The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 22, 1952 · Page 6
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 6

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1952
Page 6
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THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, FRIDAY EVENING, AUGUST 22,1952. interest to women Social, Personal and Organisational News Ectelle Kthler, Editor, Phone 2J. Miss Leints, Honored Miss Frances Leintz, whose marriage to Mr. David Woodson will be an event of August 30, was the honor guest at a miscellaneous shower given last evening by Mrs. Howard Bacon and Mrs. Robert Seal at the home of Mrs. Bacon on Vine Street. Those who enjoyed the occasion were: Miss Frances Leintz, Mrs. Clarence Leintz, Mrs. John Leintz Jr., Mrs. Pete Beseh, Mrs. Frank Pierce, Mrs. Robert Woodson, Mrs. Arthur Huggins, Mrs. L.R. Channell, Mrs. Cleo Wells, Miss Helen Hiatt and Mrs. Ethel Woodson. Virginia Wiley, Gary Zimmerman Kenneth Edmonds, Diana Edmonds Mary Jane Shockley, Darlene Shoe kley, Marjorie Shockley, Karen Christ, Michael Christ and Ron aid Coffin. Family Reunion The seventh annual Turner reunion was held at Jackson park at Atchison with a basket dinner at noon. There were 31 persons present James Baker of Leavenworth was the oldest and Terrance, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bond/ of Atchison, was the youngest present Mrs. Otto Reintsma of Sibley, la., came the fartherst to attend. The reunion will be held at the park next year on the fourth Sunday of August Those present were Stella Aidrich of Topeka, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Turner, Mrs. Spence Baker and Shirley, all of Weston, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Turner of King City, Mo., Louis Zacharias of Onaga, Henderson Reunion The seventh annual reunion of the Henderson family was held at Lakewood Park in Bonner Springs August 17 with 90 relatives and friends attending. A basket dinner was enjoyed at one o'clock and the afternoon was spent visiting and enjoying concessions at the park. Those present were: Mr. S. V. Henderson, Mrs. Lena Norman, Herbert and Bettie, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Norman and children, Oskaloosa; Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Maltbie and Jimmie, Wichita; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Klepper and family, Mr. Sam Briscoe, Mr. Jack Harper and Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Sch- enopenberg and family, Higginsville, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. George Saling and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Auderkirk and daughter, Bjckman Mills, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mulvahill and daughter, Overland Park, Kas.; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Henderson and family and Miss Shirley Thompson, Loring, Kas.; Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mills James Baker and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sullivan and Sonny, Vickery BaTcer, Woodrow Logan and daughters, Janice and Judy, all .of Leay- enworth, Mrs. Reintsma of Sibley, la., and Mrs. Fred Everling, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Turner and children, Mrs. Ruth Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil. M. Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bond, Terrance Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Nielson and John Colgan of Atchison. Birthday Party Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ammel entertained with a birthday party Wednesday for Emmett J. Bailey Jr., on the occasion of his second birthday. Refreshments of ice cream and cake and lemonade were served. The guests were Emmett's mother, Mrs. Kathleen Bailey, his sisters and brother, Lenora, Janet and James Edward Sailey, Ray- and family, Lansing, Kas.; Mr. Jerry Deaton and Miss Shirley Freeman, Tonganoxie; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Baird and daughters and Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Foreign Exchange Answer to Previous Puzzje VERTICAL 1 Peruvian coins 2 Paradise 3 Denials 4 Supports 5 Ireland 6 Sorrier 7 Oil (suffix) 8 Common ailments 9 Among 10 Touch .il Gaelic 17 Reared • 19 Medicated tablets IZ 13 HORIZONTAL 56 Cape 1 Japanese coin 57 Female rabbit 4Mexican coin 8 You spend francs in a French —— 12 Poem 13 Persian coin 14 Hebrew measure 15 Limb 16 Hospital attendants 18 Cracked 20 Confuse 21 Tropical plants 22 Goddess. Of discord 24 Salute 26 War god 27 Musical direction 30 French schools 32 System 34 Washes lightly 36 Fancy 36 Hypothetical forces 37 Repose 39 Chemical suffixes 40 Child's toy 41 Deed 42 Task 45 Slices of bacon j 49 Newspaper men 51 Former Brazilian coin 52 Prayer ending 53 Formerly 54 Finish 55 Pronoun c A p H fi R e s E T o a A -r o R 1% E U A T E. A N «? A T e t s L. A N o T O T IM A I l_ R A a T R O U •^ E K S H O S E A K. T •'•'! 1 T E M S A U T A R M O K \ A V E R S e *\ c. ••i s f E l_ L, E « J K t= t. V t A 1 i> l_ e -..- t K A e. D 1 T fa £7 A N f M A l_ f* E a A T ^ Nl A K. 1 N E T A S V 1= — P A K 1 & 23 Send 38 Calm 24 Demigod 40 Danish coin 25 Sour > 41 Donkeys 26 Item of 42 Stuff property 43 Half (prefix) 27 Broke 44 Unclosed 28 Carry (coll.) 46 Curves 29 Fruit drinks 47 Nevada city 31 Weirder . 48 Lateral part 33 Instruct 50 Unit of weight 21 y> 3b N9 sz. 3 <M 37 Zfe 50 32- ZO 39 •n Lisson, Linwood, Kas.; Mrs. Ernest Siscoe and daughters, Jewel, Zelda, Gladys and Nettie, DeSoto, Kas.; Mrs. Roy E. Siscoe Sr., Mrs. Roberta Cain, Lawrence and the following from Kansas City: Mrs. Alice Henderson and Gladys and Leo, and Mrs. Wayman Auderkirk and daughters, Mrs. Marguerite Wenzel, Miss Mary Cahill, Mrs. Betty Flenker, Miss Paula Jean Milan, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cahill, Jimmy and Frances, Misses Karen Sue and Loretta Cahill, Mr. J. S. Cahill, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Edgen- der and son, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Henderson and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. Henderson, Miss Sandra Craig, Mr. Lee F. Edgender and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Henderson and family. mond Gephart and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hall and Bary and Bruce. Bridal Shower f As a pleasure for Miss Frances Leintz, bride-elect of Mr. David Woodson, Mrs. David Wells and Miss Joan Kenny entertained with a kitchen shower on Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Hoy Kreutzer. A color theme of pink and white was used in the appointments. Prizes at games were won by Mrs. Bill Allison, Mrs. Emma Rush and Mrs. Howard Bacon. The guests included: Mmes. Arthur Huggins, Clarence Leintz, John Leintz Jr., Richard Leintz, Pete Besch, Bill Allison, Bob Beall, Manford Sherman, Roy Kreutzer, Norman Nolop, Harold Waller, Howard Bacon, David Wells, Bob Wager, Beulah Knaebel, Ethel Woodson! David WeUs Jr., Robert Woodson, Misses Helen Hiatt, Dolores Wells, Mary Lee Schivartz, Frances Leintz, Louise Bennett and Joan Kenny. Religious Services At Rural Churches THE EASTON METHODIST CHURCH John Hodge, Minister Mr. Adolph Sass, Superintendent Sunday School at 10:00 A. M. Since the pastor will be away, there will be no Morning Worship in this church next Sunday. All members are urged to be present at the Sunday School. The next Morning Worship will be held at 11:00 a. m. September 7. Mrs. C.L. Bibee has returned to her home in Bristol, Tenn., after two weeks visit with her sister and brother in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Banks, RR Four, and her 'father, Mr. F. A. Dage. Mr. Dage celebrated his 75th birthday during Mrs. Bibee's visit Basket Dinner The WSCS of Bethel church on Highway 92 held a basket dinner and meeting at the home of Mrs. Arthur Wiley. The meeting was opened by the president, Mrs. Tom Alexander, and the lesson, "Pardon in Obedience" was given by Mrs. James Gillen. Members present were: Mmes. Tom Alexander Clarence Turtle, Frank Gillen, James Gillen, Pearl Giesen, Margaret Klinkenberg, Junior Shockley, Walter Lynn, Ed Ryan, Arthur Wiley, Chris Harrison, Clarence Geisen, Chas Edmonds, and the following visitors: Rev. Blake Mitchell, Mrs. Ly 1 e Coffin, Raymond Zimmerman, Floyd Lawrence, Minnie Tuttle, Winona Christ, Misses Genevieve Ryan, Mrs. Wayne Dougherty, 519 North Seventh, has returned home from the University of Kansas Medical Center, where she was a patien and received treatment for an eye infection. THE POTTER CHURCH John Hodge, Minister Mr. James Pennington. Supt Mis. Hoy KUgore, Assist Supt Sunday School at 7:30 p. m. Since the pastor will be away, hunger should be continued in the hearts of all. Let us enter into the House of the Lord for praise ani" worship. there will be no evening worship in i the book of Acts. this church next Sunday. The Sunday School will meet as usual; and all parents are urged to see that their children are regular in their attendance at Sunday School. THE BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH OF LANSING Harlan E. Spurgeon, Pastor. Eugene nines, Superintendent. 10:00 a. m., Sunday School, Lesson Topic: "The Making of a King" Scripture: 1 Samuel 16; 18; 22:1-2, 23:15-18; 2 Samuel 1:1 2-4; 3:1; 5:1-5. 11:00 a. m., Morning Worship 5:30 p. m., The pastor's personal conference hour. 6:30 p. m., The Fellowship Hour. Meetings of the Young Adults, Senior B. Y. F. and Junior B. Y. F. 7:30 p. m., Worship at Eventide. Prayer meeting time in Lansing s every Wednesday night at 7:30 o'clock. You are invited to worship vith us and join in our study of Sgt. and Mrs. James Paul McIntyre of Chicago, HI., announce the birth of their son mis morning at the Great Lakes Naval Hospital. They have named the baby James Paul Jr. The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Perry Tomlinson of this city. Mrs. Tomlinson will leave tomorrow for Chicago to spend two weeks with her daughter and son- Mrs. Charles Larkin, who has been a patient at St. John's Hospital for the past two weeks, has returned to her home, 707 South Sixth. Mi-, and Mrs. Granville Bradley, 728% Shawnee, are the parents of a son born this morning at St John's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent McEvoy, 1104 Ottawa, announce the birth of their son this morning at St John's Hospital. Admitted yesterday as patients at St. John's Hospital were John Garrison, 830 Kickapoo; George Grooms, 121% North Fifth; Mrs Alice Phillips, 1134 Pottawatomie. Indonesia has treasures of rubber, oil, sugar, spices, minerals and fibers which have barely been touched, says the National Geographic Society. THE ROUND PP.AIRIE COMMUNITY CHURCH ,, Jfhn Hodge. Minister Mr. James Pennington, Supt Sunday School at 10:00 a. m. The next morning worship will be held at 11:00 a. m., Aug. 31. A large attendance at the services last Sunday attested to the nrevalent hunger for God. Indonesia is the largest Moslem country in the world in terms of people, says the National Geographic Societv. Middle Road Candidates Are Being Crowded By JAMES SURLOW WASHINGTON UB— The middle of the road is getting crowdec with presidential candidates. Within a few hours of each other Gen Eisenhower and Gov. Stevenson both claimed it as their natural habitat. It's not surprising. Both were considered fairly conservative a the time of their nomination. It's one of the reasons they were chosen. And at this point in American history it wouldn't be politically wise for a candidate to express anything but a philosophy of moderation. It's the mood of the country. The country is prosperous, there is plenty of food, the people are still undergoing a reflex action against Communism and Communists, and war doesn't seem too close, all of which encourage conservatism. Nevertheless, neither candidate can convince everyone he is a middle-of-the - roader. Stevenson himself said Thursday the middle means different things to different people. Any differences between :he two men should appear when they begin their campaign speechmaking. The fact that Eisenhower and Stevenson claim the center as their favorite place— which might indicate that any differences be- tween them are differences about details—may limit the range of issues. For example: not whether some policy or program of the Democratic administration was right or wrong but whether it was well-handled. When that occurs, if it occurs, the voters are not given a choice between a policy or program but a choice between two kinds of managers, Republicans or Democrats. Stevenson says the most serious issue in the campaign is foreign policy. But since he and Eisenhower are agreed on the main point in that policy—the necessity of stopping Communism by keeping and helping allies abroad— :hey will be debating details on how it is to be carried out or how it wasn't carried out. There is no doubt, judging from his fast denials, that Stevenson is sensitive to the Republican charge he is under Truman's thumb. Stevenson has gone out of his way—by, Deferring to the "mess" for Dinnerware Spode Wedgwood Castleton Blue Ridge Russel Wright in Washington and promising to be "ruthless" with corruption — to suggest the country can get a truly new management with a clean broom without changing parties at all. In turn the Republicans have tender ears when the Democrats hoot "me, tooism," at them. The implication is plain: They have no quarrel with Democratic programs and policies, so why change the management of an old busi- • HATTON'S • ANTIQUE SHOP • Old Pattern Glass • Colored Glass • Lamps 9 China • Furniture Lansing, Kas. So. of Leav. on Hiwys. 7 and 73. Phone Lansing 276 ness which the Republicans seem to think is all right? Meanwhile, the voters are waiting for both men and their followers to start the actual campaigning when, instead of merely being each other's critics, they offer constructive—and specific— notions of their own. The Romans usually made slaves of defeated soldiers. Do It Now! Have your furnace serviced early and be ready for winter. GET NEW f FILTERS HUMIDIFIERS CONTROLS CHECKED Gas furnaces are automatic but need attention like your car. Call early for an assured factory trained mechanic's skilled attention. Tuf-Hide Briefcases and Underarm Cases Guaranteed 5 Years! WHITAKER'S 323 Delaware Phone 42 Get Our Prices Before U Buy! Zephyr Awnings Residential and commercial. Redwood or aluminum. WirpA Combination Storm TTIM.U windows and Doors. Kitchen Cabinets Made to order. Ornamental Iron Porch and stair rails. "Estimates Without Obligation" GILLESPIE SALES & SERVICE 1812 Cherokee Leavenworth Ph 1280 Tou Will Get The "Best" In Prescription Service At WEBER'S PRESCRIPTION SHOP 527 Delaware Phone 21 PAINT WHITE OR ALUMINUM Master Painter Porch and Deck Enamel Linseed Oil .... $2.25 Gal. Paint Thinner . . $1.39 Gal. Leavenworth Auto Supply Co. 746 Delaware -And Just Look At The Low Price! Only- 49 Lyre-Back Chairs, 9.75 Hang it by the sink, dressing table or in the bath room. Hower hold's rings. Leaf holds wrist watch or bracelet. Beautiful glazed ceramic in yellow, red, pink or blue with green leaf. Ideal gift for all occasions Gift Boxed $1.00 HERBER'S 104 So. 5th Ph. 635 Packing for College? Let us clean your things. Now's the time to send us those suits, skirts and sweaters, those smart dresses and formats lor their "before college" cleaning. . Clark's Fifth Avenue Cleaners Join Our TV Contest! Prompt Pickup and Delivery On Our 3-Day Service Sin Are. Ss Spruce Phone 671 In by 9, Out by 5! 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