Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 7, 1972 · Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 20

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1972
Page 20
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NICE NOT HAWNG UNP?ISN TIT Nic J'OT HE/toH6 HER VOICE? LUCKY-NUMBER 5COJRKAKD RIGHT HERE! Q O D fWHV OO VOO 'DROP) I'M SAVINS TOR CHANSE 1N TH AT (MV VACATION ; (VASE gOOPTENg, ·J-7 . SMm TRIPS THE MAGNETIC DEVICE; NOW/LOOK, AK. SMITH IS A BUND /WPUTEE TEOMVieTNMVJuS OF WAITER REED HOSPITAL. SIR, WHAT METAL OBJECT DO HAP 6NOIJSH ofA VO'Rg RIGHT, MftW- THftT'S TH' FUST TIME HE EUER SfilD *GLflBBLE" HARK!! TRIER'S PICKED UP A BRAND-NEW WORD /HERE'S A I WEEK'S SUP PLV · O'THAT f EXPEMS1VE VBlRDSEED- ONEHOUR LATER YO'ETTH' '"·A A I'M NOT GOING TO WHOLE THING!! )\ DIGW1FVTHAT '/. REMARK BV ARGUING --OUST x^^^-l GET SOME MORE. TJr- . m/ FOOD FIT FOR. A KING.'.' AMD THAT'S ME-KING OF POGPATCH.V TENTH -TIME, \ x :; A LOT DIFFERENT [? CUSKR I WOULDN'T EVEN CALU YOU A COOK FOR TWO euys wrio WON'T CALL BAC^ THEY'RE GURE CALLING BACH OT)4eB A LOT WOLlLPN'T CAW. YOU A TASTER YOURSELF/ X WOULDN'T CALL YOU A CULINARY CRITIC/ % WODLDN'T EXACTLY CALU YOU A CHEF/ t w ( u.e FIND wy GLASSES; * V YOU lojav j CAM'T ( 6E6 WrrHOUT THEM.' '--^_^, f DOSSONE IT/ " V TODAY I V/AS , 7 GOINQ TO "\ [ AS HIM v ~-, A RAISE HELMSMEN M lire RELftX AT WE WHEEL BV i SKIPPING IT WITH TH£tR 7WS Northwtkt Arkttiiwi TIMES, Won., Aufl, 7, W2 , AMKANIAI LESTER L COLEMAN, M, D. Fever Comes In Several Varieties JOSEPH ALBINI (I780-1B53J · SERVED 1M THE SRR01NIAN NAVY FOR 69 YEARS ·-JOIUIUS tTffT THE AGE Of JO AUD SfKWHG t/NT/i atsJ£ATHAT79 1D"| r ' 1 ITT Till M»i- I RANGES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Look in the section in', which our birthay comes and find 'hat your outlook is, according 0 'the stars. FOR TUESDAY, 'AUGUST 8 .RIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Auspicious aspects promise many fine advantages now. so ou should be able to boost our score. But do be logical, nparlialand objective in your hinkiiig. "AURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Throw your weight where it :an do the most good. Aim for 1 swift completion of outsland- ng matters. Confer willvknow- edgeable heads; don't wait un- il you hit a snag. -EMINI (May 22 to June 21) Some moments may be more .ifficult than others. But, o n he whole, you should be a.blc o smooth out possible kinks, vith the Geniinian's natural in- [enuily and foresight. IANCER (June 22 to July 23) Personal relationships should e highly congenial so, if you need assistance of any kind, do Qt hesitate to seek it. ,Some nvaluable advice may also be iroffered from an unexpected ioui'ce. ,EO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Study new propositions and lie persons who make them. Don't make decisions by guess- vork, and do be alert to sche- ners and daydreaming opti- nisls. · ' " ' . ' 'IRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. ' 23) Watch finances, but don't be- ome too anxious ' over them, tust make up your mind to pur- ;ue a conservative and realis- ic course. ,IBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Remembering little, but essential, matters will he impor- int now. D o . y o u r best to remain calm even though others may be on the edgy side. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Don't play up your successes to the,point of devastating the morale of others. You can accomplish a great deal now but along the Way, be considerate of associates. .. , SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec.. 21) You may run into some oppo sition, but don't counterattack Remain calm, t a 1 k things ou quietly, reasonably and fairly and you could put over many a good point. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) . . Some planetary restrictions Don't act hastily, don't jump to conclusions without being fiilly informed, and don't hi careless about details. A 1 could prove detrimental later. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Peb 19} ' A period in .which the Aqua rian's innate imagination ant ingenuity can result in excel lent advantages. Do make thi most of a good day! PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20 You may have to revise a well prepared program or im prove upon a system but. i necessary, don't hesitate. Anc don't fret about it! Change; will be beneficial. YOU BORN TODAY, ruled by the Sun, are one of the mos dynamic of all personalities You have enormous pridi which, if working for you, can lead to unusual achicvemen but, if expressed in self-impor lance; can lead to arrogant and hauteur -- with the resul that you will make many en emies. You have a great lov for luxuries and will worl assiduously t o a t t a i n them Your talents are many, but a an executive or salesman yoi are tops, Birthdate of: Gonni Stevens, singer. I didn't know until my wife wa.s In the hospital Hint there are different types of fever. I realized how little I iiiul perhaps most people know about what normal body temperature is. Mr. E.S., Colo. Dciu- Mr. S.: The mechanism b y ' which mpcrature is controlled is an ^citing interplay of body notion.. There Is a distinction between 'ever" and "temperature.'' empcrature Is ; the normal cgree of 1 body heal of any vlng being. Fever Is -Hn elc- ation of that body temperature. Generally, It is accepted that brmal temperature by mouth 08.G F. .During n phase of ctivily, tlie normal range may o to 09.0 F. Ail' rectal tern eratures are one-half to one hole degree'higher. SELF-REGULATION A remarkable self-balancing lechanism, located within the rain, controls the temperature the body ,by. 'changing the load circulation to 1 the'skin, lit! by the process of sweating. You are understandably con- ised because there are fevei ariations that are important to ic doctor. . · - · · "Sustained" fever, for exarn- le, is an elevated tempera- ure that remains constant. An "intermittent" fever is ne that falls to normal eacl Crosswrd By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1. Chinese tea 4. Dry ·7. Burn, in a way 12. Ship's record 13. High note 14. Keenly desirous ·15. Girl's name 16. Irish county 15. Soak 19. Reporter's ' triumph 20. Man's name 22. A public house 23. Assistant 27. Lease 29. Irish county 31. Fundamental 34.' Stories 35, Irish county 37. Poollike organ 38. Indian of Yucatan 39. Constellation 41. Ireland 45. Papal veil 47. The present 48.Famed in · song 52. American humorist 53. Wide ' awake 54. High card 55. Biblical name 56. Kills 57. Spread grass 58. Dawn goddess DOWN 1. Irish county 2. To hang about 3. Pea tree 4. Hardens 5. Educe 6. Menu item 7. Ooze 8. Vehicle 9. Turkish officer 10. Irish sea god 11. Arid . Average lime of lolultont 27 mln. Answer to Saturday's puzzle. 17. Body of water 21. Girl's name 23. To humble 24. Sick 25. Expire 26. Abstract being 28. Hebrew priest 30; Indian 31.-Cheat .32. Miscellany 33. En closure on farm 36. Miss Martin 37. Buckingham, for one 40. City in Morocco 42. Senseless 43. Roundup 44. Pitchers 45. Cereal grains 46. Ogled 48. Neon 49. Entire amount' 50. Meadow 51. Twisted 20 38 28 22 39 29 23 30 3-1 41. 55 8-7 lay, then rises iignln above noi' niiL A "septic" fever Is one In vlilcli there are marked varU Uions, usually ussoululcd with chills and sweating. Over the years, doctors liavo .earned to associate special variations of fever with certain specific diseases. Mahirlii, for example, IIB.J characteristics swings of (ever. Pneumonia, too, may have » characteristic scnle of fever, One particular kind of fever that Is always baffling to doctors is FUO, or "(ever of unknown origin." Here, the ingenuity and the Investigating skill of the doctor are essential to (ind the source. , Docs a person wljo has had two attacks of quinsy sora throat need to have his tonsils removed? .. ' Mr. P.H., N.J. One attack of this painful abscess around the tonsils is more than good reason to suggest that the tonsils be removed. Anyone who has had thl.i unpleasant infection and swelling knows how sick and uncomfortable it can make the patient. The opening and draining of the peri-tonsillar abscess, or quinsy sore throat, is far mora painful than a tonsillectomy. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) West dealer. ^forth-South vulnerable. WORTH *AQ10 V J f l B , · 9713 *852 · WEST A J 7 6 2 EAST A K 9 5 4 * A J 5 * 10 862 *973 SOUTH A 03 V K Q 10 7 5 2 + K Q + A K 6 The bidding: South West North East 1 V Pass 1 NT. Pass 3 V , Pass 4 » Opening lead -- queen of diamonds. · Here ' is an extraordina r y land played in the match be- ween Spain and Great Britain during the 19GG women's European championship. Mrs. Durran, the British W e s t , opened three diamonds ind, after two passes, South competed with three hearts. It s hard to blame North for grabbing the bull by the horns and driving the hand to a slam- especially as her team at that moment was miles behind in the match.. W e s t led the queen of diamonds, won in .dummy with tha king, and declarer led .the ten of hearts, which "lost to the queen. Back came the jack of diamonds, covered by the-act', ruffed by East with the eight, and overruffed by South with the jack. ' ' · Declarer now played the ace of trumps, and that was the last trick she ever scored! When she continued with the king of spades, Mrs. Durran ruffed, drew the- two outstanding trumps with her king, cashed five diamond tricks, a n d ' t h e n led, a club, permitting East to score the last two tricks with the A-K of clubs. : Down nine--900 paints--on a slam voluntarily undertaken by the Spanish pair! Apparently preemptive bids pay off well! As a matter of fact, the damage would have been even m o r e catastrophic had West doubled six hearts and thus collected 2,600 points! At the second table, with Britain now North-South, the bidding went: Here, the belated preemptive bid by West came to a sorry end when North doubled four diamonds. The Spanish declarer went down four -- 700 points -- and Britain gained 1,600 points on the deal. PONYTAIL ^Ti. 1110 ""'- wcl! ' ni scltle WANT ACTION? Phono 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results, Rlvo full description mid start your Classified Ad (or B days. You may cancel It when results nro obtolned. You'll only ho charged for tho nctunl number of days tho nd ran.

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