t»oxh tl»d. Lang tacti 413-04M King'! IMPERIAL Atlantic and Imperial lyn.ood HE !·«» King' ·ISO L Flrmon* Mvd. Dawmy King's LA PALMA Vall.y View at ArtnlB Frwy. CONTINENTAL and AMERICAN CUISINE TEAKS»IOBSTER»SEAFOOD tervetl in o gracious manner in Long Beach's most beautiful restaurant WED. and FRI. NOON FASHION SHOWS and Deluxe BUFFET LAS VeOAS CHUCK WAGON SUNDAY BRUNCH Children M 6285 E. Pacific Cooit Hwy., Lang Heath Phone 430-05B5 Banquet faeilitios la 800 SPECIAL DINNERS COUPON GOOD ANY DA Y. . . Morinaled beam, lolled green sabd, choice ol dretiirrg. patta. moiraa- ole, breod, ihefbet. DELICIOUS LUNCHES · SUPERB DINNERS · · COCKTAILS · A NEW INNOVATION AT UDO'S RESTAURANT -- ;QUR NEW CHATEAU LOUNGE Will BE SERVING IUNCHEONS «i DINNERS IN,,v A WARM CONGENIAl ATMOSPHERE. . l : .u'.. ii ^ FEATURING STEAKS and SEAFOOD and COCKTAILS; LUNCH :-,;·: : . . . ; . ;«OM»I.S5 ; ' . , .tiPEN DAIIY '« A.M.,,P.M. :.i ' v . , '.,. · - ' : FRIDAY «,,SATilROAY 11. A.'M.TOllflp'A.M. '.;-·: ' ; , ACCOMMODATIONS r"OR ' PUHyC 401 SMALL PARTIES - ' - " HUNE « I ; ,, . , 2790 E.WILLOW AT TEMPLE, SIGNAL Hll 1 I I I I CHOICE FILET MIGNON WITH EGGPLANT . . STUFFED CHICKEN VEAL ALMOND ISRAEL . . . . YOUNG TENDER RABBIT, saute, Catclatarra. STEAK SCAMPI VEAL CRAB SAUCE MORNAY ·2* V 1 ,350 Ie Monaco *in)IINTICF»ENOir,UISISI: COCKTAIIA DINNFRS NK.HTU 5iM 10 10 P.M. FOR RES. 3774775 23S5 PAIOS VEROES DRIVE WEST 3 MIIES WEST OF MARINELAND . W'l |0»l»INfllCnSINt HUNCH H A M . » J r . B MONDAY tnru THURSDAY AND MEAT IAL11, CINNILLONI ·r Yi«i ruMIOIANA 25 1 I Now entertaining at Puccini's Artosla Heltn R«wil tt the Piano Thur. thru Sat. · COCKTAIL} · '} LOCATIONS TO 4I«VI YOU I 7710 S PIONIll 81VD. AKTISIA. S6J-J9U 420J ATLANTIC AVI. IONO BIACH . 414-3117-

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