Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 27, 1950 · Page 17
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 17

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1950
Page 17
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aCutsfltt Dailti (ZTittettr 17 FRIDAY. EVENING, OCTOBER 27, 1950 Southeastern Arizona correspondents: ·Benson-- Mrs Jessie -Miller . -- · " , , . ' " 'Bisbee- Warren-- Mrs A J 'Gilbert;. 107 -Vista ' Warrea. . Bisbee-Warren-- Hugh Kcyes, Phone, ,707^ '·' Safford-- Mrs Vera-'Berryhlll. Phone, 174', - . · · 'Tombstone-- Stephen ftoleva Jr.,' Phone 2551- Wlllcox-- Mrs. Betty , Jo Hart., Phone 275-W Sixty W( AFWC L By HEI/ES BISBEE, Oct. 27. --Sixty to serve the Arizona Federati men of departments, division 1950-52 administration, Mrs. C president, has explained ' the because -' club .: work has become more extensive, as a result- of na tional changes by. the General Federation of Women's Glubs. -" Careful investigation of theii areas of work-- present conditions agencies and volunteers .operating In those areas i and the public needs-- has been .the preliminary task of state chairmen. Many.have been busy for some, months. They will 'present .recommendations to the board of directors of Arizona Federation of Women's Clubs at a dinner meeting in Encanto park clubhouse, Phoenix, Nov. S, at which district and club presidents, all state chairmen, past state presidents, members of boards of trust- ill Head divisions J GILBERT leaders ,have been appointed 3n of Women's Clubs as chairs and committees during the 3. H. Hess; Warren,' federation number is larger than. usual poetry division, -Mrs. Pearl McMillen, Whiteriver; music division, Mrs. -Bruce Moody,. Safford; Penny art division, , Mrs. Aubrey V. Smith, Phoenix. GFWC council of-. Internationa] clubs, Mrs.-.L. J. Gayman, Nogales; letter writing division, Mrs.' Glen Ffancom, Duncan; -projects division, Mrs. Dorothy Bennett, Mesa. International relations, department, Mrs. Guy.- Anderson, ' Safford; junior department, Mrs. William Wade, Peoria;. legislation department, cochairmen, Mrs. R. C. Blair, Phoenix; Mrs. -D. Burr DuBois, Tucson; · Mrs. William \G. Flay, ; Phoenix. . - · · · . S c o u t s Plan Talent Show to be present. . ' Others Invited District and junior chairmen have been invited to the meeting · also. The latter are the appointees of central, northern, southeastern, southern and southwestern^listrict federations and Arizona -Federation , of Junior Women's Clubs. 'They work with state chairmen to carry out 'plans and federation policies: State chairmen serving the fed. eration during .the current admin- ·' istration include: . American home department, Mrs. - Frank B. Stacly, Gila Bend; family living division, Mrs. J. D. Calhoun Jr., Phoenix; gardens division, Mrs. Frank Bosch, Globe; mothercraft division, Mrs. E. S. Edmunson, Nogales; -religion division, Mrs. P. H. Stewart, Morencl, , Communications d e p a r t m e n t , Mrs. L. S. Kennicott, Yuma; mo tion picture division, Mrs. C. A Burner Jr., Tucson; pressbook division, Mrs. L. C. Dingess, Yuma press division, Mrs. Irvin McUrew, Phoenix; publicity division, BENSON, Oct.'27.--Benson Boy Scout troop 13 will present a v talent show here $Tov. 29-which gives promise of being a different type show than has ever been presented in -Benson before, Scoutmaster M.; J. Bulzomi has announced; 3-D tails were worked out at a meet ing /Tuesday evening: · Featured on the program will be such artists as the late Al Jolson Andrews sisters, Tex Beneke, King Cole trio, Arthur Godfrey's geor gettes and others--all to be im personated. 1 . A matinee for the elementary school will be given Nov. 29, with admission set at-10 centis. In the evening admission prices'will be 35 cents'for .adults and 25 cents for students. Proceeds.will be used,to,purchase 'supplies and materials needed by the troop and to help defray costs of an overnight hike banned for Nov. 17 and 18to 2ochise Stronghold. Forty Scouts will participate in the outing, which 'will 'include contests and Gold Eagle Scout Palm Goes B ta z e Won' t To Youngster Only 15 Years Halt Se rvices Annual Halloween ^Festivities O ' · J ' ' · ' , ' · , ' ' " ' , ' , _ BISBEE, Oct-27.-- A 15-year-old Eagle Scout of troop 6, Jerry Mario, received a gold palm for his Eagle .badge Wednesday night at a.Cochise council, Boy Scouts of "America, 'court of ho'nor. One of -the youngest Scouts -ever, to receive the gold palm, 'Mario's award highlighted the court of honor, which saw/ 30 Scouts promoted and 'over 75 merit badges awarded.'" Only the silver 'palm now stands " between possible Scout. "Mario- and the- highest achievement for a Boy William ,V. Imrich, Scoutmaster finding, firemanship, carpentery, luntin'g expeditions. With an enrollment .of 37., at the September reorganization, .the unit Had three more' boys to '-.-join in the nast week. They Include Pat Cop- troop" 6. Heads Public Affairs Public affairs department _. E, Pearson, Tempe; citizenship division, Mrs. Marvin H. Frost, Tempe; government division, Mrs. Marvir. Hartman, Tempe; Indian affairs-division, Mrs, Burl Vincent, Winslow; industry division, Mrs. . B. Orth; Phoenix. ' Welfare department, Mrs. Arthur J: Barmes, Casa Grande; child welfare division, Mrs.. W. L, Diehl, Willcox; community service division, Mrs. John P. Sands, Glendale; health division, Mrs. Eugene A. kartell. Phoenix; gerontology division, Mrs. Frank E/. Kelly, Ash Fork; mental health division, 'Mrs. James M. Painter, Tempe; veterans' division,. Mrs. Richard F. Hall, ey, ,an Eagle Scout and .'highest ranking Scout in the troop.. He is l senior in the high school and capable and efficient in .; Scout york, Bulzomi said. Lyle Thomas. .Tenderfoot, also is t 1 senior; and (Frank Alvarado, a Second Class j Scout, Is a freshman. Phoenix. Arizona federation history corn- Mrs. Arthur.E, Kuehlthau, Tucson; radio and television division, Mrs. .Anna D- Holling, Yuma. Tucsonians Named . Education department, Mrs. H. R Hlnnant, Tucson; adult education division, Mrs. Clarence G. Falk, Phoenix; character education division, Mrs. Clarence Morrison, Benson; guidance division, Mrs. H. 2. Stuart, Bisbee: libraries divi- uion, Mrs. George Busch, Phoenix; 'public education division, Mrs. A. I;. Nowell, Coolidge; .scholarships division, Mrs. Clarence R. Smith, ! Tucson: UNESCO division, Dean 4 Mildred B. Sayre, Tempe.. . Pine arts'department, Mrs. M. L, Massey, Miami; art division, Mrs. Donald T. Stant Jr., Tucson; drama and pageantry division, Mrs. W. F. Grieve, Tempe; literature and. mittee, Mrs. J. H,. Macia. Tombstone; club^ institutes committee, Mrs. Dennis Weaver. Tucsdn; Club- woman magazine committee, Mrs, Caywood, Phoenix; of natural resources Mrs: Koger S. Binner.j The troop's recent plea for any old lumber to help-construct its' housing unit was met Only by Foxworth-Killeri Lumber Co., the Scoutmaster reported. Several loads, of lumber .and masonite were donated by Mgr./Roy McGoffin. There were no other contributions. The housing situation is at a of ,troop ,5,'vas 'presented with, a bronze palm for his Eagle badge by Rev. John Howard of St. Patrick's church. Billy Parra and Richard Aguirra were given Life Scout awards by Hugh Dugan Jr.. Mayor' Promotes Six Mayor H. T. Price promoted six Scouts to the rank of Star Scout. Ttiey were "Rolf Peterson, troop 2; William Rapp, Richard Salas, George Rivera and Wayne Rapp, troop 5; and Richard Harper, troop 6." S. G. E. Andreas, one of the-leading Scouts In the council, presented :irst class badges-to Decker Clark, tro^p 1; Mason-Coggin, Larry Whit- tery, horsemanship, reading; Arthur · Vargas, physical deve!6|i- ment, blacksmithing, safety, 'camping, athletics; William Rapp, path- tig. Bob George Ducich Barr; Mike -Kentera, and Robert Gaethje, :rqpp -2; JohirFoley, troop, 5;: and Paul ^Justice, Hayries Elvin Pier son,; · Tru and'Paul Renners, Promoted -from Tenderfoot" to second class were Joseph Saba, Gilbert Figeroa, -Alex Parra,. John "'eatherman,'. .David . Hogan . -and Mark Kiser,. troop 5; and To.ih.Les- ie. and- Dale'- Hancock, troop 6, ~oHce Chief Clarence ^Malley made the awards^ ' .-' , Badges Presented .Jasper; Steele,, Scout, executive, made merit badge presentations to he following Scouts: . Rolf Peterson,: art, home repair, music,, swimming, pathfialing; "ohn Foley, firemanship, home, re-; pairi horsemanship; Wayne Rapp, BISBEE, Oct. 27..--Candidates 'for homecoming queen at Bisbee high | carpentery,' ship, home pathfinding; fireman- repair, horsemanship; standstill at present'until, a can be chosen for the shelter. Rotary Hears Talk By Archaeologist , BENSON, Oct. 27.--Charles Di- Peso, archaeologist for the Amerind Foundation, Inc., at Dragoon Pass, was guest speaker at the Rotary club. Tuesday evening. He was in- jGeorge Rivera,, carpentery, path- slte finding, firemanship, horsemanship; home repair; Richard Salas, pathfinding, firemanship, carpen- Charier 1 Heighir^pmon, of J*Pj*. ta* natural resources division, Mrs. hv s » fles shtml G.-H. Clack, Kingman; clean waters division, Mrs. F. - A. Mueller, Phoenix. Convention committee, Mrs. lian tials M. Romine, committee. Tucson; creden- Mrs. Lenn W. Searcy, Bisbee; emblems and pins committee, Mrs. M. E. Linn, San Carlos; hospitajity chairman. Mrs. Kenneth Root, Tucson; resolutions committee, Mrs. Samuel Haydis, Salome; revisions committee, Mrs Sophia Smoot,Prescott;.safety committee, Mrs: Emil Anderson,.Phoenix; 'savings bond committee, Mrs Stan Owens, Eolbrook; security Hersie M. Palmer, Phoenix; youth conservation committee, .Mrs. F. D Kallenberger, Buckeye. Southeast Grid Tilts : Feature Pumas, Douglas And St. David By HUGH KEYES . net 27-- Bisbee high school's Pumas tapered off from a week TapT^ ne -- see week atempting to sharpen the Puma- Bisbee will enter the game to night favored to win, but Dicus has been taking no chances of letting his charges think the Safford team will be a pushover. Even ey high will throw the race imo a' three-way tie 'with Willcox, St. 3avid and Valley on top. . the Bulldogs were up-ended last ; Friday night by Nogales, Dicus believes they will be plenty tough because Safford year after year comes up with its best game against Bisbee. . Tony Silva, Puma right half who missed the Cathedral game last week, will see little if any action ': tonight. Silva Injured his back dur- · Ins practice when the te,am was getting in shape to meet El Paso Dicus announced he would probably start sophomore Kenneth Me- · Elyea at right half. McElyea'turned · in an outstanding game against Cathedral'and has been dubbed by many as one of the most promising Bisbee backfield prospects. Rounding out the Bisbee back- · field will be Bill Wagner at quarterback, Hadley Hicks at left half, and. Jack Hershey "at 'fullback. Maddern and 'Taylor will start at end, .Monahan ''and. Lean at tacklc-s, with Windsor, Jones, and · Butler -to be picked from for starting guards. Don AVolslagel will start at center for Eisbee. . The Bisbee high school student · body, will be well represented at · the game, with a special school bus- loaded to capacity scheduled to make the Journey. . · :_. The Douglas Bulldogs will" be playing on their own field tonight ' against El Paso's Cathedral Irish. The two-week lay-off enjoyed by * the Coffeymen will -come to an end and they will ge into the game in the role of underdogs, But .the tussle should , be plenty rough, with .both elevens turning In their share of scoring. The -Bulldogs are blessed with a beef trust in the line and their high-geared -backs, paced by the powerful thrusts' of 250-pound *Arthur Lawrence, will do doubt provide enougti to keep the 'Texans plenty busy during the evening. The Bulldogs, after their rest,. should be primed for Cathsdral and even though .the visitors will be favored don't count Douglas' big outfit out -of the running until * the final gun has sounded. ,* The six-man -grid- high light in ·» the southeastern partXaf the state t will be at, St. David, wnere_the ; undefeated Saints- meet Valley f, Union-ln a contest wh'lch will 3e- termine the loop king. St David * needs a victory over the once ( beaten -Valley crew to cinch the !" crown," while an" upset win by Val- Elks Association Chief Visits In Bisbee Today ^. BISBEE, - Oct. 27.--Dr. W. V, Ammons; Phoenix, president of the Arizona State Elks association, .will fficially visit the 'Bisbee .lodge to- A dinner is scheduled at 6:30. All Elks are Invited. A businesS meet- will bp- held at S. Wes Polley Addresses , Willcox Rotary Club BISBEE, Oct. '27.--Wes Polley, jochise.county attorney, was guest peaker yesterday at the-meeting f the Rotary club'in Willcox. Polley-spoke, · on the jmeasures svhich -.will appear on the Nov. 7 eneral election ballot horsemanship, home repair. " Richard- Agulrre, hiking, camp' ing,' wood carving, woodwork; Eddie Mendoza, r carpentery, horsemanship; Ramon Figueroa, blacksmithing, swimming, hiking, camping; Billy Parra, wood carving, hik- · and fire- manship Elvin Pierson, rabbit raising, cooking, poultry keeping, dairying, firemanship; ' Richard Harper, pathfinding, dog" care, poultry keeping, firemanship, rabbit raising; Tommy Fulghum, rabbit raising,, cooking, pathfinding, dog care, poultry keeping; Jerry Mario, · automoHlingi .ng, camping, blacksmithing; wood work, Paul '.Justice, Queen Candidate Field Narrows ·· BENSON, Oct. 27.--The fire which-broke out in the Community Presbyterian 'church last Sunday evening did greatest damage to the kitchen and recreation- hall, the latter housing.- Sunday' school classes.- The-, sanctuary, "however, was'only slightly damaged and will be used as usual this Sunday for 'church, services, Rev. David D. Martin said. i The, Sunday .school will meet in the sanctuary,-the Bible class In .the minister's study and the primary and beginners' class will meet at the manse, the minister announced. The Edith Hamilton youth choir, comprising about 18 voices, will sing under direction of Mrs. Leroy Bailey, · assistant organist and youth choir director. A piano will 3e used ..for the services until the church · has, electric power again to -use- the-organ.'. The boys' clubs will be able to hold, their regular meetings . as usual-in' the.^study. 1 Junior boys, age S to 11 .years, .meet every Monday at 4 p.m. and the intermediate joys, 12 years, and .over, Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. Mrs.: C.- E. Morrison, president of the-Ladies Aid. society- announced, the 'next regular monthly meeting Nov. 3 will be held-at her home. Strangers and visitors school have .been narrowed down 'are cordially invited to the fellow- after voting in classes yesterday shlp of this meetin g- , Bisbte District Readies For .BISBEE/Oct. 27.--Bisbe'e .district children are getting ready to take part in the annual-'Halloween parade and 1 carnival sponsored lay the Warren district recreation center,and local civic groups. Fromtthe way'things are .lining up, this year's event, "the sixth, Is-going to be one. of the most successful. Every child in the district is invited to take part. in the gala-affair, which always draws hundreds "of spectators as the witches .and goblins,"- spooks and-fiends 1 parade across the .business ' district .to Central, school, where the judging takes place. Vince Byrne, Kiwanis clu'S chairman for the;costume parade, has announced' cash prizes will be awarded winners. He added : aJl'chil- dren wanting to be in'the parade must assemble in the rear of'the Phelps Dodge store, Bisbee,' at 6:30 Tuesday night.' .They will leave from the .adjacent post office-plaza at 7 o'clock for the trek to Central. morning. Homecoming has been set for NOT. 10, the day the Pumas meet the.:Noga!es Apaches in Warr e n ball park. - . ' · - . . . ' The freshmen still have to choo between .Joyce Harris and Bobb Sanders for the final balloting. IT- sophomores will choose - elth Charlotte Kenwood -or -Mary Lo Watkins. The -juniors, even · after yeste day.'s voting, still have four co testants from which to choose.'B Benko, Donnie Lee Locke, Bet Pomeroy, and Kay Reppe are st in the running. Louise Hendrick Mary Louise Stensrud and Ma garet Worrell will compete for tt finals from' the senior class. Southeastern Radio Dial KAWT - DOUGLAS 1450 . . - - - KGT,U - SAFPORO 1480 KSUN -- LOWELL . 1230 FRIDAY NIGHT. 8:00 Cloak and Dagger 6:15 Cloak and Dagger 6:30 Danuerous Assignment o:45 Dangerous Assignment 1 7:OC'NIeht Beat 7:15 Night Boat 7:30 Confidentially Your 7ys_Con£ldenUally_Youri_ 8:00 Waatn) - «:1S Wanted 8:3D Voice ofthe Army 8:4a Pro and Con , 9:00 One Man Family 'W» Ncwf 9:30 First Piano Quartette" B:45 First Blano Quartette 10:00 -Life Of ~Riley 10:15 Life OfBJIey 10:30 Richfield Reporter 10:45 Adrian Rolllnl 11:00 11:1.1 '1:30 11:45 SATUBDAY MORNING , 9:30 Alurm Clock c/'^b «:4$ Alarm Clock Club 315 N. 4tl Ave. r«ai- *ro«n(J Keating and ' Glover-Clark, Inc. 7:15 Valley' Varlettei '30 News 7:4J Marine Band C:00 Mind Your Manners 3:15 Mtad Vcur Manneri 8:30 News - · .8;5 Skllch fiehdenon Affairs was accompanied by slides showing high lights of his six weeks' expedition this past summer into the uncharted wilderness of Mexico's Sierra Madres. He was "accompanied on Jhe expedition by Mr. and Mrs. Ray Garner of the' Harmon foundation, New. York, who took motion pictures of scenic attractions, in the area, which: is inhabited by Tarahuma and Gxta- rachio .Indians. They also took photographic stills for National Geographic magazine. DiPeso wrote the script which, will accompany ;he movies and collected archaeological material. . - ... ^^_. Frank Tarr, Tucson', .attended.the 7 . M v.]iew«ri«u«r meeting, which was .held in the "·· " school cafeteria. - ·· Rotary Anns prepared and served the dinner. . . Harold Holcomb, president, presided. ^ . · Safford Clubs To Stage Vaudeville SAFFORD, Oct. 27. -- Rehearsals .or the service club competitive vaudeville show Nov. 4 in the Saford high school auditorium have been under way the past week. The strangest "characters ,,have oeen seen wandering the streets leading to the. rehearsal location. .. Participating groups include Sat- 'ord Rotary; Kiwanis; Swift-Murphy post "American Legion and auxiliary; Junior and Senior Worn- ens clubs; Cervantez-Jphn post and unit, American Legio.n; Epsilon Sigma Alpha sorority; and . the Jariat Square Dance club. The show is being sponsored by the Safford Pilot .club. Proceeds will go to underprivileged children in the valley;.the Graham county school for handicapped children, Pilot's project; and to a local scholarship fund.. Mrs..H..M. Carson Jr. s chairman of the show committees.' . · ' . - ' - . Dinner Music Dinner Music Dangerous Assignment Dangerous Assignment - Night Beat / ~ Night Beat Confidentially Yours · _ConfideDtially Youra TEA ^~ TEA Babe RUth.Story _ Social Security One Mnn's Family Ncw ; First Piano Quartet First Piano Quartet Life orRliey Llfe.of Hfl«y That's 30 Guest-Star News Pulton Lewis Money for Futur« Som Hayes Gabrtel Heatter Mutual Newsrpei Vincent Lonez Orch. Vincent Lopez Orch/ , Hidden Truth Hidden Truth Cisco Kid Cisco Kid Look at Headlines t Love n Mystery True Or False True Or False' Olenn Bardy News Dream rime Dream Time - Tomorrow'* deadline* Orffan Moods Riverside Rancho Riverside Rancho Spanish Hour ' Spanish Hour. Sunrise Solute Sunrise Saluta. Rl^e anri Rhhip Rise and Shln«. EreakfssT nlewi' Trio Time Minn vour Manners Mind Your Manner* News Music oil the Hecoro Roadside Chape] .-News Singing Down The^Road Singing Down The Road _ Frank Hemingway Breakfast Gang · Breakfast Gang News ' fl:00 Archie 'Andrews Archie Andrews 8:15 Archie 'Andrews ' Archie Andrews 3:30 Smllln' Ed McConneU Smllln 1 Ed McConnell- 8^45 Srollln'^jM McConneU Smllin' Ed MCConaell Feir.me Fair News Haven of Rest Eaven of Rest Theater. Time in-ss ir -- Saturday-Session 10:30 News. - News- 10:45 V'elerani AdirJnlrtraaonHere'i to Veteran! Saturday Serenade Saturday Serenade farm Extension news " 11:00 Break The Bank 1115 Break the Bank 11:30 Music I1.-4S News ·· SATURnav AFTERNOON" 12:00 Mary Lee Taylor " 12:13 Man" Lee Taylnr 12:30 -Farro.and.Home Hour 12:43 farm and Home Hour 1:00 Swlnx Session 1:15 Swing Session i:3D Swing Session 1:« Swing Session Les Brown Here's to Vets Eddlp Howard Air Force Band : Stars.- on Parade ·Stars on. Parade College Choir . - · ' College Coolr Mary Lee Taylor · Mary Lee Taylor Farm, uno tlume Hour . Farm and Home Hour -News · Jerry and Sky Man on the Farm · Man on the Farm 2:00 TEA 2:15 TBA 2:30 TBA- 2:45 TBA NBC Football NBC Football NBC Football NBC Football NBC Football Associated Football . Associated Football Associated Football 3:00 TBA ' · . ' 3:15 TBA . 3:30 Wayne Howell Show 3:45 Wayne Howell Show 4:00 News , ' . . ~~ 4:15 Herman Hlckman 4:30 First Piano Quarctte 4;« Flrat Piano Quarette Associated Tootball Associated Football Associated Football Associated Football Associated Football" Associated Football Associated Football Associated Football Man on the. Farm Man on'-the Farm University Farm- and Ranc University Farm and Ranch Air Force Show Air Force Show Hleh School Hllltei Football T Football : ~~~ Football Football Football - - · Football . Football Sports By Keyei Three Suns 5:00 Living 1950 5:15 Living 1050 5:30 News 5:11 GUM! Slur- Associated Football Associated Football News;and Sports Music - Three Suns ' Three suns Bandstand USA Bandstand USA S E W - G E M New Sewing Ease arid Perfection · Sciv-Gem Can't lock or Jam · Features Kight-Hand Bobbin · Silent Synchrbmatic Drive · Bronze Bearings for Smooth Operation · Pins Many More Priced a* low , a* "Write for. Information on State Dealer Franchises Being Formed 149 75 A WIDE ASSORTMENT OF CABINET STYLES COMPLETE AUTO HOME SUPPLY COMPANY 530 North Stone Arcnno Tucson, Arizona Pfcone S-8851 on your lot or one of our locations From the hundreds we have built m Tucson--we can show you homes-ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. · SPECIALS · RED BRICK -- BEAUTIFUL PLANS ' 2-Bedroom §6,000. 3-Bedroom $7,600. On Your Lot ONE STOP SERVICE WE CAN FURNISH PLANS · LOCATIONS · FINANCES : "Onr permanent organization of skilled craftsmen has been : building CT7STOM BUILT HOMES throughout the entire Tuc- · son area for many years, ranging In price from $3000 to · $50000 and consisting, o£ every type of design and construe: tion. This organization, plus pur large purchasing power, ! allows as .to offer you the maximum value in quality of both , i material and workmanship, and what Is Important to yon, We · will still be here to carry out our policy of one years' uncon- · ditional guarantee on yonr.-home. ' · FEATURES: i Double brick" -walls. Steel reinforced foundations. Finest : Hester adjustable, steel' casement jvlndows." Metal trimmed · door frames. American 'Standard cast iron plumbing fix: tures. Over 100 Square feet of famous National Tile Com: pany cramic tile Installed In kitchen drainboard and over ! bath tab. Sunray rock" wool, insulation. Foundations and I · gnrronndtag grounds thoroughly 'TEBJOTE' PBOOFED and^ i guaranteed. Cabinets of'virgin-cut, select lumber and ply-'i -wood, custom built in our 'own cabinet shop. Lumlnal rub- ~ ; berized, flat'wall paint, that we guarantee washable. lilfr- · time guaranteed asphalt tile in kitchen'and bath. Top quality ; Hall-Mark durable chromeplated bathroom accessories. AJi i electric fixtures and -wiring, Underwriters Laboratories A]| proved. Crlotex Corporation' Xo. 210 thick roof shingles. ; ''All heating: equipment A' G. A. Appro-red and thermostaUcal- i ly controlled. All kitchens · equipped, with exhaust fan to prevent food odors. v 1 618 N. FOURTH AVE. PHONE 4-0458 Valley Fans To See Good Tilts By VERA SAFFOED, Oct. 27.--Gila valley football .fans will, have a . well .rounded week-end- schadule watching the various .schools in action at- home games. · This afternoon-at Ft. Thomas the Apaches, will meet the six-man aggregation from Willcox: Both teams are in good condition-for this game and both feel .confident of a win. ' Tonight at Eastern Arizona college stadium" in Thatcher the Safford Bulldogs will tussle with the .Bisbee ^iimas. 1 : Dick Ridgway,, driving fullback for the .Bulldogs, is continuing, his brilliant-playing. He. has five touchdowns in .three games and will be one :of the conference leading ground-gainers if he continues this type-'of playing'for-the remainder of the season. Dick is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Ridgway. Tomorrow night at; the BA stadium the Monsters face the "men of Troy" from Trinidad, Coio. This promises to be.an interesting game. The'Thatcher Eagles will travel this week end to Globe'for a game tonight. The Pima' Bronchos travel to Haydeh, where they play tomorrow afternoon. Their final game of the season, one' week from Friday, will be played 'on the home grounds. Safford Attempts , Halloween Event SAFFORD,. Oct. 27.--Through the combined efforts of J.- Gannon, Safford -junior high school instructor^ and coach, arid 'the" other junior] ilgh .school teachers, a party is; planned for all children from the ages of 3 to 12 on Halloween night from 7 to 8:30 at the county fairgrounds. - ' · - . - · Co-operating 'with' the teachers will be the Safford PTA, Pilot club, Junior'and Senior Woman's clubs and other women's organizations. They will furnish refreshments. Prizes":will 'be provided by. the men's service prganizations.;. · For the seventh and eighth grade student's there is a_ party and dance planned in -the- school auditorium. This is- the. first time a program if this type has been attempted in safford on Halloween night, and .t is' hoped many of the pranks, ricks and treats will be eliminated through this wholesome method; Although, the 'parade is always one of the most outstanding features on the program, there are plenty, of .other -events; scheduled ;o make this, year's ..celebration -the best ever,,it is pointed:out. The Bisbee Rotary club is" sponsoring .a teen age dance', in, the recreation center gym, starting at 9 o'clock. The Lion's club will .add even more to the festive occasion by running., entertainment in .the lobby. Spanish,, food will be available, along with candied 'apples and other .tastyv items: · . Games including penny.pitching, bean-bag throwing, fish, .ponds, grab bags and many more will provide varied^ entertainment. In addition, to :the: Kiwanis, Rotary and. Lions clubs, other organi- zations'are lending a hand to the center for the carnival. They -are the' Girl Scouts,-Boy Scouts, PTA roups and Y-Teens. : - . Officials .report there/will be plenty of fun 'and frollicking. for every child- in. urge- parents to dren and to let them'take part in the program. the. district and bring their 'chil* Edgar F. Rucker Republican For. . County Attorney 400 Petition For UMT Bill BENSON, Oct. 27.--Thirty petl- tions in circulation here the past four weeks- asking support of the proposed bill providing for universal military training had 400 signers.when collected Monday,- it was announced by the chairman of : the'project, Mrs. John Bauman. Of'this nurriber, 321 were residents of this area- and the. others were from out .of the state or other parts' of Arizona. The petitions, placed in business houses of Benson, St. David and Pomerene, were'placed in circulation following discussion of the proposed bill by local American Legion auxiliary members. · The petition read: "In view of the present world situation In -which continuing military strength Is the only safeguard against attack and in view of the 'act that in war the trained manias a much better chance to come lome alive, we, the undersigned, believe that congress should imme 1 diately. provide military training ' all our young men as survival nsurance for them and security nsurance for our nation." The petitions were mailed yesterday to the Cochise Washington representatives asking that the bill be enacted. · FwWlnhwt Dxorwiyr- P*rch»i P«tl»E Atk for Color BookUt Cholc* of Colorel - fHA financing. Buds** t«rm»i' KDDLVENT 3743 E. Speedway Phone PIP E CAST IRON GALVANIZED BLACK COPPER BEHMICO CONDUIT - PLUMBING FIXTURES CAST IRON--CHINA--PRESSED STEEL '.' FITTINGS SOIL, COPPER, BRASS/GALVANIZED Bring in.your plans and let us give you figures on your Plumbing and Electrical needs Campbell Hardware Plumbing Supply Co. 2743 N..Campbell Phone 5-2438 FORALIGHT.BR/MT, D0NNRI6HT SATISFYING AKIZONAIUWIN0 COMPANY, INC. · PHOf NIX, AIUONA

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