Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 7, 1972 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1972
Page 19
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Director Dl«t MTUE COMPTON, R.I (AP) - T, W n l t o r C i o r m u n , 8B director. o( tlio dflomoon HOIII n.P«''Ri .'"I'll* Guiding (lied Snlurdiiy ut his homo. CIVITAN CLUB KntMoM e* at,* School for Retarded Children FOOD FOR THOUGHT f«d» ipptareil around JIM, but Ihj cm opcntr WMn't invtnUd until atO. In th« m»ntlm, cookt ustd hot eoili, ice'plcki and tlmllar Inventive m«nt to s«t Ihe tlni op«n. Hub chlckin pieces all ovtr with ihorttnlnr or oil before *« r S* ! «li« to K»CB thtm frwn itlcklni to th*-frill, You;will be able la llnd the frtftr lid for »ach reuubl* pjitllc ttoraio cont«in*r ir you UM a Hit-tip pon lo mark top and bottomt with matching or UUtri. Try bruihlng WorehcitenMre sauca on both tide* of bacon tlictt before pan frying ....... Tols your salad with about Vt Up. ercgano, along with the oil and v!n«j«r, talt and pepper. Arfdl a iplcy flavor that'i hard to Identify. Thoughtful tcrvice alwayi compmil** the fine meali al Suxie Wong'i Kite Bowf, our cutomm enjoy 04 p thoughtful prlen, loot 442-222] Highway 112 North Closed Mondays Open 5-9:30 p.m. MMtllW HELEN HELP US Useless For Her Jaifer 5y IU5LEN AND SUR )ciu' Holcn: rm'riot a 1 tconngcr, and na- urnlly I'd like to bo mnrrlcd, nit Cm bcijinnlng to wonder: Aftur eight months of helng nfja^jcd, my fiance la still HO onions I can't even tulk to the luabund of n:frlond when we're iut us a foursome. I've had to throw out air my drosses he feels tiro Loo short, nd buy n one piece swlmsull lecatise he doesn't want men seeing me so "bare." ; · When I have a lunch date vith Hie girls at the office, he accuses me of meeting another man, I realize that It he hadn't caught his ex-wlfo with her lover, he. wouldn't have this prob- em, but when.even psychiatry presents Weekly LUNCHEON SPECIAL 11 a.m.--2 p.m. U. S. Choice CHOPPED SIRLOIN STEAK Italian Bread Butter Crisp Tossed Salad wlfli choice of Dressing Choice of Baked Potato, French Fries or Spaghetti only $1.30 Poncorn to the Ladiesll SHE MADE THE KAMA SUTRA LOOK UNFINISHED! ADULTS ONLY ·r* ./£:. $ S Minutes East on Highway 68 Show Starts at Dark Telephone 751-8724 I* THE DELIVERS! CALL 52t3Oll PDK PKZA X Great Night Special After 5pm Only Tuesday /4 Fried Chicken Mashed Potatoes English Peas Hot Roll and Butter Coffee or Tea .99 3322 North College osn't help will lily' piitlcnco ve a chance? In spllo of-lhc- ny, ho'a. gotllng woi'sc. Ho suys marriage will put all oao bad rnemorlos out of his Ind, ~ Would It? oar W, I,i . Mor(s likely, trmrrlatfo to m might put you out of your lnd| If .psycholhoi'apy can't Dip, 1 then I'd gucsB his prob- m didn't start with an uti- Ithful wife, nor will It end Ith a fallhtul one, Would you really be happy In all? -- H ; · '· DENNIS THE MEHACt ·y K*tch«c» car Helen: v- , , · How do you handle your Ife's ox-husband who insists on cliig friends?: W h o n ' lie stops 1 lo sec his childicii, he slays r dinner and spends the even- is. Ho still depends on my Ife for major decisions (one 1 Ihe reasona (or theli' divorce) rid slid "doesri't want to hurt is,feelings," so she helps him r ork out Ills problems. I am not jealous. There's no cpd for thai. I just don't want im underfoot Am I being un- casonable? -- Three's A rowd Jear Three: - . No! This mah'may never look or a ^new life'as .long as he as a. former wife to "mother" ini'Tell he'r this is carrying friendly divorce too far! --H. )car Helen: Is. it wrong to ask a close rlend to replace an expensive ecord her little boy .broke? 'his Isn't the 'first time. She iilnks no's old enough lo wdrk he stereo, and.I was too late o slop him. , . . . . . . I got."red of this breakage 0 I suggested she buy a new ecord, and I haven't seen her Ince. I. thought I w as quite actful about it. Should I call her up and apo- oglze for being mercenary or dun her again for Ihe record? 1 a I f my friends say yes to he first, and half to the second. -- Six Months Silence Dear Six: How about the third atterna- ive? -- Forget it. Ah apology you don't mean would only make you more resentful, and a dun would get you nowhere. Who needs this k i n d of "record - breaking" friendship? -- H. MALCO THEATRES MALL CINEMA O "NORTHWEST ARKANSAS PLAZA" IM'TOH' Onm 7:M p.m, -- r«l. 7130 £ lilt Sun. «!«!.--Own p.m.--fit. z:OJ '. Dear'Helen': ; · ·. ·..· . · "Shocked Straight" a skid, "Hdw can my nice suburban friends who seem so normal go in for'mate-swapping?" She'd be'amazed at the number -and types -- of people who swing: professors, doctors, contractors, engineers, nurses, hair dressers, housewives, people from all walks of Hfe. My husband and I have;bcen swinging for over .a year now and we have a closer and more honest relationship than most straight' couples. Of course there must first be a very stable bond, with deep trust and much "love. A healthy, uninhlblt ed marriage should be made stronger by sharing its joys with friends. -- Honest Swinger Dear Swinger: Different trips for different "hips." Seems to me you swingers limit .yourselves to one pursui! when the varied joys of social Intercourse have so many more possibilities. In fact, a good fast doubles game of tennis is also, "heal thy, uninhibited" -- and It lasts longer! -- H. , . · A*K ANVONK WHO'* HEN IT ... THEN COME LAUOH YOUREELPJ Lawsuit Filed By McCamey Roy W. McCamey, doin Misiness as McCamey Hea Ssta'tc, has (lied a $3,750 su n Washington Circuit Cour against . Robert. J. Nell fo commission allegedly due fo procuring a ' buyer for Ian owned by Nell. The suit alleged that Ne refused to comsummate a rea estate transaction which h accepted following arrange ments between McCamey and buyer. Nell had agreed orally lo pa McCamey a six per cen commission for finding a buyi. for Neil's land at an agreeab price, the suit said. Two Prisoners Flee Jail In Carroll County BERHYVILLE - Ciirrojl ounty nuliiorltlCB have Issued all-point* bulletin for the apturc of two prisoners who leaped from the county Jail ero June 5. ;TJio , two are charged with Urglary of a Canon Counts roccry store and usnaull with ntcnt lo kill, authorities sak oday, ' . . · · · ! ; : ITlic 'Carroll County Sheriff's fflcc said four men robbed the rocbrl' May; 8 and beat the wner, T leaving him tot dead, , :· Sought arc Rickey tec Htxon 3, described as 5 feet 8 Inche .'.;; aiW 126 pounds, and Car man Kclton, 21. 5 feet 11 Inchc nd 155 pounds. Hlxon wore i m o u s t a c h e a n d goatee authorities said. They escaped after someon lipped, them a hacksaw blad to cut an opening In the ce bars, authorities said. A thir sUspoct was too large to f: hrough the opening and th burth suspect had bee released on bond before th lEcapo. police said. Alton*** TIMB, ANKAlMA*' 1, Weekend Wrecks Take Lives Of Six In Stale ! Six persons.died In traffic^- ildonts oil Arkansas highways ive'r .the weekend. · State Pbllcc report that a wO'Car crash Sunday night ih- ildo the Jonesbofo city limits killed.Ruby ) iMlnton, 58,; of Mammoth Spring, driver of br)o of the auto?. i ' Three persons .were Injured Troopers 'Identified them as Shannon Ka(fk», U, of Joncp xro, driver o f , t h e other cat Norma Kesslnger.Ma, -of:hear West Plains,. Mb.., and Donrja Kaffka, 22, ol Jortesbpro. , , Three members of one family were killed Saturday In a single-car accident near Blylhe villt. State Police said Francis L Griffith, 36, of Luxorai his'.wife Verna, 36, and their 18-month old daughter, Kimberly Sue were killed when their car ra Into a concrete overpass sup port on Interstate 55 n e a Blylhevllte i Ground Breaking Ground breaking cerenionlc will be conducted at 11 a.m. T h u r s d a y f o r t h e ' n e w Washington County School for Retarded Children. T ! The brief ccrernonjes will be hold at the site of the" school located south of Woodland Junior High School. Construction IB expected to begin Aug. U. Volunteer Joyce Roehl. daulhcr of Mr. and Mrs. William , Roohl of Route 7, Fayeltevllle, ····Is working as a volunteer this American Indian Mission ol British Columbia, Canada, This fall she will be a: senior elementary education major at John Brown University, Third Biirglary · ' , ' , - Thltvef hit?, ntornatlonil Industries, Ino, 1 511'-' iolcomb; tot the third pnn ; i ccullye weekend, taking $36.3I(* n coin and currency between p.m; Salufdoj* and 12!30 p.m. , Sunday. Tlio money waa taken J 'rom an unlocked desjt drawer. ' D o n Whilaker, ' company jreslclont, told police that/since^ he tumblers In the door? lock vci'c changed' Jy'y 11 (1)6 juslness 'has been 'burglarized, ,hre« time*. I - ' '. ' \ \Police sild'*ntry possibly wa'n ga|ncd through the celling ficth next door $r 'by key. , . Thomas I/. Allenbough, 27, of ilaskell was'.killed', SatUrda^ night when his pickup truck hit a car head on on Arkansas 219 at Harmony Grove, A Cleburne County woman, Dorothy Collins, 54, of near Concord, died In a Little 1 Rock hospital Sunday of Injuries she received In a two-car crash Saturday on Arkansas 25 n e a r Batesvillo. , ' . NOW! DRIVE-IN THEATRE OPEN 8:13 "HOSPITAL" 8:45 NOW SHOWING ··* Open 8)00 · Start* 8:50 Golf King Summer Specials · Monday Is Dollar Day · Tuesday Night It Family Night ? Wednesday is "Over iO" Pay Thursday Night It ladies' Night Out · Saturday Morning is for the Kid* 50 W. Township Call 443.2686 for Details Fayeltevillc, Arlt. . --Party Rates Available GEORGE C. scon HOSPITAL' -o-Htt- Artlntr HiUtojr untoeks nil the doorm in hU Wrilun tor tt lemn xd RCHMO OUNC · PndueM t, VVUOCU M«ES [50 -Plus- Jaffles Garner Skin Game LouGos'sett '' Susan Clark PnW' V',x*.' [OP, (S59 vr MALL CINEMA O "NORTHWEST ARKANSAS PLAZA" 121.7005 Open 7 -- Fet. 7130 · DIM Sunday MBllnna S p.n. (HiNIi HAUAM DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change without nolle* KTEW, Tuiia, Channel 2 KYTV, Springfield, Channel 9 KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, PiHsburg, Channel 7 KTUL/TulsB, Channel S 4 an e»hl« in KOED-TV(ETV), Tulsa, Chawel 11 ! -V KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 ; KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 , («h«UMl « CM (Site I* KOTO, Fayemvlllt, Oiannel 36 (etuniwl 1 «n ukl« In FtytttevilMI MALCO CINEMA O HWY.TIH.mOLLINaHlUt 521-1920 Oiifn 7 li.m. -- Fel: - Buafftf MaUnefl a p.m. "LIZA MINNELU IN ·CABARET' -- A STAR IS BORNI"-New3waeK Miglitnn MALCO CINEMA w HWY.71 H. * ROLtIHa HILU 521-1820 O!i«l 7 p.m. -- Fil. 1130-SlM 9nni1ay AlnUnfta 1 v.m. "It's still tho same old story, aflrflit'fni-' lovoanil IT AGAIN, SAM" t . - Ttehn'rcolor* A P*i4moum P.ciur O Z A II K DOWNTOWN--442-4141 Open 7 p.m. Ortfl T p.m. -- Ol. T Kul, ,C Sim. niaf. 2 n. Connections As A Matter At Fact . . . We H»v« Over 9.00U Connectioni, If You Don't Get The Picture . . . You Should! Trans-Video 103 W, Msyrsfalr. St. Call 442-7111 MOVIES ON TV Monday Nighf 8:00 p.m. Ch. 8,12 -- Drama "Once Before 1 Die." (1965) C. Ursula Andrews, John Darek. 10i30 p.m.Ch. 6,16,36 --Myjtery'"A Tattered Web." (1971) - C. Lloyd Bridges, Frank Converse. MONDAY BVEKINQ-- *· 5!00 Sesame strict Tour-A-Bama To Tell Th« ABC Newi .......... .. ..... Truth ........ .. S ewi ............. Beverly Hllibllllet ............. IS I Dreim of J«innl« ........... « 5:31 - * 7:H- -ountry Music Time Today New« Reel MoCoji *7:J»- Dannli th« Menace ... Early Bird Cartoon* ... «, Newt 2, 3, S, 6. 7, 12, 18, 38 NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound . 2333 N. College 442-857! Truth or Coruvquence* *_·:*- Mister Rogers 11 News 2, 3. S, 6, 7, S, 12, 16,36 * 1:3*Grcen Acres 2 Untamed World 3 Hollln' On The River 7 Dick Van Dyke 16 Wonted: Dead or Alive 5 Electric Company 11 Let's Make A Deal 8, 12 ,* 7:00 ABC News Inquiry 8, 12 My Third Eye 11 Baseball Pre-Gamc Show '2, 3, 5, 7 Gunsmoke 6, 16, 36 * 7:15 BASEBALL 2. 0. S, 7 "Atlanta Braves us. Cincinnati Hods 1 ' , 3G 12 .... II _ _ _ . _ . . j.... 1 8 * S:0» -' Carl£6n ' Clrcua I Se«am« StrMt :....^ 11 Captain Kangaroo 6, 1ft, M ' 8:30 New Zoo Revue t 9:00 - ,'oman'o World U Lucille Boll 6. 16. 3« Sesame Street J Dinah Shore 2, S. 7 Movie SISTER ANN PALM READER AND ADVISER -- FIRST TIME IN THIS AREA She Kilt Ihe past, preient and lulULC. Bhi will idvlle you on love. nurrltRC, builneti, homi, healthy companlonihlp and divorce, an* can rtnd will help you on any problem, no niat- l»r Kow bl( or little your problems are. mere lr no problem loo bin Tor her to help Joir with, la M. hef ledny, lor lomornm nnj- bt loo tale. Why worry and be unhappy when there Ix Mils aided laSy lo help you? She brlnfi Mpp'neM lo the lonely, ana unites the leparftlH. H you're anlucky In lovo And niRrrlflfra and not rfl. mancfl or hold the on* you love, then fiister Ann li Ihl one to see bccdmo she can and will help you and lell you wliat 10 do. Open Dully .t Sun. frtm fl a.m. In 10 p.m. Mil South Srhool (llirr. 1IB) SolllhKnle Vlll.un (Acro)l Ittry. rrnm Country Cluli tlontl) Thnnr -MZ-6JI1 rnxettrvlll* Double Het-d II Here's Lucy 6, 16. 3S Movie U * «:J» Voters Registration n Doris Day «, 16, 38 * 9:08 Cade's County 6, 16, .16 Big Euel II 11 * 9:30 Spanish Rtvlcw 11 * 18:»» - Newi .. 2, 3, t, 6, 7, 8, 12, II, 38 * t»:H- Johnny Carson 2, 3, 5, Dick Cavelt I. 12 Movte $. is. S6 * li:M Film e News 5. 8. 12 Paul Harve; j * 12:05 -News 2 if 1ZM5 Town Hall , . 2 TUESDAT MORNINO- * 6:30 Sits Forum a 2, 3, !, 7 Sew and Save "Service With a Personal Touch" In /abrics and notions of all types. Butterkk · McCall's - Simplicity ^ Patterns " FAYETTE FABRICS 1700 N. College -- Fayeltevllta 442-2493 , LOANS FOR HOMES For Expansion of An Oldti Hem*, or The Ne»d of a N*w One, -W« Have Loani la Sull Yotfr Need). FAYETTEVILLE SAVINGS 1 LOAN ASSN. Wot For Women Only 12 Romper Room , 5 Galloping Gourmet 16 Concentration 2. 7 Beverly lllilblllle* ,. 6, 36 · family Affair . All My Children .. Sale of the Century * 10:20 Lucille fllveri -- lt:H- llollywood Squares . 6, 16. It ,: . 12 2, 3, !, 7 . Love ol Life .... ........ », z, 3, S, ^ 16, 36 i. 12 * 11 :N- Whero the Hmrt U 8, 16, SB Password a. U Jeopardy 2, 3. 5. 7 * 1113*-Table Talk t Spill Second I, 12 Who, What or Where Z, 3, 7 Search tor Tomorrow -- «, It. 38 TUESDAY AfrERNOON- On Arkanxaa 08 PHILCO Coming Your Way · - The PHILCO- MATIC T ti» N»we»!, HoH«s» At- Auction in Philio Color TV'i. · ' · ARCADE FURNITURE , Hwy. 71 S. In Sprlngdal* i Thousands of Folks,.. check the TV directory every day ....und they'll · r«a.:l your ad in this space.. It't priced at a special low monthly rale. For information call the Northwcil Ark a men TIM^S, display advertising departmsn), 442-6242. 2, 1, I. t. 12 Jehn ChlcX News . TV Bingo * 12:15 -Women's News * 12:20 Lucille Riven I * lt:N Three On A Match ...._.. 2, S Let's Make A Deal II, I. 12 As the World Turni ft, 16 * 12:35 - MEET NEW FRIENDS You are a stranger hut ouco at Ih* Huddle Clnb. We are known as th« Friendliest Place In Arkansas. . Tho HUDDLE CLUB Highway 71, Faycltevllle Day* fil Our Lives }, 3, J, 7 Love li a Many Splendored Thine Newly wed Came * ll»- Doatori DMInj G«me Ouldlnir Llfht * J:*- Anothor World Secret Storm General Hospital * tl»- Heturn lo Peylon PI, Kii«e of Mih! One Lira to LIT* * lltt- My Thr« fionn . . I, II 2, 3, 8, 7 .... I. II .. 6, 11, 39 2, 3, 3, 7 . . 6, 18, 36 ...... 8, 12 J, J. . 6, IB. I, II. 38 Somerset .. Love. American Style * J:»- Mr. Ed Cnrloon Camp I Love Lucy Dinah Shore Daniel Boon* nirieninn Three On A Match .. To Tell The 'i'rulh .. Dahnan * 4:H- Merv F r l r f t n Concentration FlInUtoriM Petticoat Junction .... High Chlpirrai ".'.'.','.'. Green Aort* .,.,. 2, 3, !, 7 1, 1] .. I .'. 7 '.' U . . a .', i .. 7 . II nsvi j RUiftman ..... ....... 1 Lovo Hioy Wild Wild WMt Dlj VilKy Green Aorea Wiion Tr«ln * SlH - Devcrly HUIbllltM .. Toiir-A-Ram» . . . . To Tell The Truth ... Segftmo fitreAt I Dr»«m of Jetnnlt ABC N«w« * S:K-Truth «r N«w« S, s. «, T. 1, II, H, H * tiW- N«w.1 . Mlstftr 2, 3, S, «. 7. S, 12, 10, *!:)«- Ponderoaa 2, S, T John Byner Comedy Hour .. 18, 38 Etaclrlc Company ........... Mod Sqiud ................ s, t, All In The Family ............ ppua '72 ... ............ .. . * 7:S» NBC Action Pliyhoiua ...... 2. 3, 7 l^fovle .............. ..... 5 8 12 Hawaii Five-O ............ «' IB' 38 Evening it Pop* * Il3» - Sreui»l London Srldfi non Dtlluma Ctnnon volution of A Z, 3. 7 ''i«, 3» «. VIKILUII vn rx .)i«n««i7 ..... * · . M*rou* Welhy ...... , . , . s. i, IZ * 9:30 Oklahoma I'oruiri ThLj Ij Your Lift Qovernor ic 3,1 All In Th» F«mlly ,., ...... at Spanlih'Rcvlew ....'..".'.,'....... lt- * lliM- ' ···£ Newt, . . v Weather t, 3, s. I, 7, t, It. II, M * 11:3*- · .'" Dick Civett «. U "" ' «, 16. S4 Movie Johnny Canon ' UlOO Paul Ktrvey 't: I, Boatlnf IKtly film I2i30 -..

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