Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 15
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Chrysler, GM tanks vying to take on Germany's Leopard Una Btjcli, Cllil.. Thjn, Mjrco II. HI4 INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)-A-15 N'ew York Times Service NEW YORK - Since last month, the two heaviest, fastest, best-armed 'tanks ever built in the ·.United States have been pounding across the 69,000 ·acres of t h p Aberdeen Proving Ground in Mary']and competing for selec- ; ttyn as the Army's new 'main battle tank, i^the two X M 1 t a n k s · broken ground at speeds in excess of 30 mph and do bolter than 45 mph 'on.'.roads. Their 105-millimeter guns fire accurately at high speed aimed by ·file-control systems incor- p o r a t i n g l a s e r rangefinders and ballistic computers t h a t a n s w e r fire control problems. ''-, ! '.'-IN MAY, the Army will choose between the two prototypes, o n e manufactured by General Motors, Khe other by Chrysler. In September, the w i n n e r |\vill be tested against the ·West German Leopard II 'tank. The stakes are high. The Army's target is 3,312 t a n k s once production starts late in this decade. Procurement costs, including inflation, are estimated to be $3,391 million or approximately $1.187 million a tank, The estimated research and development costs, a g a i n including inflation, pre $514 million. This i n v e s t m e n t in m o n e y and material affirms the Army's continuing faith in the tank precisely w h e n doubls arc increasing about the weapon's future effectiveness on the battlefield. The advent of relatively c h e a p , e a s y to use, p r e c i s i o n - g u i d e d m u n i - tions, including surface-to- surface and air-to-surface antitank missiles is believed by many military and civilian students to mean the end of the tank as the primary weapon in ground war. The Army's answer is that the new main battle tank with its cross-country mobility, agility, prolec- A-TEST TALKS (Cont. from total test ban. As for the effect on the behavior of o t h e r countries with a nuclear weapons capability, the American officials note t h a t B r i t a i n has already declared it would abide by I he Soviet-United States Page A-U) i rules. Other countries are unlikely to get into high-yield nuclear testing anyway, the officials contended. One p o i n t e d o u t t h a t India's 1974 nuclear lest had a yield of less than 14 kilotons. tivc armor and formidable fire power will remain the s i n g l e most important weapon for fighting land battles. M a j . Gen. Robert J. Baer, the project manager for the XM1 system, said in an interview that the prototypes h a v e "great survivability" and "armor p r o t e c t i o n " and an unprecedented capability to "fake and survive" a hit. The t h i c k n e s s of the armor on the prototypes is classified. BOTH OF THE new tanks h a v e a new compartmentalization design t h a t s e p a r a t e s w i t h a r m o r e d bulkheads the fuel, ammunition and engine areas, This factor plus the new tanks' greater agility--acceleration to 20 mph in six to nine seconds--are counted u p o n for battlefield survivability. Baer is confident that the new tank will be superior in a l m o s t all respects to Ihe T62, the m a i n battle tank of the Soviet and other Warsaw Pact f o r c e s . Grudgingly, he gave the edge to the Russ i a n 115-mDlimeter gun, an a d v a n t a g e t h a t he thinks -is outweighed by the X M l ' s fire-control system, speed and agility. Soviet tank strength is a key motivation for the XM1 program. Norman R. Augustine, u n d e r secretary of the Army, said recently, "The Soviet Union has o v e r 40,000 t a n k s whereas we have under 10,000." Confronted w i t h this numerical disparity, the Army has sought a tank that, he said, would have the ability "to conduct sustained combat 24 hours a day, fighting in darkness almost as effectively as in daylight," and be able to "shoot effectively while moving." THE PROTOTYPES, Augustine said,"represent as revolutionary a step, compared w i t h current inventory tanks, as does (he modern jet aircraft in c o m p a r i s o n w i t h t h e DCS." ' The new tank will have a cruising range of up to 325 miles, compared to the maximum 290 miles for the M70. Engine horsepower will be about double, it will wear ballistic skirts to cover tracks and wheels. Thelreasury HEALTH AND BEAUTY AIDS COUPON SPECIALS Reds widen defense lead New York Times Service LONDON -- A government white paper on def e n s e published Wednesday said that "in convent i o n a l ground a n d a i r forces t h e imbalance in central Europe has moved further in t h e W a r s a w Pact's favor." 1 The Communist countries have two warships to every one of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and 50 per cent more combat aircraft the report said. The Russians, it was estimated, are producing nuclear submarines at the r a l e of o n e every five weeks -- nearly twice as fast as Ihe West produces them. The Soviet Union has 330 submarines of which 130 are nuclear-powered, the report said. Speaking at a news conference to p r e s e n t the w h i t e p a p e r , D e f e n s e Secretary Roy Mason said "detente is, I still believe, both a desirable and attainable goal." B u t , he added, as Ihe Soviet arms b u i l d u p s h o w s , N A T O "cannot afford to lower its guard and must maintain its frontline strength." . The report gave details of the defense estimates for 1976-77. It'also sought to show that despite econo- niy cuts in defense spending, Britain's contribution to NATO was not being affected. The white p a p e r esti- m a t e d defense spending for 1976-77 at 5.6-billion pounds (about $11 billion). Tliis is about $2 billion more than the previous year's expenditure on defense but about equal to it in real t e r m s . Steeper reductions are due in the following three years. 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