Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 35
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 35

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 35
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SHOW TIME Here are starting times of futures at Lorg Beach theaters as listed by theater man- *p«rs: iTATt *· ·· CMn-fi." if". 1.11. t.a. HM.- j a i M. on^'sOS*1 x WEST COAST* CriH NOON-tAICAIH rAKKINE ··OtVIUJHir fUNNT" ·"-HOLDEN SATAN! . CUTTM WEBB ft] CUED -n^NUYEN NEVER SLEEPS rtet -- PAUL NtttMAN "JLAllY AROUND THE HAG"--· Color FLOIVER DRUM SONG* U«r Cor* · «».- l:1t. 4 XL I 11 -»«« HlMV }.«. in. II.(L ·oxv -Fly« Fm 1 .*.* it.H. J.M. I 't ID »l««l On.' lt:U. I M. II 01, j:5« !«··· IIKW4M." I.JT, I.U. 11:4), 4:31. IV f* ·*· a*****.- 11-41. 4 41, t.34. II. -J.,»»v"« «»».- 1:11. « «. II U. ) a -t«t«««f« i-wn o»' ~ J CK, .», U.J4. Argentina Sliifls U.iV. Personnel UNITED NATIONS HV- The Buenos Aires coup Thursday was followed by a shift in the Argcritine ui!cc".ion to the United Nations. Ambassador Mario Amadeo resigned. Lucio Albert Garcia del Solar, his deputy, took over administration of gentine's U.N. embassy. Ar LBSC Music Teachers Present Own Compositions in Concert By RACHEL MORTON The Department ot Music of Long Beach State College presented a concert of com' positions by faculty members in the Little Theater Wednes day night. By far the most Interesting and most ambitious music of the evening was that composed by Hormor Farhat. a talented young man from Iran. One half the program was devoted to his compos!' tions. CREST ItIT OPEN PM. CtNCMADCIAPHT -- ClLO* The RODMAN -SPRING of MRS. STONE 1 vrvTtM LOOM BELMONT In ItMwl IMrl CC 110CI OPEN 1:11 tl.m O.f -- HUDSON "LOVER COME BACK" 1 11.11:11-- C.l.r MnK «E«»-*«»M«I HFOC10VC "THE INNOCENTS" I II Oil* Clrtfllf M.ttir -- IWrWr JONCS "CAROUSEL" lit* I. CHIT OPEN NOON DEVILISHLY For (fie beautiful young Buddhist girl it's devilishly hard to understand why the young pricsl can't marry . . . For the young priest it's devilishly hard to make her understand . . . For (fie old priest it's devilishly hard to understand at a// ... For you it's a . . . DEVILISHLY FUHNY PICTURE! Wiiu AM HOLDEH I CLIFTON WEBB SATAN NEVER SLEEPS MlltNIOIHOe*-' Bowwtr NODW41IE mini, ti.ii r ti i.mi "t««i minim mi" nw muni. ii.i, ii UK till" IIIKI1I. Ir.l. Ill 4.llll "Til IKILIIII'I Ullll" · i n « unit mi" IfCONCO tf4CH limb cm i lui cm. n jnil «c:. luiiiu--mi luniit ··i migiiti c til" IC11F1OWEK uiil w« l-iln ··niHiiuii mini" ··tun IF mi nm mio" G K O V t ··T«I emtiiu'i "lilt ITIIIT" WIIMINCTON I t l l t D t ( U l l l l l l l t l l ) tl 1411 ··mi txittnri «!»«·· ··luui mil" mini.null.«K«Mi tntin · · U « l » T l l l l t l l " "Hill H C K I I H C X Kill" u mini ii.iin luiiii.i vi i mi "III I l l t C I I U " . "jiuim ii m nil ninr- iiinri'i*!. m i.mi ·HCKIUI II rillllll" mui iitun im u»i" aol 111 W. *I|II||M WIITIHt ··TIIDII II t«I IIIIIT" ··HI 1011 Hit J U « » I « " HIIIUI Iiiiimu Illil Ill-llll ··mill ii tm iiKT" ··mi miuoii" The crowning achievement of the man who gave you"GoingMyWay"end"7heBe!IsOfSt.M£ry's" UOMcCAREY t / C t L U ' I PLUS--ANOTHER BIG HILXRIOUS COMEDr AT BOTH THEATRES! Especially fine was his Woodwind Trio No. 1 in an extremely Interesting combination of three instruments. The oboe was played by Michel Van de Vord; the clarinet by Fred Peters; and the bassoon by Nancy Covert. All three were excellent. The Allegro Vivace was reminiscent of the music of the Orient in its minor « ravings. The Lento was almost liturgic in a somber mood and the Fuga was spicily passed from one instrument to the other. This impressive composition should be heard in our spring music festival. MORE PRETENTIOUS was Farhat's Theme and Variations for Brass, Two Pianos and Tympani, which he conducted. There was something of the Far East in this music, too. The build-ups were exciting and a dramatic u?e was madelwd. dnt'ful music of "Jungle of the bass trombone, which Flower" and "Brigid't Song' was expertly played by Jeff- and she expressed well "Sea rey Reynolds. All the players contributed notably to an out standing performance ot an unusually fine work. A Scherzo from String Quar let No. 1 by this same com poser opened the program in a scampering mood. The Pol High School String Quartei is to be congratulated for the excellent tone and perform ance of this woik. A long complicated song. "Be Yadc Ncyshapur," like the title, was difficult to understand. It was sung by Jcanctte Brock with dramatic intensity and the ac companimcnt of Eleanor Rus sell was especially fine. · · · · THREE ALTO SONGS by Frank Pooler were sung by Iris Eshclman. voice enhanced Her velvet greatly the ROCK HUDSON DORIS DAY TOW RANDALL, IKJMHMttlWI OPEN ART *****+**-*» ."THE KING I" tlif»ti OKI Onlf «t » ! P.M. "CAROUSEL" th»«n OK Oiilr l Ml P " » crm J J 6:30 J 4 P.M J ********* 211 LIME FRI. I.SO SAT, 2.00 OFF-BROADWAY THEATRE ON STAGE "MR. ROBERTS" Stones." a sea shinty type of song. A Sonata for Violin and Piano by Robert Tyndall was played by Gordon Matron, violin, and Charles Farmer, piano. The first movement was an exploratory preamble in which the pianist covered the violin most of the time. In the second movement, each went his separate way in ever · worsening dissonances. The third movement was a tnmc cone- running tccompanlmfnt, was "Rn^e-Cheeked Laura, Come" by Robert Tyndall. Both songs were well «ung by Jean Hockney. with Ingrid Pratt at the piano. ; Doth singers made the mistake of using music stands for their music. Surely three songt could easily have been memorized. tool Beach Grie ligkt Open rollicking ditty, with welcome measures of sion. Musically monotonous was a song by Leon Dallin, "How Do I Love Thee." A brisk song, totally unrelated to the April 5-6-7.8.12-1M 4 lonj Buch Municipal And, Loiik Sell--Fill Oichcitro ORDER NOW Thin. I S.I. ... $2 l Jl.SO Ftl. I Sot. .... Jl.SO to S4 IOX OFFICE III r. Xlk Sr. HE :-7»U \NDlPtNQlHT-Ptnt C.J IMC*. C»l, rrMir. Mir. Ml IN* RKELUOOD 'HA Mill ill! I III 1:11 -- MIC Thr/H Upon TtrIK Pin S«a r. Tkrllltr GUNS OF THE Black Witch Filmtd In C*Ufic*p« SAT. SUN. OPEN 10:30 A.M. CONTINUOUS WARNER Drive-in VVAtNtR WEST OF IEACH I LVD -- Pfi V I I llll Walt Disney's "NIKKI" All Jerry Lewis "CINDERELLA" Color LINCOLN Drive-In LINCOLN Hrsr rr KNOTT --p» JA rmi "BUTTERFIELD 8" Elixabelh Taylor "WORLD OF SUZIE WONG" All Color LINCOLN --1154 PCR CAM LOAD ALL-COLOR PROGRAM! vumHOLDEN SATAN -rS NEVER SLEEPS NOW! THE MAGNOLIA THEATRE "THE ANDERSONVILLE TRIAL" n.. in., in., ill. fj_l»., II. I ,M. Fri. I III. 1^11 I ·. fllTUIIII IIT nun - ii IIIUMII I. T I U I - W . I. Ollllt fir RiMril*ltil II IK1I ,tll4 llll Kti Hiiieui "THE MAN CALLED PETER" tPtCIU. FIKFORMMCE mil 4 t II--TICKETS AVilUIll FOR THE MOST FUN IN THE VISIT THE WORLD! HUTMOUSE IN WILMINGTON S WILES WEST OF LONS BEACH TE 4-21 Of Best Nights Frl Sat. Action Starts at 9 p.m. PARAMOUNT Nun!. I Cn;t. IUi, Finmt. ADM. 5 Fi Pit Cll TH: l.b H.It -Lit. TvrMf "JICHIIOK IK DANNY "FIVE PENNIES- eeo MONTCOMCKT -- c«;*r "STEEL CLAW" »r DiNTON · JUUr DMI ·TARAWA BEACHHEAD' PALACE^ M VINE *VC. PHONE HE M4» -DAY OF THE IADMAN" -JAILHOUSE IOCK" ntENACERS OUTEK SPACE" 'SEAT BELTS? RIDICULOUS! THATS WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE SAID WHEN RICHARDSOM TIRE CO. OPENED ITS DOORS. FIFTY- ONE YEARS AGO. WE HAVE KEPT AIREAST OF THE NEEDS OF OUR CUSTOMERS. ONE OF THE NEWEST NEEDS IEINS SEAT ! IELTS. INSTALLED FOR A MODERATELY LOW PRICE. ON IUDGET ·TERMS. THESE SEAT IEITS ARE AN ASSET AND A COMFORT TO EVERY DRIVER. AS TIRE SPECIALISTS AND SERVICE DEALERS WE ·OFFER IRAKE AND WHEEL ALIGNMENT SERVICES AS WELL AS HIGH OUAIITY GENERAL TIRES. STOP IN AND GET AC. OUAINTED YOUU IE GLAD YOU DID. DRAWING DAILY FOR 'DODGER HOME GAMES (TICKETS FOR TWO). NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. CALL HE 4^411 FOR DETAILS HING IN THIS AD .FOR F R E E IRAKE INSPECTION. 500 E. ANAHEIM ST. (Long Beach) HE 6-9681 51 YEARS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS NOW! NOW! WITHIN THE COFFIN LIES A MAN., YET ALIVE! PLUS 2ND ACTION HIT I GUNSOFTHE IflCKWITC T.I ORSCOPE ' ClOttD MONDAYS ' "*" * """' Till Mil I A Vr PI IID 'I · i. '·«· ··»·'«·· L«. Hill I. Im.iK I il M l llll jit rn Lflr\C wLUD in « MTI cinx. »» if» i · ·" » ini.n« i (. t. ir-,,. ii it«tinn n tun * J..T.VO..T.T.. i ROCK HUDSON $ DORIS DAY * TONY RANDALL] ·K i -K J -K * * -K * -K -K ALL-COLOR 4 Un · KOMtJ UMHI 5 ACADIMY AWARD NOMINATIONS AUDREy 1 SHIRLEY HEPBURN IMACLAINE JAMES GARNER .THE CHILDREN^ HOUR ":, "GOD'S LITTlt ACRt" RODGERStHAMMERSTEN'S TLOWER NOW SHOWING! ROCK HUDSON SANDRA DEE SONG *m NANWKWAN-JAMESSHIGETA' Kin-uti soo Fi»;nn (OK UMEKI SIMMONS CARROLL BAKER CHARLTOH HESTOH EURL IVES THUNDER

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