Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 32
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* * -Nomination Day Slated w i l l hr (olluweu iiy * demonstration mi flower arranging by 'Tat" Shcnno. Japanese florist. Luncheon reservations m-y be made xvith Mrs. II. K. Edwards or Mrs. Ldward Ditto. NAMED AS delegates tu the Los Cerritoi District Convention April 23-21 at Disneyland Hotel arc Mmcs. (·rover Seguine Jr., Troy Jf jim'teoti » diet. Joni ncglci^ Lpting, M. R. Evans. John cirt for th: firmnesi rl jc-iirj Carrels. William Lambc and ·faciil figure." trx. Yrj .-v| M L i) ormc witz. Club mcm- bdp l.rcp our dec in t n m i " ill you diet slim! Th; I North Long Ufadi Worn- 1 rn'i Club will haxe iiomina- lion day Wednesday during in meeting «t Houghton · Park Clubhouse. Tolls open «t I I «m. Noon luncheon, «rxed liy tjioup Seven with Mrs. Henry Minks as chairman, ANY WAY YOU FIGURE Dreams Are Made of This W E , T H E LOSING WEIGHT? My MAItV ELLIS I. ri («hw Idler Now you can do mwe than just dream you went somcwlierc in your Maiden- form bia. You can sleep in it. Tor that f i r m u i t l i ilie oft-repeated .slogan, alter doing some dreaming of its own. lias come out with the most realistic and provoca- tive innovation nf the year --the sleep bra! It's available m Long Ilc.ich now -- along with in.-itching'ie and sleep cap fur a XV!:H!C wardrobe ::f sweet dreams. HUT IIILHL'S more be- bind the new design than "just dreams." As Mrs. Ida Koscnlhal, M a i i l c n f o r m ' s terestin£ drtiilt tre toIJ in the new hriuty booMrt. "Your Two 1'airi." Gill or «rite tcHjr for j«r free icp) -- HE 5-yS70,' GE 9-3187, or I ; A 1-1773. 17S10 S. \\Vicrn A x r , Clir dcrj, Calif. bets who serve in the district and have their own votes arc Mmes. Kenneth McCaffcrty. Icy M. High. Frederick If. Mitchell, Virgil Koon, Vinton Pease, Claton F. Watson and Miss Elsie Hies. / End-Of-Month 450 Pine Ave. PARTY DRESSES Group of 30 Reg. 25.98 la 45.91 $1 5 FINAL CLEARANCE SILKS, CHIFFONS, LACES BULKY SWEATERS, WOOL SKIRTS, DYED-TO-MATCH SWEATERS FINAL CLEARANCE! Broken Sizes of Top Quality Sportswear chairman of the board and co-founder of the company. p c .j_| NDE p ENDENT puts it: "Night-time f i g u r e -- - . caie is as essential to beauty and health as night-lime lace and hair caic." Tilling a lung-neglected foundation need, the new bra is designed to give sup- pott to the natural figure for both slccpwcar and Inungcwuar. tiiiS. till, tmn, Mtr. », mi ONE WOMAN'S VISION . . . . Sightless Service to Others SHE NOTES that greatly increased leisure time and an increasing trend towards casual living have made at- home fashions, particularly the muumuu type and loose- f i t t i n g styles, extmncly popular. Idea: The "sweet dreams" bra is wonderful for wearing at home at the end of a busy, harrowing day: and for keeping on, until the next one begins. Says she: 'This bra will lie to foundation garments what slippers arc to shoes." ff ^ * · ESPECIALLY constructed with a surplus side construction which allows a woman to be completely c o m f o r t a b l e asleep or awake, "sweet dreams" is fashioned of nylon lace and tricot, has covered elastic shoulder straps and a fiont closin;.;. Colur-cooidmated to i n r lent lingerie fashion shades, it's available in posy pink, soft blue, w h i t e and black. Al.Mi especially fetching for sleepy-time gals: matching bloomer-leg panties and a bewitching ruffle nylon luce cap large enough to hide large rollers. In support: Now yuu can give your f i g u r e a l i f t and look dirainy w h i l e you sleep Sensible heels walk with such grace when styled by QualiCraft! Cradle your foot in pliant white leather--the sandal coolly perfotated, the pump blanket-stitched; or a bone wedge in punched leather. Raic L-hoemakinp, at rate lo.v price:! ^OQQ ^"7 J to / IOLA MASTERSON- Hy 1MAKY NLTI1 Mrs. Henry Kinner is a housewife who looks to the future. Though she lost her sight six years ago. she hasn't lost her vision. As head of The Craft Class, a Long licach club for the · blind, this sprightly gray-haired grandmother is determined to du something for members who feel left- out--who want to accomplish something useful. "If a woman's organization could provide us with materials (such as un- hemmed toweling), we could provide them with inexpensive items for bazaars and holiday .sales," she says. 'They'd profit and so would we." Today, the name (if the club is misleading and Mrs. Kinner is the first to acknowledge it. "We are a puiely social group, now." she says. "We began as a craft class but soon lost our teacher and never did find a market for our work " NOW MLMIILKS. mostly elderly women, mi-it the second and f o u r t h Tuesdays of the month merely to exchange chit-chat and get away from home. I'inc in itself, but according to Mrs. Kinner, hardly fulfilling the neids of the group. These needs Mis. Kinner knows quite well. "It's so i m | M i t a n t for one who's blind t" have ;i feeling of .icconiplishtnent phis in- di'lw'iHlfiu t*." silt: explain'*. A l w a y s .1 \ r r y independent petMin herself, Mrs. Kin- S3.99 Comfort plus fashion by .Ml.JtHV . M - H C I I graduates nf Iliik Itackcr proxl- *ioTial class nf '02 and now full fledged members euni l.uule. bail a celebration luncheon at Captain's Inn 'Itiesday. Main party reason w;is to honor Audrey l-ings- li'l. their charming rnenlur anil chairman fur the \car's undergraduate \\orL. 'li'.istinu Audicy v.Hh Imb- l i l m g i om r i s a i H M i .mil champagne v\ f i e Susie 1 ev. ,s. N'ecru M i ' H c n r y . .lo Mon- lort. l \ n n Davis. Anil IJeau- l u r r and Nancy liauer. Anc i t h e i graduate couldn't m.ikr i t . She was f l y i n g ill l i m n I.umpe that day. I 01 details, read on. M c l i u f f . 'Mil: Sl.'N was liiigbt. Ihr snow cold and the innim- tains high-perfect conditions for ideal skiing. So report Mrn:i and Chuck H i n d i » h n flew home from llnriipr Tuesday alter :i month's v;i- eatinn. M ,mlv t h ' ' V -dimmed · · l o p e s i n A u s t r i a a n d S w u / e i l a i i d w n l i St. Moiil/. I h r i r f.n onlr si bussing grounds. Almost reluctantly they "stole" .1 week (torn snow s|x:ls in onlcr to take . swing t h r o u g h |i.irts of I'r.inco and rngl.ind. OKI AM) aniline '·'» again w i t h all the ohl ding- a-ling is Margo Max IT. totally recovered from a ie- cent limit with pneumonia. I I I'll US .1 ml phone t a i l s iin; .1 l u k e w a r m Mihstilur lor stepping light luck linn v o u r old hometown to see. first hand, how things and trietids .no doing l.imla (Mrs. (iordon) Brown dime ii]i f n i m San Oicgci t h e oilier il.iv lo in.ike sure shi* \ \ a ^ n ' t g ' M t m g lifhmil mi i i n t e n t gosip T a l k i n g up .1 s t o i m il.nti'g a luni'heiui at Uoltie Hodges w i t h l.iml.i w e i r cither IVIu ( alum sisiers 1 muse Neumer and Jean rppers'in. You an? iiivitncl to a t t e n d trio . . iiilii liriiiul of tlir inn April 11. 12, 13, M i* t -\y we .iu.j'jt:it th.'it you invite youi Inciu!:' to join w i t h you for thr diila O ( M mn:j oi N'cwport Hnrbor's iirst Con \ . n U o i i I i » . o i t Hoti-l a n d Retain. ml. H- · i v n t i o n ? lor loom* now / Icwnorlci* i M A d i - n n R 17.I-1 i/i// NVwport E*»nch, Calif. l l t l U ^ ' O l D B'-tt-L-LA I ' . T I P DOWNTOWN long tod., 257 re A.t. lAKrWOOD It J'-*ni'tiaoilf*f-QnrQ* CftWy Cv*« · h«M foil Cti'fr ' Hott'folet V*rf« b«o'«. tii'K C»"t» Mrs. James I'. Andrews Church Rite Joins Couple tier says this was the most difficult adjustment she hail to make after losing her vision. "At first I felt quite sorry for myself," she says. "Then after six weeks at a rehabilitation clinic for the blind, I decided I must snap Williams, NewPrexy, Sets Pace Lois Williams, physical education and dance teacher at Excelsior Union High School, xvas installed president of the liachclorettes Club during a recent dinner at Occana Restaurant. Other officers who xveie installed: Ruth Koubali Irene Milucky. Sharon O'llricn, Rcnate Hcini, Alice Solberg. I.ivy Garnet, Jan Garner and Bernadette. Devlin. The lie \v president, .1 graduate of Long Ilcach City and State Colleges, also is active in the California Teachers Association, National Education Association and. the California Health. 1'hysical Education and Recreation Association. * w r FOLLOWING the dinner and installation ceremonies. Miss Williams r e p o r t e d Hachclorettcs xvill continue its philanthropic support to the Auxiliary' of Children's Memorial Hospital, as xiell as its volunteer service at the Cift Shop in Memorial Hospital. She also announced the club's coming events: Opening of spring rush on April S. participation in the Cancer Crusade Walk on April :», Mother's Day and lather's Diy luncheon*, participation in ' the I. P.-T. Cookbook Contest, also two strictly invitational cocktail parties at the l-ifayctte Hotel, a progressive .dinner party, picnic, luau and the annual International Invitation Dance, mi July 7, at the Petroleum Chili. At Monday's tegular meeting, the club w i l l honor member Mary Lou Spaibcl. who is leaving April f to continue her studies in jnur- n iltsni nl Iowa Stair College. Wedding Plans The l i e t i o t l u l anil forth i oniing x* eddiiig in June of .l!ih:ma Paiker anil Dan Welch has been announced by Harry W. Patker. f a t h e r of the Inide-clect. Miss P.nker. a gi.idu.itc of Wilson High, a t t e n d s Long lieach City College, l l f r liaiuT. sun uf Mr. and Mr- 1 P Welch, also of l l u s city, is a .l"id 'n lli':h ::iad.iale a n i l al-o attended Liter. Atumi Glo shines aluminum Ml Restores satiny luster with M hard nitMn?. Swf If row! out of it--that there was n sense in making myself and my family miserable." * * * * SINCE THEN, Mrs. Kinner has kept very busy. She has spent her time working for the blind, studying (she's learned lo read Braille) and helping lun the Kinner household. ·; "I am lucky," she Says. "My husband shares '^ the housework with me." ·" "Yes," says he. .''She bosses and I follow the.i'i- ders." Hut he doesn't mini!.' in lact, he's even gone so far as to try his hand at homemade bread. "It was pretty pood, too," he boasts. A native of Iowa, Mis. Kinner and her husband, a retired farmer turned businessman, came to Long lieach two years ago. They have been married 50 yca.s and have three children, one granddaughter and seven grandsons. "We have many things tu be thankful for." says Mrs. Kinner. "We haxe other, our own home and owe. no one. "That's why I feel I mti-l try to help other blind |ci- sons who aren't so lucky, who have no family and mo dependent on outside help. "I'd like to sec the Craft Class offer them something constructive to do. It would mean so much " Oswald Jacoby Two Ways /o Play This 'Ihc chief tcsl of a teallv great player is bis ability !'· f i n d the winning play, in a doubtful contract. " John Crawford, one Of our greatest players, junked'ox IT dummy and remarked, "We may be wicckcJ o n ' ll.i: rocks of distribution, but .it least theic arc two entirely thffucnt methods of playing this hand to make it. At (east I know turnips ate going to bic.ik for me." - ' '1 hereupon. Johnny · pio- teeded In w i a p up his slum, lie ilisianled three of his · N OUT 11 A A K Q v A q : 4 A l O J t * A: i.A»r · A 1 0 1 S U A J f. ~ .1 V t o r J 4. Q 1 0 8 7 5 1 Doth vulnerable S.oth XXril 'orlh I'IM I'asi 5 N.T. Pa,! 3.V.T. I'a-l « » « 4! £ 6 3 SntTII ( l ) A Nun? V K 7 3 » 4 JL Piss Pin r»» 1'ia ()|Tinn{ lead -- » nd hhe- ii the x.-lley wnli .in oichid. ir.i-iudcil in t h e inlourage \ \ c i e \ r ici;i .'o Andrews, maid of honor: Mi-:. D.irrell /ie".lei. l i r i d e s n i i i d : John II. I ei'. lvst man: M : cii.iel Ooxv- ins. ( l . i i ^ ' 11 uis. l..iiiy P.iil.e ainl K.p' KiooUs. oslieis. 'IlK' nexvlyxicds -it borne m Long lleai.h Don't Shine Pans u^ed for baking pies and bic.uls should not he shiny for the simple reason t h a t shine repels heat. M a r - garet Spader, home service consultant for the fias Appliance Manufacturer Association, recommends darkening shiny pans by leaving t h e m in a hot gas oven (·12.1 degiecs) lor -I to "i hours. The pans xvill remain d i r k and you'll baxc nicely brow.i"d pies and hie.uls COMPLETE GUIDE , TO THE FAIR Gn«i lids, «nd t"C«i lion April lo Octobtr. Plan yeur |r p t o t M S»n'« Woi'dt lit »tn APRIL -'{--, \ i l u i s 0:1 ilummy's to|i sp.iili-s. diM-aided another H i the nuti'ii of heails. :i:iteil d u m m y ' s last heait ^ i i h a small t i u m p and sal had.. WLST ihscauled a spade, but that did him no good. Johnny threw him in with the i|ueen of trumps nnd West had either to lead a w a y from his king of clubs' or give Johnny .1 r u f f and discard. If you haven't figured out the other line of play as yet. here it is: You win the ace of Humps .mil lead a trump back. West w i l l probably lead a spade. Now you i-.isli dii-nmy's ate nf eldis ami h i g h « s ami run n!f liuinps. If the player xvith the long beans also holds the king of clubs he XMll h.'ue IHTII the victim of « Vienna coup. Why did Johnny try tlm thmin.ilinn play rather than the Vienna coup? Easy! The Vienna coup would not havn worked, the elimination play did / TI.MH l!l.F,l)A I , ; ,l! I \ i;i; i-T-m: /

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