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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Tuesday, January 27, 1920
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. Carbondale—"Athens CARBONDALE. ILLINOIS. TUE.^ Body of Ed Hay Discovered After Five *• ~ ' ' ' ' ' ' • -x, Days; Lived Alone v ' • • : * ' ' •• j ./' ' Lived by Himself for 12 Years — A Member of One of America's Most Prominent Families—Three Brothers Lawyers, JohnB. Hay, Statesman, Deceased, Cassius Hay, New York, Banker and Broker, and James Hay, Retired Banker and Law- jet, at Belleville—Chas. Hay, His Son, Is Prominent ' ' Marion Business Man—Wm. Morrison, His Uncle . WasSpeakerof,House in Congress. '.. , ' Lying on the floor of his.home face', while suffering from illness! is certain INCREASE AT NORMAL B; HOUSTON NAMED SEG. A • • 4*B m mm m K • .•_ _•_ — __' •> •' ' • • - • . •, . Of TREASURY-WILL BE REPLACED BY MEREDITH downward, life extinct and body frozen, Sd Hay, an aged recluse and retired farmer, was found in'a closed cold house on his farm a mile and a halt south of this city about 3 o'clock Member of Prominent 'Family: The deceased had .lived alone on his farm, consisting of 100 acres, renting land, for the last twelve years. He was a man of Quiet disposition, but an ~~— -. WUU.UU. wi uj.i.3 ^iv. tiuwtii. o vi v,iui^iv >tcia a imau UL quiei. disposition but an yesterday afternoon. Ho -had lived in. intelligent and good conversationalist seclusion for more than 10 years and j when,he cared to be. He came from a Indications were at .the time he was found that he had' died three or four days before. . ' ' •••"••"! Body in Cold Room: / - In a cold "barren -Mom. of a small !. house, in which he lived alone, was found the body of the man, for whom / apprehension as to his safety had been, felt for the last day or two. ' He was found by Simon Ganady and Al Bay- singcr, who had gone to .the Hay home •to see what the matter was. •Starts Investigation for Man. Friends of Hay. wondered why ,.- they, hadn't seen him in .town. for. the last week or so, it toeing his custom to •. walk to town every day. But several days-had passed and no one had seen prominent family, was a brother of John B. Hay, of Belleville, now deceased, a former member of'Congress and one' who led a vigorious attack against the raise . of congressman's salaries ot one time. For this stand he became known all over the country. The nioney for his part of the increase of salary is yet in Washington. .During the deceased's residence on his- farm, alone and as a recluse, he was frequently asked to come to Marion to make his home with his son, Chas. Hay, but preferred to live alone on his farm. Friends and neighbors had fear- ed.he might die as he did, living'by himself. ' Has Noted Brothers, He is survived >by another brother TO SCIENTIFIC COURSES Relative Increase in Enroll ment at School-rExodus to Large Universities Felt^Forsake Teaching For Better, Rewards of Other Professions. . Including thdse in the training school at. the Normal the winter term has now hit the 925. mark. A -gain of more than a hundred is shown ' in the Normal school proper over last year. A year ago 612 were registered in the Normal and this year there are 720 students in the Normal department. Compared with 'the fall term, a relative increase is shown in the win-, ter attendance, 730 students registering last fall. This was more than last fall as far as figures are concerned, but that the attendance for the Secretary of Agriculture Will Become Secretary of Treasury and Meredith Editor of Successful Farming, Will Become Secretary of Treasury. Special to Free Press: •- WASHINGTON; D. C., Jan.. .27\-~ EdwhvT.; Meredith of DesMoines,. la., editor of. Successful Farming, will'be named, by-the President for Secretary of Agriculture, to succeed 1 Secretary Houston, who is to become. Secretary' of Treasury. Meredith, who is at Mi- [ ami, Fla., writes acceptance. 'Miss Crigler is a. specialist."on food and during : her. visit 'will tell How' to plan meals-so that people will be better nourished' at no more expense and at a saving of time and energy on the part "of the housewife. SWTE REFUSES LIGHT INCREASE HERE -"•- UI.I.UUU.C*II^G J.U1 Lliti JJI'tJS- I »'. ' • ept has apnroached within ten of- 6 Public Utilities'Commission Continues (-!> « rt^.11 J. . • i. . _ ^ Mm. This caused'his friends to fear' ? XT v "*" ""* " l "''" cl •something had happened. In his daily! , York - ci «V'Cassius Hay,'law- trips to the city he had never failed to j ^' , ^ an " broher - also James visit the J. D: Rushing store and the ! - • BeHev '" e ' re »™d banker and A. F. Smith^ paint, shop, but for the past week hadn't come -to either of these places. It was planned yesteu- day morning for several persons to go ' to his farm and investigate the .unexplained absence of the man. No Tracks in .Snow. the fall term indicates a larger rela tive enrolment for the winter term. Swing to Scientific Course. That the result of the war is being reflected with the various digressions from the pre-war courses, as far. the present^oJIege youth is concerned, has been observed ah over the country by school authorities. . This is particularly manifest in that a marked tendency ,to swing (.o the scientific, professional courses among students, either complete course's in themselves or academic preparation leading --to" professions.* This has been materially felt in the other normal schools in the state more than Carbondale. Many would have ordinarily Earlyin the afternoon Al of this city and Simon Canady went out to .the Hay farm. When they approached the house no smoke was seen from the chimney.' The windows were down, and''upoa getting I close to the 1 house, it 'was discovered that no imprints from persons walking around the outside of the house were to be found. Examining around . .\ -the well where' water - is drawn for ^ the house use, thinking [if any indications of persons being about the house ..- - -for the last five.or six days, foot prints would be found, here. No indications of such were found^ and the snow and sleet had been on. since the first of the week. •- • . • j Further investigation led the men to ; look through the frosty windows into i •the rooms of the .Hay home. Nothing' . was seen in the' first two rooms. In , ' the'room on the west side of the house which Hay used' for'his living room, was his body stretched on> the floor, ' face downward. The doors .were .locked but raising the window, both Canady and Bayslnger entered the cold, darkened 'room, which closeted lawyer. The deceased was a nephew of the late, Wm. R. Morrison, speaker of the House in Congress'during Cleveland's administration. Emily' Hay, -mother of deceased and sister to Morrison, and daughter of the .old Wm. Morrison, a big trader and land owner in the early days, sat on the lap of students attended normal school lookingforward to teaching, either as a career or stepping stone, have now turned to. the big universities for training in professional scientific. t Low salaries £01- teachers is said to be an important factor in bringing about this change.. : War Has Made Confidence. ' Analyzing the condition briefly. Existing Rates Indefinitely Served ' h ' . D _•' oervea Y U. OF I. SPECIALISTS TO TELL HOUSEWIVEfe _. URBANA, 111:,-Jan. 27: CSp.eciai.).— i" Miss Fannie Brooks and' Miss Nina | Crdgler,-of .'the-. Department of Home 1 Economics, University of Illinois, will deliver lectures of particular interest to housewives of-Jackson county when they go-to-Carbondale in Fe/b. 19. , Miss Brooks is a health specialist and during her visit will talk on public health, personal .hygiene, and home care of -the sicfe , - •'••• SPRINGFIELD, 111'., January 27.—. The State .'Public Utilities Commie-" sion today entered an order contimi- ing in effect indefinitely the existing) rate, for electric power service in 200 Southern and Central Illinois cities by the Central Illinois Public Service Company; ' - : . .Among the cities affected are Car- jjphdaje, .Marion,_ Effingham, Harrisburg, El'dorado, West Frankfort and Ben,ton. BOY HUNTER SHOOTS ° SELFJN ICE FALL "DV, 12, Runs Home After Suffering' Shot Gun Wound in Arm—Hope to ..'Save Arm, TREASURY HEAD IS CHOSEN President to Announce His Selection Within Day or Two, Is White House Rumor. Lafayette and Chief Ducjuoin when the ' President H. W. Shryock' of the Nor- French and- Indians celebrated peace mal sa - id ' " We have" noticed the ten- at Old Kaskaskia at the end of the ( '- enc >' among students to go to scienti- ' French and Indian war. fie courses. This is true the country Deceased was a brother, of the wife i over ant ' Ilas caused a rush to the of John Borger, Sr., mothe'r of John i large universities. The other Normal and Fred Borger of this city.' Hay's sec-', scbools ln the -state have suffered more ond wife was Dollie Winchester. The from W" 3 than" the sehnnl hpvn Wo first Mrs.-Hay, who was Miss Christina Keidel, died 32 years ago. from tliis than- the school here. We have felt' it, however. The war is ^responsible for most of this,.'a new spirit has been a-wakened in the Ame'ri- , ,^ lls can youth, his experience in the sarv-, parlors this afternoon at 2:30 by Rev.' ice nas Si vei1 him confidence and he . The funeral services were held privately at the Huffman undertaking of . J. W. Merrill. Burial, at Oakland cem-1 ™«its,.to do better things.. Also as far as the teachers' profession is- concerned .effecting the Normal schools, : tbe rewards of engineers are better than those of a teacher. High School Courses-Demanded. ... — r~- ""• j-«u.i A«,i. o.\, \j R.ii.lttUu C( e f ery. 'Deceased was a member the Methodist church. GOV. LOWDEN EXTENDS LEGION ARMORY USE : Bearing out .the swing of stu'deittg •to the big schools, indications of this 'is shown at the No.rmal here. "More students are demanding a high. school . | course, which is a course preparatory the It Sees Fit. the body of the dead farmer. It ap-! peared as though he had gotten out of • bed shortly before he died, although he was dressed. 1 Indications showed he had probably, heea ill, and was unable .to get outside/ probably had been unable to leave his room for two or three days. „• Body .Brought to City. ^ Those finding the body, Simon Canady and Al. Baysinger, with the Solomon Crawshaw and Eugene Hinchcliff families, neighbors^ made arrangements .to take care of the !body, which was bright Ho the Huffman Undertaking parlors early last evening. Mr. •Hay's son, Chas. W. Hay,'a prominent business man of Marion, was at once notified. -The coro*ner-'s inquest was held today, but a verdict has not been announced. It is believed, his death will be declared to.-have'resulted from illness,, suffering from the lack of heat and necessary attention. It is hardly believed be froze to death; but : that cold 'contrib'uteci to his death 1 •Qov. Lowden has extended the Amer- post, .recently organized . Can . . here, unrestricted use of the Armory Washington, Jan. 27.—President Wilson has selected a secretary, of tlic to the senate within, a day or two. At the M'bite House it was said the president bud chosen a man 'whose name had not been included ampnjr those-mentioned in public discussion of possible successor's to Mr. 'Glass. They included Assistant Sota-etary.Lef- fingwell, former Representative Swng- er Sherley of Kentucky, Bernard II. Baruch unci Governor Harding of the federal reserve board. . Mr. Gl'ass^will .take his in the senate to fill the unexpired term of the late Senator Martin, : of -Virginia as soon as his 'successor has qualified! GIRL IN TWO MURDER TRIALS Ursula Broderiek, 16 Years Old, St. Louis, Slays Both Father ; and Stepfather. .' ' George,-12- 1 year- old som of James Livesay, prominent farmer of Grand Tower- township,' is "in St. Andrew's New $100,000 Two Stprr Garage and Manufacturing Plant to be Erected. Just South of Sill Shops;—: To Be Built by W. F. Furg- esori—Plans Call For immense . Building to Begiii in g]iring. SAID COST WILL • ' . .. NEAR $100,OOGi Building Will Extend From Walk 99 Feet Back amF Have a Frontage of 160 Feet—Garage Proper to be 120 Feet Wide—Exteit sive Auto Rebuilding. Calling for execution early in the spring plans are now nearing com-, pletion for one of the largest garage buildings in this end of the state. The . building will be immense in size' and' two stories, covering an area of 160.- feet wide and 99 feet deep. This building -will be -constructed by W ; F. Furgeson, just south and connecting on to the Sill '.machine shops on South Illinois avenue. It is estimated-the building win cost around.$100,000..' Tentative'plans'for tire'building indicate a brick structure of two stories,. ' ' -„„>,,- ..u.nniouu,, , 5 m at- Andrews »,„•+., „ ,,,„ t * * •* hospital for treatment for .gunshot^'' "° *° Ot £r ° nt ' ^""ing "the wounds received near his home -Sun-if £!, ! ° tS '' "" Wi " ex " day morning, says Independent j. 161 " 1 ."^ entire depth of the lots. The 'The boyieft home with his brothel-,! _„?', ^^ " aV8 DOt bee " Joe, 7- .years old, with a 12 guage '.' a ^ unce !\ 'i detail,.Furgeson at pres- shot'gun to hunt along the Big Muddy ^r-H^VV f'° rida '. '• river nearby... About 200 yards from . IpC " b °^ aIeB lar ^ Bt an * most com the home-George--slipped on the ice ±^[T ^f^ Sb ° P '' U ?3 and fell. The*'charae from -ti, P - m ,n **"* WlU ° CCUIJy tte first floor o£ «"e- •of St. L'ouis, Mp. v .Jan. 27. — Ursula Broderiek, 1C years old, confessed I slayer of her father in 1016, was called |' for trial in Juvenile .court here -on charges of having tilled her stepfather,- .Joseph F. -Woodlock, a. plumber, upper arm, i\ear the broke the arm bone. ' Little Joe left the wou- : .ded boy and ran home to tell his father. Geo. Livesay hurried from the house and, half way to. ,the scen-e of the'acci- dent, met his wounded 'boy walking home.. The boy's-fortitude, the, seriousness of his injury considered, is cause for comment wherever it tas been heard of. ' : The boy was rushed to Murphysboro Sunday night and .taken to St. Andrew's-for'an .operation and'--treat• merit. Surgeons hope against hope that,they may be able to :save ,tbe arm. They will know within a few days. • • " • . The father accompanied. the boy. 'Mr. Livesay is deeply distressed, although he-takes his boy's ill.fortune quietly. •'•'.. , machine shops and: auto truck body _.\ manufacturing department. These ilans are tentative, however, it is. aid. • •' The large garage in the, building will be managed by W. It will have a 120 loot Large^display windows -will be ' instoJiGu -in tbs front. ExtGDsi'Vd HIP- chine shops, (rebuilding and repair shops. Ample 'space will be pro-rid.*!' for .the operation of the .garage and all equipment. The second stor^'of'the biulding will likely be taken •'By the Sill shops, doing body building fpr'a'uto trunks. . •• "° mafle £rom credits with Normal Ha.II for any purpose for which the W - Legion sees fit. Although not to con- fl.ict with any of the uses of the Ninth Regiment Band, for which organization the hall is being maintained by the state. The Lesion had been meeting at the Elks Home the last few meetings. It passed resolutions thanking the ElksiSHOE PROFITEERS ARE FINED lor the use'of. the"lodge room April 4/0.1M8. At the inquest she testified that'-she' shot .and killed Woodlock when he entered her .room' in also that 50 out of town pupils are at-' , their J?° me !ln(J attela Pted to attack her - The Rirl was indicted last May for first degree murder. In October of 1916, then only 12 years old, she shot local young persons have indicated -a preference for ,the high school course tending .the Normal, a teachers' :sc!iool, taking the high school course, The high school Normal course is C ° UrSe In ' " Self ' tllt is work, those conforming to the Normal teachers' course, but only of the required credits in the course for a high school certificate. and killed her farher,- Broderiek. In flint case Thomas P a coroner's at a jury exonerated her after she.had testified sly? fired the .fatal shot in defense of her mother. a week ago Monday night. The Legion-met last night .and its commander, Attorney T. B. F. Smith, reported the governor had placed the' armory at the disposal of the Legion, also other matters pertaining to the post from Springfield headquarters^ Attorney' Smith personally obtained permission for the use of the armory at the-governor's office. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. -Terpinitz, daughter, Miss. M&rie, and. son, Bert, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Temiiitz's sis' Pi' ICauffnian, Three Are Charged With Telling Their Salesmen to Get as Much . as They Could. Providence. R. I., Jun. 27.—Snmnel F. Flmiy.linuui, Georire j£. Goldsmith anil A. M. Collins, all of Boston, offi- •cers oT -(he F. 6. Collins-'Shoe -company-, of Provident-*, were each fined Sl.,000 on charges of profiteering after they hnd pluaded- nolo cantendere in the federal court. It was alleged that they instructed .the salesmen in their store to obtain as much more thaa the actual sale ILLINOIS MAN REDS' CAPTIVE Colonel Blunt Reported ' Seized in Siberia, Is Resident of Piano, III.—Railroad Man. ' .. Washington, Jan.' 27J—No • report TWO TOWNS MEET ON BASEBALL HARMONY Local Committee to. Meet Stock Hold ers. Tonight—Go' , Before Them With 100 Shares Sold • H'e're. Tonight a committee'' from Carbon dale will go to Murphysboro- aud mee '.with, the directors-, of the basebal park -at Henry; The committee from here will have with them $1,500 worth of stock .subscribed conditionally on certain privileges which Carbondale will be .granted in. case 'Carbondale i permitted -to take shares in the park: Carbondale has bought 100 of'these shares-at'SIO' each. Murphysboro will railway en/jineers and a party of American Red- Cross' workers, at Eluchlnskayu, ' Siberia, reported in press dispatches' 'from Chith^ Siberia, had boon received by the state or wni- departments .or at the national headquarters of the Red Cross. The Colonel Blunt referred to .in press dispatches as having been captured was TwlieVed at the war department to be Frank Boscoe Blunt,'of. Piano, railway commission: . .,: a member of the Stevfen!? far as any . controlling power is con-' 'cerned. At the same time • certain agreements will be drawn up wherein Carbondale will enjoy all reasonable rights, of the park. This far it is said M'urphyshoro ' has .been favorable toward letting'Carbondale come. in. • BIRTHS ' A ten pound daughter was'born to Mr. and; Mrs. .Albert. -Han;' yesterday!' .She has-.been named::EHa-Louise.".-' Q. J. RUDE TO TEN <• EUROPEAN COUNTRIES FOR PACKING CO. Mir.'and' Mrs: O. J. Rude have"'ap- .plied 'to the county clerK: : 'for ''passports to Europe. Mr. Rude is -trayelirig- salesman for the Krey Packing" Go., and will go on business for the .Company, which has permitted "him- to. take Mrs. Rude, -paying the expenses of both and with a much-larger salary for. Mr. Rude. . He : will visit ten countries." s Mr. -Rude has been traveling for -the Krey firm for about 20 years. FLU KILLS MANY'IN. CHICAGO Epidemic Reaches High Figure When, 233 Die in 48 Hours—Nurses | Needed. Chicugo, Jan. 27.—The 0«;it!i lirt" fa'fini Hie epidemic of iufhu'ii/.a and pneumonia for tlit"'h';s[ JS .hours is 283 wl^ich is the .hi.siiest. 'liynru. rcaeTuv]' for ;) siniiiiir period sinc.-o tile (.'piiieinie read its tenmcles about -Chic-iiKo. For .the last 24 hours t'liere were 3.~ 05S new cases of influenza roportet!' with: GO'deaths,'and '250Hew <-ascK of meumohin, with CM 'deaths. .Diu-ing the previous 24 hours fit) death's rosuIN ed from- influenza and m from pn<Hi- monin.jvitli l;35Q''new "liu'; cnses- and 2G9. of pneumonia. -. • . . To ( stem -the tide of disease'-.aha death by providing graduate nurses for cases in homes, Health Commissioner iobertson has released., all Chicago lospitals. from the "one" year '^'-^ requirement." '

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