Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1988 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1988
Page 16
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Page 16 Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Wednesday, March 16, 1988 Hi & Lois Blondie L/^L/ TM£V / SAY )F YoU WHISTLE A LOT IT . ... YOU'RE HAPPY YoU HAVE To PRACTICE A LOT Frank & Ernest c VOU 00LTEP DOWN VOUR 0HEAKFAST.' AND THEM VOU CRASHED INTO VOUR MAiU/VW-J.' Rip Kirby of TH£ AWTT ftCfCIWE OFF TH£ "P3P HE HA5 A JUST AS FRANK SUSPECTEP... THE MISSING YACHTS WERE USEP TO SMUGGLE i COCAINE.' THAT PLANE 1 PON'T WORRY,.. WITH IS MY WHOLE y YOUR CUT FROM THIS BUSINESS.' X JOB YOU CAN BUY A NEW ONE Beetle Bailey UNLESS WE CAN STOP HIM' eov: I PANClNS TONISHT I LOVE POYOU MY PRESSy THINK X WAS sff^ TOO pi? you SEE THAT PRESS OH MIME? MICE PARTY. MYSIRL WAS A t5REAT PANCER I WONPER WHAT THEY'RE SAVINS ABOUT US? Garfield POOR OPIE, HE ISN'T AWARE THAT HE PO&5NT EVEN EXIST A PHILOSOPHER ONCE SAIP, 11 1 THINK ;'TH ERE FORE 1 AM" Peanuts THAT5 WHAT VOU 5HOULP PO UURITE YOUR. AUTOBIOGRAPHY.. ALLVOUNEE17I5A600PTITLE. SHOUiP WRITE? VOU 5HOULP WRITE VOUR OWN LIFE STORY. Hartfand BUr.M..Ki\/A5RWPVAS VOU THINK W I VWUB/ER RWPV?! MV&flP!lHl&l6 WHVQW'T IT!... t'« SOWING!! TUNAMEtf? Rex Morgan THANK YOU FOR COMING BY TO SEE ME, DOCTOR/ GALL ME THE DAY AFTER VO HAVE THE X-fcAX, UMDA •' J SHOULD HAVE THE REPORT By THEN/ I'M GO|N6 TO WORK IK) THE , MOTHER^ I'LL MAKE IT A POINT TO HAVE THE X-RAY TAKEhl WRING /W LUNCH ^ HOUR I'LL TAKE LINDA DOWN TO THE RADIOLOGISTS OFFICE FIRST THING IN THE AVORWIWG, DR MORGAN Born Loser Lockhorns Crossword By Thomas Joseph Hagar the Horrible A PENNY F0(2 e ||OE"5| 3-it "HOLD IT'. EXACTLY HOW MANY TIMES HAVE REFRIEP BEAMe BEEN REFRIEP?" Vesterday's Answer Another summer—and another year that no one rode the bicycles? Sell them with a classified ad an buy something YOU do need. FORT! it'RSI >A\ © King I eatures Syndicate, Inc. 3 But (Lat.) 4 Double- crosser 5 Stays 6 Di's sister- in-law 7 "Princess —" (the operetta) ACROSS 1 Emulate Gandhi 5 Queeg's ship 10 Freshly 1 1 Little Sk-vie — 12 Lover of Aeneas 8 Obstacle 13 Elaborate f « r a 14 Up-tight Birdie " ... — 1 saw Elba" 11 "The World of Suzie —' 15 Dutch township 16Ole! 17 Metal bolt 16 Whist relative 18 Kind of tent 21 Kind of cut or time 22 Rich cake 24 Great review 25 Observe 26 Not hidden 28 Cut 29 Kettle insulter 30 Medicine man 32 Physicist, Enrico — 33 Arthur's resting place 36 Celebrity 40 Stringent 41 "The —that men do..." 42 Shabby 43 Sandwich part DOWN 1 Flagpole sitting, e.g. 2 Cuckoo e.g. 23 Youngman specialty 27 Hypothesis 28 "Cheers" character 18 Demonstrate 31 Coastal 19 Pronounce 5^ 20 Nobleman 32 Made tracks 21 The skull 33 Bur ro in "Hamlet," 34 Churchill's sign 35N.Y.C.'s 5th, e.g. 37 100th of a pataca 38 0.001 of an inch 39 Right angle Horoscope 3/16 DAILY CRYPTOQUOTES - Here's how to work it: AXYDLBAAXR isLONGFELLOW One letter stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. DAILY CRYPTOQUOTES—Here's how to work it: CRYPTOQUOTE 3-16 C X R Q B V M C X R What kind of day will tomorrow be? To find forecast given for your ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr.'19) Loved ones should resist the temptation to test each other now. Don't advertise your moves prematurely in business. However, welcome developments occur. TAURUS 7^,. (Apr. 20 to May 20) K^ Kither you or a close tie won't give in on an issue. Luck is with you in the friendship department today. Some of you are asked to give a talk to a group. GEMINI «« (May 21 to June 20) / KK The envy of a co-worker could be a bit unsettling, yet today should bring positive developments in connection with business. Thinking is brilliant right now. CANCER out what the stars say, read the birth sign. (June 21 to July 22) >"|8 New friends are made through travel or school. Romance is favored, but feelings may be a bit too intense. Now's the time to talk about a problem. LEO (July 23 to Aug. 22) A family member could be more cooperative. Still, you should be happy about today's career gains. Concentration right now is excellent and progress is assured. VIRGO (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) Creative output is good, though you may be surprised by the jealousy of someone you have to deal with. Partners work well together. Children benefit from your direction LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Shoppers be wary of those who wheel and deal. A home problem is now solved to your satisfaction. This week brings extra emphasis on the job. Stay on top of things. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Others won't take orders, but they will listen to what you have to say. Strive to be cooperative and don'l keep to yourself those things that should be said. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Anything that smacks of indiscretion should be avoided now. You'll get good value for your money if shopping. Some luck comes through the job today. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19) You're in a happy frame of mind today and probably will have little patience with those who are evasive or who plaj games. Accent creativity. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 to Feb. IS) You could meet sonic unscrupulous types in business loday. Judgment is good, though, when il comes to shopping and financial interests. Stay one step in front of the other U".v. PISCES (Feb. Id to Mar. 20) Don'l argue with one whose mind is already made up The accent now is on you. Friends arc supportive of your interests. Bu> yourself something nice. IK H< >KN T< IDAY you have a strong need for security but are also creatively inclined. You work well in partnership and like to help others out. THFTBVS HZ BO AL QBZR OCFTO CXTHPSX Q B V M H Q K F V R F T R C X R F V M C X R A L L. M. Boyd DXBUMTRV. — YHtV WRFCO Yesterday'8 Cryptoquote: WHY, AFTER ALL, MUST EVERYONE LIKE MUSIC? THAT THEY ARE MISSING SOMETHING IS JNUST THE (MUSIC) LOVER'S OPINION. — NED ROREM UNDER THE BED In every ounce of dust tinder your bed - sleep fight - live an estimated 42,000 mites. Q. You said pigs are smarter than dogs. Are horses smarter than dogs, too? A. No, sir, horses aren't smarter than anybody, hardly. They're ranked with gophers and guinea pigs. Qairn is even some turtles are smarter than horses. COOKIES A Massachusetts Innkeeper was trying to make chocolate cookies, but he ran out of baker's chocolate. So he diced some solid chocolate and tried to substitute the bits for the powder. What he got was better than what he was trying to get: the world's first chocolate chip cookies. There's not a mountain in Denmark. Honeybees may get angry but not angry enough to see red. They can't. Once the automobile was developed, it certainly didn't take long to turn it Into a taxicab. it was a New York City cab that hit the first pedestrian killed by car. One H. H. Bliss. In 1899. At practice in all of India are only 25 psychoanalysts.

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