Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1988 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1988
Page 17
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Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Wednesday, March 16, 1988 Page 17 On Television •• tl*l« LoOUri I © 1988 Tile TV Listing Group. Inc. Fl Woilh, TX e© a a 0 o o<s> o 3D O OD 0) (B ID ® ® 5 PM Family Ties (:05) Mstei Dif. Strokes Final 4 5:30 News (:35) L & S Happy Days Horse Digest News Newlywed G.I. Joe Love Connect M'A'S'H Jem People's Cl. Big Valley Star Trek Sesame Street DuckTales News Win. Lose Superior Cl. Double Dare WKRP News People's Cl. 6PM News (:05) Alice Fad ot Life SporlsLook News News Fact ot Lile 6:30 NBC News (:35) Brnett 3's Company NBA Today ABC News CBS News WKRP News Crazy Like a Fox Family Ties Survival Wld Happnin' Now News News News Cheers Bus Rpt Happy Days NBC News CBS News ABC News 7PM M'A'S'H (:05) Andy 7:30 Cheers (:35) Snford A-Team SporlsCntr ET Jeopardy! Cheers CBS News Sports Win, Lose Wheel Barney Hollywood Sq Remington Steele Family Ties Cheers MacNeii/ Lehrer NewsHour Family Ties Curr. Affair 3's Company Jeopardy! 3's Company Wheel Newlywed Wheel 8PM 8:30 Aaron's Way 9PM March 16 9:30 Highway to Heaven 10PM 10:30 A Year in the Life 1:05) Bataan Mov: Vice Squad Billiards G. Pains Garfield Hd Class Snoopy News (.35) Quiet Man Top Rank Boxing From Atlantic City (L) Hooperman Slap Jake and the Fatman Mov: For Pole's Sake Garfield 2nd Hmoon Snoopy Alrica Anim. Jake and the Fatman 700 Club Mov: Rosie. Trie Rosemary Clooney Story Chicago Mite Lerner & Loewe: Broadway's Last Romantics Mov: Some Like II Hoi Aaron's Way Garfield G. Pains Snoopy Hd Class Highway to Heaven Jake and the Fatman Hooperman Slap Dynasty Equalizer News Equafeer Strght ™ Bob Newhart Snapshots Taxi American Masters News Curr. Affair A Year in the Lite Equalizer Dynasty Cleanest Breaks Are The Easiest Ones Dear Ann Landers: As a woman who walked out on one man and was dumped by another, I fee] qualified to comment on your reply to "Undecided in Montana." Just because her husband (from whom she is separated) ends up in her bedroom when he comes to visit the kids does not mean that he still cares for her and that there is hope for the marriage. Take it from me, Ann, what it really means is that the clown wants to have his cake and eat it, too. When a family man tells his wife that he is in love with somebody else, wants a divorce and moves out, she had better believe it's all over. "Undecided" should make him stick to his decision. In the long run the cleanest breaks are the easiest. In both the cases 1 was involved in, the men went back to their wives and ! was glad they did. It was the decent thing to do. Sign me -- CONTENT IN CALIFORNIA DEAR CONTENT: Your up-front confessions are refreshingly honest. I hope you have profited by what you have learned and made a good life for yourself. Dear Ann Landers: A Massachusetts reader asked, "What on earth is wrong with most repair people who come to do a job?" (She said Ann Landers they were irresponsible, forgetful, lazy, incompetent and poorly trained,) I would like to ask her 'this question: Did you try to save a buck by hiring the local yokel down the street, or the friend of a friend, or the guy who works out of the back of his pick-up truck? If so, it serves you right. They are the ones who give our industry a bad name. If you want high-grade work, call a reliable contractor. Of course, it will cost you more, but it will be worth it. Put stock in that old saying, "You get what you pay for." Another problem is those third- rate outfits that hire low-bailers because they can start work tomorrow, or they con the boss into believing they can keep costs down by not carrying insurance. Tell your readers who want Grade A work to contact their local trade associations, such as the National Association of Home Builders, or the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, Associated Builders and Contractors. Also, it wouldn't hurt to call the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce and find out if the person they plan to hire is a member in good standing and what kind of performance record he (or she) has. Sign me - A READER IN MICHIGAN DEAR MICH.: You told it like it is, and I thank you. Dear Ann Landers: Regarding the dilemma: To take the cotton out of the bottle of aspirin or leave it in: Take it out. There is no "active ingredient" in aspirin, as your reader stated. The aspirin itself is combined with a filler. The cotton, if left in the bottle, will absorb moisture and hasten the breaking down of the tablet into the two substances from which it is made. P.S. If the aspirin smells like vinegar, it has decomposed. Don't use it. -- S.M., CHEMISTRY PROFESSOR, FARMINGDALE, N.Y. DEAR PROFESSOR: Thanks for the correct information. It arrived not a minute too soon. Conflicting theories on this subject were giving me a headache. Dear Ann Landers: 1 sent for your new booklet, "Sex and the Teenager," and it really opened my eyes. I thought 1 knew all there was to know on the subject but 1 had a lot of things wrong and you straightened me out. One of the things that hit me the hardest was "Teenage Lament" by Nancy Curtis. My sister could have been the gir! in that poem. Will you please run it in your column? I think every teenager (boy as well as girl) ought to see it, Ann. Thanks a lot. -- "JILL" IN ANCHORAGE, ALASKA DEAR JILL: Here it is. Thanks for asking. It's one of my all-time favorites. The new morality -- and freedom. From classes -- what a drag!. From homework - senseless hours. From disciplines -- useless. From church - a bore. Heloise Italian Woman Offers Tips On Cooking Pasta DEAR HEIAMSE: I am an Italian, and of course I love to make pasta dishes. Here are a few of my tips for cooking pasta. Packaged pasta should be stored in a cool, dry place. Packaged spaghetti and macaroni items should be used within a year; egg noodles, within six months. Pasta swells somewhat when cooked. Spaghetti and macaroni usually at least double their size. An 8-ounee package of elbow macaroni is two cups when dry and about five cups cooked. Most pastas can be interchanged in recipes. When choosing pasta, measure it by weight when dry, not by cup volume, since a cupful of one may weigli a little more or a little less than another. Cooked pastas can usually be substituted cup for cup. Whole-grain pasta is higher in fiber and can be stored as you would regular. It does need to cook a few minutes longer, though. Hope these help! — Marion Paesano, New York, N.Y. I love pasta and cook it often. It's not the pasta that's fattening, it's the sauce! Always keep a few bags on hand and you can cook a quick, nutritious meal without much fuss. Bon appetit! — Heloise SEND A GREAT HINT TO: Heloise P.O. Box 795000 San Antonio, Texas 78279 HANDY MICROWAVE Dear Heloise: The microwave is such a wonderful helper in the kitchen. It seems every day I find new uses for it. Here is one of my latest. To toast nuts, put about one cup shelled nuts in a microwave-safe dish and toast on the High setting for one to two minutes. They come out great! — Sally Lofcr, Tahoka, Texas BACON BUYING Dear Heloise: When I buy sliced bacon, before refrigerating it, I open the package completely and lay about four separate slices on a piece of aluminium foil and place them in a freezer bag. I continue to do this until all of the bacon is separated. When I need four slices (since my husband and I each like two), 1 fake them out of the freezer. This way we only use what we are going to eat that day — no more moldy bacon. — Betty Joe, Abilene, Texas GRILLED APPLES Dear Heloise: We occasionally cook on our grill during the winter months and here is a little trick we use. Wash and core some apples, put sugar and cinnamon on them and wrap in foil twice so that the four corners of the foil end up on top of the apple. Twist tightly, making sure that the apple is well sealed. Place on the grill over smoldering coals for about 20 minutes and you can enjoy wonderful baked apples. The family will love these! — Hazel Boiton, San Antonio, Texas NUTRITIOUS SNACKS Dear Heloise: When the children get home from school, they are ravenous. They used to snack on candy and cookies, and then weren't hungry when supper was served. I solved this problem by cutting up some celery and carrots and letting them snack on them. This way if they don't eat their vegetables at supper, ! don't throw such a fit. — Linda Golden, Salicla, Colo. Learning to eat right at an early age helps in later years! There are good munchies and you just showed us how to get children to learn this. — Heloise STORING SPICES I save plastic' vitamin bottles, wash them in hot, sudsy water and allow them to dry. ! use them to store herbs and spices. The airtight cap will help keep them fresher and if the bottles should accidentally drop, not t.-> worry; they're unbreakable. — Marion Nelson, Sarasota, Fla. Watch Job-Site Substances Q: My wife got a job two months ago working in a factory and is exposed to a lot of chemicals. I'm becoming worried about whether this will hurt her when she gets pregnant, which we hope will happen in about a year. Can you tell us about some things to look for? A: The National Institute tor Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is a msyor force in accumulating data on how the job-site might, affect human reproduction. And there's no question that, some substances you ca;i be exposed to on the job can contribute either to birth defects or .sterility. Lead poisoning, for example, has long been known to increase the chances of miscarriage. Other agents which can be associate!! with sterility, birth defects or miscarriage, include radiation, certain viruses, tobacco and alcohol. Experts from industrial medicine know of dozens of other chemicals which can adversely affect human reproduction. These include cadmium, glycol ethers, vinyl chloride and certain types of pesticides and solvents. Even though it is well-established that, many kinds of agents can he associated with reproductive problems, tracking them to specific- instances is hard. NJOSlf estimates, for example, that, about 200,000 workers are potentially exposed to various glycol ethers, but. no one knows how many reproductive problems result from these exposures. You can say the same about sonic of the 50,000 exposed to anesthetic gases. Studies are under way. Perhaps in a few years we will know more about just who is at risk, and fuel more comfortable about the millions who aren't. —- S.I). Q: Every morning I cough up a small amount of blood and worry about it at the time. I forget until it happens again. How serious can this be? A: Chances are very slim that you have a serious medical problem. The fact, that you have had no progression of the symptom and that there has been no massive amount of blood is a good indication of no real serious problem. Yet you and I are speculating about. this. You need a medical examination. By reassuring you, 1 may be fostering your delay in seeking that examination. Obviously, there is some cause for even the small amount of blood you cough up. Your doctor will approach this problem with X-rays of the chest, to rule out lung dise;use. Your dentist. . should carefully examine your gum margins for a bleeding source. Inspection of the larynx, examination of the sputum, and blood studies can all offer a significant amount, of information. In the rest of your letter you indicate a basic fear of tuberculosis. This fear can be very destructive. Health Drs. Lester L. Coleman & Steven Andrew Davis MOVIES "SS PLAZA ""• w •"* '3.00 ANY MOVIE LOGANSPOHT73M3 "Good Morning Vietnam" 7:JO Only (R) "Mercenary Fighters" 7:10 Only (R) "A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon" 7:30 Only (R) J Unless it is alleviated now, you will pay an extreme penalty by persistent fears and emotional distress. On the other hand, when you are thoroughly examined and when no evidence of tuberculosis is found, you will he freed of this anxiety. — L.C. Drs. Coleman and Davis welcome questions from readers. Please write to them in eare of this newspaper. The classified section of the newspaper is the people's marketplace. EASTW! E. MAINS! PERU • 473-&T96J 'MERCENARY FIGHTERS" R Mon. - Thur. 7 pm "FOR KEEPS" PG 13 Mon-Thur. 7:15pm SHOWTIME EXCLUSIVE Crocodile Dundee New York City tough guys meet their match when they tangle with an even tougher Aussie from the outback. Paul Hogan makes a big hit in the Big Apple. On Showtime. Not on HBO: FREE OFFER ENDS INSTALLATION 3-31-88 6 Month Subscription To Premier Magazine SAMMONS COMMUNICATIONS BOO WATER ST. 753-6341 Newspaper Advertising (delivered with the news) MEANS BUSINESS MORE BUSINESS FOR HOME DELIVERY of The Pharos-Tribune CALL 722-5000 STATE •••••••iiiiiiiii Cinemas 321 E. Mart.I 753-4MI MWMM "OVEWOMD 1 Ulillllillllllll TRESCRIPTION; Check Our Daily Classified Section For A New Car... Or Newer Used Car! WHETHER BUYING OR SELLING, liSC THE CLASSIFIEDS — PHONE 722-5000 PHAROS-TRIBUNE 517 E. Broadway ^rfflfflfgfflffljrjfjfj^ .i *„ isMikJil St. Patrick's Weekend SPECIALS THURSDAY B-B-Q RIBS or B-B-Q CHICKEN BREAST $395 Come and Join in the Celebration THURSDAY Dinner includes choice of potato, salad,roll, coffee or tea. 3 FRIDAY & SATURDAY PRIME RIB FOR 2 $1595 Dinner includes choice of potato, safad, roll coffee or tea. SAM & JERRY'S Wltmyers 2430 E. Market • 722-9795 MARCH 17th &* -Serving- °°< Green Beer Shamrock Schnapps Pork Fries Party begins at 4 p.m. Drawing for Door Prizes at 5 p.m. (no purchase neccessaryj FIRESIDE RESTAURANT'LOUNGE Eastgate Plaza 722-2281

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