The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 28, 1957 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 8
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fff ffAOU Hopper Announce* Other . t *« Lufkin Cage Job „ eo&h fbf m past six yiara attd a member of the Coachttig Staff" fof 11 years, recentl? accepted a PiA Ifi ^TSff-"! T *•«* KfiJk^il n» »* ftOBtftt WAaSlAfF, n*ad fixporur ba*k*tball eoaen , tot in* pest tut T«a*« and eon«*«.d wi* A* ' school *f«»» f«r 11 t*a*fc ractnilt anninnttd taunt ih. »*ad basketball Job at Lufkta. Wagtail «d with lootbutl In lh* local *T»*»« and * m * u * bt *•*• ' ing I* lhat sport with In. I-AAAA Panlh*t». eoachiflg position ift Lufkift school System. fifaioSpttrt Athletie Di- tecwr H. & Hopper rftad< the anflduncement on wag staffs move and at the same time issued a stfttfe- ment on two other changes in the area coaching staff imest ftobsrson, senior hr coach fof IS years in footb: . basketball and golf, asked to be relieved of his coachin t du ties as did rreeport's Junior High basketball coach, Bob Oakman. Both Robetson and Oakman will remain in the system and will handle teaching duties. Wagstaff will assume his new coaching position in Lufkin at the stsrt ot next school year. He will be head basketball coach for the 8-AAAA Panth-' ers, work with football in an assistant role, and will probably do a lot ot scouting. h«aa coach kaaneth of Wafsttff te th* system, ftobefsoft rtievea into the jMWni rt*»» at the seniot high batk is 16*8 as a «afe coaeh ttrtoef head coaeh Hop' per. Sinc% tnat time he has handled basketball and th* line coaching jabs on the Ship 9 Jufito* varsity HSiJ&lA been varsity elevens. He has also been the. golf coach and guldttf the Shippers to the sttMt meet back in 1964. Oaftman h« been ift the syswtrt yfeats and has i the" -' t6t eight A wWWng 'unittr High ,hls Redskins t) Bfia Coon^r Jti* igi. cajt ttown but l«Mi line Is** playoff to Aim ftthTfoiftMOBTand Oakntaft *».J«<W»t.*w« .t"ff ^S eoatfcing > *fnk» <l re of their Wilt bBt <pl rfemain in schflftl «ys««l as teacher*. jftbii bt" ! three coach** win to fill are «fy ffiteftil for the w of «Wk IHerhave don* for•*» m the yea** they ha*« b«n- Wilft IRS $J^irR!fiV t'Mitii rain* flooding More rams ana noouiug ,_4,j_,. i A « «,,-• «,i» waters wcw expected to con- Monday a«a had fair tihue to h6M a two strike count against Bratoaport fishing for at least the next f«w weeks. However, the mixedmp T«x- weather have . . * The Lufkin job is similar to lfeft fishing water* along the All psrtle*, were dropped on the Saturtiay and Sunday 6uH of Mexico trip* by both Party Boat* inc. and Darland in ad area were made othe the position that Wagstaff coast a^j m the inland* in poor dltton tof other fishing concern*, leaves in th* Brazosport ranks.j sha p e alM- Weekend - winds •Hopper announced that thei p ^ st wfte llend results In the th " ^iy. three'jobs are still open but ti,,,^.^,^ .M« w*r* f»ir. on ;"-- they might be filled with coaches already in.the area. Definite plans on this will b< an- the inland front, While no par* ty boats got out due to the also and spots too for good fishing thus cutting favorite Braiosport Loses Three Coaches nounced later. Wagstaff joined the Brazos- j oovt system back -in 1946. after i getting out of the tinned States ' Air Force. He was a graduate from Stephen ¥. Austin College. , For two years Wagstaff han- . died football and basketball head duties in the Velascb Junior High ranks and In 1948 .winds. Some boats made it out' A few back on the results. nor g rans a n moved over to the senior hieh) as an assistant in both football • When Robert Wa*staff resigned as the Exporters' head ^ ^ ^^ •basketball coach and Ernest Roberson along with Bob Oak-j and b4sketbal j. man stepped down from the coaching ranks, the Bratosportj !„ 1950 he took system iTthre. fine men as well as dependable and cap- basketball *£*£* --- th. able coaches. champion in his first year at m Wagstatf who has been in the area for 11 year*, will the head reins. In his stay as tak* over th* head cage chores In Lufkin while Roberson head-man _for^eJ'BjgJJed" j A Meadowlake Plaits Busy Week Of Golf of trout were caught near- San Luis Pass while somfe'retts were caUgh *'**«*» '4 A full program of golfing events were held last week at in the bays over the past weei end. ' ' Some fishing was done from Courtfy gras; rntu Anflttoft WiStetlj |16ft VI ft fiie-V Le8«W -L —-j Cr«* tt fi *SiS^« fiMvei vl O6««ei Wist Colu...-.- —ic-ii header at OMToway P»«. ' Lake Jarfksoh in f?«i|wr|s Jgle^ L«a|&e^ Texts liaia* «i**Jj ^Tlil6 AWifekiCBn , allu Wi* tienai mines |>taylrijtt|hti >ihs Gatof «M Lt field* vs mj^m • « Toni'gftf ' ' • * ttltt & Sflft IT rafh«d D&Vl *ul Wrt 1UA ft* Bulk of the wont* «r«f j - tWft-Agfe H»te* .^60* th* mm b»»«ng I*. K winwi nut tftwr «tmtii (> £ar <Amer.T' tank* v» e Sox) tlHHa8s V* Sed A»«e,T *«• Sed kSi Kiwftnia VI Wet Columbia — Doubleheader at Galloway field. ¥een.Age~ Brasotia County Junior 1 T-A--- f'tte d«ni fie fte n(*3fi| date, > ffitj drMft. ft h as •jM"*¥eeg«t pwl zURlnHzIo Will iMJ mt ColwhSia on th« ; the TeiniAft trirut, Braioria Slates Sohboll Tourrwy X 5*eeh-Age seftttali taurAs* ment;wli Ibe held in-firaiori* oi 8tt« JacltSdiri I! I Sifll t teal ._ ilhst net Adit* ,— _-,— .1 $Ww ^ '(•^1^ J*m«> r iftiMitMMMX hafcla Bt7 Gityv FrWjKTt JVOStfl t(t« second 8»«e for M*J«r«, A Btf t«fd elf Wftle Leagu? gaM*» JS »Ut«d (h* rafii* sent In Fte*T*Ott, Lak» JickJoti afld dawn itst night «.iyer,jri Ff*ep6tt, it Will be th* BH*e» vs. the White sex M their opener, which Mart* it « p.m. th* nightean will nive the Cub*, who art on tofi Irt'fMttfort, going ataloit >he Sobeai!!, >ho were last year's winner*, in their last match, t»ft,.Cufo.te*».. a J»-l vietory m ii ;'irtd' 1 tiik Only Four Lettermen In Brozorio Four lettermen will return to Brazofia next seasttn for fooU ball, basketball and ttijgfe .** the bulk of coach Lloyd miott* rtir with seven teams and hasting Sratoria lacking horns for the championship. ' Two dubs wiirfit entered from HoSton while IWo will be on HShd from Angleton. Oanbury and Oyster Creek will also field teams in the one day affair. Bill Lowe, C. t. Daniel* and A. & Cook tt» the managers Ot HOSting Brazoria. The meet will open satur< «' players will move into the West Columbia school system. U v...= .-..~. B — : .Most of the Brazorlfc *th-j the surf but results were poor t letes, the ones that will be put; in those regions. The waters tin the ninth grade n*xt season,] around the Jetties were real will be in West Columbia while; muddy with only a Small' only four lettermen will be in; amount of activity reported jtt BrSZoria eighth graders. I that region. Returning will be Ronnie) The Old Brazos River show- Ooolsby, Phillip Brigance, Ben- j ed the most weekend and Mon-. ny AmasOn, and Robert Cam- day activity but they were eron. They earned letters in day morning wiih the finals Sah Luis PMS BAIT OAMP BAIT _ SOFT DRINKS "BIO" JIM OOKLEE, OVnar TMI8 WfiKltS MVt ttllV 18 AID HfttttR BKtilir. 6RAZOSPORT NURSERY KtwW Ul A AVK. A . .FRBBfOftt (V8LA8CO) man the B.g Red Wednesday and Saturday eager?, Wagstaff has tacked up one loop championship and placed twice in the league. , King Bill, now playing with Rice's Owls, ibbby Allday, Emmltt " " mostly boaters. Between 30 and 40 boats were around that sec. tion SOnday with carload after has been planned carload of people stopping and watching. The Old River waters were jackpot sw^pstakes are on the track last season but will be! counted on in both football and basketball in '$7-98. Eighth graders earning jackets that will move out of the district were Billy Lowe and little rough Sunday but! Bobby Llles, who were the co- and Oakman will spend their full time at teaching* Al IBM* h*». spent s.».tal y*arl in ih* Biasoipott school tritam and »k« amount of work apd Job* tktj hat* •_.—""• y^y, —iicc^* ~7iMi «" wees. However, «w U..B>~. ( somn w me easi. • "•«•™i »•»•» •• u"-"»i ~vv" • i »«a« T"'™ ....^..IM. .» MIL Rlce * ow . Ul B6bby ,,.Tmi y ' event will take place Thursday,! Bait camps reported a good Henry. Johnny Bob Hesttr., d.n* would b. almosi imposslbl. lo 1.1L Emmltt Baker, now with Tyler JJ*"^ g* ye ? May 3 0. supply of llv. shrimp on hand'Olenford Strflther, .Raymond" Their loss *U1 V.e deeply felt and their Jobs will probably Jr . College, and last year's: Jer-1 MAm ° r , lw sweepstake*/will be;u,S they expect to keep some,Carlton and ItarMerger. -" : b* somewhat hard ftr athletic director M. B. Hopper to fill, ry Spence were^a few of the ^ursday and it will be' on hadd most of the week. I AbSndroth. -Cordon, tiles. " Te^ng ,1U hundred, of other f^^^£ ^Wj%^ ** fig** w««e^ *M Wagstaft move out ei the system and Hoberjpn and Qak- jn jBpying to Lufkia.»Wag. ««»'»«f guest with the green i^u, calming winds and should fBraMfria basketball squad be- •n^hanguptnacoadungiob,. ^ ^ £? ™£%^£^fc^^".*~te>!-« * ' ^."---IsS-J!! •in** w.,h*T. b«»n worktaa en Th. Faett SpOrM o{ g 4A ^ {n ^ leaguel day d**k, we hat* .njortd woiklng with "Waa" and hi*«« , wHh Longvjew, Tylar, Tew- hlgh cagM*. witn "Robbie" and lh. «Mj» fWirjg; jSHlil k»na, ihd Marshi " and golf**., and Bob and in* Ft«*port Junto "toi* baik.t- iPer* ptty out of ball play.'*. The loss of these three men means that two basketball to Brazospprt grid fan* as coaches, both head jobs in their schools, and three foothill " " '""* '"^ '""' '" ...coache*. all in the rnoistant field, will have to be hired. ^ ._ the weather clears off by]next to enter the thurs- tnat time. his bjen «et at 2:30 » putting on the same Winners Beautiful Wagstaff To Lufkin ! thera will move into Hopper ,-V.H.ghad 38 entries with Jack the sea for all her 81 years, Field in the second game on Taylor and DeOrvllle Evans, I saw it Sunday for the firit the September card thi« year. !tatjh -. yreeport, eomlng in time. . - » _ • Tyler has been the power in j ,.,,4.- the Binning"-aeore*.- • ' "It's too beautiful for Wagstafl will move into the Plney Woods of East Texas the 8-AAAA football racei while' , Aroun d « players were on words," she said. chores at Lufkin. Th. Panther* Lufkin k«trong.In otii bas- ^.j Saturday to try.for •; they so are ninth patt 'in the BratoHa Junior Olympic program this summer, in which coach Thomas it ex pected to flelda Wanted Immediately Young man to work in dispatch department of fast growing newspaper. Prefer high school graduate who is eager to learn advertising as a career. Must have car. , ->;•,.'•.;,.•;- jt;: : ' ;.'.' " ' :; _ ' • ' % . - " ^ , Good salary, hoi|)italization benefits, car allowance. , t . - . - ' .,.••' Apply in person to advertising manager or director. Freeport and handle th* basketball play out of District 8-AAAA and are always tough in foot- g p , n|ntr§ Baa . omnct, - g._. _ alched -ball, basketball and tawball. ! winner in baseball thi* year, | K 1 '^,m. both of Arigleton, to Lefkln and Brsnespotl wiU lock barns in thai* annual |but lost to Wichita Falls In bi- cop ^^ing honor*. Second •rU Hit in tb. Offl w..k. of fepteaab** wh.n football j dt $£ s $fr s considcr(S , one „, P'ace ™£«f$&%*%" Miion i«U* around. , the top men in his field and | Qulre 0 fAngleton. We are also locking for Lufkin to be one of the guest hi* position on the Brarosportp A Jarge lineup of Sunday Uanu wh«n th. Exporters hold their annual Buketball Tour- i^oJtbtU," Wwtaff handled h^""^ ka Vj > tha e wtanJB«t«S nament next season j the Shipper Storm Squad with 1 • Bu'rke, Connie Gayer of While handling th* basketball rein* at Brazo*port, Wag- June Davis last year under! cim^Tommy Sadder* gf Clute ataff did a fin* joo with hi* material. Last season his eager* _ piled up 15 wius »golnit as many loise* but had what wa« j Qfaf A*>g> considered a real good uason with the height they had to WillVI 9 play with. Th* bask*tb«li proipwH in th. Shlpp.r camp do nat look M wighi wh.» h.igkt i* eonc.rn*d, and t«* loral* wUl bat. to d.p«od en eutiid. sheoling and a i**t monnj • *sma <er piobablr *«T»r«l ***»on* to com*. Ea*t Texas alwa>» comes up with sopie fine basketball team* and w* art turn that Wagstaff will b. a credit to th. Lufkin system. Th. hint in Lufkin are getting a fin* coach and one th»t will be gieatly missed here in the Brazosport are*, UPON Fogrt* eaaiUUU f*r • -~ • BRAZOSPORT FACTS "*•* THE AUTO EXPERTS WROTE THIS AD _ _ UA||(>f AM TgUUSIVII Weather permitting, th* Lake Jackson Gators will move over to Houston tonight for a loop | waubv« A»*IH»»«J *-««».™— -i— » i .and Bruce Dlckerson Of Lake Jackson. Placing second in the crowd' ed field were J. T, Vlck of Lake Jackson, Doris Holt of Lake Jackson, Bob Caryale of Lake Jackson and Dave Land**- brough of Freeport. .-o—;—— Jaycees Hold The Gators, gained a split with the strong club from Dal- With r..w. ..... ....... ..— ..,...—_. ...... the annual Freeport; We would lik. u, wish Wai and hi. family tb. beat o< layover ^^^^and^n Jaycee **£J^ j***l aid to 20 wins against only two member* held their yearly ; setbacks. Beach Party recently, thus wU Lake Jackson lias no home ting things in motion, ' : f games on tap for thia week but Ray Rait worked as chair*, are due to travel to Corpus man of th* Beach P»rty wWH* ChrbU on Saturday for a twin- [Bob Whittle, L. K. DeZavala, bill. Several top Softball duels Tom Demptey, Joe Joyce, BiU are being worked out for. Null and several other* worked? Webb-Schmidt Field. on the project, j Weldon Haney or Dink Mla-| One of tbe largest crowd*; r> rf^ w«^i. n j .«/. n,vh=,.^ tnh n . nn siriuaiu-cri to uie denka are due to start on the ever to attend the Beach Party i David-Woodland ana Ricnaid Jonnson advanced to uie, mowj(1 ^ „,„,, ^ Tld .. wer . on hand U) taka part te golf touru;,m<M't in Austin an4 placed fifth in tb* fast • biri ' n n^e tonight" the activities ! luck in their new job. Golfers In State Meet .... Rahaneit ha* M.n weikina with tit* 8Wp j?W4»" t foe Mw |**t 1) f*w »»4 aa* b».o *o!i coach i«? a »um- bw *f t»<M* Tears' H* btndl.4 lineman U (MttiaU and 1 i.? a aaupi* of H*MM woik.d with th. C.J.M. In IfSO his foursome of Rpbbie Spillers, Mw*hall Roberto PLYMOUTH-"Your <rversillb«st buy"Car Lift Magasin*. "After testing all the 1957 eftn w« choosa Plymouth M h«st buy btca-UM wt feel that it offera more and better transportation value than any other 1957 car regardlew of price," (From th* June issue of CAB LIFEj the family auto magazine.) PLYMOUTH-"$ty|«l«ad*roftb«ywr"-. D«ll's 1957 Can Annuol. "8tyl» Leader of the Year Award, presented to Plymouth DlvUlon of Chryiler Corporation, by the editora of Dell'a 1,967 Car* Annual who have chosen .the 1967 Plymouth M the style leader of th* American automotive industry." (Inscription on award.) PLYMOUTH-"lc«nomy leader of its field"1997 Mobilgas leenamy Run. "In th* 1957 Mobilgu Economy Bun Plymouth won first place in Class 'A,' the division that include* all of th* well-known low-price cars. Th* winning Plymouth waa powered by a V-8 engine with automatic tranamisaion." (From U. 8. Auto Club record*.) -"$«p«riof roadabillty"- 1997 Wtot Tr*nd Mafasln* Award. "Preawitad to Chryaler Corporation for mperior handUnt and '«d- ability qualltlea of thair family of flna mi." (Citation of 1967 Motor Trend Award, presented to the U. 8. manufacturer making mo*t aignifkant enginewioi a4v»nc«m«nt.) fttld of AAAA and AAA schools. X | Oakman, who also works with football players but M>i fieepprt's Junior Hii.ii, was the Lead basketball coach forj p number of aeasun* iu the Junior loop. Hi* five tied for Uw county flag J*4( stiwn but dropped a playoff game With fain Robaiaqa awl Oak«aa will umain to (b^ *r«- > but »e»k *n$)«'T m tbafe ttacbita* MM*, T»»i *ttl '< j» Ha«4 t? ;wl*<4 *W» nawcantMs or ollu* mambMi of • HP.M-«»pfcct*4 to move up a few of th* *»»Utant ; will bjyf tp *J| wro* addjijijnAj belo \a t»k« over 190(1 on wbo **4 where will lie mov*4 i fcw» w**«a(e4 «*teif»«w WWHO HESITATES. Southland ,v *,*' p,s, WEUAVI o m oW iwt^ tjiAW Jkl'*' ^j^'T*. t i f ,-** , •'57 «';^K, ^ti^s^jv^fer^fe

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