The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 5, 1906 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 5, 1906
Page 4
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CH1LLICOTHE CONSTITUTION SEP. 5 1906 LOTHES TALK! Sounds rather strange, 'tis true—but it's a fact,nevertheless. Our kind of Clothes always speak well of the Man who wears . them. • The appearance of a Man. dressed in one of our Suits will create a good impression anywhere. We offer our trade garments that-have passed with highest hpnors ; the most critical inspection of' Clothing Experts. Men who . know every detail that i contributes towards artistic cut- j ting and tailoring.- It is for this'reason. Sir, that . 'we r say "Our Clethes Talk." : If yoi( have not tested the high character and superiority of our Cldrhingi we trust that you will riot fail to'do so" the jiresent season. ' -•••.-•••••-Both your pride and your purse will find it profitable, if you come here for your Clothes. 1 Remember, please, that you've a string to every Dollar you leave with us, until you're perfectly sat- fiefc NEWLAND <& DIDER. SCHOOL REPORT OF Chillicothe District For 1905-6. RESOURCES Balance on hand July 1, 1905. ; ;'•;. •• - $ 701.82 Rec'd from City Treasurer and;-Collector 12,139.75 Rec'd from State School Fund-'. 5,355.79 3.90 63.00 1570 857.36 27.49 Rec'd froin Library Fees.. - : ............: Rec'd : from Graduating Exercises, High School... -. Rec'd from Graduating Exercises, Garrison Rec'd from Tuition Rec'd from Sale of Coal - • • ;.,',.-.- $19,164.81 " "V-. EXPENDITURES Paid'Teachers.- • 4 12,755.27 Paid Janitors. - - - • 1,155.00 Paid Fuel-CoaT, WoodTGghts, Oil, Etc 1,238.92 - ; ftiidTnterest. 920.00 Paid Insurance 93.50 Paid Librarian Salary and books 833.46 Paid Printing and Diplomas 115.16 Paid Plumbing. .'..,' - 164.42 Paid Repairs -'. • - • - - • ; ;.... 1,141.08 Paid Bonds - • , •; •• • . - 2,000.00 Paid Supplies and Equipment 2,180.4 3 : , • . $ 22,597.24 Amount Overdrawn or Deficit . •. 3,432.43 ;'." The district begins the school year of 1906, July 1, with 13,432.43 of a debt. The bonds have always be paid as they fall due together with the interest. The bonded indebtness of the district is $23,000. Three thousand of which falls due each year now until paid. The number of children in the district of school age is: White • 1,509 Colored.. - 147 ;i' ; - Total of all 1,656 i" The number of non-resident pupils attending our schools during the year was 55 The number of visitors to the schools. 418 The'number of pupils in First Ward 148 JThe number of pupils in Second Ward 156 The number of pupils in Fourth Ward 96 The number of pupils in Central School 659 The number of pupils in High School 165 The number of pupils in Garrison 124 % J. M. DUNN, Sec'y. -4WILL NOT *«**««««««*««*•**««**«»«*«' PERSONAL AND LOCAL Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Allen of Louis are visiting Miss Mary len. Benton Qabbard of Dearborn is in the city attending . the Good Roads convention. Miss Katherine Walls of Kansas City will be the guest of Mrs. Andrew lieeper this week. Tom McNally and Mort Gilbert of St. Louis who spent Sunday in the city returned home Tuesday. Miss Garnett Thompson of tl.e South precinct is in the city, the guest of Mrs. Bertha Oliver. Barney Minteer was on the sick list Wednesday and was unable to attend to his duties at the Farmers store. J. W. Misenhelter has sold his three months old colt by Odon- ward to Geo. Burnett, Hamilton, Mo., for §100. Ed Lyons and George Smith and wife of Brookfleld were the guests of Rev. and Mrs. J. S. ;dmith yesterday. Mrs. Emma Win ana and daugh ter, Miss Beulah, of Gower, Mo., are in the city the guests of Mrs. Wmans's son, Lee. Mrs. S. E. Landers of Masnogee, I. T., will arrive the last of this weak on <». visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Westrope. Don't forget the matinee at the Luella Saturday afternoon. Thr "Homeseekers" ' ' the attraction. Aimission 15 and 25 cents. Dr. J. G. -Minor received word from the bedside of his brother, Dr. W. E. Minor, at Kansas City stating' that he was greatly improved Wednesday morning. Mrs. Charles Bower and son, Charles, of Hannibal, who are visiting at Mooresville Springs, came over Tuesday to attend the road convention. Mrs. J. P. Henderson and eon, William, of Kansas City arrived Wednesday and will bo the guests of Mrs. Henderson's parents, Mr and Mrs. J. W. Bolts, for several days. Mrs. M. Hunter and little daughter, of Jefferson City, arrived Wednesday and are the guests of Mrs. Hunter's father, W. H. Pans,- ler. Mrs. Hunter' was formerly Mi- s Blanche Pansier and is well known here. i Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M Her of Trenton, who came here in an automobile to attend, the Goor! itoads convention, returned homo Wednesday, accompanied by Mr«. S. England. Miss Sallie Enfjlan and Mrs. M. L. England. W. H.. Eliott returned Tuesday night from El Paso, Texas, whither he went with his wife and fam ily, locating them for the coming winter season. Mrs. Ellett, foi the benefit of whose health the trip was made, stood the trip nicely. Rev. J. S. Smith, who has been making bis homo in Chillicothe whila preaching at Atchison, Kas , was assigned by the Southern Methodist conference atCarrollton to preach at Marcaline during the coming year. Ho and his family expect to mova to that city next week. Rev. Smith is a preachei who has a long and useful carec i in the ministry and the Marcel ine church is to bo congratulated OD getting so good a pastor. DECLARES NEBRASKAN IS THE ROPES" 'ON Says Folk is the "Wise One" and Will Be The Logical Man When Bryan is "Counted Out." Society and Clvibs ;> Dries in IQinnufes Wo vorkSliinss itself ,. For sa'Ie by Joseph Batta and Minteer & Williams. COAL So FIED THEO SHEPPARD AT TALENT'S BARN. f- § The beautiful comedy drama Sl'TJife Hotneseekera"-a«-. the Luella, afternoon. <$ _£About twenty couples enjoyed the hospitality of Misses Carrie Yancey, Mabel Grace and Liila Blanchard at tho Yancey home last night on East Calhoun street. A'large canvas was stretched for the dance and music furnished by; the Bell orchestra. The house ani lawn were prettily decorated with ferns and Japanese lanterns. At a late hour the guests were en-' tertained at Farrington'sice cream parlor., Out of town guests were: Misses Emma Broaddus and Eugenia Bradshaw of Kansas City and Messrs. Hirsig of Wyoming and Morton of Cape Giradeau. . i - -•' * ' * * * Mrs.. S. R. Nelson entertains at cards tonight complimentary to her father, Col. L. J. Albert of Cape Girardeau. Invitations were issued today by the Elks for a dance to be given tomorrow night complimentary to the guests of the Good Road's convention. It -i- i A dance will be given at Elks hali Thursday evening. -.-~-» : ! A Bad Stomach Lessens the usefulness and mars the happiness of life. It's a weak stomach, a stomach that can not properly perform its functions. Among its symptoms are distress after eating, nausea between meals, heartburn, belching, vomiting, flatulence and nervous headache. Hood'sSarsaparilla Cures a bad stomach, indigestion and dyspepsia, and the cure is permanent. Accept no.substitute. St. Lou'f, Sept.4—State Senator Kinnoy, one ui \ht> bent known practical politicians i:i St. Louis, doubts the wir-dum ot' smuo of Bryan's uttcniucon. 1-1 u thinks the; Madison Square garden speech did moro to injure than to improve Bryan'a prospects for the Presidential nomination. , "What's the use of talking now about uovornmetit ownership of railroads?" . Senator Ivmuey said today whon he returned from the New York reception. "Thai's a thin^ that unu not come to .pass, they tell me, in less than fifty years at the bost. Why not be practical, anyhow! Right across the ttrcot there is a butcher ?liop —see it? Weil, when 1 not mutton chops there for my breakfast fc'iday they were half a cent higher than the day before. Plenty of things right here at home happening to think about without worrying over soniiH.iiiii; th .t can't come for half a 'Century. "Bryan is thought a lot of in ST. Louis and Mis.fouri, and 1 d:m't know that tho speech he rnado put him all 10 the bad, but 1 do thin it hurt, You know what I think? They'll just about spring Folk on Bryan—not now, but when h gets to hie knees. Hu's hanging on the ropes now. "Folk's sawing v;ooil and saying nothing. Ho's the wiso one, and he's tho logical man whon you count Bryan out. ThcrcV nothing else to it. I don't sa\ positively he'll be the nominee. But it wouldn't surprise mo a bit in world if they wore to spring him. "B yaa's never bcou triod. How do we know what Kind of a Pr^si- Jent he'd make? And he's loft twic". Give a jockey two fair chances with a good get away and let him lose—going to give him another mount? Better try a n.3W boy. Let Brj-an bf Secretary of State, or something like that. Give him a plice wher.- he'll have something to do aid won't need fo talk so much. Then you'I' have a chanco to son what sort of stuff hi's rpallv marie of. Tli ppople of this country do'i't realh know anything about him 'cept what they've read in the ncwspa p-rs There's nno m-in they do know about—aod thuj 've seen him in action." Owing to a misunderttHndiug in the wording of an ad reading whiskey and blackberry 50c per quart, meaning half and half, as the public tupposed it to be 50 straight wo wiil let it go that way. Come and help wreck tho pla'ji b.y taking advuituge of tho low prices. Any bottle of whiskey in ihe house at 50c per quart. "Stai .Saloon" 3=dtf Ruth Thompson of Chula made the best gain in the CONSTITUTION gift contest Wednesday. The standing today: Vernie Grouse, Chillico 30,630 Ruth Francis, Chilli 29,660 Inez Cox, Grand R 23,440 Louise Joslin, Chilli 23,170 Ruth Thompson,CreamR.. 16,410 Euterpe Club 10,710 Sadie Bradford, Chilli 9060 Imo Coberly, Chilli 4800 Nola Thompson, Chilli 4550 O.^a C. Lowey, Chilli 2740 Ev.i Fl'-nniken,Mooresy.. Mary G.-HUC Heay, Chilli... Giwnett Thompson.Sou. p. Laura Bird, Wheeling ... Lucil*) Vo.nable, Jackson . Peari Veimnl, Fairview ... May Brooks-hier, Chilli... Oora Carry, Biuo M. Joseph Ib-.-rg, Mcdiniue.... Hazel E-tep. Chilli Loyal Knights, Chilii .... Eva Toner. Monrou Ethel G ttin. Si mps-el Banna Kerr, Gr.rn Gladys Mow ry, S-trnp ... Lon-i Morris , Chillitto . .. Bessie Provuit, Cilillico.... Mrs. y. H Price.So.pre . Alcna RushnolI.BIue M.. . Clara Parker, Chilli .. .. Bthel Gill martin, Chilli .. Xauthia Doweli, Chilli .... Anna Summerville, So. p.. -Mary Lamb Myrtle Margin, Chilli Ethel Garr Gladys Hosmau, Chilli.. .Laura Hudson' ". .. .".'.". ..... Bernard Sallee Ruth Page. Chilli Cora Clark, city Maudo Hughes, Chilli.... Flora Hudson, city Maudo Loo. Chilli . . Louise Krouse, Lucilo Thompson HELD FOR iNVESTIGATION '1 ho police isrresleiltwo^r-picioUB characters in tho Burliugton yurd late Wednesday afternoon and took them to h«adq iarters whore they were booked for investigation. 2730 2060 1310 16(10 1730 1510 1320 1100 1100 820 S20 800 SOO 710 700 660 500 180 460 no 410 360 310 340 320 280 240 ISO 100 80 80 10 40 2U 20 20 G -j fijr < ooa Blood Good blood, gocd health; bad blood, bad health; there you have it. Why not help nature just a little and change the bad to the good? Bad blood to good blood ; poor blood to rich blood! Ask your doctor how this applies to Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and how it applies to you! Could anything be more fair? Wo l! " vo "" eeereto! VA> relish j.c.AyerCo., ,_,., " the formulas ef all our "icclicirnii! I.owcll. JttiiSB. For sale—Hard coal baseburner [nquirn at this office. Ssdlf Not always the ; Cheapest, but always the Best,.you will find the . Photos at TEe WATTON STUDIO To Remove FrecKles 8 Pimples Mrs. G. B. Kerr and daughter, Miss Wanda,' will'arrive home 'from '&' thrge months' A new discover/, sal* trader »v positive guarantee and money n- fnnded In everr ease where It falls to remove freckles, pimples, llrer- spots t sun-tan, sallow- neas, collar dlscolora- tlons, blackheads and all eruptions of the skin, no matter of now lone standing-. Cores ordlnarr cases' In 10 dars, and tb» worst In SO days. After these defects are removed the skla will DC clear, soft, healtbr and beautiful. KB POP'toli harm Dan resnlt from Its nse. tO oeflfa c,^ UJt at leading ding stores or hr mflf, '•: ,,;, S79.0Q for round-trip tickets to Yellowstone Park, via, St. Paul or Billings (thro 1 Denver, if desired), including stage thro' the Park ^nd \i days' hotel accommodations, any day until S plumber 16: goou returning within 90 days Ask mo for free illustrated literature. R. B. Jordan, Agent Second-Class Colonist Ka es Ono-way tecond-class co!oni.-t tickets will be aold via. the C. M & St. P. dully August 27 to October 31, 1900, to all the principal points in the west and north-west, also to points intermediate. Half of colonist rates will be niade for children. S. Nicholas, Agent, SUNDAY BATES. •One fare for the round trip every Sunday to Excelsior Springs up to Sept. 30. Good only on date of sale and for trains No. 31 and 32. S. Nicholas, Agent. "Make Hay Whl.a the Sun Shines." ..There is a lesson in tho work of the thrifty farmer. Ho knows that the bright sunshine may last but a day and he prepares for the. showers which are so liable to follow. So it should be with every household. Dysentery, diarrhoea and cholera morbus may attack some member of the home without warning. CHAMBERLAIN'S COLIC, i i CHOLERA and DIARRHOEA jj REMEDY,which is the best known j f medicino for these diseases,should • ! | always be kept at hand, as imme- '"' diate treatment i? necessary, and .For TILL fiT THE OLD ISTA4D E. M a CRELUN HAS BEEN RTTINS SPECTACLES IN OHILLICOTFIIi FOR 20 YEARS IN FULL BLAST. Our trimmer Miss Bentley began trimming Monday. She ; "- too well known for comment as she has trimmed for 8 .seasons with us. The three reasons why you should buy Millinery of 1st. We have t!v> best Trimmer. 2nd. We have the largest stock. 3rd. Wu soil cheaper. COME AND SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY. As wa have to move February 1 st, we are now closing out manyJj&es at Great Bargains. Glad to get cost rather than to move them. 1 lot Boy's clothing 51.25. f 1.49, §1 98 & S2.98 worth more. 1 lot Men's $9.00 suits at $6.00 1 lot Men's >6.00 suits at - $4.00 1 lot Men's Duck coats at $1.00 50 dozen Men's hats, Latest Shapes at 75c, $1.00, $1.25 & $1.50 worth 50c to $1 more each. All kinds shelf Hardware, Guns, Silverware, Tools, Etc. At Greatly Reduced Prices. MY LOSS IS ^ OUR GAIN. Y. ED F. WEST, Proprietor. MATINEE 2:30. NIGHT 8:20 SATURDAY, SEPT. SAMUEL COMPANY prc-it-nt tin- !>fiiutifu[ irumrdy dntnia The Complete Scenic Production; A Metropolitan Caste; A Play of Western Life, Replete with Stirring Situations of Heart Interest,. PRISES: Mat. !5-25e, High* 25-35-50-75. Boxes $1. REMARKABLE LOW PHiGES FOB Week, 50 dozen men's pure linen hemstitched Handkerchiefs, some worth up to 35c. Your choice for convention week i >n j Only Men's pure kerchiefs At Silk Hemstitched 2 Hand- —20 in the lotLadies' extra'fine Crav- enet rain coats up-to-date styles, worth $15.00 to $20; Your choice for Convention Week....I Best LL Muslin At 5c Choice of 2,000 yards very best Dress Prints At Special Bleached Table Linen, 60c grade; Convention Week MRfi Linen Huck Towels, size 18x34; big S' gata ...................... lOc We are showing the grandest line of Fall Dress Goods, Silks and Trimmings we have ever shown. New goods all over the store. headquarters. Make our store HARTMAN THE STORE OF FINE GOODS AND BARGAINS, *«f*ff WfW

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