Independent from Long Beach, California on January 17, 1975 · Page 33
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 33

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1975
Page 33
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C-8jNDEPtNDENT(AM) BCZ PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) um tmt, OH- fri.. j««.»,»» TH' SOUND 16 MASNIFIEP A au.yuw TIMES- * NSW POSfWTtH BLAST OUT TH' 50.0?.'- WHEM O RAMS A INTO EACH O' PORE LH_ FW=pyS EARS, A TRLWFAPPX IS WHAT By Tom K/ Ryd By Mell Lazarus TUMBLEWEEDS ·00Y, WHAT 3MT IT'$ ALRIGHT, KINPER6ARTEN CHILPKEN/ A MEW." AvowVE SLOPPED PAINT ALL OVEK YOURSELVES, BUT IN THE PROrTE^, I SUPPOSE, Y0M'!?e 6ETTIMS AN ART EDUCATION, ANP... SOMETIMES I. EVEN WISHWKE'WERE HOW ARE YOU, CUUPE? $u;ppiisi6 PAINT OVER VOUR HIM WANT* ART TOO- ANIMAL CRACKERS WELL, 0E CAREFUL..: MOUNTAIN PEOPLE PONT TRUST WHAT THEY CALL FLATLANPERS.' ^ I FEEL VIEW SELF- CONSCIOOS PEOPLE AT ME. I'M SOIN6 OUT TO SEE I HEAE HEE FAMILY HAS LIVEP THERE FOR YEABS/ I'M 6OIN6 TO DO IT 1 I'M SOM3 TO OVERCOME. Brad Anderson DONALD DUCK MARMADUKE By Hank Ketchum DENNIS THE MENACE By Paul Sellers I FORGIVE -YOU ' :.::·' ^SON TO ERR IS HUMAN, HONESTLY, FLO, TO FORGIVE "DIVINE./ DIPN T REALIZE IT WAS SO LATE "I'd be inclined to agree that he looks like an angel if he wasn't in our bed!" EVEP NOTICE HOW TALKlN'TO GlNA IS .LIKE CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 False god 5 You love in '! bid Rome 9 Island of ' breams 13 As a result 14 "'Access roads 16 Toward the mouth 17 Beige 18 -.bang! 19 Designate 20 One of trio · in hot spot 22 .With arms 24 Centuries 25 Redact 26 Posture 29 Couples 33 Sandpiper 34 Work gangs 35 Exist 36 Imitated 37 Goes up rapidly 33 Discharge 39 Craving 40 Fellows 41 Respect 42 Ocean-going vessels 44 Kitchen implements 45 Increases the sum 46 Corner 47 Neckpiece 50 He feuded 12 with Dryden 54 Rabbit's cousin 55 Like a cereal grain 57 Solo 58 Winged 59 Worn away 60 Wagner opus 61 Singer Martin 62 Overwhelmed 31 .-Solution to Yesterday's Puzzle: 63 New York hoopsters DOWN 1 They have hives 2 Kind of foe or angel 3 Taj Mahal site J Increased decibels 5 Secret 6 Brandy and Antony 7 Oriental nursemaid 8 Navy cops: abbr. 9 Tuna cousin 10 "My name is -" 11 Mary's pet Thought: comb, form Ghosts Now music -and tell Pitchers Halts Wigwam Ali's work place Floor doors Down East state Mistake Prophets Layers Fish delicacy Caution Morse; -- inrva node? Cultivated Bun place Stretched to see "Are - Our Children?" Converse Aura Algerian city Pack away Pa. port Dust matter Loiters Parseghian SEEK FIND A J C L I N A 0 C C A L C C J B A L N A N B L B 0 1 N E A A 0 R C 0 A I B P N I N S A 1 S A E T P A S S T S M P T P C 0 I G S A 1 S R 1 S 0 G B N A G E J I R L I A A R P M 0 C B C I M N I C 0 M I A N M 1 V A W E A A R P T 0 C R S I R 0 A N A L G K P T T I T N P 0 R N N A T E R B A 0 B C L A T J E V A B R 0 I N V N E N A C G B L C A A R E P A R 0 E R A 0 I T S T R A B P R K A S I C A A R T T Y L E S B S O R B 0 R K E N 1 N S C A L I M R T S T M A R C T A M I C B E A I M I R D M T N E M A A R 0 I K A R L 0 I B S I M-N I T R P N 0 P C R E A L I S V A I T I N I R R Instructions: The hidden nimei linn) betow ippeu forward, backward, up, down, or diigonilly in the puzzle. Find eich hidden name tnd box it in is shown: A B O R I G I N A L JACOBEAN OPART \BSTRACT KINETIC PRIMITIVE CLASSIC NABIS REALISM COPTIC NEOREALISM ROMAN Tomorrow: Hodge Podge "S" KOK.OSCOFE3 toy tlES-A-NHI IDIXON '' -^ Forecast for Saturday STEVE ROPER By Sounders Overgard AN' IF WERE MOT BACK ROPER WILL BE SHARK FOOD. ^ STAND/ YOU READ ME CLEAR? IF YOU TRY TO PULL ANYTHING IN "THE TIMES OFFICE, YOU SET BLAS THERE'S A POLICE CAR DRIVIN' PAST, REAL SLOW, LIKE THEY'RE LOOKIN' FOE 50METHINS -OR SOMEBODY/ v - · · BETTER WAIT TILL THEY LEAVE// JACKSON TWINS By Dick Brooks xH^-t^-Z-,-- ^- ~__ /V XXI SIGHT S^^^^^-L / ' --J -EfME. DO NOT. f-HOPPEKONE / TED RUN OUT ROUTE W^I REPEAT, TOCAPSIX... J FOIJg ONE. CHECK SIPE X^CDr-OT AICBO5NE.' / QO£PS VONfTY i7/ ttLBUP9S \S7DPOC A/EFOBT FOUSEEEN MOVING OCCLE' VW B4CVEC NEW? HOUSE / WE MCVE ) I WANT JILL WITH V ^ o f TM E STEELBUBS our BUT vvrTH / ME IN THE LEW? % POLICE TO HAVE FOUP NO NOSE ?. / CAP. ALSO CALL IN \ MANNED CAPS OUB BG REFftlC STANDING BY TRUCK ID FOLLOW ti IN TOWN.' ' TUWM'? , Your birthday today. Finds you taking initiative to gather resources and turn them into lastint; benefits. Your earning capacity promises to arow. Relationships h a v e to be attended to with care and may be thrust aside by other demands on your t i m e and strength. Today's natives are potential executives, have endless ambition and patience. Aries (March 21-April 19): Be skeptical about confidential information and the strategy of friends, you've got your hands and mind full keeping your own I affairs calm. 1 Taurus (April 20-May 20): i New perspective may be help| ful for the future, but it's not enjoyable while you're acquir- ' ing it. Social ventures falter un- I less they are well organized. i Use solitude to good advantage. ' Gemini (Ma"y 21-Junc 20): I t'se discretion in w o r k i n g ', through today's enlnnglements. i Moderation in personal habits | is essential. Watch your money, ! expenses. I Cancer (Juno 21-July 2 2 ) : 1 Don't pay attention to a wild 1 story even though nart of it is ' true' Keep your end of the discussion calm. Do your home- · work before lryi"i! n^ w vt ' n ' i "LTM [July Zt-Aue. 22): The 1 glamour you sec today is super! ficial. Young people arc eager to get going and may be rest- 1 less. Drive or handle any mechanical device w i t h g r o a l I care. ARCHIE By Bob Montana Virgo (Aug. 23-Scpt. 22): Make e x t r a allowance for others who are as sensitive as you are. Imaginative people stir up pointless excitement. You find out where everybody stands this evening. Libra (Sept. 23-Oet...22: Events s«m to be inconvenient for you. Remember vou are not the target! Forgive thoughtlessness of those you love. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): The tighter the schedule, the worse it breaks down. Prepare to improvise. Go earlv and with care to avoid crowds and nuisance. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): All who are involved in delicate situations handle them roughly. Eventsnrovoke revealing reactions. Be alert to learn more about those who count in your life Capricorn (Dec. 22-Ja.n. ID): , Wait a bit before disclosing un- ; tavorabie news or opinions, j Travel is delaved. Settle down i and share entertainment and \ music. i Aquarius (,lan. 20-Feb. IS): \ Stay out of local disputes; it's I too eariy to expect any Mi'miioii. Keep your actions simple and ·, direct. You will be misunderstood if vou try to be subtle. ; llsccs (Ken.- Ift-March 20): Don't liope (or close coopera- [ tion or m'Tcemenl in loony's | ventures. Spend votir leisure; time on personal nobbies and favorite pastimes. Kind time for mi-dilation. YES/ ) --x DERBIES ^ ARE COMIN£ BACK/ "SOME OF THE K.IDS I WERE IN HERE LOOKING AT IT , AND LAUGHING.' ^VVHAT A MAN PUTS \ ON HIS HEAD CAN AFFECT HIS ENTIRE OUTFIT/ WEE PALS ("WHAT vo YOU MEAN?) i NIPPER · WHCT'S ) WRON? By Morrie Turner f \T5 THAT METRIC. I 5YSTEM/... IT LOOKS I LIKE THIS COUNTRY I I WILL BE 5WITCHIN | TO METER5... V 1-1? ANP THAT MEANS NEVER GET TO BE FEET TALL/ Si^ ' '- isiu^ ' ESIK I '

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