Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 13, 1976 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1976
Page 11
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24--Dogs, Cots Pets BF.AOLE I'upi [ Or sale, cvim* w« i((e 4 r.m. at 1001 W. Stone S1. 75--Home N«eds--For Sola 26--For Sale--Miscellaneous at Stnc.1 Body Shop or all«r 5, I K1NCJ Siw Ifil with | SLTj. ] Urge Mk drcswr lypt chr-« rf drawrs. JTO. 1 rotaN lol». 60" in lonffth. HO. 1 norarl,- (100. Call 'jSL-3179 after IZiOO noon. 170 E. I'riisivct. school desk, queens!** floral bedspread with malcJiins draj**. like rw*-. Hoy"* bwlrrwm lumituro, b!uc t nliUu. 5175. MTIIIU. Irwifns board nrA athnr hou^"- hftld Hemr. Call 4»6131 after S:M p.i SKW Sl'KtTACUIJm TJiaL's HBM ,tho moil sixxln'culnr soAins machine Bale Is Coins 0.1 risht now at Uiiilw! Frcfsht Rale*. This w«fc only you can buy WlllTK " ' . . . . . . . . at SO 1 ^ oil the retail prk 1 *!) AH " · · ·· 34--Apartments For R«n» apartments May IS. rtnt»l. '-- chin Hide VH. I'AHTS Oihcr brand ; i79,9J for a b Sales. Jtwy. 6T W,~ FayrTuevillc. Open 53. Mon.-Kii- U 6-.00 f AVAllAnLH May Ut and bedroom lunvshcd apartm« vorsiiy. stay lor summer JIM. Phone SZl-jCT alter TOWEH APAHT.MK.mS. I 2 bcdrc LAFF - A - DAY J'KHKECT black top *ol. no debris, w rocki. Aim llpht rloztr »x«k (IS pc: . Thwie 442^223. S2M2M or 4124021 SAVE MONEY Kw tTial v-e have your iKenlion. we wnndfrcd If yrra kiwvv Ihings arc cheaper al AL WIlJilNS HOME FURNITURE, We do not buy In caiload iqU, ti«Uier do we buy \vhol« fAclorj'- The'refoic. our Mock change* almost daily. We ilo lake Irade-tns and have same good used Tur- i.OOO BTU wiiwlow alr-condlt loner,. OK i month f75 New elwl bath tub. whil riRht haid. lias 1 tmall chip J30. M ilumtnum combinal (on door, right hand. J10. U;*d starttagc disiKjsiL J' 3 H.P, MO, BostHcIi Ilammor Starter tor roofinB. drives P'-Eiajtle HO. Call 412-7831. Now Renling for Summer CUMMINGS ARTS. 1 and 2 Bedrooms 443-4757 NEW SHTPMEST OF DINING ROOM AND DINETTE KUEtNlTUlIU Wo have }ust ircolvrd a brand now shipment ol Hardwood 5 pc, sets as low as . ' .C sets as low M (I19.3 china cablncLi 1169.05 and much Ing (or. we money, Lew IHEB make th frhe.^d and Fair deal- TAKING APPLICATIONS 1 BEDROOM . . . $115 2 BEDROOM $134 china cablneLi 1169.05 and murf! more. | · , . , . , . , R-Z vims Available. UFS/Unilcd Freight All U t i l i t i e s p a i d , U n f u m i i h ^ quiet, family atmosphere Salts. Hyw. 62 W. Fayelte\11le. Op«a lion .-Fri., til 6:00 SulUrday. OAK , . shavings dumped outside your house lor $35 a load Sawdust, also avail' aiders You ran hatf jnur CTATI and CASH - TKEIM5 -- LAYAWAY Bank Amcrlcard -- Mnter Charge · Shop Daily 9 to 6 Saturday 9-5 located Tn old Ben franklin Building on North College. ,// trains SPECIAL OF THE WEEK GARDEN ptowiniT, brush IwSEing, trffl vival. On weekends. ConUct behveen nd 8, Monday Uiioush Satmfiay, -H2- 7J71 aiid asfc tor Rlcfc. USKD rallriwd lies. Also river bottom [ill dirt, creek gravel, hillside £rav»] and 5tone ; chat. Phwi* «2-9Wfi. WASHINGTON PLAZA APTS. CRYSTAL PALACE by Collins Aikmon A beautiful cat a paliemed shAg. Six color W choose. ·AHO.K extra rJre 1 bedroom Utrrrffh paitmtnl, CarpcltxJ, paneled. U60 rectricity. No' pels. East 45. Phc-co S03. NE anil (wo bedroom furnished s nefits. Ras and «.aler paid. Ava.-. mvv for summer and (all. Kerr Inv. C FUKNISflED Older lady or S?5 plus utlli Sprin?. - 46--Form* Acrecga* dile. . /oom, lu-o balh. brlrJi homt. . Spring water. Bait of Spring- sgar HoJljy. 731-7K2. TiWM. U ACHES on coa-ily mod. 'Ihree miles (mm XAycllcville. I'art in gwd pasture. Pan woxted. Y«ir rour.d crock. Excellent tinarwinK h)' ov-riCr, Phone 561-5172! nwer 833 MM. · ACHES 5Vi miles fto «d level !iMl with jfa Owner v.111 finance. 5 Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tuesday, April 13, 1976 FATETTEyitUt.' A R K A N S A S 47---Real Estate--Fftr Sale EXTRA NICE BRICK _-r* hnn» Mies. Part worried. Good road franUfie. Oo:e in and Fay- e-Uev:lle schools. Owner finance with ;nw!S dtf,\ji. Phone 521-5172; U no aniw*r SM-3232. TEN ac/e w«*fcd valley with running " Only three milw from FaytUe- and Fayel toville schools, Qwnet cd wftfi small down. Phoci« S215172: if M Ar-swer W9 32S2. 60V4 ICTOJ. Good hou«. Bam, SmaH broil. Good cMLar. Garag*- Phor.( UI2-M20. TTii« bedroom, \tVa\e room. kitcraMi built in ranee and oven, disposal, w Fe'^wd^hJcV^ard. Price' CU.MO. Call fienrg* Lewis. 41247JJ or 441-7W1, ROOT SCHOOL FOX HUNTER ROAD THICK REI1UCED O.V Beautiful brie] ·er, parly American hcnn«, two year 2.100 square leet. has large livfni n vrith team ccilng, fcirpteoc, three bcdrmms. two and half baths, all elf kitchfin «ilh s* ml-formal dinins lower ttvel family room, do-jhle 16 Acjrs. Price H9.W1. You will lh:s mw -- Call C«orKe Lew* 44: or MM753. cd ]ax«0 BROILER Farm. 80 a,ore*, eJd home, ?«·! condition, good nic ar.d nvich'.Tiery Induced. I oS.OOO. 761-3616, -*^wvv^,-«-»r»^TM- 147--Real Estate--For Sal» KINCAID CO. H\«J^ thrw bcdronms, and lovely lot «.th a garden Call today -- Gladys Sonnenvui (Mil, ntghla tia-Wll. 11-232, £ RDEN AREA - PlAY AREA rd o nWootw S-.rcet, Uib homfl ins ovie 1KO ti. ft. of healM i, w-.lti l^o hedrcoms. large Hvinj an dtornwt djrtinx room, Ocwwilejit i*v»ls, hospitals arrrt shoppir?. . it :u»led en an acre, lot suitable (or 1 a KJrden or play ar*a. Call' todjy (i Anno sunberry 521^611. nlshU Lindseyfi COUNTRY CORNER "He'drove me to violence by asking a lot ot stupid questions -- like you're doing!" RA 1M 333 Ho. College 35--Duplex For Rent FURNISHED l«'b bedroom duplexes, and ivaler'pald. av«Iab:« now. V Invesimont Co. 521-3771. 7--Mobile Homes Spaces For Rent lire al 303 W. BEVKR I,Y MANOR APARTMESTS. mcr rales. Hi-riling J.AJHIIIICC and iM. 2 blocks to rAmjHis. 3 bMrrxini, unfurn^- cd. available June 1st. 452-4WO. ' DUPLKX 1 Toivrihoaw: Hwy, 43 E. furnished v.ilh idf d^aninS range, dish wAsher. relriKemlnr, drapes. 2 bedroom m hath, shag can** wH.h a d*ck. D* posil required; ai-ailahle Apnl 15, Phone 531-3378. ' 36--Houses Far Ren! I BEDHOOM unfurnished excepC £lov rPtriRrralor. P.iy utililles. t!15 nxnlh. Ph6ne 443-1392. U\RtK one bedroom, dishwasher, conditioning, qulci complex, call Vic. 5 p.m. 521-I5W. Company, Wcstgalc ShoppJtiB Cli. FayettevIUe, Arkansas liway 62 west nt 7L BypJSJ KING BEDDING SALE F«l like a kins alloi- a boatitifu] night's rest on HI ortrior*!lc IdsiR size mattress and bo: springs. Sardard Firm, Kirm and EAira Firm available. Prices slart ai J223.9J for nwltrcss ami bos si-rings. Other s:«5 a^-ailab'e at super sa\1n^s s.\w, Casii or Term:?. UFSATriitwl Frelphl Sales, llwy. 62 W. Fai*HctvilIe'. Opm 9-S, Jion.-Fri., Ul! 6:0 Saturday. CHATEAU APARTMENTS Now lakinE applicatio bes-lrogm and efccleno' 521-3313 FURNISHER 2 bedroom house. IS n-ay 7J South near af;ospear house on GreCg a. Fnorw 442^1 STUDBNTS. -- 2 BH ctf.Uge in qu:« reiuntrs'sirio. 10 minuira to canipu pels, availahle Ma' 1st. 442-9ffl3^ 10 ROOM 6 bedrwin hiMis ni"nth. inquite al nochj-r Center St. No phone SOLIN OAK BFmnOOM fit^S Tliflfs right you can buy a bcauliful oak bvd- room set at a low J299.3\ ihrse beauitful nil wood sals Indude a larce chesl, drcs- j«r "ilh malduns [ranted mirror, and fu! i of queen size hoadboard. I tuny! Supply limited. E-Z Te rms Available. UFS/Uniled FrvfRhl Sates. Hwy. 62 VT. FayctlcviUc. Open 9 Moti.-Fil., 1il «:M Sal unlay. division. 3 peU. Call ; Notthridge s no children. . 521-7629. Ihouw and 40x240 poultry house. About I TRANSF EH RED lo Texas, must «J1 70 aores o( v*\\ developed iasture, the bedroom. sunk«i llv'ua room |»»0 dw rest in Umber. Cond "supply ol waler. a[ rf AS i ym e IO-A- Interest FHA 10 100 acrej ol raw land located L rmnlh Phntw. evenings 4129183. 4a about 16 nf.ks Irom FajeMeriUP. About 443 I hill desred ar^ ready (o be sewed in grass ot buj-cr*S dwira. Ex«Uent build' ' Priced al HO,f*M.W. ClIAIR tcclincr, JB. Unlmlshcd tabK lors, (IS.ja). Chert of drawers 117. case $25 Boston rrxkcr, |Z2. Fhone 8S30 or 442-2:64. __ UNFINISHED FURNITURE SPECIALS NI BLOCK RENTALS 2 Ix:al1ons wilh I an d2 Rrdroom fu nlshrtJ unils to sen'o your needs. 1. MEnTLESIIlP AND PAmOROUSi: APT., laM-15W Ncltk'Shlp. Ojality unit all elcdiic vrAh dishwasher and dl nosa). 2. Mnnn^E HOMES, Ntbtocfcs 5 Ifome Pk. Ait units «1lh nir. No pets. Call 5Z1-5323 or 521-3373 or 523-5510. BKIJKOOM houso rumished. all diUoncr. 190 p!us utflllics, Ffl dean-u deposit, twuplos preferred, no pets. 2^7 SUMMIT 2 bedroom unfumlslv px, $100 de[«fat. *1TO renl, no u- Call 521-2761. New Two end "hree Bedroom Homes Villa MOUILE HOMES Lease With Option- To Buy. Monthly Rent Becomes Your Down Payment! 521-8450 Entrance Across Frorn Holiday Inn · more iniarmaUte T OARTF.H KEN' HENDKKSON JAMES W. BAKER, BROKER BARER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1161 8 N. College WE WORK HARDER; Bookcases-24" Width ... 30" Widlh ... 36".Widlh ... Deacon's Bench .. $19.50 .. $23.50 .. $27.50 ... $34.50 WESTERN IWIs Apartsi bedroom lurhlfhcd apartm B 524 Cabbard. or ph eots. . In ad aund (nil. , ATTENTION RENT-A-HOME POLICY OWNERS slings Will Be Given By The real Man Dala.443-.4656. 5 2 1 - 5 9 2 0 JTW H. COlllfil lll.oyTl N.I I, 2. 3 BEDROOM (or tprins semester Is WO N, Lcvi apartments availah!i Skull Creek Apart reU, 531-2761. BEDROO^l brick. CT1/CA, IVi halh. juhle garage, cnrpet, Mcurily depos J5 per nwntti. Ivraled it side. -442-1W8. FOR RENT -- Apartrnent i NOR. Available durinc si Phone Ml-SOM. NE bcdrtwm mohilc home, ear -condrtioned. all bills rwM, J12J r 25 deposit No pel*. 442*871. Desks . . . . $39.50 8, $59.50 Corner Cobinels $29.50 up China Cabinets-3 door $129.50 Gun Cases, 12 gun..$119.50 Secretaries $99.50 Night Stands $17.50 4 5 Drawer Chests-4 drawer $29.50 5 drawer $34.50 Telephone Stands .. $13.50 Door Chests $79.50 TERMS AVAILABLE GG DISCOUNT FURNITURE 2262 SOUTH 71 HIGHWAY (1 mile soulh of Soulhgole Shopping Center) PHONE 443-5756 POOL Tables -- new arrf usM -- Ark- Lalex's only Brunswick dealer - mvcie and supplies -- 661.0770. IJltle Rock. Art. tBTAL DETECTOBS, GAIIHT,T, the (essionalj chrjl«. Treasure himlins pliea. Call Aha UPCOln, floser^. 63XL H1GHKET PRICES PAID FOR GOOD USED FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES. W fcKTIQUES. SHOP U9 FOB TH» E£TT . BUYS IN TOW«- RA1 CLIFFS FURNITURE i. a w «»·»» Now Two . BtntM IB Sent Too. TROPHIES Bowling--learn sports. All your award needs. URVIS SPORTING GOODS 2335 North College ·EED EATEH. J*tT mowers. UWT Sales, parts, service. Lava «qu)ji sales. P.O. bus 611. Phwie 751-lsa. 7--Musical Merchandise DENNIS HOME FURNISHING OUTLET STORE 327 So. School Phone 443-2163 come by md i« our !·" wlocttw New 2 piece sofa and dialr. gocrf cove S 'iX*;' n*VtiiVr' "NW ':." *w Heavy (July vjneJ!e RocVcrs, good · rovers. OnFy Used fht.-n of drawer* starting 113,05. Used IMnB rixm sulle SMW. THREE bdoroom mobile home, carpeted ndJtlonird, all bills paid. JIM month, erosil. No pet*. 442-8871. MAPLE MANOR iiere Quiet Country LI vine Becoww Suburban Life Stj-le 1 ' Moat Ideal For Th* Family Four Flwr PI am Starts at JISO Small Deposit IToWi Yotff Cbol TWO bcdcwna mobile home. B a r r e , r-conrtilhloncd, a3l bills paid. t!35 month, 150 deposit. No p*l» 442-5S7L ^wv^-SA«s^SfVSV^^VV%^-^*^^^A^^^-~ 37--Mobile Home* Spacw For Rent 3 ROOM HinHshcd apartment,' I entrance, private bath, 61a N. Co!Ing $50 per month. iiUHIes paid. 52.1-1315 Ire 9 10 4. 2 RKD11OOM Jumrshcd apartments, ut lies paid Abotil 2 hltvks from oarnp F145 nvxith with one war*. Map Terrace Apailnscnts, Phcnc 521-1701. r ^ J nj*j**^***^r*r*r^~v*rV**~** ~NAAyVW 35--Duplex For Rent. ES PAUL, recording ffuitar tor sale. kod condition with raee, Call W2- UTTARS. banjos, tnandollna, rtollna a*, rellos. uHcIcles. flulos, wroi ·cmp«l5, claiineU. sasaphones. anims, Hans anfi many olhei musical IB- enis. Real bargain*. HocMer Ji Eart Ccnler Sir**. X en Florraie SUec*. BricV in, ix-nlr.U heat arxl air, coined ions, rtove t rcdix s 1135 plus uliliUes. Phone 4 Lrt Month eni free wilb apac* SHENANDOAH VILLA Mobile home Village K*7. IS Bl-paM I "wl; lanndir, ratios. »lora Call Today £21*5M FUnMSllED 2 b,-drnora, BIT condllinned. I wa(?r, ^as paid, no dogs or suiglcs. J»l monthly, MO cleaning" derxwif. 3jT^513.| nlnston. 38--Mobile Homes For Sol* 12i;7a MOUILE lloi skirled, e patio. Pr «26X»5. ST = USED MOBILE HOMESl SixX.1 t up M In All Cash Only HINTON'S MOBILE HOMES ' Hwy. L6 Wftst O SO VERY PRIVATE (8M) Scculded 21a acres (deal Ira- lovers, ^ardwiing or m "T-iiel' 1 wwntrj'. ^t otily 6 nule from N'car i»w 5 room frame, - lirepl 521-3143 tatt· range. rarpflN 1 ard draped. O er iran^tnd and offeri for JU J21.300. Us1«d by Wilma Conllcl:: (X 521-^cW. RPS. 521-7M7- I ENJOY BOSTON MOUTAINS I (R33 Splendid raw from 5.5 act* I "I home and 210 H. o! Hwy. 71 li : near Burn* Cables. Nice- *!** IUM, SL«B. "qulclcie" 'Bnwcn Can AusUn Fiizgwald for dt* [at "53l-6aOO, . S21-1300 A COUNTRY PLACE [«« NETiV 3 bdrm den h'-mn* « \ baths. PJ rpet«d and draped, sras n ran|«, central HA. carport ·aee A real tweiey ot a home 124 kiei acres for only M7.250.W, LUt by Mima «M:ick. Call 521-8W or 7057 evening. GOT BUILDING FEVER? (S12) Here's a nice view Id in H3 irk with nil city facilities iwl r ·* iwlctiboia aUsadi 1 . Rntig jt/ir 01 ok and we this fine lot, CU1 S21 : showing. Need' o few Acres? Hive Wi acres, dlyl aler and wmsidcr dividins "smaller acres g«. , inr further in;or m Hurt ,«ed 521- ,ii» 521-8500 1985 N. Coll --Real Estate--For Sol* REDUCED PRICE VA APPRAISED prrfary A-Krsme lft»Ml*(J h Arw ,this Jwrty lake hot _£» sq. (I. ol healed awl t. (.Srpcted. throughout. . t DOS ivinK .to: raj Associates s N. college Ki-ee\l "Developers ot · Hylohd Park" i Anne Stanbewy I M*dl n Cruse y Owner: !.V¥1 th. Attached ga Ir. WalHo-wkll Tib-ulon, 2 bedro rage. Central hea . CENTRALLY LOCATED BRICK NEED TO BE WALKING DISTANCE OF SI (OPPING. En"C7 THIS 13 WHAT YOUR LOOKING FOR. FOHM- AL LIVING ROOM, FORMAL DLN* ING. TU'O BEDROOMS. Hi BATHS, KITCHEN AND LOTS OF STORAGE! SEPARATE BRICK GARAGE WITH COMPLETELY EN CLOSED PATIQ, THIS HOME IS WELL CONSTRUCT^ ED AND A VERY ATTRACT [VB DESIGN.' PRICE 127,500 WITH ASSUMABLE IX)AW. DdMEtIATE PO C BESSION. C A L L : VlilGIN IA. BRISTOW. OtTICE^SlL-WX), HOM U Y A N K E E DOODLE DAN is this five bedroom, three ana ·?nn F P n n l n r ]°TM Jlo! / 6 a f h NeW E W la V* 200 H. Poplar l ^ ^ QJ1 2 2 flcrcs . Eiqui . Fayelleville silcly decorated u?illr a rccrea- fion room, billiard room, and [many large rooms to amble m |a»d out p/- Tennis courts and mining-pool right also. NEAR WINSLOW ^ i acrra with a 7 room roeh homft h ,ery jrood conditkn. 4 wU* and · por.d Orfty $23.00000 wilh Vi do-^-n and · lina/vcuis. NEED MORE ROOM? :; Tr- this B room ranch hom« with (nw 2500 w]un« ffet o living space, plus * Wfr 1 garage sei OM 1 acre ol Sand. r*« Prairie Grove. All modern aonvenlenc**. Kxcell«nt wmrtillon and exwJlent buy-at - t37.»J.M with 1/3 down and CMner cing. 521-3900 NEAT 2 b raifer frrr bills paid. or two mly. N'o ^ VALLEY VIEW [Mobile Home Pork LARGE LOTS, PATIOS, POOL 12 BLOCKS NORTH OF UofA 1840 N UVERETT ST. 442-4367 FOR Sale 12\60 mobile home, condLMon, loc^led in McKim Manor vvlih 'Cd bark yard, and uUUty ahrd. phi 521-U63 aller 5 p.m. wsekda- SALE PHICED D«T UofA. Extra three brdroom. 2 bath. den. carp*ltd. , por( IK i.;a.oo. wui FHA w VA. Realty 751-7222, T^XJJll. EDMISTON- PREWITT 1260 2 BEDROOM full furnished, central hpAt i- ni tied dcrrt-n. Call 756 1S!7 al »s72 3 BEDROOMS, washer/doer. disJi- v--B^wr. 2 complete hathr. 197 itwxlej. Sill I assembled on whwIs. CaJl 3:30, 412-M72. COME SP.G OUR VILLAGE. ITS QiniTT -- SHADV AND FTUENDLY. PRIVATT; PAOKISC AND ^TPK PAVBD STRF.ETS. \-ERY A1TRACT- 1\E TO RBFIREn FOLKS. COUNTRY LANE MOSinj", HOME V1LL.\GE PHONE 521-^666 OMPE.rTTE COMPONENT SVSTKM [49 3 Includes BSTt I'rofrsslonal tne aWe, a pair o( airiuspensi«i sr*ak- nrt n n AM/FM stereo receiver with built in 8 track all (or only *«3.». r erms. IIFS/Uni!ed FrtsB^t Sal*s. H . 2 W Opwi 9-9 Mon.'Frt., ill 6:00 Sal- 2 8--An i iq u es--For Sale old colns. Two cpa! * one pair opal earrlr SEVERAL rare diamond rings, very large tre tnrsc o very r Tiiumbprir.t compote a rwl rdUcct Item 133 riece solid hronze damon* Jnde' ard Coral and lhr« (ir.e frarr-wl oil pafnlings. Private parly 7366«Vi afte: 30 -- Wanled to Buy WANTED: -- STAMP COLLECTIONS, eiinC dusl or [nhtrhlcd. Will buy ll tfT you. O.ill Jack Moncnef. S'21- filll, days, 34_Apartmenti For Rent Fender Tclcoaslor guitar. £«. shall amplified, SI 50. AnUfltM pnnl tra 810. Call 442-»»3. ___ _ niUaue ki n":el coun s to camiuii. iit pels . 412-9283. ar with G:twr. Fa1.-on or only S1». Cerfar rfifrt 521 -MOO. WEED EATERS, JAR1 MOWERS I*WN GEN1ES bi'ls psH, . Call U»*12 · iV SUMMK.R RATES! JENNT n APARTMENTS IKTW arcrpflne iPj s (or one and wo bednxirti furnlsliei unfam'shrd ai^irtnifflls lo h* rcad innrng June. I, 1376. dnsc lo UofA pii.s. rail .i!l-72-10 a^(T noon SENT INT. (or iiimmcr 1 ar,d 2 hcrf parimenl from »W to f75. Fully air wndtttoncd, only 3 n nimis, 730 N. l^verell. O^Il 412, LAWN EQUIPMENT SAIES p o Rf« SU, F-MCKfviUe. A Mm' romplMi line ° W««1-IIK 1 in xw Ark, ___ ·XT?. ANP C!«TM SKTS 811 VlS?5 Mil boy TM » M-"i«1 rm Ktf^ and malfhTiK rtyilr l l/nilrf FreluW Sales. S"me co(r«. anil cr»1 labloj Also «j,rt'Tic at JIO.KV. LVi-tfi nr Tr -TT A I'ARTM FATS! Nice local I*\ND GARDENS vill Kivc me bcitn»m varancfcs fir June I. mer rales available l*r Mjid " inrtry (artliUc.-r. Osll c-21-513 infoi Colonial Arms 1211 N. LEVERETT/521-2110 POOL LAUNDRIES STORAGE ROOMS DISHWASHERS BALCONYS CARPET AND DRAPES WATER AND GAS PAID (Heat and Air Is Gas) TENNIS COURTS AVAILABLE $25.00 RESERVATION DOWN PAYMENT WILL HOLD APARTMENT FOR JUNE 1. Ken Claire 1900 GARLAN.D/442-8981 EXTltA clean 1974 Skyline. (2*60, front ld(ch?n, 2 fwdnxim, central hwl and double insulated. Phone 521-S917 ·noon; 3'2l-5lEG evening 171 14'x56' T\YO hcdroom mobile home, good condition. Central heal/air. pattJally fumlihed, carpeted, and priced lo Mil. «2-'2f71. INVESTMENT aiid I TnveMmcnt or reUrtmcnt. 1 BR,, 1 limly home. NW wction ol city. l/t lOO'xliO'. rxrf pArdcn area. Present Income (mm rental S135 per nmnth. Call Ray Bunch lo we-52MH5. w office." 80 ACRES good fjuntry road. One cocrf ILcld permanenl pasture, several old fteldi. rira led pond plus - wwlher A In jiarttH-iwds, Telephone A- elw- Iritiiy, 17 miles from Fajvttewlle --16 USF.D MOBILE HOMES, tftw, E»rf coiidilion, fnrnlsried and alr-corvJiUon«J. Mutt «!l. (?arfi ofler. Cill 531-I50. \11Ia Mobile Home Paik. Jeremy ficss Ray Afford iid Prewjtt Joan Hess on pav rail Virginia Bowers 443- 521 ' 3933 IS E.~Tawiiship . 521-7357 442-996S 521-5598 521-7357 ALL B R I C K . . . - CATCH THAT TOURIST TRADE : 'i Vi'ith ififs uvll 1oeat«) store, pluj i easy bedroom hxmi« on top of the tnouniAin p*rfe« jrpM for an untlquc or jift tp. pBrfcct prica of J51.SOO.M. . WHERE ELSE Could you get \7Vii icrts, a 4lnn« faortt* tn good conditwi v.lth city water ~an£ lural ?as for only WO.OX.OOT Call ·*. ; r. ;-~ PITCH A TENT i nv« In i trailer or build year ffATi ..·use on this 5 acres just 3 miles Irons Vest Fork. Only fo.EOO.OO. ' GETAWAY FROM IT ALL , On "thii 12 acre ucoriland site on k e raid boUveen Sprin? \ r al!ey and . 'field- "Good piice on this ind o-isii*/ 1 inanred. JUST OFF HWY. 71 SOUTH M a ores ol mostly v-twdcd land- Priced t 142,500.00 with o-^iier Jtnanong. MOBILE HOME SITE acret Tr« ctr.-ercd. Paved «tr«l* ,1 ral wale c i j stem. B*st df tenni. Wedlngvm , Woods. 443-2465 39_Office Space B u i l d i n g s For RorU $17,500 WITH GARDEN New t+iain link few* will pro(*rf rden wttle Jtm enjoy fng bareii^ ra new carrels fti the large living room Jdtchen ol" th r s spcdesa LVTO bolronm troin*. Call ISobbj-e lialbrook (oday for apixi!ntnrer«--H3237, or ofc*- 1'IUVATTv gar lriu:t- raid. 21-S6OT. l^as* IflCO ;iiur« loot huildin? iexl tor offtre arxl showroom, pcnlral ar*l air, excellent traffic flow. lTx IW for further informstfoo. OFFICE SIM re, located fit 27Si X. Col , 3 room* arid balh, h«at arfd Af per mor.Ui. Call 521-1W9 or 521-KA9 · 5iCO p.m. 60x40 BUSINESS For Leait. UUDING :e!]ent loeaiion. We ler. Writ* i» Boi P-4S c Norlhtcfcst Arhacsaj TIMES, P.O. Dru D. Fayel LevlIIe. Ark. 72701. ,500 SQUARK (eet for lease tor esstonal office, showrwxn, or wareh HI ghway 6Z West. lnfiu:ri* J maj lo P.O. Box 6S3. FaveLUvUI*. 42- -Wanled to Rent or Lease WASTED TO LEASE: COUNTRY HO. 7S150 acres. Up lo fXO/mwith. k^il^Siiu^^^-s^s-.TM^v-«^ 43--Real Estate Wanted WASTED: Want f iip«l 3 bedrn Oil WJ-7TO. If. and is priced in the law 4Q's. Call Iloh NirHfl al 521-S300 or S31-H3S. F-1376 NEW 4 BEDROOM..., the BuUerlield area this all br ne features lot* of siorafie .a don repUce ar^J a ' shake roof. You 11 HE REDWOOD DECK just OM ot the pleasures yo- crjoy this splint, II you at* no lo Ifcp deck Is a spacious 1202 N.^E OFFICE 443-S3S1 - HOUSE AND ACRE THRElv U-VRflE IlEDKfXtMS, - KX TRA L\nGE BATH WITH TUB AND SHOU7:n. F.XCE1JJ^\T U X r A T ' FOU SECOND BATH BfcTT^'KF TWO KND BEDROOMS. VERY NICE KITCHEN \V1T» PI£NTV OF COUNTER STAGE. BnEAKFAST ARE.\ OVERUXJKTNC BACK YARD FROM PTCTtl RE \V1NRO\V. N ICE SIZED FOMAL UVLNGROOM. WAI.I- 11 EAT AND ATTIC FAN, UVE IN THE f-JTY \\TCtt COUNTRY ATMOSPHERE. PRICE 517.5W- CAD, VIIRG1NIA nillSTON' OFF ICKt 531-WW; HOME: 4115547. BUILDING LOT a In Rrvit .whr-oli shovT":i!?. 1+1 MMSUTW lOOxlSO- Th* pr,« R,«0. CaU W.eaa McPonfttd 443-47M, BRICK DUPLEX With carports, oft'errf paUos and * location in FG. Th;« will rcafty fjiff yw. Has all ih« convert m Built-in finsncnjt st lil.MO. I-rt il for ttwll. Call todiiy (or T-125 i lour at 531 KW» or 3 tion. Dill Bob Nickle for an appoinl- t at 521-6300 or 53H13S. F-1236 FREEMAN EAST OF FAYETTEVILLE ; ts this nice 5 room rock house on. I- TPS o! land, 2 bams In ^excellent am dition. Plenty irf water even ci(y «-alet Prtctd right al (43,00000. TWO FULLY AUTOMATfC And insulated cMck«n hmk*M on thiif'.lf acre farm just 12 miles (ram FaydieviJ1 Good 3 room bungilcn*'. Good pTice an LOTS OF WATER ; On this IS acres Just 2 tntles oil Hltfi- ray 71. Property bord«v-s on a creek. In a j!od 5 ctwro home. HAS. water piped to Mm and pardcn /rom pctid. Se« IWs for J36,CX»,00. ' ", JUST .OUTSIDE GREENIAND CITY LIMITS ; Nice 1HU« bungalo*- on a psved st.rt't. "" JM.DOOOO w-.Ui loOCaco dowTi, 521-6300 1M1 N, College 4 Bedroom Delight Beautiful IfiOO sq- twth«, lii 1 dining re home wit Tl,, 2 ing i arv m, spadoa replace *rd a Vatchen %~ith a the extras, Cholci cjtko, - Birtierf:cl« **cx)i district, H7.M3.0X For tifwmKU · rail BeJl 75L7M1 200 E. Poplar Fayetleville A GOOD START r Uwt younu couple willirur (o fix * ire up. A 5 room. 3 bedroom house is ?st Fork for only (T.ODO.OO. STROUT REALTY Hwy. 71 Sonth Across From Tlie Airport Telephone 521-7230 ' DARHEL SMITH. MAnager -· Nignts anil Weekends call U32019 or -H3-MW3 1C*E 3 bedroom JHXIMJ In rarminglon, is baths. Central hca), central AIT. Car- ·!, drap«j, dishwasher,, ranii. 522,000. Ph-snc S45307J, ^ NEW HOMES. BISHOP SEVERAL UM ADDITION ; ER COSSTRUCTIOX xKl\C! Fort A PUCK TO L THIS SUMMKR? TRY GLENDALE APTS. · OM.Y JJ00 W1T.L HOLD UNTIE. MY 20 ONE JIKPHOOM « UT11.1T1RS TAID * uursnnv * WAIJfENG niSTANCF, TO UofA * swiHsnNfi root, * Nifiirr Sfxarnrn' GIIAOO rOOI, PARTIES ON OCCASION. A MCF PLACE TO UVE. YOUTI CHOlc^, I.R OR MONTI tl-V. TALL ANYTIMB V3R, M2 PUTMAN. CHATEAU APARTMENTS 521-3313 - UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Efficiency Shag Carpet 1 Bedroom ' Disposal iS Dishwashers Central Gas Furnished or Air Conditioning Unfurnished Two Swimming Pools iih CM and A, overstwd Irtini; r,d fireplace, utility room, and muf* SI.WO rfo«n arrt a.«ume Ttxin o* ONLY S3W nn acre buys bwmliful \5Q acres, chared, steel f*nfin?. *r,t bain, (rr«V. pond. With or without thrre bedroom, two barh brjcV. toys*! Hwlty. * TjenROOM. l"-i hiA, larw ll1n? rvxrm. Mo'llr hoih with n^v punipj, small b all («i^d, with 4W fe«t plus jvv^! Irrml^Ef. About IS miles from r ^ r f . i B*droonw. ? loll bilhs, carp*!. dJih- washer, dispas^l. electric rans«, nntril heal and sir. all brick. [ir*p!«ce options!. Doub! wood paneled d^ctte (a TAB*. $28,500 to $31,200 VA Lei n-- No o*o payment - FHA Lean-- I^jw do-^i) pajinenl BUIIERFIELD SCHOOL DISTRICT ; Turn west al Sooth side oi Drlv«-In Tt»- H^y. 71 North. Vt mill w«sl Lifa WADE BISHOP -- BUILDER 521-6569 272Z North Co!lez« Phnns S01-521-«0* f*}CUtvme. AAar.;; ,,...-,,- ,,. - «** "[ tr«i and (lowers. Some fru't treM, Ur^a *r\ spot wlih some berries, Feds In Ihc country, s-«t a block from ?os1 O!fic« and «'.ore. tn We* ForX, AvadaW* June- Pric* S37JW- Phm« «· VS3L or 6M 5J41.

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