The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 28, 1957 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 7
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«5W'' 'f^rfTf^trv^' ; ( :^-«^- PACTS SMITH -ittur Cont^t Winners Me Told W Of BrazdHa , — -»- haW>y\t<Sdiy —afid MMrtf feBsiderably more about toe 8«Hi against "Mr. Ltttenug" itt their county. They aW the top winners IB Ae toflJtiftt cofatert which hot been conducted in aU eiemen- tar» «a»»l* Bi the county under «»a*d*ship of the Keep BrtZorla Gotmty Beautiful As- iCiatidttl L ; : Jdhfl Qienft has served «t chairman of the school tctivl- «et --...•;;••-.. The teVeHoutstanding winner* were selected Saturday afternoon by a ^ committee of judges headed by Paul Good' r< Of the Fine Arts division County Others from fte ------ „ same fWup serving with him J -•--••- Miss MlsUMMBUeWlBWlMsltaJ BEETLE BAIL were B. J. Quihn Qullliafl Oartisoti. award for the kindergartens of the county Was Downa Dacke Hit "ZOMBIES OF MOBA TATT fee Stephen .F. Auitin idfci, *h«Sfe pttefits are Mr,' (Mrs, W. W. oacke o< Joaa Creek. Darla tee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Ernest txse «W West Columbia won outstanding tor the first grades in the total* I Jeffie Crbft, of Clute _we parent* are Mr. and Mr*. G. W. Croft took the see- id grso!6 award.* : Roil* Lopez, a student of North West Elementary in Arigleton took the top hohort for the third grades, and another Clute student, Victor Byrom, took the outstanding honors f Of the fourth grades in the county. Anita Avitts of Alvin was the outstanding winner for the fifth'grades and Ronnie Spradley of Central Elementary In Angleton was the county winner for the sixth grades. All room Winers in the county will be on display in the lobby Of the Brazosport Savings aad toad Association on Highway 288 In North Freeport, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week, and the public is invited to attend the showing. Seven different scenes pointing up the disadvantages d being a "litterbug" were made up for the seven participating grades. Winner for each, room of each grade were presented Paper-Mate pens through courtesy of Ross Motor Company ot Velafco; Coca-Cola Company of Bay City; Jay Motors and Lee Motors of Angleton anc Pearson Chevrolet of Alvln. The seven outstanding award winners for the county will be win be honored, along with! their parents, at a special dinner iff June; time and place to be announced shortly. Judging in the finals was based on neatness, aptness, originality and the message of the poster, Goodyear said. Graaf Books ToBe «», A. w- Ffcrat Ji* Vogtk MM Mr». Ob*erv«* M* »me to atteft* »»**«»** *.* 3 toy "of tfil's«x, P »* "•""• .'fratt' I been decided. Headings tot botft ne*t meetings will be Aristotle's "Polities.'' The two groups usiftg the Lake Jackioft tibfa ' ry as a meeting glace 6n Tmirt da? flights. The Third V« Group will be meetiSf this W. f tttf eUktUatt to MM fettle.! A*». LARftY ORAWT. ton ef Mr. And Mt*. Jimm? Graft! 4t Lek* Jaektott, will be OB« el th* outttattdinfl piuw pupils of Mrs. 0. C HarpM who will be heard In **eiial Wednesday nigbi at I pJ& hi the First Christian Church to Frecpeti. Larry, although a beginner 61 lett ihan * yisr, wit on* el two hating ib* highMl average* ei progress and excellent lessens for ih» y»ar, according to tb* teacher. Areo Mosons Hold Annual Picnic Meef * Sunday, the Masons of the area met in the Masonic Oak Park in Old Town Brazoria for i TELEVISION LOG CH*M.l J-KOtJL^tV tl 4:00 4:30 V Ch*B««l l»-Ktmf-TV Chafifi*l I ftfeiDAY (2) Star Performance (8) To Be Announced (13) Kltirik's Party (2) Looney Town (8) Geography For Decision (11) 1 Led 3 Lives 5:00 (J) Roy Rogers (8) to Be Announced (11) Range Rider (13) Mickey Mouse Club S:30 (11) Sports & Weather 5:45 (2) Channel 2 Newsreel (11) Doug Edwards and the News 10:4» (J> Mann About Sport* 11:00 (2) Tonight 11:5$ (13) Late New* 12:00 (2) Sign Oft . (13) Sign Off 1:25 (11) Late Headlines 1:30 (11) Evening Hymn " : " WEDKtsbAY 6:25 (11) Morning Hytna 8:30 (2) Morning Devotional! (!.') Rural Reveille 8:35 (2) George Roesoer — 6:45 (2) George Roesner • • 6:55 (11) island Headline* (13) Sign On, Anthem, ^ (2) World At Urge (8) to Be Announced (11) My Little MarRle (13) T. V. News 6:10 (2) Today In Sports 6:10 (13) Waethergal * 3 &PG*4fT', VB^t&f NOW »HOWWO " JOHN WArVE In •THK WINGS Or EAGLES" PlBI "tHX FACE BEHTND THB MASK" MAN.OHMAN,' ORANOMAIS BAKIN NOW SHOWING Y6P.ORANDMA.Llt: DECLARED THIS U.iAND OWAN'WE'REHAVIN'A BIO CURUCU BEAST ot THE "iND THKIU, HIT NOW SHOWING THE WINGS OF EAGLES JOHN WAYNE END 0'SCHOOL MIDNIGHT SHOW WEDNESDAY I1:MPJC. THE WEKKWOUT* "ROCK -N BOtt BKVUE" "BLACK in Houston and the Brazoria Lodge No. 327. > An estimated crowd of 2000 attended. ; Robert Beaird, secretary of the Brazoria Lodge, searched for a song leader for the morning worship service and finally surprised himself in finding a most excellent one by being forced to serve as leader himself. Frank Rrainey of Wayland • College conducted the worship services. Jim W. Weatherby, grand orator of the Grand Lodge of Texas, was also a speaker at the morning ses-j sioo. I A basket lunch was enjoyed j during the noon hour. In the afternoon, Paul Turner of Sonora, grand master of Masons in Texas, gave the main address at the day. The Masonic picnic originated in 1935 when the Brazoria Lodge observed the 100th anniversary ot the birth of Ma- age of Texas Masons sponsored by the AAson Jones Lodge. ed to be jHUPuow. showing definite de^lr^pfowlh. Many of the joaag pecan trees in the park have been budded to valuable varieties by members of the Brangta Lodge.- . - 6:00 6:15 (13) John Daly and the News 6:2$ (2) Weathercast 6:30 (2) Jonathan Winters 6:30 (8) A Prospect of Literature (11) Name That Tune (13) Conflict 6:45 (2) NBC News 7:00 (2) Jane Wyman 7:00 (8) Viz Quiz (It) Phil Silvers Show 7:30 (2) Circle Theatre (8) The Latin Americas (11) Red Skelton (13) Wyatt Earp 7:00 (2) Today (ID Captain Kangaroo (13) Soundtrack 7:15 (2) Today's Weather 7:30 (2) Today 7:45 (11) 1.1 Video Lane 7:55 (2) Today In Houston 8:00 (2) Home (11) Garry Moore Show , 8:30 (2) Home (II) Arthur Godfrey Time 8:35 (2)_Wlndow In Home ^ "9:M~(2fTh«rPrice Is Right 9:30 (2) Truth or Consequences (11) Strike It Rich (13) Romper Room tt GEANDMA AMRKA-f FASTIST AND AUTOMATK HKTUC OUTCM ool. Defl., IMItf 'XITAUfO IN TOUI mstxr CAI AT... Williams Motor Co. 210 Hickory Freeport Boston Is the largest American city tHat is nearest to Kur- ope 8:00 (2) Presidents TV Assembly (11) $64,000 Question (13)'Broken Arrow 8:30 (J) Code-Three (8) The Bible Speaks Today (11) Highway Patrol (13) Wild Bill Hlckock 10:00 (2) Tie Tac Dough (11) Valiant Lady 10:15 (11) Love of Life 10:30 (2) It Could Be You (11) Search For Tomorrow (13) Hollywood Theatre 11:00 (2) Movie Date ~ \ (11) Amos 'n Andy 11:30 (11) As The World Tumi 9:00 (2) Arthur Murray Party —nWyrontUt 'To Space 8:5oTll) To Tell The Truft . (13) San Francisco Beat 9:18 (8) Sign Off • • 940r-<J> Panic i U .Rrlv»to;.5ecretary 3) Play of- the Wxek 10:00 (2) Public-Defender (11) City Detective . (13) Movietime U. S. A. 10:30 (2) Final Edition News (11) Late Show - (11) Late Shiw 10:40 (2) Movie Spectacular 12:00 (11) Our Miss Brooks -(13) Tumbleweed Time ': 12:30 (2) Tennessee Ernie (11) Linkletter's House Party . 1:00 (2) NBC Matinee " Theatre (11) The Big Payoff US) Afternoon Film A . Festival JU30J11) Bob Crosby 2:00 (2) Queen For a Da/ (11) Brighter Day 2:15 (11) Secret Storm 2:30 (11) Edge of Night — (13) Action Calvaeade j. 2:45 (2) Modern Romances ^ 3:00 (2) Comedy Time (11) Early Show 3:30 (2) Happy Home Folk*. (13) Kraty Kat Theatre-; OORDO The Community Calendar TUESDAY, MAY to 9:00 aJn.— Rrasosport Wo- mmt Association. Freeport OoU Course. 11:30 ajn^- Lake Jackson, Klwanls. City Cafe, Loks Jackson. 6:10 PJU/J- Aogleton I4ons Club, Angleton Community House. 7:00 pjn.— Bramtport Optimist Club, Oow Hotel. 7:M pjn.- b»k* Jackson KMtoro, BtM. Uka Jw*ton Mfajonio HaU. 7;M pAh^ V Wives, OiTio UMUng BMW, Bravuport Ba/nw * low Aaw. 1:W B»OT K e( 9 dull VtlMPO. 1:00 Fmport UOM MttV 7:00 Hotel. pjm.— Mwuu Ressrve, erlWB Legion H»U, of Saglet, FOB Homt, Highway 288 1.00 p.m.—vAicohoUoi Anonymous, Frteport Legion Hall. TUESDAY. |T)NB i 9:00 a.m.— braaojport Women 1 * Oolf, Freeport Golf Courm 11:30 »4D. — Lake Japkson Kiwanls, City Cafe, Uk» Jackson T:00 p.m. f Lake Jwkion AmeriMD Legion. I^cion Hall TOO p.m.—Brwwsport Optimist Oiub, pow Hot*) 7:00 p.m.-LadJe» AujtlUfinr, Velasoo Fire Dept, Fire Station, Vtiajco T:30 pjn.—VeUisco Masonic Lodge, VelaacQ 7:30 pjn— Velasco Llont Club, Velasoo Ooaununity House, ValMoo 7:30 PJJJ. — fythlan QuK Ttmpj*. No. m K of ? HaOl, Velasco 7:30 pju.-- Wot Columbia Before you buy your new car. see us for «U the facts and ficurea on a bank Auto Loan. See how you c«n. eujoy all the advantages of « "cash buyer" . , . and, at the same time save money on your loau! 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