Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 3, 1930 · Page 7
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 3, 1930
Page 7
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A Great Mystery Sfortt. ' dettonitrMfoft Ifl tht ifrad* " tefcal *ev?v. llft ft irt , . tn&t Siie i»8 ry fHltilng Hhd »lt oB the ffluro* cH»Tf which tie to her. .. ptoflta elt# t6 ter, »ne a tft« DOTH Dora »Mt«Ma t« b'efrlelKl A\)df*»> but eon- lrea with hef nttsbuia And lh*ft ._ Bill" HUnford, to tnakt fi« ... , ..„>,„... jfcittr at the ttolen. won te> th* • »«rt«tittf* Who Is IS taM.lheta out et tm eouMiy, on th« way to th* station "wltii-Mr ttdcKftja Audrey Is awttw* by Shannon aM f. .«, ..,, t <£ shannon's fctefts ' to,pVliion fbf a yMif rfethsr thdn betray •fctet. Released, th« goM at cntB to' hef •later 1 * IKmrt,. . . < • .. • he waiu., ~, irt a cOflalnracy. Steel." went outt firing to engage tH* girl, tote* tn« puih»d tnttcn," rts admitted frankly. You haven't any fight to ^"^"^Sil,,,.. "IfoU'pMittieMly accused, a gefttw* 0* attertkptlhg to * h ^S«^\ tt i* H ^ , . aerloua accusation to make." . . "t didn't aay it Was A conapiraoy," she denied quickly. "AM *»•«•*" that the. old gentleman, who jwaa a perfect stranger to me, aakeditte it 1 would start aomething. at Mn Mart's. next- door rfe •xi.' • • ; ! „»„. MALPAS. Dick Shannon had*, flat In the Hayy market, an aparUnftht which served aa ,\^horrte and otMoe, for, In the^robm over- J|o6king one of London 1 a bualeat thot* /SJughfaree, he grot through a conalderi ably larger, volume of work thaH he , disposed of In his uninspiring bureau • oh the j Thames embankment. , Steel, his assistant, christened the flat "Neweat Scotland Yard," and cer- v talnly had Juatiflcation, for here, more often than- not, were held the -Conferences WhlC,h brought the big, five—an ever-changing quantity—about the council board. ' • 'Something In the nature of a aub- commlttee was sitting on the day that- Audrey Bedford; was releaaed from prison. Sergt. Stael, who specialized in society cases—it was the yard's boast that he was the best-dressed man in London—and Inspector Lane, late-of Bow street, how of Maryleboite, was the third. "You didn't see-her?" asked the In- apector. . ..Dick Shannon shook, his head. "By the time I got to tt»e governor and discovered ahe had been relea'sed it was useless looking for her. I've given Instructions to the stations that .the moment she report's—she hasn't iiltf mlira fW nine UIUUI.IIB yrvi iy com* intts the 1 ' W* ft»ff« find her fatfe Aft* futtttt HfU— his, Kick Shannon e&utd not ,u*eam. Mr. Malpaa v.wag '** A»u(%" aj arresting clrtumstaftce for t» qifcstlont Ml and owned. S*i)ft hH Wan W loom «•• Audrey Bedford ha« made an f discovery, there Was an «8aeii 2 men oieei, W»»M «*« —, x eBiinv wocuvery* juner^ .wews »u vaavu- ef, ' " ^» ,_^>tlal flnng la life atoul^leh*he had „.„„ Netlaeti, yotl are * profeaatimM m ^gf j, tel ^ t tt WM »wyaiettoua some* dancer—disengaged? 11 , „ . ' x thing called M a ehmfacter'; eftmetimes 'I'fli that," ale *a*l I*o6nleftlly. u W8as fflor » genteelly atyleft rt reter. '1 waftl you W ttll tta abwit your Bn ceii," , • Without one of tt£ other (and they were really one and the same thing) ft WAS impossible to secure Wnployment. There were leering mefl H*b said) "Never Wind, llttte woman, we'll get along without thal"j other Utah, who shocked wheti she told them ahe had juat c6irie>trom prrtott, but who bore up Well enough to engage her and ask her to come to dinner with .them; and there were others (and ah* -like* these heat) who aald curtiyt "We have^n* obenlrig for you.'* . . i Her little group of Money waa dwindling. There dawned a Christmas day on my knees thanksgiving. . completed the whole of her" .sentence— they are to report to me." "There was a miscarriage of Justice,, If ever there waa one!" he said. "And yet, for the life.of men, I can't see what othelr verdict the jury could have returned, T"But if, she was Innocent," eaid Steel, puzzled, "what was easier than • for her to speak T It 1« not innocent .to hide the. guilty." "Let us lift the discussion out of the base realms of metaphysics," said Dick testily. "What about Mr. Malpas? "He'» a mystery," said Lin« unnecessarily, "and the house ia -more so. So far. as I can find, he haf been in occupation of 661 Portman square since January, 1917, and has been there most of the time. Nobody has seen V.hlm. We had « complaint laat year \from Lacy Marshall, who lives next Woor, that he was disturbed by knock- /ings at night, but we could only advise ' him to take summons. Malpaa pays his bills regularly, and when he camp into the house <whlch is his own property, by th«-way) .he spent a considerable sum in renovation. A big Italian firm of Turin fitted the house with electrlo lighting, burglar alarms and various other gadgets, though I can't trace any furniture going in." "Ar* there any servants?" "None that's the strangest thing. No food goes into the house, which means that he must eat outslda or starve. I've had men watch the back ' and front of the house, .but he has slipped them every time, though .they've seen a few interesting things." Dick Shannon smothed his chin. Wi&ttA tL f ttAll ji *»tft HUll^v ACrcBUVi III g tnnt Mr. Marahalt waa * acoundMi, break > window..and get arreaied." ' "He didn't tell you why*"She ahook her head. , • M '."NOi it wasn't my JoJ> anyhow. And 1 waa only too glad to get oiitr-the man gave me the creepa." She aWver- ed. "You've heard of ugly men? Well, you don't know what uglineaa is. And Scared 1 You have to a table at one end at the room while he alta at the other. And the room ia all dark ex* cept for a little light on the deak where he alta. The houae la full of ghosts— that's how ft aeemed to 1 me.'Doors open by themselves aiid vdlcea talk to 'you from nowhere. When I got out on the atreet again, I could have gone, down and aald a prayer of LAiIVOB 1 V' M e l 4^1 t. ' 'If you were a strange* to him, how di* he come to know you?" aaked Dick, puczled ahd suspicious. Her explanation was logical. ,' '•He got my name out of a theatrical newspaper—I'm In the 'Want engagement' columns." she said. Larte questioned her closely, but her story held, ahd ( presently they let her "Queer," said Dick Shannon thoughtfully. "I should HKe to see Mr. Malpas. You have had other complaints. Lane hesitated. "I wouldn't call them complaints. The inspector of income tax made a little trouble about not being able to see the man; He returned his income at what inland revue thought waa too low a figure, and he waa summoned to appear' before the inspector. And, of course, he did-not appear, sending instead permission to inspect his. bank account. I happened, to. know of this and took the opportunity Of sharing the Inspection. It Is the'.simplest account I have ever seen; * f 1,500 a year paid in—by caah; £1,600 a year paid out. No tradeameh'a checka. Nothing but taxes, ground rent and substantial sums for hia current expenses.". "You say he has had visitors?" aaked Dick. "Yea. I waa going to tell you ..about these. At intervals, never longer than two weeka, he haaf a viBltor, sometimes two in the oourae of a day. Generally It la on a Saturday. The caller never cornea until it is dark and doesn' main longer than half an hour. So far aa iwi* have .been able [to learn, the same inan never cornea twice. It Waa only by accident that we diaoovered thia; one of our officera saw a man go in and come out. The next Saturday, at precisely the same hour, he aaw a visitor arrive and, after an interval, take hia departure. Thia was aeen again a few .weeks later, the caller being a Negro.' Our man 'tailed him up' but could get nothing out of him." "Malpas must be placed under closer observation,' 1 aald Dick, and the inspector made a note. "Pull in one of hia vlaltora on aome pretext • or other and see what he has in hia possession. You may find that the old man la nothing more alarming than a dispenser of charity—on the other hand, you may not." . , . That almost exhausted the subject of the mysterious.Mr. Malpas, and they passed on to the matter of h. providen- alm dnt$ «..*,.» ...J, «tatnMuUtOft .„ -.= -™ 8ftn» ««{« ettftflcate Mt'hftft affk- Tim dembtistrtitkwi and itert w«W given under the auspice* ot We national ,»atety couimil of the ': tlhKrti Relf •Crom, MjftMt Unloft wmptW, Mount ufthfe Soy DV i» th«tnrt« HBcal br»S* plants, also the Huntingdort Soy Scbut*. Eavly In the evening a written examination waa given and at 8.90 rfcloclE the eon- t«tt "wa* given «n the nt»* t>¥ the gyni' naalum. The five local t«w«« ana one ; Huntingdon entered the contest, judgea o"f the contest we're Dr. Herfe>aa, Mdunt Vflion, chief J. Afte? Mtd QiinK* J.nere uetwneu » wiinommo \io-y when ahe Woke with a healthy appetite to breakfast on water and one very stale slice of bread that ahe had saved from the night before. And this waa to be her luncheon, and would have been-her supper, too, only 1 there occurred that nighV »& a »*W« »t feet off Gray's Inn road, a fight between twa Viragoes, one of Whom thrust a small and greasy package Into the girls' hand that ahe might deal more effectively with her rival. The police ca»e instantly; there Was a wild scrimmage, the battlers were haled off to Theobalda road police station, and Audrey carried the parcel home and (tapped royally on fried fish and potatoes, it was heavenly. On Tuesday morning her landlady came up the. stairs and Audrey heard i the Heavy Wot of the woman with a sense Of blind panic. "Good morning, miss. There's a letter for you." Audrey stared. Nobody knew her address—she had never reached the address stage In any of her essays at finding employment. "I hope It's good news," said the landlady ominously. VI don't'charge much for my apartments, but I like it regular. We've all got to live, and I've had a party after this room thia very morning. Not that I'm going to turn you out. I'd sooner make up a bed for you onHhe sofa," she added. Audrey Was not listenlhg^fihe was turning the letter over in her hand. Tearing it open, she found an. address and a few lines of penciled writing. She read the message in bewilderment. "Come at 5 o'clock this evening. I have w6rk fOr you." ,.„•-,, The note Was signed" Malpas." She knit her forehead. Who was "Malpas," and how had he discovered her -whereabouts? (To Be Continued) Shattk, JnsWUctbr'a ih first al«l W the donj William (Jeorge, safety engineer, Madeira MM-* eempahjr, PhlHpsburgi Mr*. JameU tJedrge, superintendent of mines, RocfchiU iron W«l Cojil com- party, ftobWtsdaie, and Orvls wcrtz, electricians t>f the ftoeKhilt HOB a«d Coal c6mpB.ny, SobeatNdale; The personnel of .tin* competrng te&ins follow: Team No. 1» Harbison- Walker company,.^, B, Smith, J. A. tteath, W. N7?utterWorth L and C. S. fiogga; team Md. fi, Mount Union yire company, S. S. Mdsser, J. W. ^rank, ft. S. Brnst, A. A. MOrgftn, Chjkrlea «. Davis,- team No. », Vntted Statea ttefractofiea company, Noah Banks, David ftarttlerode, Norbert Yeager, toeah Price, J. CC Knox, Blair Aam- sey; team NO. 4, general Refraotoriea company, P. ». Weasel, 6- \*>. Wel- Itver, H. B. Mosaer,! Charles R. Taylor; team No. 6, fituntingdon Boy Scout leaders, JT. C6y .Opder ( Oaylen Moftman, John Howard Grave, James S3. Ulsh, John G. Conajdaon; team No. 6,- Boy 'Scout leaders, Mount Union, Charles B. ttdsse*. Henry Reich, William G. Mlllerj Hoy W. Llghtner and M. W, Slothbwer. > The winnera of the contest werdt First place, General Refractorlea company; s«cohd place, Harbison-Walker Brick company. QIRARD COLLEGE HEAD TALKS AT SHRIN5 OLXJB ment and is owned by the admiralty. It w»a built In PAT McDERMOTT HURLS BRICKS IN OHIO PRISON COLUMBUS, O., May 3.—Pat Mc« Dermott, Ohio penitentiary life term- er and a member -• "-- —»--'—Company K, had of the a brick notorious throwing complex yesterday and landed in solitary confinement* The killer of Don Mellett, Cantqn editor, was confined in the barbed wire Blockade in the prison yard, wher* 600 mutineers are being held until damaged cell blocks are repair* ed. McDermott obtained a supply ol bricks and ' entertained himself, .by bombarding convicts who. were at work nearby. ' . National guardsmen rushed Into the stockade; overpowered McDermott, and put him in "the hole." of Members of the Jaffa Shrine Luncheon club greatly enjoyed a talk, given during the 'monthly evening meeting of the club held in the Logan room at the Penn-Alto hotel, by Prank Witherbee, superintendent of Glrard college, Philadelphia. Superintendent Witherbee gave nO prepared address but told of the his tory, the work and operation of the college. He was In AltoOna yfcsterday visiting with former students of the college and -'has gone now to Johns town where he will Visit other former students. The attendance at the meeting o the club was quite large, member having their ladles as guests. A mual cal program was provided by th Senior High school octet- under th direction of Howard Wv Llndaman head of the school music departmen and a member of the Shrine club, anr by Edgar Sweet, also a student at th Senior High school, whose accordio: playing brought considerable applaus* The evening's program closed wit dancing. SPRING SCREENS It ia not too .early to consider tt spring. Screens that must go up i a couple of months should be palnte thoroughly, aU holes mended an hooka repaired Ity clnsle.o* t»l WiltiiytrtlftA Stmday school ot wntefc Ml** Attta Roberta ia the teTachtt* h»tt-» Artfr&ra-daugh? tera' btaftutf tt x We thnreh dlhlng room wheh tM bdeanten was c*e «t the lovely thlftgl irf tte eeaaofc A cuiefceft rteftU «a»,«*rld with »ll the good things of the aeftaoft. TM table was Beautiful » a eater ached* oi piftk and wlhlte, the piflk tabttl fcfl« _ TO ^_ pink appotntmenta xldDg with pink t n6 gtbttehMi .. primroses fnaking the'table very at- The Atlantic tractive. , _ which A most entertaining program ftgproi the priate to the' lave a«a est«e» of 1«oth- the — era and alao to th« pralae *t loyal m the .... daughters waa given, a number taking gala, and \] part. The gufesta were! Mi»a Violet bert Cock, ____. pollock and her mother, Mra. frank No loss of life ollock; Miss Bather Brlgga ahd her riother, Mrs. Oscar Brlgga; Miaa Flor- noe Walls and her mother, lira. V. *. Walls; Miss Helen Culbertsotl and er mother, Mrs. Martha Wightmaai Misses Mae and Margaret Copenhaver nd their mother, Mrs. Edith Coneft' aver; Mrs. Walter Anderson and Mra, a*k Williams'and baby, ffrawcla Jane Williams; Miss Helen Welch and her mother, Mrs. William Welch; Miss Roberts and her mother, MM, O. B. Uberta, and Mrs. Amanda Knepp. SELECTS BURIAL OUTFIT ttellefohte' Man to Meet His Maker In Attire Made, to order. BELLBfiKJNTE, My 3.—Thinking f the 'correct attire In which to meet Is Maker, Colonel J. Miles Kep- eart of Bellefonte made that phase f his anal mortal settlement a fea- ure of his will. Colonel Kepheart led last week and the directlona be- jtme public when hla win waa filed l» he Bellefonte courthouse. The inatrument directed that the aaket he had selected be used for his burial and that it was in the hands f H. P. Harris, local undertaker. 'he casket waa to be of hard polished w66d, upBolstered inaide with white atin and contain a mattress. His jodv was to be clothed in white wooleh underwear, silk hose, black shoes, white shirt and hla chftrao- stlc collar, white- necktie, black rousers and vest and a black Tuxedo, aced »rlth black Bilk. He also directed that f.200 be paid to the union Cemetery association for perpetual upkeep of his grave and hat hla trunk and all wearing apparel be sent to Gray Kepheart Of Fllmore. Some time before colonel Kepheart'« death, he mailed hta burial clothea to Mr. Harris'from Worida, for safe leeplng. He spent the winter in Flor- Mr^MmfM. *wmj* ^ m ^~-~— .——-— ^ DAMAGED JN CRASH McDermott • Is a former resident Nant-y-Gtto, Cambria county. He arrested there after Mellett's murder at Canton. He visited Altoona on several occasions, and had 'some friends here. r *th* British aeri- _«oition n irun lire British Ik LiofUfB digptftch neftf IxffliWft on the above Mv*f, H»« WtflfrMly at** «S«nflHttetl to Al- tJOfl * The HelywoM W»B beacBed after the crash and the crt* WSmWned aboard, , The Httywopd 1* .**«*» '.jM 1,846 tons, owned fey ^. WWtts*. * wick * Co., London, and built 1ft 1907 bV-J. Blumer * Co., SWndftriaftd. The Maine Is of 8.8W tops dlWpl««- ftfttlff ** Rttle to «*ry . hiMtfftn In ttrf tHe prtM* BftVfr feetft lows! Soys uM*r tt yirst pn*e, cais#* » »H»«, Max R«*!«f; ttlrd Veto*, Afltert KCrstettef. Bayt dftfter H y«tr» of ages JTirst pH**» Allen WelcftJ (WKond prlM, 3. Doflald Appleby, Jr., tWrd pri&>, Harold SPECIAL SUNDAY Full CftufM 7CC Turkey DIMM* • ^ >AMOUS RESTAURANT 12th St., Next t* Mt. City Bank . MOT by FaJrneld 'Company, Ltd., (Masgow, ahd IB registered from LoBddh. BANKING DAY IN SCHOOLS. WMITTtlStl SCHOOL. Miss Albright , — - ---- — i-.' I 1 19.8ft "Miss Locher *. ..... .,..,. ....... .......... — J1.*J Miss Mercer _ - - u. - 1»-W Miss Kline --- __—««. — — . 9.83 Miss Kobb -------- - -- ~. 13-1? Total £or April L Previously reported Term to date .. .f 73.*) 8S4.69 i. $ * 898.69 PRIZE AWARDS MADK. MOtr^fT UNION, May 3.—The Mount Union Rotary ftlub has announced the prize winners in thi bird'house .'building contest which they started some weeks ago. Ouldo Peduzzt was the X.VRIC "fcBT'S GO PLACES," ft and dancing whirl M-otoid Hollywood. Also comedy, "f Mcy ttvd Fable*. KOCH&TOOLE ^1316 12th Ave. Framed Pictures • fttttiy Beautiful Svbjecta FOR A Whitney Stroller At € BABT $21.00 CT'S 17*648 Union Ave. Wfll *c*B««» e< MWMft «* rtw* *rti«fa>*. *• ywri (# th* Tl« «f Suntan, Mai KM wftt traetMf trim*. DREW ShccsforWcmcn "Keep Ott foot tmair MM lltfc Ave. AttMmi A few Wefeka later Mr. Harria received a letter directing him tc. aend the clothea back to Florida, that the Colonel desired them to wear at a social function. Shortly after that-affair, the clothea were again aent to Bellefonte to await the time of hia burial. • SWEET AIR For the . Painless Broken Platea and Kxtrac- Loose Plates remade tlon of Ukenew. ':.'• " Teeth Free Examination. DR. SHOR 111Z 12A Aye. Phow 2-1929 Next »oor to Xlncobi Truat B»nk Hours: Dally • a. in. to • p. m. Men.. Wed.. Sat., t* S p. M. 11 A. M. TO '11.9* f. Mt. DAILY NOW AND NEXT - ANAL T5ON A IN STITUTION" /^ WARNER BROTHERS WV STRANI) NOW SHOWING—ONE WEEK ONLY BRILLIANT — SPARKLING TRIUMPHANT SUCCESSOR TO "GOLD DIGGERS" A Two-Fisted Comedy Knockout! MISULER AMUSEMENT FOR ALU THRU TO NEXT FRIDAY Old man doom takes ike count in this Singi color Pun with. Sensotto^of "QoW D&*s* JOE Ef BROWN' GEORGES CARPENTER ABE LYMAN'S FAMOUS BAND Wh« Ik* Link ALL NATURAL COLOR MIDMGHT SHOW YOU CAN HEAR IT. THIS WONDER SPECTACLE MADE DOUBLY SO BY THE MAGIC OF THE TALKING SCREEN. IN DIALOGUE, SONG AND MUSIC. A wild, weird, fantastic masterpiece with its gripping story sweeping **&****}?> jjJ %*£ tically at times, through the magnificent halls and dark dungeons of the world fJg<w»*J"J Opera House. A kaleidoscopic panorama of thrilling action, breathtaking s^pensefflyBttr that grips and haunts you. Unparalleled in picture production, beautiful beyond son, thrilling beyond imagination I A c*st of more . A supporti than SO great ^b|t cast of screen stars! jMK than5,OOO Wt»dfar«olbodmon 3! ° i ! r | i WARNER j! BAXTER S wttfc -. Mono Mori* |i Carol Lombard * Mr».Jii«lii«Rln HiSf brttlkm* whwi baodlto found tin* for (j ttwrifko*** i! '*- M a««ya«4iMaflv |! Mphlkick WITWER'S RECORD BREAKERS COMEDY GRAHAM McNAMEE Midnight SHOW SUNDAY NIGHT 50c UlMMU CASTON LEQQU BEAUTIFUL SCENES IN TECHNICOLOR Sound Sportligfat -FELINE FIGHTERS" METROTONE NEWS REEL Late Topics "FINDING HIS VOICE" A Sound Novelty "FIRST SEVEN YEARS" OUR GANG All Talking Comedy DIAL 2-3489 FOR FEATURE TIME || [I REGULAR PRICES ^.^^^^^^^•^^^••••^•••••MBHBMBijjlMMBkvMPMVplMMHVBIM^^ ^M'''MlHMVI!HVMIWMM^^VHMNMii^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ H A PROGRAM FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY COMING-"MONTANA MOON" WITH JOAN CRAWFORD

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