Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 2
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A-2-1NDEPENDENT IMC*. C«ti»., MM. tori X. 1*1 f-L.A.C. SAYS:- t Bad News in Britain PEOPLE IN THE NEWS Report Plot to Kill Cardinal Gushing scoured the Pacific Oceia off ? The Labor Party in Britain achieved an outstanding victory last week in three key district elections. They were special elections to fill seats in parliament PIC Labor, Conservative and Liberal parties went all ont because they considered it a vital indication of what will happen in next year's general election. The Labor Party won easily--the Conservatives were a weak third. * 4 4 If this trend continues, it is evident the Labor Party will take control of the British government next year. This is a chilling prospect for the nations that h^ve counted on Britain to continue to be a strong opponent of the Comrvifnst aggressions. It raises the question of the future of U.C. bases where its planes are located in the Biitish Isles. ; The Labor Party leaders have professed a much more appeasing attitude toward Russia than has been the policy of the Macmillan government There is a strong "I'd rather be Red than dead" attitude among its members. It lost its most conservative leader by his recent death. No one seems to know just what will be the policy of the new leadership. * * . * This trend has been apparent for some time. It is believed it has had much to do with the De Gaulle attitude of keeping Britain out of the Common Market A closer trade agreement with Russia is expected if the Labor.Party takes over after next year's election. ; One big question is--how much further would Britain go into socialism under the Labor Party? It will be recalled how it took over the government soon after World War II. Socialism was extended to medi- tihe, coal mines and other industries. It had started to socialize the steel industry when the people decided they had enough srid placed the Conservative Party in'power. ! * , * ; The United States placed Britain on its feet by pouring some $3 billion of Marshall 'Plan and other aid into its economy. Under the Macmillan government the economic recovery has been sensational-up until the last year, when it leveled off. The refusal of its entry into the Common Market and an increase ii\ unemployment have brought about another drive f or a change. * Some of the largest U.S. industrial firms have established plants in Britain. Billions of dollars have been so invested. There is concern as to the safety of tfese investments if a wide move toward nationalization of industry is followed. This would be in keeping ·-\jith the past record of the labor Party when it was ia command. - * * 4 5 It is an example of the dangers faced by U.S. investors in all foreign countries. What seems safe today can be wiped out by a change in government tomorrow. De Gaulle is having trouble with strikes against his government-controlled mines and transportation. There is unrest in many of the European countries as their cost of living increases faster than wages. The probability of Britain turning away from the policies of the past 10 years is another indication American-owned plants abroad may become C*m*j|«* Tnm Wiri Sinrlctt The Boston Record American said Eu-idiy the FBI is investigating a reported plot to kidnap and kill Richard Cardinal Cushing. Rooun Cztholic archbishop of Boston. A spokesman for the Boston office of the FBI said: 'We are aware of the story. Apparently it came to us as it to the came newspapers. W e h a v e m a d e n o s t a t e me n t whatso e v e r a n d w e ' l l have none to make. We are. of c o u r s e . OJSH1XG checking." The report said the kidnap attempt was scheduled for April 13. The record American account s a i d information concerning the purported plot came from two sources. One source was said to be a Spanish-speaking South American who gave information by telephone call. "Two Cubans, said to have been especially trained for the kidnaping, are reported to have entered the United States from Mexico on March 26,* the Record American said. The place for the plotted kidnaping was given as the cardinal residence at Lake Street and Commonwealth Avenue.** The newspaper added that Cardinal Cushing. 67, had been offered a 24-hour guard by Boston police but had refused it. The cardinal helped to raise $1 million as part of the ransom for prisoners taken in the ill-fated Bar of Pigs invasion. DIES SimutI P a l e y , retired Philadelphia manufacturer and philanthropist and father of William S. Paler. chairman of the board of the Columbia Broadcasting System, died Sunday at his summer home at Palm Beach. He was 87. The Russian-born Paley, who came to the United States with his family in 18S3 at the age of seven. founded trie Congress Cigar Ox ia Philadelphia- and served as its president until his retirement' several years ago. He also was an active member of the board of CBS from 1930 to I960. I1ETTER For the first time since he arrived on the French Riviera March 19. King Sand of Saudi Arabia got to enjoy his vacation Sunday, going for a 45-minute drive along the hills overlooking the Mediterranean. He has been sick ever since he arrived. The vacation is reported to be costing him about $5,000 a day. since he has an entourage of more than 100 persons with him, housed in four Cannes ho- Four From L.A. Perish in Crash BAKER (UPI) --Four per sons were killed Sunday when z car driven by a young woman, wh.1 had been cite for speeding only an hour before, slammed headon into another automobile. Four other persons were critically injured in the acci puppets of the countries where they are located--LAC jdent five miles east of this "* Southern California desert [LAXL'i coluTM. t/ L A. Colt;TM Sr, It, otter cofumrt. Jt »i t*- community All the victims £"epUr5"*;s^!£y.r1 ^" r ° f ""'''-"^ "* Kt f h t ""' were in an eastbound. car driven by Ann McLaughlin, 25, of Manhattan Beach. Coroner A, J. McCann said' the accident occurred exactly! one hour after Miss Me-] Laughlin was cited near Bar- tels. This does not include doctor bills. . Twelve doctors have been in attendance, treating him for a gastro-intestinal ailment. t'AMSIIES A m e r i c a n entertainer Marie McDonald, known in show business "··*'· "The Body," disappeared in a nightgown from a suburban psychiatric center Sunday at Sydney, Australia.' police i said.' Authori- Ities ordered a · I search for her. M i s s Mc- lOonald w a s appearing- in night club. Ishe had ac- (cepted only a 1 brief booking ibecause of a duodenal ulcer and was to leave for the United States this week.. Miss McDonald was admitted io Rozelle Psychiatric Center Saturday night from her hotel suite in the .exclusive suburb of Potts Point. She was reported missing a few hours later. Police expressed belief MARIE she climbed through a window wearing a white hospital nightgown, blue nyios negligee and grey ruede shoes. Police issued an alarm and police boats began searching the harbor. Police descriptions l a i d Miss McDonald is 39 years c!d, 5 feet 5 inches taU and of fair complexion. EXPERT At the age of 104, Sirs, lone M. Pitch of Coostantia. N.Y. is waiting eagerly for just one chance to go fishing this spring and drop her hand line, baited with an angle worm, into the ' water. ;. · ' . ; · · · . ' . / . . · Meanwhile, she,. gives tips to some of her great- grandchildren and recalls past catches like the 40 fish she took in one day in Wisconsin only three years ago.' · ; · , Mrs. Fitch has ' no use for "fancy baitTM or elaborate equipment. She Ekes to drop a hand line from a boat. The secret "of good fishing,- she says, is correct baiting. 'You've got to cover up the hook so the point is not sticking out.** she says. ficer who ejected accidentally a training mission, from a jet figh».er. Destroyers, helicopters, amphibious planes acd numerous fighters continued to comb the area near Ensenada for some sign of Lt Jimmie R Evan*; 22, Glenwood, Ga. Search Sea for Navy Flier SAN DIEGO (UPI--Coast The Navy saM Evans *cd- NEW LOW _ RATES- 15' 25' 75' V* ONE HR. ALL. DAY FREE PARK SHOP WITH TAUDAT10H . * COVERED PARHHG trtttct Tin Ccr *~. *PARK n - LOCK IT Hi Ott B» 7«»lil It - LINCOLN PARK JUST MStTN · Uev ·«* Urarr* EH7EMCI1: Heine tn. rf W It.* tniten totviM rMfc W4 C«l» J eedHelp With Tax Problems? rox liGrrtMATE SAVINGS MAXIMUM LEGAL IKt-TCDS fmefJ, B*:itts itJ Cerporjsio* Itrewt Ttxrt WHY GUtSSI IE SUIt! MAC FRANKEL, LL.B. rUILlC ACCOJHTANT Her. a V«rj ««·». 1WII. A»^ab!« Wit war Tourd tor cansultiKM «n« Mvlct. F»ftf Trtvtf rluKtods ·f Milct tar ovr Swtc»-- Tit US mO Ft*3 OUT KKTT Ofticrt Convmitnflv Lecited to Serv« Cta'tr Let Angc!« £ Orno Caurttv · BULFLOWER 1027 Af«Jr« Io.!..«rJ tl\a Cn» «t IMtwoed Blvd.) WAbnk S-Z21S · GARDEN GROVE 11311 Ctapmn Areto* tJin* Wat rt H«-bor stud. C"« writ scum of omwuno JUfma* 7-1002 · Crtlf » T9 » CVt«Y e«Y-- INCt_ SATURDAY A SUNDAY I HOT KECZSUIY LOWEST STANDARD FIZS if F1EE ESTIMATES ·*· IT'S NOT TOO LATE FOR COMPETENT P R O F E S S I O N A L A S S I S T A N C E ! SAVE MORE.. MORE WAYS stow, Calif., for driving 95 miles an hour. He said the Soy, Shooting at 'Squirrel' Kills Youth From Lynwoocl 1 · j'ERRIS (UPI)--James ClairSkvor's brother, Edward, 17, Davis, 19, of Lynwood, was|all of Lj-nwood, were hunting'young woman passed a car accidentally shot and killed in the hiily area when the on the right on the four-lane S b n d a y by a 13-year-old fatal shot rang out. |highway, lost control, crossed youth who thought he was « · r,l · over the center divider and firing at a srairreL DEPUTIES SAtD a 13-year- hit the other car head-on. '3Javis, son of Mr. and Mrs. ( old \Vestmmsterj-outh, whose! . . . . Claude Lee Dans was killed name was withheld, said he: THE OTHER victims, also instantly by a 22-caliber bul- fired the rifle at what he from the Los Angeles area, let wound in the head. [thought was a squirrel mov- were Margaret Reeves, 52. I ^Coroner's d e p u t i e s said ing from between the rocks. Hennosa Beach, Russell D. D a v i s , his brother-in-law| Dans was a Marine reserv- Gibson, 43, Los Angeles, and Ijpbby Gene Skvor, 24, and ist who had recently com- Robert J. Reeves, 40, also . ~-^- jpleted basic training. Los Angeles. ' % INDEPENDENT ' Dutl»heJ duly except Sunday «t teth St. ind Pin* Av«., L«ng BcKd U, CiHf. Entered at aecon4 Cls» matter MAT, 27, Ifttt. At Lcng Buck Z. Cirf. AijudxJted ty Su- p«rior Court. L^t Angeles County, Oct. «. 1MI. rxcrte Mo. C-t0280. ; Per Per V ant ft Vtir Cjrrier Oeltvtry *1» KTM ·r vjii in a.oo ftMBf* Copy . .18 PER ANNUM CURRENT RATE ; \ T. A. GREGOST, Pfts. } ! - ·* * * Fre* Cntcinn fnttaf ·« 345 ElU ST. California's juiciest, Most Delicious ROAST BEEF DINNER J l l f l K U THI SAUI TOP 9UAUTT IEIF FOI 11 TIAIS. Colifornio'i Juiciest. Most DeScien lachdes, Vegctoble, Potatoes, Soled. Roll Bad Batter. Coffee. Tea or Other Menu Selections OLD FASHIONED TOMATO MEAT LOAF_ OLD COUNTRY FRANKS KRAUT POUNDED R O U N D SWISS STEAK '/« ROAST CHICKEN 97' SI.00 .SI.OO -SI.25 .Sf.lO KICKORT SMOKED HAM (Janes dairj farral_SI,25 SHAMROCK CORNED BEEF SI.35 ROAST PORK LOIN (Jones dairy farm) $1.25 ROAST LEG OF SPRING LAMB (U.S. Prime).SI.50 PRIME ROAST TURKEY AND DRESSING SI.25 U. S. PRIME RIBS OF BEEF ______$1.35 FISH EVERT FRICAT s SI.J5 Tkt bo» wlccrirn *m Jai him 2:11 f* 7 fj*. ADD UP YOUR SAVINGS ON . » Advertise J SpeciaW · Managers Specials? « Unadvertised Gold Stat Specfofs? i low Sfje/f Prices! · B/oe Chip Stomps! GOLPEN!PREMtUM!MEATJ ONLY ALL PURPOSE FAMOUS IOWA BUND WHOLE DETERGENT SMOKED PICNICS GIANT PKG. niiiiimiiiiimmiiimiimiimmimmmimimiH COUPON WORTH 25 Mmoust = or ANT s § HOUSEHOLD BROOM = EfFECnVl A r U l l , 2 t 3 , «-' S iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiHiiuiii?, RALPHS BLEACH W1NDEX WINDOW SCOT = SQUARE CUT SHOULDER JUTIC EVERYDAY LOW SHEXF PRICES PHI-CARVED SMOKED PICNICS LAMB ROAST 10» UM1 SHANKS 39 JfOCTND »ONE m m PAPER TOWELS 2 no. SOI lUf CCMH CUANSEt UVA SOAf MX.CUAN UQ«B CUANEK t*Ot nsa matron tt erf uin sric a SHOCtBn *« ttiftae 6 9 » 89* SMAU.ICXH Sfxetatf coou cvn HALIBUT STEAKS »$JJL CtABCB CMOICf 75k Etl OX UtCt IOTN WHIll TMir IUTI WADE O* flN KONE 59 WH.10HJ COM UNft SLICED BACON CASCADE tOt AOTOKUTie DISMWAUEQ ·ta err um eorroirj F80UN coo nuns us. no. . SH81M? BtYiDOB rta. tft 49* uard and Navy units Sunday denuDy ejected Thmwliy 'it 28,000 feet fron a Phantom II 79k 59L ri:ci mams T err- uia r ( DOWNT ) fAltIC SOFTENEt rvoir FIAKEI us. i ia m mi IGROCERIES)! ·a m ta I ,33* FRESH'N'FANCY iPRQpU.Ci j HUNT'S RALPHS PIAIN OK IODIZED ASPARAGUS TOMATO SAUCE SALT '---atf 14$ l°i^ -S« IB. 19 CELERY CHOICE CALIFORNIA DATES TAKCY FRESH FRESH CRISP 10-OZ. PITTED OR 12-OZ. REG BttOT KTK9 GRAPEFRUIT JUICE RAnmo ON err, CHAXXH. It Haisnos. INSTANT COrHC DELICATESSEN I I M RALPHS CHEESE PIZZA RALPHS ABOtronA GELATIN! SALADS 'IMPORTANT I 33 29 The Derrcnd" has been so greet for ^ STAR BRIGHT STAINLESS STEEL that »e ore tempororiV short on some items, BUf WE PROMISE oil needs wlil be filled ot stare THERE ARE 10th Cherry, Long Beach QNNAMON TWIST COFfti CAHS QUAKER OATS CORNED BEEF HASH ADD TAX TO TAXA1U ITEMS. fUCES IFfKTra MOfC TK10VCH WED, A M 2 1 1 . 2 X 1 . ItiX TO SHOP AT Del Amo Paramount, Lakewood

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