Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 34
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 34

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 34
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C-4--IN9r? WHY GROW OLD? Give Your Man Courage by Saying He Looks Well Speak Q'jf Of Surrender By JOSLI'lllNi: LOWMAN "It's up to the uomfn to Lilly Dachf recently said. $ce to it that the mm in 'Remember, a woman's best her family look their b?:t iccessory is a well-dressed wi they can do their best." rain." continued this internation- ally famous d:si.;:ier of feminine app^re. "Women who do not Incx .ifler t!ieir husbands and son;, and make lure that their appear- THE PPER SKILLET RESTAURANTS [AT 3 LOCATIONS ONLY -- 2 4 HRS. DAILY) THRU APRIL N. Y. Delmonico Steak Dinner SPECIAL STEAK SANDWICH CriJF Ocic» of Drm SPECIAL DAILY LUNCHEONS Above Served at Our 3 Locations Only.' BROADWAY at ATLANTIC PACIFIC COAST HWY. at SEVENTH Nrar I. B. Stott Coll« 3 t 5333 E. SECOND ST. ance is always tops arc making a big error." Mi«s Dache feels that a preit many men arc self- conscious about b u y i n g "i wearables and really want .]' their wives to prod them. She believes that they actually like colorful clothing . but shy away from it because it may attract attention. S H C S U G G E S T S that women tell their mm how well they look in some of the more dramatic masculine clothing. The men will · · probably only wear it at · home on weekends for a while but later on may have . ; the courage to wear it else' where. Lilly Dache had a special ·; m e s s a g e for mothers of }.' teen-age boys and younger v boys. She said, "Don't allow the young male animal to -, become slovenly. That can often begin an attitude that will be with him for life. · and a great handicap to his career, social life and school · life. Young men. like their fathers and older brothers, have- a natural taste for dressing up but, like older , males, have to be given a push. Then they give in gracefully." * * * · CERTAINLY every woman enjoys seeing her man well groomed and attractively ;; dressed. She considers it a .,: mark of his affection that ;.'| he wishes to be as attractive ·' as possible for her. ASTONISHED WOMEN TELL US ARM HAMMER WASHING SODA IS SO PACKED WITH CLEANING MAGIC IT SAVES UP TO 6 TIMES WHAT IT COSTS! Arm Hammer Washing Soda rosts so little that women arc astonished at the way it conquers tlirt! Used instead of high-priced products, it t u r n s out cleaner washes, sparkling floors and woodwork... cleans stove burners, makes Venetian blinds gleam, sweetens diapers -- all for pennies! Like thousands of other housewives, you'll save $25, $50, $100 a year! Hard to believe? Of course it is. Worth a try? Sure! Invest a few pennies and try a box -- for the cleaning surprise and delight of your life! r whatever need/a cleaning/ ARM HAiWR WASHING SODA NOW IN TWO SIZES - Mb. AND 55-oz.! By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: I wish I knew what to do about a \ V o m a n 1 must see very often, and who is makins a n e r v o u s wreck of me. Whenever she is around she monopolizes the conversation. She has something to say on every sub. ject, whether she knows anything '"* . about it or not. Her big fault is breaking into a conversation. This butting-in business makes me very angry. No one can finish a sentence while she is present. She is the kind w-ho can dish it out, hut can't take it. Don't tell me to quit seeing her. She is a relative and lives near me, and I don't want a family fight.--NERVOUS D E A R NF.RVOUS: The type nf person you describe couldn't care less a b o u t listening. All she wants to do is talk. Either you must fight fire with fire--go right on talking, and continue while she attempts In Inter- i nipt you -- or you must turn in your tongue and surrender. M * · « DEAR ADBY: I belong to a poker club. I won't say I clean up on the girls every week, but 1 win more than I lose. Whenever I win a pot, one woman says, "Oh. well, lucky in cards -- unlucky in love." In other · words, my husband is no bargain. I am very satisfied with my husband and I re- I sent the implication. How I should I handle her? She is getting on my nerves. -- ! Lt'CKY IN CARDS DEAR LUCKY: Call her bluff and ask her to explain : her remark. » » · · DEAR ABBY: I was married to -- let's c a l l him "John" -- for nine years. During t i m e "John" endeared h i m s e l f to my family, who thought he was tops. He wasn't as "tops" ! as they thought he was. but that's another story. "John" and I w e r e divorced. My family blamed me. I didn't care to defend m y ·; c 1 f by tearing down "John" so, of course, he is still tops \vith my family. When they have family get-togethers, t h e y invite "John." He doesn't have the good sense to refuse, so consequently he and I are thrown together often. This annoys me because I want to be with my family, but I don't enjoy myself with solution?--"JOHN'S EX DEAR EX: Tell the one In your family with whom you feel you can be the most candid that you would like to attend the family get-togethers, but would appreciate knowing in advance If -John" will be there. It Is y o u r privilege to protect "John" there. Is there a yourself from social iltua- II*.... wtilth could be embarrassing. · · · · C O N F I D E N T I A L TO "SLEEPLESS NIGHTS:" If y o u r religion permits It, t e l e p h o n e y o u r local PLANNED PARENTHOOD center and tell them what you ha»r told me. The Lord doesn't want you to have any more children than you can feed. · · · * For Abby's booklet: "How To Have A Lovely We'd- ding," send 50c to Abby. rtox 33G5, Beverly H i l l s . Calif. VISIT THE GOURMET RESTAURANT COCKTAIL LOUNGE · PIANO BAR Beautiful View Deck Dining Room Overlooking the Waterfront INTRIGUING DELIGHTFUL Elepant decor cf th« "Days ot Sail" LUXURIOUS GOURMET DINNERS DELIGHTFUL LUNCHES SUNDAY BRUNCH Rich leathers nnd mahogany, polithed brail and gleaming ship's lantern SHIP SHORE t FASHIONS I \ ·i* WORLD FAMOUS Fine foods from ports "Arcund the World EXOTIC DISHES Port of Spain Shnmp Creole Chicken Calcutta with Chutney and Curry STEAKS - SEAFOOD Choice Eastern St«nV*. Select Seafood ircm the "Seren Seal QUALITY SPIRITS At the foot of Magnolia Goldon on the waterfront Phono GE 5-4906 Long Beach for reservations Repeated by Popular Demand unities you FOR 10 DAYS ONLY! $Q97 MARSHMALLOW COMFORT This Special was a "Sellout" just a few weeks ago REGULARLY $10.99 L-onjfanct · Unlincd · Air foam padded imolo · Staclod heel · Very liqht weight · Guaranteed the softest, the most comfortable shoe you have ever worn, and Barnctt's brings them to you at this very special low price in black or ranch tan. ·Siiei 5 to I I -- A A A to B H.«ti*)fen fart. 1117 r««ifi« t'vtf ·lil « f.M. 207 PINE AVE. HE 7-9485 **. 101 S. Merit! St.-- lw«f fa*. 1201 OMW-Min. | M N« r«r* S^tppit? Ccntvr

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