Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 48
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 48

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 48
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i *i\r_. ui iNDipi 1 tWpWwtvdJMtn) 241 H SALESMAN . 1 "*£»SHOE SALESMAN · _."...£ · EXPERIENCED * -i ·*· *2IS All anile. BTxby Knolls h , - ' - " · , t \ v i . ' SALESMEN TN · ^'ikviWlenai. hom« tmorovemtnll. 1 · f-urn;-- walintd nen. nlu DoTun -Av»- Downey. IW-3W6 V/e want salesmen that need a lot . ol It. We oifer vou · prodvcl that Is · necessity In any store or office--not a ;i/xurv- We oifer you a known conuany mat wes all owl f-ror I t s · ufevn«n, from initial , to orowth rnen that need are' Ml afraid to -work for It. ! -ARE YOU THAT MAN? If you ; yV SALESMEN , ;-Mwt Appearing, quktc thinking 1 'men wanted who art looking for · a way to supplement lh«lr present j · income. We are lookfrvg for men v "· business. We will train you to -"earn UP ta *10W. mo. doing owt- i ikte sales work. Our facilities will te placed at your disposal manaawnenl win be available at ·'all times to assist you. If you ,. like cars nwev. con.act Jed Lo , Basco. Sales Manager, In person A:,Louts Fraham Ponliac ' '*;?' 735? E FIRESTONE BLVD. '.-.*. DOWNEY i "SALESMEN- WANTED 7 V'Waler Corel. Prooucls, 329-142.. ' l r --' : SELL CARS? 1 , !^o' experience necessary, we have ( i .'^Qualified managers to .rain YOU. i --If vou can foflow Instructions, you ·--can make a good living here while 1 ^'vou learn. Lois cf Poor lime ' --Demonstrator aim available. Terrific pay p!an Includes CASH dally. Arjply In person If possible or call Sales Manager at ^ 34-730. . v = RAY VINES 7~ .- Chrysler-Plymouth .,, SERVICE SALESMAN "Good co. " benefits, exper. rt- ' * (fjlred. Contact Mr. Swanson, · ~ ' · TO 6-W92 1 SERVICE Stallon Attend. Full or i part lime. *« Lkwd. Bl., cor. Carson ·· (76). . SERVICE Stallon attendflal-- refer er\c« mubt be have median ca ·xoer 1649 W. Anaheim SI., "f .:* ' RICHFIELD'S ·* .'-SERVICE .Station Allendanl . SERVICE slallOTi altendanl. Mm ·.b* experienced. Local reference. * Apply 7512 E. Atondra, Param 1 . . SE'RV. Sta. altendanl, exper Ing. · ixvfl Rcll Mower Blvd., Bellffr. 'SERVICE STATION-- Exper. help. Hours .1?-M p.m. Applv Un on , -..Station, 11W sliJdebafcer Rd,, L.B. Service Station Manager Salary open. Excel, opportunity for rtoht man. Submit qua.lttca- ,1- lions to Sox A-X060, Indep. P. T. .MECHANIC ATTEND. 1 vXInt; P3V-" for willing v;orker. ·Texaco, 5855 E. Carson, Lakewood "-'Service Station Salesman ' ExDerter.ced. To S500 "mo. See \j, WorTTu nton Slal.on. Ddjf lower ! SERVICE STATION-- Full Itme and ! ·"·part time, tocat relcrenc«. Aae **po limit.- 4550 Orange. · · WANTED-- YCUT.B R.E: salesman. ""Two-loo. Join a voun» company th* ir.ove. AWt. only-- Mr. ' ··Vsarver, 531-7JH. ware. So. Gale. 5 da. wK. Refs. YOUNG MAN, part Kme, small department store, sales ·i-.oencral ' Sore work. Some aulomotxlo knswIcdK helpful, poslllon can i lead lo managership, r Submit cuamicatloni Box A^*»5, ·SERVICE STATION -- NeiV rancn i'ilYli!. RICHFIELD nee!s good : y-'men, with tune-up brake exoer., vi.iVr. local references. Salary + - '.jcorfim . ,, . . -_ , B .7: See HAROLD 2331 E, 4IJ1 ST., L.B. SERVICE Man. Eleclrolux needs "Urn, Dnln store. Salary. B12J27 ·X ORDINANCE t. ELECTRONIC i ' .TECHNICIANS .Immedllte ooenlnos for experl- ; fenced men In lest S, cfceckoul on -4u s Navy equipments, in me t o 1 · iSwIns fleldl: rl.T.O.S. air searcll radar" general communications, .o ". CALL^lTeRAY '": 830-2811 -- an X!iTM^mSllv C tiY«r, " " T O P WAGES ' ^"-Technicians Elocirica iVustl. Excerlenced wilh ."^^^ i TELEPHONE SALES 52.53 nr. o more. Sl.M guaranteed. Perm . full or Dirt Hn-.t position. 424JMT TERMITE INSPECTOR . TOOL CUTTER ·-·'GRINDER, EXPERIENCED '··^"S^^^SSSj^^ · ,wacei f* benefits. Send re ?' jr p|. | TOOL DESIGNER · Deslor. dasllc molrJ and Ito an -llxlures for small eieclro-mechar leal conuxxien!(. Minimum 3 yn experience reoulred. Send Resume 1o - Paciic Scientific Co. ^1346 S. Stare College Re ^'Anaheim.|7 14) ^4-521 -TOOL DESIGNER . Dcslcn small 1W» and fixtures fc general machine SIMP. Know etfi ol tape proBrammlna desired. Ml Imum 5 years exoerlence require Send Resume to Pacific Scientific Co. v 1 346 S. Stare College Re Anaheim (7 14) PR 4-521 '\*'An eoual oooortunlty emolover ...TRACER LATHE OPER Must be able to read blue prln mkrcMTMters, sca'es. 8. have son ., knowledge of metal cuinno n 'tools, ', such as. Mkro Meier CallDtrs, sca'es. · : - · - · · STERLING ;ELECTRIC MOTORS IN TRAINEES : So. Calll.'s tsrtful career S "vlc« Binmels hss t openings Vlralneei aj BIDDERS,.pn Jerv *:«illrnal.s. Aoe 20-30, saes net f helpful but nol ««enlHl. «U M»r wfc Mr. V/ard; MH?2. * TRUCK DRIVER -Local cWlvirto. Mult have Cla -;A, or- ty»'l license. _ ; Downay rertilner t»o. 1 "«47 E. lmJ«fHI HW., OOWIK « .".TRUCK DRIVER 'GefC warehouse worV, PaFcJ va -- 157W S. BellfJoY/er Bl,, BeHI Help Wanted (Men) 24 tE1oJAM,%!fe, te \t 1B1 ° elpWMNd(piil4Mil 24i B V TRUCK TIRE MAN C Recapping^ ewxrlence wessary. -TV REPAIRMAN EXPERIENCED ONLY, Oavl-- 21-JC83J Eves-- HAWJJS. ' TeclmTc'an. full or part llmi, ihlVwwxl'i TV, 5i« E, D*l Amo Blvd.. UVrf.. Pru: KiliM. TV l TECHNICIAN E imfntdlate owning for TV Technician. Exptr. mulrcd. Top oav. l Liberal benefits. Apply 7-5 p.m. D, 960 S. San!a Ft. Comoton PHONE GA 3-541 7 An Equal ODporfunltv Employer TV Tech-Outside Insida Veteran? Ex-Servicemen? ^ 'see Mr. R. ELDER Flller-Tankt. 7306 Pelter. WOOD MOLDER ALUM., TILE MAN Must have moWl* home experi- enCe ' TERRA CRUISER K W50 Waihburn Rd. Downey ^ 'roperty Monogemenr 30 - ^j^^ON^ OCEAN^ BLVD.^^ QUPLE to manaoe 6 units-- WrlB- My. syl'IMl an. 5:30 wkdays. T P L - w / 2 cNklreri wanls anl . t o manage. Exp. 437-3724, 432-0326. Work Wanted . 31 A JFFICE Manaaer (Female). Sharp, of! cc mach. Suef, 14 olrls. Res- r - ant and. mro. PXP- Many les not listed here. i9/-2737. iURSE KIND, CEMTLE, REFINED . 47, to care tor 1 or 2 tWerly or 1 nandlcacped person, davsj week* ends or llv» tn" part time. Drive. Xlnl. rifs, 4214472 . RONlNG-a rt«c*s M, or 3c a PC. ng optional. Fre« pickup delivery. StarcNr.B. W3-9217. RON 1 NO done In my home, SI hr. 1 day service. Vic. of Magnolia 9lh. 435-3749. EXPER. reliable woman desires day work for Thurs. fc Sat. 591- X-RAY Tech. reo.i offlca oroce- tfurci, metfku a^?.., part-lime work. Box tt-477, Ind., Presi-T, NURSING-- Companion, Jloht hskog. Un ncumbered. V/ill Live in. P. O. Box 1741. Long Beach KSWRK . BY THE HR. REFS. GA X-2M5 ber. 4 D.m. 9 o,m. BABY SITTING, WEEKENDS CaJI Jean, «4-4835 TYPIKG Call 430-9342 aEler 2 P.m. HURSING care to elderly woman. Days only. 4M-4S57. TURE. 5 day vrk. 614-5821 RELIABLE dependable babv- slltlng, any ao» or hrs. 436-7794. LOVING chTld care-- 53 day. Days TYPING, my hcrr.e,. pldc L*P delivery. GA 3-5918 BABY SiMlr.o, hot. lunches, p ay CHILD CARE, my home, fenced Vrf. BHIftower area. 854-2343 IRONING-- Reo. or cart Itme S1.50 per hr. Los Al.os orea. 59i-«ia. WILL care for children In mv licensed horre. 425-4261- Work Wanted 32 (MEN) RETIRED moHon picture projectionist, 33 yrs. exp. delres firtl or part time work « proledlonlst or any type Thealir work or. watchman. Call between 4:30 and 8 p.m. 43V-8624. RETIRED service offfcer, 15 vrs. «cfm. 'incl. personnel. 7U; 26-Q515 aft. 3 P.m. MAN, 38, ablt reliable wants any kind at work. No sales. Prefer gardener's helper. Call (714) 5478393 collect. MALE-- 53 vrs. old. 15 vr*. dinlnp rm. waiter domestic. Dayi prtf. CONSTRUCTION sub'l or general foreman r over 15 vevs exper. In GARAGE cleaning, moving, llahl hauling. Man with ',1 1on cTckup. L.B. 5?l-3636. ais ' of Ideas: management executive exper. 434-37tt. Leaks "fixed, coatljinj small Iot« APT. cteanup, odd lobs, palnllng. 437-7219, Rm. 1, eves. GARDENING WANTED BY MONTH OR WEEK. S45-05D7. CHEF. Tcp all around worktna Exticr. all phases. DA 9-4S84 EX-SERVICE man looking for day or night work. 537-OWI PAINTING. EXPERIENCED RESIDENTIAL. 430-7630. Core of Children 33-8 (Licensed homes OnhO THE 1 fwependent, Press-Telegram recommends that ell references b« carefully checked regacdtno Iwby silting and oari? of minor UiUdren LICENSE CHILD CARE,. N.L.B Xlnr loving care, breakfast fynch, fervred yard. 423-5258 eves, full or part time. 4}-5M r LI 5'Br?9 W C p r arO d ^er'de Re H 3 A Vnf? 7 Swops 62 WANTED-- P ckKJP tnKk '59-'l. V/ll home In Ocmlngvez area. 3-bdrm vrflM. ric. rm. · . .. 31S-7J4 ) 3 5 ' TRAILER HOME In nk« space CLEAR for lal« irmiel car or 1 Clear. GA i-itl a Miscellaneous Wanred 6: IndeMrvfenl Pap«r Slock C4k j T40I Daliv Ave. -43M41 S TOP DOLLAR S GOOD USED FURNITURE. AP PLIAHCE5, i MISC. DLR. lfc$47 WANTED-- Junk batteries. Sl.W ea E67-3Ca7. Open 10 a.m.-£ D.m · iflGHEST orlces vM for qualil 7 mcn's-larflei apparel. HE 7-ilDl d: ' BUY furnllure, ruffs, toofi, m sc Machinery aid Tools 6! « model 27K, en roll-a-wav, Tus ,. overnau:«l. new l»di. »». 4340 E. sorlna Ph. 42W4S McCULLOCH Chain sawi, chains service* flood sprlrig bws. PACIFIC COAST HARDWARE '· 2415 L.B. Blvd. GA 1-TTi 7 ROLL-AWAY toof chlsl, ccmple w/tools, U7S. ME 4-IM! or 714 - CRAFTSMAN wool lalte. bench s, accesl. 1125 -- or trade for cut-o ·* saw. 554-JM9 alt. "i p.m. *· efluloment* overhead cranes coir ·" plete, olhi-r mil. Call Bill U4-«a polisher grinder other bod r*- loon. ME 4-an. DISPLAY MocW 26" Scroll 5a wllh base; K7 off list prke. «oo !HERRY Ave. Sir. -- OLDER mo!ef S* W. S. lurr lathe, son» collets. HI E. Ba r nfnOf Compfan f S to o p.m. Sa or DE-WALT Vt-ro sa'v/. Stand 1 ce «aw akJl. SIM. HA 5-7120. r -' SERVICE station 'vpa aTr comores 4- er, S33. 434R39. PORTA-SHOP. Hew. J200. USED tools, equip., bouoM £, so 1205 E. Arlesla, Complwi. 4J9.S4 -· DRILL Press, 34" wood lalhe, s: eral ant. melon. Aft. 4 GE i-l j- Coins Sfomps 6 '.' -45 CANADIAN P.L. sets. Bl. »5.« ea. Only 35 lefl. ME 3-10 B Help Wanted (Men) 24 ·9IIIIIII1IIII1IIIIIIIIII1MIIIIIIMIIIIIMI1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1IIMIIIIIIII I T AGO BELL B Famon ond Unique Mexican Food 5 · Driv»-ln R«taoranls I ; NEEDS 1 COUNTER MEN NOW!! - Full Tint High School Graduate Part Time S *ap!d Mpanile* h er*afln} gr««f tpeetiuallti S for ·abilltis yoity mtn lultnifti In a luitrc. = For lKltn\tv colt-- TACO IILL = . 371-9470-- Moi. Ihre. Ttiun. 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. SMUiiiiiitiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiriiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniMfiiiiiiii »)·»* Stamps M Bu cJl's" 0 ^"!. Sfafkilf' *42»°nvi ^ omcra Svppltes 68 M 3$ MM-AUTOMATIC US. T)ELUXE CAMERA j SPECIAL $99.00 R ? MANY o ' Al p ERcSP | Q: j*^ E NT 7 19 E Anaheim HE 5-8928 ^ ·PHOTOGRAPHER h»s cameras, { inses. soots, strobes, dark room qulp'h etc. HA 94055. i illdingttoleMoved 69 TV Will Fit 25'-30' or 40' Lor s few cuslooi-bullt mod. ( slucco j nverv hdwood' f oors lilt thro- SO out. Sep. 2 car garaoe. Will move 1 anywhere. 100% financing. C«H Sav or nlle HO 5-59S4 F tidings to NMovtd *» M RGE 3-BR. hOUt* Vrf/3 *r*p«j, $^ f950. T0p»: *-9ft4 v sceltaneous for Salt 72 ! led ilort tlxiurn i c«.«'*'*. AP umberi aUitt P^ywd. tHumblng i ONG BEACH Fenc* £ MatCflBl. 1 X« E. AnsMm ST. GE 9-4509 r f sou bu kBvet pile w*\ «nd ofly. Rent electric shjmtoo«r, / . ImcxrEal Hardwar* Co., 437 t ..B. Blvd. ·r«M«r ( M pal, wat«r healer, TH amp, tnd S. c«ff« l*b'«, UWe 1 i chairs/ extension Isodtr, etc. a Radio lubes-- save up to 70* -- tS^ftCS 1 ^ 1 U^S on, Ihe rug I hat Is/ so clean FC he soot wllh Blue Luilre. Rent loctrEc ihamoooer SI. BIIKrtOJ alrvl CO.F 5235 E. 2nd ST. w nil nil EYBPrt 35 C for Solt 72 M JGER In .brand nrw cat, \ vr. warranty, sn.Cash w i p*ym*nt* t W.IS, ELECT RW.UX VKWvm Jeaner. LX M, LBTI model wnn tfachmmls. ^ Dlr. KK Pi- 3 Ifk Ave. r T tli« slove, in. L t' feeo r r«e»ri, $50 ?K. PL si" * f °° s eaf dlndl* iel/ SIS) 9x12 nylon ( ug, S?0. keornc/e washer dry- i SHOW CASES 1 AUST make room (or new con- ' i ruction, sacrifice. : Western Camera HI Fl 300 E. Anaheim 4U-4K5 [ E proven carpel clea.w Bly* , -ustrt 1s iisy on the budget. Re- tores fomotten colors. Rent etec- , ric sntmpooer '$1. Eddlemon hardwire, 2069 3»nfa F«. rvrlnger tvpQ waiher S27j tao« reorder, *2; floor Iflmc, $10. 45 ecord player SID. 4714X.2. R "a lob well don* feeling" Hem carpets with Blue Luslr*. *ent electric stornpootr SK Nor* a,* Hardware, iSfiOE. Spring. rail an Exoert 35 You Save Time and Money Whin You TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SECTION CALL . . . ' Aiu Brown In Long BeocS, HE 2-595? Miss B.H in Lokewood, ME 3-0764 s% McCullouaK In Bollflower, TO 6-1721 . ; . . . . Mils Poq« in Oranq. County, JE 7-9120 Accoustic Ceilings GENUINE ACOUSTIC CEILINGS F Cover cracks perm. No mess. Fr» S t . H . A L L O R . GA 7-S433. ° GA 2-4541 V. DAVIS Low rates. Free Esl.. 9«-03!i E Asphalt Blacked atmg PHYLLIS Frsndsco Paving CO. E Free Estimates. Reaiwiable. 1 vr. Guarantee on compiellon Auto-Painting WY CAR, any cotar. J5S. Barnclt C Pant, 1708 Alimltol. HE 7-2575 Brick Stone Work A-l MASONS. FIREPLACES-- PATIOS 5 ALL TYPES OF STONE WORK Ph. 4M.9527-Ml.44Bi . PLANTERS -- PATIOS -- FENCES t FIREPLACES. GA 7-5633 Cabinets CAB. Indlv. deshnwd fo v»"r spec · · f ca Ions. Formica fops, Free es . Lie. ins. 434-9324; 425-4379 nwdellr.o. Reas. rales ME 3-OOIS REMODELING and CaWn«l Work. NLB i Lkwd. 423-3V73 anv time. Carpentry Rm Additions -Remodeling C. VantfarStell. He. SSS-S749 CARPENTRY-- CAB-- CONCRETE Garaoe door specialist -- 55 mln. 12x12 room abdlllwis. $955. Licensed 47-2SS1 "THE WOODPECKERS"-- Gen. re- -mtca/ lumlnoin ceilings. 433-74B2 A-l Carpenter-bulldlno, remodel repair. Free- Estimate. NE 8-941! CARPENTER. Remod. olass sliding drs. Wall knocked out. GA 2-444? ADD 2nd slorv. Remodel. Attd to 1st floor. Reoalr. 433-M33 PAIR WORK. TO WJ162 - YOU name It! I'll. build It. Free esll. 43S-35S3 eves. S. wke.ids AVAILABLE NOW-Addillons Re- ir.odel. Lie. S, Insured. HA9-2S57 CARPENTRY, rooflna, reoalrlno. S10 UD. NofobtOOSml. HES-3157 Small Icbs mv specialty. 421-7499 EXPERIENCE will do the Inb. You name It. Wort ouar. 439-7903 1ST CLASS Carpenter work. Years ol experience. 1 434-3407 ADDITIONS, remodeUflD. Hlsn qua · tv. WW Construction. GE 0-2443 ReaTM°ratei. VOU " GA 7-7249 Carpeting NEW USED carpels Installed or repaired. Free estimate. Jack Da Youno-- TO 4-4000 NEW USED Carpets, expertly tn- stalled-^ll work w.ranteed-free Carpet - UphoJ. - Cleaners any front rm Jiall. Quldc drying -- w/new equip men I 42H-1312 MARCH SPECIAL -- W-W cam?t ANY LIVING ROOM HALL Cot. cleaned-ONLY ST5. 83««9 Ceramic Tile Ceramic Tilft Service New or remodel. Larce or small tcb. Also jmall repairs. Sal s- factory guaranlee. 20 vrs; exper. Free est. Call anvllme. -21-7677 CERAMIC Tils -new B. repair. Lne. or small [obs cfcnc. Real, rat-s. V^orK ouar. Lie. Contr. HA 9-3677 YOUR call beings a tile seller nol a salesman. QUALITY V/ORK ouar. Lie. Free e»t. ^33-7«4 CERAMIC Tile-Quality V/orkmarv coior^; ME 3-4975; UN 5-18M FINEST wcwkmanihlp. New remcd- el, repair. Lie. Free esl. GA 7-1315 QUALITY CERAMIC 1MB wortc. Concrete Work A-l CEMENT WORK From 33c iq. ft. Drives, patios, walks, sleos, elc. 1? vr i' Ae ,?SSJi SPECIAL RATES-Fr« Estimales Patio · driveway; lourxlalloni. ex- pcied Bcoreorate. Lfc. M7-4975 PATIOS, DRIVES, V/ALKS. ETC. Fre« esllmale. HE S-OS93 CEMENT, brick work, pJasleHno. PATIO ROOF SLAB. Wllh VOOf pi a^ or will des'cn. GE 1-4900 WALKS, s'abs, sIlPJ, edolno slrios oalFo too. Anv sfze lob. 422-557fi Contractors-Builders Local 25 Years · ( ADDITIONS » LICENSED. BONDED-INSURED CAL VET HE 2-3997 r\ A V / C K I D^DT 3 UAVbNrUKI 1 CONSTRUCTION CORP -' TREND ' CONSTRUCTION CO. I Room Additions, 1 Remodels ' Kitchen., new Const. J STATE LICENSE-- INSURED 100% FINANCING / Q^r ^7C1 " ROOM Additions It Trei Ell. 100% Financfng - THOMPSON " Construction · Mil PARAMOUNT BLVD. L. ME 3-9670 v Russell Construction Co i* ROOM ADDITIONS f REMODE 0. Oil VM-FHA -- Ifjfe flnancl l LICENSED · BONDED -INSURE V- 18 YEARS LOCALLY 39 Call day or nloM tor fret ei 4 Long Beach Of c. 437-771 s4 22330 So. WeiTerr, Torrance B 320-4570 it Frank Wargo, Gen. Consf -- R«m3dtllno - Addllloru - Horn _ Commercial · IrxjuifrlaJ S lixomt Unlls. FREE ESTIWAT w lrXF% FINANCING ?.}£ = BRING IN YOUR PLANS AUO/C 5 IDEAS lei en h«lr vcu flou -- tSe c«!t for ycxrr NEW home = ADDITION. No charoe or oWK = Item. 5301 Allantlc Ave.. L.B. Z oirvlie. Very reas. GA 4'74 = Door Hanging = DOOR HANGING = 1 or a tax GE 3-6141 = Draperies -- FREE mtasvring. our worX roo ·= Dressmaking S ALTERATIONS/ MEMDIKO ,7 CAMEO SHOP -- Custorn ttfffln\ m illtrattenj, 7U Ail Antic. HE 7-i Dressmaking NE custom dressmaking aller- B'IOP.S-- LbVcvrood. M5-WOO. RESSMAKIKG alteraltomr 9353 E. Ramona. Bellllower- U7-539 ALTERATION DRESSMAKING REASONABLE 435-0743 Electricians _ECTRICAL Service rewlr. Res., comm'L wiring, HoMlng sales Installations. Free esl. - 411-442J. LECTRICAL wlrlnq all tYP«3. Reasonable ral«s. HA 1-2IW. Call aller 6 D.m. or before 8:3o a.m. - OURTE-SY Electric- Residential X Coiiwner'l. No lob too small. 2-1 hour service. 429-7440 ORDAY Eleclrlc Cft. Llctnied. W« a so do small kbs. GE 1-4321 \ SEMI-RETIRED Fencing AVl£ ON NEW fence lumber. Rod- BLOCK FEN.C6S. BRICK-- SLAB. t GA WM2 or GA 2-M43 Floors-Rcfinishing CAMPBELL'S FLOOR SERVICE f Sand reflnlsh-- 2 Bdj-mi., $35. Lav floor tile, kitchen or ba1h S25 labor. 1 day service. ME 4-324 - OHNSON FLOOR SANDING i RERNISHING old floors like new. personal service, 22 years experience. Free estlmalc. 59HS09 tEX ftcor sandi/iffj beautiful fWihi cleaned wd waxed. 1-dav service. Call anyt^ne. HA I-SS^ ANO FINISH ROOMS FROM $20. Lie. Iniurd. Call Z1M-- G A 4-7174 Furnace Repair Clean Adjust $6.50 14 MRS. SERVICE 43-OQ-.0 Garden Serv. Supply LANDSCAPING SDrEnXII-io svstems Installed R repaired. Pat.os. Old yards done over. LOY L. SMITH/HE 5-719! LANDSCAPING RENOVATING-- PRUNING COVEY 6U-M2»-all. fr-867-34^3 MOW and edoc, 3 llmss month, 310, all kinds cleanups, all clippings hauled awaYi commercial or crlvale. Reat. rates 423-2634. COMPLETE landscaplrvo service. Renovating, cleanup, D r u n 1 n o, BE Lantlscap'o 422-9097; 428-2TW WEEKLY LAWN SERVICE DEPENDABLE. HA 9-9878 aft 6 OLD LAV/tJS RENOVATEO IVY CUT DOWM. .HAUL AWAY. EXPERT lawn care, Curtis 1and- scapfng sprinklers. Also yard cleaning hauling. Larry 3-204S PARK'S Cleanup complete lawn service. Apt. maintenance. Te 1 us what you will . pay. 435-7689 EXPER. Japanese oardener. Formerly from Pasadena. Free est. 439-7355. ^^^'J^^^^' Rossmoor, Los AHo* East L.B. Freo esr. HA 9-5363 or HA 6-78J3. MOW edg- 3x month, $10. Cllp- LAV/N Servrce. Reas./ dependable, experienced. FREE ES!. GA 6-1224 HAULING. 423-7763 EXP. Japanese oardener. Ma'-nt, by rnonlh. R«as. rain. Call 424-4063. MOW efM S10 mo. Full main- tenaiJee STS? HE 9-64«; GE 0-6m LAWNlr^wlna fc edalng. NLB area Glass Mirrors ABLE GLASS SERV, -- OPEK SAT. Plale, windows, mirrors, UPS, e c. 1497 Cola Ave. HE 7-4014; HE 2-366! Handymen · Trash Haul-- Tree Worlc fr GARAGE-- LOT CLEANING -ft ALLOWANCE ON SALVAGE 7 years of iallsffed cuslomeri. PROPERTY cleanup,- parntlng/ [la haiHlns, tree topping removal. Call us for nrompt service *· free estimate. 429-S315; G65-1 132. bed -- oarace. Prunlnn-- tapp no -Honest Free estlmalc -- 435-9053 Hauling, Express HAULING, oarage. Col trasft. c ean up, remove Irees, fences, vy, shrubi. walks, slabs, wreck ng odd IOCS' L.B. or LaVewood areas BY ORIENTAL-Hayllng, garaao vard cleanup. Expert tree serv Allowance «i salvage. Free esl Guar. Lie. 425-103J or GE 3-2335 MOVING? BIG TRUCK OR PICK UP. Light Hauling. Reas. 476-3523 ART'S TRANSFER. Lie. nsured Low rales. .HE 7-4633, HE 2-1198 GENE'S MOVING SERVICE Reasonable rales. TO 7-tt* FREE HaulfaB for usable discard from house or carace, 424-30 DUMP Irucfc skip loader. Cica u:, AsohaH removed. 6W-192 MOVING LIGHT HAULING ReawnaWe rates. 437-505* LIGHT havlino, clean ups, pkk UP useab^e Hems free. 923444 V/e trade for anvthlna. 633-645 . TRASH Haullnn-- Garaots dea:\*d Housecleaners EARL'S V;ALL WASHING* Kitch. washed (no slreaksl -- llv. rrr S)5 Jo 518. Floors waxed. Tim payments IF desired. 430-490 floors/ slaves, Wfndi,' rugs, sured. 20 vrs. exper. Frei est mate. GE 3-SM6. WASHING may Save a Palnl Jot Reduced rates for Carpet Clea I l R D Br WAXIKG. 4M-43 QUICK SERVICE-- WaJI 8. YftrxJo watnlng, floors v/axed, expe oainllng. Reasonable. 436-5125. WINOOW5 wash, floors cleaned way, walls waihtd. HE -5I EXPERT wall watiilng. 20 yrs. ex I/wired, Free estimates GE 9-75 Janitorial Service REAS. DEPENDABLE. Ph. 424-52 EXPERT Isfllfor wanls 4 ftrs. wot L Ir, morn/no. HE 4-06^. 8 Landscaping I STUART'S Lawrt Service--Full ma 3 t e n a n c « . mow, edge, trim · b- v/ork. By mo. or [ob. 437-M Linoleum PROFESSIONAL LINOLEUM £ SP dnt£cloJ. * fl 4»«i3 V £ rn -t , s Moving Storage r* SECURITY VAN LfNE* re Quality movlna-- Mlnlir-imi ra! or LOCAL and LONG D1STANC a- CALL AMYT1M6. 426-5 7 Painting^ Paperhancine *-' INSIDE or out DA'nllnx kite, washed-enamelea. £mi. loo C Hr, |ob HE 6-2337, HE A-73 SPEC. 2-r. house ouUtrfe ;fuc $99. Alto inside wcrk. OE 401 PENSIONER wanii Minling. fr rlor, e/lerlor. Reliable. 431-6. m/ PAINTING/ Paperlunglng, Stan PAINTING t PATCHING, EXT IOR INTERIOR. GA 2-f PAINTING/ paeer hanging, plat PAINTING inside or out. 25 H5 exper. No lob loo sm, HE 5-3 Painting, Paperhanglng Profassionat Painting SPEC1ALI1E IN .EXTERIOR Also Interior. Protect vou n til against liability by hiring Lie., INSURED BONDED painters. Reasonable rates 42 1 -5690 RELIABLE PAINTING YOU CAN DEPEND ON US. Bonded -- Llce.iied -- Insured 438- 11 69 YOU BUY PAINT 1 1 PAINT-Fret estm. Reas. ratei. Si5-OQ?9 /ANT a rveat paint lobT Kitchen. loung* or den. Call us, Cabnet guar. Fret tit. Eves. 423-7622 INTERIOR-EXTERIOR Brush, so ray/ roll. 75 Yrv exp. A l worX guaranleed. Very reas. Call Anytime 6A 3-6389 . OB PRIESTLFY HA 5-76W WALLPAPER 2 BEDROOMS S40 Includes paptr and labor. Painting Contraclor T4 vrs. In L.B. 'A1NTING, custom hand dec- oral'g. Spanish combJK). antlau- NE 5-2194 NE 5-7015 AVERAGE ROOM $14 Ex erlor stucco bur.aaCaw, S195. Best ref. malertah. J31-3381 A-l Decorating Service Papering Patnllng. GA 2-4)34 PAINTING- REASONABLE ' G o o d wort. QUALITY MATERIALS L. H. SPAINHOWER PalnfTno d«oratwo-- Bonded Insured. GA 7-10H or TO 6-JS7J PAINTING-- Ktoti quality work done reasonably. Fret est. 424-4550. SCANDINAVIAN Workmanship. Pa nllr.o Ir.skt cut. 3?-5ofo SPECIALIZE In tnamri. KltclMns balh. Licensed. Free est. 591-5WA -ICENSED PAINTER-25 VMri In L.B. Neat Jind reascnable. 591-1537. PROFESSIONAL painting. Reliable. Fast, neat, reasonable. GA 2-6IW PAINTING-- Inltr. exttr., fre« es ., Ins.. » vrj. ixner. GE 3-84U PAINTING, papeflna. Inside cut. » vrs. exp. Free est. GA 3-4 M5 SALYER PAINTING SERVICE . NTERIOR EXTERIOR. E42-WW PAINTING - Postering t. Paver no Low rates. 415-5WO or 5?1-2814 PAINTING. 1st dais work. Free est. Start now. Bumi. 428-1570 Vou buy Mint, 1 oalnt. Free cstl- males. Reasonable rales. 431-5116. FAST-- EXPERT SIGN MAN Reas. rales. 435-5054 PAINTING, Irtl'O-oul. Fasl, neat. Apt. hcui* special. 430-54H Pet Care EXPERT Brooming clipping, all breeds. Special boarding rales. KENNEL KARE CE i-79i7 Piano Tuning , PIANO tunlno repairing. Call Sammy the Piano Tuner. HE 7-9923 ADDITION SPECIALIST PLASTERING LATHING Acoustical celitags* pal china, rtv stucco. LEc. tV Ins. Reas. Free est. GA 2-454 1 V. DAVIS ACOUSTIC Celllr.g SPECIALIST Ola* celling! mada new. Fix 'anv eel linos. No more cracksl Sound neat conlrol. Move no furnllure. Lie. Ins. Bonded. Allor GA 7-8438, A SPECIALIST In small plas cr- natchbAg. Do own work. 1 day Pl-AtTER or cement patching. Small lobs. Xlnt. work. 436.3502 ACCOUSTICAL celtlngs -- machine apolled. Lie. Contr. GA 4-9i?l PATCH plastering our specla ty. EXPERT WORK OUAR. GA 2-8MJ Anvllme. TO t841 ; 935-5724 Roy PATCH or new work, no lob loo small. ' GA 4-3S65 CEILINGS -- Plaster palch, stucco patch. No lob too small. GE -88M. Pl wo^k. E G'E%244l', l (7li) ll TW C M7« SMALL cr loe. patching, res ucco. FOR S'AALL PATCHES -- CALL GE 1-7B73. 30 VC»rs Vxaerl erKe. Plumbing, Heating KARLSON t, SON. Slate Lie. Repairs . alterations. "Live re live" prices. 438-727: PLUMBING -- tt HOUR NO TRAVEL TIME CHARGE Stcooaces repairs. GA 2-6947 addlllo^s, remodeling, repairs. Waler heater, elc. GE 3-5339 STOPPAGES - Drains - Sewers SELL - SERVICE · INSTALL Lie, Insured. CALL GE 4-1545 Refrigeration REFRIG. Serv. Bt repair. Domesll convn'l. Reas. raEes. 432-225 z Roofing CORP. 1 For 1he BEST Frt new or reroof ng, call TOLL-FREE 5 B5-5234 Eves. 425-290 WE GIVE BLUE CHIP STAMP 1 No dn. pymt. Bank lerms. AL j fyoes reaver (U hr.) UN 4-75t 500 BLUE CHIP STAMPS REROOF,. REPAIR. COATING DEPENDABLE Roof Co. GE 9-443 HE M1J1, Ext. M4, 450 L.B. B e ROOF repairs of a'l xfnds, new 1 old. Free eslirr.ate. 429-523 '· YOUR csraie cleaned rubbli hauled a way, JIO. GE MOI. "· Sandblasting i Sandblasting Restucc * DICK-V/A 3-40TO Bob-4M-Oa SANOBLASTING-RESTUCCO. Ve T reasonable. Lie. GE 1-2? X) FORBES Sancblastlr.o for repaint -- stucco. Free estimates. GA 4-34 ». Sheet Metal Blowers Fans *! tauranll, Y V!omes r i V oklg«. Kile!-, rk sinks and hoods, sta'nless sl work, gu!?«rs £, conducicri. Ha arc welding. /Aarlne sheet me and reoa'r wotV. - MscCLOSKEY SHEET META fj 1315 V/. lllh Sf. HE 6-449 RAIN GUTTERS, sheel rrwral we Save » s ! GA 2-0 Termite Control «f HANS TEWnlTE COMPANY FULL Disclosure. Insoection In TERMITES, ROACHES. FrX - Amer. Termite Co. 437-S Tree Service ^ BILL ALLEN TREE SERVIC es. INSURED LICENSED GE M Sf JOE RIDDLES Tree service. F 5(15 estm. Licensed, Insured. GAt- REMOVE-TRIM-HAUL AVW Free Est. LVM price. GE 9-: )?· V/ALT'S TREE SE RVI C E- Pruo ^' remcylr.B. LK., Int. 596-21 «. co. Upholstering J8' Free tifmatcs. 3 oeneratlonj SZ' uoholiterlng. Tayksr /Aaid «Si holsttrv. GA 2t3» or NE 1-2 =L H 4 R«-Uptsolstir OAVENO CH M ' FABRIC UHO, NAUGAHV er- «72JO. LJ*w malerlals Inclu Sii SOFA uijo-malcttno chair ; ^rs. Irxluaes labor material, J M. arm an. 4364412 or 4B- ItetlHMMMrerSalfi 72 M tvertl ntw 'dtotel tnodMtu M*- i In* -1 indmlrUl. Ntwr Gtnerat 1 iVMOrs W«i«.-- M«W 4-71 uar« uirti. Over £00 twi Mdrlm Ol*- 1 * JMre wrtt ftnd Irxhrtirlal onwonenti. Tvrl'i Dl«c r^Jyctton ear ··-d parti. New Rocklord » ow«r Takt^.ft. Enoint wrli (or c ixfai HtrctwtJi Fa 1 rb* n ki-Morj?, r eve wd« Coowf- Beiitnu r. 0 1 e- f ·omorwsort. aV lowt^ looi boxes* 3 p* fitltnoS' Ovf complete d wol : vocivxe with ovtr 200 d«taired : Schire equlvalefit to a Dtrnxvjl : soecibn will o* twit PTWTIDNY M r*rJ*it. Niw nulerlal for Co*v ffs, fltMrmeft,' Marine Shoos/ h lincwt (water Well power jrtlU), Repair thoos and mart/ Mid without IL-aJI r rctKv*. SA roo*rJy of a-rf lo be MM on he premises of Ma rim Irtdustrial Supply, MS W. Anaheim, Long KnxUKtrt bv Stanley W. Fried- TM nun Co., \K ptnl SI,, San Fran- 228 So. Flggeroii Uw Angles- Contact any c* the »bov« cr phone Long Beach-HE 54M1 for bro s rJiun and details. WATER HEATERS P -Yr, Gudr-Spocial Prices J Stett T»nJcs Glais Lined Tgnfci L 40 t?al. 174, M « Bfll. \J9.Vi JO oei. s;j.9i 30 gal. iM.ti . Corndelefv RKondlnon-ta Contorm lo Acer. Saltlv Standard* . heaters at ctMnpeHTtve prices 3 L S PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. -n 2211 E. Anahe^n.. L.B. GE 8-2500 V WE RENT ! Washers -- RetVJfleraforj -- Ranges TVs-- $7.50 Month Up ALEXANDER ELECTRICGE M44) GARBAGE DISPOSERS NEW-LATEST MODELS C SOT-WWrl.wav , [7J.4 277-- InilnlErrMtiv U1 C L S PLUA^BING "sUPPTlY CO. ? BLDG MATERIAL SALE · B ARC A IhS-Plvwood, 4c (t., Pln« ' oak rnouidlrot, 2 8. 3c fl. Fin shed lumber. 7c fl, 1x6, 4Sc ea. Xx6, 90c ea. ontv S10. Pirt« hrfwd. da on, (X CablnoK ii 100'i of SALVAGE MASTERS Phvd ., doc rii w1 rwlows/ hf dwds.4 plurnLikia, formka, air coixflHon- SALVAGE fSWSTERS liiS Sanfa Fe or 71720 Norwalk Blvd. DID you know thai you can buy black amber handled screw dr v- crs, many slies for 4c. each at AulO Supply Ojlkt. 1602 SO'JIM St. (between Orano« Cherrv) Open to a p.m. Sundays lo 3 p.m. Call 422-3S2. for every kind o( auto part. i WHOLESALE MEATS Wed., Thurs. Frl. Only T- Bones, Pcrterhouie, Too . Sirloin, Cuba Slfafcs, Cnkken Frys --%$c ib. Ground Be«f P a t t l K . a l 3hed-- «c Ib. CITY BUTCHERS 2422 E. Wlh MH 4-4123 NYLON CARETING S?.?S A YARD Sculptured heavy carp«l, Retr^ar $10 vaiLm. tViony w/dtMe backings. TREND INTERIORS 5701 Lann Beach Blvd. «3-Hs? KIRBY VACUUMS $49.50 1X11 CHERRY AVS. Long Beach FIBERLAY PLASTICS COMPLETE SUPPLIES Pouring o[ orapes every Wednesday. Free rftmomUatlori Saiurday 300 SQ. YDS. of OKillitoous fllamenJ NYLON CARPETINO roll ends. Values S5.SS lo *7.« sd. yd; Now S2.W so. vcf. All faro* pieces. Long Beach purtuture Co. 6th Una D-ftch Blvd. LIONEL train set, locomotive cars/ switch engine, tl« . lampkjfl es treiliei, 3 Iransformers many extra accessories, excel. cond! *75. 17UJ S39-4UV CANVAS, awrtng*, tarps, boat cov- palrea. PARAMOUNT SALES* £000 Pa rtrrw.'nt Blvd. GA 1-S501; WE BUY SCRAP METALS. Iron, lunfc car, bait,/ etc. Paramo-jm Safes, 6000 Parerrwunl Blvd.- GA 3-J501; ME 3-0771 GOLF dubs "Viclura" '(·wood's irons. Mi. Flr.e oW baner dialr, (50. 9S? Afw.dra, Belltfowcr. (Opeti 7 days). NEW TRASH CANS Used cam/ st««l fiber. A- . G A 4 3J 14, 3031 Lor.g Beach B vd. REDUCING TABLES, RENT-- BUY. Slaufter Rd»KacTsor, Vlbralor LIMITED TIME ONLY Custom dreperfe* matfe Jl per width, labcr. Call Dealer'* Decorator Service, -13WBM. TRASH CANS $2.95 Weld',np. Lavrn mowers sharp. U. 5331 Cherry. OA 3-4613 17 daw). WE WILL W£ET OR BEAT All Advertised Prices FIRESTONE CAMERA HI-FI 9494 'E. Flreslcrw Blvd., Dawncv DRESSES, blC'.-ies, llie S, a so mhc. sizes boys ctolhei. Mtsc. NEAR new Restaurant equipment, Plzia oven, char brolr.r, i gra, ec. Call lor «wt. HA H14M. MUFFLERS - Glass or stocK, hv ilalled. 1 year o-jar. 4SJO. wa Arlesla Blvd., Bfllllwr. TO 7.M07 T P A ^ U PAKIC PPI 41 GE 8-tlvJ Open Sun. 2343 E. 171h DUALS InslllIM rnoH V-«l, S». Comolete-- sbgJe muFfler fnslalle( UM. nti E"Arleila. T5 7-7007 1964 STEREO console, never used S47. Will acceot II.2S per week SALE Surullrt Eleclronlcs, TOP SALES CO., 9C9 N. Alondra, Como Ion. COFFEE fc 2 end Tables 125; sla bench; Hoover portable wathef S so!n dryer S12S. Pn, 4J8-2459. : 'tA model, compete w/acc«isorle ) 100% financing. ivMIOI, fre« 0I 40 TESTED ways fo mak« mone^ witn yotr tyiiwTller. Wrlle Bo r K - 4 4 M , ImJeperrfJenl, Prejs-Tele. OFFICE DESKS, chair), r.les an fireoroof lll««. PARAMOUin SALES, KO paramount Blvd. ENCYCLOPEDIA. Also Greal Book n of Ihe Western World. Comd e e " (714) SUJfXO. = CANVAS wsrk, marine or comm Yardage for anv use. III-R1I ; SallmaVirs, 134! W. lllh. HE 7^55 Try arum, ksuvred «wnrn«, coi -, 1150, sell SW. GE M73 · Y/ANTED-Perslan t Orlepral rufl - Colled, (714) 456-9731 alt. 6 P.rr \ FEHCE-chj'n link, salv., run f - 22c, Gales reduced prices. Air» - NEW used Toys, overs uffe h chair. Gossip berKn, tsb/jiw Puoo!e» IS ml ic. Call WS-725? 2 TORRO lawn mowers, raconfl tloned, llk nf*. 80 In. swat. U S-MB4. ,, U* ADMIRAL it OE retries. Xtf 5» cond. Ywr Owlce. US ea. li -v E. Artesla Blvd. Prlv. cry. " SINGER portable sev/. mach., « x auburn wla, real hair, Sli or be « offer. Ph. 434-7258. ~ FURH. MISC. FURHISHIHC FROM ESTATE. 433-O57. LANGSTROM din. rm. III. 11-p Verv oood cond. 43S-5e t! \ Bauer, 1W1 Redoido. GE 4-3S l! KIRBY vacuu-n w/attacnmen s. LI n [ new. «$. 43S-9W6. BEAUTY shcp comb-out dresser L swivel chair. TE 4-33M aH. 7 p. ^ CAR Sfereo lip«, 4 sotakers -f k. tapes, MS. 434-r iig UPHOLSTERY fabric, 75C yard F-. CLOTHES poles, IWel, «lc, Y v/IGS cicseout loar. human n 070 m. AQUJ viia oist. in- 10. KEMHORE aulom washer. Ex CCIVJ. Man'l suit-- 31. MAv-JI PIPE threading machlr.e, soil j t, lltllnoi. t33-J49 afier S f.l %'i "^."p'r"? Parfyf'""'^*?. 1 593". SEEKING while colton uweix ^ V/ALL Miftri, WM BTU, « QF v//lhermosut, 139.95. NE 9^d S-- Joxl5 TIR£S wtiee «. =ree BABY bed 10. Hloti Oil r 173 Slroller I1J. UWA Ux iseelloneeutforSol* 72 Fi DISPLAY tjhUw ISO Din rackl b ottttrs; mirrors, all iUes, rntnJ- l«ii, womw 1 cnlidrenii bull; J )ltto!d filing cabutolll Regular nin? cabmetst 4 NCR rxmma rflltno ma^lnetr chain) office leifct met] wood b DIIIS sne;v. ng; complele tddreuograon depli heci; itBiwrj - checlc ctoleclor; urlaln rods, refrffleraforj coke narhln*! \ni Chcvv station wa?- MI, olrer Item loo numerous ffr nentlon. :oluntx 111 Pacific HE 14UI D compl, 115: divan ilo; bdrm- et compl. wtox spras. malt. ·40; S-K. d»et1 SiC] filrtg. S»; tovt 1}3,- 13MI. fish tank v/flsh, ximo heater CIO. Many elser ems -- Mult Mil -- No reas. offer efused. 14719 Lakewood Blvd. sir. elghbortiood Garogs Sales 72-A IALL commercial typa Kelvlnalor frt«ier, JlSi small CT relrlg, S1SI r«w 30" range hood v»«an, «. 33-B433 pjn. only. 3WER mov,'eri (TKeefe S. Merrllt srave; car parts; storage caNnet; btrtchj misc. 596-7377 1579 WASHINGTON ST. NLB. DFAS, chairs, drapes, dining table, venillsn (Xlixh. Misc. 43MI7S. URM. t, MISC. FURNISHINGS FROM ESTA1E. 4J2-H57. ewelry ' 72AA ADY'S diamond ring, approx. .70 caraf. Emerald cut. VVS excel, co or, 14 carat white M'd w/sm. diamonds on side. Relall value, S650. \YIII sell for UOO. YVrlle Box AO076, Indto., Press-Tele., L.B side diamonds, SI, 100. 4iH01l. t KARAT blue wnlt* tfamcnd. beaut, color, S2SO. tUKlj iporting Goods 72-6 anamoku surllboards. Used onlv onca In U.S. cnan'.D'onshloi al H.B. by Fred Hemmlnas P^u Strauch. Great buy. for qvlck sale call 1714) 893-6737 OOL TABLES -- 631-U93. OMPL. set aoua dlv. gear, 2t(eae reo. Call bet. W cm. 6119752 oiler. GE 3-15J1 all. 5. VANTED: SKI EQUIPMENT. Adult. 167-9(75 , 5 GAL. bulna tank], 3 burner bulaix hot plato I». 415 «IS hirnlture for Sale 73 $30 DOWN home with all new {urni- Will furnish Y our entire ture, including range, re- frig., TV, dining room, living room bedroom sets. Freo Parking Free Delivery Out of Stale Credit OX LONG BEACH FURNITURE CO. 6TH 1.8. Blvd. Dntn. OPEN EVEN1HGS TIL » Tutl. t. Sit. -Ill 4 Closed Sundays i i A n rxn /'"N /~i./ HARDROCK MAPLE Brand new. never used 4-room group. Ir.cKwts 7-Pfec* D'neapp'a posier bedroom s«l wllh rnsssiv* il-crawer drcner and wall m r- ror, 2 rJ1i staixJj, 2txl bedroom include* Iwfn btdi. Also Earlv American lEvlnp room ensemb-* wllh beautiful tables and lamps. Maple dining room prow Induces labTe, 4 chain, buffel and hg th. Originally priced lo sell [or 1179?. Our price only 1597. JIO delivers. Cash lerrn). W i l l s«wr*!i (or "O.'st PETERSON f=URNITURE CO.! SINCE IW3 5390 L.B. Bl. GA 2-7896 Dally 10-9, Sat. 9:30-6, Sun. 12-5 WANTED Reicwn.ltU parly lo maVe pav- mcnti en 5 rooms of furnMuri 8. appliances. No down pavmt. Pay ml. 412-50 Mr mo. Bil, S/3? t Con- slsts of rjrwe, refrlo., AM^FM stereo« TV, ilnelle itt, living rm. sel comp'.ele, bedroom a el. ALL FURNITURE WARIWSETURN. 2074 Santa Fa Ave. Phono HE 2-5469 NEW-USED Save the Warafue Way STOVES REFRIGERATORS Living room, bedroom, rvor* dinelles, chests, lamps, t c BARGAINS GALORE 1 - 2 - 3 ROOM GROUPS S S SAVE i S Leonards Furn. Whse. 5688 Atlantic, Terms ' EARLY American couch chair, map fables) lamo'i swrvel rock cr; lovtseall matching cha!rs TR. PROV. sofa, chairs, tables Mediterranean king tdrrn. se] twin bed, ch«l nlshl it«nd wa nut bdmn «t, dlneltt;.*le 01 Iwln mall. sels. new MS, k n a matt, set m. Trudy's 935-lSra SPECIAL all new furnltin-e. Bed cnalr $45; 'coffee J. en?' abl«s, yjalnut 419; 7 K. dinette formic too 565; Refrfg. S«; stove M! A so while Ihty last-- 9x12 linoleum K. 1«7I» Lakewood Blvd. Olr COMMUNITY AUCTIOH-ISOIO Haw thornt Blyd.-- every Wfd. jille, p.m., Sjw. 10 a.m. The Aucllc' nat lens better orade furnyapcl WE ALSO BUY and DO PAV, MORE for thaliesf. Call SPl-igl 30" MAGIC Chel Ga Rartoe, larc ovrn. LIVe new. SaS. 9 II. rrtoder iota matching chair. Green blue cjullled prlnl. Good cond. S9i Gray formica table E. 4 chairs 535. 5WMJ7 t - PIECE KING-SIZE txdroom Sf Danish v/atnut, complele. Re urn* from model, all only SWI. R« ufar MW.M. Long Beach Furniture 61rt and Lor.B Beach Blvd. 5-PIECE V/alnut Bedrm. Set Ir eludes Iff. i Mrs. Dresitr, ·} nil stands headboard, W. Lon Beach Furniture Co., 6th L.E Bl/a., Downtown L.a. CHARCOAL Nevimar colj» tab! r J matching slew-end taoles, ca t of white lamps, JIS-^AII Inojjj condltloo. Pnone 537-2» r ITALIA1J provincial marble lawe - ttTM^"** * """'caiftaJSi . HIDE-A-BED wing bacX solf chilr, sludk) coucK? occasion e V^E'RE stuck. W sofas, cha rs 4 seillonais. Up to 50% ell. Tav Maid 6SS4 Orange, Long Bead 1 BIRCK d:nlr.g sel w/h-jlch }·? ^ maole trln beds S; rraolo de r, S'rMfli llTTO M07J Oowr '· !· bench. Xint. cond. 12* . S e r v t. r.frla Good cone'. 115. 43it4 '· 4 PC. msple bdrm. set. By Bau d na. "· NEV/LY re-upnot. TM*,''i "If - Victorian couch-A RARE BL N HOUSEHOLD lurnllura.irc . l» t Amana Ireeier, UOO takes. S T. VllJ »lst. Hawaiian Gardenj. ' EARLY American K'tSeaMd malch'jlo- chair «!. OV 43J-74 '[ 50-- 3-PC. "fa t. tfjlrs, l», Tav 11 Mild. iS» Orange. GA 2-1 ~c 3 RMS. lurn. 4"!""',","" 11 "«' '" od. cond. M7-IS9S. - SOFA, 3 CHAIRS. THE FINES fe Llki n«. Sacrifice. OE 4-7 T SPRItIGS t, MATTRESSES ts. « 3s RK.F Transfer 1131 GavH fi 1 PC'Mcllonal Hide»£to s eh ke set 1 3 chalr«. 1347 Pice. 4154. -7 RECLINER cnalr eatlorm ro £ er. MHc. GE KK7I ,,! Furniture for Sole 53 ^Wfifflt^MfW **. r TAV-5 :\JiU±i3 «i7 Insuranco j'n'. Everything ^ SLIGHT c'et! opTllonc'ej. 51S?.00. E-Z ^ clvidts Frcoicr-refjlcjeralc x G.E. oofo. woslier. Cotnp ^. rn. tuitg wllh tobies la 472 In choice of colon, plus ear at tremendous iavlngf " urnlfurtfor 5ot» 73 f Pumlfur* WcmHd 75 *5-Pc.Watnuf Group GORGEOUS 1 1 Nclo'V doi« Out ixirctiilt hKrurt) roomy dftiitr, cult mirror, 1 mi* j'SMl, · '(J.-*.v»r*. H«rJ bojrrf, J PLUS btd ipre«d1 dull led fo»m j rvbbtp isfi cK*ir [bwutiiul i co'pri), 1 itio iHi)J«, 1 coffee -- ly ifyl«l dinUvo u)i 1itt» w/lral n ll'.-.'ly Hwwilnfl orouoT Tcnil pfkt r 13I.M (formorry wki lor 5I. i A Grtdl Ouv and * Cr«4t Savlngi · vu --ADDED BONUS-- ' ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING w DELIVERS; WEEKLY PAY- MEMTS ONLY «.« O. S. PETERSON FURNITURE CO.! SINCE l»l 5390 L.B. Bl. GA 2-7896 Dally 10-9, Sat. 9:XM, Sun. 1} S S F TRANSFER NEW FURNITURE 7 bocXcii* headboards ^-- ,$1* M Simmons Orllvj ckilKtd box R itwlng mall., bolh »W 6 mao'« livlrw fm tell $?; u modem barm wli iS8 9 din (Mi itl* S27 (rrHrw, oval j. recta ntTUlar) f maoia bdrm i*1i K* \4 telephoni ilwxJs |l SLIGHTLY DAMAGED GA 5 .9^? EE MLIVE *TEI.«S 5921 ATLANTIC. L. B. - WAREHOUSE MAN OH DUTY Mcn,.Frl. 9» Sat. . Sun. M No Whore-Bur No Where ONLY AT HUBl STARDUST proup-- *iJc lor oroyp by nsaiiB. Llv, rm rf w* oiler DMU.IIul ovllted Ufa malchJrvs cMtr, 2 malching ntwi-mar '· mil 1 sleo t*Wei cotfe* lab.e, pr. of lovely maictiirvfl r»bja cushronj, Per KI» txdrm. a Mr, R 81 Mrs. dbSt cfr*tier wllh mirror, 1 commocet, wtlh matcnlng panel head"M4ri Oh1l Incl. box lortrvgs £ maHreuei wim J dfewcr lamoi). For TT.I dVuna vta, btaulltul mink color dinette .- latolt a» 4 diafri, Incl. dii.S«, Now for your klkhtn--a beauliful Admiral rtifJo. Ml Jirs rirc* , wllh klno-slio oven, all of thli it lor $707.M--lax M^d. V/ltti vcw good credll, absotutt minimum down only JA.35 a week. Out C c ilar* crttflf wetcorrn, ' HU 5 B EE FURNIT A URE SM SO. L.B. DLVD., COMPTON ' . * * * 5-ROOM GROUP WILL DELIVER TO RESPONSIBLE PARTY All fliw fomltur* piui tbyt* re^ r g.j waihtfr drv«f TV. Also ncludetf-- 2 Bcaroom «en L 1 wllh twin bids) living room fumlKira 'cumolefe with 2 end tablts, cctltl table. Ismpi/ p!clurrt ( run vui dlnelia tel. J7.EO PER MO. Full Price $2 14.84 OUT OF STATE CREDIT OK M.J.B. Discount Furniture 5318 L.B. Blvd., NL8 Sal. lo «.m.' to 5 P.m.' Sun, 12 lo 5 D.m. GA 34001 IndependenTi rrtu-rnwram Homo Furnishing and Morchandising Classified Advertising Code Any caVt/triemenl which conlalm ml»!eadln0 copy Is not icccotibli. Aav«ftliemen1s pVaccq b/ commtrdal Mvernien fTHiii IfKluaa tht f Itrn Nam»" or word Vl" rencnu dislrcsi diBni, and personal pronouns tr« rOT Acceptable from com- m«rclBl aavenlieri. Ptiratai or claws Inlir- rlXg merchandlia Is coo- B F TRANSFER STORAGE OUTLET Mod. Lf'/Ing rm. ie!i M? Lampi tcbles J7 DlnellB ia1l, 5-pc, , ,177 Springy Malls., ea. . U Slav*. t?!iArt,n\trei : ta rttlrlQ»rxinr r fliiftr. ,, . Jjrt Chitli, 4 drftwr .--,-- --.-.--,, -, .-.''0 1131 Gavlola, C.R. HE 7^1 SI OF) 10th Si. teL Oranaa ft. Cherry 6AR. SALE. MUST SELL Quality used furn. Very reai. Lfv, rm. ictt; bdfm. utiJ kllch. t« 3; crcis too reirtgt.r iloveii lam Pi. 1113 E. lOlh St. aFter 4 p.m. dally. Open Sun. Tixi. at nooo or carl ailer 6:K, 4W«II. HOTRL APT OWNERS 5? a us before vou buy, iios E. 'ANAHEIM wmi Oixm Mon.-Wea.-Frl. BV** HIDE A BEDS 14 lo chooi* from for Immedia · d«llv«rv. Prfced «i Ic'iv 11 U9.SJf r.cludlng Inneriprlng manr«li. Free OHlvtrv. B P Tranmr, .131 GavJota/L.B. HE 7-645* serving tablej oecaiioni] roclcer) cold hl-bacK cn«Tr; polf l6mp] Iw cup'd w/ftower arr»v\Mm«nt. ; 1 seMbfe. C.ll h* S-MW l MATCHIIIG davtnport cK.Jr, S, D«10. exMl. CQTd. Ph: 412-5157 ; Antiques 74 - MARKET ST. ANTIQUES · IME. MARKET OA ttHl ' 1904 PLAYER cluw. Orfo. wa nul cas*. Play.r tn wrf. cprtd. Worth - S1800. IAakt olftr. SJ4-2447 to sit 5 ANTIQUES, tirlv. PV. »« Sal"TM ' Avt., Kunllnglon Prk. LU 7J7! V(E n««l .nllspjai i umiiu.l films 1449 Ch«rrv. GE »61 i Furnlrur* Wonted 75 · We Buy Soil Good Usod Furniture Appl. » PARK FURNITURE * TIM LOtIG BEACH BLVD. 1 piioriE aiam » $ TOP DOLLAR J r FURNITURE APPLIANCES "· CASH Id » MlffUTES i 925-1548 v Leonard's Auci:on 1 CASH MONET r^ For used (urn Hurt, app'l.r tools l misc Call Al'i ^11^ « CASH S Spot Caih HE 2-3038 ANYTHING OF VALUE 7T; C t F Furn. 1441 O*rn GE K4 M YOU HEED CASH? WE fEE f-jrnllixt, Kilkwas. ra^es and f fflos. Call Pat IKVltM. 95 ORIEIITAL "Up* WANTr | t ,.) V 'JSJ,. BT£ °« BUY 1B " 1 lurn _«3ftj 73 Furniture for Sa!« 7 S^^MI^ ..£_,- dtM-Jftds-^J ^PS^^mPr^^^^ Claim Settled Goes Regardless LY SMOKED . of new furnllurt Incl. oil ma]o paym.rils of $4.25 w«My. In r, O'Keof* t Mtrrltf qos rana ·te dinett., btoulifut decor Imn nps, Alio foshlonoblo bedroom K you can purchase all or any p» now." Many, many oth.r Ittms t M EASTERN DISCOUNT FURN, AH 9 A Aflnnlt« AWJI GA 3-007 TOP PRICES ^^PAID! . . ; ""'TwntturV "irTstofittt. -REPP iMOTT, INC. Ml E. AnatMlm OB 9-W7 ^.K^.^'3i ouschold AppOoactf 73 ir BEST VALUES-^ \YTAO -- wtom. w«ih«r*. "rial lean, 1 vr. OTM, ·,,_____ itt AAYTAJ-- 2-sod, wjfom. ~w«h*r» iew. 1 vr. war. . M* EHMORE -- aufom. wiiJier* re' w I, ilk* IHW, , yr. OTW $u : RlGIOAlRE -* Relrlg. Mr. w : RiGl6AlRE-- ritriv. w/crosT-toa ; OL D S'POT-- V l frliai ovwf. iJLSi Many nrtori lo chocs* irtm. ^ HILL'S: S650 ATLANTIC AYE. ruM.^S.^wt.MtS**i rS!r;:?,?r w ^'"- *·»» 16' bollom frMrer (2J9.9S no-lrosr, new KtFv., vour rtfr'0 I7.SO mo. reo. S399.9S) New O'Krtf* Mtrrlllt _S299.95 (fr.ln^t damag. Contemoo i. cocc«rl»ie. r«. u»,95, your* 115 mo.) · ^ Ireo. »!».«, Kai., vour wislv er $19 mo.) Good C. T. refrls. . U'.li B A K E R S flh » PaJltk Step Up To Top Qualify G.E. rttrlg.. 10 cu. ft. motfel »/ ar»a. ·rc.^Ffll'tvice 5fty r '$79? I |!v Galfert Saltier gas nlcelv reccnd. Thirmo control oven. Too (lie. $59, Includi delrver/ 8. 6 mea m Bond's Stsvt Wortu" 94S E. t. JtE ««9, iwi Mon-.J. 0 t Sun. 1W. EFR 0. 8, stcva, apl. sin. ticll. oondMlon, »;o for bilh, or maki oflafj CaJI 1391U5 aAyllm*. ! DOOR retrlo. Vfti autocn. was^e^/ REFRIG " HA = T 51^ sJ1 ^f rll |~,|^ ENMOBE wasSw, ! jp«e), 1 eyl. inter flow. A-l condV Guar; delivered, is. JU-SJii ,i. VEDGEWOOO oas rang*, fl^cd cond. ISO. Call 93$. 145] TOVE UO; rafrlflirafor S15, GMd workrnc condlllon, UW!6i V^ MUST sell Coccer Ton. U" tiedrlts ranoe. 'U Kenmora. Call «99S9 REFRIO. WANTED-- HlDheil cash". Working or rwl. "Ben' y HE «JM *EFRJG. crossloo U5i autpm. waiher US. TO J-91o) 1 USED FREEZERS, UO i. UP, «r, SJSV 435-7725 '- f GAS ranot, nr new Wedgewood, copocrtons, $75. Ph. OA 7.2SOQ APPLIANCES REFIHISHED . GjiRANTEED. W-»47 1? CU. ft. dot door Serve] -6as refrfg. !c maker sl!5. UI-U9V HEW Elec. Solid Body Guitar-; !».»! New arot-«Jg,". flrj) drum sel cornel. SIOT.SO. New t.K bass W.SO. BUV 4 TRADE.. JS Albe'rl Muitc, W E. Ocean'DlVoT FENDER fjandmaslcr amp, brand aoj^Perl conoV^ka offer. HA FENDER AmnUftor, I9J. Harrnonv ouTar w/2 pick un tl». 4».;iij WURLITZER pull MmuM SO\J«I Oroan, Mlo 11 Jpo. Sac. H nrlet, «ner 3 D.m. GB 1 JoJI GUILD Elec. Gullar 1 MagnaloiM amp. Ltya n«w. Oest olr, S9.M] FUl^ ..I of drum, JJJ. ^.^ ElF ^ct'rJ.. 11J '. r '""^4,V-W4. 1-P1ECB ifumtrt «xlr«l. Uti ntw. Call Wllh altir 1 p.m.-^ Ovef « Y«ari Sound ExMrJfnca 3 Floo/s ot MyilcliF rMercfitVUflia jMu3iire VVurMU*r, Kirn ball 1 n»r« PR UPTb P 6b^OFF'.t.-.. V/urlUier, Gvrb, Lowrav A niofg SPINET ORGAHS FR. })« ., CHORD ORGAHS FR. IIP?'.' RENT-- PIAHO «i OROAH Hi ih« MUSI-CAL · · · · ' . - M4 Ptn«, Won. Frl. to » HE «-«» Rno Quality Splnif Pianos Wal. mahg. . Soecjal : J |4*J or rent cotton-- w.95 ma, ' - v HUMPHREYS rvlUSlC CO Horn* of Slilnway 135 E. M. H SI. Downiown L.B. SILV0RTONE Ccmwlisj ChOfd OfMn , «xc«[. cono*. M»w« 1 Iff with b«nch i.PMjc bock. C«T] irlif 7 p.m. 4M-.M/J El 12, Ml tU« r C01I *i«0 In Rpvembir. Best off«r. Pflwt*. GA 4-4003, WILL. BUY USED ORGArJs AND »S1 tina 3 BSa flW 0 0 C A--4.»1, LOWREY THOWAS ORpANS MixV Musfc 34jTpin« HE 4-2939 PRIV. PTY. wanli 10 Cvy olano for cash. UM7S7. Llkt naw. VXO. ' ME tO«J HA/A/AONO Sp'net organ, wal. 1495. REPOSSESSED sptnrt organ, wal. Conn.~Jllnmt llm. *Z401 blr. REPOSSESSED walnul !fj'5Jl,'gJ^ BEAUTIFUL Conn RhapSOCY WJlWt organ, lr»i new, II79S. 4U-J«. PIANO V/ANTEO -- Prlval* party. Musical Instruction 798 LEARN TO PLAY accordtofl of OA *-77l*7 t Radios Television 80 RENT NEWTV - , ' S 4 MO. 5 . No Daposif -- Free Servies 5 RENT "L'A^coVfjT? 1 "" 1 "" 6 Jr 14M Long Beach Blvd., Lvnoooij NE 9-2241 ' ., ORANGE COUNTY °7 12545 Euclid, garden Grov* J 638-4610 ^ r«. tttt.ti, PMIco, 2 vrs (war picti/iabor. yx»r sit A lit) rno.V ^ COLOR porlab:.* or 21" ccnwn J Svlvinla, only IN dn. JH trv.. "" or us* voof S4t lor dwn, oymt,) r, ZENITH }\" . mii iir Cuar. lio mo, xrvi rt, f PACKARD BELL V" *IX?.9a 1 S*,-vJ]a wai.f Ml doon, 4 torn* f , MI war. Your sat *!0 mo. "I SMALL rnaotil console 112?.95 Pa:k-B«'i, renrtoli cent. n«w Bl tu», $11} mo. buv» jr. taVafi «n i Ptdnc TV RENTALS-- 56 mo..yp ntSSfVS. % t. F 4i" He**yj T 1"!SS^^ 4 C i H TV SERy/CE t ' Colored blacic 4 whlta r*pSA « Servke -- da/ cr eves. 725-5317 9 V/AHTEO; L«U nwdlt BXtaoH TV . t v/s: W, owxrcon^ Will pay «p. } Died TVs Moving Sala us u. «tr. iw PACIFIC Aye, REHT · TV «2S for 3 moVS'JJjS B "Wv L Pacific, ot*n ave HtlJ-JWJ " i;' SILVERTOXE. nrn ftcrun

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