Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 1, 1960 · Page 24
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 24

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1960
Page 24
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Wane AT THIS $WE AiaMeur. /v MUmWl APAK1MZUT- HOT OH We SOFA HE At#r HAVE FALLEN'4#.E£P fiT THE DKWNS TOBEDYSr, AUDITS ALMOST Wtt.YW THE WUKM* WE LAST M6UT HA* 5USWEP AMD BRENDA STARR GOING OU QUICK, DEAR --GIVE ME/ML MY WALLET VWENT OUTOF BUSINESS BEFORE TH£ MONEY VOU HAVE- I'LL tooK,K .7- BLJSINES! NEVER GET BARGAINS LIKE : BLONDIE News- rwe A NIB 15 «UIH*P WA$NT UOOKiN' US »CV"' THE GIRLS CITIZEN COMICS JUNE I, I960 OUR NEIGHBORS FED N\Y DOG-' THEIR TABLE SCRAPS--- WHAT GOES ) ON HERE ? J \C^( -- AND THEY ALWAYS USE TOO MUCH GARLIC *Comt on, Ruth, I'm not going to luy my new suit there. 1 nm't ffferd to fty (200 jor it: 1 "PW *Hf«INTHEBAR ^^AN'VOUALL. ^ SURE WILUMI5S STONElt NOT FOR MI6S u^«^ »,«· vi i.-1 nx:--,-r--,--sfc-rr w ll PfOMist T'COME\-SETUP 'NOTHER ^~rsmuts SHE'S . w«n*MIMJJU^fcJli HER:"pu0btcy^-r^lseEMySHOvvTjb^ TOUNP,OL' JT1 COMINSWITHu*// STONf ? r-^C.^:- -il=JS~ --^^1 I LCH^ivm ^T 1^. BUDDY/ ^3 MORGAN GET RIP OF AMVAN6EK: FEBLJM65 BV HlTTlNS THE BALL BEETLE BAILEY SHIP HIS ERRAND ROY'S STIFF BACK TO HIM, WITH A MESSAGE- HOW/ YOU AND HE CAN CONTROL ALL DOPE AND SPUTA BILLION A ELSE SAY THAT; 0 SAY HCWM6 CRAZV! LOOK, PINKY-BOY; cAio vou KNOW A WHY TO HANDLE THIS SMART GUY. SCAR! SUCKER HIM INTO COWNQ ACROSS THE SURE DO .BS, BOY! YEAH! EVEN ro TAKE A FEW CHANCES THAT SCORE' ! Bgju. usI en ; HE'LL SOME.' TELL ME WHY Who Was The Neanderthal? Win i valuable prize. Send your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHYS care of this paper. The Brl- tannica Junior, 15-volumc encyclopedia for school and home, will be awarded for the letter selected In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner, loday's winner is: BOBBIE LONG, 9, St. Petersburg, Fla. How did man come to be so different from other living forms? Most scientists who study the skeletons of ancient man believe that human beings developed from earlier and simpler forms of life. This development, they say, took millions of years. On the other hand, some persons refuse to accept this idea and believe that the origin of man was a separate act of God. Still others believe that man's body developed from simpler forms of life, but that man received his soul from God- .Most authorities believe that man originated in one place and that all races of mankind have a common ancestor. This ancestor, they believe, looked very much like modern man. But doubt still exists about where this ancestor first, appeared. · In the search for this ancestor of man, scientists have found remains and fossils of "early man" in many parts of the t world! Java Man, named after the place in which his skeleton was found, was discovered in 1891 in a layer of volcanic ash. He lived between 300,000 and 200,000 years ago. Another early man, who lived at about the same time, is the Peking Man. Both the Java and Peking Man had a short and stocky build; a small brain; heavy, overhanging brows; and practically no chin. About 200,000 years ago a type of early man called the Neanderthal entered Europe and Africa. mains of the Neanderthal Man were first found in a cave near Dusseldorf, Germany, in 1856. Since that time, remains of similar men have been found in 30 different places. More than 300 different skeletons have been uncovered. Because of this, quite a bit Is known about how Neanderthal Man looked. He was a short stocky man, averaging 5 feet inches in height, with a large brain, broad face and low forehead. There were heivy bone ridges over his eyes." * » * FUN TIME . The Chuckle Box First Cowboy: Why do you wear only one sour? Second Cowboy: Well, T figure when one side of the horse starts running the other side will, too. * « * .Andy: Aren't you coming out to play? Randy: No. T have to stay in and help Dad with my homework. * * * Crossword Puzzle ORPHAN ANNIE ACROSS: I. Go quickly. 3. You and I. 5. Like. 6. Friend. 7. Peaceful and quiet. 8. Choose. 9. Not on time. 11. Unlimited amount. 12. Work at. 13. To exist. 14. A dog's tail does this. DOWN: 1. Rodent. 2. We. 3. To advance by steps. 4. Kind of tree. 6. Measure rate of speed. 7. Large town. 8. Glass window. 9. Laboratory. 10. Man's best friend. 12. District attorney. * · * See tomorrow's paper for the answer. Can you make up a crossword puzzle? Send it in to Tell Me Why. If used, you will win a Britannica World Atlas or Yearbook. Send your tricks, riddles, or puxzles to TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age »nd address. A Britannica World Atla» or illustrated Year Book of important events in every field will be awardeJ for the letter! ·elected each week. You Can Be SURE ... if i, si I I *Y MALE STANPAW* AU. STCVE MUST flOTD M« iT CLEAR TH*T HE HAONU/A6MRP- MN'S I»JT*«K7 IN fO- THE THE STEVE CANYON HIS £XCU« WR CALLING 1* THAT A04TIN HAt SPOKEN Tb R3T££T AS01TT 6OIN5 TD £0U66£ ATTH£ TCACHrZ^ OWN ALMA MATS*... *TEV£ A*S HERTD HAVE O1HCH WITH HIM AT TH6 HIC£ LOCAL INN TO TALK ABiJOT H* WARP* FlfTOK BUT MIS* AUSTIN IS HUMAN ENOU6H TO THINK THAT SH£ HAS CAU6HT THJ VISITINS PIU3T5 £'£ -AM THIS IS HEt R6 CHAKCE TO SCORE --AND K fOKEVtt FIMISHtD WITH TiACMINS 6W TO 6I* WHO AZS Factory Authorized SERVICE MA 4-6622 · Washers · Dryeri « Disposers :A«'T GO TO SLEEP UNTIL r KUCfft SHE'S HpME, L'JJPPREC'ATE \\MAT FATHEC5 GO THRGUSH... WAT A POETIC THOUGHT; AFTER FALSE SAI£TY flUN/ HECRN'T5£E/ I'LL BET! VHUP! I THOUGHT I PUT 7? WINDOW IW H/5 5/OILL / MU5T HRVE MISSED HIM} STILL GOT TO FIND MEfl H056] YDU MUST WASM HIM BECOME IT HAPPENS WHY KIOT HOLD OU TO IT UKITILWeSEEHOWHE PROGRESSES? SORRY, HAVE TO KUH-l HAVE XVERY FULL SCHEDULE. T BE ABLE TO SEE YOU WOKl HIM FOR A WHILE THE OLD BOY IHELPEP BRIMS IhJ THE OTHER, NISHT-- MARKHAM? WARM HIM,..ASSOOM AS HE COMES BACK! HOW YOU UE B/SC BIG BEN BOLT MY WIFE-MATE SPPiN6ED ME IN TH 1 MOUF-'WIF SKILLET WRTH, HAPPEN TH BR\OGE \S OUT, SNUFFV!! TH' BRIDGE IS OUT'.! THAT'S fUHNXl I HAIN'T HS« XtSTtHWW ·i OUST PROVf IN FROMi CAUFORMIA, CERTAINLY MR.RAM1RE1. AHVTHltW Y3U iAY. I JUST HUPPENSD TO HE 30MEOVI6 SPfAKTOYOU ONTMESTRSETYfSTERWW Of ALL THE CRAZV YOU GOING TO PAY FOR THAT DENT KNOW MY NAME? JTUTTIRIHQ HtNKY, A«P PAY THE MAM SAWYER MOT.'.' WORRY BOUT ' HAM- STARVED LI '!_ MIND DIDN'T SNAP AT TH' SMELL O 1 THEY'SALL DESERTED -BUT THIS ONE. Hf'* LOYAL// MAYBE/? DONT LIKE THE HERE C'MERE LOOKING ME'/" LIL ABNER UJhat hopes coc; 3nv tajenty . ive years old? Perhaps. But business is "improving and we haOe hopes. '' Long hours and not much pay. You could do better. yjhat hopes do have, " GASOLINE ALLEY WHAT IS THE GRlEFSTRICKEN TOT UP TO WOW? AT THE HALE O KUPUNA (HOUSE OF GRANDPA). DICK TRACY ABOUT iOO,000 ACCOCDIMGTO CAP6OR 14 SOT 1IXX Z5O,OOO- IT- KING AROOX

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