Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 19, 1973 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 19, 1973
Page 19
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Blindness Proves No Handicap For Newsman By JAY SHARBUTT NEW YORK (AP) -- John Weldlich does the morning news each weekday at KPLR- TV in St. Louis. Mo. He faces the camera, but he can't see it. He's been totally blind since birth. But he's been doing a trio of daily three-minute reports since last September as the regular newscaster on the "Reed Parrel! Morning Affair," a 2V4-hour talk and variety show. And he's been working as _ newswriter and part-time assignment editor and reporter at the station for more than a year, Joining a television news de partmcnt in a major market Isn't easy. You've got to have experience because most sta tions .simply don't have the teach you the business. Wejdlich, 26, had a double handicap when he started a KPRL-TV. One was his blind ness. The second was that he had no experience in television news. LUCKY "I consider myself lucky tha our news director and genera manager wer,e willing to giv me a try and see if it wouli ·ork -- which a lot of other eople wouldn't have done," he aid. The station's general manger is James Herd. The news irector is Bill Addison, a riend of the Weidlich family. Weidlich, who has a master's legree in English and holds a hi Beta Kappa key, came to he job partly prepared. After ollege, he studied broadcasting afa private school in St. Louis, When Addison offered him a ob, Weidlich grabbed it. He be- Jan as a newswriter, rewriting Honesty Fails PARIS (AP) -- The Corsican radition of stuffing the ballot box has beaten the test of auto nation, to the dismay of t h e French government, The French planned to instal automatic voting machines for next month's national election on the Mediterranean island and halt the usual harvest o more votes than there are vot rs. Sets of three machines wit! room for 15 candidates on eacl were ordered; giving each vol er 45 candidates to chose from. A total of 105 persons File for office, even though it cos $200 each to file. Ballot boxes will again b used. 'Ire copy by hearing the essen al facts from colleagues anc yplng it cut in final broadens' rm for the station's news asters. He also wrote introductions ailed lead-ins, for news f i l m egments. He did it by listeninj o the film's audio track anc aklng notes from the reporters n who and what the story con ;erned. . When the station manage nent put him in front of the cameras, he wrote his new cript -- including the lead-in -- in Braille, "reading" it with his fingertips. SMOOTHES OUT His on-air delivery, under standably amateurish at firs now is relatively smooth, some viewers who didn't rea ze he was blind were take aback for another reason whe first appeared on television "I got letters (or a while.that said things like, 'Who is that weirdo in d a r k HELEN HELP US jMf^ Reader Has f^r*^ ' Postal Blues' t;|^ By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL iaiiiiiiiiBiiiiKiiiiiffliiiMiii!ii!iiiii!iiiiiiiii!niiiiiii»iiiiiiiiii« Dear Helen: You wrote me a letter postmarked November 1. I received it yesterday -- from a neighbor who said it had been in her vacation mail all the while they were on an extended cruise. Several years ago I mailed a letter at a hotel desk -- and learned that it arrived at its destination, four blocks away, three weeks later 1 Your business depends on mail, Helen, and while it probably wouldn't do any good, 1 wish you'd write a column on the mail frustrations we s t suffer. -- Postal Blues It Dear P. B.: a- Sorry, I'm going to take the degree, cither before or after marriage. His reasons were: There Hac been several rapes on campus; and he didn't want me associating with "the college crowd." He is very jealous about my talking with other men. Frowns on my having a career. I've always tried to please him, but the more I gave in, the more he demanded. This once, I stood up (or what I wanted, and how he's gone. I feel incomplete without him. Should I give in and become a drop-out? -- Tiger Dear Tiger: You might feel incomplete Norihwwt Arkanttn TtMCS, Men., Kb. 1», 1*7* PAYITTIVIILI, AUKANtAt- Beaver Lake Group Sets Annual Tour glasses." says Weidlich, who was writing part of the evening news show when interrupted 'for a phone interview. "But they got used to me," he said. "In fact, one day I got a letter from a group of school kids. They wanted a sheet of the Braille paper newscast." I used in a NOW SHOWING Open 6:30 ·Starts 7:00 Ends Tuesday mows CO-HIT IN PERSON! 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(Feb. 20, 21, 22) | SAVE 36* Regular Dinner Box · 1 Plctm Chicken · Mashed Potatoes Gravy · Coleslaw · 2 Rolk EUREKA SPRINGS - Three I the four counties that make ip the Greater Beaver Lake Association (GBLA) rank in Arkansas' top 10 in oul-of-slate ourist expenditures. And 45 i u s 1 n e s s and professional eaders who want to keep Northwest Arkansas attractive o visitors will tour surrounding areas by bus March 6, 1 and 8. The three-day tour will be sponsored by the GBLA and Northwest Arkansas Chambers of Commerce and will include meetings with tourist-oriented b u s i n e s s m e n i n southeast Missouri and eastern Oklahoma Don Watson of Eureka Springs, president of the GBLA, said the purpose of the tour is to ex change information with peopli in other areas and to discover what they are doing to increase tourist business. Lee Zachary, executive vice resident of the Springdale Chamber of Commerce, will lirect the tour as he did a year igo when Northwest Arkansas businessmen sojourned f o r hree days in central Arkansas. ^achary Dale Christy assisted by Fayetteville, ,ew Taylor of Rogers. Chuck Davis of Bentonville, Jim Sheets of Siloam Springs and Watson, chamber officials in those cities According to Watson, the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism ranks Benton County second, Carroll County fifth, and Washington County eighth in out-of-state touris e x p e n d i t u r e s . T h e fourtl member of the GBLA, which qualifies for state matchini funds to promote tourism in Northwest Arkansas, is Madisoi County. ' ' T o u r i s m in Northwes Arkansas is » big buslrwsf." Watson s a i d , "with «» slimated 3.5 million out-of- taters visiting our four counties ach year. They spend mor«t nan (100 million with us *n- jually." Watson's figures war* ased on a recent study by the department of Parks and .'ourism. The Arkansas travelers will stop at Harrison, and Branson and Springfield, Mo., the first day. Joplin, Mo., and Miami and Tulsa, Okla., the second and Muskogee and Tahlequth. Okla., the third day. Pits* receptions are scheduled for Springfield and Tulsa, the overnight stops, Zachary said. v\ Th« TIMES It Th» Bait Buy For Your Advertising Dollar! "unpopular" side--which will probably surprise everyone, including me. We all have our favorite stories about the pony express- paced Potal Service, but how about the millions of letters which arrive oh time? Perhaps we Americans are so apoiled by efficiency that we aren't geared for occasional goofs. Yes. I simmer too when piece of mail is delayed or lost--but I must be honest:out of several hundred letters, perhaps one arrives late. My margin of erro is a lot higher than that! So who am I to complain? (You're welcome. Postmaster General Klassen..And now, there's this little matter of hurrying up those big packages of first class mail that come f r o m my syndicate. My correspondents aren't third- class people!) -- H. Dear Helen: My golf partner at the club said his wife was "cold," so in the spirit of friendship, I proverJ she wasn't. I had no ulterior motives-just wanted to help. Let's say it was an educational laboratory course without the high price tag. It took me several months to break away and get her back to her husband. The problem between them has disappeared now. thanks to me, but do I get credit? Now! This woman had the bad sense to "confess," and I have lost a good friend with him too. A career girl type | shouldn't marry a jealous man who resents her brains. If she does, she'll soon begin resenting him. Don't give in! -- H. This column is dedicated to family living so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help you. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Write to Helen Bottel care of Northwest Arkansas TIMES. and golf buddy. Before he found out our secret, he confided in me that his wife was a changed woman, which made him a changed man. and a very happy one. Wouldn't you think he'd be grateful? -- Archie Dear Archie: Nol -- H. Dear Helen: My fiance and I broke up over a silly argument. He didn't want me to finish college and I waa determined to get my Carter Blames Nixon For Civil Rights Retreat LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- A Mississippi newspaper editor blamed President Nixon for the "grave chill" he says has settled over the United States and its attempts to correct the wrongs done to racial minorities. Hodding Carter III, executive editor of the Delta Democrat Times at Greenville, Miss, made the. remarks Saturday night at a meeting of the Ar kansas Council on Human Rela tions. Carter said the nation hac been going in the right direc tion until Nixon "sounded re treat."' ".This is more than a South ern Strategy." Carter Said "He has sowed confusion t create votes. It is an old game. We know it well in the South." Carter told the council that the person who is president holds the key to what happens in civil and. human rights. He said ' t h e r e , has always been more rhetoric than action, but credited President John F. Pizzas for the Price of (MONDAY ONLY) Kennedy with taking the first important steps in 1963. MONDAY IS FAMILY NIGHT BUY ONE PIZZA AT REG. PRICE, 2nd PIZZA IS FREE WITH THIS AD AT THE FOLLOWING PIZZA HUTS NOT GOOD ON CARRY-OUT ORDEHS OR DELIVERY FAYETTEVILLE SPRINGDALE RQGERS 2325 N. College Hwy. 68 West Hwy. 71 South GOOD DURING FEBRUARY ONLY . . DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change without notice KTEW, Tulsa, Channel 2 KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Pfttsburg, Chmml 7 KTUL, Tuba, Channel 8 (Channel on cable in FayettevllioJ KOED-TV(ITV), MM, Crianml T KODE, Joplin, Chonml 12 KUHI, Joplin, Channtl 16 icnu.nel · MI c»bl In FayettovihM KGTO, Fayerfevllle, Channel 36 (Channel 1 on cable In FayettevllM) H stereo knwa beautiful music doesn't just MOVIES ON TV Monday Night 8:00 p.m. Ch. 2-3-5-7 -- "The Alamo" Part 2 (1960) . John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Richard Boone 8:00 p.m. Ch. 8-12-"Riot" (1969) Jim Brown, Gene Hackman, Ben Carruthers 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16-36 -- "The Glass Bottom Boat" (1966) Doris Day, Rod taylor, Arthur Godfrey Tuesday Night 7:00 p.m. Ch. 2-3-7 -- "fools' Parade" (1971) Strother Martin, James Stewart, George Kennedy 7:30 p.m. Ch. 5-8-12 -- "A Brand New Life" (1972) Cloris Leachman, Martin Balsam, Gene Nelson 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16-36 -- "10 Rillington Place" (1971) John Hurt, Richard Attenborough, Pat Heywood MONDAY EVENING 1 ^ 0y0 '^ OUE Mr ' Eliot 8 { 12 ·A* 5:00 - Rowan Martin's Laugh In 2,' 1 7 Mister Hoger» "IGunsmoke S, 16, 38 I Dream of Jeannle «; ABC News .. - - O'TT f:«*u --· To Tell The Truth * Face the People » * S:« ..!* INSURANCE "Personal Service With E\ety Policy" Fur All Your Insurance) Need* Call 442-2335 McCARTNEY-FAUCETTE AGENCY 1202 Ntt. College Harris Shufiield, Agent LOANS FOR HOMES For Expansion of An Older Home), or Tiie Need of 3 New On*. W« Have Loans to Su't Your N**ds. FAYETTEVILLE SAVINGS LOAN ASSN. 1973 COLOR TV^NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound )3J N. College filectrlc Company News Truth or Consequence* * r*- Tennls Anyone New« . Z, 3. 5, «. 3. 5. 8. 7, U, 18. 38 Petticoat Junction Open Door Open Door J i Ponticrlpt .. Untamed World 3 . ^.ft _ Wait "TH Your Father Get« Home 7 Sewi Adventure »· * !·:»·-- Movie 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 12 Net Opera Theatre 11 Here's Lucy 6. 16. 38 * 8:30 Doris Day 6. 16, 36 * 1:11 - '·- Musical Showcase 11 * 0:30 - 11 Ad' Dragnet Let's Make A Deal 2. 3, 5. 7, 16. 38 8. 12 .. 2, 3. 5. 7 Movie"...7" 6, 16. 36 Dick Cavett ... Johnny Careon BOB'S PAINT BODY SHOP West on 62 Highway P*^fJV/ XT f\«. / PaintA "y Now Open! car 20 Years Experience) - AJI Work Guaranteed. For FREE ESTIMATES, Call 442-9151 Htogjty M^ 0W. SUN. College 2768 N. College * 1I:M News I, * Paul Hervey t * 12:IS Town Hall 2 * 12:50 -Speaking Freely * TUESDAY MORNING «:30 Paul Dickson .,. 3 World Tomorrow 8 * 7:H- New H Speaking Freely .. · Country Mu*fc Time .. - * Today I, Si S, 7 Real McCoy* i ...*. IJ * 7:»»- CBS News « father Known Bert 12 Carly Bird Cirtooaa I» * I:M Captain Kangaroo », Cartoon Clrcuc · Seeame Street II Jokers Wild '. «, : Woman'! World IJ Seaame Street * Dinah Shore *, *· ' Movie i * 1:3* -.. Price U Right «, 1 . . . 1 2 ... t J, 1 Hot For Women Only . Romper Ronirt Concentration * I*:*-, Gambit «, 1» All My Children 1 Sale of the Century . . . . t, J, I, 1 * W:S»- Love Of Life «. 1« Guidlnf Light «. ·ays of Our Llvea 2, 3, 5, ewlywed Game t. Hollywood Square* Bewitched * tl:M- Where The Heart In . . . ^assword Jeopardy . . * 11:H-Search For Tomorrow Who, What or Where Split Second 2, 3, 3, «. IJ 6, 18 · 8, 2, t. 5, 7 Edge of Night ...., 6. : Joctors i, 3, 5. Hting Game · · *. : Love Is A Many Splendorctl Thing «. Jeneral Hospital 8, Another World 2. 3, 5, * tilt- Secret Storm 6, Return To Peyton Place 2, 3. 5, Onf Life to U»» i. . . . . « , 16 2, 3, i, ' TUESDAY AFTERNOON * l*;l»- Newa -- News Z, *, «, 1Z, 1 Tabletallc John Chick *· U:30- Three On A Match I, As The World Turn* 11 Let's Make A Deal S. 8, * «:JS Melody kUUnee * 1:1*- 16 Merv GrifHn . 7 Concentration FHntalones Petticoat Junction '* »:»- 7 i Bonanza Green Acres Wild, Wild West Star Trek Somerset t, Vln Scully Love, American Style 1:M- Dlnah Shore Green Acres Buffi Bunny Cartoon Camp Big Va!l«y Thrte On A Match To Tell The 'fruth Fllntstonea * 4:W~ Gentle Ben Movie ....'.','.'.'.'.','.'.'.'.'...'..,'. 3. 5, 6. 1 .. ». I * 7:M Movie Let'a Make A Deal . Dr. Seuas Cartoon Great Decisions '73 7:30 Movie Hawaii Flv«-O 1 Love Lucy Green Acre* * 5:M Mister Rogers To Tell ThE Truth . 1 Dream of Jeannle ABC Newa * S:M- Elcclrlc Co Truth or ConnequencM News 1:1 .. 3! Indian Hlntnry .. 2 New« 2. 3, 5, 6, 7, 2, 3, S, 6, 7, S. 12, . 8, iii 1 16. 56 Z. ». T * «, 16, 34 . S, 8, It 8, 1«. 3t Bill Moyers Journal It 8:00 Toastmasters *g;30- T.V. Comedy Yearj I, 11 », 3, 1 . ..... 11 . I, *, i* 16. « " ¥ National Geographic " S Mod Squad 1 ' m Dragnet · " 19 Petticoat Junction ., ·· " Focus Death Valley Days . . 12 i I Dream of Jeannle . ... 6 Young Dr. Klltlare .. .. 161 Police Surgeon ..... 12 Black Journal * 9:00 NBC Riporta Film Mnrcus Welby, M.D. ... * II:H- New« J, J, 5, a, 7, i, 12, 18, M * !»:*- Die* Cavelt '. 1} Johnny Carson *· */ · Movie '.*· !··'· * 12:00 Paul Dtckion Paul Harvey 7 Speaking Freely ... ::::«* n:is .... Ml Oklahoma Forum 2 11 3

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