Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 27, 1950 · Page 18
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 18

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1950
Page 18
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MENT.ALIST Jay Clarke, the man with all the answers to your most difficult questions, opened a week's engagement on the.local Paramount theater stage today, fie is appearing at 2:50 and 9 p.m. each day. The picture on the Paramount screen Is "Copper Canyon," technicolor . western starring Hedy Lamarr, Hay Milland and Macdonald Carey.; CPA Luncheon Speaker To Be R. W. Schmidt R. W. F. Schmidt, manager of the municipal airport, will be a guest speaker at a luncheon of the annual fall meeting of Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants at the Arizona inn Saturday. Oran Barrels of Tucson will preside at the luncheon. Karren E. Mackey of Phoenix will preside over the morning session. A report from the Arizona state board of accountancy and reports from the society's ^standing and special committees are on the program. ^ Carl D. Tisor of Phoenix will preside at the afternoon session, devoted to talks and discussions on professional and technical topics. Speakers include- -David Mishkind and-Alfred Nettletoh;-both of Tucson, on accounty theory; Alexander Cordova 'of Phoenix and Frank E. Kohler of Tucson, on auditing practices; and Miss Ethel McNinch and..Robert Dupree, both of Phoenix, on taxation. Wives and guests of members will have a luncheon at La Normandie, 1719 E. Prince rd., and a cocktail party will be'held from 5 to 6 p.m. at the Arizona inn. Attendance at the University of Arizona-University-of Denver football game at 8 pjn. is also on the program. ' : The society, with 150 members, Is affiliated with the American Institute of Accountants. 1 ' - .: Truman Voter P l e a In Air WASHIGTON, Oct. 27. £)--His party's high command, was reported divided today on whether President Truman should make a political'appeal for the election'of a Democratic congress on Nov. 7, William M. Boyle Jr., Democratic national chairman, says he .'has urged the President to make at least one frankly political speech. Mr. Truman told yesterday's White, House news conference he is thinking the matter over. But "if a group of congressional advisers who can't be named have their way, the President will stand on recent speeches he made at San Francisco and before the United Nations. These were classified ' as non-political but. Demo- cratlc'members of congress generally were reported-to feel they im-. proved Mr.- Trumanjs stature and · indirectly helped party candidates. . If the President passes' up the temptation to make a direct appeal . to the voters, some of his advisers are saying that he could outline his views in an expected call for a i special session of congress. The President indicated rather clearly to newsmen he thinks congress' ' scheduled return Novv · 27 will come too late to accomplish much before the new year. He said he wants action on excess profits taxes, statehood for Alaska and Hawaii- and continuation of rent control. The statehood Issue could set off a senate filibuster that would tie up all other legislation, Mr. Truman didn't mention "'a couple of "highly controversial subjects--revision of the McCarran anti-subversive, law and enactment of universal military training--although he previously has made It clear he wants both, ., ·· " .. Neither has he had anything to say recently about an expected request for a huge .increase in mili- tarv appropriations., Some -sources said 'this' may include a step-up in proposed -.foreign- military assistance^ Congress ;already .has provided $5,222,000,000 for that program thisear. Fire Alarm" Not . Fully Operative PHOENIX, 'Oct/27. OJ.R--A ; .tfire expert reported today the city o{ , Phoenix purchased fire alarm system In 1934 capable of serving a much larger city, but never , placed it in full operation. The svstem was installed, bui never wired, Signal Engineer Edward A. Brass saidj. · " Brass made the, discovery In con. nection with a survey he is making of the city's present alarm system. The city also contracted Brass to aitt In a court fight over a $703,000 alarm system ordered from the Garaewell Co. last year. WorK^ a payments on the new system were ^halted early this year -when the 'present city administration took offlc,*. " , ' According to city records, the Gamewell Co.. was hired In 1934.to modernize tjie old system and Install new equipment. But, according to Brass, TOuch of the equipment wai not used. Form Police Auxiliary Unit Organization of an Arizona aux iliary of the -Fraternal Order o Police at a meeting in Phoeni: has been . announced here·/· on :· thi return home of delegates to th session. Delegates from Tucson lodge-No 1, Fraternal Order of Police aux iliary, joined with lodge No. -2 of Phoenix and .lodge No. 3-of Mesa in launching. the; new organize tion., . _ N Mrs. harlea Murphy' of Phoenix was elected the- first ^president of the organization. Other, officers were Mmes. '0. .L. Moore of Mesa vice-president; Lais Norris- of Phoenix, secretary^ Kenneth ; C. Yeazell -of Tucson,, treasurer;: Ann Young of Mesa, guard; and Paul Brohardt d f ' Tucson, .conductress. .Elected trustees were Mmes. Tom Horsley of M.-isa, Harold Wheeler of Tucson -and Ann Bur- rls of Phoenix. Sessions were held Wednesday at th'e Adams hotel.: After the or- ganization'session in the afternoon, John Higgins of Florence, .president of the state lodge, Fraternal Order, of Police, was master 'of ceremonies at a dinner meeting. Speakers were Phoenix' Police Chief: Earl O'Clair ·· and A. M. Bueher, president of the Phoenix .odge. Charles Murphy of Phoenix, grand trustee of the national odge, Fraternal Order of Police, nstalled the new auxiliary officers. - . ·Delegates . fr,om Tucson' were Mmes. Donald Hinman, Earl Keenum, Brohardt, \ Wheeler and Yeazell. · Actress Marta Toren Made Indian Princess HAMILTON, Ontario, Oct. 27. OJ.FS Movie Actress-Marts Toren became an Indian princess,, last night at dancing ceremonies of. the feather- bonneted Cayuga tribe. The dark-haired actress was jiven the name, "Shakandote," which means cornflower. Another Traffic Victim Is Listed Meet Fonr Friends for Make CLCB LA JOLLA 'A Habit At Noon · LUNCH,-75« 1000 8. 6th Are; Ph. 3-514! Show Schedule "D««p«rado«i"-J:30, son, S:K; /'Hoclwt Ship XM"-4:15, 7:17, 10,19. FOX-LYRIC ' "Open City"--12:45, 4:3J, 8:23; 10:03. · ' PLAZA 1 "Yo Mate Altosita- Alvlrez"--V 3:3«, 7:43; 'In aadJitt y Veras"--2:08; '6, : 8:52, :FOX-TUCSON "L«dy -Without a Passport"--12:30, .'S:OJ, £39, B-05. 10:45; "Kill or Be Killed"--1:4», 4:10, 6:50. 9:25. OATAWNA "My Darling Clementine"--2:JO,- 5:50;'S:43r 'Mother .'Ij :»-Frejhrtian"--4. 7:20,' 70:35. RODEO DRIVE :iN "In a Ixmely Place"--7:07, 10:48; "Th« Torch"--8:06. STATE. "Alcatrai Island"--1:01, ·. 3:48,: 8:35, 9:22; 'San Quentin"--2:15; 8:02, 7:48, 10:38. / PARAMOUNT"Copper Canyon"--12:50,-3:10, '»:20,V 7:30, 9:45; in persor.' on the fttace, Jay Clarke, 8:40.' ' More Metals Ciirhs (Coming WASHINGTON, Oct: 27. (/F)--To speed the making of munitions the . government is planning to stem part of the Immense flow o aluminum, coppery "and nickel now going into civilian products. William H. Harrison,_administra tor of the National Production Authority,,"(NEA),, told- manufac turers yesterday that a "tentative plan" under consideration calls fdr a cut of. 20 to 30 per cent in the nonmilitary use of the three critlcar.metals. By; United Press Another name was added'to Arlona's 1950 highway, fatality list oday, raising the total to 245.-This ompared- with 201 on the same .ate.last year. ' · The victim was Thomas James loyle, 29, Phoenix, who died in a :asa Grande hospital last night of njuries received-in a one-car acci- He didn't say when' the might be put into effect. Harrison also served.notice another ' important metal, cobalt, is so scarce-that it may be removed from, nondefense --'.vise- .alto gether. . Cobalt, similar to nickel is used as a steel alloy anJ in electromagnets. It was rot clear just how heavily .the : proppyed .metals controls would 'affect the output of television sets, fy'cfe Queen, King Homecoming At Tempe TEMPE, Oct. 27. (U,PJ--Jean'Smith Phoenix and Mark Markichevlch 'if Globe were queen and king of Arizona state ' college of Tempe iomecoming festivities,today. They were elected Wednesday to reign over the celebration which vill be climaxed by a' footbaE game setween the Sun Devils and San that Diego State Nov. 4. Festivities begin Nov. 3. plan ent early yesterday. State .Highway Patrolman Bert ;abb said the .car in which Boyle nd Douglas Moat, -also of Phoenix, 'ere .riding overturned when it ailed to make a turn east of Eloy. toat was in serious · condition. dinner u/ouldnt taste'aood DRIVE-IN · Exotic Ices · Res · Drinks · Homemade French Ice Cream · Lunches ,· All Kfcds of Sandwiches .· Ice Cream Specialties E. 3rd St. and % 1 '" \ /^\ -- I l~ ^ Ph. and , N. 4th )k Ph. 2-9402'-» refrigerators, automobiles,; washing ; machines, bicycles,- toys,: ;anc other articles, w.hich contain aluminum, copper..ynickel or cobalt. : This will depend in part on the extent -to.' which- a' manufacturer can adbp.t substitutes, for .those metals."' "·· ' v - - ' : · : . The NPA said that the cutback program would apply .to the metals only 'in their "primary forms." Each' manufacturer 'using inum,' copper, , or nickel alum- would have his supply reduced by a certain percentage below, his average consumption- during some particu- TUC50N-NOGALE5 BUS SERVICE (OUTHBOUND 7:05 A.M. :45 A.M. 10:15 A.M. 11:30 A.M. 12:45 P.M. NORTHBOUND 8:45 A.M. 9:15 A.M. 10:45 A.M. 12:30 P.M. Z:15 P.M. Ltive Tucson 2:15 P.M. 4:00 P.M. t:00 P.M. »:30 P.M. 12:30 A.M. . Leave NggalM 4:DO P.M. S:oo P.M. 6:30 P.M. 8:30 P.M. 10:30 P.M. Connection! At Noga'ei for HermoiHIo And Quiymai CITIZEN AUTO LINES Greyhonnd Terminal Ph. 3-0538 D A N C I N G TUCSON POST 549 V. F. W. E V E R Y SATURDAY NIGHT MUSIC BY Frank Grinnell and His Orchestra MEMBERS and GUESTS 124 E. Broadway EL MOROCCO SHOW BAR 120 SOUTH SIXTH AVE. Now . . . A New Feature DANCING .Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Nltes CARL WEBB AND HIS ORCHESTRA with lovely *DANI* 2 DRINKS, for the price of 1 HON.. TUBS, "WED. 12 noon 'til closing. !ar previous period not yet determined. But each manufacturer ..could still-decide what products to make And buyers of -those products jrrt-nl^ v\r\+ V\n UrMl-fort +n nnv not*. would not be limited to any, percentage of their previous pur chases; Vote More Free Trade .Among" 'Plan' Natlow PARIS; pet. 27. m--Europe' Marshall ,plan e countries agreed to day to another.step in freeing.trad among themselves. ' Irish Foreign'Minister Sean Mac Pf,f Bride -told-reporters that economl experts of 18 western«government had 1 decided' to'remove restriction all but 25 per cent of the! trade. "Only a few technicalities re main to-be ironed out lira meetinj this afternoon/''he declared. The agreement was reached in two-day meeting of the ministeria council of the organization for Eu ropean - economic co-operatioi (OEEC). Last spring the minister agreed to drop import restriction on 60 per cent of the trade among MT. LEMMON BUS Leaves American Bus Terminal 9:00 Each Morning Returns from Mountain 5:30 Bach Afternoon Phone 2-3385 for Reservations 4544 S. 6th Ave. Phone 2-0264 ARIZONAN IfSv THEATER -- Matinee Every Day -- ''Adults'46c -- ChildrenIBc "ROCKET SHIP X-M" -- Also -"DESPERADOES" SPEEDWAY BOWLING LANES 16 All-Maple Brunswick Alleys. Sonthwest's finest and most modern facilities. Open-alleys at aJI times-Special rates to teenagers. FREE paved parking area. Scrupulously clean Rest Rooms. No liqaor served or allowed on premises. Phone in for reservations to bowl after the football game. 1240 N. Stone Ph. 3-2632 TUCSON'S FINEST "OPEN CITY" Cactus Room 22nd St. and PInmer Ave. NOW OPEN Enjoy \h Pleasant Atmosphere of Tucson's Newest and Finest Night Spot Featuring 6Yz Feet of Bartender, "Lil" Art Palmer, Serving Your Favorite^ Mixed Drinks · Full Line Package Liquors · DANCING Every Night · Ample Parking Space · Reasonable Prices OPEN 7:00 A.M. TO 1:00 A.M. · Brilliant Dancers BALLET S. HUKOK Presents IN PERSON Full Lejpgth Ballets : ANA MARIA'S SPANISH BALLET The First Spanish Ballet Company to'Tonr The V.S. We serve complete Chinese and American dishes, specializing in orders to take out. 11 a.m. . Midnight 11 a.m.-l a.m. Sat. ! SUNDAY, NOV. 12 at 8:15 P.M. J TEMPLE _ and ART · rClTC UAUI Tickets--$3.05-$2.44--S1.83 (Tax Incl.) J jCAIj IWII STEINHEIMEK'S DOWNTOWN, 24 N. Scott · · ^^y^^/y^y^ Phone Reservations .:.' ,-... 3-3650 DON'T BE DISAPPOINTED- Get your Tickets early. Phone 3-7201 111 S. 6th Ave. ON STAGED NOY - 7 ' 8:l5 P ' M VII V I ·«**»u]viVERSITY AUDITORIUM mad, mirthful mnsical pantomimist IN PERSOMlj 12 RESERVED TICKETS TO HARPO MARX SHOW To Be Given Away . To Patrons of P I N K Y f S Come out and enjoy PDVKY'S famou.s Jumbo SHRIMP "You Always Save Money When You Eat At · 3424 E. Speedway H A R R O W MARX . PUCKS ·* hrw*** Harpo's Concert Bazaar" JTre New York It's Lindy's . . . In TUCSON it'sSlEGEL'S WEEKEND SPECIALS All Beef Kosher, Sinai 48 WIENERS... TM 79« SALAMI...- 80° Our Own DELICIOUS COFFEE CAKE ., .-. ....TMW Join the celebrities at Tucson's favorite eating and'meeting spot SIEGEL'S DELICATESSEN 00 EAST BROADWAY (Next to Santa .Kita Hotel) PH. 2-0053 Hours: 10:00 A. M. to 2:00 A. M. crjlTr UAUf STEINHEBMER'S DOWNTOWN--24 N. Scott jCAIj nUlI $3.05-32.44-'$1.83 '(tax incl.) -- Phone 3-3S50 MAILORDERS -NOW- Temple of Music Box Office 330 S. Scott Please make-.check payable t.o t h e Saturday Morning Musical C l n b r * and enclose self-addressed·; stamped envelope--prices:: (tax included) Orchestra, center Orchestra, left and n AA right ceater;..._.. V«W Orchestra *) At\ right and ( left ..,, -*.*IU Balcony O Jin 1st 8 rows center *»~W, All other ·'. T OA ·eats ~..-l-^TM_.. I.OW ; One Nighf Only Dec. 14 University Auditorium BALLET RUSSEde MONTE CARLO Ballet's Greatest Stars Brilliant' corps de Ballet Symphony Orchestra - TONIGHT --. BOX OFFICE 6:15 SHOW 7:00 4500 E. SPEEDWAY 6-0111 AMAZING CRIME CAREER EVERY TIME HE CRACKED A SAFE . . . HE STOLE A HEART. "LOVER BOY" and CROOK/ · \ TH* w*»-«H JW« ROBBSK m DAVID BRIAN HELD OVER BT DEMAND LANCASTER · MAYO AND "ATTENTION" CHILDREN'S HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY--TUBS. OCT. 31, CASH PRIZES FOR THE -BEST COSTUMES BREVG ALL THE KIDDIES ALWAYS 2 CARTOONS CLUB LA JOLLA 1000 S. SIXTH P^TM r ^^^7^^»»«~ iTMpST^3 f,V . ^·~-'tt^^i DINING . DANCING ENTERTAINMENT · ** -*: MOTOR-VU TONITE "WHITE T." at T.-07--10d7 "FED. AGENT" at 9:05 IK, NOTE . . . The "White Tower" Is a story of the] I death-defying sport of mountain climbing. Photo- I graphed against the unsurpassed grandeur of the Swiss Alps. . . . You'll enjoy It! 3 FLOOR SHOWS NIGHTLY llth and-LAST aHiARIODS WEEK SID MARVIN ;«*!£? LIVELY--nvAaoust A Treat for fhe Eyes v '" COJIEDY--PANTOMIME JtAN DKlS5ON ' BIPERSONATIONS CHARACTER DANCER aUBLAJOLLAORCHESTRA_ p]1 dancing and listening pleasure. *\ · ' STARTING TOES. NUB playing nightly for your KERMIT DART-- 1 MC-AccOrdlonist j IRENE VERMIMilON--' FOR THE FINEST DINNER-LUNCHES-SNACKS IN TUCSON , Enjoy the delicious food served from La Jolla's excellent kitchen. DINE EARLY AND SAVE--No Fed. Amusement Tax Before 8:30 ^ rT7CCA MAJTS».~TM~--, ' Singer 'and Dancer GLENN FORD-VALLI TT*; Q . Star iM^ ji f / HLgt,^*.^* . . _ PLUS ADDED- EXCITEMENT F E D E R A L A G E N T AT L A R G E Wateatf Bttlltf ClHzrn la r-f' **~ Prld.y Evinlng, Oct. 27, 1IM Marshall pla^i countries. ^ Today's greeinent would Increase ,the vol- me. of free trade.by another 15 cent. PCX TUCSON, PHONE 3 9 4 9 1 SATURDAY MORNING · KIDDIE SHOW* 9:00 A.M. -AWARD- COURTESY OF SAM WARD'S -TOY TOWN SPECIAL FEATURE "Call of the Forest" CARTOONS LAST CHAPTER "RADAR PATROL VS. SPY RING" SEE THE KING AND QUEEN .OP MARDI GRAS EXTRA SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS PLAZA -- NO,W PLAYING i- "ENREDATE Y VERAS" EMILIA . ANTONIO GUrC * BADU -- Also -"YO MATE A ROSITA ALVAREZ" LUIS AGTJILAR Open 9:45. 77 Children .20 Adults ...50 'SATURDAY SPECIAL?' 10:00 A. M. "PENROD and SAM" 3 Cartoons Chap. 9 Adv. Prank and Jesse Jamc* TUCSON PHONE 3-9491 ' --Plus-"KILL OR BE ICCCLED" T O M O R R O W GLORIA DeHAVEN DENNIS HWRY DAY-JAMES GATES 6:15 -- SHOW 7:00, SOUTH Of HIDEO qtOUMDS-PHOME 34M7 TONIGHT THIY'WE IN IT/TOO... -Vx WMY-fictof MATURE "EXTRA SPECIAI~~ SATURDAY NIGHT PRE-HALLOWEEN MIDNIGHT PLACE ,,,* GLORIA GRAHAME I-HIT- AT YOUR ARIZONA PARAMOUNT THEATRES Doors Open 12:30 -- Phone 3-7032 SEE IT NOW - TODAY! MIGHTIEST OF ALL WtSTERH ADVWI/RW Paramount presents ' MIlMND-UMiiRI! "" ·DM K Hltr JOHN mm aswcTW TECHNICOLOR EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION STARTING TODAY TWICE DALLY Matinee Evening 2:55 P.M. 8:40 P.M. AMERICA'S i FOREMOST MENTALIST . ASK HIM ALL THE QUESTIONS NEAREST YOTJR HEART OPEN r 2:00 P. M. -- PHONE 5-1201 2320 N. CAMPBELL LAST DAY! Loretta Young--Van Johnson "MOTHER IS A FRESHMAN" And Linda Darnell--Victor Mature "MY DARLING CLEMENTINE" COMING TOMORROW! \ n*» » DOORS OPEN 12:30--PH. ^75rl SANQUENTIN . »*T MVMPHtlY O'BRIEN BOGART AND ACTION PLUS SHERIDAN

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