The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 26, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS LOCAL NEWS • Art Earth, Ed Barth and Clinton E. Taylor of'the Barth-Theatre Co., were business visitors in Anna Saturday. George Newsome of Mt. Vernon, was a visitor here yesterday and today.. Mrs Bessie-Odum of Marion was the guest of -hey cousin, Mrs. H. E. Lightfoot and other relatives here '•day. 1 — „ l " Mrs. R. "W. 'McNeil- visited Marion relatives and friends Saturday. HUNTERS FIND B N ODY Man Mysteriously Hanged Near NHes Center, III. of ' Mr and Mrs. C. C. Wdmmer of -Marion visited the former's mother, Mrs. A. C. Wimmer of this city yesterday. ' - Emmett Batson of Mattoon .visited Ws pa 7en,ts,-Mr.and Mrs. I. C. Batson, yesterday. -\ | • Carl Mason,'- a former Normal stu- '<• ' '• dent here', but who discontinued his at: tending school here the fall term, was a visitor here Sunday. He will go in 'the cotton plantation (business m M>s- sissippi with-his father, owner,of larse tracts of land in the cotton, growing •s- section. Mason suffered from a gas at, k , tack in the army which was one :ot • ' ,' " Tiis reasons'tor quittingjschool. Miss May Hall spent Saturday and 'with her grandparents, Mr. Frozen Corpse Kneeling i^ : >-Wood—" Loose,Rope Over Linib of i v a Tree. Niles Center, 111., .Tim! 2G— The boily : a 1 well-dressed num. apparently about fifty years'of age,- was-found frozen. and partly suspended 'from a treejn the woods about it-quarter of. a mile'from here by hunters. • All marks of Identification were gone, 'either, by accident^ or; design; there was no Jewelry, and but 40 cents In change In the pockets, 'ilie brown overco'at, blue cap, gray silk sweater, white shirt, black shoes and. stockings, were.all of excellent quality and -in good condition'. ' The peculiar position of the body' IK the"only ' thing that might, be con strued as indicating other thnn death by suicide. Everyone in the village viewed tb remains, and no one was able to identify !t.. How'a stranger couliX. get to thH snowbound village, practically cut bit from communication since January 13, MARTIAL LAW FOR IRELAND? General French He Will • '''Restore^Order onUhe ;C Island. ; WILLIAM BROSS LLOYD HAS HEAVY WEAPON IN HAND Says He Won't Use It Except as a Last Resort— Great Britain- Is .. Determined to End Outlawry, He Asserts. London, .Tan. ~26. — Great Britain, determined -to stamp 'out '.the reign of \terror in Ireland, has decided upon a sterner and more vigorous.. policy to restore oTder. ' As u last resort it is possible even that the government will declare the island under martial law and proceed.)) accordingly. • . : The tirst move in the. new policy developed with a government proclamation offering one of the largest rewards -for criminals in Its history — £10.000— for information leading to L,,, . is -still another mysterious phase o£ I the conviction of the man or .men the case. ... . . guilty, of murdering any one of the 14 He was a nonresident "and would have walked four or five miles through,; the; snow-, .pij,. .plowed ground t;o get to the isolated position in the woods where his body was found. and Mrs. J. F. Hall, in Creal Springs. " Mrs Claude Fox was called to Mt. Vernon Saturday afternoon because of the death of an uncle, Mr. Stanalor which occurred Friday night. Funeral^ •arrangements were not 'stated in the message, ^ Dewey Mathis made a .business trip to Mounds today. Misses Verna Nutty and Louie Spurlock visited friends in Murphysboro Saturday afternoon. 'Chas. L. Robinson of Marion was the guest over Sunday of and family. C. Marten QUEEN MARY SMOKES 'FAGS' Reynolds Newspaper Says She Indulges in One Cigarette After .Luncheon—Only One. London, .Ta.n. 20.—Royal approval of cigarette smoking by women bus been conferred through the announcement by Reynolds Newspaper that ^ueen Mary has~~take"n up' the -habit." The queen, It is said, smokes one cigarette end. after luncheon, but limits herself to policemen killed during July in Ireland. ; £10,000 Reward for Slayers. A reward of £10,000, with the additional offer of pardon is offered to any one implicated in the killings, but- not actually the murderer ' himself, who will turn king's evidence. *• The proclamation was posted throughout Ireland, and, promised special protection anywhere and everywhere for the man who responds to the appeal. Meanwhile the government 'is'under- s'tood to have given Vlsco.unt French, lord lieutenant of Ireland, carte blmiche in suppressing disorders, it being, left in his discretion as to'what means-he shall utilize to the desired William "Bross Lloyd, .the wealthy communist of Wilmette, 111., who bus been indicted in Chicago, charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government. that, as she is a believer in the strict- est'moderation in all. things. .Queen Mary has been the most rigid moralist-in high places in all Europe. •She has successfully opposed e%'en the mildest innovations the modern dances. in dress and nil BIRTHS born A (tea pound baby boy was this morning^to' Mr. and Mrs. George Cox of South-'Illinois avenue. The new arrival has been named" William" Grsn. SOCIAL, ENTERTAINMENT AND LUNCHEON Doctor Solf to Japan. Honolulu. .Tun. 'JO.—Dr. W. H. Soil. 'fornipv foreign minister of Gorrqany. Verdict on Ireland Waits.. The recent murder, of Deputy ,Po- Hce Commissioner. Redmond is believed to have been the event which stirred the government to action and forced the decision to restore order before there is any further attempt to put the home rule^blll Into operation. The existence of a 'small band of extremists, discovered by_ the government secret service, is no\v confirmed. Its purpose is to institute terrorism CHICAGO NEEDS HELP Appeals to Middle West and Canada for Nurses. Call Goes Out for Volunteer* Check the Spread of the I Epidemic. YALE TONIGHT T-i "THE DARK STAR" Victims of fatel Because they were born under the DARK STAR and the late el-ruler's .and empires was tangled in the life ; of this simple country girl. An amazing picture of. mystery, crime, intrigue and dar- •in'g. • • -,:-. •-'•- " . • ' ' • / ' • . • A-tingle with warm romance. A-throb with devil-ma} -care exploits. A Robert W. Chambers Story. Also FOXNEWS REEL And CARTOON^ 6:30 and 8 l and 22 h'as been'unpointed Gennan Minbassii- by ' organized attempts^ at assfissma- floi' ("6 Japan, accordin. Japan, according to a Tokyo cable to NippiMlji, Honolulu Japanese language mnvspapei". OLDEST "REGULAR YANK DEAD .Giveni by the Carpenters of Local NQ. 841 at M. W. A. Hall, Friday, Jan. 29,1919, at 8 o'clock p. m. Everything free and everybody invited. Committee. Advertisement. Miss Lois Carter of Heri-in spent the'week end with her mother, Mrs. E. J.^Ingersoll.. PHONOGRAPHS ; , $1.00AWEEK Sergt. Joseph Dunvvrody, Nincty-Sav. en, Dies at the Soldiers' .Home in Washington, D. C. Washington. .Tan. 20.— Horgt. .Tfi:<Kph • Ifjli A-oody. ninety-seven, oldest former enlisted man of tlis? i-c::n],-!V finny, died at the soldiers' homo of ;inen- nionin -following nil r.ttacU of iniiu- enza. He was born in Dublin In iS22. .Geo. Adams of Cambridge, Ohio, is visiting his family here. He is connected with a railroad -tie company in Cambridge. . Fred Pabst of Centralia spent Sun day at his home here. ] Mrs. P. S. Erickson. and son, John, Cabinet modellvicTor and Columbia spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs phonographs ?2.50 a week. Small models as low as Advertisement. Emmerson in Cambria. Claire Carr attended the Elks dance in Murphy.sboro Saturday night. . NOTICE ••' • January 24. 1920. Dear Customer: advised that 1 have sold my West Side Store, opposite the Post Office building, to Messrs, Baker & Brandon, taking effect as ot Monday, January "26th, 1920. • Messrs Balder & Brandon, I am sure are-well known to you, and have expressed to me a desire ' to take care oi you, if you prefer trading at the same stand.. However, if yo^i prefer to continue trading and will so notify me, I shall take pleasure in transfering your account to my East Side Store. Be-assured that it is not my desire no interfere 'in any way with your trading with the West Side Store or with Messrs Baker & Brandon, however, as above indicated if you care to continue yonr business j relation with, me, I shall be obligated. Yours very truly', ' .^ , - • J. H\ RIDGWAY. " P. S. By the way, my telephone No. at my East Side Store is 241. * tion of government officials, and its continued-operations played a part n. the government's decision to give French blanket authority and take unprecedented steps toward repress- ng disorders. •• French Has Heavy Weapon. French himself has expressed com r plete confidence in .his ability to get tin 1 results filmed at. Of course, order, can be restored by proclamation < of martial, law." French said recenrty, "but I would hesitate to do this except as a last resort. I T>Ve shall begin by taking measures against «he instigators of these outrages. Order must be restored, and It is my principal duty to restore it.. I .shali-iao't fail to do so." Government officials 1.consider the present as a favorable moment to launch the new' policy,' owing ( to the revulsion- of public feeling • at the murder ot Commissioner Redmond., Some quarters intimate that the near future will see more troops sent into Ireland. Chicago, ,Tnn. 26.—The scarcity of experienced nursos to assist in combating the influenza epidemic lias .become so serious that the' health department is wiring volunteer aids in all parts of the -middle West and eve): in Canada, urging them to hasten to the bedside of Chicago patients. Of-the 10,732 Influenza cases, reported last week there are 1,600 demanding the attendance of nurses and. able to pay uny price for services that might be asked, .according to thcr ofliclal of the health depiirtioeiit In charge of that brnneh of tlie x work. •' Every nurse professing any. experience at nil lias loirs since been assigned, anil is engaged night an\l day. In an appeal to physicians, hospitals and -graduate nurses. Doctor Robertson says that about 1,000 graduate nurses are specializing on Individual .patients not seriously ill. He urges that the work be readjusted, so that* at least 500 of these nurses be released for' work in private homes, where people are willing to pay the regular! fee. The ' influenza situation abated slightly Sunday. DRYS SEEK $25,000,000 Appeal for Aid to Help U. S. Fight „ Liquor—League Says Demon Mustn't Escape. Washington, Jan. -2G.—Although it is the. popular impression that the prohibition fight in the'United States is over, the Auti-?nloqn League insists that it has just begun in a declaration emphasizing an appeal for. $25,000,000 to keep up warfare on the demon rum, notwithstanding-, its' shackled .' condition. ' ' Wnyhe B. Wlieeler, general- counsel Cor the lengue,.nsserfR Hint-to decrease activity now would lie like refusing to harvest a c/op after ir has been raised, HAS"RARE EDITION OF POEM NOTICE OF PROPOSED CHANGE OF ElfCTRIC RATES To Patrons of Central Illinois.' Public Service Company: •... .'.:-?;.The Central Illinois Public rService Company hereby gives notice .to the public that it has filed with the Public futilities Commission of Illinois,schedules which wilL change r thei rates for "electric -'service in Carbondale, county of Jackson and State of Illinois, and said change of rates involves an increase in all electric rates how in effect (except municipal street lighting and pumping). . '•/•. A copy of the proposed schedules may »be inspected by any interested I party at the office of this company in Carbondale, Illinois. All parties interested injthis proceeding may, obtain information as to time and place of -hearing on this matter -by addressing the Secretary of theJPublie -Utilities Commission,, Springfield; lUk nois. ' ' ) The large further increase in the coat of -coal, labor and practically all other items of expense of rendering electric service makes increased rates absolutely'necessary to meet increased- costs. . The increase asked for on residence and commercial lighting service amounts to one-half (%c) cent per kilowatt hour (or an- average of abdut 5 per cent ot the present rates) and an increase in certain minimum bills and the increase asked on electric cooking and power.-rates (except drainage and wholesale power and coal mining rates on which larger increases are asked) a-mounits to one-half (%cj cent per kilowatt hour. Central Illinois Public Service Co. by J. Paul Clayton, vice President. Advertisement. THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN CMh In Advene*. Ojoe month, per -word ..19 One week, per -word: OS One insertion, per irord 01 ;.Three c Insertions, per,woii.;'..'.....« WANTED. ' ~* WANTED—Furnished . apartment three rooms and bath. "S," care Free FOR ftMHT. ' 'FOR RBNT—Two iront rocmi one Btyle Shop, tor office or slneplBg room*. 'Apply Mies Bieth, Normjd and Monr»« St. ... :' . - .... ......I. FOB RENT—Storage tor bonMhoM goods, In th« one story brick building, int floors, on alley bact of m«w Theatre. Apply Miss Htrth. RBNT—Rooms;-Telephone FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms. 205 West College St. Phone 447 L. FOR SALE. • : FOR SALE—Lot on southeast corner of Poplar and Pecan. Call 388 K. Mutton lambs are sure sale at good prices. Use the secure. best boar that you can Keffp the fall . pigs through the winter. growing all Parasitical diseases of sheep are hard to fight and overcome. * * * • / Weak lambs should be nursed-vand given estrn care '.and a little extra milk. * • * Arrange to have the sows farrow early. The early pigs have the ad-. vantage of* n better market. FOR SALE—The Elbert Childers farm, 10 acres near town, good house, fine water, fruit trees. For particulars see or phone A. E. Whitesides. .FOR SALE—One Phone 398 Y. canary I- singer. . -FOR SALE—^5. room cottage, barn and cither outbuildings, an pavement one block from square. A bargain, if sold at once. See owner, 205 East Oak St. - - PRINCE'S MAIL tt HEAVY His Royal Highn'ess Is Target of Lovelorn ' American Maidens and, Cranks. London, .tan. 2G.—The prinee v \>f Wales is. enjoying nn epistolary puK suit by American girls. KIs roynl highness continues to be deluged with-lpve notc7 : crank letters, and at least one proposal of nvsi.'i,".ge daily from the UnitecT'States. His secretary says the priuce.hns a' fay time, going through the mail bag! Since bis return the prince's letter pouch has contained something like 45,000 letters weekly, covering every conceivable subject. Shakespeare's "Venus and Adonis." WxJrth $75,000, Is Brought to America—Weighs Two Ounces. * Now Tor';. -Tan. -(>.—A copy of Shakespeare's "Venus . sind Adonis." printed !n'1">!V9 mid said to he worth $7:".000, arrived hero in tlio possession of George D. Sniita. -a dealer in rare books, who was a pn'ssengei on tile Cunnrd- liner Carmnnin from Liverpool. The honk, weighing two-ounces, Is for Henry E. Huntington. of New Tork. TAKES UP POST IN PARIS Dr. Wilhelm Mayer, German Charge d'Affaires Arrives in the French Capita.1. . : . Paris, .Tan. 20."—DI-. Wilhelm Mayer, German charge' d'Affutres, hns arrived here. He was met at' the station by | Kurt von Lersner, head of the Ger- I man peace delegation,'and went idirect- ly to the Gennan ^embassy in the Rue »t,iUe. • •'. ~" "'••'..•'' More Beautiful Than Before We have received several -large shipments , of the'most beautiful dresses' ever shown in a city of this size. -The Manufacturers, on learning ol my loss of dresses, made me such grand concessions ori elegant dresses, that we-are now able, to ., x give you more wonderful values, than btrfore and a far better range ol selections. ••' \' :. R E, BRIDGES LOST • LOST OR STOLEN—Ten dollars for •return of fur neck piece stolen at Garment Factory. Care Garment Factory. LOST—Small Swiss wrist, watch, between Yale and Brooks garage. Finder call Metropolitan office. Reward. LO^T-r£,ady's gold wrist watch. Return to Free Press and receive reward. THE OPEN WINDOW My tower.was grimly builded, With'many a bolt and bar, "And'here," VT . thought, "I will keep my. : From the bitter world afar." k ' , Dark and chill was the stony floor, I- ' Where never a sunbeam lay, And the mold crept up on; the dreary wall, . . With its ghost touch, da,y by day. , •. i On** morn, in my sullen : ihusings, . •• A flutter and cry I' heard; ' And close at the rusty casement I There clung: a frightened bird. | l 'Then back I flung the shutter | That was never before undone, j £.nd I v kept till Its wings were rested . The little weary one. j But in through.the open window, Which I had forgot to close, •There had burst a. gush of sunshine And a summer scent o£ rose. For all the while I had burrowed ; There in my .dingy tower, Lo! the bird had sung and the leaves h/Ul danced From hour to sunny hour. ^ And such balm anil warmth a-nd beauty. Came drifting in since then,. That ihe window still stands open And shall never be shut again. —Edward Rcjland SHI • Former Local Colored . Girl Dies at St. Louis Mrs. Ona Nolen, aged 25, colored, wife of Sam Nolen, formerly employed, at the Barnes restaurant, who "died In St. Louis yesterday will be buried here tomorrow. The body . was brought here from St* Louts today. Th» funeral will be held at the C. M. H.. church tomorrow afternoon at ji o'clock. .She-yaa a sister of Ben ,Rbl- stori of this city. "- :

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