The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 7, 1906 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1906
Page 2
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CHlLlrlCOTHE CONSTITUTION SEP. 7 1906 * .:.J»**^W**~I TR Chillicothe J CONSTITUTION^ ! CONSOLIDATED WITH THE MAIL, AND STAR SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1900. J. L. NEWLAND WM. L. W ATKINS EDITOKS AND PUBLISHERS DFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Terms of Subscription: The CONSTITUTION guarantees to advertisers a larger circulation in Livingston County than hat of a other local papers published in Chill cotbe combined. . rhe price for the weekly if paid o or before the end of the 3~ear is 81.0C or 50 cents for six months. Subscrib ere neglecting or failing to so pay will be charged the $1.50 rate. Th rule will be strictlv adhered to. Entered at the posto0ice at Chill eothe, Missouri, and admitted fo transmission through the mail us sec ond-class matter. Office in CONST TUTION Building, &16_SouUS Washing Ion Avenue. Teleohone No. 105. By MaH—Postage Prepaid: Daily, one vear $5.( Dailv, six months 2.5 Weeklv, one vear. in advance.... 1.0 Weekly, one year, if not paid before year ends 1.* Weeklv, six months " The Dailv will be delivered by eai riers to subscribers in Chillicothe a 10 cents per ™>sk. Any irregularit n delivery should be promptlyrepor ed at this . Democratic 8tate|Ticket. For Judgo of Supreme Court, Long Term. A. M. woonsos. For Judge of Supreme Court. Short Ten: W. W. GRAVES. Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner RUBE O Superintendent of Public; Instruction HOWAUD ALLEN GASS. Democratic County Ticket. For Congress W. W. RUCKEU Representative JAMES O. RANEY Sheriff MARK WHITE Recorder of Deeds WILLIAM REYNOLDS Prosecuting Attorney E. C.ORR Olerk of the County Court A. M. SHELTON Treasurer U. S. ALLBRITAIN Probate Judge PIERCE OVERTON Olerk of the Circuit-Court MATTHEW McBRIDE Collector B. F. THORP Assessor JOHN J.MAY Presiding Judge County Court S. HAWKINS Judge Eastern District IRA DONOVAN Public Administrator - FORREST M. GILL Judge Western District O. W. GARLIOK For Coroner. R. H. CABELL. , AT last Monday's election in Arkansas, fully fifty out of th seventy-five counties in tho stat voted against the licensing of sa loone. It is evident that the Ark ansans feel fully able to pay thei own taxes. THE candidates on the Demo cratic county ticket are meeting with much encouragement from voters all over the county. Th strength of the ticket becomes more evident every day and its popularity will be fully proven when it is elected in its entirety in November. Past,Presentand Future Paint The best "past" paint is the paint which has worn down evenly, leaving the surface ready for repainting without the need of expensive scraping and "burning-off." The best "present" paint is die paint which is applied with least labor, covers the most surface per gallon, and looks the best when on. The best "future" paint is the paint which lasts without cracking or peeling, affording perfect protection for the greatest number of years. Viewed in any of these ways, Southern ; Pure White Lead Obdo by the Old Dutch Process) mixed with Pure Linseed Oil is best. Good painters all say so. Scad for our free book. It tells about paints, thoroughly yet simply, qnd gives you a test for paint purity. NATIONAL LEAD COMPANY •Urk Ave. «nd !OHi $(.. R. Lotus, Mo, $ftt fl*U Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, Is not a secret or patent medicine, against which the most intelligent people are quite naturally averse because of the uncertainty as to their harmless character, but is a medicine OK KNOWN COMPOSITION, a full list of all its ingredients ln;iii!j printed, in plain En^Iteh. on ovory bottie wrapper. An examination of this list of Ingredients will disclose the fact that it is non-alcoholic in its composition, chemically pure glycerine taking the place of the commonly used alcohol, in Its makeup. The "Favorite Prescription" of Dr. Pierce is In fact the only medicine put up for the cure of woman's peculiar weaknesses and ailments, sold through druggists, that does not contain alcohol and t/iat too in large nunntUics. Furthermore, It is the only medicine for woman's suoeiai diseases, the ingredients of which have the unanimous endorsement of all the leading medical writers and teachers of al£ the several schools of practice, and that too as remedies for the ailments for which "Favorite Prescription" is recommended. A little book of some of these endorsements will be sent to any address, postpaid, and absolutely free if you request same by postal card or letter, of Dr. E. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y. Don't forget that Dr. Picrcn's Favorite Prescription, for woman's weaknesses and delicate ailments, is not a patent or srcret medicine, being^ the "Favorite Prescription "of a regularly educated and graduated physician, engaged in the practice of his chosen specialty—that of diseases of women—that its ingredients are printed Inplnln'Enallnhon every bottle-wrapper; that it is the only medicine especially designed for the cure of woman's discuses that contains no alcohol, and the only one that has a professional endorsement worth more than all the so-called "testimonials" ever published for other medicines. Send for these endorsements as above. They are free for the asking. If you suffer from periodical, headache, backache, dizziness, pain or dragging down sensation low down in the abdomen, weak back, have disagreeable and weak- ing, catarrhal, pelvic drain, or arc in distress from being long on your feet, then S 5u may be sure of bcnclit from taking r. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets the best laxative and regulator of the bowels. They invigorate stomach, liver and bowels. One a laxative; two or throe a cathartic. MAYOR ROSE of Kansas City, Kas., has stepped out of office, along with his chief of police. His displacement is fortunate for the Democrats of Kansas at this time, for the reason that his presence in office was flagrantly out of harmony with the principles in the Kansas Democratic platform, on which Harris, Overmyer and the other candidates are asking election. Rose publicly declared that he would not close the illegal Kansas City, Kas., joints because they were revenue producers Ho put revenue above law and order. His platform was the .direct antithesis if that of Harris and Overmyer, who stand committed to the enfoicement of all laws, including specifically the prohibition law, and the fact that he was holding office as a Democratic official under such conditions must hare been an embarrassment to the state Democracy. PUBLIC speakers are given to linking the names of Bryan and Roosevelt as being party leaders who are much alike. There is difference between the two as party men—Roosevelt yields in his views to party expediency, Bryan never does. Roosevelt listens to the counsels of his friends and sometimes of partisans who are not friends and takes just the largest measure of victory he can get with party harmony. Bryan never does this. Given an idea which he thicks is right, Bryan yields never an inch for party expediency or any other consideration. No one has ever accused him of espousing any cause that he did not think was Just. But thousands of Democrats who loyally followed his banner to two defeats have thought that his insistence on unnecessary points was responsible for a party defection which made defeat certain from the start. Mr. Bryan is possessed ot all the elements of a magnetic, intrepid, fearless leader, devoted to principle, honest and eloquent, but he never has been and never will be a party harmonizer. TEXAN WON'T ATTEND BRYAN'S LOUISVILLE RECEPTION Out of Harmony With Tha Nebr aska Leader on His Docti ine of Publ c Ownerekip of Railroads. New York, Sept. 6.—.Disagreeing with Bryan's Government ownership declaration in Madison Square Garden, Senator Builey of Texas hag withdrawn his acceptance of an invitation to take part in the reception to Mr. Bryan at Louisville,, Ky., next Wednesday, and will not be present. Senator Bailey will in a few days make a statement expressing his dissent from Bryan's views. Ho* strongly he feels on the subject those who have talked with him since the Madison Square Garden reception are fully aware. It was learned today that -1C minutes immediately prior to Mr. .Bryan's going upon the stage in Madison Square Garden, Mr. Bailey was with him, begging him not to deliver that part of his speech relating to Government ownership of railroads. Mr. Bryan had called Senator Bailey to his room in the Hotel Victoria and outlined what he wssgoingto say. Bailey was thunderstruck. He bogged Mr. Bryan to give up the idea. Just what passed between the two men no one knows definitely. When they separated just as both were leaving to go to Madison Square Garden they were further apart than ever. Senator Bailey, plainly displeased took his seat in a a box iicai tho stage. To several of his frieudu in the box he spoke of Mr. Bryan's purpose. Just before the speaking began, a Southern Democratic loader stopped at tho box and asked: "You ire going to come to Louisville to the Bryan reception?" "Not if Bryan makes the speech he said ho intended tp make," was the reply. "Ho says he's going to come out for Government ownership of railroads" "Good heaven!" said the Southerner, "I hope you're wron^," A moment later Bryan began to to speak. When he reached th< Government ownership passage ii. his speech, Senator Bailey arosr and left the Garden. Since then he has notified the managt-rs of tho Louisville reception that hr will not be there and will not take part in the reception. deep basis upon which success could be hopefully predicated On all new ideals and in all untried schemes we should go slowly and not attempt to make them the creeds of a party's faith until they have flrot demonstrated themselves to bo for the public good." SENATOR DANIELS' POSITION. Senator Daniels of Virginia seriously doubts the wisdom of the declaration of Mr. Bryan in ' favor of government ownership of railroads. In the course of a statement which he has given to the public he says: "We have, and Mr. Bryan has himself shownit inhisable speech, an abundance of issues. It seems to me the campaign should be fought out upon them.-, Even if this issue of government ownership of railroads be a wise one it s premature, and we have a plen- . ;y to occupy the highest faculties ; and best efforts of our people. Mr. Bryan himself indicted the consolidating tendencies of gov- ' eminent ownership, and showed that he himself fears it; he may not regard it as essential to party .ction." It is to be remembered > hat the Democratic party, so far rom favoring such a proposition,' las always been in principle on' he adverse side, and many Demo- ; xats have long expressed them- elves against it in addresses, per- i aps little noticed because it was not a live issue. I have my-: elf opposed such a policy once orj wice in public addresses. j "The Democratic party must get | ogether if it expects tp lead the ojintry, and there is abundance f room in the eon.eurreBi; opinion! f ajl Democrats for & broad and! '•""•• '" ' ' T Impossible to Get Employment, as Face and Body Were Covered With Itching Sores — Scratched Till Flesh Was Raw—Spent Hundreds of Dollars on Doctors and Hospitals and Grew Worse CURED BY~CUTICURA IN FIVE WEEKS "Since the year 1894 I hilvc bceri troubled with a very bad case of eczema which I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to cure, nnd I went to the hospital, but the}' failed tc cure me and it was getting wojre all the time. Five weeks ago my v.'ife bought a box of Cuticura Ointment lind one cake of Cuticura _ Soap, and I am {/leased to say that I am now completely cured and well. "It was impossible for me to get employment, as my face,, and body were covered with it. The eczema first appeared on the top of my head, and it had worked all the way around down the back of my neck and around to my throat, down my body and nround the hips. It itched so I would be obliged to scratch it, and the flesh was raw. "I would first wash the affected parts with warm water and Cuticura Soap, and then apply Cuticura Ointment and let it remain on all night, and in the morning I would use Cuticura Soap. I am now all well, which all my friends can testify to, nnd I will be pleased to recommend the Cuticura Kennedies to any and all persons who wish a speedy and permanent cure of skin diseases." Thomas M. Eossitcr, . 1:200 Prospect Street, Mar. 30,1905. : East Orange, N. J- Cumltlctc Exlf-nial cod Internal Treatment tor Made in the Golden Sunlight It is conceded by the highest authorities tfeat the 6oda cracker contains the life-giving elements of wheat in the best proportions. This being so, then UflOCda BJSCUlt must at once take first place as the food of the world—a soda cracker, but such a soda cracker I Made by exact science in sunny bakeries so light, bright and clean, that they are a revelation. The flour is tested; the purity of the water is absolutely assured; the very air is filtered—why even the temperature and moisture of the atmosphere is accurately regulated. The sponge is kneaded by polished paddles, not by hand. Indeed, Unesda BjSCUJt are only touched once, and then by a pretty girl, from the time the flour leaves the bag untilithe beautiful package is placed on your table. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY DOWNWARD COURSE. Fust Boing Realize I by Chillicothe Mrs. J. E. M.imi, living at 1020 Polk .- t , Chilliuothi-, Mo., bitys: "1 have been in rather poor health for several .years and for a loug time could not tell tho cause. 1 tiuiTercd a good deal of pain across- my back and undor my shoulders •Sovero headaches, dizzuioss and spots before my oyo&. aiso luo fri-- quent and irregular action of the kidney secreiiona. Having road a great many testimoniultt about Doan's Kidney Pills I nont to N. J. Swi'tland Drug Co 'n Store and got a box. They did me u wunc'erfi;! •unount < f good. I om ; leep anrt rest better since using them and my general health is greatly improved. I take, plca^uro in adding my n .me to your already Inrgf lint of indorsers here in Ctiil'ico- tho." For ealc by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster- Millburn Co, Buffalo. New York, solo agi-tits for the United States. Reme • bor tho name Doan's ami take no other. Benra tbo Signature }[:>• ?.:•;:: ,•?; ll.ivt ,'„;,:;; TO FORCE A CUBAN PEACE Beautify the Complexion Owing to u misunderstanding in IMO wording of an ad reading whiskey aud blackberry yOo per quart, meaning half and half, as tho public suppoH'd it to bo 50c !<traiglit/we will let it yo that way. Come and help wreck tho place by taking advantage of tho low prices. Auy bottle of whiskey in the house at uUcper quart. "Star Saloon." 3jdtf Tbo children are staying at grandpa's. Mamma has gone down to tho sea: Papa is at home working, Keeping weil with Roeky Mountain Tea. Swetland drug company. 870.00 for round-trip tickets to Yellowstone Park, via, St. Paul or Billings (thro* Denver, if desireci), neluding sta'ge thro' the Park «ncl >'£ days' hotel accommodations, any day until September 16: good returning witbin 90 days. Ask me for free illustrated literature. R. B. Jordan, Agent. Ernest Harvey of Meadvillo is i the city attending tho Good Roads convention and visiting friends. Havanua, Sept. 0—General commenting on the situation in Cuba, romiirkoiJ today that "peace will be arranged or it will be imposed." lie explained that he did not iu< an that peace would ni-ces-arily be imposed by loroo or arms, buc th/it public opinion wouUi compel the insurgents to submit to the reasonable peace terms which the veterans are offering them in order to avoid further righting. The liberal leaders, however, continue to de- tivin.1 far more than the moderates are willing lo concede, Meanwhile hostilities have to all intents ;.ud purposes been suspended on both suies. "The Homoseekerg" is a beautiful play of the South and West written by B E Samuel and •Staalej» \ViJjd will pl-iy au on- gngr>metit at the Ltielia rhinire ue v t .'-iatiird >y matinee and i:i,rtu. It ;- a M'.rx uf Hear inferi'-'. imilr. on a thetnn tiuit is ol vast iniport- ••neu and interest to mauy. It <!e;ils with "sooner" d^ys that oc- eured during the opening of the grent Sioux re pr«ation. The uhnract'-rs are real, and the scenes natural aud of high clues aud it is safe to state that a good, cleau, healthy play will be :i on when this attraction plays its date here. IN TEN DAYS. •> Nadinola CREAM, the un equaled beautifier u endorsed by ttou sands, and guaran- ___ teed f^ remove «u freckles, pimples, liver-spots, tan, sal- lowness, etc., the worst case in 20 days, and restore the beauty of youth. Prici • 50c. and $1.00 by leading druggists or "i^il i Prcioml br NATIONAL TOILET CO., Pjrl«. 1<a» Sold by Clark's Pliai-macy. X. J. Swetland Drug Co., and others. 3 D n v a . Mort,iKi L. IP. of L-ttiumm. full., any.-*: My wlf' 1 Iiud! lliUaiiii:t;ltt>ry Kht:uriUbltftfi> :l cv»-rv uiiiSi'lt-anil Joint; ht;r sulTt-i tntr waw t^rn!)! 1 'and lior body and face w.:r^ swulU'li ilimost• lii-yiiml r>:<:u8ii!tliili; hnii luu-u lu lieil for-six wfi'k.sniul Imil iMKht physkMiin.s. but ri-ouvi'cl ni)li«iiBUtuiitll»ln; trloil Hit- .Mystic llup fur ILIii'uni.-ttlnin. H itavt- llliuitxllnli* ivllef auil slit- was al)l<t tu walk at>ouL tn tlirt-e •lays. I inn suri'it saved II.-P M'.'." Sulil li.v ho N. .!.««•-tljui'l l'i- i.-1'.i. 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Hig"Springhill," 50o per quart at tfgfcr Sftlow." Sladtf Mothers who compare values with prices will purchase School Shoes of us. "Star Brand" Shoes set Competitors guessing. G. D, BRANT & SON. ( tyillKoti^ I aupdry S Tlie products of this | Laundry will corres- i [Mind nicely with As- j plwlt Streets and Klce- | trie Cars. We CHUT t<> the trade that knows. proprietor. •H- DR.J.C.SHELTON, * Oculist and Catarrh Specialist ~%. Limits hi.s practice *;ntir"!y to Sin'- X BvryuiKl I'lscasvsortlu- 5 Eye, Ear, Nose, & Throat, j Anil th" correction of Krioi's of Ki- "J* fr;u-ti<in hy '£ Scientific Fitting of Glasses. ? i:act»rirMcnpii:nii(l Hlootl uxnmlnn- T tl<u;s ni.'Kl' 1 for I'hyMcian.'. who arc T not pr-pap-il tomiikx ih.-in. T oltlceuVprCLOttKiV .Mir.i.KK Ijl 711 \V:i-ilillnrtoil.St. C.'Mlllcotlii'. Mo. •!T h-nhnun: O!lic", Iff. R"s. ::.V). J Bus, Bagga.-e &. Transfer Line. f I ;i't! now lociitcu ;it } .M. VV. Litton's Jjivrrv 1 Han:. All Oills will Ij'i- J [iroinjitlv uttemleii to. j urxfhalI Stenographer Notary Public Fire insurance I'o-ioltici- IJiiililiii.;,', Cliillicothe. t' Phoiiu.s, uilicc .'*1> : : rcsiilrneu <»>5. -j- Or. Franoss H. Si s Physisiar, cessor In hi. lifnfvit-vo p*. l^iiDflilli 1 FITZPATR1CK BUILDING, Washington St., Chillicothe, Mo TKLUl'HONIO -144. FSfcE DB. H. M. GKACE, Physician ;m;i -Sursjeon. Uooins ;->. 4 and •">, \Vall- bnmn building. Phones: OUice .'W: residence :! ( Ji>. L E CALLAWAY, M.D Anv Chronic Ailment. Disease. Eve. rC;ir. No e :<nd Throat sriven special mention. Office in V.'albrucu Bill's Office Phono 57. Residence Pho-« 11. . ft H. PERRY, Homeopath Rrjoms 1 anil 1? Wallbrunn bui'diny;. Kesi donee 1542 west Cal- hcun St. Oifici- uhkiij':. iw. 531: residence ohone. No. 5 1 J3. All calls in citv :ind countrv ans'vorort promptly day ,>r ni.yht. Bros, f THK SOUTH LOCUST ST. LIVER-YMEN hai'e ailiU'd to tlieir stuck the lin- est Fun<-r;il Car ever brought to Chillicothe. Ilosides doini^ :L ; gcii.r;il livery business, they trive special attention '•*> ftinemla. They also make curruiije calls ('.'.ay or r.ijjht) to any part of the ; I city »r cvirity. Te";i-;ihone iol). -HO S. Locust St. ST \ I House Moving & Raisin? | J*fjiv« i orders at ^ suiinders-Turner Lumber Yard if 9 * i LAWYER. L 5O7 Washington Street. X t JOHN H. TAYLOR. $ ATTOKXEY-AT-LAW. -I* f OHiiM-: L'nd tloor Masnnii: TiMiiph-. S. •I* * Washington St. t'ollt-cliuns madt? -J* aud promptly remilU'd. Notary al- •£• " v/iiys in uUIci'. -«• Socky Mountain Tea Nuggets :. Eu.-y ;isill.-:a3 for B^7 Jrcci;.?. Br.^^s C-.JI.:?P Health a;:>I EonoweJ Vigo?. A. sn^L'^ic: f"~ Cnnst;p:'f:on, IinitL-'O^tfon, L\\>i? ,:;.! IC:.!i: v Tr •;: .!cs, l':--;i»U i s, Eczenn, Irnnuv;- ::.-•:!. Ha i iiivn'h, Sliiir-r.'sh Hotels, Jd-cularh.- L.".I! iTiickaolu*. 't'sRi'^ky Monutnin Tea in tab •t f*-r.:., ^> cor.ts r. ^('X. CJennir e made \t$ r;»L:.:grEit Br.ucf CoiiPA^\% 3radis*in. Wis. IW.DEN NUGGETS FOR SALLOW Ala Ala THE GREAT TURKISH REMEDY 'or Painful, Irregular and Suppressed Men- truation. Warranted to relieve tne most ob* tinate and compllcatcd~gases. Perfectly safe. Recommended by ladles who Price 1.00 per box by mail. Sent in plain box. Address TURKISH REMEDY CO., KAUMAZOO, MICH.' CHICH ESTEH-S EMOtlSH PILLS THE DIAMOND BKASD. —_ — Sedf (itrid- nietallu .bom,. soled\ wtb BtucKibbnn. T*keiMo«her. and ask for E.\(iLISH, tfaft > PltL». for '•)& t(, 5af4s(. A^^rt ""•" l«»

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