Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
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\ FEATURES INDEX 'Amusements ..B-e UA.C......J..A-2 Classified ....C-l Radio-TV .B 10-11 Coiric*. B-8 Shipping L . . . . E 8 Death N'otiees.B-7 Sports ....;.C M Editorial B-2 Women .;...B« P!»»» HE 5-11(1--CWTid No. HE 2-5739 The Southland's ML Fijiest Morning Newspaper * * 30PA6ES IONS BEACH 12. CALIFORNIA, MONDAY. APRIL I. 1943 VOL 25 -- NO. IS5 ·: 4 WEATHER :, ; Partly cloudy In morning with chance of- light, scattered thowen. becoming lunay and windy. Complete wnuici, M. HOME EDITION--lOe Another Sightseeing Family HEATED MEET ENDS Plague CDC U - . · . ' - . " ' ' - . By BOB HOUSER riscjf ictir · BAKERSFIELD--The California Democratic Council kept its old controversies and added some new in convention deliberations ended here Sunday. It'renewed its stand for abolition of the House Un-American Activities Committee and hammered out a new human rights resolution advocating, in effect, better- than-equal treatment for minority groups. Some observers declared that the convention's actions represented a setback to the political "aspirations of Assembly Speaker Jesse M. Unruh. . f-. * * · · UNRUH'LOST several minor 'battles, such as composition ^of individual delegations, and one roia}or convention" conflict krolring paid prtcmct workers.* " The convention shouted approval of a special committee's report condemning the Assembly Speaker, by innuendo if not by name, for paying $100,000 to precinct workers last November. The House Un-American Activities Committee abolition stand won Sunday in a voice vote although there was a sizable opposition of noes. Nate Benson of South Gate appealed for dropping tBe abolition position in deference to the memory of its late acting, Democratic Congressman Clyde Doyle of his 23rd district. Benson told the some 2^00 delegates that objectionable practices of HUAC had been remedied. "Compensatory" was key word in the h u m a n rights resolution. It called for "an exertion in a positive. (Continued Page A-3, CoL 1) Newspaper Strike at EnainN;Y. NEW YORK W -- The city's record paper strike 114-day news- ended Sunday night as the first editions ol morning papers since Dec. 8. appeared on New York news-' stands. To 19,000 . · , . . PRESIDENT AND MRS. KENNEDY, with their 5-year-old daughter, Caroline, stop Sunday at marker on Gettysburg Battlefield where almost 100 years'ago.the North and South fought three-day battle..- ' Gettysburg Toured by Kennedys THURMOOT. Md. (UPI) -President Kennedy drove his family and friends to Gettys-J burg. Pa, Sunday for a tour-} ist's look at the historic Cfvil War battlefield. His guide, history teacher Jacob M. Sheads. told reporters the President was "very knowledgeable" about the battle of Gettysburg, fought 100 years ago! · * * · KENNEDY, wearing a blue blazer, tie and «*«·*·?. took the wheel of a convertible for the sucuy, 25-mile excursion to Gettysburg from the Camp David presidential retreat at Thcrmont. With him were Mrs. Kennedy, who wore a yellow coat and a floppy, white straw hat, their 5-ycar-oId daughter Caroline, and the Kennedy's weekend guests at Camp David, Undersecretary of the Navy and Mrs. Paul B. Fay and their three children. After about an hour and a half at Gettysburg, the party' flew back to Camp David by helicopter. President V~t :··.; ' .':' T - '" "· ^Qlipls,; X ,"«T I . · " . - . . * ' K- Aiiiietlj : ! at inaia's 'armed i forces 'ousted P r^s i d e at Migrel Ydigbras Fuerrles XSundayyn a\ swift KW'aitledaT cracking down tiarcef "do · Comninnxsts. . jiJJe 63^year-o5d presidcnt-^- lumself a leader, of'the Central^ American,' anti-Commu n%fy.anti-Casiioite "movement -*iU5. "officials view with concern the overthrow of Ydigoras 'regime in Guatemala.'See Page A-. --was flown in an air force plane to Nicaragua, where he declared:' "What Is going on in Guatemala is for her own gooc and for the good of the rest of Central America." employes and 55 million readers, the roar of the presses was the sound of music. The first to appear was the Daily Mirror -- which had literally lit up the sky with fireworks to announce its THE DEPOSED president's cronies in the government made plain' they felt they could do a better job than Ydigoras in combating Com munist infiltration and subversion in the populous Cen tral American republic. The coup apparently was touched off by the secret return from exile Friday nigh return.' Across the Nation Missing 2 Weeks* 6 Found Dead O , ' SALYERSVILLE, Ky. W--Sir Lima, Ohio, residents, missing since they started to eastern Kentucky- two weeks ago to visit relatives, were found Sunday in their car which had plunged into the Licking River near Salyersvflle. Police in two states had been searching for them. Relatives identified the dead a; Chester Thomas, 33; his wife, Elizabeth, 28; their children. Darrell, 8, and Barbara, 5; Amon Griffith, 23; and his bride of two months, Thelaia. 19. They were last seen at Lakeview, Ohio, shortly after leaving Lima on March 16 to visit relatives in th« Wayland. Ky, area. Two fishermen found their pink and white car Sunday. It was MORE THAI* 100 persons converged on a Times Square newsstand and jurchased 230 copies of the M ; rror within a few minutes. Others stood around the stand waiting for more. A vote earlier in the day by 317 photoengravers to accept a new contract with the publishers of the eight dosed dailies removed the last obstacle to resumption of publication. The photoengravers union was the last of four striking unions to settle, and jubilant newspaper employes began filing in to the plants of the four morning dailies as soon as picket lines were removed. They had been waiting outside by the thousands. MIGUEL YDIGORAS Ex-Leader in Exile of leftist former-Presiden -Am I glad." exclaimed juan Jose Arevalo to attentp a man who got one of the first copies. "For a change 1 can find out what's going on (Continued Page A-5, CoL 1) INJURED POLICEMAN August Ricca, 25, (left), helps Identification Officer Richard Johnson to make facial diagrams of two kidnap -robbery suspects. Two of Ricca's neatly stitched head wounds show in photo, made at Garden ; Grove police station. . . '· ' Exiled Cubans Ired at RestiictiveMove MIAMI, Fla. C5V-Exi!es reacted angrily Sunday to US. government restrictions designed to halt ccmmando raids , , , ] on Fidel Castro's Cuba. ^ ^ jnT Caribbean Raid Curb Supported · t * Two Thug's Club Down Policeman By DICK F-MERY Two robbery suspects early tlle Orders not to leave the ( Miami area issued to persons 'considered prospective raiders^ "convert us into enemies of _ . _ the A m e r i c a n governme nti G . lrdenGl ? ve1 P^ cemial5r ' tl1 more thin of the very Com-]^ ?TM P 15101 - **** escaped. munist government of Cuba' 1umn S hmi unconscious - «,;*not * we are trying to fight," said ' ' presumed the car plunged into the river after missing a turn. India Post for Bowles WASHINGTON (UPD--Administra- tion officials said Sunday night President Kennedy is expected to name Chester Bowles, his special adviser en underdeveloped areas, ambassador to India. This win be Bowies' second tour of duty ia that post. He was President Truman's ambassador to India in 195153. Bowles Sill replace Harvard professor Kenneth Galbraith. who has said he must return to his academic position next summer. 6 Perish in Fire TOWANDA, Pa. W*--A mother and her five children were kiHed Sunday in a pre-dawn fire which destroyed the interior of their tsc 11=7 frame home. The father survfvtJ uesplte being criti- £*£y burned in an effort to save the family. Ths father. Gerald Prymer. 29. was reported in critical condition in a hospital Dead were Mrs. Barbara Prymer, 35; and the five Prymer children--Bonnie See, 4; Charles Frfmnnd, 3; Gene- ·vieve, 2; Dorothy, I; and John, nine days dd. Jel Disabled; 139 Safe TAMPA, Fla. (UPI) -- A Toronto- bound Tnns -Canada Airlines DCS Jet with 139 persons aboard made a safe emergency landing Sunday at MacDill Air Force Base with a malfunctioning landing gear. The plane circled the Tampa area for more than two hours using op excess furt before landing. APRIL FIRST April First is the same and birth date 4 of this bright · eyed' girl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert First Jr., ef Sharon, Pa. She's the First's first chad. seriously injured on a the head of a Bay cf Pigs'P 1 "^ «f|P t*" 11 * 1 * ^quor veteran organization. I st01 "* at 9S6S Katella Road m Dagoverto Darias. chief ol, C:aden Grove " WASHINGTON (UPI) -- the liberation forces cf Giron 1 TM e attack *« the latest Britain joined the United Beach, added, "It seems we!" 1 * series °* vicious assaults States Sunday in new efforts';,, the United States are more °° informed peace officers to thwart exile attacks on'dosety guarded than those in m Southland cities. Cuba. The U.S. moves also'cuba." | Patrolman August Ricca, drew support from Demo-1 * · · · . i25, in uniform, working alone cratie and Republican con-| EIGHTEEN E X I L E S re-i" 3 » b^ck-and-white police gressional leaders who feared c^^ notices Saturday from **'· at ' ajn - Sunday drove anti-Castro raids might drag us immigration agents not! i!ow| y P 351 « K TJor store in the. nation into armed con- to ^^ p^j County a2JOO-! 1 " 1 Patrol area. He saw two " : " 'square mile area including men crouching behind a confirmed M j ailli j,^ emTron,, or the: parked automobile. United States. . . . . !,,_ HE TURNED the police !_ car's spotlight on the pair and said the IS approached on foot. One. of following' the men suddenly stood, pis- in Miami of rep-l to1 ·=» han1 - and toM " : flirt. VS. officials that the British agreed to increase its a political comeback. Y d i g o r a s ' wife acconi panied him into exile. Ydigo- ras is a former general who There was no elaboration, butl|? would have completed next!informed sources in London 1 spring a six-year term in thelsaid the Briti5h Frigate Lon-j presidency, to which he wasldonderry had been ordered Edwin gres, Feb. «, |« the ; resentath-es of the Coast "OK.. you -- . turn the pistol Jabbed into TAN-KS rumbled in the cap- B r h itaT, streets and warplanes Caribbean would "do any- droned overhead in martial thing possible to prevent the - the Commandos L, whose « · "^ « sel i feet to a dark area accompaniment to the Sab-, ling of ,,, rfp orted calm. 1 coj_ Enrique Peralta Azu- 1 use. of British territory for/ illicit purposes." ! Anti-Castro raiders 'are Cuba's north shore last week «" pistol was yanked from Dcnniey Man Is Drowned Skin Diving A Downey man lost his life Sunday while kirning to skin dive off Long Point on ^ the north side of Catalina' r dia~Ydigora~s : defense min- kej^fa the Bahlnill a British ;situatioa - A *i**«man f*| LATER, HE told Captain Island. !,«,,, tfnr ; rw^ B !*w fnri'mW.^ ,« »««,« fTM- ,,t,rt« ^ Second National Front of Phillip Sih-er. who itnesti- .Escambray, and Alpha 66,[gated the case, that he re' merged organizations which'members being hit twice. garden Grove, surgeons foSsd (Continued Page A-3, Cot 5) Appeared to have brought thej'ts holster and used as a dub issue to a head, declined com- to Kncclc him down. Anu-castro raiders are ~ ;.--· ~ -- TM ~ i suspected of using- isolated,«?«·' P 6 ^ a study of the keviinth*B a hanriI.Briti 1 h- sltultloa - A _spokesman forj ister since Dec. 6, I960, took colony, as bases for attacks Joe Pattiflo, 24, of 8809 E.|over as chief executive with on Cuba. Rosecrans Ave., died while ajpowers to rule by decree. | The U n i t e d Coast Guard helicopter was rushing"him to a decompression chamber Island. on Terminal COAST GUARDSMEN said Pattulo had been diving from a boat with several other students. When his instructor noticed him missing, he dived in a search of the ocean floor and found Pattillo 40 feet down. The instructor was cot identified. L.VKERS beat SL Louis in NBA playoff opener. Celtics lose. Page C-I. THE MERE PROSPECT of automated tax collection has induced many to "step up and admit* they were delinquent. Page B-6. Peralta, who in the past has helped Ydigoras crush a (Continued Page A-6, CoL I) ing additional pes, States. ships ; (Continued Page A-5, CoL 5) the fight. 'MISGUIDED YOUTHS' Boys Lead 115 niph Chase Two 14-year-old boys, de-'and Cypress, slept in a hay-jAvenue and Dale Avenue at scribed bitterly by Anaheim policemen as "probably misguided youths,'* kd police and sheriffs can a 25-mile chase through Oraage County, in wee boors Sunday before capture in Santa Ana Canyon. Although speeds of 115 miles per hour were reached, the chase ended without in- stack near Cypress, stolen 105 mife per hour, ard at 115 i t * · ^ f -- " · « . - _ _ . * . · · ' · · clothes, looted cars, and stolen the car in which they later were caught. Magnolia. Eastward through ·s from 90 to THEN, police said, they tried to run down Policeman Stan Kant?r wbr=i he saw' the heart sped at- 105. speeds highway of car blocked the Riverside Free- iway in Santa Aru Canyon. them drrvmj: across a field gi^ nj^j ,,« ^ Yorba Linda without light! Kaator started B hdL, and the chase ended. jury. The boys .were booked,the pursuit eastward iron the We handcuffed them." :***.. rv-i^MA rv»«*w i. n .»n A f_ u * .~a.~ ** a-.i.~? »__t _ -v*wtv*- w**^**. into Orange County Juvenile HalL la brief, Anaheim poEce reported the boys had run away from their homes in Anaheim west edge of Anahein.'. By radio he brought in tiany over they CQQJJ ^ ve yjj^ other police and sheriff units. policeman said. "Ten times a whole busload of people. Kantor clocked the boys Yet, I suppose, they're just across a red light at Lincoln misguided youths." LNTISIBLE ' FISH FOOL EXPERTS 5 CHICAGO (UPI-Cotffl- ty Clerk Edward J. Barrett announced Sur.djy he had received a shipment of "invisible"* fish. * Barrett sa : d he obtained these Tish from Rep. Mel- Tin Price. D-ra. He saU one wiy to count them is to sieve them out of the water and c o u n t , the splashes when they are poured back. Fish experts here u!4 they never heard of iavis- ible fish, Todjy il April Fcotl Day. *

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