Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 49
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 49

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 49
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10 TV RENTALS Ith (rf« MrvlM. ".'.'-..'RENT TV--NO DEPOSIT · · -' Fret dH. 'Ill mldnlte AHYYYHERE ' '-'ja-lM1 - 775-1889 Mi-1301 80-A ·MNd Hodlo. TV, Hl-H . slereo sels. Olr. Rodio Repair 81 . .'.VFROMPT. SERVICE calls. We hay; '·* ho glmmlcki to ofter. Jusl good -..--^dependable servtce, D Y TV. ' ' J "-9:30 a.m.-9: U s edtVs . 231 ':3o p.m., 3 7Allanllc4 !.95. SERV. CMC. [Nc- cho. II not fyted In homel. Free est. 7 davs lajn.-lOpjn, Workguar. All area. AUtu TV 723 W. ncean HE 7-4716 ' : TV-SERVICE S2, Lkwd. , ; Pfef. HA 9-1790 eves., Rooms for ATTENTION MEN-o Rooms $10 ut. 5364 Long Beach Blvd. . Real Special. HsVg. Men PANELED RMS. CLEAN. HI-SIS See me al in Paclllc. HE 7-7687 LAKEWOOD-Bedroom. Nr. Doug- lai. For gentleman over 40, locally employed. Refer. 429-0507. BELMONT Shore Allr. Clean gvlel. Sec. entr., prlv. ' " _ Refs. GE 474 N 'bafh "walk · loVv.' prTvllc rm. for lady^ priv. 'j.^i 1 ^'.^NICELY lum. clean sleeping rm. LARGE ROOMS. Clean, outet. Meo o.-lly 1538 Locuil 435-7CT7; CT1-5M3 DOWNTU. Hskpg., refrlo.. shov parking. 19. Man. 374 W. ALAMITOS Bay home lo share wllh olher men. Referenct -- DNTN. J8.M. Hskpg. Prlv. Water. shower. parXlriq. "1200 AlamJIos SSS MO., or 115 wit, uo, also wli. 1777 Cherry. , HE S143I. CLEAM ROOMS. (Xjlslde enlrance. W wtc. up. 1413 Elm Ave. 43S-3977 NICE clean rmi. Kitchen prlvEI. S9 wk. M». 731 W. 111. 432-9485 17 UP, Qylet, allracllve room, linen, nr. downtown. 1327 Chestnut. - 'Sawing Machines 82 ,,., ,,· SINGERS · J - · ' · "'i5 AUTOfSWTtC ZIG ZAG r- »..-" - (Dlvorct Sellkmenl) , M '-i Cofnplere wim walnut cabinet. · -·(^NKOT no allact~jnwits, Ev«rY(Wno j.-'^ bum In ... buttonholes 1o fancy * - A hil0ni. Rellabiu oarlv lo make °-.' t - Hit 7 paymeflls ol i9.U or d^s- v,count for cash S». Call Dlr. - 4 2 3 - 3 6 1 9 ', L1i model singer ilg-iag, compl. t wjft walnut console, machine zlg- grams, hems maw at J5.» ee hom llme. Dlr. , . ay olj at . V T v mo. or ?33 cash. For free home '· T.'IVSl call nlau anyll ;*· -j PFAFF, While, New Home and *-'. ; VlXtffl d«atcr. Save w to 50%, ~ ~ Parks Swing Cenler, iMl Ung Btad. Blvd..GA 7-3007. . - f .i ·-, ID BRAND NE.V DELUXE ,«."-/»'. IKS Autom.-ZIo-Z«g u Sewtno Wa- ·. - = ctilnw. 1 Palnl scratched In shlp- ''-innQ. Sac. S30 ea. WrM. ME 3-1137 DNTN. hstoc., S» up. ^19 V/. ., shower, oarklrtg. . 5ih A 409 Chestnut. ADULT. Priv. entrance, refrlg., inower. »». 2017 pacHk Aye. ,M-, private enlrance bath, 510 wfc, empl. man. 3470 Gundry. - · - NICE HOME 902 CEDAR isant -rm., prlv. Applelon. HE Room and Board 100 3 BDRM., Pi bath, flrepJace, fncd. yard. Bit-inj, Nr. DDuglas, Slii r. kase. S^n Skylark Lane, Hunllnalon BiMch. ard. Good meali Men -- . only. 321 Wisconsin. MANY Mansions (or senior cllliens. . men women. Call TO a-4146. EN--Employed, centrally loc., Irnsp. 432-1338 or 43S-1854. Housekeeping Rms. IMA 10TH I, PINE SINCfc 1929 'Salts, rnlc. repairs, parts MACHINE EXCHANGE « AY- HE t-975 . | Rffice5iip..Eqirip l t. 84 OVERSTOCKED ;GCOKE mscti., custom file cab.. Llb- .,, eralor mlmeo, ptyrnaster chcck- -'-.^wrller, elec. paper shredder. Sac- -, olcc., beaut, II. living sp Close lo be Advjlts. 4 U. New \13 cui fr.-r LloMed To BIXBY KNOLLS. DELUXE 1 Healed Po Vcrv attrac- Apis., cols, drpi, proof.. DWc. H7. MS Yik. Iportm'frtt 10* i BEACH Typ« l-Br.Apt. XURY LIVING TED POOL -- BeaullfullY ap- Mood panel sellrno. F\. Clost · to beach ark. 2JI5 Fhrlda St. 4lh Junlpero) r POOL APT. ·balh, air cond., all gold crpl., 1200 sa. , soundproof, bTt.lns. ch *nln. Nice view. 916 Raymond. · E 5-9233 FURNISHINGS Br. Eled. built Ins. rfg,, carpet, drapta. tia'.nl Nr. s h op s. G-MtJen'a. 43/-J6 EDROOM LLS. 422.5453 .ABLE NOW · i 2 Bcfrm. turn. Apis. Lois ol parking, pis., rfrarjes, oil-Ins, nl Bl. NLB ME 3-WW ELECTRIC 1-Bdrm, H Br. drpi, bum-Ins, jour**- xJ pool, cnl. DfllVj. Ave., N.L.B. 472-9090 LEY DISTRICT er lloor, w/w. Marble laroe mirror. Aaulls. W Cedar --2175 Atlantic month. Hew 1 br. ·ns, dlitws, available. ATLANTIC ttfc. or SA5 mo.; spies. SSS mo., ulll. [d. 8M. NnilslMd Apartm'Nts 10ft . LONG BEACH NICELY furnished slnafe warlmfnt Including jtove and refrl9*r*1or all ullllEln p*W. US month. Neor all bws. La Bert* aearlmtnl*. '711 L" 1 * 1 Beach Bouicvard downtown. Long Beach. Ph. HE 4-4349 WEEK-MONTH-YEAR NR. BELMONT 'sHORE BUT CHEAPER . Troolcana API. I-BR.. new furn. W-w crols.. pool, swraoe. Teens ok ON ALAMITOS BAY NEAR MARINA l-Br. Newly d«c.. w-w carpets, drapes. Waiving distance fo mkls / shops, churches and Iransp. $94. 5431 Sorrenlo Dr. Mgr. 43B-6I91 $25WK.,'UTIL PD. Htd. Pool, Prkg., Lndry. 1430 SOUTH ST. PATIO GARDENS 1010 E. 7lh 436-7817 I-br., modern, Danish decor., carpeted. drapes, paneled, spac., all electric, private oatk). Close In. Near Douglas Circle 1 bdrm./ utll. pd., healed pool. UO week. 220 Lakewood Blvd. 597-2391 431-1581 I-BR. + PULLDN. $75 SM. EXTRA ROOM FOR BABY. GAS-WATER PD. 2M7 CEDAR. 591-5325 alter 5 or wet* ends. $100-- LGE. 1-bdrm., exlra. nke furn. W-w carpet, disposal, washer drver, sumtecV palto. Baby c-k. 516 OHIO, Ant. B. GE 9-9037 -BK. J65-- blNLe $55 Large clean. All ulll. paid. 624 BEAUTIFUL 1 2-borm., furn. a, Ljnfurn., htd. pool, w-w carpel Unfwn. Apt*. 106 A Utrfurn. Apt*. IMA REAL COUNTRY LIVING ! ! WITH SPACIOUS GROUNDS SHADY TREES FOR CHILDREN ADULTS TO ENJOY 5 Pools 5 MINUTES TO DOUGLAS UNUSUALLY LARGE APARTMENTS UNFURNISHED-- FROM $110 FURNISHED-- FROM $140 , I-BR.-- $ ) I O I-BR.-- $140 2-BR.-- $125 2-BR.-- $165 ATHERTON WEST 1718 XIMENO GE 8-5036 (I 1 /: Blr. No. of Pacific Coast Hwv. 3 Min. to Sin Diioo Frwy.) Furnished Aportm'iits 1 06 AVAILABLE NOW 1 bdrm. apl. JB.SO. Bulll-lns. Carpels, drapes, heated POOL. Lois of parkg. Across from Big A. SS03 Cherry Ave., NLB. 42M379 BANNER CIRCLE APTS. $70 ur. Blxby Knolls large singles 1'BDRM. W-W carpels/ disc., 1250 E. San Anlonlo Dr. GA 44303 $55 1 BEDROOM Nice clean sunny south view. 1 'block from Bovs Market £ bus. Adulls, no pets. 1053 Euclid. GE 4-3974. ARTESIA waler traih EX*. . Hh: 4*5-8365 L (0) (0) K 1 Month Free Renl With this Ad. 2 Bdrms-Furn. from $115 2 Bdrms Uufurri. from $85 Children's Play Area - Largo Enclosed Heated Pool. Wall to Wall Carpets. 15724 ORANGE AYE. Paramount -- 633-9416 $82.50 UP Electric kilchen, air cond., crpls., drapes, sgles., 1 2 bdrms. 9240 7254 Palm SI., Bellflower. Urim! L( · i i 2 MAS CuslAm lull slie your dr VcT'o Prlvte like 6 i 3-B ' 280 2 $ 3 $ 1 Brand nte occy parks, 33 Phone W-w* 130! 1 Lovely veS'Su 107 LONG BEACH I MO REE RENT GORGEOUS 2-STORYAPTS tm twnfcen living rm., ., dream kitchen com* true, oven, dJihw., jnack 'bar. n private- Iwixfrv rm. alloj yards. Each apt. · Pog'i V Unf«niiirtd Aptt, BELLFLOWER 107 UBfaghJrtd Ho**!* CALL US FIRST LOWER detuxt J bdrm.. 1ft bat camf? slrlpt w-w, drapes, ' la .cNldrei Pino, ! Ramon a. - , play area, "T. nil 1- t, 2-BDRM., W- . ratt houjt. · or 2-BR DEN 280 E. Marker St., L.B. J374173 2-BEDRM. APTS. $90 MONTH 3-BEDRM. APTS. $120 MONTH new.i ready for Immtdl- pancv. Adlacent to ichcol, transpor Hi Ion freeways. EL CAPITAN 3325 SANTA FE AVE. 477-1814 ·5- cwd.'.' 15743 E BELLFLOWER drapes, Mi-Ins, , , . latlo. Chlldr.n ok. ALYPTUS, API. 17. 925^5437 LARCE 2-br., upper, deluxe, i b-jliHra. TO 7-4012. 1RGE._ modern, _reas., 2-br., HIS BELLFLOWER. 2-bdrm., 2 baths. Sly- dlo type. Indlv. pallo. TO 7-2*15 COMPTON-LYNWOOD LARGE 2-Br. upper trlptaf. Water Irash pd. Slove «. refrlv. «valL ~ 1 WK. fn rM .feS-WKiXetf 1 n E. PAC. CST. UWY. OE 3-Mol NEW 2-Br. upstairs, drioej cuts. $65--1512 WILLOW8ROOK. br. Clean. redec., gar. LAKEWOOD 2 WKS. FREE Lo«. dlx. 2 Br. Bulll-lnv W-w crpj.,-drapes, soundproof. LOW RENT I305W. 19th 432-4349 Ad-Jlls. 434-5820. SPACIOUS 2 BR.'s. Carpellno. draoes. FM music, large kitchen with colored bullt-lns. Near DOUD- IDS S. Norlh American. 847-0163 or 925-7220. BELMONT H9TS. t.oe I BR 1145. lir Ocean. 21S Betmonl. New. WW crpl furn. King bed + bedding. Adulls. GE E-3S07 BY OV/NER Signal Hill: side by side, 1 Mrm. each, laroe kl, small down, only Slo.iOO. Call 434-9568. Rentals -- To Share 102 WILL share my hsme-- Eastsltje-- kitchen privileges, rel». GE 3-3314 YOUNG MAN wanls lo share Apt. _wm^same. Share area. 433-8757 WILL- ihire my Z-Bdrm. Art. with employed girl. 437-1347 NEEDEDI Middle. a«e companion . to share Apl.- V» renl. 433-B503 DESKS, flllno cabinets, check writers,' sales, olher misc. SUN. ON LY. 7141 Alterlon Dr. DICTATING machine, Grur.dlo Em- allachmenls Incl. 6 jse. $«5. S9J-3846 ^,. -- ~ prtnllno Calculator. 1-,-ilOO. 15740 Paramount Blvd. Para- v /Tbassv. All /·. lolal WALNUT (Ust 42", 3 drawer, J1S. - - -?.4934-L.B. Blvrf.. Rm. 2- 423-W9 'MOVING. Must sell exec. desk. .,roakh chair. Make offer. 43J-7431 /'Livestock 88 Sale-- tilack mare. Palomino rMi. Gymkana material or o rab oeld:na, sorrel I. i.n». V» A,rab r fltly, J ArdD IlllVi . .. broke. WA 5-8414 QUARTER horse, bay mare stud icolt. -· Mare, oood show · horse. .Win sell separately. 410-2154 TANK FISH SALE " / 5-eal. w/top, S4.9S; 10 gal. w/top, ' ) !:M.t5; 15 sal. w/tou, I14.«i » ' 3?'oal. 'w/lop, S32'.9? ,, jt cldlds, J15c; zebras, 25c * TO: ft. or 5/»U 'Ohost shrimp, ISc *% j.n.l,dwarf SM horse, 25c ea.; Ig. . : . j ' j r n a t betta'3, SI.47 ea.; Ig. card- i:'.M*ali. *9c ea. -or ji/»li Ku I --.-.^ loach/ 79cl halrfiet flih, 79ci sll- #*\T"vcr. angels, 59c; T worms, 23c; -./·|0.: portal of shrlrno,. 29qi Ig. Duplexes and Flats fFURNlSHED' 103 $80 MO. UTIL PAID 1M2 JunTpero. Child, pet. NR. Beach, (urn. UP1 $85--INCL. ulll. l-8drm. duolex. iiltl ok. Park-like vard wash- g facilities. 767 Sunrise Blvd. · llt^s, w-w stores NEV/ slno'es, S7S mo. or S25 wfc. Ulll. pd. Bullt-lns. W-w CD!., drapes, dlsp. J b!ks. lo r.ew CItv Hall. Close to transp. GE 6-3104 1030 GRAND 1830 PINE AVE. UO _ IMMACULATE. Mocr. l-Br., OUMI rear, s/s duplex, pallo. Fine location. Adulls. ho pets. 432-0744 TBDRMS. BEAUTIFUL, ROOMY upper, baby or teen ck. Clean. 1043 Stanley. 434-1304; 427-4JS3 iroet. Ad-jlls. No *70." 1 Bdrm. Nr. shops, tut, eyerv- "ihl hlno.~14iv!."b'lwsonV 42»M84 Loe. single. Nicely Hr. lown bus. All furn. Quiet, ulll. pd. US--1-BR. ·}· din. rm., Nr. Irans., stores, ufll- pd., adulls, no Irrdrv. rm. 555-- Slnole, pels. 2266 $15 WK--$55 MO. BEAUT. NEW I 2 BR. BY ST. MARY'S 2 bdrm. Sunny corner. Ldrv. /.dull-.. 1050 Elm. HE 7-5504. $20 WK. FREE UTIL. l-bdrm. furn, apt., children olc. _7!6 Cneslnul. Ph. 436-7M7 NAVY, CHILD OK, MEN 1-BR-, 120 wk., sot. Slo, jtll. ( clean. 234 Junlpero. GE 3-05TO. . Phor.e MMOS2 J°VS* 6 '^ n ^ Unfu^shedApts. TQ7 ft POOL .. »» FLOWE LONG BEACH 1139 RAYMOND 2-bdrm. apl., w/range, carpeti (5ra?«s. Con- 1o shDpolrtg Irartsj ~~~ See Mar, 27 MONTAIR PARK APTS. MODERN GAROEN APTS. I bedroom »Dartmenti - 5115 ·ft 2 bedroom, 2 balrt aols. -.1139 S Furnished «, onfurnuhed ·£r Carpels, draoes, bullt-lns r Individual patioi Mjryfeckj ir Separate adult balding -c Quality Llvtng-5upreme [ocalloo LUX. BAYFRONTJHOME lSr r '' ° """""' 3-BDRM.-Orang« County. 2 a'lappllancts Incl. 1 Bedrrr C *WR IG HTniDWARDS"" C P A R T E E l 4550 MONTAIR AVE. II block S. of Del Amo, 1 block W. ol BeBtlower at ATbor) . $90. Lower--2 Bdrm ADULTS. ALL ELECTRIC. »l» NICE SIZE KITCHEN. 2105 FLORIDA Near 4ih Cnerrv 4M-959 ACAPULCO APTS. EXCLUSIVE--Clean 1-bdrm. sols. Healed pool, carpel!. Adlls. only. Pleasant atmosphere and goaa living. Ullll. Included. S112JO mo. 16212 BELLF1-OWER TO 7-M52 254 NEWPORT AfT A--1 BR. clean, Ing facll* GE 9-1416 airy. Wa3Mng_ fan ·BLOCK FROM BEACH CHILDREN wefo Dr. Modern. " '°2i' FREE ulll. 2,, ,, WK. 1 block 'a center. · TE 4-4470 C G ST.. WILMINGTON $12.50 Wk. Ch Apts. Util. Teleohone service free. Nr. buses. 1700 E. HILL GA7-»100 LARGE redec. . r adults, . Anaheim. 8M-1?45 afler i p.m. $77.50 MO. UP is DELUXE. -- 1-oedrm. i Slnoles. Heated Tool. Adults only. CARIBE APTS. TO 6-611S yy03 E. Belmont BelltlDwer SARATOGA APTS. dec^^oi.^C^lld^^^.-.iy: Select pels. 16337 Cornula. 925-1312 Near.Douglas^l Br. Apr. FURN- Near new. $19.50 ma. up or (30 weekly. 6803 E. Arlesla SI. ME 4-9065. See'Mgr., Aol. g I. unturn. PRESTIGE $.1 85 MO. Up Cerritos Circle Deluxe 2-Bedroom Duplex Units, complete [n every detail. All adull community. Adlolns Virginia Ccunlry Club and Long Beach' finest resldenllal area. Take Long Beach Blvd. to Sai Anlonlo turn wesl % of hille to Del Mar Ave., right 3 blocks to models. OPEN DAILY, 10 am. to 7 p.m. 4103 Del Mar 42475S3 LE,' S60, l-Bdrm., S70, in, ulll- paid. yOSAlamltO! SftO--BEL. KGTS. 1 lir, lower, sep. entrance, din. area, Ige. llv, rm., 2 bK) cwsels, nice home for 2. 3«9 E. 3rd. Aoi. 7. adull. »45 mo. LEAN Ige. sole.. I adull. Nr. b-js line. l?ft Ume. _ ilXBY KNOLLS. Laroe Slnyle MS. I Br., Gar, avail. 577. GA 3-4294 1-BDRM. duple*. Laroe. Furnished. Child olc. washer saS. 1466 Gaylola S75--4 LARGE PLEASANT rooms. Adulls. 1700 Pine. 1610 Locust. HE S-411 NLB I Br. dining rm., gar., dry rm. Intanl OK. «s. ME 3 . rmp, zyc: g. . swords, 7/51; lumbo discus, '-,|-.-SAl.E ENDS SUN- MARCH TROPICAL FISH HOUSE J . . ' 140? CHERRY AVE. ."· Boarding, Grooming ^YHE PUPPY HOUSE $45--1-BoXm. Nr. shoos bus. Child O.K. ^435-A Cerrllns. 437-3439 LARGE 1-BR. $90 MO. 5430 Atlantic GA 2-1247 $80--UTIL. PD. I-BR. .^pp,r, dean,, wd! furrjs!-.^ NEV/UY decor. Sflle. apt., oround floor, mkldleaged lady cref., ISO mo. Close In W. !de. HE 2-1050 527 W. 3RD, UTIL PD. Lee, attract..Sg!e.. t«7.50. 1 br. US 923 GRAND--$65 Clean lower 1 BR. GE?-3328 UNGALOW TYPE--Lge. kllcll,, new ""call M4-1159 LARGE 1 bedrm., utll. pd. S100 mo. 16910 Clark Ave. 86MCT5 SINGLES--UTIL PD. Adults, no pets. 1520 E. 2nrl 2~BR. TOWNHOUSES 84-3 Henderson r.exl Mag- Belmonr Hgts Large Furn. Aiiulls. No pels. 563--UTJL. rx)., Ige.. w-w apt., aod upholstery, patio. 321 W. 151 JA-- 3 RMS., nr. sh Ml Junlpero. GA ops, frans., bch. 4-5110, 43i-263« Duplexes and Flats -UNFURNISHED) 104 BELMONT SHORE SwcJovs 2 bedroom upper, w-w carpets, central heal, loe, xltcTren wbsr. *130, IW-B Prospect. 59471 a. MS. Air conditioned 1-Dedrm, with oarage. Adulls drepe*, stove, ily. VV-w carpeU, sove, reTrlo. Garb. luded. Water pd. . . 3 mos or leas* for less. 1 man Ave. , ·Her Koff .:- *tOS GROOMING BV TRAINEES «'-sfl POODLES; TOYS M, MIN. *5 IRES, ETC. M .MPt. 433-7911. TOY POODLES; choc female, wks. Papers, shols, $50 up. rl .VVEGIAN ELK "doo of Ihe sired, males, I INGLISH PoTnter pups. Excel, hunt- Wonderful oel. 1600 , Slanlev SPOTLESS 2-Bdrm., fenced chlrdren OK. Dlioowl, Ihermasai. Waler pd. Gardener. Near snopa Dlx. Features $99.50 Mo. N.L.B. Lcc. 1;^, jail GA 2-8529 I BR $85. $90 Pool. 2298 Waaiul. · 436-1 MS $60 SINGLE. UTILS. PD. Showers. 1130 Raymond. 436-3660 L g e S g l » l-Br $47.50 up 713 E. 171H 437-7J40 434-7125 1078 E. Ocean On Beach 1 brs.. $175. Incl. ulll. 432-72B3 $50 SGL. - $60 I-BR. Utlls. pd. Pft-chlkt c*. 1930 Cherry. BEST APT. BUY IN TOV/N S97-50. l-br., healed pool. 433-7918 Or see 6290 Cherry. Mgr. Apf. 2 $25 WEEK I BDRM. _JJtll J _pd._Chlld_ofc._^^_43M!M 237 LINDEN SINGLE APARTMENT, AOULTS Mod.lg. l-Br. HOUSB $95 5543 LIME AVE. 424-8S $60 SINGLE. UTILS. PD. Showers. 1130 Raymond. 43a-3flS Attract. Bachelor Apt. JJjKs., frea park'0. 1713 Pine Ave BEL SHORE--1 2 BR. 40 Belmonl. 430-2481 or 439-221 1700 PINE--$75 Adulls. Individual wash, math -ichocls, SI00 mo. SS6 E. ISIh SI. EASTSIDE, Ifljge Z br./ draoes, carpets, built-in elect, range, luroe prl. sundeck, natural caUneli, gar. 3700 E. 17th St. (betw. Loma ' ' Grand). oood home, . e r d , male, " tapo," 14 mo. TO ·-A.K.C. COCKER stock. -GERM. SHEP. pups. AKC bred T _ for temp., Inlell. «. beaulv. S76J86J '-·SPRINGER. OUDS, AKC. shots. Call f«ves. ». wkends. only. 864-1959 MS-CHOICE mod. upper .2.boYrn., gar., flrepl.. trav. drapes, MJlet area, nr. Artesla-l_B. Blyds-free- wavs 8. markets. 31-17S; 422-3122 LARGE 2 Br, drapes, dlsp., oarage, lub enclosure, waler paid. Close In. !ICO mo. 1352 No. Gulf, Wll- mlngton. 630O81f SIGNAL llll-L Ullra mod. 2-Br., slave, drapes, crpt.. Good storage space, small enclosed yard. 2131 E. 21st. 5115. GE 4-3077 Kl'NG size stud!o, pallo, bullt-lns, newer. S105-I yr. lease. Children. 738 Loma vlsla Dr. 81h Wag- holla area. GE 8-3101. '-·-TOY POODLES. AKC. Black ; ! Gray. 426-1061 or 596-4510. " CHIHUAHUA pups. A.K.C. Reas .·.'·. is?2 WAl-HUr H.L.B. OA 3-049/ GERMAN shepherd 1-vr. old. Free 'rv-te pood heme. 42S-363 $60--UPPER single. Newly dec. Gas water paid. Nicely furnishej Adults, no nets. 1KB E. 3rd $65--DUPLEX, See fo appreclal how really lovely. l-Br., w/w cot Ssp. Aduli. W Pacific GE 4-385? 89.50. Ulll. paid. Larce 1 bdrm. + wall bed. Just remodeled. Walk lo 5uoo!no. 1065 Temple. HE 4-9566 ~~ ~ =7rT ^ -- Lge. 1- 435-5749 MS. ADULTS. No pets. Loe. llvln room, fcdrm. Gar. 2541 Eocatv GA 4-7609 ot. 821 Olive. CA 7-4852. UTIL. paid. Children Oj~.. bdrm., 523.50 wk. 1609 St.. Apt. ' S65--SGLE., large, 1324 Peterson 435^92 «S--INCL. Ulll. cor. dWe. moving serv. Adults. Nr. -...- Ptr.e. 439-7574 Free 4lh J.50. ATTRAC. 1 br. Prefer Naw " cot-Die. Recreation deck. Ldrv. 1017 Pacific Ave. HE 2-1588 2 BDRM--LAKEWOOD Extra laroe new duplex, bullt-lns, naraae. Nr. school. TO 6-3317. $110 2-BR. twr, RU3S, all curlalns, \ dros, refrlg., slove, washer, adits 773 Redondo Ave. 42^2944 2-BDRM., w-w carpet, til-Ins, CM Idren welcome. No pels. «110 up. 1201 Hoffman_Ay_e. 2 BEDROOMS 23M E. 15lh. 439J349 "NEW 2-BR. iwer. Real rUcel W/W cols., drapes, Idrv., oar. avalL _PQOl. 2326 Locus! Ave. 427-2039 575--2-BDRM., clean, furn., util, pd. Adulls. sullable for pen- sloners. 1100 Raymond Aue., LB. BACHELOR apt., shower. S50 mo. Roiwell. N.L.B. Lge. 2 Bdr. w-w, oar., water pd. Close to stores bus lines. also 1 8dr. 5350 Orange OA 4.1891 desirable location, S70, LGE dlx 2 bdrm, 2 balh. carpels; drapes, stove, oar.. 1 child OK. 3610 Esther, L.B. --2 Bdr., 2 balh, sturTo, chll- O.K. $110. 2821 E. 63rd. GA 3-8276 - . BOSTON Terrier pups. 4 mo. A.K.C. ./ . reg. XInl. Brecdllne. 59fr0283. - AIREDALE 10 MONTHS. A.K.C. Pnone 434-9228 ", i IRISH Setter, IS n-^. old. Male. All 4 shall. Reas. 667-3737,'aft, i. All shols, 540. PURE bred mixed pups. LAZY - ; ' O A Y KENNELS. W5--NR. do-mln., _.. .-,---... buses, modern upper lite * '-- 1-br. duptey. adulis. HE 5-9409. 904 PARK CIRCLE Pensioners special--Soles., dbles. MS 8. S90. JJ1II. Incl., clean. BACHELOR completely redccoraled, TV ulllllles furnished. 565. 1926 E. »lh. See MOT. ,"F'.A Cd H "hrln A*UNTWFa ruuL_, r.«. nc*M. sf\ . 17J30 Lakenood Blvd. t25-KO7 "«. 2 BDRMS, W-W drapes, bullt- d n ren al r;K OT1 lk JPri ^(!?"°-'" CM! Apt. 17, BELLFLOWER, ., priv, patio, ctul- S43 EUCAL/PTUS, LFLOWER. 925-5437 8DRM. NIC* fum.. w-w carpet, fall Ins., refrig. Clo! ' ' 9710 Olive St. Hunting an Apt? We have a selection from WO fo 5160. Furn. or unlurn. Child wel come In some. No pets--No fee MAX LIVONI REALTY 434-4JOS 1101 Atlantic HE 6-9701 CLARIDGE HOUSE. 9935 RAMONA St. 867-6743 COMPTON-LYNWOOD INGLE APTS.--With W week uc. 201 S. WIIM LAKEWOOD DOWNEY eos-caoi $75 MO. 1-bdrm., pool, bcross from No. Aimrrcan. 11823 Ukewood Blvd. 923-M72 PARAMOUNT NEW deluxe Gold Medallion extra large 3 BR., 2 bath, for adul family. ATr cond,,cdlkio heal, car peted draped. Real fireplace pa n eled b sr, di'shwashe r, oarb disp., built-in store oven, loads of cupboard space, slldtr.g g\a^ doors lo patio laundry. 1200. 43M8H, 59frW86. 32« Wllon (bet. Retfonda Oblspoi. WRIGLEY DISTRICT SOUNDPROOF 2 BR. BiXII-lns, w-w crpls,, drapH, 1901 Fashion 432-4349 UPPER 2-BR. $85 W-w carpet/ drapes, bull] Ins, natural cablnelSr pallo. Ample parking area. 6503 E. 7?nd St.- [Be- Iween Orange t, Allanllcl 634-8SM UNBELIEVABLE I 2 BR. FROM $95 SPACIOUS PRIV. PATIOS ALL LUXURY FEATURES I block to Lakewood Center PARK DEL AMO 4910 Castana ME 4-3567 $80 l-Bdrm. Also 2 and 3 Bdrms. Furn/Unfurn. WA, carpet, disposal, rarport L'cry facilities, watfc-tn closefs- STORY Town House ?A balhs. BlI-V": dr va Hi^Hnoten Beacn.-CE 1-4352. SHARP 3 BR., H/j BA. NAPLES New 3 br's, 3 , dracej. bullt-lns, $385 mo. MOORE. -- LEASE GE 3-7461 5024 Hayter Gold Medallion 1-BR. BRAND NEW--$100 CARPETS, DRAPES. BUILT-IHS I 2 Brs. Bixby Knolls ?7p ur, Upper lower apis., odulls, na pels, 1016 c. San An- tonlo Dr. Ph.: 427B13 $75 UP IN LAKEWOOD FURN. BACHELOR l-Br. Furn. or Unfurn. W-w cof., d;sp., loe. closel, car- porl, 2 blks. W. of Paramouru at Carson, 411IVJ N. Pl»le. NOR WALK ORANGE COUNTY $77.50 SPAC. I-BR--NR. NEW 1212 E. 3rd. HE7-255S; ME 6-3152 CLOSE IN--25 BONITO Lovely 1 Bcfrm. Private balcony, w/w carpels/ stove* refrig. SUNNY. QUIET. PENINSULA $300 Luxurious spac. ocean front 3- bdrm., 1 baths, stone fireplace, plusti carpeting, - drapes. Gold Medallion, dishwasher, garage. Triplex. 434-5697 or 4M-8482 FREE BRAND NEW FURNITURE 5115 -- LARGE 2- BRS. Brand new lovely Danish modern furniture Is yours free If YOU 1 S7 ' ofange Ave., Para mount. Phone 633-9414 ' TROOMS »u.» WEEKLY UTILS. PP. TO 7 WEEK or mo. 1 or 2 bdrm., al' prices, utUs pd. ME 3-1661 Furnished Unfam. Apti. ^ OCEAN FRONT · LIVING 2-br., balcon'es, carpels, drapes, Sl«0 uo; ELEVATOBS TO BEACH PACIFIC SANDS 24 6TH PLACE I_B. J 432-7223 COMPARE THIS!! IMMACULATE 2-bdrm., drapes, disposal, appliances, w/w crpts. 1734 Sherman PI.. Apt. o. 1 tlock E. of Cherrv I block So. of Pac. Cst. HWY. SO, REASONABLE 2-Br. Carpeted, lower floor. Stove refrlg. avail. Nr. transp. ar.d markets. Adulls. 1515 E. 3rd. 2-Br.-- 1 1/ 2 Bath-- $125 1SSO ELM 4354830; 432-0258 1126 E. 5TH Dlr. nr. r.ew 2-bdrms., bulll-lns, crpls., drapes, sundpck, Infant or )een wflc SW to 5105. 4)2-3621 GARDEN VILLA APTS. TBDRMS. EASTSIDE Redec^schoots^ket^bea, HA 1-57)9. Now Renl ing- VERDE PINE VILLA. Bedut. .all elec. studio VERDE J pTs'T'^ 1 BrsTnik ba., vr/w'car'pejs, raoes. dishwasher. Prlv. pallp- Lge. Healed pool. 12012 12U1 Bailey St., Card. Grove. sro-- SPACIOUS I br., cot- dros. Dlsr^vland area. 714 Kl 3-M58 eye , lo patio, chil Bale*' OTHER CITIES HUNTINGTON Beacli. 4-Bedrm., 2 balhs, fireplace, bu ll-lns.-tei«a Wark to shops. W»l«r JJa-J, »"» monlh. ; 714--9t2-1258. 3-BDRM-, W-W cn)l Ihruout, 2 baths, M^* oar. JIB. 1"^°" c ' u jf ^offsdale^o^^W^TE^ " ' -3-bed- 'AS:TM* sss^Ag'm en. S1CS mo. Call TO a "41 DOWNEY newly dec. 2-bdrm. house w/carporl. Trash i water paid, Kw i kept. 2 children, no pels. 110Q mo. 9340ft Elm Vista Dr. $15-- 2 BDRW. Hdwd, firs. Slucco. Srn lenced vd. Waler trash pd. R?ar Me lA 3rd St., Paramount. HA !-»?«; HA 1 rd St., 1-9094. PARAMOUNT BANNER CIRCLE APTS. BIXBY KNOLLS AREA, »Z50 uo. Large l-tdrm. wllrt refng., dlsp., 1 BDRM. UNFURNISHED $69.50 ALSO 2 BDRM. UNFURN. Children welcome. :o4 Alamllos TRIPLEX--Roomy 2 Bdrms.Lots ol cab. rlosels, elec. range oven. Beau!, crpls. drapes. Spacious grounds, encl. gar. Adlls. Mr. Slone. 63J-7I37; eves: 567-7033 - DLX. 3 BR. 2 BA. v ONLY $130436-8070 459 ST. LOUIS IMA H9.50 to »1IO. Ullls. pd. Nr. Wilson HL Quiet. Py). prko. 1001 Beimcnt 425T~E. 4lh- CLEAN FRONT 1 BR. ON BUS LINE. aols. Waler kVE. 631-5200. Pd. MODERN largo 1-BR. SEO. Nr. Dus mKts. Ad-jlts.. H)70 Gardenia. __ CLEAN I.BORM. MS 1104 CHERRY HA 1-1614 wall tei Cheslr.ul SINGLE l-BR.-ADULTS ONLY Inc. Apt. 6 -"- 570 UP. Ulll. pd. I Br., w Nr. stiocpma. Redec. 1«4 515 WK. Ulll. pd. Kids, Navy c*. 733 E. 17IH. 730 E. Eslhcr. 1445 ELM. Soles. 555, 1-br. «S, ullls. Baiy. New palnl. HE 5-60J3 145 garag* pot. utilities Euclid OS SOLE., SSS Mo. OT7 E 4trt. Mgr. Act. B, or call sya-1203. LEAN, checrlirf snge. . so slore w/llvtng qoorleri. Reas. 1064 E. Broadway, Mgr. g 4. SINGLE. 512.50 pd. Parking. or 548 mo. Ulll. L. B. Blvd. BELMONT 5HORE 231V ~A. Ice 2 br with g illo. ne*lv redec 31 CRANA- roof 439-8445 SSS: 1 BR., new decor, hdwdI floors off st. park. Irw. rear 1201 At- lantlc LOS ALAMITOS. S97JO. -- 2-BR., fenced vd. Children + pels OK. 10591 Reagan St. 431-2382 1ELMONT HTS.-l BR. briphl rear upper Apt. 210 ,,,. I Br., ADULTS, 721 E. 8!h 51. Rear. · HE2-1J8S POODLE. MIN. SILVER 10 wks. AK!C. 550. n 42M89S · ! OERMAN Shechtrd pups, S«' s¥- vercrcst Kennels. 634-1751 * IRISH SETTER PUPS, A.K.C. Can be seen 4 lo 8 pjn. 2036 Gavlord. - BASSET Hound puooles. A.KC. mt'.t ~ ''nale 575! 1. fei '. 4 -MINIATURE poodles. AKC reg- i Isteretf, 2 mos. o!d. 438-1312. . mating service. 845-7313. PUPPIES wanted for cash! 10231 L.B. Blvd., Lvnwood. LO 9 74JB COLLIE PUPS--AKC : Excellent temperament. 631-9431 '\Ke\\aneoat for Renf 96 BRAND new al electric 2 Br., w/v/, drapes, air condltlorted, garages. ~" GA 4-1773 arapc, ' 2284 Elm 1 br., vard. olr., adulls. no pelt. US. Water pd. 172 Sunset. GA 3-5970. like new. E. s'cie, drapes, w-w panels, dlsp. 5125. Adlls. HE 4-3816 PENSIONERS PREFERRED N.L.B., 1 br., C3s0., slove r Ilk., avail, 570. GA 28797 ·,, Teen ck. sc. · 4-2620; HA 1-5837 4-BR., redec., utlllly room, children, S12S. 736 Loma Vlsla Dr. 4H-310I ater pd.. 427-1014 S45--COTTAGE In rear. Utils. pd. frrltr 1 pensioner. 917 Lime. 54vTsiZABLE 1-BR. Ulll. pd. Park- Ing 717 E. Pacific Cst. Hlwav. S57-NEAR STAfE COLLEGE, nke sole. 1221yj Umatllla. 576-7929 550--SINGLE "collage. Baby ok. Ho Mis. 2124 A E. 17ln. GE 4-1004 3428 E. 1ST-2 B~ HI.X modern spa- Ph.: 434-4325 _Jgltr. Nr. town. 555 Golden 1349 RAYMOND Ave. Clean 1 Br.. 145. Navy Infanl ok. 545 J MO., 517.50 wx. -jo, cenlraljv loc.. pool. 1777 Cherry. HE 5J411 IE--Bachelor, ullls. pd.. linens ,-.cs. 545 mo. 39 HIeto. BACHELORS ONLY, linens turn. 516.50 Y.X. 3420 Santa Fe BLMT. HTS. SoacIOUJ l-Bdrm , 580 N.L.B. 2Br. 2fS~E. 55!h St. WIN lake small child- 435-7929 arm. boat or stor- .LGE. clean dry l age. 58.50 8. 510. Hotels Motels IFOR RENT) 97 ."'·'·· DELUXE APTS. .'.Kllchen, dishes, linens, pool, ma^d, J -TV, from 530 wk. or 54 per day up. 2849 L.B. Blvd. '· LE DON HOTEL. Comfortabte-well set UP rooms. TV Included. $12 ,.f per . 131 E. Anaheim. 432-9316 . , US V(K. _« oer nloM. Kitchen. TV, TV, POOL »30 wtc. i.up. ICI/IC Csl. H*Y. 432-9158 5(0--UPPER l-Br., furnace, disc., gar. Ho ptfs. Adulls. 591-1890 557.50--1-BR. w/oar. 1S349VJ S. Calf- fornla Ave., Paramount, GA2-64J7 575. Lge redec. l-Br. Garage. Adjlts. 1156 E. lOlh. GE 8-2164 5125 --BEL. SHORE, HUGE NEW DELUXE CUSTOM 2-BR. 433-8609 393 Mlra 'Mar 540 TO S63 per mo., phone serv. Ladles 18 vrs. up. G E SIS WK. 450 mo. L uoT'sgles., util. pd-, adulls only. 1233 Palsy. , SGLES, 516" WK. . CHILD O.K. COUNTRY CLUB LIVING FOR ADULTS (no pets] "IT'S FANTASTIC"' "DEFINITELY" "NOTHING LIKE IT" IN THE U.S.A. THE LAG UN A VISTA GOLD MEDALLION DELUXE APARTMENTS 500 XIMENO MODELS OPEN-9 A.M. to 9 P.M. 3510 ELM Lovely 1 2 bdrm. Gold Medal lion Aots., 2 baths, w/w carpets drapes, wa!x In closets, Ige. pallo yard area. Sublerranlan Garage. 2 WEEKS FREE RENT .Spacious lower 2-bdrm., range, refrlff., dlsp., play area, park. Nr. 4hoDs- schls. 597,50. 1520 W. Willow. 4KJ-M. BELMONT HEIGHTS HEATED POOL T S, 2 Biirms. Pallo. 230 Termlno PARK-LIKE Apt. living. XIra loe. 1, Z 3 bdrms., 2 baths. All on around floor. Walk to schools, churches, shops. Lge. play area. ,,.,,,. 15937 Downey Ave. 6M-SS45 2 BR. STUDIO APT. Small yard, fenced pool. ME 3-5484 weekends cr eves. MODERN loe, 2-Dedrm., bulltlns., carpets «, drapes. Movlngallow- ooL 1*550 verdyri ; t33-3331_ BEDROOM house, ·Sftf-S' WlS' carport, $M rr.o. 2 children ok. 8S-9S65. Hawaiian Gardens. LAKEWOOD-- C lei n 2 bdraj., duplex, nr. shopping bus. «95,nc fee charge. J B Realty. 925-3000. Paramount. WA 3-4097. E-BEORM. Yard. Close 1o school,, bus, shoDplng.' Children (2); ok. \m. a t m 9 Adriatic Ave. Lalewood Village Lovely tol. «145._ -3-BR. 430-3J8S BACHELOR APTS., unfurn. $3« mo. un. 14840 Downey Ave. C.ll NEAR new sosclpus . 2-Br.. w-w crot., .draoes, bullt4ns, heated pool. J9S t S110. 925-6092 2 BR. Studio Apt. $110 Ullls. paid. Call GA 3-3511 Reasonable Rent N.L.B. 2 * 3 BR.-- SPACIOUS 265 MOLINO lovely 2-Br., Wt baths, sludlo apt. Prlv. patto. SI35. Adults. 439-0889 Spac. 2 3 Bdrm, 2 Ba. Heated pool, all elec./ w-w crpls., tfrps. 26Si 55th Way, N.L.B. 6344157 *Xen*Is, or aft. 4:30 P.m. 589--Children OK--$89 L a rge 2 B edrm». W/w ca rpct. Drapes/ WHns, fenced play yard, Ine. patro. 1357 E. 33rd. 47JB3S1 LUXURIOUS new 3 bedrm., 2 "balJi apts. ,unfcm., hW, pool, bulEt-Tns, crpls., draoes, lockers. Gd. loc. 210 E. 291h St., L.B. 3601 VERMONT Lo*. 2 br.. w-w crot., draces, pool, oar., Soulrt of 4in at Loma. _ 2~BR. ipt. carpeled, w/drapes, children OK. 15310 Colora* St., 633-9SM , Ph. VBR. home, w-w crpt. drapes, slove, child ok, nr. soil., ft-bus. MM fe. 4ln. Owner. GE_4«3j__ RENT _ 3-Bedrm., 2 Cypress. 4-BR., 2 bath. $158 mo. Uke new. Hunl."ojf,ll' 6 ;cl.-..- LOVELY 3-Bdrm., Hi .bath. -.Joe. GOUD MEDALLION--Tola! electric. - " 3 ME BEDRM. deluxe unfum. No vard. »100. 7920 Pearle SI. 633J254 !-BR. Oplx. 170. CMWP«t ck. r26 Indiana ME 3-»218-afl 14926 Indi SOUTH $85--CHILDREN OK 2 brs., crots., drapes, slove L relrig. ocH'l. 1214 Mollno. 43V43H FRESHLY PAINTED I BR. l-BDRW. Modem. Disposal. Gar. Newly dec. Q-jlet. Ad-^lls only. No pets. $45. 6054 Lime, Apt. B. GA 3-5539 CE 1-4395 2-BDRM. Harbor VTew. Carp., drps. Bll-lns. 1.0X so. ft. .Closed gar. S125 mo. 1031 W. 22JX) St., San Pedro. TE 3-3053, BAY FRONT LUXURIOUS PENTHOUSE APTS. On the Peninsula, with boat slips. Unsurpassed view, Wariy extras. . Personal servkes. Radio controlled loddnn jar. 1 8. J bdrm. apts. Larce prrvat* pallo. 6159 Bavshore V/aJk at «Jnd Place QUIET, must see--upoef l« 2 BtJr «r dlnlnp $35-- orefcr atfulli. 426566 or GE 9-9J30 COZY 1 br. part, furn., vFew. SSS. 1 farVcien, closets oalore. Serv. porch, Sly, 174 JE 7-4210. . . 74! Orizaba. 71+$80 DELUXE I BEDRM. CLEAN. 401 E. SSIh. MGR. $4. iViE 3-3909 F ME 04107 FREE rent fit Mar. 50th, 4 rms., 1 bdr., redec., walk lo everyth'g. oas pd. 565. 2472 Lfrufcn. 714; LE 9-759S. SAVE $20 ON FIRST MONTH'S RENT tlove SEP. 260 Nevada. $90-UP 375 GLADYS _V2 brs., w/w, disbm. 433-4842 2 WEEKS FREE RENT Hew triplet, Ige. 2 Br. 434-3357 SSS--REDECORATED l-Br., water paid. Nr. buses slores. 433-9522 LARGE single. I adull, utll. pd., nr. icesn. 1404 E. 2nd. 1 2-BR. Pool, bullt-lns, gar. Lux- urv. 6549 Johnson Ave. 418-3154 l^BEORM.--1212 E. 3RD ST. HE 7-2S5S or HIS 6-31S2 BEL. HTS. I Br. beaut, uooer,.new crpt furn. 511$ upoer, new GE 8-»844 NR. new 2-br., children ok. Harbor. 435^5iS; 434-7125. MO--1 BR. din. rm., sun bale. Nr. jrius. Bus. 454 Cerrllos. HE -»» RENTAL CENTER We nave new cltaji 1 2 BRs., furnished unfurnished anls. -Ready for Immediate Varlooi TocaDons In Long Beach Ho rental fee*. For Information u11 435-A547 trttwMrt 9 ajn. and 4:30 P. THE GAYTONIA Quiet, Spacious Apts. l-Bednn. 8. singles. Bv monlh or lease. Maid's servlcj avail. Gym, laundry, Olympic POOL--Sundecks 212 QJJNCY AVE. 439-3433 2-BR. 1 YR. NEW. Range, reffiu. Carpet, drapes, )?S up. 47] SI. Louis. Mr. 4th S. Cherry. C4-1349 LARGE 1 or 2-bedrm. aDts. *Big closets, bullt-lns. pool. Adulls only. No pets. J - 7TH ATLANTIC Deluxe l-Br., slove, refrlg carpel 585. 427-3H2 or 434-9945 FABULOUS Continental Townhouse. 1, 2. 3-BR's -- Gold Meta" -3455 Elm in Blxbv Knolls. NLB, -- 1-BcYrn., dlsp., hardwood floors, gar. 580. 341-B Elm. Call for appl. 471-61K alt. 5. GE. upper newly decor. 3 Br Ullllly rm., children ok, on bu line, nr. schl. Owner. GE 4-e287 LAKHtl, UKAI 6045 CHERRY $52 and Up Wafer ar.d lawn cjld, f^rdwoca floors, laro* closets. Avalon Village Sheridan Gardens iS4 E. 231ST 5T 3 miles Norlti o» wlimlnoton M Avalcn; Mon., Frl. 9-7 p.m.-Sat., Sun. 1M. TE 4-3454 -Ltcwd--3-8R. 2 ba. 1 blk school. Chlldrfifl \ 5.1812 SPAC. NEW 4-BR., carpels, draws. lani."rrn! l "Rr r eDL"'»225. n ' »M°3' KLB--2-br. Fenced vd. Db'e. oar. Carpet, drapes. S125. Avail. 23. GA 3-0477. B E LLFLOV/E R -- Lge. Redec. 2-Br. Car. WalK ^. 0 } r ^ Kl - im ' 5150--LGE. 3 . Nr. Doudas, _-schools. No pets. _ (. Catholld 3fr17 Rutgers. 2-BR. house alone wVflarage., *90. 14814 Ssn Anlonlo, Paramount. Fenced, children av pet. NE H»2 MAR'lNA area-3-br., 2-ba., fjrepl,. bullt-lns., bbl. air., fenced yd. tisa ma. Ph. 437-5500. 1190--4 bdrm., 2 balh. Medallion, fenced vard. Carswi area. Avail. PARAM. Lfke r*w 2 or. house, Yd.. J9S. Bellflr. 3 br. house. I Yd. S115. TO 7-5025. CHILDREN CK. furnished Homes 109 -- --stem drapes, child Kt ok. SIOO. Ullls. pd. Baby siller available. 433-6054 $79.50--LGE. I-BR. POOL 745 ORANGE GE l-47?2 COTTAGE -- rear l-bdr. stove; i · refrlg. Prlv. pallo. Aft. 4:JO. 433- J2B. 3 BR./ fenced vd., children ok. nr. Douolas. water S, trash pd. SU. 20717 Seine, Lkwd. 86HJ14. 3 BR E Lkwd. area. Carpeted, oYaoes, nlct. 1150. Vfill take 2 children over 10. HA S-1203. M5-2.BR. Near base. Stove, frlo. Peolev. 900 L.B.' Blvd. HE i-9751 1-BDSUyl. S65 t 21719 Norwalk Bl., Ar- Tcsla. HA 1-8940. Mod. i Bdrm. All Extras 1070 Stanley. Adulls. 433-0325 218 Belmont--Nice l? Br. Sliding class door fo patio 237 LIME AVE. 2 8. 3 Brs. 1VS baths. 437-3410 BEL. HGTS. Ue. front 2-br.. prlv. enlrance, range, refrlg., 197.50; ~ 4rn SI. 2-BR. sludlo, IVi balhs. Btaut. healed pool. 5115. Islander, 4S30Cnerrv. Kent to P.O. 423-5217 REDECORATED slnglel-front lower 545. Ulll. paid. 319 Herrnosa "l-BR.. 569, ulll. paid. Exlra nfcf.. I child OK. 1414 Oflraba. CE 3-8339 433-254, SSS MO. or wkty rales. 1 Mrm , near, new, end, vd. Mgr. 435-0423 1 BORM. 575 PER MO. _219_E. I SI- Wlmlnglon. 8154103 SSO-llOb CHERRY, apt., cute, clean, GAVIOTA. l-Br. art. .516 wk., 516 WK. l-Br., Ulll, pd., vd., small fhild welcome. 1637 Cowles. 1 BDR/n. Duplex 557.50. T406 Ar- OOnne. 474-8881, 424-M76. 545--1-BR., w-w carpet, slove, refrig. Ackilfs. J6!4 E. tlh SI. 433-1985 545--2-BR. Children ok. FncrJ. vd. No doos. 15941'A HOnsaker. TOt-3133 2 BDR. water pd. NO vd. work. AdulH. NO pefs. 3953 Virginia Rtf- (55-- 1-BR. Dovmlown. Taki dren. IQIt California. Pn. chll- Furnished Aparfm'nrs 106 LONG BEACK Rafiremenf Hotel 97-A v / WISSAH!CKON INN ^ ·' IH r? lME b^ U l" 0 S.rS E W. kS by 300 fruit Irees, « Iful view of th« mountains. ,. ,,jals every ,day, )re» llrnoy- . -..I'tlfM strvlw, main service, jarnes. . All rooms «n PRIVATE ,'. '.w« mov« vou FREE .(small turn.) '· ttiny RoVm follapfs to cjioose . · from. Prices itarl $1JJ m«., In- · ,, tJvdifw ·" «J« «»ove. Wflle f-°- ·"·' *o A Reijands, Calif. I HEATED POOL By week or mo. Clean, madern 1 bdrm., disposal, bulll-ln range. _Rec. room. 1334 Walnut. 434-8581 $79. BIG OBL. GAS PD. Large 1 BR. + pull Un. bed, llv. ovrt. rm., fill kllch. i ba.. w/w newl/ redec. AJuHl. »80 Cedar. 1 BEDRW. Lowir--Adull: X60 SI. Louij. GE : large kilchen. lots 14X7 Rfdondo. 9847 Cedar St. Bellflr. Fum. singles frcm M?-5Q, iwifurir. 1 2 Brs. from 590, Furn. from 3102.50. UtM, paid In some apis.. crpls., draoes, a'r condiikmlno. API. 1 or call 925-5919. POMPEII APTS.--1«24 Para.-rount Blvd., Paramounl, 7 BR. Priv. balcony or patio, heated pool, recreation rm., ·- -- -·-- WRIGLEY-2331 LOCUST-1-BR. 545 mo. Mgr. 42M093 SEAL BEACH. Deluxe 2-Sr., 2 ba. All elec.. adulls. Bkr. 5«-3934 565--VERY lar«, clean 1-br., nr. bus. 752 Orange. Ph. HE 4-9185 3411 E. 1ST. EXTRA NICE 1-BR. «, 2-BH. CARPET. GE 9-7207 O.UIET clean uoper I-BR. AoWts. ·fe NR. NEW I BR $80 Near 7lh 8, V/alnul, 1533 Hellman 3 BR., 2 BA.. 5ISO. Hunllnglon Beach lease. Single 430 Ocean, SSS to 845. Barker Bros. ne»ly tfecoraled. Beaumonl Hedges ____ HE 5-8836 br., yard, gar., lnl. Children OLD, LARGE- ., needs repairs t, p a l . pels ok. You llx up. S65 or lease. See aoft at Garace In rear. 6554 GARDENIA 565--I-BR. house. Fenced yd. Nr LB. Blvd. S. Willow. Ing. 2575 Pasaderia, Apt. 2. 424^854. BACHELOR house for gentleman In HotlvrJaln. 555. Utlls. pd. Private enlrance. HE 8-4W2. $75-LGE. mod. i br. dupfex, fenced pallo, r^eds some work. Nr. P. C. H. U. B. Blvd. HE S-SKI, CYPRESS--2-hr, house/ '.i »cr« of around,-barns, etc. 590. B28 4936 SEAL Beach 3 bdrm., ? balhs. _[rnrna:. 8, chjlce toe. Bkr. 596-3934 LARGE" 2or. New. Gar. Kids OK. 7317 Mol:, ' "" ' BIXBY KNOLLS--3-Br. New carpet- Ing, butlt-ms. 5175. 425-foo BR. Iwjse In rear, 2 car gar., 560 monm. GE 8-1395 9 a.m.-4:30. BELLFLOWER -- l-tjeiroora house, Mg yard. 560 mo. Call TO 6-K41 H E A R n « w 2 b r . - 2-BDRM, hot Paramount. San Joie/ 2-BR., slove, reirlg., yd. 1 Child. 550--CLEAN, cheerful -,,-. Adults, no pets, stove, refrlg. 1083 OHIO, KEY APT. D EXTRA LARGE . ~- -., . AH ground floor. Adi irange Ave. Call 633- r TUDIO APT. CCOSE IH. 432-5524 MODERN I BR $77.50 NR Everything. 1309 Applelon 1-BDRM. Newly dec Reas. renl lo " $40--ALL ulll, paid. dwbfe. Parking. Clean fj-ont 601 Rose S1J.50 WEEK--1-Br. ants. Gai/water _paM. 532 E. ESlhtr. X33-OMQ J75"iVO. LooV--Nlrfl faroe I bdrm. 547 Dayman SI. S*_tiL±! BR. Turn. 903 Stanley Ave. 575. 34.3937 or 434 0670. "Ftimlslild Aportm'Ht*JO LONG BEACH FOR GUYS GALS Wka really IHe *· 'Ive Brand New ApaHment Hofe! SHANGRI LODGE J50 SINGLE Qulel, oround floor, carpeted, clean. 539 Cerrllos. HE 7-SM $25 Wlc. J89.50 Mo. Up FUNII oiymeic sm pool ohis lltdetree whirlpool . . . Eser- Che and reducing ovm wilfl stenn batns . . . ll«"ng BBQ . . . G*m« roern . . . Color TV CLA'sSlfsirrkliwIy farnKne'd 'In el«s» CairiomH Conlem- high oorary . Drapts . bars. COMFORTH spKiovs, efficiency Aparlments ... Air conollonef . . . SotmdprMftd . . . TV, phorve ootlets. CONVENIENCE!! Fre« maid service . . . FREE linens . . . FREE glltltMt . . . FREE Blxxil service . . . Near .Irr ·--- shepolng ft fr 75 WEEKLY RATES $OA Monthly Rote), toe. ** " 6975 Long Beach Blvd. 70fli and Long Beach Blvd. NE 9-2220 J13?FURr5f' ° K 6j5"7u2 l / N 63u J 66M GOLD MEDALLION 1-BR. soundproof, swimming pool, w-w crpt., drapes, all eleclrtc bullt-lns, adulls only. SIS LOMA AVE. GE 9-2237 HEAR NEW NAVY HOSP. 1 2 bdrm., 2 balh, all elec., OVsh- washer, pool, rec- rm, children 12 vr" up 01C $»$IZ5. 421-3639 or GA 3-5911. 11445 216th, Lkwd. PARK ESTATES I 2-bedrms., furn. 8, unfurn. Carpellno, drapes, bulll-ins, forced air heat. 597-1175 No Fee Cr'abtrae GE4-990 1 $50 TO $150 PER -MONTH »IS TO tB PER WEEK. 2060 E. Pacific Coasl Hwy. SIGNAL HILL-- See to aporeclale 1-BR. up or down. OuUI, Ige. closels. Poodle ok, I136 Stanley. 434-1236 SSS ff?$Mffiwfc OCEAN 1249 EAST 1 BR Laroe- sunny. 436-8957; 436-1578. 1-BDRM. apl., furn., $115; 1 un- fum.^$3r r 1 sv all «!K.g sound- HEEO 2-Bdrm. apl. deluxe? * a little bit ol personal care? 8. transportation? (714) 5364WI Mar. fn. Clilldren ofc 8020 Rose Ave., Paramount. 633-9840 1 2 BDRM. furn. unfurn. All elec sinole people welcome. $90 uo. 1WO Orange. 4318057. 1935 Cheslnul Ave. 591-4174 BEL. HTS. Lge. dlxe. 3-BR., 2 bath. 4647 Barker Way 434-4509 EXTRA large 2 bdrm. S175. Adults. 2« Belmonl Ave., Bel. Heights. LGE. ]-bdrm. 492 Cherry. Redec. Gar. Adults. 419-1921J HE 7-7007. BELMONT HTS. 1 br. Ad'Jits. 555. 4131 E. 3rd. GA W1J1; GA 4-1727 NEW 1-br., E. side, erpts., drapes, slove, rofrlj.. adulls. GE 1-8344. 1-BR. upper. 2151 Pasadena. Bet. Atlantic S, L.B. Blvd. Below HI '4 $7J-- 1-BR. upper. 1710 E. 4lh St. Slove-refrlg. Adlls., on bus slop. JSO-- LGE. mod.- l*r., Wl son High N L B . $35. U1II. Pd. Redec. 1-BR. Adulls. Inouire 22 Ellis. $90-1 BDRM. 273 NEVADA HE 6-7002 REDECOR. 2-bdrm. lower. Crpts , drps. HE 7-5166; HE 7-6V35 SUNSET BEACH, 2-br., vr. rates. SiS. 2-BR. oarage. Adults, no pel j. 4422 Linden. GA 4-9405 SSS-- NEW spac, 2-BR.. fflsp.. w/w crot. Teen. 2ta Linden. 4J4-9363 VERY nice 2-Bdrm. $85. Irwulre AOl. 2. 1123 Hellman St., L.B. . 1-BDRM. Healed pool. Adults only. $90. 1727 Oblspo. GE 9-4142. child. $«. 438-4769; 424^687^ $85 NEV; 1 br. Dnln.. near Beach. Bit Ir.s. Del ok. 445 Bonllo. 435-6145 WRIGLEY $60. l-Bdrm. Redec. 2241 Earl Ave.. betw LB. BlvdVPIne N !S».*WI-rllt r 6E S T-f!»7t3A'73slf5 $60-- NEAR traffic circle. 1 BR. S6A-- l.Br.. front apt., oarage, adults. right party Walnut. Ca range, child $87.50 508 ORANC *?0-LGE. 3 t CM id, rw p 5880 O Lovelv dea 2 BR., lar0« pallo, caro N.L.B. J-BDI crpt.. drap cMMren ok. Draoes, si SUNSET BA n?w 2 tr,, avail., vr. Adulls, £0 673 OHIO-- 1 refrlg.. sto EXTRA Ige. dn. PartT f 1 BDRM., disp. Rede $58. ADULTS 4!h a. Cher CLEAN 436- NEV/ 1 t, 2 cpts. Child $63-l-BDRM stove. 5IXBY Kno -- - . , - ., child ok. 465 Almond. 595. Belshore.-UTIL. PD. Neat 1 Br. -- pallo -- Nr. shopl, beach. HE S-SM1 LOVELY 3 Br., Carson Pk., 15x30 pool, cashes, linens, wshr., dryer. Sb3 Brltlaln. 421-JJ906; 5964622 FREE RENTALS-Any area f orlct SIGHT 8. SOUND ADV. 638-914!) yard. Ad'Jits. S7S ' CA 2-4539 kRTESIA. 2-br; W a l e r * Iraih pd. Fenced vd. $$0 865-0028 NR. L.B. Blvd. Alor,d7a_.;.3-br. Lease $115 mo. 423-2519; . 185--2 BRS., rear, V/aI«r paid. Chll- dfef : 114? /Aahanna" 597-7379. NICE 2-Bdr., 4 rm. forn. Close tr. Reasonable. IMA "P" Lim« Ave. $100--3-BR,, .nr, Irani. Central L.B. 1613 Slanton PI. -437-7903. Clean, qufet. Adoiti. VBR. Cottas* In rea per ok. E. iOtfi St. r«r «. Small e s . 3 area, cenlral carpels, drapes, buut Ins. $97. W-w refrlg., 2 se. 422-1862 .-- - . EiecT'w.vy. stove, gar., air Corid. -- Yemole GE 9-2539 , $300 mo., slip KIDS PET no problem-- NO FEE. SIGHT ». SOUIIP ADV. 63M353 REKTAL Problems? See pho'ne bopk Yellow Pace MS, Deo lev HE -»Sl NLB ?ix!rm, redec. w«, adulls, i pels, washer. GA 3-4476 575 -- 1 8R. East. Adults. Pecfey, 9M L.B. 8l»d. HE 69751 l-BDRFA. M71-A E $100--3 BR. Near town. Kids. De5ey, 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6^9751 307V: EXETER, Param. S rms. Clean, mod. Children. 564-8329. RENTAL BDRM Lakewood home; for fe- falls; HE ^-9391 after e. -BR, 1ft ba, carpets, end pallo. $150 IPS HOLLAMP RltV HA 1-8231 COTTWE--Utilllles paid. Oil 866- _2287_afle r S p.m. 4-BEDRM~house. 2 balh, 2 car gar. S. pa Ho. Fenced yd. $170. s»S-rofl 2-BEDRM. Carpels. -Norwalk. 5120 lease. Bfcr. HA 5-1J51 4 BDRM., 7 ball). Fenced.-KWs OK. 5140. 636 E. 15th. 438-8168 2 BR --5100. UUI. Paid. 2223 Artela 51. NLB. CA 2-2IM. . ,, .,:., cpts., drapes, Stove. Adults. 438-9389. . . . N L B . Lovdy 6 rm, flrepl., 1 MSnlnostd". Ph. WHltehall £l5 1 BRS. Ulll. paid. SIOO. 5/ln St., HLB. GA 2-2166^ LOS Allos. Lovely 2 bdrm. ArMtl. Water pd. $150. TO 6-6455. 1-BR. -f dm. rm., nr. 55--T-8R. collage, nr. everytMn /Silts? 1337 Ohk). GE 3-3859. PARAMOUNT -- Large J-br. 5125. Ulllllles paid.- HA 1-3110. LKWD. l*r., fenced yd., baby ok. 20934 Hawaiian. UH 5-6992 WJ.50-UTIL. Deoley, 900 I ixe, lae. 434-2»3 BELMONT HEIGHTS large 2-bdrm. Adults. Gar. Sill 8, 5185. 430-9960 2-BDRM. Apis. Pooj pallo. Xlnt locallon. 18il Clarkdale, Arlesla. PARAMOUNT--Delirxt 2-Brs. KU coixl., pool. 1100 OP. 7213 Exeler. KING SZ. Hew 2 t 3 Br. Buena Pk. 1978 Academy. Mgr. (714) 879-4183 "tiMr*? -- - . , ., , no pets. 1533 Rose HE 7-5714 60S CHERRY-1 br 565. Adults. Newly decorated. Call 4M-2169. NLB-222 South St. I Br 875. Young married cowpfes. 478-1028 1625 CEDAR 2 or 3 BDRMS SIOO lo 5135. Close lo schools, shops. s., electric 8. waler pd. NEV/ Ige. 2-bdrm., Ng closets, tfrps: WW. Pool. HE7-S935i HE 7-5164. SPACIOUS l-Bdrm, 555. Adults. 3M W. 14lh, after 9 a.m. ARTESIA NEV/ J-Br.. onty SJ9.50. Carpets, drapes, punrnan bath, buill-lns, au»m. heat, oars., Uwlry., water trash pd., o-jiet area. Nr. shopping. 18031 Arllne St., Arlesla BELLFLOWER iuviw--niv, *-M(Irm.i ?-ba. CrolJ. pioLTchllJren c*. Near schools. STUDIO--5110. POOL 2 chil ... 15325^ Bellflower Blvd. Mobile Homes for Rent 109A S1SO -- 3 BR. Lakewood. Degfey. 9(0 LB. Bl»d. HE t-9751 BELLFLOWER. 2 bdrm. 16244 Chl- caao. To se« call TO 7-2544. ARTESIA-Fenced yard. Children t, Ml olr. 585 ma. Bkr. 925-3757. 219 E. NEVADA. .1, honw. Yd. cars llfa. GA 4-8298 WATER PAID 5*0-2-BDRM, hdwd. floors, oarage/ fenced yard. 1353 Walton, V1lm. 59 -- FURN. 1-or. "tV trailer 4 space. El Rancho Park. HE 2-7555 Unfurnished Homes 110 572JO-- I-BR., sewing rm., E. Comp- Adolls. HO pels. HE 9-6964. MODERN--I Br. Rear. All utlls pd. 598. Slove t refrlg. ME 3-9056 NICE clean JBr. Likewood. Small cMM c*. No pets. . UK 10902 Refgan. 5s2-50 mo. «65-XTRA '.lean 1 bdrm. Redec. Fenced. Atlanlrc nr. Hill. HE 5-5861 CLEAN 7-bdrm. Hear stores i. At- lanJIc. 595. 740tM5lh. TE 1-26/1. 5425. 3 BR. Pirk Emits. 3 bans. Degfey, SOD L.'f. BW. HE 1-7751 LOVELY 3-br., new ww cnl,, a- eel. IOC.. 5160. HA 9-6JJ2; Ml-7133 5125. 4 BR., fenced yd. lUo E. Pac Cst., E.L.B. (7HI 147-5045. S7i--2 BR. KIK Pel. Gar, .. Degley. 900 |_B. BM). rfE t-9751 ARTESIA AREA--; br. No. * Carson. RedK. 185. Rultor.

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