Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 3
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Imt I IK*, tjtl. UM. Ajrt I H1 INOEPENDENT-?*gtA-3i 6/ too WELLS : 911 Right-handed Slot Machines :· SOUTH SHORE, LAKE TAHOE--An ex-butch*r, name o* Han-ey JGross, opened a 200-room, 8^/4 -million-dollar hotel here over the weekend. It's a neat joint, all right, but the thing that really sets if off from other 11-story resort hotels is its 91! slot machines. Harvey claims that's the biggest battery of slot machines ever collected in one place ia the history of the world. I wouldn't know about that, but the thing that impressed me after a tour of the casino is that in the whole 911 there is not one single left-handed slot machine. They are all right-handed. I haven't told Harvey about this until now. He's had enough to worry TV for Quid Hours action away from Harrah's across the street, which until now has usually had the best entertainment. Green took one look at the 11-story. 8 Vi -million-dollar pleasure dome, and exclaimed: "You mean a butcher built this? Boy, I wanna see his thumb." about what with getting the carpenters and painters through and out of the place before the party he scheduled to open the place started. Howsoever, it does seem to me that among 911 slot machines you could have --say--100 that would be left-handed. I toured the slots seeking out some culturally-deprived lefties to interview about this WELLS obvious discrimination. I couldn't find any. Either the southpaws an stick to blackjack, keno, ro-ilette and other two-handed games, or they pass thcm- . selves off amongst the slots as right- handers. ' Of course, it's awfully hard to get a" riot-slugger to open up for an interviewer. Asking a machine player whether he's right or left handed brings these responses: 1. "Beat it;" or, 2. "You seen the change giriT* : Butcher's Thumb ; · Han-ey Gross had gathered a cozy little group to help him celebrate the opening of Harvey's Wagon Wheel Resort Hotel-4neluding the governor of Nevada, a couple of hundred newsmen, officials from both Nevada and California and Shecky Green. Shecky's a comedian from -- you should pardon the expression -- Las Vegas. Harvey brought f"~« in to play the Pavilion Room, and to take a little Whilst gaming--"gaming," that's a quaint Nevada terra meaning "gambling"--i$ the heart of the hotel, it also boasts other attractions. Something called "western food, Polynesian style," fcr instance, is served in the 11 th-floor observation-type cocktail lounge called ' Top of the Wheel, where the ladies' powder roora features a "sun deck lanai complete with hammocks under grass shack decor." . 4 And the suites feature "color television for the quiet hours.*" Quiet hours. Ia Nevada that's what a gambler calls those moments ia which he's debating whether to commit suicide or to try to bounce another check. Expert Desccralors Harvey's new hotel--which is the outgrowth of a saloon with six slot machines and a right-handed gas pump opened in 1946--was not built without a lot of local controversy. Some people argued that high-rise hotels would ruin Lake Tahoe's natural beauties. It was inevitable that high · rise buildings should go up there. For one thing, the traditional one and two-story buildings there just are not big enough to carry the multitude of ever-growing signs announcing "Casino," "Big Jackpots," "Keno." "Slots," and a hundred other come-oos that line the road from the South Tahoe airport. Talk about desecrating n a t u r a l beauties--there is no more expert desecrator than a sign painter. GOP Group Asks Mild Rights Bill SACRA! 1ENTO (UPI--A group of Republican assemblymen are working on a moderate civil rights proposal designed as an alternative to the bills barked by Gov. Brown. Two of the group, Rcfcert Two Thugs Club Down Policeman PINE AT BROADWAY LONG BEACH | S. Ste \-ens, R-Los Angeles, and Wuii.iTn T. Bagley, R-San Rafael, disclosed Sunday that they are preparing legislation creating a new state commission to provide "leadership'* to private parties in solving discrimination problem*. Stevens, who joined other Republicans in voting against a strong fair housing bill introduced by \V. Byron Berkeley, ia the Govemment- i jal Efficiency and Economy Committee last week, said he (Continued from Page A-l) three oval wounds on hi Assemblyman head from pistol-butt blows. Rumford, D- Thirty-four sutures were used to close the wounds. Ricca was kept under observation at the hospital until * had nevertheless been'noon Sunday and then was' | chagrined by the "negative released to assist ia police thinking" of realtors and .investigation. He spent Sunday afternoon with Orange County Sheriffs Identifica- I*:. f\f [ builders who opposed it THE FRESHMAN I a w- tion Of ficer Richard Johnson, .maker said he felt it was in- putting together facsimiles of jf'cumbent on the part of these; facial features of the two groups to provide leadership suspects. in shaping public attitudes, n i rr . i f v p n .... r ,_.^,. toward a breakdown of hous- RICCA 'O1XED the Garden said, "want to sweep the where ,-. .. served as a corporaL He is uie u - *_, .. . _ , --..-^v. tc/\' 5-feet-ll and weighs When he first saw the sus- problem under the ru doesn't exist." Stevens and Bagley said said Sunday. In Long duties commission whose would include: --Educating the public. Beach, where adoption of the one-man car New, Old Controversies Plague CDC Convention owners to thinking" on the i .^'discrimination problem. r|l --Giving meaningful back- jU ing to laws banning segregation. · ] Another feature of the plan, Stevens said, wouid be to vest greater conciliation powers in the existing California Fair Employment Practices Commission. Both men attacked the hours. during After dirk. cars are daylight all Long (Continued from Page A-l) compensatory and constructive manner to equalize opportunity and status for all groups." It asked Democratic officials to "seek out minority persons for appointment in tie greatest numbers to the highest positions ing more and more sensitive to criticisms'of its failure to founded charges, really defamatory against 'our party recognize the revolutions of and officeholders..." HofenV tee Ust week as *« eitreme progressive movement in this nation, "so keep pouring it MORGAN SAID the administration has been full of CDC set LXJ3iLJUU3 . . . . . , ... false starts and has been per- the tone for this .,,,. ^ f ... ,. ;^ mT £L compensatory approach by, creating two new statewide offices tactily tailored for Negro and Mexican-American candidates. Despite the, confession, which CDC leaders said had been under study for months, an integrated picket line was in force at Bakersfield's plush new Chic Auditorium for Saturday and Sunday sessions of the convention. ABOUT 6,000 delegates, alternates and visitors were here representing the 70,000- member unofficial volunteer organization. Undercurrent of the operation here was the clear but unacknowledged hostility between backers of re-elected President Tom Carvey and the CDC establishment on one side and friends of Unruh, official party leaders and office holders often cnsympa the tic to CDC ideological nights. The Carvey - CDC upper hand was demonstrated in 3S district directorship elections, less than a half-dozen winners figuring as Unruh people. haps not quite as committed to principle as it should be but, he said, he has confidence in the administration and thinks it is moving in the right direction. *T think the opposition, while I recognize the desperate necessity of opposition, has been shockingly irrespoa sible in the issues of Cuba, management of news and the motion for striking out 3Vjl pages of the report failed, i Sorest point to Unruh men was the unmistakable reference to Unruh's distribution of campaign funds from contributors. Among Democratic candidates serts that TFX fighter award." plane contract Rumford fair-housing bill approved in Assembly commit That measure would extend 'coverage of the State Hous- jy supervisory officers. Three Firms Win Joint Plane Pact SEATTLE UV-The Boeu\ Co, North American Avia tion and Lockheed have won study contracts en a propose* the r e p o r t as- 'the heavy finan- "T" SiT fTMTM" 6le transport airplane, the Post the FEPC broad new powers , ntell ^ enc£r *. ' Sunday . and make certain discrimination subject to misdemeanor penalties. Kennedy does not have all good marks on Cuba, he said, but spokesmen of the right in both parties have thrown a smokescreen of fear which las spoiled a great deal of the a d m i n i s t r a t i o n ' s solid achievement in the facedown with Russia. The administration is not deceiving the public, he said. · · · · MORGAN SAW McNamara's TFX decision as inevitable and irreproachable. Late Saturday the convention approved the election re- cial contributors will have a disproportionate v o i c e not only in party affairs but in the operation of government. "It would be naive to think that the large donors, many of whom contribute substantially to both political parties, make the gifts solely out of love of country or of party. They demand return on their investment, and all too often they receive it. And the channeling of contributions directly or indirectly through one or more prominent officeholders compounds t h e The newspaper quoted Sen. W a r r e n G. Magnuson, D- WasK, as saying that he an Sen. Henry M. Jackson, D- non- disloyalty." revision to wash, had received confir liberalize t h e Immigration Vitioa of the awards from and Nationality Act of 1952Najeeb Halaby, federal avia (McCarran-Walter Act); firmed support of the Pa- evils.' administrator. , Magnuson told the news cif ica Foundation; favored^p^ t j lat Boeing and Nort granting collective bargain-1 American, ia a joint venture. ing and s t r i k e rights to !Won t jj e contract to study teachers. vaiiable sweep wing pivoi * * * * material sheet fracture tough A RESOLUTION u r g i n g ness material thick section abolition of capital punish-.fracture toughness, fusion ment was stripped of a para- welding, landing load and ma graph which opposed any ex- ncuver - tension of application of the sentence of life imprisonment without possibility of parole. continuous control without a simile bond . . . all done with Tynex, a plastic-like strand trut lies flit as a row of stitching, winds up and down and around in attractive design, slims without t bulge or gip! A Treo exclusive, Tynex will give jwi instant and comfortable foundation beauty! SEE Treo's Adorn informally modeled ia our Foundation Salon Long Beach Monday, Tuesdiy, April 1, Santa Ana Wednesday, April 3 Pomona Thursday, April 4 Waistline girdle. S, M, L, XL 12.50 (matching runty girdle, 15.00) New resolutions supported farm workers bargaining and strike rights and opposed ex-! RESOLUTIONS reaf finned pension of the bracero program; endorsed Assembly Bill by CDC include: Continued effort t o w a r d mutual inspection as f i r s t steps toward the goal of comp l e t e disarmament; permanent moratorium of nuclear testing by all "nations; support of the United Nations, urging all governments to use 12iO for fair housing practices; urged presidential app o i n t m e n t of a Federal Power Commission replacement for the retiring Howard M o r g a n "who win equal Morgan in courageous defense of the public interest;"" t h e UN. to resolve inter- establishment of a paid pub- form report despite impas- national conflict; substitution lie defender system in the sioned picas from attorney of "a positive oath of alle-j federal courts and in Califor- Marvia Holea of Los Angeles,'giance to the Constitutions ofinia's larger counties; creation c o n f i d a n t of Unruh. and,the United States and of the of n a t i o n a l parks in the Delecates delivered another AssemWvm an R o b e r t W. State of California in place coastal redwoods area a n d * _ _ f* --js-..--i ^ n *t.^_ .-.* *!.._. Tft^ t l _* » r t. ^ · «_ _ _*'. v _ x-i.-.__,.· t _ i _ _ J. ! slap to Unruh in voting reconsideration and reballot- ing ia the 29th Congressional Dirstrict directorship, won 43-42 Saturday night by an avowed Unruh "typeTM--Mrs. Lillian Stegman of Monterey Park, Timing of the new election was uncertain. * » * · NEW STATE CDC offices went to Mrs. Joan Finney, Negro, of Saa Francisco, organizational secretary; Rudolph Rivas, Mexicaa-Ameri- caa, of Los Angeles, controller. Mrs. Joyce Fadexn of Loi Angeles, was elected administrative « * e r e t a i y . Mrs. Barbara Double, Los Angeles. Crown, author of the I96l|of Leverirg-type o a t h s of i the Channel Islands. retired as secretary when he.r utors office was, in effect, divided because into the two new secretarial rtent titles. Mrs. Eileen Hernandez, j crs." Sa a-Francisco accountant, a s t a t e reapportionment and p r e s e n t ways and means chairman. Crown, listed as one of the report's panelists, disavowed it in strong terms and said he tpoke also for Assembly-[ man Nicholas Petris, w h o was listed as a panelist. ' C r o w n s a i d i t w a s 'calumny"' to infer that Democrats opposed to the purity of elections bill were not interested ia purity. He said the bul recently defeated would have helped Republicans "because of the manner in which their funds are se- cured'' but wooM have hart Democrats w h o s e contrib- would have dried up of "fear of punish- Rf publican employ- PINE AT BROADWAY LONG BEACH eOWKTOWN Negro," was elected trustee. ABC television commen-! titor Edward P. Morgan. Sunday's main speaker, told delegates Congress is becom- HOLEN SAID the report was "strictly an essay . . . negative criticism - w i t h o u t lay foundation of evidence or fact . . . contains on HOW TO BECOME A "NATIONAL" HERO ... Eisyl People fron all ije groups ... f very wilk cf life are fist fcecomiry 'nationaT here*. The/re learnir^ all trie latest dances and hmng the time cf tte* lives doing it! Be sure jour first step is the right one ty carUng HE 7-W5U Better it It, come ty IKt ftziftc Art, Long Etjci and meet Kf tfs~j, prsfes- lional staff and start fiincutg. YjuTl enjqr every nanutc cf it. your knits ... Barbiron's Taffreda*, nothing smoother! It's Barbtzon'i own'fabric, with the seductive cf S'lt, but much sterner wearing tjualiti( The slip has side zipper, side slashes, perfect In sizes 9 to 15, 10 to 20, \V/ 2 to 22I /2 38 to -12. White, blaclc or beige. 6.00 ASK THttMA B£OC£1 a!xn4 S.V »iQ be ia oar Lingerie Dcjt Lor; Brx Koniiy thra Vcixriiy. Arril to. 2ai uj }rj £nu Asa Thsnr. Arril 4tl Pecnoai Tt'tdjj, Afrfl 2 NATIONAL 9:30 TO 5:3Q P.M. -- MONDAY AND FRIDAY 9:30 TO 9.00 P.M. ^HONE HE 6-9841

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